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High Frequency Words - Download as DOC


									     Assessment Tool                                                                   1-6

                                       High Frequency Words

                                                            to recognize automatically at their
What is it?                                                 grade level.
High Frequency words appear many more                      Develop a word wall of high
times than most other words in spoken or                    frequency words.
written language. Basic word lists provide
words ranked in order of their frequency of          What can families do to help at home?
occurrence as calculated from a sample of                   Go on a Word Hunt in the
written or spoken text suitable for the level of              newspaper and highlight
intended use.                                                 selected words from the High-
                                                              Frequency Reading list.
Why is it important?                                        Count the number of times a
Fluency in reading comes from automatic                       selected high frequency word
recognition of frequently used words in                       is used in a favorite cartoon
printed material. Many of the words are ones                  strip or in advertising copy for
that cannot be decoded through phonics, such                  a favorite toy.
as „the” and “of”.                                          Report the number of times
                                                              you found this word at school
How do you administer this assessment?                        the next day.
  1. Materials:                                             Play games with high
          Appropriate word list ( 2                          frequency word flash cards,
             copies , one for student use and                 play “Go fish”,
             one for teacher recording)                       “Concentration”, etc.
          Stop watch
          Pen/pencil
  2. Administration:
     Students read orally, one list at a time.
     Highlight correct response. End test
     when five consecutive errors occur.
  3. Scoring and Analysis:                                         Mastery Level
     Count up totals. Show next list and
     ask student to look for additional            The minimum that should be mastered at each
     known words.                                  grade level is the “one hundred” that coincides
                                                   with the grade level of the student.
                                                   Example; First Grade – First One Hundred
What are the Instructional Implications?                     Fourth Grade – Fourth Hundred
       Have students identify and circle
          the high-frequency words in              The list should be included in the child‟s
          classroom reading materials .            “language folder”.
       Let students use magnetic letters to
          “make and break” the more
          frequently read sight words.
       In 5-minute intense word work,
          focus on words that students need


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