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					                                               Executive Committee
                                                    18 February 2009
                                                                              Version 1

PAPER P3/09                                                               ITEM 3
Confirmation of other committees and commissions in existence
Author            Edward Lloyd Rees
Date prepared     19 February 2009
                  That Executive Committee confirms the membership and
Decision required purpose other committees and commissions in existence
                  that form part of the Council

1 Safety Panel (ARe)

2 Dove Pier Steering Group (ARe)

3 Tideway Code of Conduct Panel (BMi)

4 Steers’ Training Group (RHa)

5 Veterans’ Rowing Commission (MLi)

6 Recreational Rowing Commission (PMo)

7 Junior Rowing Commission Upriver (LLi)
Laura Lion (Chairman)
To support the clubs and coaches within my region, enabling them to achieve the
highest standards of coaching and safety for their athletes, whilst offering a line of
communication for the region with the ARA.
Current tasks:
   Organising the Trials for JIRR selection
   Organising volunteers and selected crews during the JIRR
   Selecting 2 girls and 2 boys for the National J16 Training Camp in Nottingham in
    conjunction with Sarah Birch.
   Planning a local J16 camp funded by the Henley Stewards Trust with Sarah Birch

8 Juniors Rowing Commission Downriver (ACr)
Andy Crawford (Chairman)
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To promote Junior rowing in region through competition and providing training
Current work:
Co-ordination of JIIR team for Thames Downriver, promotion of regional J16 Training
Camp and National J16 representatives. Observation and promotion of Junior
rowing in region.

9 Thames Regional Umpires’ Commission (JBe)
John Biddle (Chairman), John Robson (Secretary), David Biddulph, Andrew
Crawford, John Duff, David Hancock, Jeremy Hudson, Rod Murray, Gary Painter,
Maggie Phillips, Nigel Smith, Barbara Wilson, Claire McIntosh
Responsible for the training, recruitment and examination of new umpires and for the
continuing education of existing umpires by way of annual seminars and the giving of
advice and guidance when requested. Oversee racing conditions, event organisation
and umpire performances at all ARA events in the Region. Recommends to the
National Umpires' Commission the renewal of umpires' licenses and recommend
existing umpires for multi-lane training.

10 Regional Water Safety Development Adviser (CGe)
Chris George (RWSDA)
"The post of RWSA was created by Council to facilitate my personal wish to develop
areas of rowing safety which I found that I could not do when operating as RWSA
because of the work load of RWSA did not allow time to do both. It allows me to do
whatever work I am inspired to spend time and money on and I report to the RWSA
with the results of my work for his approval prior to it being put to Council if
necessary. It also involves maintenance of the work I have done to date, namely the
Online Audit and reporting systems. At present I am working on fixing the fault in the
existing on line system, (which we have paid for and so at least should get value for
money) and seeing what can be done simply at little or no cost to get the system
transferred from Thoughtspace to Gradwell. Future work will be planned on
communication systems (Mailman), integrating with the ARA (if possible) on a
navigation reporting system for the Tideway which will involve some tricky personal
negotiation and calling in payback for favours, the associated stats (with Neil
Jackson), a COP for launch drivers and to develop regional safety seminars."

11 Regional Coaching Commission (RPh)

12 Tideway Regattas and Heads Co-ordinator (JWa)

13 Environment Agency Liaison (RWe)

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PAPER P4/09                                                                 ITEM 6
Equipment Report
Author            Richard Packer
Date prepared     18 Feb 2009
                  That Executive Committee approves
                  a) purchase of 6 more megaphones,
Decision required
                  b) proposed inventory rotation plan,
                  c) selling price for ex-TRRC megaphones

1 Year to date
      5 events held so far - £996 banked
      5 events to come - total £553

2 Inventory - megaphones
      I propose to maintain a stock of 24 megaphones (with a few spares)
      each megaphone is hired, typically, 12 times a year
          o purchase cost approx. £35
          o hire charge £3
          o so each megaphone pays for itself in a year
      the proposal is to have a rolling replacement programme, buying 6 new
       megaphones every 6 months (March and September), offering old
       megaphones for sale to local clubs / events at a price TBA (I suggest £20-25,
       excluding batteries). Megaphones will be sold as seen subject to availability,
       with no warranty, and will be on a first come, first served basis (applications to
       the Equipment Officer's email address). This will ensure that our stock of 24
       megaphones is never more than two years old.
      For decision:
          o a - purchase of 6 new megaphones now
          o b - adoption of 6 month replacement programme
          o c - agreement of second-hand price

3 Inventory - other
      No immediate requirements for any additional radios, radio batteries, flags etc.

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PAPER P5/09                                                               ITEM 7
Work on upgrading the Incident Reporting System
Author              Chris George (Regional Water Safety Development Adviser)
Date prepared       19th Feb 2009
                    That Executive Committee determines who is in charge of
                    Safety Development (and maintenance of the existing works
                    such as audits and online reporting systems) and the
                    parameters of their brief, with particular respect to Incident
                    Reporting on the Tideway.
Decision required Additionally, that matters under the remit of the RWSDA remain
                  so and that if action is taken by others it is done so (a) only with
                  Executive approval or if in special circumstances (b) by copying
                  me in with the processes
                    Council to decide if they wish me to continue as RWSDA and
                    provide clear, agreeable terms of reference for this to occur.

      I have, over the last year, been in two meetings with BM (Chair of the Tideway
       Panel) to discuss development of the existing online reporting system which
       has two basic and many minor flaws. The two basic problems are that
          o The system is housed on a remote server operated by Thoughtspace
            and they are incredibly inconsistent in their response time and
            performance in responding to requests for action. We were given pretty
            good „charitable‟ terms (i.e. they charged us very little as they were
            rowing friendly one of them being an oarsman) but it became clear that
            we had to move
          o One of the key text boxes stopped working at the start of 2008 in that
            sometimes it would work and sometimes it was blank
      There were a whole lot of minor streamlining and simplifications that were
       agreed. (see later email copy at end)
      In December 2008, copied to BM, I got another contractor to specify and quote
       for the work of upgrading. I now have the quote and depending of the whistles
       and stripes it has been estimated at between £1000 and £1500 to upgrade. It
       is unlikely to vary more than 20% and if Council wish to proceed I will get the
       contract written so it is limited in variation to a specified amount. The
       differences are whether or not we use Google (£250) and the Track Change
       facility (£250) The main upgrades and changes to be are as follows;
          o There will be an editable pages where any editing is marked as a track
            change so all original data are not lost (this is important for any legal
            action that MIGHT flow from a report)
          o There will be Google maps for location which can be adapted by IT
            savvy users if necessary
          o There will be „good behaviour/navigation‟ reports
          o As agreed with Bill, the major change is the option for Peer to Peer
            reports which will not be to the panel but to Peer Clubs and will be sent

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             direct to the club with no copy to the RWSA unless the complainant
             wishes to elevate the complaint on a formal basis to the Panel if he or
             she cannot get satisfaction out of the complained-about Club Captain
          o Serious reports (what was ARA – reportable and near incidents)
            should go to the ARA on their system
          o I have been communicating with the ARA IT Dept (Alistair Groves) and
            manager Mrs Napp with a view to integrating this into the ARA system
          o For those that want the nitty-gritty detail I enclose at the end some of an
            email with the developer citing the changes needed
On the 6th January I received from Tony Reynolds a draft specification for a
completely new proposed on line reporting system prepared by Liz Wray the
preceding month which had apparently been done at the instigation of Bill and
himself according to Tony. I expressed considerable surprise to Tony as I had spent
much time doing the upgrade to the existing system and getting it out of the
Thoughtspace Server which I had been discussing with Bill and copying to him- one
of many in many hours of work. I can find no authority in the form of Council‟s
consent for this encroachment onto the RWSDA‟s line of work. I am surprised at the
involvement of others in what was clearly my brief. I have spoken with Tony about
this and he has agreed that it was done a bit off the cuff in response to the problems
experienced with the existing set up.

I should emphasise that this is not a complaint against Tony personally, with whom I
have been working harmoniously and efficiently but a request for clarity so all know
where we stand.

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PAPER P6/09                                                                ITEM 8
Henley Junior Fours Head
Author            A.J.Evans (Calendar of Events Co-ordinator)
Date prepared     19/02/2009
                  That Executive Committee
                   Approves that this event be removed from the Calendar
Decision required    and from the list of events in the ARA Almanack.
                   Discusses whether the opportunity to establish a new
                     event be offered, under the new event guidelines

a. Event has not paid ARA Affiliation fee for 2008, despite being reminded by ARA
b. Event has not been staged for last three years. Retained place in Calendar since
   affiliation fee had been paid, and to some extent, cancellation was due to poor
c. As far as I am aware, in 2009, no preparations had been made by the organisers
   (i,e, no Safety plans submitted, no Umpires invited etc). The reason given to me
   for the non-staging of the race (on Feb14th), was that the river was in flood. This
   could not have been known 1 month in advance! An event was successfully held
   on the same course the previous week.
d. The event has had a poor record in the past, being late in submitting safety
   documentation etc.
e. The event organiser (C.Wiggin) has made an informal request for a change of
   date to one that will not risk cancellation due to flooding. I have replied that even
   regattas in July have been cancelled in recent years, so no date can guarantee
   good conditions.
f. Committee is asked to approve that
   This event be removed from the Calendar and from the list of events in the
   ARA Almanack. If approved, Tony Evans will write/e-mail the organiser
   informing of the decision.
g. Committee is asked to discuss whether
   The opportunity to establish a new event be offered, under the new event

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PAPER P7/09                                                           ITEM 9
Molesey Veteran Head
Author            A.J.Evans (Calendar of Events Co-ordinator)
Date prepared     19/02/2009
                  That Executive Committee discusses Molesey Veteran
Discussion        Head’s own rescheduling of their date and what course of
                  action should be taken

a. This race due to be held on Feb14th. was cancelled due to strong stream
b. It would now seem that the organisers have rescheduled the race for Sunday 1st
   March. This has been done without conferring with me as Calendar of Events
c. Whilst there is no other race scheduled in the Thames Region for this day, the
   Reading Univesity HORR is scheduled for the previous day (Sat). They also offer
   Veteran racing, and may therefore suffer a reduced entry.
d. My normal action in such a case would be to ask for Reading‟s view on the re-
   scheduling of the Molesey race, and then make a decision.
e. Executive Committee is asked to discuss:
   I am attempting to discover Reading’s opinion, and would like to know the
   Exec’s view on this matter, and what course of action they think should be

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PAPER P8/09                                                                ITEM 10
Coaching Qualification
Author              JRM Harlow (Downriver Representative)
Date prepared       18/02/09
                    That Executive Committee discusses e-learning in the
                    context of a coaching qualification

I have a suggestion to try and solve the long standing debate about the current
system of coaching qualification. The current system of coaching qualifications takes
coaches down a professional route. There are good reasons for having this system
but the down side is that due to the cost and time involved it does not best suit many
volunteer coaches. So what can be done for them?
My solution is to get an e-learning system set up using the ARA website‟s “Row
How”. There would a series of modules loaded on to the site on a wide range of
topics that are relevant to club coaches. Safety based programmes (such as
teaching the capsize drill, trailer driving, risk assessments etc), performance
programmes (such as rigging, nutrition etc) are just some that spring to mind. Once
a coach had completed a certain number of modules, then they would qualify for a
“club coach certificate” (or whatever you want to call it).
There would be an initial set up cost involved, but it should not be too great as a lot of
the material is already written and once the system is up and running club coaches
could learn for little cost.
I envisage this starting off as a basic level qualification so that clubs know their
coaches have the required minimum qualification to be safe and competent. If this
was to be taken further then care should be taken to avoid this system competing
with the existing coaching qualifications (which this idea should complement).
With Row How there is already an e-learning tool at our disposal. Why don‟t we
make better use of it?

PAPER P9/09                                                                ITEM 11
Junior Rowing Centre / Interim Junior Rowing Programme
Author              JRM Harlow (Downriver Representative)
Date prepared       18/02/09
                    That Executive Committee discusses funding for an interim
                    junior rowing programme

As I reported last month the development is on hold until the economic climate
That said, the Borough Council want to get their kids on the water and dry rowing
asap. Auriol Kensington have approached the Council and expressed an interest in
running a junior programme. London Youth Rowing and myself are looking into it.
Some funding may be required which is an issue I need to raise with the Council.

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PAPER P10/09                                                              ITEM 12
Educational Seminars
Author              Dave Hancock (Upriver Representative)
Date prepared       18 February 2009
                    That Executive Committee discusses seminars
                        For event organisers
                        About the new rules
                        About RowSafe

1 Event Organisers’ seminar
The TRRC We held a very useful seminar for event organisers in September 2005 at
Leander. At the time it was thought this may be the first of many – however there
have been no more!
Would it be worth holding another this year? Same format as previously?

2 New Rules
With the new rules – esp relating to points, card punching etc – would it be worth
holding the seminar in 1.1 above before the regatta season?

Alternatively, there will be two umpires‟ seminars in April – these will cover the new
rules and presumably Row Safe. Event organisers are allegedly invited to the
seminars – not sure any attend. But may be worth pushing this year?

3 Row Safe
Similarly, do we need to promote Row Safe other than at umpires‟ seminars?

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PAPER P11/09                                                             ITEM 14
Management Accounts for the Period Ended 31 January 2009
(Report for Information)
Author            Paul Baldwin
Date prepared     19 February 2009
Decision required That Executive Committee notes this Report.

1 Overall Result for Period
1.1 Communications and Equipment
   Even over this quiet period of the year, the surplus is a healthy £1,320.
   The overall reserves stands at almost £11,000

1.2 General Account
   The result so far has been skewed by receiving the income from a UKCC Level 2
    course but not yet receiving the invoice from the ARA (given we pretty much
    cash account, there‟s no accrual for that invoice). The overall result for that
    course will be a net cost of approx. £200.
   The website and other IT matters have incurred total expenditure of over £500
    with more to come in the next period.
   The AGM once again cost a little over £1,000 (including preparation and
    distribution of the Annual Report, and the night itself). Much of that cost was
    booked against a year end provision, hence the more modest total attached.
   Expenditure on water safety continues at significant levels. In addition to the
    item in the attached, almost £900 for updating the safety audit system was
    defrayed against provisions.
   Bank balances remain healthy albeit the deposit account appears temporarily
    depleted owing to HSBC‟s continuing inability to send me statements at the
    frequency requested (and therefore interest for the last quarter of 2008 has not
    been included in these figures).
   Clearly once our Regional Rebate (finally) appears, our reserves will look even

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Income & Expenditure

Communications and Equipment Fund

 2008                                       2009        2008                                    2009
  £                                          £           £                                          £
 3,891     Receipts from Hire               1,327       2,128     Purchase of Equipment                  0
      0    Damaged Equipment Refund               0          0    Travel                                 0
   281     Net Bank Interest (Notional)          (7)         99   Repairs (incl. batteries)              0
                                                                  Surplus/(Deficit) for the
                                                        1,944     year                             1,320

 4,172                                      1,320       4,172                                      1,320

General Account

 2008                                       2009        2008                                    2009
  £                                          £           £                                          £
 6,804     ARA Regional rebate                    0       486     Courses and Workshops        (4,607)
   938     Bank interest (net)                (23)        826     Certifications                         0
                                                             0    Newsletter                             0
      30   Junior Inter-regional Regatta          0       405     PR                                     0
                                                             0    Website                           560
 2,766     (Surplus)/Deficit               (2,191)      1,936     Meetings                          385
                                                          500     Secretarial                       230
                                                          929     Awards                            874
                                                        4,566     Water Safety                      344
                                                          892     Junior Rowing Centre                   0
                                                             0    Miscellaneous                          0

10,538                                     (2,214)     10,538                                  (2,214)

Balance Sheet & Reserves

Communications and Equipment Fund

 2008                                       2009        2008                                    2009
  £                                          £           £                                          £
 7,703     Opening Balance                  9,647       9,697     Bank Balance                 10,969
 1,944     Surplus/(Deficit)                1,320         (50)    Provisions (expenses)                 (2)

 9,647                                     10,967       9,647                                  10,967

General Account

 2008                                       2009        2008                                    2009
  £                                          £           £                                          £
28,151     Opening Balance                 25,385      32,050     Bank Balance                 31,506
(2,766)    Surplus/(Deficit)                2,191       (265)     Creditors                              0

                                                       (6,400)    Provisions (expenses / 5     (3,931)
                                                                  year plan)

25,385                                     27,575      25,385                                  27,575

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PAPER P12/09                                                                  ITEM 15
CDOs’ Report
Author            CDO Sarah Birch and Phil Simmons
Date prepared     18th February 2009
Decision required That Executive Committee notes this Report.

Sarah Birch and Phil Simmons
Technical Seminars – 8th March 09
The aim of these seminars is to refresh British rowing technique and give a new approach to
coaching the technique. Our coach education team will attend the morning workshop and
then help coach club coaches in the technique during the afternoon.

Up river venue- Marlow Rowing Club (for clubs/Unis/Schools) upstream of and including
Staines BC). Led by Eira Parry and Don McLachlan
27 places booked so far. Possible max of 35. £5 per coach to pay for venue.

Down River venue- Molesey Boat Club (for downstream of Staines BC). Led by Pete
Sheppard and Neasa Folan.

Coach Education update

An assessment weekend was held on 17th/18th January for candidates from the Oxford L2
run in Nov. 10 candidates successfully completed their award.

A tutor workshop for the new Safeguarding and Protecting Children course was held on the
8th Feb. Thames region tutors and assessors Ken Roberts and John Truswell attended.
Roger Wiggin and Terry Hunter attend the first SPC tutor course.

Sarah Birch
Partnership Work

    The Berkshire Schools Indoor Rowing Championship was cancelled because of the
     snow. It has been rescheduled to April 28th.
    Meeting with the ALPS to try to understand how our coach education funding will

Development Work

    Club and Coach partner club meeting. Participation figures and future targets

Community Sports Coach Scheme- Berkshire
Community Sports Coach schemes including Berks were expected to end in March 2009
because Sport England is no longer allocating funds to this project.

An extension for the scheme has now been offered until the end of June 2009. Eton
Excelsior RC is keen to find the necessary funds for this extension. We are waiting to hear
from Berkshire Sport for confirmation of this extension.

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PAPER P13/09                                                          ITEM 16
Head Race Monitors
Author            Dave Hancock
Date prepared     18 February 2009
Decision required That Executive Committee notes this Report.

Further to Jim Harlow‟s report in the Jan 2009 meeting I contacted Phil Clements of
WAGS about the Head Race Monitors‟ course they have been running. This was
written by Robin Leach.
It has been presented to NUC (National Umpires‟ Commission) where John Biddle
saw it. NUC are currently reviewing it.
John will raise at the next TRUC meeting (March), with a view to TRUC rolling it out
before the 2009/10 head season.

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