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									           Electronic Death and
           Marriage Certificates
  An overview of the county clerk‟s role in Death
            and Marriage Registration

Derek Johnson, Field Services
Vital Statistics Unit (VSU)

   Responsibilities of Local Registrars
   Rationale for TER-Death
   The Mechanics of TER-Death
   Online Training
   An Update of the TER Marriage
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
   Resources
         Responsibilities of Local
   Register death records certified by the Medical
    Certifier in that registration district
   Can provide Burial Transit Permits (BTPs) to funeral
    directors for bodies to be removed from this state,
    transported within the state or cremated
   Provide marriage applications and record marriage
   Appoint a Deputy Registrar so that a registrar is
    available at all times for the registration of death
TER Death Registration

Rationale for TER-Death
      Statutory Requirements
   Texas Health and Safety Code Section
    – requires electronic death registration
   Texas Health and Safety Code Section
    – Addresses untimely filing of death
    – Prohibits disciplinary action against
      individuals (funeral directors, medical
      certifiers, local registrars) if factors are
      beyond control
    – Written documentation required
            Must evidence “good-faith effort”
               Fast Facts
As of October 10, 2009:
   there are 1,199 funeral homes have used TER to
    register death records (out of 1,354)
   there are 8,114 physicians registered to use TER
              (out of 15,000)
   there are 319 local registrars registered to use
    TER (out of 400)
   there are 13 medical examiner offices registered
    to use TER ( out of 13)
                Fast Facts

   18.6% All electronic records filed in 2008

   As of October 10, 2009, 45% are all electronic

   93% of all Social Security numbers are
    successfully validated using TER
         Why Is TER-Death
   Instant Social Security verification process
   Reduces fraud and duplicate registrations
   Secure registration system
   Complies with Section 193.002 of the Health
    and Safety Code
   Edit and cross-checks reduce potential errors
    and amendments
   A faster, more efficient, more accurate process!
   Internet-based
   Remote filings
    – Can use TER anywhere accessible to Internet
   Visual cueing
   Permits and forms
   Electronic PIN
   Electronic designation of medical certifier
    and local registrar
   Online training
Local Registrars who participate in TER will handle processing
            up to three types of death certificates.
    Scenarios of Participation
    Funeral Director Participating
            Medical Certifier NOT Participating, AND/OR
                      Local Registrar Participating

•    Funeral Director completes info in TER and validates social security
•    Funeral Director prints the death certificate from TER drop-to-
     paper (DTP)
•    Funeral Director delivers DTP death certificate to Medical Certifier
     for cause of death completion
•    Funeral Director delivers DTP death certificate to Local Registrar
     and requests certified copies
    Scenarios of Participation
    Funeral Director NOT Participating
            Medical Certifier Participating, AND/OR
                    Local Registrar Participating (or NOT)
•   If coordinated between Medical Certifier and Funeral Director –
    Medical Certifier may enter info in TER
•   Medical Certifier prints the death certificate from TER (drop-to-
•   Funeral Director completes appropriate death certificate
    information manually
•   Funeral Director delivers death certificate to Local Registrar
•   Process continues as it does currently…
100% TER Electronic Death Registration!
      Scenarios of Participation
        Funeral Director Participating
                Medical Certifier Participating
                        Local Registrar Participating

  •   Funeral Director completes info in TER
  •   Funeral Director designates record to medical certifier
  •   Medical certifier certifies record after receiving email notification
  •   Funeral Director orders certified copies via TER and
      demographically verifies record after email notification
  •   Death record is electronically filed with the local registrar and VSU
TER Death Registration

    The Mechanics of
User Setup & Maintenance
   Each facility/office should have two „TER
    Local Administrators‟
   Local Administrators are responsible for:
    – Confidentiality statements
          Maintained internally
    – New user setups
    – Password resets
    – User maintenance
User Setup

   Assign user ID & Password

   Assign user Processes

   Assign user Location
Usernames and Passwords

   From the Main
    menu, choose
   Choose USER
  New User Setup, Cont.

To add a new
   user, click
“New” icon for
 blank screen
      New User Setup, Cont.
 For new user “Ann
Example”, enter user
 name „AEXAMPLE”

Choose a password that
 is at least 8 characters
  long, including alpha
      and numeric –
  “AN01EXAM” and re-
       type to verify
New User Setup, Cont.

 information –
   follow this
general format

 Choose “Not
New User Setup - Locations

  Click the
 „SAVE‟ icon

    Assign a
  location by
clicking on the
„Location‟ icon
New User Setup - Locations

                        Click the down
                         arrow to the
                          right of the
                       „Locations‟ pull-
                           down and
New User Setup - Locations

  Double-click the
plus symbol to the
left of „DOH/Local
Registrar‟ to reveal
list of locations to
    choose from
New User Setup - Locations
    Choose and
    highlight a
facility from the
 list of locations
     on the left
Click the right
arrow to move
 selection to
User Location,
   click save
New User Setup – Security

Choose the
  icon from
 this screen
    OR the
 New User Setup – Security

 Using the same
steps as Location,
 choose security
  appropriate for
    your staff.

   Click the
„SAVE‟ icon to
Password Resets
   User forgets password
    – And they were set up by a local
      administrator in your location

   Disabling accounts
Passwords Resets
   From the Main
    menu, choose
    SECURITY and
    choose USER
Password Resets, Cont.
 Find the user
on the “Current
Users” grid and
   CLICK to
will display on
Password Resets, Cont.
 Highlight the
password field
and type new
  screen will
appear – enter
new password
  to confirm
  Click „OK‟
Password Resets, Cont.

 Click „SAVE‟

The password
   is now
User Maintenance

   Be sure to remove TER access when
    staff/employees leave your office!
   To remove a TER User ID
    – Locate the User ID on the User Table
    – Click the „Delete‟ icon
   If the absence is temporary, you can
    reset the password – then provide the
    new password to the user upon return
TER Death Registration

  Adding a Manual Record
What is a “Manual” Death
A „Manual‟ death record is an 8 ½ x 14 inch (legal size)
printed Certificate of Death form that:

  •   includes statistical information (items 43-49)

  •   includes printed information on the back

  •   was not completed using TER software

  •   has not been issued an „EDR‟ or „DTP‟ number
Processing, click
Click the „Local
Registration‟ icon

               This screen is
              called the Death
Click the „New
 Record‟ icon

                 This is the ‘Registration Screen’
The ‘New Screen’ captures information needed
to check to see if the record may already be in
the system. If the record is already in the
system it will be retrieved instead of creating a
new record.
Move from field to field
 using your „Tab‟ key

                  Minimum fields to be
                  completed are Date of
                 Death, SSN, and Gender

            Down-arrow to right of box
             indicates pull-down list
                                    Complete the

                                     Click „Find
   TER is now searching the           Record‟
   database for any existing
records. If an existing record is
 found, the following message
         will generate.
The duplicate cross check message will appear
  when information on one of the key fields
  matches an existing record already in TER.
   This might happen if an existing record
contains wrong information such as the wrong
 SSN. Clicking „Yes‟, allows you to add your
  record even though it appears to match an
               existing record.
If no duplicate records
     are found, the
following message will
Click „OK‟
Select Record

       If the deceased is named, select
    IDENTIFIED. If the certificate is for
     an unknown person (John Doe, etc),
            select UNIDENTIFIED
Save to initiate Social
Security Verification
Incorrect Social Security Numbers represent a large percentage of the
amendments made to death records. The SSN verification that is built
into the TER death registration process sends information to the Social
Security Administration to verify that the number on the record
matches other information about the decedent that is on file with
Social Security. A response is sent back when saving for the second
time to indicate if the number matches the information on file or if it
does not agree with one or more items.
                          Note SSN status
                            after save
Note EDR #

             Click „OK‟
 Do not file the record
before receiving a Social
   Security response.
 Skip Local   Skip Local
File Number    File Date
Complete all other unresolved
 items shaded yellow while
 awaiting a Social Security
    Verification response.
  Date of Death Type is “Actual”
 unless the word “Found” or some
 other descriptor is listed with the
date of death on the paper certificate
   TAB past Suffix and any other fields
   that need to be left blank – DO NOT
         leave them bright yellow

If last name is same as maiden name,
    enter same name in each field.
   If death did not occur in a
facility - City, County, and Zip
Codes will be entered by VSU       Enter ONLY the First and Last
       staff at a later time.      Names for Mother and Father.
                                   Do NOT include middle names
                                           or suffixes.
Clear ALL of the bright
yellow fields!
   If Social Security Number is blank or
    “Unknown” on the death certificate
    – Enter one question mark - ?
   If the city of birth is blank
    – Enter “UNKNOWN”
   If one (or both) of the parents‟ names are
    – TAB past the first name field to clear the yellow
    – Enter “UNKNOWN” in the last name field
 Click the
„Save‟ icon

                  After all items have been
               For a record that passes social
                 resolved, save the the status
               security verification,record a
                „PASSED‟ The social security
              second time. will be displayed
                  response Security back.
               under Socialshould be Number.
  If response is FAILED - attempt to verify the
  information with the funeral home. Up to five
attempts can occur per record. Even if the Social
Security Number cannot be verified you will still
file the record, assigning a local file number and
        local file date. Do not delay filing.
Enter Local
File Number
 TER will verify that you
 have not entered this file
number for this event year
Correct the file number on the
 edit screen and click „Ok‟
Enter the Local File Date and
   Click the „SAVE‟ icon
All items are now complete, the
record is ready to be released to
            the state.

      Click „Yes‟ to
     Release Record
Complete the registration process by filing
  the manual paper death record. Record
your local file number and file date on the
  record, along with your local registrar‟s
 signature. Make your file copy and mail
       the original to the state office.
What about…..

            When things
             go a little
The system found a record
that partially matched what
        you entered
Click „OK‟
Click „Add New
Complete the record and
   SSN validation.
Or what if….
TER found a record in the
  database that exactly
 matches the information
      you entered
 If you are registering a manual
  record, this message indicates that a
  funeral home initiated the record in
  TER, but has abandoned the
  electronic registration.
 Notify Help-TER with the identifying
  information so that we can remove
  the abandoned record.
 You cannot enter your record until
  the abandoned record is deleted.
 Do not access an electronic record to
  record a manual filing.
Be Sure to Keep Your Queue
Check for Records in
 Queue at a glance!
Click into the bright
  yellow field and
 „TAB‟ out to clear

                   State Release won‟t be offered until
                  ALL bright yellow fields are resolved.
 Click the
„Save‟ icon

              If a record is complete, click „SAVE‟ to
                    get the State Release prompt.
TER Death Registration

  Adding a Drop-to-Paper
What is a Drop-to-Paper Death
A ‘Drop-to-Paper’ (DTP) death certificate is an 8 ½ x 11
inch (standard size) printed Certificate of Death form
     Has been completed using TER software

      Is not ‘fully electronic’ because the medical certifier
       or funeral home is not using TER
      Does not contain printed information on the back
      Includes an ‘EDR’ and ‘DTP’ number
      Excludes printed statistical information; items (43-49)
  Click the
„Search‟ icon

                Going back to Death,
                 Local Registration
The „EDR‟ (Electronic Death Record) number will appear on
the lower left-hand corner of a paper death certificate that is
printed from TER. If this number is present on the paper
certificate being entered it means that the record is definitely
in the system and therefore not a manual record. Providing
               This is the that the Screen’
the EDR number will insure‘Search matching record will be
found and then little if any additional data entry will be
needed. If there is no EDR number present, exit this screen
           Type EDR #
and refer to the Manual Death Certificate Processing
TER is now searching the database
  for the record. If the record is
    found, it will be displayed.

  Click „Find‟
Select the record from the list below.
           Click on „Select
Click on
Compare the DTP number on the paper to the DTP number on
the screen to make sure that you have the most recent version of
           For a „FAILED‟ response, attempt to
the „drop-to-paper‟ form. The DTP number is the count that
          verify the information with„Drop-to-Paper‟
          The number of times that the Verify that
represents theselected record is retrieved. the funeral death
          a has Up printed. This number been
certificate social security verification has also prints on the
        home.been to five attempts can occur per
         record. and a record cannot certificate. This number
          initiated „Drop-to-Paper‟ death be verified,
paper copy of theIf the„PASSED‟ or „FAILED‟
           „1‟ for records that
would beresponse is present. are in the system that were printed
          file it by assigning a local file number
on paper to be filed. If the number is more than „1‟ it may mean
         and local not print Do not delay printer
that the original didfile date.correctly due to afiling. problem.
A count of more than „1‟ on a routine basis from a location
might invite a fraud investigation.
Enter Local   Enter Local
File Number    File Date
Click the „Save‟
 icon to release

          All items are now complete, the
          record is ready to be released to
                      the state.
Select „Yes‟

Complete the registration process by
   filing the DTP death record and
 assigning the same file number and
date, a local registrar‟s signature and
        issuing certified copies.
What about…..

            one of those
Records DTP‟d By Medical
   HB 1739
    – Justices of the Peace
    – ME‟s
   Increased number of medical certifiers
    dropping to paper
   Medical certifiers do not designate a
    local registrar
Records DTP‟d By Medical
   Determining if certificate was DTP‟d by
    the medical certifier:
    – EDR and DTP numbers at bottom
    – Manually signed by funeral director in
      item 20
    – Item 27, Signature of Certifier, contains a
      printed name and the words “BY
Records DTP‟d By Medical
   These records cannot be accessed
    through the SEARCH function
   You must access them through the
    NEW screen
    – From „Local Registration‟
    – Select the New icon, or
    – Click on Registration from the toolbar,
      and select NEW from the pull-down menu
Click the „New‟
    Enter the
  Date of Death,
EDR #, and Gender
                    Click „Find
Click „OK‟
 Compare DTP # on paper
record to your screen, they
        must match
What if the DTP counter
doesn‟t match?
   Contact the funeral home
     Request that they provide to you the record
      matching the DTP counter
   Decision point
     Why do the DTP counters not match?
     Require replacement record
     Contact Help-TER for reset
Complete all of the
  yellow fields
SAVE and get
SSN validation
SAVE again and
  get Release
TER Death Registration

  Adding a Fully Electronic
Under Queues,
 click Local

          Use „Local Acceptance‟
          to process an Electronic
            Death Record ONLY
   An „Electronic Death Record‟ is a death certificate that has
   been completed by the funeral home and medical certifier
     respectively using TER and has now reached the local
   registrar for filing. Completing the local registrar process
  requires selecting the record from the work queue, assigning
a local file number, local file date, printing the death certificate
            and releasing it electronically to the state.
                                                 Click down-arrow to
                                                  view your „Work

     The „Work Queue‟ will contain death records that have been
  electronically signed by the medical certifier (medically certified),
    electronically signed by the funeral director (demographically
verified) and still need to have a local file number and file date added.
 The list in the work queue will be in order of date of death with the
oldest records at the top. A record will remain in the work queue until
                  it is Declined, Rejected or Accepted.
                                                Select record from
                                                  „Work Queue‟

 The „Records In Queue‟ status number should match up with the
  number of records in the „Work Queue‟. The user can refer to
„Records In Queue‟ to see the number of death records that are not
                       yet fully processed.
The record will populate once it has been
selected from the „Work Queue‟. Notice
that a social security response is present.
 Note the Place of Death. If the
   death did not occur in your
   registration area, you must
electronically decline the record.
Click the „Decline
   Record‟ icon
Click „Yes‟
                Enter the reason for
                declining the record

Click „Submit
Select the next record
 from „Work Queue‟
Assign Local
File Number
Click the „Save‟
 icon to release
   the record

                   Assign Local
                    File Date
After release, the record will print
   automatically. Complete the
 registration process by filing the
new death certificate in your files.
   The electronic local version of the death
  certificate will include a printed local file
The funeral home has and printed ‘Registrar-
number, local file datealready placed an order
   for certifiedElectronically Filed’ will be
 City of (    ), copies via TER and signature.
  Complete the filing process by printing the
  mailed to them from the state. Additional
  certified assigning a local register public.
record and copies may by sold to the signature.
       Do not submit a copy to the state.
Burial Transit Permits
   May be generated by the Local Registrar
    through TER
   Locals can choose to continuing issuing
    without TER
   Funeral Homes can generate Burial Transit
    Permits from TER, but ONLY if:
    – The record is all-electronic; and
    – has been medically certified; and
    – has been demographically verified; and
    – the manner of death is „Natural‟
From Local Registration, use the Search
     function to locate the record
 Click the                Click on „Burial
„Print‟ icon              Transit Permit‟

               A Burial Transit Permit may be printed
               by selecting the „Print‟ icon while the
                 record is displayed on the screen.
Click on the
„Print‟ icon

               Issue the Burial Transit Permit to the
                    funeral home as requested.
TER Death Registration

Local Registrar Print Queue
Local Registrar Print
   Locals using TER now receive birth,
    death, and medical amendments, and
    new records based on adoption and
    paternity, via TER
   Amendments are available to you
    immediately upon filing with VSU
   Effective for amendments filed as of
    June 13, 2007
Local Registrar Print
1. Before accessing the Local Registrar Print Queue
   for the first time, you must first set your
   printers for all of the forms you will be able to
   print from the Local Registrar Print Queue. The
   forms you will need to set up are:
   •   Amendment to Certificate of Birth-VS171;
   •   Birth Certificate-VS161;
   •   DSHS Amendment Cover Letter;
   •   Local Print Queue Listing;
   •   Amendment to Certificate of Death-VS173; and
   •   Amendment to Medical Certification-VS174.1.
From the Utilities
 Menu - Select
 „Printer Setup‟
Set the printer for
   each report
Local Registrar Print
2. Now you are ready to access the

  You will do this from the Birth screen,
    even to retrieve death amendments
Under Processing,
    click on
 Local Registrar Print
3. The „Local Registrar Print Queue‟ is
   under Queues on your toolbar
Local Registrar Print
4. You will first print out a list of the
   records in the Local Registrar Print
   Queue by clicking on „Listing.‟ This
   provides you with information on all of
   the records currently in the queue.

*** Please note: You will need to print the
   listing prior to printing any records from the
   queue. The listing may be your only method
   to determine which record is associated with
   each amendment or replacement record you
   will be printing.***
 Click „Listing‟ to
generate a list of the
  documents to be
Local Registrar Print
   You will be receiving the following
    records in your queue:
    – Birth amendments
    – Replacement records
        New records based on adoption
        New records based on parentage

    – Death demographic amendments
    – Amendments to Medical Certification of
      Certificate of Death
Local Registrar Print
5. Next, in the Document Filter drop-
   down field, select from the following: All
   Documents, Birth Amendments,
   Replacement Records, Death Demo
   Amendments, and Death Med
Click the down arrow
to view the filter list
Local Registrar Print
   You will NOT be receiving valid
    Disinterment Permits at this time
   If you receive a Disinterment Permit in
    your queue, print it and destroy it
   File copies of Disinterment Permits are
    still being mailed to local registrars
Local Registrar Print

6. In the „In Queue‟ drop down
   field, select the record you
   want to print and click „Print‟.
                     Click the down
                    arrow to view the
                    records in queue.

  Click on the
desired record to
 bring to screen
Click „Print‟ to print
   the document
Local Registrar Print
7. Repeat until all records have been
   printed for each type of document.

   If you need a record re-sent because of a printing
              failure, send your request to Please be sure to state
in your email that you were accessing the record from
 the “Local Registrar Print Queue” so that the support
      person will know what type of record you are
TER Death Registration

Local Registrar Print Queue
Record Status Screen
Your “Report of Death Queue”
From the Utilities
 menu, click on
 „Record Status‟
The Record Status Screen provides a way to see a
 list of death records in your jurisdiction that are
not yet fully processed. This will include records
that have not yet appeared in the local acceptance
    queue but that have been designated to your
Filters allow you to limit the view to a group of records that
meet a certain criteria. Records can be accessed by any of the
filter options shown.
• All Local Pending – all records designated to the local
registration area and not yet assigned a local file number or
file date. This will include drop-to-paper and all electronic
records. This is the “report of death” filter.
The screen displays the EDR #, the Date of Death, Name of
the Deceased, and the name of the Funeral Home initiating
the record.
 This record shows that
the funeral home has not
   released the record
    (Demo Released)

                                    The Medical Office
                                    has not released the
                                         record yet

   The medical certifier has been
  designated (Medical Office), so
     we know it will be an “all
        electronic” record
Access to this information through TER will serve as proper
 notification by the funeral director to the local registrar -
         equivalent to providing a Report of Death.
Rejections & Errors
“Ownership” of TER

   Please note – once the Local Registrar
    has accessed a record in TER and clicked
    SAVE, the funeral home and/or medical
    certifier can no longer access that record
“Ownership” of TER
   Even if you do not enter any
    information, clicking SAVE takes
    possession of the record and locks the
    record to all other TER users
   If you are viewing a record, but it is not
    ready to be processed by your office –
“Ownership” of TER
   If the Local Registrar has taken
    possession of a record, but the funeral
    home needs to DTP again:
    – Contact to
      request that the record be unlocked
    – The local registrar will access the record
      from the Search function after the new
      record is presented for registration
Returning Records

   Return the record to the funeral home
    with a full explanation of the reason for
   The funeral home is responsible for
    insuring the DTP number matches
   In general, do not refer the funeral home
    to VSU for instructions – they must
    recreate their record
Returning Records
   Provided you did not SAVE the record in
    TER, the funeral home can then:
    – Access the TER record through the Search
    – De-verify the record
    – Verify the record again, which will generate
      a new DTP form and increase the DTP
    – Have the certifier complete the record
    – Return to your office for filing
Returning Records
   If you SAVED the record, but did not
    RELEASE it to the state, you can Decline the
    – Access the TER record from your unresolved
    – Click „Decline‟
    – Enter the reason for the decline
    – Submit
   The record will now appear in the funeral
    home‟s Unresolved Records queue
  2. Click the      1. Access
„Decline Record‟
                   record from
      icon         Work Queue
Click „Yes‟
Enter reason for
    Decline        Click „Submit‟
What To Do When Errors
   LFN Errors
    – If you discover that you have
      made an error in entering a Local
      File Number, or
    – Local File Date
    – and the record is manual or DTP
What To Do When Errors
   LFN Errors
    – Contact
    – Provide information to identify the record
        Name, Date of Death, Place of Death
        Or EDR # and Name

    – Provide the correct information
    – If the record is not all-electronic, TER staff
      will make the necessary corrections
    – VSU will not make LFN corrections on all-
      electronic records
What To Do When Errors
   Duplicate Entries
    – If you notice multiple entries for the
      same person, notify Help-
          We will help you determine which is the
           appropriate record to use
    – You may be contacted regarding
      duplicate entries
Online Training

 Vital Statistics On-Line
Training Course for Texas
             Online Training
   Active since July 31
   Interactive Multimedia
    – Text
    – Graphics
    – Video
   For use by all parties
    – Funeral directors and staff
    – Medical certifiers
    – Local registrars
   Printable course completion certificates
   Visit or go to our website
TER Marriage Registration

   An Update of the TER
      Marriage Module

   Locally installed

   Visual cueing

   Type-Tab Data Entry

   Entry Verification
   Conduct Searches
    – Twogether Search
    – State Search
    – County Search
   Adding New Records
   Printing Applications and
   Single record export
   Immediate release to state
Steps Toward

   Software Testing

   Quick Reference Guide

   Pilot Program
A Work in Progress
• Continual Improvements
  – Constantly reviewing system
    for better efficiency and ease
    of use
• Reviewing Potential for
  Importing Records
  – Batch import into TER
• Electronic Signatures
  – Process application/ license
    signatures in the same manner
    as AOPs
Frequently Asked Questions
The record is grayed out,
why can‟t I access it?
   If the record is all electronic
       First, be sure you are accessing the record from Local
        Acceptance and not from Local Registration
       If you are in Local Acceptance, this is usually the opposite
        of the previous situation. The funeral home (or medical
        certifier) dropped the record to paper, then it was
        “reverted” to all electronic.
   What you should do
       Contact Help-TER with the EDR #, name on record, and
        stating that the record is in your Local Acceptance queue,
        but that you can‟t enter your info.
       We may be able to clear the DTP counter to give you
        access, but only if there has not been too much activity on
        the record.
The record is in my Local
Acceptance queue….
… but I‟m not certain it is my record.
How can I view without filing?
   You can print a copy of the record from your
    Local Acceptance queue prior to entering your
    local file number and file date.
   If the record is yours, you can then enter the
    filing information and complete your
   If the record is not yours, you can decline the
Click the „Print‟ icon and
   select „DTP/Death
 Certificate‟ to print the
                             This will NOT affect
                               the DTP counter
How do Medical
Amendments work in TER?
   Medical certifiers can choose to participate in
    electronic medical amendments.
   Only all-electronic death certificates can be
    electronically amended.
   The medical certifier, or designated staff, accesses
    the death record in TER, then enters the amended
    information and saves the record.
   The medical certifier accesses the record in TER,
    verifies the information, and electronically signs
    the record by entering his/her PIN.
How do Medical
Amendments work in TER?
   The amended information will not be reflected on the
    record until VSU has processed the amendment in-
         Amendments are processed by VSU daily.
   After VSU has processed the amendment, it will be
    sent to the Local Registrar through the „Local
    Registrar Print Queue‟
   Local Registrars will continue to file paper Medical
    Amendments as well. Paper (or manual) Medical
    Amendments will still be filed with the Local Registrar
    first, then mailed to VSU.
The place of death on a manual
death certificate isn‟t on the list
in TER…
…How do I add it?
   Unfortunately, users cannot add information to
    the place of death tables in TER.
   Send the request to Help-TER.
   Please include the name of the facility and the
    address, as well as the type of facility (hospital,
    nursing home, hospice, etc).
   TER support staff will need to verify the facility
    information and will add it to the table.
The funeral home had to change
the Local Registrar
… and now the DTP counter doesn‟t match.

   If you are comfortable that the information on
    the record did not change, email Help-TER and
    request that the DTP counter be changed.
   Please include the EDR number, the name on the
    record, and the number that you want the
    counter to be changed TO.
   Otherwise, the funeral must have a new record
    completed and signed by the medical certifier.
Requesting Assistance
   Please use to
    request information or assistance
   Monitored by multiple VSU TER staff
   Allows staff to obtain assistance from
    others if needed in order to provide
    accurate responses
Help with TER Issues
   Please e-mail to request
   Monitored by VSU TER staff
   Allows for additional follow-up and responses if
Help with TER Issues
   TER help desk staffed by knowledgeable, helpful
   Only four people
    – three permanent, one temporary
   Put a specific topic in the email‟s subject line and
    include EDR number in the body of the email
   Include any additional information that might aid a
    speedier response
    – Record/Order status
    – Password/PIN
    – DTP Counter

    – Updated regularly with news and information
   Quarterly Newsletters
   Trainings across state – check the
   Online training
   Regional and Annual Conferences
   VSU staff and TER technical support
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