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Nuala O'Sullivan


									                                    Exhibition: All Fall Down
                                     Artist: Nuala O’Sullivan
                                    25th June – 30th July 2010

                                             Blue Skies

Having exhibited Other Peoples Lives, a series of paintings which takes inspiration from old family
movies and found photographs from the 1950’s previously at the Upstairs Gallery, Watergate
Theatre, Limerick based artist Nuala O’Sullivan is back to present All Fall Down in the from Friday
25th June until Friday 30th July 2010.

Nuala graduated in 2006 with a BA (Hons.) Fine Art (Painting) from Limerick School of Art &
Design and was successful in receiving the Revenue Commissioners Award for Excellence that
year. Nuala has exhibited extensively around Ireland in Belfast, Wexford, Waterford, and her
home town of Limerick.

This current work uses the Financial Times Newspaper and its supplement, the How to Spend It
magazine, as source material. Through painting, print and installation, the work examines mass
media influence on self-image, and also considers the background and unseen financial forces
that often manipulate both how we see ourselves and how we spend our money. It raises the
question: has the recent economic crisis set many people adrift searching for a new self-image
because they can no longer afford to express themselves through expensive designer labels?

To portray this dilemma, Nuala has made a series of photographs using paper dolls cut from the
How to Spend It Supplement. The dolls from a human chain, and although dolls are childhood
images, here they address more complicated adult issues. Some of the photographs show the
dolls against a black background looking stylised and highly finished like the magazines from
which they were created. However, the paper dolls continually topple over, and all the
designer names they feature fall and collapse along with them. Work in this series also includes
mixed media collages made from photographs, newspaper, magazine cut outs and paint,
which are even now continuing to evolve.

Exhibition All Fall Down at the Upstairs Gallery, Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny
25th June – 30th July 2010

Opening hours: Monday–Friday 10am–7pm, Saturday 2pm–7pm

For further information on this or subsequent shows, contact the Arts Office on (056) 7794138 /

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office Partner Local Authority of the ArtLinks Programme

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