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									  UCSF School of Pharmacy

Alumni Gift Planning Marketing Plan

                         AACP DOD SIG
                         Las Vegas
                         December 2&3, 2007
                         Marie Parfitt Pattie
    Structure-UCSF Development and
            Alumni Relations
• Centralized Development Office
• School Programs – School of Pharmacy
  Development and Alumni Relations ( 2 staff )
• Planned Giving Department ( 3 Lawyers ) –
  tax expert – bequests - agreements
      Planned Giving Department

Marketing – Reactive rather than proactive
• Foresight Newsletter – 2x yr. – generic
• Meetings with Estate Planning Attorneys and
  Financial Planners (medical topics) auto immune
  diseases; ARI – 700 people, 20 people attend, info
  packages circulated
• Heritage Circle – invited /application with
  documentation – tea every 2 years
Donor Potential – Planned Giving
 •   Major Gifts during past 5 Years
 •   Alumni Population Potential – 5,000 alumni
 •   Alumni Directory
 •   Robert Sharp – PG audit – PG Donors –
     grateful patients vs. alumni
  Funding Opportunity – UCOP

• Spotlight on Alumni
• Matching funds for programs to increase
  Alumni Giving
• New Position in Planned Giving Dept. –
  Justin Marsh
• Program Funding FY 2008
                 Year One

Information Services – the basics
• Age information (DOB) appended to Advance for
  all active individuals
• Appeal Coding for GPP mailings –will allow for
  reporting, tracking, and response analysis.
• Review and look to increase benefits of Heritage Circle

  Additional Collaborative Efforts with Schools and other
  units including:
• Giving Clubs/Recognition Groups that lead easily to gift
  planning promotion
• Revised communications and messaging in Annual Fund
• Increase stewardship and cultivation of alumni gift planning
  prospects through personal visits/contact
      September/October, 2007:

• Update look and feel of Foresight by tweaking
  design/layout, producing in 4-color, and
  increasing “white space” by reducing text.
• Expand distribution of Foresight to include all
  Alumni, Parents of Students, etc.
• Increase personalized cultivation of Alumni
  receiving Fall 2007 Foresight
            November/December, 2007:

• Simplified gift planning “insert” brochure for Development Officers
  and others to use in communications/collateral at events
• Will be School-specific at an efficient cost through the use of digital
  printing technologies
       January/February, 2008:

• Send an “Invitation” mailing to Alumni age 60+ to
  join Heritage Circle by establishing a planned gift
• Consider development of Heritage Circle
  committee with members available at
  alumni events
                March, 2008:

• Brown bag lunch/workshop with DO’s to help
  them better understand simple gift planning
  concepts and “clues” that a donor might be ready
  for PG to be included in the discussion plans.
• Spring Foresight –Designating UCSF as a
  Beneficiary of Retirement Plans (testimonial letter
  from alum who has included UCSF as beneficiary
  of retirement plan)
             April/May, 2008:

• Review and analyze efforts to this point
• Prepare and present Plan and Budget for FY 09
                    June, 2008:

• Special “Alumni Tables” at Heritage Circle Tea in 2008
• Invite Dean / Faculty / School Directors of Development
  (School Relationships)
• Follow-up calls to those who sat at “Alumni Tables” at
  Heritage Circle Tea in 2008
• Begin work on Fall 2008 targeted mailing (specific subject
  tbd based on FY 08 results/learning) and First FY 09 issue
  of Foresight

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