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					             Please print, sign at the bottom & return to the Sculpture Office:

                                      STUDIO RULES

    Under the following rules & consideration, the Department of Sculpture + Extended
    Media allows you non-exclusive use of this studio space:

   Maintain your assigned space and the area around it is a clean and uncluttered condition
    with materials and supplies neatly stored and kept within the confines of your studio.
    This also applies to work in progress when it is not being worked on.

   Shops, stairways, hallways, elevators & community work areas will not be considered as
    storage space for art work or materials. All fire lanes must be kept open and free of
    debris. The building must be kept free of clutter so other individuals and classes may
    enjoy and make full use of exiting the building in case of an emergency. Absolutely
    nothing may be stored on the elevator at any time…even for short periods.

   Materials which give off noxious or toxic fumes must be used outside or in the spray
    booth. All flammable materials must be stored in the designated red or yellow safety
    storage cabinet for flammable liquids. Excessive amounts of visual contamination will be
    called to your attention. Strict fire safety guidelines will be implemented. If you do not
    comply, you will be locked out of your studio.

   This building & your studios are for professional activities: thinking, planning, drawing,
    structuring, and discussing. Please monitor your activities so you can avoid anything
    which will interfere with other students; for example, radios, CD players, or any other
    amplified music will not be tolerated. If you must listen to music, use earphones.

   University regulations forbid the use of studios as living spaces. Therefore, do not bring
    furniture or appliances into the building unless these items are directly related to your
    work. Sofas, hammocks, easy chairs, etc. are not considered tools of our trade and
    create an unprofessional atmosphere which will reflect unfavorably upon both you and
    the department. No cooking or heat producing appliances or tools such as hot plates are
    allowed in your studio.

   The only lock allowed on your studio or locker is one loaned to you by the department.

   The critique rooms must receive special consideration and respect because of the vital
    role they play in our program. Work must be removed at the conclusion of each critique,
    and art which has been presented to your instructors should be removed from the
    building. A reasonable length of time will be allowed for photographs to be made (24
    hours). The critique rooms are not work areas and work should always be fabricated
    elsewhere. Any damage or defacement of walls, floors or ceiling must be promptly
    repaired by the person responsible. Drawing or painting directly on the floors or walls is
    prohibited. If this sort of work is your choice it will be necessary for you to construct your
    own wall or cover our wall with paper or other suitable material.

   Under no circumstances are you allowed to take apart, modify, remove the casing, etc.
    from any television or monitor. These units contain capacitors which can inflict severe
    and/or fatal shocks when touched. This can occur even hours or, in some cases, days
    after the t.v./monitor has been turned off or unplugged. Anyone wishing to do this will
    have to employ the services of a qualified technician and provide documentation that the
    modification is safe for public display.

   No vehicles are allowed to remain parked in the loading dock. All others may pause
    briefly for loading and unloading with permission. Unattended vehicles (for more than 10
    min.) may be towed.
       Bicycles are not allowed in the building…there are bike racks located in front and behind
        the building.

       Dogs are not allowed in the building.

       Alcohol can not be brought into or kept stored in the building. The only exception will be
        under the supervision of a faculty member or during a designated social event which will
        be supervised by a staff member. No one will ever be permitted to resume working in
        any of the shops until at least 12 hours following the use of alcohol.

       Smoking is not allowed in any of the studios, shops, offices, or critique rooms. This is a
        smoke-free building.

       If a fire breaks out, flames and smoke can travel rapidly. Therefore, do not attempt any
        heroic fire fighting. Should you detect smoke or flames, immediately pull the fire alarm
        and evacuate the building.

       Any art project, performances, etc. which can present potential safety/health concerns or
        legal difficulties for the artist or the viewer or the department or school must first be
        reviewed and approved by your faculty and/or chair. If your project contains materials or
        content that is sexually explicit or could be construed as offensive to other students’
        sensibilities, please give advance notice so those students who might be offended may
        have an opportunity to leave the classroom.

       By signing this you agree that because of the nature of our studio rules, fire/safety
        enforcement, and environmental concerns, we will periodically avail ourselves of the right
        to inspect studios and lockers to ensure compliance with the above rules.


                                           Honor Pledge
I have read the Sculpture Studio Rules and the Sculpture Safety Information in their entirety &
solemnly pledge upon my honor to abide by all rules governing the use of the building, grounds &
equipment. I pledge to respect the rights, safety & property of the faculty, staff & students. I will,
by my personal conduct, strive to make the department an environment more conducive to
creativity for all who share it.

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