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					    The DAISY Award For
    Extraordinary Nurses
     Sponsored by the Generous Donation
         of the St. Joseph Foundation

   Saint Joseph Hospital
     Saint Joseph East
    Saint Joseph Berea
Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
We Must not, in trying to think about
  how we can make a big difference,
 ignore the small daily differences we
  can make which, over time, add up
    to big differences that we often
             cannot foresee.
              - Marian Wright Edelman
     The DAISY Foundation
DAISY is an acronym
  “Diseases Attacking the Immune System”
Founded January 2000 in memory of J. Patrick
Barnes who died at 33 from complications of ITP
(Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura)

                            Patrick Barnes
                            August, 1999
    The DAISY Foundation

Pat Barnes’ legacy
  “Whenever he came across anyone in
  need he never turned his back. He
  reached out to comfort and to make
  them feel okay.”
The DAISY Foundation was established
to keep Pat’s spirit alive
The DAISY Foundation
Two of the Foundation‟s goals relate to
nurses because Pat‟s family was awed by
the care and compassion he (and they)
received from nurses during his
  Recognize the extraordinary work nurses do
  every day
  Fund research

    The J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research
    and Evidence-Based Practice Projects
    The DAISY Award for
    Extraordinary Nurses

 To recognize the “super-human work”
 nurses do every day all over the country
 So the Barnes Family could say thank
 you to nurses around the country
The DAISY Award Today
Over 220 hospitals committed to honoring their nurses
with The DAISY Award
   From major urban teaching hospitals to small rural
   community hospitals
   More than 2,500 nurses have received it to date
   A recognition program that is another tool for
   hospitals to help retain their excellent nursing staff
American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) now
collaborating with the Foundation to help expand the
program to every hospital that wants it
Daisy Award Team: Composed of
RN‟s from all facilities
Daisy Foundation co-founders Bonnie
and Mark Barnes are available any
time for brainstorming with team on
best practices.
       The DAISY Award
 Nurses are nominated by patients,
 families, colleagues, physicians,
 administrators, other staff
 According to criteria each hospital
Under banner of compassionate care as
          well as great clinical skill
     DAISY Award Gifts
Each DAISY Nurse receives
 Handsomely presented certificate
 DAISY Award pin
      DAISY Award Gifts
Shona Sculpture “A Healer‟s
  Hand-carved by Shona Tribe in
  Shona people have profound
  respect for their traditional
  Traditional healers are regarded
  as “treasures” by those they
  care for.
A Banner To Hang In The
    Honoree’s Unit
     DAISY Award Gifts
Recognizing that it takes a team to
provide great patient care, the staff
on the DAISY Award Nurse‟s unit
receives Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls
DAISY’s Message To Nurses
Whenever you smell that wonderful Cinnabon smell
– in the mall or airport or baking with cinnamon at
home - stop for a minute and think about how
special you are because you‟re a nurse. You may
take for granted the incredible things you do every
day, but your patients and their families certainly
Think about the impact you have on so many
people‟s lives - not only your patients but everyone
in your patients‟ lives.
        Thank You!
We look forward to working
 with you to honor your
  Extraordinary Nurses

  -- Bonnie and Mark Barnes, Co-Founders
             Why Participate?
Highlights ways hospitals “accomplish some amazing things each and
every day” and aligns well with St. Joseph Health System Core Values.

It is one more way of promoting the best of nursing in SJHS hospitals

It focuses on the care of patients by bedside nurses

It is an additional way to recognize our nurses – a public statement of
our hospitals’ respect for nursing

It reminds our nurses of why they became nurses

Its appeal is national & by many esteemed organizations , including
AONE (Association of Nurse Executives)

It is another reflection of your supportive work environment and
dedication to employee satisfaction
The Saint Joseph Foundation
 The Foundation generously and
 enthusiastically agreed to:
  Provide Funding for 24 awards to be given July
  ‟08 – July „09
  Provide Funding for 48 awards to be awarded
  July ‟09 – July „10
  Reevaluate value and impact of these awards
  on Nursing Culture, morale and
  retention/recruitment efforts in Spring of 2010
  related to ongoing sponsorship of program.
  SJHS Daisy Award Team
Claudia Carroll, RN – Mgr of Nurse
Recruitment/Retention HR
Mark Manley, RN – UM SJE
Cynthia Bailey, RN – SJMS
Oveta Fleenor, RN – CCH
Amanda Mattingly, RN – SJH
Mary K. Johnson – SJB
Sabrina Little, RN – SJE
Paula Keally, Jennifer Erena and Eula Brown
     Mission Statement
To celebrate and recognize nursing
  professionals that exemplify and
 promote an extraordinary level of
  compassionate care and clinical
                  - SJHS Daisy Team
       Vision Statement
 Saint Joseph Health System models a
 nurturing culture that is passionate in its
  support of our nurses and the nursing
Through respect, acknowledgement and
inspiration, SJHS nurses feel honored and
       are committed to our values.
                        - SJHS Daisy Team
         Schedule for FY 2009
                 Kick off in July 2008

Nominations accepted          Recipients celebrated
July – September 1st „08      September „08
October – December 1st „08    December „08

January – March 1st ‟09       March „09
April – June 1st ‟09          June „09
     24 Awards for FY ’09
Plan is to name one recipient per Facility
per quarter with One at large recipient per
quarter = 6 awards/quarter
Decisions on recipients will be made by
the team with this plan in mind
If no valid recipient at a facility then award
would be at large
     The Team Values
Reflects the Core Values of CHI:
This is award for Professional
Nurses that practice at the Bedside
– Clinical Ladder Eligible
There is no length of service
        Nomination Forms
Form to be used for Nominations will be
developed by Angela Florek for distribution
using criteria as stated and information for filing
Where to access forms:
  Waiting Areas
  Internet – Nursing or SJH Webpage
Patient/Family Letters sent in with specific staff
named that would fit criteria of award for
nomination consideration – UM to forward to
Criteria –
     Nurses that make a special connection with the
     patient or their family
     Excel at educating their patients and families
     Work well with the multidisciplinary healthcare
     team to meet patient and family needs
     Has a positive attitude and demonstrates
     professionalism in workplace
     Job performance exemplifies the mission, vision
     and value of SJHS.
     Models Great Assessment and Decision-making
     Demonstrates great interpersonal skills with peers
     and co-workers
     Is an employee in good standing with
     Recipient Selection
All nominations will be considered
without knowledge of Name of
We will plan to award one award per
facility per quarter if appropriate
Nominations will not roll over to next
  Surprise On Unit – Change of Shift – 7am or 3pm
  Invite/Include – Unit Manager, Staff, Nominator if
  possible, CNE, DNO, VP, Director, Daisy Team
  Read Nomination aloud
  Present awards to recipient and Cinnabons to staff,
  Hanging of Banner with picture of recipient – left up for
  one month post presentation.
Each Facility Rep with Unit Manager would then
present Nominees with their Pins and copy of the
     A Special Thank You!!
 To the Saint Joseph Hospital
Foundation and Barry Stumbo
  for the belief in this project
   and the value that lies in
 uplifting our staff nurses and
     recognizing their often
heroically compassionate work!
   A nurse in the Denver area,
  nominating two extraordinary
             nurses at
   Exempla-Lutheran Medical
    Center, wrote, "We often
         measure heroism
 in terms of great deeds fraught
 with danger and personal risk,
but I also believe that heroism is
 kindness and mercy, selflessly