The Painted Man

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					Painted Man

I thought that I would try something really different this time. Circa: mid to late 1800‟s. Tarzan is brought
to North America.

It had been a nightmare. One moment he had been swinging carefree through his jungle home, the next
minute firesticks were going off, making a very loud noise. One of the firesticks managed to break the
branch he stood upon, causing him to fall to the ground beneath, rendering him unconscious. Many
moments were lost and in those precious moments, everything changed.
Tarzan paced the small cage that he had bee cooped up in for weeks now. He was dirty and hungry, neither
of which helped his disposition. He didn‟t understand the method of transportation that the white man was
using to take him away from his home. His stomach would reel and he would vomit at times, then other
times, it would be calm and he would become hungry again. The lion became very passive, as did the ape,
so Tarzan took a cue from them. When he was violent, the white men wouldn‟t feed him and they would
continually torment him, poking him with sticks, throwing rotting food at him but when he calmed, like the
others, he ate well and the white men didn‟t bother with him.

It seemed like forever that this way of living continued. He saw neither the sun, nor the moon, making it
difficult for him to calculate the number of days that he had been confined to this small cage. He tried
everything possible to get out of it, but it was made with very strong material, he heard one of the men call
it iron. He chipped his tooth and he broke all of his finger nails trying to find a weakness in the metal. The
white man with the hooded brown eyes had taken his knife from him and wore it like a trophy. Ultimately,
Tarzan felt helpless.

One of the white men would speak to him on a regular basis. He seemed to be a kinder, gentler man, but
Tarzan trusted no one, and refused to speak to anyone. He would grunt or growl; causing the men to
believe that he was indeed a savage. This seemed to please them more than anything; they continually
referred to him as the white savage.

After an excruciating period of time Tarzan heard the men rejoicing in the fact that they had reached their
destination. He wasn‟t so sure if he was going to rejoice.

The cage was lifted through a large hole in the deck of a very large ship. The men pulled ropes that were
attached to pulleys, winching each cage up out of the hold. Tarzan saw his first sunrise in over sixty days.
He covered his eyes to protect them from the brightness, and once adjusted, he looked around at the strange

It was not his jungle home of Africa. He could hear the men talking about having landed in Boston Harbor,
and legally for once. It was certain that these men were not all the trustworthy types. The land had little
vegetation, much mud and structures unlike the huts that the natives had built in their villages. There were
pieces cut out of the wood with glass filling the holes, and he could see people looking out of these holes.
Tarzan wondered if they too were caged.

There were children gathered around the cages, throwing rocks at Tarzan and the animals. They laughed
happily, unaware of the fact that if the lion were to get free by chance, he would think nothing of attacking
a small child and enjoy the delicacy of their tender parts. He was tempted to speak, but he realized that the
cage would hold the lion, as it held him.

Once the cages were removed from the ship, they were lifted on the back of a wooden platform with wheels
that was pulled by many horses. Tarzan marveled at the beautiful animals in their graceful movements.
There were like the zebras back home, but these animals allowed the men to ride them freely, and attach
saddles and reins. These men believed that they could tame anything. Tarzan would prove them wrong.
It had been a long journey, but shorter than the crossing of the Atlantic. Tarzan praised the rain when it fell
on his filthy body, using it to take away some of the grime. He was also pleased to see the sunrises and
sunsets, although they didn‟t seem quite as beautiful as back home. It was a blessing to see the greenery,
the trees and the plants. It would have been almost enjoyable, but he was to remain caged.

He had paced his cage daily, as did the lion and the ape, all trying to keep up their strength. Tarzan feared
his muscles would atrophy, therefore he tried to keep them all in working order, doing pull ups on the bars
over his head, and various other forms of exercise in order to keep in shape. None of the men had
witnessed his exercise, as he pretended to be lazy and tired when they were watchful. He took this time to
carefully calculate his enemy, their weak points and their strengths. It was just a matter of time, and he
would be free once more. His patience as a hunter had taught him that things never came easily, therefore
he remained patient, laying in wait.

The men seemed to be more jovial now that they were settled. There were tents pitched and holes for
outhouses dug. The cook was able to cook on a large wood stove that was set close to the camp. Tarzan
could hear the men talking about the grand opening and what a side show that he and the animals would
make. He did not understand the side show reference, or the freak show reference that some of the other‟s
used. He continued to pace his cage, waiting for the right moment. It was a long time in coming and his
patience was beginning to wear thin.

That afternoon, many people began to arrive at the camp. Despite the fact that there had been sheets hung
all around him and the animals, he could see that they handed one of the men, the one with the scar on his
chin, a coin and he allowed them to enter the makeshift tent. Once inside these new people would gawk
openly at the lion and the ape and laugh at the blond man with the blue eyes the sinewy muscles and his
grunting. No one tried to speak to him, most of them tried to poke him, waiting to hear his lion like growl.

Tarzan almost laughed out loud when the ape defecated in his own hand and threw it at a group of gawking
strangers. The men who had been in charge of the cages used heavy pieces of wood to beat the ape into
submission. Tarzan growled and rattled the bars on the cage, not helping matters, only drawing more of a
A beautiful creature walked through the curtains to stand before Tarzan. She smiled, her perfect white
teeth complimenting her alabaster skin. Tumbles of auburn curls fell around her shoulders, but nothing
attracted his attention as much as her eyes did. They seemed to be a rainbow of colours that he had never
seen in the animals and people that he knew. There was green, topaz, brown and gold all dancing in her
perfectly shaped almond eyes. He stared at her, she stared at him. “Hello.” She said.

Tarzan looked around. This beautiful creature and he were alone, save for the lion and the ape. He
carefully approached her, placing his hands on the bars, staring at her. “Hello.” He answered. She smiled.
“I didn‟t think that you were really a savage. You are just one of their men dressed in costume aren‟t you?”
Although he didn‟t quite understand what she meant, he shook his head. He was not one of them. He was
about to speak again when someone else entered the makeshift tent. It was a large man with a stick.
Tarzan backed away from the bar, knowing how these men liked to torment him. The woman looked at
him and pushed the stick down. “Jane?” The man spoke to her. Tarzan engraved her name into his
memory. “Don‟t torment Joshua, it‟s not right.” The man looked angry, but put the stick down
nevertheless. Jane looked back to blond savage and smiled, the specks of gold catching the sunlight in her
eyes. And she was gone.

Once the crowd had dispersed, the curtains were pulled down and the animals and Tarzan were fed. The
meal this night seemed better than most nights. It was a thick stew with a biscuit on the side. Tarzan made
short work of it, lapping it off of the metal plate that he was given. The men laughed at him, then went
back to their own meals. He noted that they did not pick up the stew with their hands, nor did they lap it off
of the plate, they used utensils to eat with. Again, he made a mental note of this.

The night was cool and refreshing. Tarzan pretended to sleep when he was checked on, but he was fully
aware of his surroundings. There were five men that kept watch on him and the animals, but tonight they
seemed to have other plans. They had brought some women and some bottles of liquor to their tents
tonight. He doubted very much if he would be seeing them other than for them to relieve themselves and
return to their tents.

Getting past the sounds of the gruff men grunting and the women giggling, Tarzan tried to listen past the
familiar noises. He felt something different. His nose lifted upward, he sniffed at the air, definitely
something, or someone different. He had nothing to defend himself with other than his feet and hands, and
they were in tip-top shape from the confined exercise he had been doing. He was on the alert, as were the
ape and the lion. The animals were restless, knowing that something was up.

From behind one of the wagons, a man with red coloured skin, white stripes painted across his face and
long braided black hair stood in front of Tarzan‟s cage. His finger touched his lip as he suggested silence.
“Do you speak like the other white men?” The young man inquired. Tarzan nodded, not wanting to share
too much information just yet. The man introduced himself. “I am Thaonawyuthe (tay-oh-na-why-oo-tay)
it takes the meaning of 'chain breaker' from your white man language.” The handsome native man with the
sky blue eyes stared into the blue green eyes of the dirty white man in the cage. “You are not supposed to
be here.” Tarzan agreed, finding nothing out of the ordinary in the man‟s statement. “What are you
called?” The native man asked. “Tarzan.” The red skinned man stared once again at the white man, almost
demanding an explanation. “It has the meaning of White Ape.” Tarzan pointed to the ape in the cage
beside him and Thaonawyuthe asked if they were akin. Tarzan nodded. “She is my friend, Teeka. And he
is my friend Numa.” Tarzan pointed at the lion who merely yawned out of boredom.

Thaonawyuthe produced a thick metal rod which he placed inside of the lock on the iron bars, he turned it
with all of his gathered strength until the lock broke and Tarzan was free once again. He took the bar from
his new friend and proceeded to break the locks on the other two cages. “We must be silent and we must
move quickly.” The red man spoke softly, gently nudging Tarzan by the elbow. Numa was about to roar
when Tarzan quickly silenced him. “We must follow Thaonawyuthe.” The young man turned to make
certain that his new friends were in tow as he led them away from the white man‟s camp toward the
foothills. “We will be safe once in the hills, I have horses.” Tarzan grinned, and silently followed, holding
Teeka tightly by her hand and growling orders to Numa who stayed in tow.

Thao led the three of them behind the foothills to a small clearing where he kept two horses by a clear
brook. Tarzan spotted the water and knelt down to drink and to wash. Teeka and Numa followed behind,
both drinking, trying miserably to quench that awful thirst. They had no time; their absence would soon be
discovered. “White man drinks firewater, but still has to answer to the call of nature, he will notice you are
gone and will follow. You make money for him; he will fight to keep you in cage.” Thao spoke wisely
and Tarzan decided that he was the safest bet right now.

Although he had never ridden a horse, Tarzan had ridden on the backs of many wild animals. He gave the
black and white a smell of the back of his hand, gently pet his mane and spoke softly to him. The horse
shook his head and allowed Tarzan to sit upon his back. Teeka climbed onto Numa and the three animals
hurried north, into the deeper foothills and forests.

The night was dark, but the stars were bright. Tarzan stared upwards, trying to find a familiar constellation.
“Your sky is the same as my sky, how is that?” Tarzan marveled. Thao merely grinned, not really
understanding the question. Once they were far enough away, the men disembarked from their perspective
horses and walked toward another clear stream. The animals drank while the men washed their hands and
faces, trying to cool off from the hard ride. Then they drank and sat, both leaning against the trunks of
thick pine trees.

“Where do you come from Tarzan?” Thao asked respectfully. Tarzan could not answer him as he had not
seen the actual journey he had taken. “I know that I traveled in the belly of a large ship, but I do not know
from what direction as I was in the iron cage.” Thao understood and asked no more on the subject. He
reached into his pouch and took out some scraps of dried meat and handed them to Tarzan. “Did they feed
you?” Tarzan took some of the dried meat and ripped at it with his sharp white teeth. “I went without
nothing, save for my freedom.” Thao explained that the white men would have looked after him as long as
they could make money from him, once that ended, so would their need for him and hence, his life. Tarzan
had understood this and nodded.

The men stared at the sky for long moments, not having much to say. Knowing that Thao had put his own
life in danger for that of a stranger, Tarzan had to do some soul searching. He was grateful, but he needed
to understand the reasoning behind it. He had always been the one who rescued the helpless. Being one of
those helpless didn‟t sit right with him. “Why? What made you want to help me and my friends?” At first
he was unsure as to whether or not he wanted to hear the answer, he was afraid that perhaps he would tell
him that he wanted the animals for food, but Thao did not disappoint.

“You do not belong there. You belong here.” He splayed his arms and hands out into the breeze,
motioning the freedom. Tarzan understood and again he thanked him. “What can I do to repay your
kindness?” Tarzan was unsure as to how to react to such a gesture. When he helped someone or something
back in the jungle, there was little said and even less done. There was gratitude, but it was simple. He
hoped that he could at least do something for his new friend.

Once the horses and the other animals had rested, the men were on their way once more, this time taking
time to enjoy the warm summer breeze, to take in the scenery. They crossed many streams and brooks and
Tarzan noted a definite difference in their homes. He saw much wildlife, some similar to home, but also
some that were quite different.
A smallish black creature with a thick white stripe seemingly painted on it, was crossing their path, but
Thao stopped Tarzan from closing the distance between them. He explained the situation to Tarzan. “He
can hurt you, but he will spray you with a horrible smell that is very difficult to wash, we leave the skunk to
his own business, and he leaves us to ours. Tarzan agreed.

Thao pointed northeast to his village. “My tribe will be curious about you and some may not want you
around. You are my guest and my father is the chief. They will not harm you.” Tarzan didn‟t want to go
where he wasn‟t wanted, but he was a stranger in a strange land and he needed someone to guide him
through for the first while, then he could go on his own.

“We are from the tribe Seneca, and are kin to the Iroquois. You will find that our tribe and our kin patrol
much of the land. At one time our tribes fought the other tribes, but when the white man came and settled,
the Powhatan tribes found that the whites wanted to take over the country. They brought disease and
slavery. Now we fight against the whites that would do this.” Tarzan stared in disbelief at what he was
hearing. He was kin to the white‟s he knew this. His dead parents had both been white from the picture
that he carried in a locket around his neck. He could not believe that the whites had done this to other
people. It saddened him to think that the world was no better here than back at home. He was thankful that
he had been rescued by Thao and said it once more. “Again I thank you for your help.” Thao turned on his
horse and smiled.


As Thao had explained that they were nearing the village, Tarzan suggested that the lion and the ape stay
behind a bit, in order for Thao to explain to his people what type of animals that they were and to assure
them that they would be safe as long as Tarzan was around to make sure of it. Thao agreed, so Tarzan
suggested the same to the animals, they concurred and decided to make beds in a small clearing, in order to
wait for the men to return for them.

Upon reaching the village, Tarzan was amazed at the organization. There was a hierarchy of people who
each had a job to do and was doing it. The children raced through the trails, playing and laughing as
children should. He could smell something cooking and it smelled heavenly. Everyone looked similar to
his new friend Thao, with their long black hair, mostly braided, and their dark red skin. Everyone but Thao
seemed to have dark brown eyes. Thao‟s sky blue eyes proved an anomaly with his tribe and he was
revered for his difference, not shunned.
A beautiful woman with a tight leather outfit approached the two men, she leaned into Thao and spoke to
him in her native tongue. Thao laughed and smiled. “Tarzan, my people are curious about your hair.”
Tarzan could understand why they would be. His hair was sun bleached blond and his skin though tanned
and dark, was still lighter than theirs. The young woman approached Tarzan and asked if she could touch
him. Thao smiled and made her request in English. “Oheo would like to touch your hair.” Tarzan
approached her and bent his head forward for her. She touched it gently and then spoke to Thao, sounding
rather angry.” Thao laughed at her and then smiled. Tarzan stepped back and waited for an explanation.
“Oheo, means beautiful in your language.” Thao spoke of the beautiful woman with much reverence.
Tarzan did not miss this when he responded. “She is very beautiful. Have I offended her with my hair?”

Thao held his hand on his stomach and laughed. “She was not offended by your hair, but she was offended
by the state of it. You are filthy my friend, come, you must bathe.”

The two men walked a short distance through the woods until they found a small wigwam with much
smoke coming from it. Thao removed his clothing and placed it on the rock beside the wigwam and asked
Tarzan to do the same. Tarzan had little to remove, wearing only a loin cloth. He followed suit buy
carefully folding it and placing it beside the buckskin pants and vest that Thao had put down. Then the two
naked men stepped into the very smokey room. Tarzan coughed, but Thao motioned for him to be seated
on a wooden bench on the opposite side of the room As he sat he watched as Thao took a ladle full of
water from a wooden bucket and poured the water onto the stones that were covering the fire. Steam
enveloped the once smoke filled room, cleaning the air and heating the room further. Again Thao did this,
and once more until the heat was almost unbearable.

The men sat in the heat and with a thick doeskin cloth, they rubbed the dirt from their bodies and their hair.
Once they were sufficiently heated, sweat pouring out of their pores, Thao suggested that they complete the
bath with a swim in the cool water of the lake. Tarzan agreed. The heat hadn‟t bothered him so much in
Africa, but this was much more concentrated and he would need time to become accustomed to it. It did
make his aching muscles feel better though, as well as relax him, causing him to become a bit drowsy.
“Sleep later, swim now.” Thao said, noticing Tarzan‟s weaving steps.

Following Thao, Tarzan raced into the water and dove in head first, trusting that the water would be deep
enough. What he hadn‟t counted on was the temperature of the water. It seemed so cold after his steamy
bath. He yipped upon entrance to the water and swam like a madman to warm up once more. Thao
laughed hysterically at his friend. Tarzan made a terrible face at him. “You could have warned me!” Thao
continued to laugh as he explained that the lake was pure and clean because it was spring fed, therefore it
was constantly being refreshed, and therefore it was always cool.

Tarzan dove under the water and Thao lost track of where the man had gone. He didn‟t realize that Tarzan
was swimming right along the bottom of the water. He saw where some of the springs were popping up
through the bottom of the lake, and he wrapped his mouth around it and drank his fill. It was good, it was
cold and it was refreshing.

The men splashed around in the water, until they heard some screaming coming from beyond the forest, in
the village. Both of them looked at one another and said at the same time, “Numa, Teeka!” and they ran
from the water, racing back to the village. Naked.


Oheo stood paralyzed staring at the lion and the ape. Tarzan called to the two animals and they both
greeted him with warm affection, the lying licking him with a thick wet tongue, the ape grabbing his hand
and pulling him down toward the ground. Once she was certain that the animals were safe, Oheo began to
give Tarzan hell in her native tongue. He smiled over to his naked friend. “You don‟t need to tell me what
she‟s saying, I am sure that I can figure that one out for myself!” Thao laughed as well.

Oheo suddenly realized that both of the men were naked. She giggled and stared, making both of them
uncomfortable. Tarzan looked down at himself and looked over to his friend who was looking at him.
Thao also noticed what Oheo was giggling about. “You have yellow hair everywhere my friend. Oheo
thinks this is amusing.” Tarzan smiled. He was different, but the same, this made him happy. All of his
life he had been raised by the apes, he had never interacted with many humans, save for the cannibals, but
he could not consider them of the same species. It made him smile to realize that even though their skin
was a different colour, and their hair was a different colour, they were both still men and they had the same
parts in similar shapes and sizes. The men laughed as they led the animals back to the smoke/steam bath to
retrieve their clothing.

Once back at the rock, the men discovered that their clothing had been taken. An older woman with a
crooked back met them on the trail and spoke to Thao, explaining that the children had taken the clothing,
wondering what Tarzan‟s loincloth was made from. She handed each of the men a pair of buckskin
breeches, which they donned happily. The old woman turned around and headed back into the village, a
smile on her lips and a happier gate to her step. Thao again laughed. Tarzan liked these people; they
seemed so happy and easy to please. He began to entertain the possibility of becoming part of the
community, if he would be welcomed to. For the time being, there had to be a safe place for the animals.
Thao entrusted their care to a young brave who was all too willing to befriend the large cat and the strange
creature they called an ape.

Thao led Tarzan to his father‟s wigwam. It was the largest most ornate in the village. He and the elders sat
around smoking a very long pipe, passing it from elder to elder. A woman sat behind the chief, crafting
fine jewelry out of tiny beads. Tarzan was fascinated by the speed in which she was able to attach the
beads to the twine. He cocked his head to the side and continued to stare at her. She smiled. Thao‟s father
motioned for the men to join the circle. Crossing his legs and sitting, Thao invited Tarzan to join him on
the soft deer hide.

As Thao‟s father began to speak to Tarzan, Thao began to translate. “We are the people of the deer, and we
welcome you into our clan.” Tarzan slowly nodded his head, thanking the chief for the welcome. Thao
continued to speak even though his father was now silent. “My father is Kanokareh, and he is seventh
generation Deer Clan.” He then gestured to the beautiful woman sitting behind the chief, “My mother is
Dawenhethon, she is fifth generation wolf clan, and hails from the tribe Kayohkhono, or as the white‟s say,
Cayuga. We are all of the family Iroquois; Kayohkhono, Mohawk, Oneyote, Onontakeka, Seneca and

Tarzan tried to take all in, but it was a lot of information to try to absorb at once. There were tribes and
clans, but the most he could make of it was that they were all a big family. Kanokareh smiled at the blond
savage with the gentle eyes. He spoke softly and handed the pipe to him. Thao warned Tarzan that it
would be a great insult to not draw from the pipe. Tarzan took the pipe and inhaled a small amount of
smoke. As desperately as he tried, he was unable to withhold the cough that over took him. All of the men
began to laugh. It was Dawenhethon that brought him a glass of cool clear water to chase the smoke down
with. She quietly walked back to where she had been sitting before. Tarzan nodded to her and again tried
the pipe, this time knowing what he was about to encounter, he inhaled much less of the smoke.

Time passed as the men passed the pipe around, discussing nothing in particular, everything in general,
before it was passed that Tarzan would be allowed to remain among the people of the Deer Clan for as long
as he needed to. In order for this to become law, Thaonawyuthe took a knife from its sheath at his hip, he
sliced it along the palm of his right hand and then handed the knife to Tarzan. He cocked his head to the
side, not understanding the ritual, but not wanting to insult. Thao explained that Tarzan was to do the same
thing and then they would shake hands. Tarzan complied. He took the knife and tested its edge. Finding it
very sharp, he slid it along the palm of his right hand until the blood surfaced. He handed the knife back to
Thao and then Thao grasped Tarzan‟s hand as their blood mixed and the woman Dawenhethon wrapped
their hands together with a thin band of doeskin. “You are now my blood brother.” The men all grunted
their approval and the young men were sent on their way.

Outside of the wigwam, Tarzan spotted Oheo spying on them. He was curious about her. He had seen the
native women in Africa, but there was something rather different about her. Perhaps it was her red skin and
the sky blue eyes, perhaps it was her long thick and straight hair that she was now wearing down to her
hips. He liked the way that her doeskin dress covered her, showing all of her curves. They exchanged a
smile before Thao noticed her there.

It was easy to see that Thao was smitten with her. Tarzan could feel Thao‟s heart pound harder around her,
he sweat more, emitting a new scent, and he tripped over himself. Tarzan spoke to Thao, trying to attract
his attention. “Your mother Dawenhethon, she is very beautiful, very young I believe.” Tarzan had been
taken by the beauty of his friend‟s mother. Her eyes were the same sky blue as Thao‟s were. “The women
bare children young. I am her oldest, but she is my father‟s youngest wife, so there are many brothers
before I become chief.”

The men wandered through the village, Thao introducing Tarzan to everyone, everyone becoming curious
about the white savage as Thao had introduced him, having no word for ape. The young brave caught up
with them, the ape and the lion in tow. He spoke to Thao for a moment before Thao would translate. “It
seems that the children find these animals interesting and Ezhno is afraid that the animals may harm the
children. Is there anything that he can to do ensure that the animals and the children are all safe?” Tarzan
was pleased that Ezhno and Thao would be concerned with the welfare of the animals that he had now
entrusted himself with. “Numa likes to eat the flesh of animals, Teeka likes to eat bananas, or fruit, but she
will settle for leaves or grass.” Ezhno smiled as Thao explained the animal‟s needs. He led them away
once again, much enjoying their company.

Tarzan marveled at the ease with which Ezhno handled the animals. “Your names all have meanings, what
means Ezhno?” Tarzan asked with great curiousity. Thao smiled. “It means He Walks Alone.” Tarzan
looked to his new friend who was now untying the doeskin strap on their hands. “He will have to change
his name now. He no longer walks alone.” Tarzan quipped, Thao laughed.

Night was falling finally, Thao had made sure that Tarzan‟s belly was full and that he had a place to sleep.
“Is there anything else you would like? Do you want the companionship of one of our women?” Thao was
sincere in this offer and Tarzan didn‟t know different. He smiled, stating that he was tired and did not wish
to entertain anyone. Thao understood and left Tarzan to his own devices, promising to wake in the
morning in order to make a plan to deal with the white men that would surely come looking for him and his
animal friends.

As he lay there, Numa and Teeka bustled in through the slit in the buckskin hide. Tarzan invited them to
come in and rest and thanked Ezhno for taking such good care of them. Although he didn‟t understand
Tarzan‟s exact words, he understood the gesture and they two men nodded silently to one another. Sleep
overcame Tarzan as he lay his head against the warm underbelly of the large cat and held the leathery hand
of his ape friend.


Morning came much too soon, and the call of nature had to be answered. Tarzan left the comfort of his
wigwam and entered the bustling village of the Deer Clan. Women were buzzing over a cook fire, water
was boiling, strange and wonderful aromas were hovering in the air above his nose. Tarzan made his way
to the bush through the onslaught of people and smells. Upon his return, he was met by the beautiful smile
of Oheo who offered him a piece of bannik. He heartily ate the fried bread and thanked her for it. She
followed him back to his wigwam. She tried to talk to him, but he didn‟t have any understanding of her
language and she had none for his. She stared into his eyes, noting the difference between hers and his, but
also the difference between his and Thao‟s. Oheo fought the urge to lay with this stranger, but she had to
fight it hard.

Tarzan could feel the tension building between him and Oheo, he wished that he could communicate with
her the way that Thao felt about her, perhaps she wasn‟t aware of his friend‟s admiration for the beautiful
woman who‟s heart pounded so hard. Tarzan lifted the flap the the wigwam and Numa and Teeka greeted
him with growls and purrs. Tarzan tried to explain that the animals were hungry, but it was Ezhno that
appeared with food for his new friends. He spoke softly to the animals, as if they were his children.
“Numa.” He handed the lion a fresh piece of deer meat. “Teeka.” He gave her two apples, one green and
one red. She was thrilled that she had something other than grass to munch on.

Thao appeared out of nowhere, sliding between Tarzan and Oheo as easily as if he had been spread with
butter. She cooed upon seeing him. It was evident to Tarzan that the girl was quite mixed up and needed
to make up her mind. He smiled, it must be nice for her to have a choice of mates, like the apes back home,
there were always choices. There had been no choice for him. He and Teeka had been good friends, but he
needed more. Oheo was beautiful, but he didn‟t find his heart beating faster when she was around. There
was nothing about her that grabbed his attention. The only woman that he had seen so far that had done
that was the beautiful red haired woman with the curls and the beautiful green, topaz, brown and gold
dancing eyes.

As he thought harder, Tarzan could not pin down an actual eye colour to the woman that someone called
Jane. He remembered how the sunlight danced in them and how beautiful they were. Tarzan and Thao left
the small group, and entered a wigwam that was filled with bows, arrows, and all of the materials to make
them. Some women sat in a circle fletching the arrows, putting the feathers on the end, some were
sharpening the tips. Some of the braves were gently bending the white wood as the women strung the deer
sinew from end to end, creating the taut string in which to place the notched arrow.
Tarzan walked around and remembered doing all of this himself, using the guts from whatever animal he
could, noting that his arrows were sometimes not the straightest. He related this information to his new
friend. Thao laughed, letting Tarzan know that he was not alone in this problem. “Please, find a bow that
suits your grip.” Thao‟s mother handed Tarzan a quiver made from the softest doeskin, filled with the
straightest arrows. She grinned, showing off her white teeth. Thao smiled at his mother and then back at
his friend. “She likes you Tarzan. She used to make me take the crooked ones.” Tarzan thanked
Dawenhethon and she replied in her native tongue. “My mother says that she fletched the arrows with the
feathers from the eagle so that they will fly high and strong to keep you safe.” Tarzan again nodded at the
beautiful woman with the blue eyes.

Silently the men donned their quivers, filled with the best arrows and then they chose a bow. Tarzan was
about the same size as one of the men stringing the bow that he liked. The brave handed him the bow and
watched as Tarzan handled it ever so carefully. He liked the feel of the wood, it was dried, but not so dried
as to be brittle and not so damp as to be useless. He smelled the wood, it was a white wood, unlike any that
he had used in Africa. His friend called it ash. Again, Tarzan was indebted to the red people for having
saved his life, gave him shelter and food for himself as well as his animal friends, and now they gave him
the means to protect himself. He would be eternally grateful to these new people. His new family.

Thao insisted on knowing who the better shot was. He dragged Tarzan to the edge of the village where
they found their painted mustangs. Although Tarzan was used to riding on the animals bare back, Thao
insisted that they use a blanket on the two mares, to protect them from the laces on their breeches. As
Tarzan allowed the mare to get his scent, Thao was already on his way, far ahead of his new brother. The
mare whinnied and brought her front feet into the air as Tarzan held on to her, caressing her mane. They
were off, quick to catch up with Thao.

The men found a good place to practice their archery skills. Thao set up targets while Tarzan familiarized
himself with the feel of the bow and the sight for the arrows. He complimented Thao‟s people on their
remarkable workmanship as he notched his first arrow and let it fly, hitting his target dead on. Thao was
impressed by Tarzan‟s skill and continued to set the targets father away, Tarzan did not miss. The men had
each hit the same amount of targets and were picking up their arrows, when they heard the sounds.

A small wagon train had been heading west, they had heard the hoof beats on the ground as the horses
dragged wagon and man along the trails. At first they had heard the jovial sounds of happy travelers, but
then they heard screams of terror, firesticks going off and horses whinnying out of control. Tarzan was
certain that he could hear the voice of a woman and it sounded somewhat familiar. The men raced to their
horses and hurried toward the awful sounds of carnage.
They believed that they were too late. There didn‟t seem to be anyone left alive.

Tarzan and Thao stared at one another in disbelief. “My people will be blamed, but my people are innocent
of this horrible crime.” Tarzan couldn‟t understand what had happened here. “Who would have done
this?” Thao sifted through the broken wagons and the broken bodies, looking for a sign of life, something.
“Only someone evil could do this.” Thao answered. The men slung their bows over their shoulders and
put their arrows back into the quivers. Tarzan helped Thao sift through the bodies, hoping against hope.

A small child was caught under the wheels of the wagon, her tiny body mangled and matted with her own
blood and that of the adults around her. She took one last breath as Tarzan and Thao pulled the wheel from
her. The men knelt at her side as she sighed and fell limp in their arms. Tears of compassion and tears of
rage fell from each man as he witnessed the loss of so many lives.

Before long, the men were joined by more men of the village. Together they began to dig a pit. The
women arrived with luxurious furs to line the burial pit with. Tarzan watched in amazement as these
people cared for the dead. He and Thao carried lifeless bodies to the pit and gently placed them against the
furs. The women mourned the deaths as they would, had it been their own. “Death is a natural
occurrence.” Thao considered. “But this, this is unnatural.” Tarzan agreed wholeheartedly.

As they were getting the last of the bodies to the burial pit, Tarzan happened upon the beautiful woman he
had seen while caged. He stared at her, and ran his fingers through her lush silky red curls. He
remembered her voice in his head, and he spoke her name. “Jane?” He slipped his arm under her fragile
body and felt the slightest of heartbeats. Putting his ear close to her nose he could hear the barest of
breaths. He put her back down on the ground and he touched her throat. She was alive and was fighting to
stay that way. “Thao!” Tarzan called, “Thao, she lives!”

Everyone came to Tarzan‟s side. A pretty young native woman handed him a deerskin bag filled with
water and he placed the opening to the woman‟s lips. She did not respond. Tarzan held her cheeks and
squeezed her mouth opened and poured the clear liquid into her mouth, then let go of her cheeks so that she
could swallow. He touched her cheek as she slowly took the liquid into her throat. Her skin was soft and
fair. Jane‟s clothes had been torn, exposing her milky white skin beneath. With the back of his hand,
Tarzan touched her exposed skin, noting its smoothness. Jane‟s head began to fall backward against
Tarzan‟s palm, but he could still feel her pulse and he refused to give up. He once again slid his hand
under her to lift her to him, cradling her in his arms, he walked toward the others. “Can I bring her back to
the village with me?” Thao responded immediately that he could and he asked one of the others to get him
a horse for Tarzan to put the pretty lady with the fire for hair on. No one argued, a young brave fetched a
brown and white painted mustang and helped Tarzan place her carefully over the back of the horse.

Numa and Teeka greeted the villagers as they arrived. Teeka especially pleased to see Tarzan, was not
happy with the package that he returned with. He did not leave Jane‟s side to greet his friends. Worry
painted his face. Thao worried that if the white woman died, that Tarzan would grieve more than natural.
There seemed to be some sort of connection between the two whites, perhaps it was their colour, but Thao
wasn‟t sure that Tarzan was even aware that he was supposed to be a white. Oheo greeted the men with
word from Thao‟s father. There was to be a meeting of the elders. Something was afoot and they needed
to organize.

Thao entered the wigwam with Tarzan and helped him make the white woman comfortable. There were no
visible wounds, but her clothes were spattered in blood. They decided that it was someone else‟s blood that
she wore. Thao asked Oheo to bring Tarzan water and medicine for the woman, and then he asked her to
leave them be. Numa and Teeka would not follow Ezhno today, Tarzan was much too interesting to leave.

Tarzan and Thao stared at one another in disbelief. “My people will be blamed, but my people are innocent
of this horrible crime.” Tarzan couldn‟t understand what had happened here. “Who would have done
this?” Thao sifted through the broken wagons and the broken bodies, looking for a sign of life, something.
“Only someone evil could do this.” Thao answered. The men slung their bows over their shoulders and
put their arrows back into the quivers. Tarzan helped Thao sift through the bodies, hoping against hope.

A small child was caught under the wheels of the wagon, her tiny body mangled and matted with her own
blood and that of the adults around her. She took one last breath as Tarzan and Thao pulled the wheel from
her. The men knelt at her side as she sighed and fell limp in their arms. Tears of compassion and tears of
rage fell from each man as he witnessed the loss of so many lives.

Before long, the men were joined by more men of the village. Together they began to dig a pit. The
women arrived with luxurious furs to line the burial pit with. Tarzan watched in amazement as these
people cared for the dead. He and Thao carried lifeless bodies to the pit and gently placed them against the
furs. The women mourned the deaths as they would, had it been their own. “Death is a natural
occurrence.” Thao considered. “But this, this is unnatural.” Tarzan agreed wholeheartedly.

As they were getting the last of the bodies to the burial pit, Tarzan happened upon the beautiful woman he
had seen while caged. He stared at her, and ran his fingers through her lush silky red curls. He
remembered her voice in his head, and he spoke her name. “Jane?” He slipped his arm under her fragile
body and felt the slightest of heartbeats. Putting his ear close to her nose he could hear the barest of
breaths. He put her back down on the ground and he touched her throat. She was alive and was fighting to
stay that way. “Thao!” Tarzan called, “Thao, she lives!”

Everyone came to Tarzan‟s side. A pretty young native woman handed him a deerskin bag filled with
water and he placed the opening to the woman‟s lips. She did not respond. Tarzan held her cheeks and
squeezed her mouth opened and poured the clear liquid into her mouth, then let go of her cheeks so that she
could swallow. He touched her cheek as she slowly took the liquid into her throat. Her skin was soft and
fair. Jane‟s clothes had been torn, exposing her milky white skin beneath. With the back of his hand,
Tarzan touched her exposed skin, noting its smoothness. Jane‟s head began to fall backward against
Tarzan‟s palm, but he could still feel her pulse and he refused to give up. He once again slid his hand
under her to lift her to him, cradling her in his arms, he walked toward the others. “Can I bring her back to
the village with me?” Thao responded immediately that he could and he asked one of the others to get him
a horse for Tarzan to put the pretty lady with the fire for hair on. No one argued, a young brave fetched a
brown and white painted mustang and helped Tarzan place her carefully over the back of the horse.

Numa and Teeka greeted the villagers as they arrived. Teeka especially pleased to see Tarzan, was not
happy with the package that he returned with. He did not leave Jane‟s side to greet his friends. Worry
painted his face. Thao worried that if the white woman died, that Tarzan would grieve more than natural.
There seemed to be some sort of connection between the two whites, perhaps it was their colour, but Thao
wasn‟t sure that Tarzan was even aware that he was supposed to be a white. Oheo greeted the men with
word from Thao‟s father. There was to be a meeting of the elders. Something was afoot and they needed
to organize.

Thao entered the wigwam with Tarzan and helped him make the white woman comfortable. There were no
visible wounds, but her clothes were spattered in blood. They decided that it was someone else‟s blood that
she wore. Thao asked Oheo to bring Tarzan water and medicine for the woman, and then he asked her to
leave them be. Numa and Teeka would not follow Ezhno today, Tarzan was much too interesting to leave

Oheo had left Tarzan bowls of clean water and some woven cloth with which to cleanse the woman. She
brought in a dress made of the softest deerskin and laid it down on the bearskin rug near the small fire pit.
Under the dress, she had also carried a sheathed knife which she handed to Tarzan. He thanked her
wordlessly. As she knew he could not understand her words, she gestured that if he needed her, she would
not be far. Oheo and Thao left together, Thao would be joining his father and the elders. There was much
to discuss this day. Oheo would stay close.
Numa seemed to be restless and was not happy until Tarzan moved out of the way, letting him lay behind
the woman. Tarzan realized that the animal was trying to prop the woman up, making her breathing a little
easier. He tried to find where her wounds might be, but her clothing became a huge hindrance. She had a
dress, an under-dress and under that she wore a slip, a crinoline and a tight corset. He marveled that she
could breathe at all.

Noting the knife that Oheo had left him, Tarzan picked it up and unsheathed it from the leather pouch that it
sat in. He wrapped his hand around the handle, feeling the ornate carvings in the hardwood. Carefully he
placed the cutting edge of the blade against the fabric of Jane‟s dress and began to cut it. He cut until the
entire dress was ripped from top to bottom, and then he sat her up and reached behind her to cut all of the
laces on her ornate corset. When he was done, she had nothing covering her except for a thin linen blouse.
Everything else ended up in the small pile of wood beside the fire pit.

Once her clothing was cut from her, Jane released a heavy breath and a painful sigh. “You must show me
where it hurts.” Tarzan pleaded with Jane as she drifted in and out of consciousness. He gently began to
touch her, trying to decide if she had any broken bones or internal bleeding. He touched her head and
found a large lump on the back of it, when he touched it, she softly cried out. He took a piece of her dress
and tore it into strips, then soaked it in one of the bowls of water. Once the material was wet, he placed it
on the back of her head and leaned her back into Numa who didn‟t fuss over the wet cloth.

Although there was little or none of Jane‟s blood, her body was badly beaten on, purple with bruises. Her
clavicle was broken on the left side, and would be difficult to set, but he would see to it. Further
investigation told Tarzan that some of these bruises were not due to the attack from today. He would deal
with that information later. Jane‟s left leg was broken and needed to be set. “Teeka, I need your help.”
Tarzan spoke and then he spurted out a series of grunts and growls. Teeka understood and she held onto
Jane as best as she could. Numa tried to help, but he was awkward. Tarzan pulled Jane‟s leg and she let
out a blood curling screech and then she succumbed to the pain and passed out once again. Tarzan left the
wigwam for a moment, leaving Teeka in charge. He needed to find two small flat pieces of wood to splint
Jane‟s leg with.

Once outside of the tent, Oheo met Tarzan. She wore a disgusted look. Tarzan tried to explain to her what
was wrong with Jane, but she would have none of it. Oheo stomped away like a child having a tantrum.
“Hrumph.” He smiled because he understood that comment. He made a mental note to speak to Thao, and
have him explain to Oheo that he was not harming Jane, merely setting her leg.

Tarzan searched through the firewood to see if there were pieces long enough, yet thin enough to splint
Jane‟s leg with. There was nothing suitable. There were men splitting the wood as he rummaged through
it. He attempted to explain his dilemma to them. He pointed to the wood and then to his leg, saying “ouch,
ouch.” This seemed to him to be a universal word. The men cocked their heads sideways and gave him the
strangest look. Tarzan made yet another mental note; he must learn some of their language if he was to get
by. He finally picked up a couple of pieces of the hardwood and put them on either side of his leg and then
he hobbled along. It was like a bright light came on behind their empty eyes; both men seemed to
understand what it was that Tarzan wanted. He held out his hands to explain the length and the width of
the splints and Honovi (meaning strong), the stronger of the two men, began to split the wood while the
other, Tihkoosue (meaning short) would cut it with his knife the way that Tarzan required. When they
were done, the three men were all proud of the connection that they had created. “Yancy?” Atsidi asked of
Tarzan. Tarzan still wished that he could understand. Thao showed up behind the three men and laughed.
“Yancy.” He agreed, “Yancy, Tarzan.” The men smiled as Thao turned to Tarzan to explain. “Yancy, it
means English. You are the Englishman Tarzan.” Tarzan supposed that it was better than being referred to
as the white savage. He smiled and carried the wood back to his wigwam, with Thao in tow.

Jane was still asleep; Numa had curled around her to keep her from moving too much and Teeka played
sentry at the entrance, allowing no one but Tarzan inside. “Teeka, let Thao inside.” Tarzan ordered and the
ape moved from the doorway, to Tarzan‟s side. She kept touching his cheek with the back of her hand and
he stopped and did the same back to her. She seemed fine and sat down beside Jane, watching intently what
Tarzan was about to do. “You speak with her.” Thao said, his chin pointing to Teeka. Tarzan realized that
he was referring to the touching. “She thinks that she is my she.” Tarzan smiled and brushed off the
information as he lifted Jane‟s leg to fit the wood. It was a concept that Thao could not fathom, so he chose
not to try. Instead he moved to Jane‟s other side to help.

Jane‟s long red hair was loose and it hung on the large cat as well as her pale skin, creating quite a picture
for the red man. He had seen white women before, but only the white of their faces and hands, they
covered quite well. “Gasyojetna guards her well.” Thao noted. The lion appeared to be sleeping, but he
could see him raise and lower his lids, keeping a close eye on the stranger. Tarzan ripped more of Jane‟s
dress in order to tie the wood on either side of her leg. While he tied, Thao held the wood in place. “Bad
break?” He asked and Tarzan shook his head. “She was lucky, it will heal quickly and in place.” Thao
agreed that she was lucky, It was not often that either of them saw a clean break, usually the bones were
splintered, or jutting from the skin. There was not even a break in the skin of her leg. Thao rubbed his
hand gently along the length of Jane‟s leg, feeling the break. Tarzan felt a growl in the pit of his stomach
as he watched the other man touch her. He curbed this instinct. He was among friends.

Once Jane‟s leg was set, Tarzan placed a thick woven blanket over her and spoke to Numa in a stern voice.
“She is to stay here, if she needs to get up, you call me, but do not let her walk alone.” Numa grumbled
and put his head back down, pretending to be sleeping. Thao asked Tarzan to take a walk with him. Teeka
decided that the woman that Numa guarded was well looked after, so she followed closely behind Tarzan
and Thao until she spied Ezhno. Upon seeing her new friend she squealed with delight and hurried to his
side. Ezhno knelt beside her and let her touch his face with the back of her leathery hand. He responded in
kind. Thao commented to Tarzan, “It seems that Ezhno does not walk alone much anymore. Perhaps you
will lose your she to him.” Tarzan cocked his head to the side trying to decide if Thao was serious or not.
He looked back toward Teeka and remembered her kindnesses to him when he needed them. She needed
more friends, but most of all, she needed another ape. Looking around, it was decided that she would not
find the likes of that here.

For many silent moments the men walked toward the smoke house. Thao needed to explain some things to
Tarzan about what had occurred today. “I brought you to the smoke house the other day in order to clean
your body, but the smoke house is our place for prayer and meditation, it cleanses our spirit as well as our
body. Will you join me today as I pray for answers?” Tarzan understood the need for meditation and the
cleansing of the soul. He too needed answers. His life had taken many strange turns in these last few
months and he had received no answers yet.

As they walked, Thao related what had been spoken of at the meeting of the elders. Thao‟s father had
decided that it was time to call together the great tribes to put an end to this carnage. There would be great
need for diplomacy in these coming days, but also, the tribe would have to be able to protect itself and its
people. Kanokareh had sent his braves to bring the families to the village in order to protect them better,
this was not a time to be alone, there was safety in numbers and Kanokareh agonized over how to protect
all of his tribe. Tarzan stared at his new brother in amazement, “You believe that it was the whites that
murdered the other whites? Is that possible?” Thao nodded, it was not an isolated event. “The whites that
did that, have no shame, have no fear they have no souls, they kill whites, they kill my brothers and sisters
and they will kill you and me. Thao spoke the words:

                                      Where Will Our Children Live...

                       A lonesome warrior stands in fear of what the future brings,
                    he will never hear the beating drums or the songs his brothers sing.

                     Our many nations once stood tall and ranged from shore to shore
                     but most are gone and few remain and the buffalo roam no more.

                       We shared our food and our land and gave with open hearts,
                       We wanted peace and love and hope, but all were torn apart.
              All this was taken because we did not know what the white man had in store,
               They killed our people and raped our lands and the buffalo roam no more.

               But those of us who still remain hold our heads up high, and the spirits of
                            the elders flow through us as if they never died.

              Our dreams will live on forever and our nations will be reborn, our bone and
                              beads and feathers all will be proudly worn.

              If you listen close you will hear the drums and songs upon the winds, and in
                            the distance you will see....the buffalo roam again.

                              Submitted by Tommy Flamewalker Manasco


The men walked the rest of the way in complete silence. There was much to think about. Upon their
arrival at the smoke house, they were met by other men, including Honovi and Tihkoosue. They all nodded
hello and removed their clothing to enter the smoke house. There were others inside, who moved to make
room for them. Kanokareh sat on a higher bench and nodded to his son as he entered. Then he began to
softly wail out an old Iroquois song of prayer. Everyone sat silent for moments and then they joined in.
Tarzan hummed along, wishing he knew what they were saying.

Jane awoke with a start. She was warm, but her leg was very cold. Her feet were bare. She sat up and
realized that her dress was gone, along with most of her undergarments. She tried to bolt when she saw the
scraps of her dress by the small pile of firewood in the middle of the wigwam, but Numa refused to let her
move. His large tail had settled on her lap and he was not moving it. Jane had never been faint of heart,
but when she realized that she had been sleeping, using a lion as a pillow, she became quite faint. Noting
the bowl of water beside her, she dipped the smaller cup into it and drank heartily from it. Numa let out a
soft purr as he pulled her back wit his tail, and he relaxed, laying his head back down. Jane was too weak
to fight off the creature. Her memory jogged a little as she recalled seeing such a lion at a side show the
other day. She must be dreaming, she was certain that the man that had been in the iron cage had rescued
her from the bloodbath that Joshua and his men had created.

Janes stomach rolled and the taste of bile was prevalent in her throat. Terror struck her as she saw the
wooden splint on her leg and pulled the blanket down to reveal her battered body. The memories became
too clear now, she didn‟t want to remember. Slightly turning, to try and pull herself up, the lion yawned,
revealing very large white meat tearing incisors. It was more than she could bear. A blood curdling scream
escaped from Jane‟s pale lips as she realized the enormity of the situation. Her scream managed to upset
the entire village to the point that Oheo, Ezhno and Teeka came rushing to Jane‟s side.

Upon seeing who she believed were her captors, Jane was even more terrified. She had very little dealing
with the Seneca, Iroquois natives and was afraid of them by their reputation among the whites as scalp
stealers. Oheo had a small blade in her had and Ezhno carried a tomahawk thus scaring Jane all the more.
Her screams continued as the man and woman attempted to calm her down. She tried to stand, but Numa
held her tight and then finally he let out a roar that seemed to emerge from the bowels of hell. Silence
permeated the wigwam as Jane stared again into the gaping mouth of the lion. She prayed to her god that
she would be taken quickly and would suffer little pain, and then she began to sob inconsolably. Oheo and
Ezhno looked at each other in disbelief. Oheo decided that she would retrieve Tarzan. Ezhno explained
that he was in the smoke house with the elders and it would not be conducive for her to interrupt their

Oheo put her blade back into the sheath on her thigh and knelt down beside Jane. “Yancy Tarzan?” She
tried to ask if Jane wanted Tarzan or not, but Jane would not hear, her tears were a comfort to her as she
cradled her broken body and crumbled like a rag doll into Numa‟s thick russet fur. Oheo took some of the
ripped material of Jane‟s dress, soaked it with the water and began a ritual of washing Jane‟s face and neck
as she softly hummed. She tried to remain calm as she tended to the white woman. Ezhno and Teeka
stayed close by, awaiting any requests from Oheo.

Dawenhethon entered the wigwam, nodding to Ezhno and smiling at Teeka who kept her distance from the
blue eyed, red skinned woman. Oheo nodded to Thao‟s mother and tried to offer up an explanation at to
Jane‟s behaviour. Dawenhethon took the rags from Oheo and asked her to go fetch some medicine from
Kanokareh‟s first wife Wenona (meaning generous firstborn daughter). Oheo hurried from the tent and
rushed to the tent of the wise old woman who lived on the edge of the village, near the Shaman.

Jane again looked at her surroundings. Did her eyes deceive her? She saw the woman Dawenhethon, a red
skinned woman, but with sky blue eyes. Jane was certain that she was delirious. Turning to Ezhno,
Dawenhethon softly questioned, “Yancy?” Ezhno nodded, he was sure that she was English. Then
Dawenhethon requested that Ezhno retrieve Tarzan and Thaonawyuthe. He attempted to leave with Teeka,
but Teeka would not leave the women. He promised to return shortly as he spoke to her in his tongue, she
seemed to understand.

Once Ezhno had gone, Dawenhethon spoke to Jane. “You must not worry child. We mean you no harm.”
Her English was perfect, no residual accent. Jane knew that she was delirious. First she wakes up with a
lion‟s mouth staring at her, then the Indians come along, the one woman baring a knife to her, then the man
comes in with an ape and now a blue eyed Indian who speaks perfect English shows up. “I‟ve lost my
mind.” Jane spoke out loud. Dawenhethon grinned. She understood the woman‟s dilemma. She merely
tried to reassure her. “You are with good people child. Goihsagih and gasyojetna are real.” She pointed to
the ape and the lion.

Jane relaxed somewhat as she listened to the woman softly speak to her. Her voice was comforting, like
that of a mother with her child. “What is it that you are called child?” Dawenhethon asked of Jane.
“Jane.” Was her simple response. “What is your name?” she asked in return. “Dawenhethon.” She smiled,
saying it as if it were as simple to say as Jane. For the first time, Jane grinned, revealing a perfect set of
white teeth and a very bruised jaw. Dawenhethon thought better of questioning Jane, she tried to explain
things to her. “Your friend Tarzan is in the smoke house with my son Thaonawyuthe.” The native names
seemed to roll off of the beautiful woman‟s tongue like velvet. Jane wrapped herself in the blanket and let
herself be lulled by the sound of the woman‟s calming voice.
Tarzan and Thao had finished their prayers and were bathing in the lake when the sound of Jane‟s scream
and then Numa‟s roar interrupted their reverie. Tarzan bolted out of the lake, almost forgetting his
breeches once again, until Ezhno kindly reminded him. Tarzan hurried into the pants and staggered
through the forest trail back to the village, Thao very close behind, worried that perhaps having a lion in the
middle of the village was not such a great idea.

Tarzan stood at the entrance to the wigwam long enough to witness the red woman speak his tongue. He
said nothing as he backed away from the doorway. “Where did you learn to speak my tongue?” Tarzan
asked of Thao. Thao was taken aback by the question. “Every village needs a translator because the white
man happens upon us often. They do not know our tongue, so we learn theirs.” Tarzan was still curious.
Dawenhethon had seen him many times and had never spoken his tongue to him. “Does your mother
Dawenhethon speak my tongue?” Tarzan requested, his hands crossed over his chest, his feet apart on the
ground. Thao pulled Tarzan away from any prying ears or eyes. “You are not to speak of this. My mother
is not to speak your tongue.”

The understanding hung in mid air for a moment or two and then finally Tarzan agreed to it. There were
reasons for everything, for this there was a reason too. If it became necessary, Tarzan would find out the
reason. For now, Thao would be his translator, but he would learn to speak their tongue eventually.

Re-entering the wigwam, Tarzan made his presence known enough that Dawenhethon turned to Jane and
spoke in her native tongue. “Yancy, Tarzan.” And she pointed toward the blond savage. Jane stared into
the aqua eyes of the blond stranger. It had not been a dream after all, and if he was real, so was the
slaughter on the flatland by the foothills. “Was no one else left alive?” Jane inquired. Tarzan
begrudgingly shook his head, his long hair flowing away from his face and over his shoulders. There was
nothing else to say. The young woman needed her grieving time.

Dawenhethon tugged on Tarzan and Thao‟s arms to pull them out of the wigwam, stating in her tongue that
the white woman needed time to reflect on the events of the day. Thao translated for Tarzan, who had
already decided that he had understood her. She placed her open hand on Tarzan‟s cheek very gently and
spoke to him with such reverence that he was touched. “Adoisyohgwasha, yancy, onigoeyedat, onigoes”
Her chin pointed toward the opening in the wigwam where Jane lay. The sky blue eyes smiled at him and
then walked soft away, leaving Thao to explain what his mother had said. Tarzan turned to him and waited
for the translation. Thao smiled. He loved his mother very much, but he knew that she was oiwanosde
(secretive), and it sometimes worried him, there was something not quite complete about her. “She said
that your friend needs your prayer, your understanding and your patience.” Thao stared at the ground and
used his big toe to push the sand away from his foot. He was lonely and today he felt lost.

Tarzan took the opportunity to point him in the right direction. Oheo stood across the way, watching the
men converse, wishing she were a part of their new relationship. “She hungers for you Thao.” Tarzan did
not know how else to express what he sensed from Oheo, or from Thao for that matter. “As you hunger for
her. Why do you not satisfy your hunger?”

Thao stopped pushing the sand and stared into the aqua eyes of his blood brother. “How is it you know
this, it is not something that we are to speak of.” Thao was concerned that perhaps Oheo had said
something to him. “Why can you not speak of this?” Tarzan didn‟t understand. “She belongs to Yuma
(son of chief), my father‟s first son.” He spat out the words as he walked away, in the opposite direction
from Oheo. Life was beginning to get a lot more complicated than Tarzan had first presumed that it would

As he stepped into the wigwam again, Jane pulled the blanket up to cover any exposed skin. Her misplaced
sense of honour almost tickled him. He had seen her skin, he had seen her body, he had seen her bruises.
He was most interested in her eyes. They seemed to be a different colour every time that he looked at
them. They were almost a golden brown as she held the blanket tucked under her chin. How he wished he
could tell her in Iroquois how beautiful she was, so that she would not know what he said. “You are well
Jane?” He asked, deciding against mentioning her beauty.

Jane was inconsolable regarding the day‟s events. Her trust was gone and looking into the eyes of a man
that only days ago she had seen caged in iron bars didn‟t help her disposition any. As she pushed herself
backward, on the tummy of the now hungry lion, Numa, who answered her push with a growl. He stood up
and sniffed her. Tarzan could see the utter terror in Jane‟s face and he spoke gently to her, from across the
room. “Numa is hungry, his is telling you that he must go eat.” Jane flinched, but refused to answer. “Are
you hungry Jane?” Her hair fell onto her shoulders and into her face as Numa moved away from her,
causing her to fall backwards a bit. As Tarzan moved forward to try to stop her from falling, she put her
hand up to stop him.

Teeka squeeled at the lion, telling him that she too was hungry and it was time to find food. “Ezhno waits
for you outside my friends.” Tarzan informed them. Non-chalantly, the two animals exited the wigwam, not
looking back. Outside Ezhno greeted them happily and began to walk with them. A strange sight as he had
Teeka‟s hand in his and his other hand was rested upon the mane of the regal lion.

Although Tarzan wished to comfort Jane, his lack of human companionship over the years caused him to
be slightly uncomfortable at the thought. His blood rushed through his heart and his body when he was
near her, his pulse raced and his breath would become shallow. He knew that his body hungered for her
feminine touch, but his head was not in tune with his body right now. There were many things that needed
to be settled before he could consider taking a she. In his heart though, if he were to take a she, Jane would
be the one. Even though there were many beautiful women here, there was something about Jane that was
inexplicable, something that drew him to her. He truly believed that there was some kind of connection
between them but he would not act upon it until Jane too realized it.
“You should eat something.” He stated simply as he crossed his legs and softly fell to the floor, sitting.
She sat up straight as she faced him. Right now the Indians were of more comfort to her, she couldn‟t trust
the white, although Tarzan didn‟t really appear to be white. His skin was tanned a bronze shade and he
wore the breeches of the Iroquois brave. Everything in the wigwam had been made using all of the parts of
the animals that sustained the tribe; food, the oil in the lamp, the utensils for eating, the blankets, the
wigwam itself. Nothing was wasted. Oheo had even brought her medicine that was made from plant and
animal, which Dawenhethon had applied to her chin and her bruised body. “Why were you in a cage?”
She finally mustered up the courage to ask the question that concerned her.

Tarzan remained seated, but reached across for a small piece of dried meat to chew on as he spoke to her.
He recounted his horrific experience of being captured and caged from his jungle home along with his
friends Numa and Teeka. Jane could not understand that the blond man did not come from any nation that
she had heard of. He was Yancy, English, but he was not. He had not heard of England or France. He
related stories of his simple free life in the jungle, killing only to survive, befriending the animals, riding
the elephants. Jane was not deluded. She didn‟t believe a word he said, but allowed him to speak, for as
long as he spoke he did not approach her.

Tarzan inhaled deeply. He could smell her fear and it troubled him. She was not so afraid of his new
family of red people; her fear was for his white skin. Thao had been right, it had not been red skinned
people that killed all of those people this morning; it had been the whites. Tarzan recalled the white man
that had entered the tent with Jane that afternoon. He was mean, he carried a large piece of wood with
intentions of hurting Tarzan, but Jane had said something that stopped him. He stared into her fearful eyes
and saw a deeper horror. The bruises on her body, they were from the white man, from a piece of wood the
size that he had threatened Tarzan with. Had she taken the abuse that was meant for him that day? A low
growl built in the pit of his stomach and he knew it was not from hunger for food, it was hunger for

Jane‟s exhaustion was more intense than her hunger and a yawn escaped from her soft pink lips. Tarzan
smiled. “Do you want Numa back?” He questioned, wondering if she had enjoyed resting against the
warm belly of the lion. “The lion?” She countered. She tried to find an argument, but couldn‟t. Numa
had kept her warm, kept her safe and didn‟t hurt her, still, he was a lion, a wild animal. Tarzan looked
soulfully into Jane‟s‟ now topaz coloured eyes. “Sometimes the animal from the wild is not what should be
feared, sometimes it is the savage that disguises himself as a man that should be feared.”
Jane‟s eyes widened and her mouth hung open. Did he know about Joshua? Her eyes lowered, as if in
shame and she lay down on the animal skin laden palate, curled into a ball, as a baby. Her silent tears did
not fall without notice.
Tarzan, being unsure of what to do, decided to try comforting. He approached Jane, slowly, so that she
knew he was moving. Stealthfully he crawled toward her shaking body. As he would with his animal
friends, using the back of his hand, he gently touched the velvety skin of her pale cheek. Then, with this
index finger he touched the salty tear that had fallen from her eye to the tip of her nose and she lay
sideways, staring into the nothingness. His caress felt good, and Jane did not push him away. Tarzan could
sense her fear waning somewhat and was glad for that. “Please Jane, do not cry.” Was all he could offer
her. Something drew her back into the present, she smiled a bit, used the back of her own hand to wipe the
tears away from her eyes and then she sniffed back what she could.

Tarzan was very close to Jane‟s face. She looked into his aqua eyes and seemed to see down to his very
soul. There was nothing about him that should instill fear, yet she clung to a bit of her fear, perhaps out of
self preservation, she wasn‟t sure, but she hung on to it just the same. He sensed that she was trying very
hard to be afraid of him, and although he understood this, it still nagged at him. “You need to rest. Do you
need anything else?” A very tiny smile escaped from Jane, but she did not speak. Sucking her bottom lip
into her mouth, she bit down on it. There was something that she needed, but she dared not ask him for
With his head cocked to the side, Tarzan tried to figure out what it was that Jane needed. He was indeed
smart and deciphered her strange code. “Nature call?” He asked. Her slight nod was almost precious to
him. Again her misplaced sense of modesty amused him. “You must answer when nature calls, it is
harmful not to respond.” Tarzan tried to pull the blanket from Jane, but she held tight to it. He understood
and moved away. Oheo had placed a beautiful doeskin dress by her bed earlier, so Tarzan handed it to Jane
and then turned his back to her.

The dress fit like a glove. It felt as if it had been made for her, caressing each curve of her feminine form.
She attempted to stand to pull it down a bit, but she fell forward. Before she could make a sound, Tarzan
stood beside her, acting as a crutch to lean upon. Jane‟s eyes were a bit more green than topaz now as she
bit on her bottom lip in anticipation of Tarzan‟s reaction to her dress. “Thank you.” She stated as she
leaned on him and tugged at the too-short hem of the dress. He nodded as he placed his hands on the indent
of her waist. Before she could comment, she realized that he was trying to steady her, but the feel of his
large hands on her small waist felt abnormally good, comforting, and almost sensuous. She inwardly
chided herself for having such thoughts.

Tarzan offered to carry Jane, but her pride refused his offer. Together they hobbled out of the wigwam to
the outside world. The sun was setting to the west, creating a panoramic plethora of amazing colour. Both
of them were mesmerized by the beauty before them. Sunsets would never cease to amaze the blond
savage, but still he longed for the sunset that settled over the Serengeti, nothing was more beautiful than
that. And then he turned to see the smiling face of the angel in his arms he realized that he had been
mistaken, someone was more beautiful than the Serengeti sunset.

Remembering why they were out here to begin with, Tarzan began to steer Jane toward the bush when they
met up with Dawenhethon. With just the three of them standing there, Tarzan spoke softly to the woman,
whom he fully expected not to respond. “Nature calls for Jane, I was helping.” Dawenhethon smiled at the
handsome blond man that had found a soft spot in her heart. Her hand lifted to touch the tanned bronze
skin of his cheek. Without a word she nodded and took Jane‟s arm, wrapping it around her shoulders and
they walked silently away from Tarzan. He smiled at the two beautiful women and found himself curious
to hear the story of Dawenhethon‟s secret.

“He cares for you, Yancy Tarzan.” Dawenhethon spoke in perfect English once again. Jane stared at her in
wonderment. “Why do you trust to speak English to me, how do you know I won‟t tell anyone.”
Dawenhethon laughed. “Who would you tell and how? Thao is the only one who speaks the language and
he will not tell anyone that I do as well. He knows and keeps my secret” She spoke with a certain amount
of cockiness that she hoped would override the fears that she had that perhaps Jane would be able to
communicate this information to the others. But Jane agreed, other than Tarzan, who would she tell?
Tarzan had already heard the woman speak English and he said nothing.

Dawenhethon helped Jane as they carried on a simple conversation. She knew better than to push Jane with
questions about what had happened this morning. Something so awful could not be spoken without great
remorse, and this was time for healing. When it was time to heal her mind, Jane would be able to use the
smoke house. “You are lucky that he knew how to splint your leg. Someone else might have done so
without setting it.” Jane seemed to remember the excruciating pain earlier, when the ape held her tightly
and the lion tried his best to protect her. “Yes, lucky.” She tried to agree. Dawenhethon grinned, “Pain is
not always bad Yancy, pain lets you know that you are still alive, that you can still feel. Pain is precious.”
Jane stared into the sky blue eyes of the woman at her side. There was much to learn from her, but there
was also much to be wary of. Jane didn‟t make friends easily and she wasn‟t sure if she wanted friends
among the red men.

Once they had completed their mission, the women returned to Tarzan‟s wigwag. He stood trying to
converse with Ezhno about the animals. The young brave was quite taken with the fact that the animals
liked to be around him. He had no problem taking Numa into the mountain to hunt for the bighorn sheep,
or out to the plains to hunt the deer. He also tried to bridge the communication gap by drawing
extraordinary pictographs in the sand. Tarzan placed a large hand on the thick mane of the lion as the beast
licked his own face, removing any evidence of the swiftness of that deer. Jane was startled by the trickle of
blood on the lion‟s coat, but realized that he too must eat. Her hunger however, had been curbed for a
while. The thought of food created such a nauseous feeling.

Dawenhethon had reverted back to her native tongue, requesting that Tarzan and Jane join the pow wow at
the edge of the village. The chief had requested that his people join together to celebrate life and to pray
for their safety in these trying times. Of course neither one of them understood what she said, but they
followed her, trusting that she knew what she was doing.

Jane stared at the beauty of the costumes and make-up that the native people wore. The men had thick
braids running down their backs, with white painted lines across their faces. Eagle feathers adorned the
braids and thin bands of doe skin kept their hair in place. The women wore colourfully beaded doeskin
dresses, each symbol matching that of her husband or her mate. Oheo wore the design that Thao‟s brother
Yuma wore. Thao wore no design, his buckskin was unadorned and his hair was down. Dawenhethon took
one look at him and she was angered. Bitter words passed between them, before Thao sat crouched down
before his mother and she began to braid his jet black tresses. She worked quickly, weaving some cloth
through his thick plaits and tying them off with a small string of doeskin. He turned to his mother and he
nodded. Tarzan and Jane both took this to be an apology from son to mother. She accepted the nod and
moved away from him, motioning that he join the others.

Tarzan helped Jane to sit on a large tree stump that had been carved just right for someone of her size to sit
in. He crouched beside her, far enough away from the festivities, but close enough to seen. Dawenhethon
approached Tarzan from behind two pieces of cloth in her hand and two strings of doeskin. He felt her tug
on his hair and was about to pull away when he looked up to see her braiding his blond locks. Her stern
look let him know that if she would not be put off by Thao, she certainly wouldn‟t be put off by him. As
with Thao, she wove the cloth through the braids and then tied them off with the doeskin.

Gently pulling Tarzan to his feet, she nudged him in the direction of the crowd. Thao took his elbow and
led him along with him, thankful that his mother thought of sending him along as well. “What is going on
Thao?” Tarzan finally asked as they stood in the centre of a large circle of people. In the middle of them, a
fire burned hot and bright, lighting the cool, dark night. “My father thinks that we need the help of mother
earth and our gods.” He pulled Tarzan into the circle and they waited patiently while Kanokareh began to
related the story of their creation, while Thao struggled to quickly translate it into English for Tarzan to
“In the beginning Tirawa-Atius called the gods together to announce his plan to create the human race and
promised the gods a share of power for their help. Shakura the Sun was assigned to provide light and heat,
Pah the Moon was assigned the night, and Tirwara-Atius placed the Evening Star, the Mother of All Things
in the west. The Morning Star he set to guard the east. After the gods had raised dry land from the watery
chaos, Tirawa Atius told Sun and Moon to make love, and they gave birth to a son. He then told Evening
and Morning Star to make love, and they gave birth to a daughter. So the human race was made.All would
have been well if Coyote had not stolen a sack of storms from Lightening. Opening the sack, Coyote loosed
the storms and so brought death into the world.”
When he was finished talking the men and women began a slow and steady chant as they slowly walked
around the fire, steadily picking up speed until they were chanting loudly and bouncing around the fire like
madmen. Kanokareh and the Shaman raised their hands to the sky and all was quiet. Everyone waited,
even Tarzan stood still and Jane remained silent as they waited. Kanokareh spoke in a loud and clear voice,
“Kitchi Manitou, adoisyohgwasha, gaiwagweniyo, gaiwagweniyo onigowaneh. Thao whispered to Tarzan,
in order for him to understand what was being said. “My father is praying to the great spirit Manitou for
help to find our true way.” Without missing a beat, there was lightening in the sky, with no clouds and the
woman folded in a bow praising Hino. Thao explained that Hino was Thunder god, god of the sky. The
Rainbow is his consort. With his fire arrows, Hino destroys evil beings” The dance began anew with
everyone happily believing that Hino had indeed sent them a sign. They would be protected from the evil;
Hino would destroy the evil men that had killed the whites. Tarzan looked back over to Jane, who was
having a lesson in mythology from Dawenhethon through a series of ground scribbles and hand gestures.
He made a note to ask Thao to explain things to her more thoroughly, hoping that this would give her hope.
The festivities lasted well into the night, people laughing and dancing, happily rejuvenated by the sign from
Hino. Tarzan offered his arm to Jane to help her back to the wigwam. She gratefully took hold of it,
hobbling along beside him. Thao took notice of his father Kanokareh, as he shuffled up behind
Dawenhethon, taking her by surprise he picked her up and they both laughed gleefully. Looking away from
his parents, Thao witnessed Oheo being steered toward Yuma‟s wigwam. He noticed that she didn‟t seem
to be going of her own will. Tarzan and Jane also noticed this. Reaching out to stop Thao from walking
away, Tarzan questioned, “Why does he take her when she doesn‟t want to go?” Thao sighed and turned
away from the spectacle. “She is promised to him, she belongs to him.” Not unnoticed, a small tear welled
in the corner of each of his eyes as he recounted, “Yuma will be chief when my father steps down. He can
have what ever he wants.”

With that statement, but Tarzan and Jane were quite perturbed. “No person can own another.” They both
stated in unison, staring at each other in amazement. Thao stared at the two of them as if they were crazy.
What did they know about his people? They were whites and at times like this it reminded him why the
whites and the reds could not mix. Tarzan stared at the sad man at his side. “I will go with you to help her if
you wish.” He stated firmly so that Thao knew he was serious. Thao actually thought on it for a moment or
two, but decided against it. He was not one to break tradition. Shaking his head he turned toward his own

Jane and Tarzan continued on their way, finding the journey a little longer in the dark. They announced
themselves to the animal sentries guarding the entry. Both Numa and Teeka were pleased to see them,
welcoming them with various grunts and growls. Numa nuzzled Jane‟s cheek and then he licked her. While
she was groaning, trying to wipe the moisture from her face, Tarzan was trying to light the small oil lamp.

The light created strange and interesting shadows along the walls of the wigwam. Tarzan noticed this and
began making shapes with his hand in front of the light, creating larger shadows. Jane smiled as he created
birds and other wild life. The bowls of water were empty, the animals had finished them. Tarzan offered to
get more, Jane thanked him as she was feeling a bit parched.

As he stood outside of his wigwam, Tarzan waited until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He headed to the
water‟s edge to fill the small bucket that he had been given. The night was still, no lightening lighting it. He
could hear the residual soft laughter coming from the other wigwams, the couples making love. He enjoyed
the sound and envied it at the same time. As he approached the water, he could hear a different sound. He
stopped to listen. It sounded like someone crying.

Hurrying to the water, Tarzan found Oheo, sobbing into her hands as she washed her face. Tarzan
approached, quietly announcing himself. She turned and tried to hide her face, but she was not quick
enough. There was a large bruise around her left eye, the swelling had set in and her eye was starting to
close. On the left side of her mouth, her lip was bleeding and it too was swollen. She turned away, knowing
that he had seen.

Without skipping a beat, Tarzan filled the small bucket with the cool clean water and set it down beside
him. Carefully he approached Oheo. As he reached to touch her hair, she winced. He pulled his hand back,
not wanting to hurt her more than she already was. “Who?” He asked, knowing full well that it was Yuma
that had done this to the beautiful red skinned woman that Thao loved so dearly. He also knew that Thao
would not do anything to help her, given the status of his half-brother Yuma. Tarzan was learning that the
politics of tribal life were not all conducive to everyone‟s well being. Oheo looked him right in the eye and
pointed to the tree, animating her walking into it.” If he had not seen the spectacle earlier, he would not
know what to believe. She showed no signs of lying. Her breathing didn‟t change and her heart rate stayed
constant, she hadn‟t even broken eye contact as she showed him. Lying had become an intricate part of her
persona. This didn‟t sit well with Tarzan.

“I didn‟t know that in this part of the world that you had such trees called Yuma trees.” He stated seriously,
waiting for some sort of a response. He received it. Her breath caught in her throat and he could see that she
began to perspire. Her lie had been caught and she didn‟t know what to do. The language barrier put a halt
to their conversation, but she did manage to animate to him, not to tell. She covered her lips with her
fingers and made the sound, “Shhhhh.” He understood all too well as she ran into the woods, not waiting
for his offer of help
Tarzan wasn‟t far up the path when he was met by the huge fist of a rather large redskinned man. Yuma
had found him talking to Oheo and had waited for her to pass before he confronted Tarzan. His jaw felt as
if it had wrapped halfway around his face before it settled. Luckily the angle, at which he was hit, although
it hurt and would leave a bruise, would not damage his jaw. Tarzan chose to remain silent and steadfast.
The water in the bucket barely rippled as he stood his ground, refusing to fight with the man who was half
brother to his own blood brother. It was understood now that Yuma would be chief and he would be
entitled to special treatment. Being an outsider, Tarzan instinctively knew that it wouldn‟t matter what he
did, all that would matter would be what Yuma said that he did.

The large man began to holler in his native language, bringing the villagers to the spot where the two men
stood. Tarzan looked up into the dark evil eyes of Thao‟s brother and began to worry about things other
than himself. Jane was alone with the lion and the ape in his wigwam, hopefully Numa would protect
them, but if someone hurt Numa, Teeka couldn‟t do much to protenct herself, let alone Jane. Reasoning
told him that Yuma would use this opportunity to blame him for the beating that Yuma gave Oheo. It also
made sense that she would not go against Yuma‟s word. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He
could run, but he could not run and leave Numa, Teeka or even Jane behind. His conscience would not let
him run, he would face what charges this imposter would have against him, and he would somehow
manage to protect those he had promised to protect. He felt a renewed sense of loneliness, missing the law
of the jungle.
Thao joined the group of mostly men that stood in a circle around Yuma and Tarzan. Yuma called for
Oheo to show herself and with her hand trying to hide her face, she stood before her intended. In his native
tongue he accused Tarzan of beating his mate black and blue. He explained that he found them by the
water and that Tarzan had slapped Oheo for not wanting to share herself with him. He had hit her twice
before she got away.

Thao looked at Tarzan, knowing that Yuma was lying, but unable to do anything about it. He translated
Yuma‟s words into English for Tarzan, but Tarzan didn‟t need to hear them in his language to understand
what lies they were. Looking to Thao for help was a waste of time, he would be on his own for this one.

Kanokareh entered the circle and all became quiet. He questioned his eldest son about the incident, Yuma
held fast to his story, accusing Tarzan of things that Tarzan knew that Yuma had done. Yet Tarzan
remained silent. Oheo remained silent, Thao remained silent. Kanokareh asked Yuma for gaiwagweniyo,
the truth, but Yuma still held fast to his version. As Tarzan watched the older man speak to his son, he
could feel something strange emanating from the Chief. There seemed to be something in him that was
distrustful of his oldest son. A light of hope shone for Tarzan as he listened to Thao‟s version of what was
going on. Yuma did not waiver in his tale, Kanokareh did not question further. His orders were for
everyone to return to their homes, that the elders would deal with this in the morning. This incident should
not overshadow the celebrations.

Reluctantly, Yuma left his father‟s side, dragging Oheo with him once again. This time she went quietly,
having lost her desire to fight. Thao had looked at her and then he stared at the ground, knowing what had
happened and choosing to remain silent. A cloud of doubt and suspicion was raised over the village, but
Kanokareh had his own explanations. He stated to Thao, that Hino‟s lightening came down this night for a
reason. He was telling his people that there was one among them that was evil and he was going to weed
the evil one out. Thao translated this to Tarzan, but Tarzan watched Kanokareh‟s eyes as he spoke, He did
not look to Tarzan as anything evil, he seemed calm and very confident. Tarzan cocked his head to the side
and asked the question without saying a word. “Gaiwagweniyo, onigoes yuma Tarzan.” Kanokareh
walked away from Tarzan without another word, leaving Tarzan and Thao standing silently alone.

„What did he say?” Tarzan asked. Thao looked at Tarzan with utter amazement. “He said that the truth
will come if we are patient.” This made sense to Tarzan, but Thao was left flabbergasted. “He trusts you
enough to let you go back to your wigwam without being guarded, he doesn‟t put you away or tie you up.
He trusts you Tarzan; this is a slap in the face to my brother.” It was starting to sound like a warning to
Tarzan, but he was just relieved that the Chief would have the wherewithal to believe that his son might
have been mistaken. He was indeed a good leader, not blind sighted when it came to his children.

Thao walked Tarzan back to the wigwam, noting that Tarzan had not forgotten the bucket of water. “Jane
is parched.” Tarzan said, raising the bucket a bit. “Jane is probably sleeping by now.” Thao retorted. He
wanted to talk and Tarzan wanted to listen to his friend. “Wait for me here.” He brought the bucket into
the wigwam and noted that the lamp was getting rather dim. Jane was sound asleep, curled up against
Numa who opened one eye. Seeing that it was Tarzan, he closed his eye and began to snore once again.
Teeka hadn‟t even raised an eyebrow; she too was curled into the warmth of the great maned beast. Tarzan
smiled at the absurdity of it all, yet the genuineness of it.

Tarzan stood outside of the wigwam, his arms crossed in front of him. He had forgotten about the braids in
his hair, actually enjoying the feeling of not having to keep pushing his blond locks out of his eyes. Thao
again was creating pictographs in the sand, although neither could see them due to the lack of light and the
dimness of the moon and stars. “You didn‟t hurt Oheo did you?” Tarzan looked at his blood brother and
felt a twinge of hurt that he would even ask, but he then realized that Thao was lacking in courage at this
moment in time. “I wouldn‟t hurt her Thaonawyuthe, I wouldn‟t hurt anyone or anything unless I was in
danger or someone else was.” Thao picked up on the innuendo in that sentence, but refused to
acknowledge it outright. “He will be chief some day.” Thao stated, but Tarzan didn‟t want to think about
that. “Your father seems to know what he is doing. Maybe he will not be chief. The chief needs to be
someone who is strong enough to care for all of his people, to be compassionate enough to look after them
and wise enough to know what is right for them. Your father seems to have these characteristics, your
brother does not.” Tarzan wanted to add that if Thao could learn to stand up for what was right, he might
not be overlooked as the new chief, but it was late and he didn‟t want an argument.

Thao seemed content with the answer that he received from Tarzan and bid him good night. He was going
to go back to his wigwam to think about the events of the day. As he walked away, Tarzan caught up to
him and spoke, changing his mind about holding his tongue. “You could be the chief if you were not afraid
to stand up for what is right.” Thao stopped in his tracks. Tarzan couldn‟t decide if Thao was upset or just
thinking. Thao turned on the spot that he stood on and stared into the aqua eyes of his blood brother. “You
really believe that Yuma might not become chief?” It was a thought that had really never crossed his mind
except in fantasies. Tarzan nodded. “Your father is a wise man.” He turned away from Thao and headed
back to his wigwam and the small family that kept increasing. Neither said good night, they just both
walked on.

Tarzan slipped silently into the wigwam, but noticed Jane sitting up and drinking some water as he found a
place to settle. Numa again opened one eye and decided that since it was merely Tarzan that entered, he
grumbled a bit and fell back asleep. Again Teeka, in the company of her friend Numa found a restful sleep,
not waking at Tarzan‟s entrance.

Tarzan looked at Jane in the dim oil light. Her hair looked as though it might be on fire as the light clung to
it and danced around her head like a halo. She was smiling at him, a pleasant change. It was almost
complete silence, with the exceptions: the crickets singing in the bush, the frogs croaking by the water‟s
edge and a barn owl hooting in the distance. “You are well Jane?” Tarzan worried about her welfare,
having taken on the responsibility of her life by rescuing her from the horrific scene earlier.

Jane finished drinking the cool clear water and smiled again. “I heard you talking to Thao.” She started the
sentence, but wasn‟t sure whether or not to continue. “What did you hear?” Tarzan questioned as he leaned
his head on his hand. Slowly Tarzan removed the buckskin vest that he wore, placed it beside him and
stretched out his body on a thick animal hide turned on his side and bent his elbow, giving his head a place
to rest, on his hand. She leaned back against the warm belly of the wild animal that kept her safe. “Numa is
comfortable to lie on.” Tarzan smiled, watching Jane squirm in the tiny dress.

He felt bad that he had ruined her dress, but he needed to make sure that there was no damage to her body.
Reaching beside her, Jane pulled the woven blanket over her body, but found it warm. The evening hadn‟t
cooled much, and the wigwam was very warm even without the small fire in the centre lit. Finally giving
in, she poked a naked toe and then the entire foot out from the blanket. Tarzan smiled to himself. He found
her sense of dignity amusing.

“I heard you tell him that he could be chief. I agree. I don‟t much like that half brother of his.” Jane blurted
the words out, trying to distract his attention away from her naked foot. Tarzan nodded. It was a statement,
not the start of a discussion. He was tired, he was certain that she was tired as well. “He will do what is
right.” Tarzan lay back on the animal skin and closed his eyes. Jane sat up to see that he was still there, so
quiet. “Tarzan?” She asked, and he opened his eyes to her. “Yes Jane?” He responded softly. He noticed
that she had a tear falling from the corner of her eye, making a trail past her nose and landing on her lip.
She was holding back a flood of them. “Thank you.” Was all she could manage before she fell into a heap
against Numa. Her sobbing broke Tarzan‟s heart in two; he could not turn away from her.

Crawling over to Jane‟s palate, Tarzan offered his opened arms to her. Gratefully she found herself clinging
to him. Gently he stroked her hair, letting her cry into his bare chest. Her tears were warm and her body
shook as she wept. His arms held tight as her tears gradually subsided, at which time she settled into his
chest deeper, wrapping her arm around his waist, and falling asleep against the heat of his body. Tarzan
attempted to make himself comfortable, leaning back against Numa, who grumbled a bit as he shifted to
accommodate everyone.
Night passed quickly. Numa woke first, having to answer the call of nature. He yawned, with his jaw as
wide as it could go, then with his tail he slapped Teeka, who also awoke with a great yawn. The two of
them decided to answer the call of nature and then perhaps go and wake Ezhno up. Lacking any grace,
Numa stood up causing Tarzan and Jane to fall in a heap on the palate. Tarzan awoke in time to watch
Numa and Teeka exit the wigwam. As he was about to rise and follow them, he realized that he had a heap
of Jane in his arms. During the course of their sleep, she had made herself quite comfortable, fitting her
body to the shape of his. Her head was nestled in his neck by his collar bone, and her arm was thrown
haphazardly across his belly. One of her legs had managed to wrap around his leg and he felt as though he
was held captive, although this type of captivity was quite nice. Her body was warm, and she smelled
heavenly as he buried his nose in her hair. There was something about this female that aroused him fully.
As he sunk back into the palate, he attempted to fight nature and get more sleep.

Thao made much noise as he stepped through the opening to the wigwam. The animals had still not
returned to Tarzan‟s side, but that was not the reason for Thao‟s visit. Tarzan woke with a start, looking up
to his blood brother. The sunlight had trickled through the openings in the hides on the sides and top of the
wigwam, creating an interesting light behind Thao. In his attempt to sit up, Tarzan roused Jane from a very
comforting sleep.

Thao showed no sign of anything being out of the ordinary upon his discovery of Tarzan and Jane‟s
sleeping arrangements, but something had him upset. Tarzan apologized to Jane as he pulled his arm away
from her and shook it to get the feeling back into it. “What is wrong Thao?” Tarzan ran his fingers through
his hair, finding then tangled in the residual braids. While waiting for Thao to speak, he pulled the straps
and material from his hair and attempted to smooth it down. Thao tapped his foot then finally spoke. “My
father wants you to join the meeting of the elders. Yuma will be there as well. I will be able to go, to
translate; otherwise I would not be invited.” Tarzan understood that there was protocol to follow; he
understood that last night when he had been accused. He was not afraid to face the elders. He had faith.

Jane sat up and stared up at the two men. “Why do you need to see the elders?” She hadn‟t heard the entire
conversation last night, having missed the part where Yuma accused Tarzan of trying to force himself upon
Oheo. Tarzan wasn‟t sure that it was a good time to bring it up or not. He could not lie, and it was going to
play out either way, so he decided that she deserved to know. “Yuma has accused me of beating Oheo.” He
said it plainly, honestly. Jane sucked in a large breath and slowly released it, trying to think of the right
thing to say. Maybe as early as last evening she would say that it was possible that Tarzan do this, but after
having spent the night in his gentle arms, not having to worry about anything, her pride and everything else
still in tack, she could not believe this accusation. Trying to stand on her own, she wobbled a bit, both men
reached for her hands, helping her to stand.

Thao cocked his head to one side and stared into Jane‟s interesting eyes. He made note that yesterday they
had appeared almost brown at one time and now they were a golden colour. He made a mental note of
discussing this with the Shaman, there were signs everywhere. “You are well, Jane?” Thao was respectful
as he spoke to the white woman. She thanked him saying that she was healing. Tarzan let go of Jane‟s hand
and poked his head out of the doorway. The large cat was stretched out in the sunshine, while the ape
played with Ezhno. He turned back toward Jane and Thao. “I must go with Thao, you will be all right,
Numa and Teeka are outside with Ezhno.” He stated. Jane tried to answer but she hesitated. He caught the
fact that she was trying to tell him something. “Jane? What is it.” He asked. She held fast to Thao‟s hand.
“Um, nature calls.” She blushed as she said it, but nature was not merely calling, it was screaming.

Tarzan helped Thao as they brought Jane outside. She squinted as the sun was high and bright this morning.
Both men spotted Dawenhethon at the same time, but it was Thao that called her over. She closed the
distance between them and waited to hear what Thao had to say. He explained Jane‟s dilemma. She offered
to help out, once again. She looked to Tarzan and smiled. In her native tongue she told him that she had
faith that Kanokareh would do what was right. Thao translated, unable to help the smile that ensued.
Dawenhethon wrapped Jane‟s arm around her shoulder and the two women were off to find privacy.

After Tarzan had run in a slightly different direction to answer the call of nature, the two men walked
stealthfully toward the large wigwam where the elders met. Kanokareh welcomed them inside, explaining
that they were still waiting for Yuma, who had not yet chosen to grace them with his presence. He invited
them to sit and to join them in their smoke. Tarzan rolled his eyes, unnoticed, as he took the pipe and took a
drag on it. The men seemed patient, but he had a strong belief that there was something in this pipe that
made them a little more patient than the average person.

Yuma made a grand entrance. He threw aside the hides at the opening to the large wigwam and motioned to
one of the elders to move in order for him to sit. Kanokareh looked at him, not with the look of a loving
father, but with disdain. Yuma sat, finally quiet. He was handed the pipe and he dragged hard on it, blew
the smoke out and dragged on it a second time. He didn‟t care if this was rude. Turning to look at the
occupants of the room, he saw his younger brother Thao and complained that he was not allowed at such a
gathering, only the oldest was welcome. Kanokareh recited law to him, saying that if the accused could not
speak the language, he would be represented by someone who could speak the language for him. Yuma
sighed a disgusted sigh and dragged the pipe before passing it to the next person.

It was a long time before the business at hand was discussed. Everyone had something to say about
something or other, and Thao translated word-for-word. Tarzan found himself quite bored and had to fight
off a yawn. Finally they arrived at Yuma‟s accusation. Thao stiffened as he realized that this could mean
Tarzan‟s life or banishment if the elders found him guilty.

Yuma was allowed to speak his piece. He told great stories of how well he cared for his beloved Oheo, but
that since Tarzan had come to the village, she had been frightened and then last night after the pow wow,
Tarzan had attacked her, wanting her for his own because the white woman was useless to him. As Thao
translated this gibberish from his older brother, Tarzan could hear the tension in his voice. He was worried
about the repercussions from Tarzan. He knew that a man that had lived in the jungle like a wild animal
could not be broken by one red man. If the white man had not succeeded in breaking his spirit, Yuma
certainly would not.

Finally Tarzan was granted his time to speak uninterrupted. Tarzan recounted the evening, how he and Jane
had retired for the night, but she was thirsty, and how he had just wanted to comfort Oheo when he found
her battered and crying by the water‟s edge. His only proof that he had not followed her was the bucket that
he carried, that he had filled with water. He explained that when he brought up the name of Yuma that
Oheo had cringed away, afraid. There was little he could say in his own defense, other than the fact that he
was innocent, so he stopped talking. There were no questions from anyone. Thao and Tarzan were granted
their leave, as was Yuma so that the elders could deliberate.
Before Tarzan exited the wigwam, Kanokareh explained that if they found him guilty, he would be beaten
and he would be tied to a post in the vast plains, for the crows to pick on. The amount of time that this
would occur would depend on the elders. Thao shook as he gave Tarzan this news. Tarzan didn‟t react, he
left and headed toward Ezhno and the animals, with Thao in tow. Both men silent.
There was much commotion in Yuma‟s wigwam. Oheo was screaming, everyone was gathering. It wasn‟t
long before Tarzan and Thao were amongst the gathering. Yuma exited the wigwam with blood on his
hands, and a terrible, evil grin on his face. Thao approached him, asking what was going on. Yuma used his
chin to point over to Tarzan. He said something, the only thing Tarzan really understood was the yancy
part. Thao backed away and stood back with Tarzan. He shook his head, silently telling Tarzan not to
question him just yet. Yuma walked away from his home and onto the trail heading toward the water.

Kanokareh approached his younger son, Thao and asked what Yuma had told him. Thao looked directly
into his father‟s eyes and responded without emotion. Later he would tell Tarzan what he had said. “Yuma
said that because Oheo had been alone with the white man, she was tainted and he didn‟t want her
anymore. He took what he wanted from her and cast her away. She was not fit for a chief.” At the time,
Tarzan didn‟t realize what Thao was telling his father, but beneath the cool exteriour, Tarzan could hear
Thao‟s blood rushing quickly from his head, he could hear his heart pounding in his chest and he saw the
perspiration build up on his forehead, even though it was cool out. Kanokareh put his hand on his son‟s
shoulder and nodded. Thao longed to hug his father, but this was not the venue for such a display of
emotions. The men walked away from the crowd, while Tarzan took it upon himself to enter the wigwam
behind Dawenhethon.

He stood there dumbstruck. Oheo lay there, staring into nothingness, the light gone from her eyes. Her
dress had been cut from her with a sharp knife that cut through her skin as well, leaving long dark cuts on
her legs and belly. Dawenhethon looked to Tarzan and shook her head. “The bastard has gone too far this
time.” She gently leaned into the young woman and softly stroked her hair, telling her in her native
language that it was going to be all right, knowing full well that it would be a long time before it really was
all right. She covered her with a thick woven blanket and asked Tarzan, “Please, will you bring her to my
tent?” He nodded and he carefully wrapped his arms around the fragile frame of the pale red skinned
woman on the floor.

Exiting the wigwam, the two of them were met with glares and stares. Some of the people chose to ignore
the situation, some were kind enough as to ask after Oheo‟s health. Dawenhethon told her people what
Yuma had done, but her words seemed to fall on deaf ears. She continued to walk, showing Tarzan where
Oheo‟s wigwam was.

Jane had managed to hobble out of the wigwam to see what the commotion was, and then followed Tarzan
and Dawenethon. As she began hopping across the expanse of the village, Numa and Teeka found her and
offered help. She was able to lean on both of the animals in order to follow Tarzan.

Dawenhethon opened the flap to the wigwam and Tarzan bent to carry Oheo inside. He waited a moment
for his eyes to adjust to the dark, slowly finding her palette. There were no adornments in the small
wigwam. No beads hung, no furs lined her bed or her floor. In fact the only thing that she seemed to have
that was lovely was the beads that she wore around her now bloodied neck. “She was nothing to him. He
took what he wanted, never intending for her to be his wife.” Dawenhethong spoke in her familiar English
to Tarzan who stepped away as she began to undress the once beautiful woman. At that moment Jane
announced herself, asking for entry.

Tarzan opened the flap and stared up at her and the animals. Jane didn‟t realize that at this moment she
seemed to be providing a bit of comic relief. Tarzan smiled at her and had to fight back the urge to take her
in his arms and just hold her. He could not understand the ways of the people in this strange land that he
had been brought to. First he finds Jane with strange bruises and then he discovers the mistreatment of
Oheo. It was understandable that he was unable to comprehend their reasoning for calling him a savage. He
decided that Jane needed to see what Yuma had done to Oheo, perhaps it would help her to come to terms
with what she had gone through, or at least bring her one step closer.
Jane was appalled at what she saw. Dawenhethon asked Tarzan to leave, but to make sure that Numa stayed
close, to guard the entrance. She didn‟t want anyone else in here. He respected her enough to go and on his
way, told Numa to stand guard. Numa proceeded to lie down at the entrance, making certain that no one
could pass. Tarzan began to walk toward his own wigwam, but was met part way by a devastated Thao.
Thao had explained what Yuma had told him about Oheo and Tarzan had to fight an even stronger urge to
kill Thao‟s brother. Obviously Thao was fighting the same instinct. “My father is a fair man. He has called
us all back to his wigwam to find out what they are going to do to you.”

Tarzan cocked his head the side, Thao‟s eyes were red and swollen, holding back the tears that he had yet
to cry over Oheo. “She will be all right.” Thao shook his head. “Will she?” It was not a question, it was a
test of faith. Tarzan‟s hand found Thao‟s shoulder and he gripped it tightly, offering his friendship as well
as his confidence. The two men walked like that toward the wigwam of Kanokareh.

Inside, the smoke was thick. The pipe had been passed numerous times. Tarzan held back from choking,
but the stench permeated the air and clogged his lungs. He wished that they would at least go outside so
that he wouldn‟t have to breathe this stale air. He remained silent. Thao made his request, he wanted to
know what the verdict was for his blood brother Tarzan. The men deliberated in their native tongue, Thao
arguing it seemed, not able to translate for Tarzan who waited ever more impatiently than before.

As they deliberated, Tarzan closed his eyes and sat down, crossing his legs, turning his palms up on his
knees. He meditated on the situation. Many thoughts tried to interrupt his desired train of thought until
finally he found himself high up in the tree tops of the jungle, staring over toward the beautiful waterfall.
The sun was high in the sky and the heat was almost unbearable, but he was content. The apes had been his
companions and Teeka sat beside him now, his most important companion. They protected each other. He
fought the bull ape that wanted her dead, and he killed him. She was his mate, for life. He had known that
she was different from him and she knew as well, but they remained friends, companions. The vision
became clear as he could hear the water of the falls, and smell the rich fragrance of the flowers that grew so
high in the jungle canopy. His reverie was interrupted by the sound of Thao‟s voice as he tapped Tarzan on
the shoulder, telling him to stand up.

Standing, he faced Kanokareh, not blinking, simply waiting. Thao translated his father‟s words to his
friend. “You are a stranger here yancy. Since you came here, we have witnessed many things, some good,
some not so good. Hino sent a sign that the evil will be dispelled from our people. I believe that we are
going to dispel of it today.” Thao looked a bit concerned for Tarzan, but Tarzan had still not blinked. He
stood with his feet apart, and his arms crossed over his chest, waiting. Kanokareh continued as Thao
translated. “The elders have decided that you have come from Hino. You are here to help us to rid
ourselves of evil demons. You will not be punished, but you must continue to help us fight this evil.”
Tarzan looked directly into Kanokerah‟s eyes and asked: “How do I do this, help you fight this evil?” Thao
looked back and forth to the two men. The Shaman stood and approached Tarzan. He shook his stick at him
and began to do a dance. “He is helping you to learn the ways, by giving you the sight.” Tarzan was
confused. “You must go on a vision quest, and then you will be able to find your way whether it be with us,
or among the whites.”

Tarzan would need to know more about this vision quest, but before that, he would need to know what
would happen to Yuma. He looked around and there was no Yuma. “Yuma?” Tarzan asked. Kanokareh
spoke to Tarzan in very broken English, but Tarzan understood. “Yuma, Hino, demon.” He couldn‟t have
agreed more, but he needed to know what would be done to punish Yuma.” Thao made the request of his
father and the Shaman answered the question with his thick accent. “Yuma, banish.” Thao spun in his
tracks to look at the Shaman. He could not believe that they elders really had banished his brother.
Kanokareh put both of his hands on his son‟s shoulders and he nodded, then he pulled his son close to hug
him, the new chief-to-be.
Tarzan thanked Kanokareh, the Shaman and the elders for their careful consideration of the matter and for
the outcome. Thao stood proudly beside his surrogate brother, his arm around his shoulder, knowing that
this was the cement that would bond their relationship. The two men were given their leave of the wigwam
and happily took it. Outside, Tarzan looked directly into the sun and thanked it for shining so brightly this
day. Thao smiled. He too was thankful for this day.

The mood became solemn when Dawenhethon appeared from Oheo‟s home. She looked sad as she
approached her son. Thao raced to the opening in the wigwam and saw Jane sitting there washing Oheo‟s
face over and over again. He could not bring himself to enter and turned to walk away. Tarzan stood before
him like a stone wall. “You will some day be a chief. A chief does not take his duties to his people lightly.
A chief cannot be a coward. You, Thao, cannot be a coward now. She needs you, more than ever before.”
Thao stared into the aqua eyes of his blood brother and then lowered his lids, not being able to hold the eye
contact. Shame was his sheath. Tarzan would have nothing to do with it.

With a hard thrust, Tarzan pushed Thao into the wigwam, startling Jane Thao stumbled to the ground and
then struggled to his feet. Oheo paid him no heed. Her face was expressionless, her soulful eyes, empty.
Thao fell to his knees as Jane moved out of his way. His strong arms reached out to Oheo, wrapping around
her and pulling her close to him. “I should have killed him, I should have killed him long ago.” Thao wept
into the breast of Oheo. Tarzan motioned to Jane to come out and give them privacy.

Once outside again, the two of them noticed Dawenhethon returning with a pot of something that smelled
horrendous. She pushed past Jane and attempted to push past Tarzan, who held her fast. “I must go to her.”
She insisted, trying to tear herself from Tarzan‟s grip. Tarzan pulled her forward, holding her tightly with
both hands on her arms. “Thao is with her. He needs to spend time alone with her, they both need to heal.”
Dawenhethon stared into the eyes of the stranger who had won the hearts of her people.
“He is too late.” She wept openly, then buried her face into the buckskin vest that Tarzan wore.

“He is not too late. There is always hope.” Tarzan spoke softly as he caressed Dawenhethon‟s back in an
attempt to comfort her. “Thao must find his courage if he is to become chief and you as his mother must let
him find it alone.” Dawenhethon backed up and stared into Tarzan‟s eyes. “Chief?” She asked. He nodded
as he watched a single tear escape once more from the beautiful sky blue eyes of Thao‟s mother. “Yuma
has been banished." Thao will be the chief some day.
Jane leaned against Tarzan as the headed down the path toward the water‟s edge. “Tell me about this
„Vision Quest‟ that you are required to go on.” She asked, truly curious about the new world that she was
slowly becoming a part of. It infuriated her how she arrived her, but it lightened her heart to know that her
existence within the village had never been challenged. She was accepted, regardless of the colour of her
skin, or the other differences that she had from these people. Her heart had begun to warm to the fact that
she was able to stay, to heal to learn and begin to understand what had happened to her. It would be a long
journey, but she was now more willing to undertake it, knowing that everyone in the world wasn‟t as
horrible as Joshua.

“To be honest Jane, I am not sure what they mean by Vision Quest, Thao was supposed to explain it to me,
but he is busy.” Just as the worlds left his mouth, Dawenhethon appeared before them. They looked
around, knowing that they had left her in the village. “Sometimes I think you are a spirit Dawenhethon.”
Tarzan admitted. She grinned. “Nothing so mysterious as that my dear yancy, just me, taking a different
path through the woods. This is my home, I could walk the woods and point each tree out, I named them
all when I was a child.” She stared up into the clear blue sky and seemed to be lost in the moment. Tarzan
and Jane stood silent, waiting for her to return. She smiled at them. They seemed to understand better than
anyone else in the village, her peculiarities.

“A Vision Quest is a very wondrous journey.” She motioned for them to follow her and to sit down by the
water while she explained.

“First, you must cleanse your body and mind in the sweat lodge. The Shaman will tell you what you
need to know. Then for 2 or 3 days, or what time is necessary to complete the transformation and get
the answers you seek, you must go into the forest or the mountains to a sacred spot. You need to fast
for these days; you cannot take food with you, or clothing. You will then be ready to seek the greater
Dawenhethon recited the explanation to the Vision Quest as though she had been on one herself, so Tarzan
and Jane listened even more carefully to her.

“They may come as a vision you see in a dream, a connection with nature - through meditation,
though you may not understand the vision when you receive it. It may take time for you to process. A
sacred circle of stone is placed on the ground and you must remain in the circle for a certain period
of time. Sometimes it has been told that one is taken out of their body and is confronted by both the
good and the evil. It is said that you can lift the veil between this world and the spirit world and enter
it and there meet your spirit guide who will keep you safe and help you to return. When you return,
you will have the knowledge that you need.”

Her speech had ended and Dawenhethon looked patiently at the two young people across from her. He
could not decide if they were mesmerized by her words or the picture that she created for them. Jane was
the first to speak. “He needs to go out into the wild alone, with no food, or protection in order to meet a
good or evil spirit that will help him to know where he belongs?” Dawenhethon smiled. Jane had taken the
romance out of her words, but she had understood. “Yes. I believe that you too need to take a vision quest
of your own.” She was right of course. Jane needed to face her innermost demons as well, but at this
moment, it was all about Tarzan. He too had paid attention to the gravity of Dawenhethon‟s words. He
was pensive, quiet. Dawenhethon stood and walked away, not saying anything further other than a bit of a
grunt. Silence shrouded the couple as they sat by the water. Even the wind had quieted. Tarzan had made
such vision quests many times in his homeland. His visions had warned him about the men that invaded
his home, but he neglected it. This time, he promised himself to pay better attention to what the spirits had
to say to him.

Jane knew that he had made up his mind to go, just by the expression that he wore. He was serious and
stern looking, his compassion seemed to have been put away for the time being, or had it? Having a bit of
feminine wiles left, she tried them out. Standing, she tried to pull the dress down over her knees, but failed.
“I don‟t feel like much of a lady in this dress, I don‟t know how these women can stand showing their legs
to the men.” Jane couldn‟t understand her innate need to flirt with her rescuer. The spell was broken and
again Tarzan gave Jane his attention. “Your legs are fine; I don‟t understand the need to cover everything
if you are not cold.” He tugged on the pants that he wore. “Back home this would be enough hide to make
blankets, water bags, and still a cover for me.” The visions that filled Jane‟s mind made her blush. She had
seen him caged in his loin cloth and had been quite aroused by the sight of the almost naked savage. Biting
her lower lip, Jane chided herself for her impudence. No wonder Joshua had been so angry at her.

Tarzan watched the expressions change on Jane‟s face and was confused. He didn‟t understand how she
could change moods so quickly. He was actually astonished at the way that she fell into the depression so
easily. Kneeling before her, Tarzan placed a gentle hand on her cheek, caressing the milky white skin of her
face. “Sadness is a mask you wear too often Jane. Happiness is here too, you must reach for it and hold
tight.” She fought back the urge to kiss his inviting lips. He was trying very hard to console her and she
couldn‟t see past his aqua eyes. She didn‟t want to see past anything, when she saw too far or dug too
deep, she didn‟t like what she found.

Slowly rising, Jane thought it would be a good idea to head back into the village. Being here alone with the
handsome blond savage brought out feelings that she had long buried and was regretting letting them
surface. If Joshua so much as knew that Tarzan had been anywhere near her, he would kill him. No one,
not even Tarzan the savage ape man, could win a fight with Joshua. No one.

He read her eyes. There was so much pain in them, it worried him. A smile sneaked across his face as he
tried to put her out of her somber mood, into a better one, a happier one. “Want to swim?” He asked, but
didn‟t wait for her answer. He removed all of his clothing and raced to the water, expertly diving in. Jane
stood holding her breath. Had she just seen this beautiful man naked? Had he really stripped out of his
clothing before her, not even realizing what an impact he had on her? She smiled, but her smile began to
fade. Where was he? He was not coming up for air. She rose and slowly closed the distance to the water‟s
edge. Just as she reached the water, Tarzan slid out of the water, stood up, picked Jane up in his arms and
ran back into the water with his prize.

She squealed in horror, or was it delight, as he carried her out to the deeper water and dunked her under,
soaking her from head to toe. She wanted to spray him with the water, but it would be pointless, he was
already soaked. Instead she hung on for dear life as he dunked her again and again, her long red hair
splayed out in the water like flames on a halo. Jane‟s arms clung to Tarzan‟s neck, almost cutting off the
air to his throat, as he played. When he finally stopped they stood there, Tarzan elbow deep, Jane in his
arms, staring into each other‟s eyes. Her eyes seemed to compliment his today. They were a deep emerald
green to his aquamarine. “Jane?” Tarzan could not understand what was happening to him and he looked
to her for answers. She too was confused and couldn‟t respond. “Tarzan.”, was all she could manage
before her lips met his in an attempt at seduction.


The kiss was simple and short lived as they were interrupted by the sound of the Shaman shaking his stick
and calling Tarzan back to the shore. Jane continued to stare into the eyes of her champion as he slowly
waded back out of the water, still carrying her. Upon reaching the shore, Tarzan placed Jane on a flat rock.
The Shaman continued to speak what Tarzan thought sounded a lot like gibberish, but he kept inserting
“Yancy” into his speech, which Tarzan understood as Englishman, so he knew that the Shaman was trying
to tell him something. The two men were quickly becoming frustrated when Jane suggested that they find
Thao. She had almost let it slip that they find either Thao or Dawenhethon. Luckily she caught herself.

Tarzan motioned toward the village, “Thao. Thao.” He kept saying, pointing ahead. The Shaman
understood and took the path forward. Tarzan helped Jane up and walked with her, not keeping up with the
small man with the long flowing white hair and the feathers on his necklace. While they walked, Jane tried
to decide if they should discuss the kiss, but thought better of it. It had been a momentary lapse in judgment
for both of them and would not happen again. That thought created a veil of sadness for her. She was
growing quite attached to Tarzan.

Thao sat at Oheo‟s feet, talking, rocking, chanting, praying. Oheo seemed to have brightened a little with
him near. Dawenhethon had peeked in on them a few times, but Tarzan had been insistent on the two young
people having time to start healing. As a mother, she hurt for both of them, and hurt more because there
was nothing that she could personally do to make things right for them. Even with Yuma gone, Oheo who
had suffered much at his hands would still be terrified of the world outside of the small shelter that she
lived in.

The Shaman stared into the vacant eyes of the beautiful native woman who lay prone. He shook his stick at
her and said some very unnerving phrases, and then he told Thao that he needed to explain some things to
the white people about the vision quest and about what he was doing with Oheo. Thao was not in the mood
for translating, but he took a deep breath and stood up to face Tarzan and Jane. “The Shaman is a holy man
who is in touch with the spirit world. He is trying to call them to drive away the bad spirits that Yuma
drove into Oheo.” He spoke in a monotone, further emphasizing his wish to be left alone with his loved
one, but the Shaman turned to him and shook the stick at him. Tarzan understood that. He was concerned
that Oheo was not the only one that had been infected by the demons that Yuma had spread around. “You
must be strong for her, if you care for her at all, you must be strong. Time will come for vengeance, this is
not it.”

As the words spilled from Tarzan‟s mouth, Thao‟s eyes widened and his mouth dropped. It was as though
Tarzan had read his mind. Was he that transparent in his love for Oheo? Perhaps that was the only reason
that Yuma had taken her, because he had wanted her. The shaman shook the stick once again and spoke
even louder to Thao, who finally translated for Tarzan and Jane. “He says that we have to drive the spirits
back into the realms that they belong. Yuma should have taken them with him when he left, but he chose to
leave them behind, so we must clean them up.” The shaman continued to talk and Thao translated as
quickly as he could. “He says that Hino gave you the power to cleanse the bad spirits from Oheo, but he is
unsure how you can do this, he just knows that it is in your power.” Tarzan smiled to himself. That was not
magic, that was common sense. He was Thao‟s friend and right now Thao and Oheo needed friends, they
needed the support, love and caring of family and friends to get through this, and Tarzan would be the
impetus. What happened next alarmed even Tarzan. He reached out to touch Oheo‟s face and a slight
breezed passed between them. “You will be all right Oheo, we all will help you through this.” As he spoke,
a puff of smoke emerged from Oheo‟s lips and dissipated into the air. He looked to the shaman, certain that
he had given her the pipe, but there was no pipe. The smell of smoke had never been there, he would
certainly have smelled it.

Suddenly Oheo cried out, sat up and held her arms out. Thao raced to her side and held her as tightly as she
would allow. Tears flowed from her once vacant eyes, soaking Thao, who seemed to not mind. The five of
them remained together in the wigwam until Oheo‟s sobs finally subsided and exhaustion began to take her
over. Once her tears slowed, she rested against Thao, who sat on the pallet holding her. He would translate
anything that they wanted now, but he would not leave her side. “Thao, I am sorry.” She stated simply as
she cuddled in to the safety of his buckskin covered chest.

Jane stared at Tarzan as if he were infected with the plague. “How the hell did you do that? She was
catatonic?” She inquired. He shook his head. “I did not do anything.” Thao smiled up at his brother and
responded for him. “You have been given the gift from Hino. You can dispel of the evil demons. You are
one of Hino‟s lightening bolts and you were sent to us for a reason.” Tarzan looked over to the shaman who
stood quietly in the shadows, while Jane backed up toward the door, a touch afraid of what she had
witnessed. Thao smiled, and spoke aloud. “You have cured Oheo, I owe you my life for hers. Whatever you
will need brother, is yours.” Tarzan took his leave of Thao and the Shaman for the time being, he really
needed to get a grip on reality.

Jane stood at the opening to Oheo‟s home, but Tarzan ignored her as he headed toward the lake. He needed
to think and he did his thinking better alone. Perhaps this vision quest was a good idea, it would give him
time to put the pieces of his life back together in order to create something substantial. Everything that he
knew and believed was unraveling before his eyes.

Back home he had seen witch craft and it interested him, but because it had never affected him personally,
it had never bothered him. This incident with Oheo was sitting on the edge of his throat, and was
threatening to choke him if he didn‟t soon get a handle on it. Dawenhethon watched him walk to the path
and followed him from another path, sure that no one else had seen her go.

The sky was clear blue, not a cloud anywhere. The sun held her place high in the heavens, not apologizing
for anything as she beat down upon the dry earth and sucked up the water from the lake. Tarzan stared into
the bright ball as if it were merely an object in the sky. Dawenhethon did not startle him, as he had sensed
her following him, but he did not repsond to her immediately. She stood behind him, giving him time and
space to try an understand. “You drew the evil from her didn‟t you?” It was rhetorical. “You don‟t
understand how, or why.” She continued to speak, not waiting for a response, merely offering her opinion
on the subject. “Hino has given you the gift and you have to chose how to use it. Driving the evil from
Oheo was a good thing to do. Now you must drive the evil from the rest of us.”

Tarzan spun in place to face this mysterious woman. “You speak in riddles woman. I do not have any gift
from one of your gods. I am just Tarzan.” Dawenhethon smiled at him, he was so naïve for someone with
such an old soul. “You were brought here from far away. They brought you on a very large boat, inside a
hard metal cage. They brought the lion and the ape for your companionship. You were not freed from the
cage because Thao has a death wish. He was told in his vision quest that in order for his life to progress the
way that it should, he would have to befriend the white man and he would know instinctively who.” Tarzan
stared at her in disbelief. “Are you a witch? Have you hexed me?” She smiled and her blue eyes that
matched the colour of the sky soothed his mood somewhat. “I too have taken the vision quest. Not
something that the women normally do. After my quest, I could speak the tongue of yancy.”

Tarzan had a very difficult time believing what Dawenhethon was saying to him. “Leave me please. I need
time to sift through this. Nothing makes sense right now.” She nodded but pointed toward the sweat lodge.
“Your spirit needs cleansing now. Take the opportunity.” With that she disappeared down the trail that she
had appeared from. Tarzan looked to the sweat lodge, and seeing that someone had already started a fire
within, decided that she was right, his spirit did need cleansing. Removing his clothing, he entered the
larger wigwam. Taking up a wooden ladle from the bucket, he poured much water onto the hot rocks and
sat on the highest seat, inhaling the pure heat. He must learn how to pray, he needed answers.


Jane stood at the edge of the forest, staring down the path. She had seen Dawenhethon emerging from the
trees not far from this path, it was evident that she had her own path. The sky was bluer than Jane could
remember ever seeing it, not a cloud to be seen. The ground was dry, but not too dry to raise the crops that
fed the people. The mood seemed to be lighter since Yuma‟s banishment.

It was strange to watch Oheo and Thao emerge from Oheo‟s home. She looked as though nothing had been
wrong with her only hours earlier. Thao looked as though someone had given him his greatest gift, and
Jane supposed by the way he held Oheo so lovingly possessive, that perhaps he had been given his greatest
gift. She cocked her head to the side to watch the couple move through the small groups of grateful people,
stopping to assure everyone that Oheo was indeed all right. Jane had never witnessed a miracle before, but
she was still skeptical about this one. Why was Tarzan gone for so long? She felt a void when he was not
near, this was not normal for her at all. This Hino spirit had been playing strange games with his people. If
she could pace, she surely would.

As Jane stood there waiting, she was startled by the feel of a wet nose on her hand and turned to find Numa
staring at her, as if asking the same thing she was wondering. “I don‟t know what he‟s doing, I just know
he wants to be alone.” Ezhno caught up to the well cared for lion, holding the leathery hand of the ape
Teeka. Jane smiled at the handsome young brave who was more interested in the animals than the pretty
young tribeswomen. She shared a smile and she wished that she could converse with him. He picked up a
small stick and drew a picture in the sand. “Yuma.” The pictograph was frightening. Jane pointed away
from the village, “Yuma gone.” She said, pushing with her hands. Ezhno shook his head, taking the stick
and pounding it against the sandy picture. “He‟s not gone?” she asked, knowing he didn‟t understand her.
“Tarzan will be in danger then.” At the mention of his name, both the cat and the ape perked up and stared
up at Jane who seemed to know more than they did. She caressed the mane of the large cat and pat the ape
on the head. She was in no position to help him if he was in danger.

The steam burned his lungs, but cleaned then. He coughed for moments until his body became accustomed
to the heat and moisture inside of his body. In the jungle he had always been used to the heat, but he could
dive into the cool rivers, here it was him and the heat. Thao entered the room, took up the ladle and added
yet more water to the hot rocks. The steam billowed up toward the roof and settled like a thick fog. He
inhaled deeply, already accustomed to the sensation caused by it. Tarzan looked to him and inquired as to
Oheo‟s health. “She is good, thanks to you. The shaman brought her to the elders they sent me to get you.”

Tarzan moved past Thao, diving into the cool, clear water of the lake, touching the bottom and then
bouncing up, shaking his head to clear the water from his ears and the hair from his eyes. He felt revitalized
once again. One could really grow accustomed to the sweat lodge. Snaking through the water, Tarzan
finally joined Thao on the shore, refreshed and renewed. “Why do they want to see me?” Tarzan asked his
friend, who was too happy to be concerned by the question. Again Tarzan pulled his breeches on and laced
them as he walked up the path with Thao. He had decided that it was going to be a good day, whether or
not anyone else agreed.

Kanokareh walked around and around as Oheo stood with wide eyes watching him. Thao and Tarzan
entered the wigwam, and a hush fell over the small crowd. Kanokareh placed a large hand on the shoulder
of his youngest son and his other hand on Tarzan‟s shoulder. His speech was slow and deliberate, wanting
to drive home the fact that he and his people believed that Hino had sent Tarzan to them to rid them of the
evil. His proof was Yuma‟s banishment. As Thao expressed his father‟s words, Tarzan tried to argue,
saying that it was the elders and not Tarzan that banished Yuma. His words fell on deaf ears. He tried to
placate the crowd, explaining that Oheo was still suffering from the fate that Yuma had dealt her, but she
had discovered a new outlet for her anguish, she knew that Thao wanted her, that he wanted to help her.

Tarzan could not be certain that Thao was translating exactly what he said, but it seemed as though he was
not put off by what Tarzan had said. Kanokareh removed his hands and stood before his people, pulling
Tarzan closer to Oheo and Thao. Thao smiled as he translated the next leg of his father‟s speech. “Because
Thao will be our next chief, he has the right to the woman of his choice. He has made his choice clear that
he chooses to keep Oheo. Tarzan has made it possible for her to carry on as the intended.” Tarzan knew
that Thao loved Oheo, everyone knew that it wouldn‟t have mattered about anything else, Thao wanted
Oheo, he did not like taking the credit for any of this. It was Thao‟s kindness, caresses and love that
brought Oheo back. He tried to explain this to the elders, but they would have nothing to do with it. He was
accused of modesty.

Finally they got down to the business at hand. Tarzan was to be prepared for the Vision Quest. Thao
explained that Tarzan had already sat in the sweat lodge praying for answers, and he was ready to take on
the journey. Kanokareh motioned for Tarzan and Thao to follow the shaman to a secluded shadow of the
wigwam where Tarzan would receive his instructions. He then told Oheo to go home and rest. When
Tarzan returned from his quest, there would be a marriage. Thao and Oheo would be wed. If Tarzan didn‟t
return, there would be no marriage.

Tarzan did a double take hearing that last statement. „Why?” he asked Thao, who explained that because
he, Tarzan, was working with Hino that if the marriage was to be blessed, it would have to be blessed by
him. If he didn‟t return, their marriage could not take place because it couldn‟t be blessed. Tarzan shook his
head. “I don‟t understand these customs. In the jungle you take a mate, you don‟t have ceremony, you fight
the bull ape for the female and if you win the challenge, then the female is your mate. These rules are lies.”
Tarzan started to walk away from his friend and head out of the wigwam, foregoing the instruction with the
Shaman, but Thao stopped him in his tracks. “You are not in your jungle. You are in my village, you have
received the power from Hino and it is your responsibility to see it through. If you do not want Oheo to be
my bride, then by all means say it now, my father and the elders will respect your wishes.”

Shaking his head, trying to put things into perspective, Tarzan stated that he would complete the journey
and return to bless the rite. Again the two of them approached the shaman. The three men sat cross legged
on a thick buffalo hide, staring into the small blue flame of large beeswax candle as it burned. The shaman
took a small pipe and filled it with something that Tarzan didn‟t recognize. The smell was unlike the
regular tobacco that he smoked with Kanokareh and the elders, he didn‟t prefer either smell, but this one
was much stronger than the other. The shaman handed the pipe to Tarzan and instructed him to inhale
deeply. Thao was not offered the pipe; he merely passed on the orders.

Tarzan inhaled as deeply as his recently cleaned lungs would allow. The taste was strong and it burned his
esophagus as well as his lungs. When he tried to hand the pipe back to the shaman, it was pushed back
upon him, to inhale more. Finally he could take no more and he began to cough. The shaman said
something to Thao and the three of them stood to leave once more.

Tarzan‟s head began to spin, there were coloured lights everywhere, the sun shone brightly within the
shadows of the wigwam. Thao‟s hair became white and his skin became a very pale sepia. Confusion set in.
“I do not understand.” Thao and the shaman held tightly to Tarzan as they exited the room and entered the
daylight of the village. As disoriented as he had become, Tarzan realized that this was part of the rite and
attempted to allow it to happen. It was difficult to not be in control of his faculties.

It was Ezhno that was asked to bring the finest painted mustang for Tarzan to ride. Without a saddle, and
little control over his limbs, Tarzan found it difficult to hold on to the pony. Thao mounted his mustang, the
shaman mounted his. The two men walked their horses with Tarzan‟s in between, trying to keep him
mounted until they arrived to the sacred spot. Tarzan tried to find his bearings, tried to make notice of the
landmarks, but his vision was impaired by the soft pastel colours that floated past him, and the small
ladybugs that seemed to be sitting on the coloured clouds.
Jane called out to Thao, “Where are you taking him? What‟s wrong with him?” but she could not run to
catch up. He looked almost drunk and this terrified her. To her, it was certain that he would not return. This
was not a good thing. She looked around, trying to find where the horses were kept, but it seemed as though
they were free, not corralled anywhere. She couldn‟t walk to catch up. “The vision quest.” She said out
loud, as if saying it made it real. Numa nudged her hand and Teeka tried to pull her after him. “He‟s
supposed to do this alone; I guess they are making sure he does. I don‟t like this.”

“Peyote, the effects are strong, but he can fight through it. He will be fine, he is strong and he is wise.”
Dawenhethon whispered in Jane‟s ear as they watched the men ride to the west. Jane didn‟t turn to speak to
her, her heart pounded a strong tattoo in her chest and she was certain that Dawenhethon could hear it. She
was terrified to be alone in the village, she was terrified to be alone anywhere. Knowing that Josh was still
out there, and that Tarzan was not here to protect her, Jane‟s heart sunk. “You too are strong and wise my
fire haired friend. You will be fine too.” Dawenhethon stepped away from Jane and her animal menagerie.
The animals had not even yawned when she showed up, how strange. Too many strange things in this
corner of the world. She longed for a clawed foot bath tub with steaming hot water pouring out of the sides
as she splashed to wash her hair. What she would give for a thin cotton dress that would allow her to
breath, instead of this thick animal skin that seemed to confine her body. Joshua had taken everything from
her, her possessions, her diginity and her pride. What was left for her to offer to this Tarzan? She lifted her
fingers to touch her lips where his had softly caressed hers. “You must be dreaming Jane. Peyote?” She
turned around to ask Dawenhethon what Peyote was, but she was gone.


The men arrived at the sacred spot. They had taken the horses as far up the mountain as they would go, and
the Thao and the Shaman aided Tarzan in the rest of the climbing journey. Tarzan still had not recaptured
all of his faculties, but his senses seemed to be heightened. He could smell the rain in the distance and he
was certain that he could see people, far away on the mountain range. Thao‟s heart seemed to be pounding
louder than he could remember and his own seemed to have sped up to the speed of sound. Upon reaching
their destination, the Shaman handed Tarzan a pouch and told him to pray. Thao explained that he had to
arrange the stones in a circle and spread tobacco over the spot as an offering to the spirits. He would be
left without his clothing, without his knife, with no food or water and he must find his way back to the
village when he felt ready.

The red men took their leave of the white man, but Tarzan watched them as they slowly descended the
narrow steep incline. His mind made a mental note of the way down. He knew that he was not in any
condition to be climbing down a mountain. The effects of the drug were still in his system and he was
unsure as to how long they would affect him. He should not have inhaled so deeply, and definitely should
not have taken more than one drag off of the pipe.

Finding that his limbs were beginning to obey his brain, Tarzan set to work with the ritual. He took the
stones that were available and he made a circle, and then he spread the tobacco over the stones and into the
circle, chanting his own song, asking his own questions. “Why did you choose me to be your emissary?
What can I do for these people that they cannot do for themselves? Why am I here in this strange land?
Did you bring me here?” Tarzan walked around the stones and finally stepped inside of the circle. His
head began to throb, the pain was excruciating. Clenching his fists over his head, he collapsed into the
middle of the circle and stared up into the sun. Slowly his world began to spin and then it turned black and
he followed himself into the abyss.

“John, John Clayton Jr.” The wind spoke to Tarzan, his aqua eyes opened. Before him he could see a
beautiful doe, she seemed to smile at him. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his brain, he seemed to
remember that he might discover a spirit guide. Thao had explained that they were usually animals and that
this clan was of the deer, so it made sense that his spirit guide would be a deer. “You are thinking too
much John.” Tarzan gave his head a shake and attempted to sit up, but the world continued to spin. He
rested his head back down into the soft ground, the tobacco attaching itself to his now dirty hair.
“Why do you call me John?” Tarzan asked the wind as it softly touched upon his forehead, cooling his
warm brow. The deer appeared, standing beside him, smelling the ground beside him. “You are John,
John Clayton Jr.” she responded, leaving him more confused. “I am Tarzan.” He insisted, but the wind and
the deer continued to tell him otherwise. “John, John Clayton Jr.” Tarzan lay still, watching his imaginary
deer approach him. She opened her mouth to speak, but he interrupted her. “I have been drugged, you are
not real.” He closed his eyes, trying to sleep off the affects of the drug.
He could feel something warm and wet on his face. Try as he might to ignore it, he just couldn‟t. As he
opened his aqua eyes, he could see that the sun had set and the sky was filled with twinkling stars. A
beautiful deer stood over him, licking his face, trying to wake him.

He had slept for a long time. Sitting up, he could feel that the effects of the drug were wearing off for the
most part, but he still didn‟t quite feel like himself. The deer was still there. He reached out to touch her,
but was shocked when he found that she was real, not a figment of his imagination. “Powerful.” He stated,
referring to the drug. He spoke to the deer, “I thought that you were a dream, and I dreamed that you spoke
to me.” The deer again licked him as he pet her thick coat of fur. “I did speak to you John.” He looked
around to see if someone was playing a trick on him, but he was certain that the sounds came directly from
the deer. Staring up into the stars, he tried to find his bearings. He found the Dog Star, Sirius and he found
Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. They were situated slightly different than in his sky, but they were there.
Confusion set it and he lay his head back down in the tobacco. Was any of it real? His first thought was
that he was back in the jungle, having a strange nightmare….

When Tarzan again had opened his eyes, the sun was beginning to rise into the heavens. He sat up and
looked around. The deer was gone. The air was chill with the morning mist, but he did not feel the cold.
Inside the circle of stones, he felt protected and comforted. As he pulled his legs up to him, to sit cross
legged, he began to meditate on the meaning of his life. It was his decision that if he was going to do this,
he was going to do it right. He closed his eyes and awaited the memories.

Beside him was Kala, the mother ape, she protected the child that he was from the world that he did not
belong in. He could understand her words as she soothed the child. As she cooed his tears subsided and
they sat quietly, alone for many moments. Then she was gone. Tarzan opened his eyes, “Kala, mother?”
He called out to her, but she was gone once again. He felt a void in his heart; he had missed her when she
was taken away by the great spirits. All was quiet, but Tarzan could hear sounds from below, sounds that
he knew someone was attempting to conceal. In the sanctity of his circle, Tarzan remained seated and
silent. The sounds became increasingly closer, and his heart began to pound harder until he willed it to
slow as he calmly rocked back and forth.

A voice inside of Tarzan‟s head, the voice that had belonged to the deer in his dream, spoke softly, a
warning to him. “This is not the time for fighting; you must protect yourself, as you are not alone.” He
shook his head as if someone else had been talking to him. He stealthfully stood and walked to the edge of
the precipice and looked over the edge. It was a beautiful sight, the green of the trees, the rising mist, the
lakes and valleys below him. He couldn‟t see anyone, but he could smell them, their sweat rose up the trail
like a bad stench. There were two of them, and one smelled familiar.

Instinctively his hand went for the knife that he carried within the waistband of his breeches. He was
naked, nothing to cover or protect himself with. He must rely on his wits alone. Standing straight and tall,
his feet slightly apart, Tarzan turned his head slightly in either direction, listening for the sound of his neck
cracking. He closed his eyes and listened hard. They were still far enough away that he could escape, but
to where? The only way down was the way that they were coming up. His only choice would be to wait
them out.

As he stood, still inside the circle, Tarzan crossed his arms and waited for the inevitable. “You cannot win
this fight Tarzan.” The deer‟s face appeared before him. “Who are you?” He queried, not concerned with
what she had to say. “You know who I am.” He cocked his head to the side, “Now you call me Tarzan,
show yourself. Remove this costume and show yourself.” The deer of is vision disappeared and he looked
around for her, but there was no where for her to come from or to hide.

The sounds became louder as the strangers approached the top. Tarzan remained standing in the circle,
eyes closed, arms crossed, waiting. A voice spoke to him, in English. “Well, I‟ll be a son-of-a-bitch if it
ain‟t the savage from the freak show.” The man‟s voice was gruff and he smelled of the awful mixture of
unwash and whiskey. “My friend here tells me that you have my woman and I want her back.” Tarzan‟s
eyes flew open and he looked into the eyes of pure evil. It was the man that had been with Jane at the side
show. He stood there with Yuma, whose face remained emotionless. Tarzan knew what his beef was and
he tried to prepare himself as best as he could for the ensuing fight.

Jane paced in her wigwam, as well as her splinted leg would allow her. Numa and Teeka had also taken up
the sport of pacing. The three of them worried, and then worried more. “Numa, can you track Tarzan?”
She spoke to the animal as if he might even understand and answer her. Of course he didn‟t and she sighed
disheartened. There was a sound outside of the wigwam and Jane, along with her new body guards, peeked
outside to see what was amiss. It was Ezhno, calling her out.

The night was clear and the stars were twinkling brightly, it would be a good night to start tracking. Ezhno
made himself understood with his pictures. Jane knew that he was telling her that he thought that Tarzan
might be in trouble and that with the help of the lion, Numa, he thought he might be able to help. She
looked at the young man with fascination.

As far as she could tell, Ezhno wanted to help her to find Tarzan. She put her hands up in the air and
shrugged. “How?” she asked. He handed her a pair of his breeches, telling her to put them on,
“athahsteren” he said, referring to the pants. She slid them up over her splint. “Why do I need these?” She
asked, but when he introduced her to the orange and white painted mustang, she began to understand. She
had ridden horses before, but never bareback, always with a saddle. The pants would protect her legs from
chaffing with the constant movement on the horse‟s back. Placing his finger over his lips, he spoke,
“Shhhhhh.” He said, and she understood that.

Quietly the four of them made way to the edge of the village without incident. Teeka had decided to sit on
Numa‟s back for the ensuing adventure, Numa grunted and grumbled, but seemingly did not really mind
the passenger. Silence became their cloak as they pushed on through the night. Hurrying as fast as they
could, knowing that they wouldn‟t reach him until morning.

Tarzan stood staring at the two men, appearing to be confident and calm. Joshua circled him while Yuma
stood still. Curiosity got the better of Tarzan. “So how is it that you and Yuma have become cohorts?”
Joshua had the most disconcerting smile. Tarzan could feel his eyes boring through him. Yuma stood with
his arms crossed, like Tarzan, letting Joshua hold audience. “Yuma? You mean the red chief?” Joshua
laughed. “We go way back. He gives me information, gets me some renegade injuns and we do some
looting and shooting and go our separate ways, until the next time.” He seemed quite proud of himself.

Tarzan stared at Yuma. “Does he speak English, or do you speak Senecan?” He turned back to Joshua,
who didn‟t even bother to hold the gun up. The idea that he and Yuma were standing here intimidating a
naked white savage was almost too much for even his abnormal sense of humour. “You got my Jane?” He
looked around, realizing that Tarzan had no one here, nothing here. In pure Senecan, Joshua began to
converse with Yuma. Tarzan wasn‟t sure what they were saying, but he knew it couldn‟t be good. His
biggest fear was that he was going be pushed over that precipice. That idea didn‟t sit well with him, as he
hadn‟t had time to check it out, to see where he could find a foot hold or a grip.

Yuma yelled at Joshua and Joshua raised his gun to Yuma. “You watch what you say you son-of-a-bitch”.
Tarzan was curious as to what had provoked Joshua. Joshua turned to the blond man standing beside him
and smiled. “Do you want the injun dead too?” He asked in all seriousness, Tarzan shook his head. “I do
not want anyone dead.” He responded. He could hear the voice in his head, the voice of the deer saying,
“You cannot win this fight.” But he refused to believe her. He had to try. Before he could turn, Joshua
shot him, knocking him backward into the circle with the tobacco. Yuma laughed and said something to
Joshua, who in turn laughed. “Well mister Tarzan, where is your spirit guide now?” Joshua kicked Tarzan
and then hit him with the butt of his gun. Yuma stayed where he was, his hands not bloodied by the event.
He was only the tracker, Joshua was the assassin.

Blood flowed freely from the wound, Tarzan felt very little. The white man kicked him until he bored of it
and then he and Yuma turned to make their way down the mountain once again. “Tell the little lady if and
when you see her that I will be coming for her.” His laughter filled the morning sky and turned Tarzan‟s

With his large hand, Tarzan searched the wound to see if the bullet had gone through or if had lodged in his
chest. He had nothing to wrap it with, nothing to seal it with. Reaching behind him, he took up a bunch of
tobacco and put it in his mouth; he chewed it and then took the wet mass out and placed it on the bullet
wound. The paid was excruciating, but instinctively, he knew if there was pain, then nothing important in
that general area was damaged. He needed to slow down the bleeding.

From below him, he could hear the men conversing in Yuma‟s native tongue. Joshua was laughing.
Tarzan knew why he was here now. Everything seemed to be intertwined. If he hadn‟t come to this
strange land, then Jane might have perished, Yuma would have become chief and Thao would lose Oheo,
one way or another. Everything was intertwined; it was all starting to make sense to him now. He closed
his eyes and spoke to his spirit guide. “I know what I must do. I need your strength, your guidance, your
help in order to help Jane and Thao to fight this evil. The deer‟s voice whispered in his ear. “I am always
with you John Clayton Jr.”

Slowly standing, Tarzan held his hand over the wound, trying to apply as much pressure as he could while
he walked toward the steep incline down the mountain. With renewed strength and conviction, Tarzan
began the descent.

Jane and Ezhno quietly made their way across the plains to the small mountain range. Ezhno knew exactly
where the sacred place was, as he had been there on his vision quest. He wished that his communication
skills had been better; he wanted to tell Jane all of the amazing things that could happen to one on a vision
quest. Being near to her, Ezhno realized that his heart would flutter like that of one of the young women.
He was supposed to be a brave. Jane would not have him, she was yancy. He allowed himself the fantasy
of her just by being near. Having befriended the animals was definitely something in his favour, as she
seemed to like the animals and they seemed to like her. He had vowed to himself that we would care for
her in Tarzan‟s stead. He knew what happened to her and he knew who. Someday he would avenge her.

The rode until the sun started to rise in the east, showing the way much more clearly. Ezhno stopped the
small expedition often, to water the animals and for he and Jane to drink. They had taken no provisions
with them except an animal skin of water, stealing away in the middle of the night, so they were both a bit
hungry. Ezhno was worried about Numa getting hungry, but he knew that he had been well fed the day
before and should be fine for a while. He was not versed in the ways of the African lion and worried a little
for everyone‟s safety. Jane walked beside Numa, petting his thick coat, saying strange words to him, but it
seemed to keep the animal calm. For now.
The sun was climbing in the sky when Teeka started to make strange noises and Numa grumbled a low
deep growl. These noises were not fearful, but welcoming. As they trudged onward, walking their horses,
Ezhno and Jane saw a figure in the distance, a lone figure, swaying as if inebriated, having great difficulty
following a straight line. It was Jane who realized it at first, it was Tarzan. She picked up her pace and
then began to run. Unsure as to why she was so happy to see him, she still raced onward, meeting up with
the totally naked, sun-baked yancy who seemed very pleased to see her. Jane tried to avert her eyes, and
Tarzan helped by reaching out to her and falling before her. “Jane.” Was all he could muster. She noted
that he had been shot and that he was failing fast. “Ezhno!” She called, but he stood beside her, trying to
pull the large man off of her. He spoke to Tarzan in his native language, but neither Tarzan nor Jane could
Carefully Jane and Ezhno tried to maneuver Tarzan onto one of the ponies. He was an immovable object.
“He needs water, do you have water left?” Jane asked, making the motion of drinking. Ezhno took the
animal skin out and poured the liquid through Tarzan‟s dry lips. He swallowed and coughed, then
swallowed more, pulling the skin from Ezhno as if it were liquid gold. Once the skin was emptied, Tarzan
managed to find some energy to stand. Jane had tried to avert her eyes from his muscled rippled torso, she
had tried not to make noticed of the thick muscles of his thighs or his arms. He was an Adonis, like the
statues that she had seen pictured in the small gallery of the city in better days. He was beautiful.

“Jane, you are fine?” He finally managed to speak. She nodded. “Why wouldn‟t I be?” She asked, almost
flippant. Tarzan stood taller now, the water seemed to have been like manna from the gods, reviving him so
well. “Yuma, Joshua, they are after you.” He wasn‟t sure if telling her had been such a smart idea, but she
had to know what they were up against. “Tarzan, you were drugged, this thing called peyote, this is why
you thought you saw Yuma and Joshua in your vision quest.” She answered, dismissing the thought. “I did
not dream them.” He pointed to the bullet hole in his shoulder. “Did you bring any weapons?” Jade shook
her head in shock. When Tarzan motioned to Ezhno about a bow, Ezhno produced a small bow and some
notched arrows. It wasn‟t much. Tarzan wished that he had his knife. When he looked down he realized
that he was still naked, which would explain some of Jane‟s discomfort. She had her decorum to think of,
yet she was not helping him out in this matter. He almost smiled at the prospect of her looking over his
naked body and enjoying the spectacle, but there were serious matters to take care of right now. He would
see to Jane‟s decorum later.

“Jane, do you need the pants as well as the dress?” Jane realized that yes, Ezhno had given her a pair of
breeches to wear, perhaps he had meant that she would bring them to Tarzan, perhaps it was just luck that
he had given them to her. She pulled up her dress and began to unlace the pants. Both men watched,
mesmerized with her as she attempted to pull down the pants. Looking up she gave them both a dirty look
and ordered them to turn around. Even Ezhno understood that order. Both men turned and Jane pulled the
pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them. The air was cool, but she would be fine, after all, there
was the matter of decorum.

Tarzan gratefully pulled the pants up and adjusted the lacing to his size. “They are warm, thank you.” He
really had meant it as gratitude, but she was mortified by his statement. Watching her face turn a lovely
shade of crimson caused Tarzan to smile. As he laced the pants, Jane examined the spot that Tarzan had
been shot. The wound seemed to be in a fairly good place, missing any important organs or blood vessels.
She imagined it hurt like hell though and felt bad for having thought of anything other than his health.
“What did you use for a poultice?” She asked, inspecting further. “Tobacco was all I had handy.” She felt
that he had made a wise choice, but she knew that Dawenhethon would find something more potent. “You
need to be tended; I don‟t know how tobacco will affect your wound.” He smiled, feeling his world
beginning to spin. “I will need to mount a horse.”

Ezhno and Jane were able to help Tarzan onto the horse with his own help, but they were worried that he
would fall if he lost consciousness. Without words, the two of them managed to communicate much. Once
he was on the horse, Ezhno helped Jane up and sat behind him, holding him carefully as he leaned in to her.
Numa and Teeka seemed jealous that Tarzan had ignored them, so they approached the horse themselves.
Numa licked Tarzan from neck to forehead and Teeka kissed him tenderly on the cheek. He rewarded them
both with a smile and pet them for a moment. “We must ride Jane, you are in danger.”

That evening the village was still a buzz with gossip about Jane and Ezhno. Thao and Oheo could not
believe that Ezhno would run off with a yancy woman, but Ezhno was quiet and it was the quiet ones you
had to watch. Dawenhethon did not believe that the two had departed together as lovers; she believed that
they had taken on a mission and Kanokareh was inclined to agree. The white woman seemed more inclined
to the yancy than one of his braves.

Oheo and Thao went to the wigwam where Jane had slept and found nothing that would indicate staying or
leaving. She had arrived with nothing, and had left with the same, save for the dress that Dawenhethon had
given her. A thought occurred to Thao, but he was almost embarrassed to say. Dawenhethon brought up
the matter before he could say it out loud. “Do you think that they went to find the yancy Tarzan?” Thao
looked to his mother who seemed to think his own thoughts and nodded. “I don‟t know why Ezhno would
not trust the vision quest, but it seems as though he has taken her to him, bringing his animal friends
along.” The two conversed in their native language as Oheo watched the horizon. She could see off in the
distance, two horses, three riders and a lion and an ape. “They return.” She stated simply, having a strange
feeling that they did not bring good tidings with them.

Thao was first at the side of his blood brother and the first to see the wound. “Who would do this to you on
your vision quest?” He asked, his thoughts scattered. “Who indeed?” Asked Jane. Thao stared into the
topaz and green eyes of the white woman who held tight to his blood brother. “Yuma, Yuma has done
this?” Jane nodded, not really knowing the entire story, just filling in the blanks as they appeared. Tarzan
stayed her with a soft and gentle finger upon her lips. “Yuma did not shoot me.”

With the aid of his blood brother, Tarzan dismounted the horse and held tight to the strong hand that held
him close. “Tell me brother, what happened to you out there?” Thao demanded. “We must speak to the
elders Thao. We must do it now. Great danger is coming to the people of this village and we must warn

The elders gathered with Kanokareh, Thao and Tarzan. Dawenhethon sat behind, putting her beads
together, watching, waiting. Tarzan related his story to the elders. He told them of his vision quest and
how the deer had appeared to him. They were pleased with this, being a clan of the deer, this proved that
this warrior was deserving. As he continued his story, telling that he had been called by another name,
John Clayton Jr., this made no sense to anyone. Dawenhethon took a deep breath when the name was
mentioned but no one but Tarzan seemed to notice. He would broach this subject with her at a later time.
As he explained about the deer telling him that there was to be a fight that he could not win, he wondered if
the deer spoke of the fight with the men, or the ensuing one with the whites and the natives banded together
for the greater evil.

The shaman took some dust and threw it into the air, he danced around a small fire in the middle of the
wigwam and then he approached Tarzan. Thao again translated for him. “You see whites and reds
together, fighting other whites and reds.” Tarzan nodded. “This is a dream that has come to many of us of
late.” Tarzan understood that he was not alone in this dream, and all knew that it was not manufactured if
the Shaman too saw what Tarzan had heard. “You must band together with your half brothers and rid the
land of this infestation.” The shaman yelled at Kanokareh, who stared at Tarzan as if he were a spirit.
“Hino has done well in bringing you to us yancy Tarzan. You are always welcome to the tribe of the deer.
Now go, my wife Dawenhethon will see to your wounds and to your hunger. You have done well.”

Tarzan barely made it out of the wigwam, when he lost his footing. He was tired and hungry and still very
thirsty. Jane waited outside of their wigwam for him and helped Thao bring him inside. As Thao helped
him lay down on the pallet, Jane reached for a cup of water and brought it to Tarzan‟s lips. He drank until
the cup was dry and requested another and another. Jane responded each time, filling the cup and holding it
to his lips. Thao could not think of anything to say, so he remained silent. The silence was broken by the
sound of Dawenhethon barking orders to Oheo as they entered the wigwam, carrying healing salves, and

The woman pushed Jane out of the way and went to work on him. Oheo offered Tarzan a strop of leather
between his teeth, and looking toward Dawenhethon, he understood why and gratefully took it. Jane
reached up and held his hand, knowing what pain he would feel. As the women worked, Thao tended the
small blue fire, an iron rod heating in place.
The wound was deep enough to make blood, but had not damaged anything vital. Quickly Dawenhethon
cauterized the wound with the hot iron and then Oheo quickly applied a soothing poultice to the newly
formed scab. Tarzan had lost the battle with consciousness and the leather strop fell onto Jane‟s lap.
“Thank you.” She offered, but the women continued to work. Finally Thao asked Oheo to join him
outside and she gratefully obliged him.

“You are in grave danger miss Jane.” Dawenhethon admitted. “Tarzan has explained that to me.” Jane
offered in response. “I don‟t want anyone hurt because of me.” Tears spilled from her eyes as she laid her
head on Tarzan‟s bare chest, listening, making certain that his heart still pounded inside. With a gently
hand, he reached up and stroked her long auburn mane. “Blood will be spilled Jane, but not because of
you.” He knew that she was feeling as though she had brought some sore of plague to these good people.
Dawenhethon also stroked her hair as she spoke. “Yuma has no fight with you Jane, his fight is with the
people of this village, but he has joined forces with the man that would see you dead. You must tell us
about him.”

Jane‟s head remained on Tarzan‟s chest as her tears spilled onto his naked bronzed chest. “He was to be
my husband.” She could hear Tarzan‟s heartbeat quicken a bit and then he slowed it back down to normal.
“He said that he loved me and wanted to have a family with me.” She continued to speak, but her tears
came easier as she did so. Tarzan wrapped an arm around her shoulder and caressed her as she continued
her story. “He was evil. At first I thought that he was sowing his wild oats, he bedded many women and
he battled many men for the right to bed these women. But he would come to me and tell me about them.
What they had done for him and he wanted this from me.” Tarzan tried to make her understand that she
was safe and it was all right to tell them. “I wouldn‟t acquiesce to his demands and he beat me. He beat me
black and blue, I was bleeding, tattered and torn, my spirit dying.” The two listening to her story were
compassionate with her, not wishing her further harm, but the dam had opened and she was unable to close
it again. She needed the cathartic effect of her confession. “I went to the sheriff who in turn brought
charges to Joshua, who in turn killed the Sheriff, before my eyes, in cold blood.” He then turned on my and
I ran. When he caught me, I was certain that he would kill me. There were moments when I wished he
would have, but he didn‟t. He left me in a small hotel room to bleed and to heal, to do it over again.”

Her tears had subsided and her anger had set in. “I didn‟t know what he was about. He had been charming
for so long. So charming that I had nothing left to my name, every penny that I had saved was gone and
there was nothing to show for it. Then I witnessed the gathering of the men. There were white men and
red men, all mercenaries it seemed. I overheard their plan of overtaking a wagon train, and taking what
they wanted.” Jane almost spat out the words. “They were joking about killing the men and raping the
women and then killing them and their children. I had to do something.”

Tarzan was able to sit up and pull her close once more. Instinctively, her arm wrapped around his tanned
abdomen as she continued her story. “I snuck out and went to the telegraph office, telling the operator to
let the circuit judge know what was going on and who was in the middle of it. You have to understand,
Joshua had power in that town. I sealed my fate. Once I had done that, I stole a horse and I raced the wind
to catch up to the wagon train. I made it there before Joshua, but it didn‟t matter, there were too many of
them.” She covered her eyes with her arm and she sobbed once more. “I can still hear them screaming, I
couldn‟t do anything to help them. They are crazy marauders! There is no rhyme or reasoning to what they
do, they just do it. And now I have endangered you.”

Dawenhethon smoothed Jane‟s hair as she cried. “You cannot carry the weight of the world child. Yuma
has put us in danger, not you. You must be strong now. You cannot let this Joshua believe that he has
bested you. Pull yourself together. Eat, and then get some rest. There is much to do on the morrow.”
Dawenhethon was about to take her leave of the two of them, when Tarzan called her back. Standing over
him, she knew what he was about to ask, but she let him go through the motions nonetheless. “Who is John
Clayton Jr. and how do you come to know this name?” His hand held her tight, but it pained his shoulder
to do so and she knew it. Carefully Dawenhethon pulled herself from his grip. “One battle at a time
Tarzan.” And she was gone.
The young people rested as best as they could. Tarzan managed to swallow the pain in his shoulder and he
attempted to soothe Jane. She seemed inconsolable, but he maintained his attempt. “It was a very
interesting dream that I had on the mountain.” Tarzan changed the subject to something more palatable.
Jane lifted her head to rest her chin on Tarzan‟s bare chest. “Tell me.” She asked, almost pleadingly. He
smiled as he smoothed her now mussed hair down her back. “I dreamed of a most beautiful deer that could
speak to me, warn me. She made everything here make sense.” Jane lifted her face and softly grinned. “Do
you think that she could help me make sense of everything too?”

The nearness of Jane was comforting and unnerving at the same time. He could breathe in her scent from
this distance, and when he ran his fingers through her thick auburn mass of curls and ringlets, it awoke
senses that he then thought were long buried. His need to mate with her seemed to be growing, without
either trying. His reasoning told him that the situation that they were caught in was the reason for this close
bond and wanting to strengthen it. He would not pursue something with her after all she had undergone
with Joshua. Tarzan would have to be satisfied with this closeness.

Jane stared into the eyes of her rescuer. Never had she looked into anything so pure. She saw no lies there,
no ultimatums, and no requests. She did, however, see the desire, but she was unsure if the desire was just
mirrored from her own eyes, or if it came from him. He did not blink as she stared, he allowed her the
questions that she would ask, he drank her in with his eyes and she did the same. “Your eyes are like the
chameleon, they change colour constantly.” Tarzan finally broke their silence. She cocked her head to the
side and stared at him. She could not take her eyes from his face, relishing the gentle covetous look that he
saw her with. “What colour are my eyes?” She asked, seriously, closing them, testing him. Tarzan smiled
and again he raked his hand through her tresses. “They are mostly topaz, like the gemstone, with flecks of
gold and emerald. They are most stunning, as are you.” Tarzan was not well versed in the language of
flirtation, but he had managed to create a lovely crimson blush for Jane‟s heart shaped face. He looked
deeply into her eyes once more. “Ah yes, there is a ring around the outside, a copper colour.” Her eyes
danced as she moved her face closer to his.

Tarzan placed his finger on Jane‟s lips in a feeble attempt at stopping the impending kiss, but he was
unsuccessful. Jane‟s lips touched his and he felt as though they were on fire. Her kiss was gentle at first and
then demanding, her tongue slipping through his teeth, finding his tongue. The agony of desire was
exquisite, almost tortuous. Tarzan‟s arm instinctively wrapped around Jane‟s waist, pulling her to him until
she was over him. Having never kissed a woman, Tarzan was enthralled at the taste of her, the feel of her
velvety lips and tongue and excited by the intimacy of the touch. Still, he worried about Jane‟s psyche.
“Jane?” he questioned, honestly, making certain that she was not merely falling into the trap of not
knowing how to appropriately show her appreciation. She lifted her head slightly, in order to focus her eyes
on his. “Yes?” She questioned, almost impatiently. He grinned. Beneath her doe skin dress, Tarzan could
feel her heart beat pounding out a heavy tattoo. Her breathing had shallowed and her eyes had glazed over
is such a sensual way, it took every bit of his wherewithal to hold himself back from taking her right there
as the apes would do.

Large calloused hands wrapped around Jane‟s waist, pulling her closer to him, showing her exactly what
she was doing to him. Her breasts heaved as she inhaled deeply, trying desperately to fill her lungs, but
unable to do so. She was on fire and could not explain it to herself. She wanted to lose herself in this man,
this stranger, this beautiful Adonis that treated her as if she were delicate glass. Jane was losing control and
she didn‟t care. As she slid her hand beneath the lace of his breeches, Tarzan realized what she was doing
and attempted to stop her. “Jane, you must wait until you are sure, so much to think about.” She covered his
protests with her full, swollen lips, charging him with interfering with the natural order of things. “Oh, I am
sure.” She said as her hand found its target. Tarzan moaned into her mouth and she was pleased.
As Jane leaned into him more, Tarzan moved to accommodate her on the pallet. He had never before felt
such a sensation through his entire being. It was as though he was on fire from the inside, as if some type
of fever had taken him over. The pleasure was torture, sweet torture. He wanted to lay with her like this
forever, but something, somewhere in the back of his brain told him it wasn‟t right, that something here
was very wrong. All of his good sense had been pushed aside for simple lust, and she seemed so very
willing, but still, something was amiss.
Thundering noises from outside of the wigwam drew both Tarzan and Jane from their reverie. He looked
into her eyes and saw the wanton lust within, but when he searched deeper, he found such emptiness. He
made a promise to help her fill the emptiness, although this didn‟t seem like the time to fulfill such

Thao was in the wigwam before the two of them could stand up. Ezhno stood behind him, long bow and
arrows in hand, pushing Numa and Teeka inside. “We are under attack!” Thao warned, not knowing what
to say to Tarzan. “You were right.” Tarzan bolted from his prone position almost pushing Jane onto the
ground. “Joshua and Yuma?” Thao nodded and added, “some of our half brothers that have been ousted
by their tribes, they have all banded together.” Tarzan looked to Numa and spoke softly into his ear. The
huge cat shook his mane as if he had understood whatever Tarzan said. “I need a weapon.” Tarzan asked
and Ezhno handed him his bow, leaving to find another. Jane tried to follow the men out of the opening,
but Numa roared a low roar and stood in front of her. “Tarzan, tell me to let me out.” She pleaded, but
Tarzan turned to her and merely shook his head, then he was gone.

Thao brought Tarzan to the wigwam where the elders met. The Shaman danced around a fire, throwing
powder into it and watching it create small explosions. He had been singing a very sad song , but stopped
once Tarzan entered. Men gathered around Thao and Tarzan, but they parted when the Shaman
approached. He spoke with grand gestures and Thoa did his best to translate as the Shaman began to paint
the white stripes across Tarzan‟s face. “You have come to save us.” Tarzan shook his head. “Not save,
help, you have to save yourselves.” Thao shrugged, but did not translate Tarzan‟s words. “You will help
Hino to rid the land of the evil that abounds and threatens to over take.” Tarzan spun around and yelled to
the crowd. “Are you to stand here like statues? You must pick up weapons and defend yourself. I cannot
save you, one man cannot save you, and you must all fight!” With that, Thao finally translated. The men
cheered and they rallied together, taking up weapons and filing out of the wigwam. Tarzan stood alone
with Thao, the shaman and Kanokareh. The latter stood amused at the young man with the mass of blond
locks and the painted white face. Thao translated. “They will obey you now; you must tell them to obey
Thao.” Tarzan agreed that Thao should lead the men.

Tarzan watched as Dawenhethon entered the wigwam with laces of buckskin in her hands. Carefully she
tied Tarzan‟s hair in braids, attaching a feather to each braid. He stared into her sky blue eyes and finally
wondered out loud. “You are not purebred.” His statement took her aback momentarily. Thao stared at
him in disbelief. How could he speak to his mother this way. Thao tensed and Tarzan turned to him,
knowing instinctively that he had insulted his blood brother without meaning. “No Thao, I am not your
enemy. I merely made a statement.” Dawenhethon nodded to her son that she was fine and turned back to
Tarzan. “You will soon know what will pass.” Tarzan placed his hand on her arm and squeezed her lightly.
“What else do you know?” Just as a tease perhaps, she faced him, their eyes locked. “You have left her
frustrated, you must ease this tension.” And she was gone. Thao shrugged, trying not to get caught up in
his mother‟s riddles. The men headed out to meet the others.

Tarzan stood before the gathered crowd and Thao stood translating. “You have been attacked and you
must fight to defend yourselves. You must follow the orders of your leaders. Kanokareh and
Thaonawyuthe will be your strength. I will be their aid. Fight as if your lives depend on it, because they
do!” The red men with the white paint on their face listened as Thao translated. Kanokareh lifted his bow
and cheered, everyone chimed in and they turned toward the edge of the village and ran to join the fight.
Jane paced the length of the wigwam and back again. Numa lay in front of the opening and would not
budge. Teeka too was „stuck‟ inside and everyone else was „stuck‟ outside. Dawenhethon tried to
converse with Jane over the great cat, but he merely yawned his bad breath in her face and licked her as she
attempted to speak. “Only Tarzan or Ezhno has any control over the lion.” Jane tried to explain.
Dawenhethon laughed out loud, she knew what he was doing and she thought it was funny. “You think he
tries to protect you, he is protecting himself from you.” The lion again yawned, but Jane would have none
of it. Carefully she wrapped her slim fingers around the muzzle of the cat. “Why does he need protection
from me?” The older woman with the dancing sky blue eyes smiled at Jane. “You distract him from his
purpose.” Numa managed to pry his mouth opened and growl at Dawenhethon. She took the message as
real and excused herself. Jane mulled the words over and over and over, but still could not understand their
meaning. She could not begin to understand why Tarzan would have to protect himself from her.

The battle ensued. Tarzan recognized Joshua and he in turn was recognized, the men faced off. Tarzan‟s
bow would do him no good now. He turned momentarily to Thao who instinctively knew what he needed,
a sharp knife came flying toward him and he caught it with the palms of both of his hands pushed together.
Joshua saw this and stepped back a bit. He had never faced such a formidable adversary. Tarzan didn‟t
think, he didn‟t react, he watched, and he waited. Joshua was no fool either; he too had become a hunter,
with similar instincts to Tarzan. Neither man took the first swing. It was not a matter of cowardice on
either part, both knew their opponent came prepared. “You have some fancy patching there my friend.”
Joshua said, noticing the handiwork on Tarzan‟s shoulder. “These savages don‟t believe in nice stitches,
gotta burn everything.” He was taunting Tarzan, who realized it. They could spar like this all day; neither
would show fear or exhaustion.

All around a battle ensued. Young men killing other young men, red killing white, white killing white, red
killing red, but all of the blood spilled was the same colour. No one would win this battle; no one knew
why he was fighting. The losses on both sides were great. Yuma faced his brother and his father in the
battle. Angry words were exchanged. Yuma laughing at his little half brother, wondering how he could
ever be the chief. The three fought hand to hand, but Yuma did not fight his brother, he fought his father.
Thao could hear his words ringing through the din. “You die this day my father.” Yuma produced a knife
and sliced Kanokerah from stem to stern, blood spilling and spurting from every direction. Thao saw his
father fall and watched the expression of superiority cross Yuma‟s face, but he would never be prepared for
what next befell him. Yuma stood before him; they were almost face to face, Thao being an inch shorter.
“Today our father has died so that you might be chief. Tomorrow little brother, it will be you that will die.”

Tarzan managed the upper hand with Joshua and was able to jab him with a loose uppercut, knocking his
jaw together and taking him off guard. While Joshua staggered, Tarzan jabbed him with the left and then
spun around quickly, lifting his leg to kick him in the chest, pushing him onto the ground. The rules had
changed. Kanokerah was dead and his death would not be in vain. Tarzan saw that Thao had things under
control, he decided to let lose on this maniac called Joshua.

Spinning once again, both of his feet came up from under him, quickly kicking, one, two, at Joshua as he
attempted to stand. One foot caught him in the chest, the other in the mouth. He spit and two teeth flew
across the blood spattered land. Wiping his mouth with the dirty sleeve of his shirt, Joshua backed up to
stand, never taking his eyes off of the wild blond man with the white stripes pained across his face. “You
can never avenge her wild man. She will never be right in the head again.”

Tarzan almost believed Joshua about Jane. He believed that what she had survived and witnessed would
never let her be the same as she once was, but she was right, she had a conscience, she had compassion.
She would be right. Time could heal all wounds. What he did refuse to do was to discuss the situation
with this madman. Instead he found something else to converse about. “Why do you do this? Why do you
fight for nothing, just to kill?” Joshua laughed and lifted his fist. As he approached Tarzan, Tarzan
watched Joshua‟s free hand slip into the waistband of his pants and produce a small knife.
Tarzan produced the knife that Thao had sent him earlier and the fight raged on.

Thao‟s anger bettered him. He had never seen so much blood shed, and he had been a warrior for a great
many years, from the time he was a mere boy his father had readied him for battle. As his life played out
before him, he could plainly see that Kanokerah had never any intention of Yuma becoming chief. Thao
had been primed from childhood for this position in the tribe and he knew now that he must take charge.
His first instinct was to use words. His diplomacy had been one of the many reasons that his father wanted
him to be the translater. In their native language, the brothers conversed. “Yuma, you must take your men
and leave. Never return. I will kill you if you do.” Yuma laughed at his little brother‟s sudden courage.
“You will not kill me; you could not even keep me from having your little squaw Oheo.” Thao was
unimpressed at his brother‟s attempt at urging him on. “Go.” Thao ordered, pointing south. Yuma took a
few steps away from Thao and then turned and raced toward him, a knife secreted in his hands. Using what
strength he could gather, Thao averted the knife and pushed his brother away, causing him to trip.
Ezhno, seeing what was happening, finished off the toothless white man that had tried to take his life and
turned toward his new chief. Pulling the knife that he carried from his waistband, Ezhno tossed it toward
Thao. Reaching out with one free hand, Thao managed to grab the butt of the knife, just as Yuma
attempted to plunge his knife into Thao‟s gut. Yuma was sloppy, he tripped and as he tried, Thao took
advantage of the situation and stuck Ezhno‟s knife deep into the cavity of Yuma‟s chest. “You will hurt no
one Yuma, never again.” Thao turned the knife and watched his brothers pained expression, then quickly
pulled it out again and watched as the blood poured from him.

Joshua, seeing Yuma fall, looked around at all of the death and annihilation, was rendered silent. As
Tarzan‟s knife came at him, he tried to turn and run, but he was too late. The knife ran him through. Their
eyes met and Tarzan could see no ray of hope for this soul, if indeed he did possess a soul. There was
nothing left to this man that was human. As his body began to shake with the knowledge that death was
upon him, he turned to the painted face of the blond savage and he taunted. “You‟ll never have all of her.
You‟ll never have what I took from her.” Those being his dying words, Joshua seemed content to die and
let himself fall into a heap on the hard ground. Tarzan felt no remorse at his passing, causing him to think
he too had lost his soul somewhere out here today.

The blood brothers embraced each other as they mourned the passing of the many men that had tried to
protect the village as well as the brave chief that fought equally along side his people, beside his son, seeing
the new chief hailed, Kanokerah‟s passing was an honorable death. Still, Thao and Tarzan wept at the loss
of such a good leader and father.
There would be no consoling of these men, but they would seek it anyway.
At seeing their leaders fallen, the mercenaries were not so apt to push onward. What was left of them
scattered into the here and yon, not wishing to be caught. Tarzan and Thao searched the landscape for some
sign of life, but everyone that could breathe was already being carried by either horse or backboard to the
village once again. So much death, so much death.

The villagers had managed to keep their foes out of the village, so the women, children and homes were not
harmed. Thao stood over the bodies of his brother and father and he began to chant, his eyes upward in
prayer. Tarzan remained silent, patiently waiting for Thao‟s first orders as chief of his people. Thao raised
his bloodied knife to the heavens in a blessing and then knelt before his brother. Quickly the knife was used
to take the scalp from his brother. Tarzan felt ill watching Thao perform the ceremony, but kept still. Once
done, Thao let out a blood curdling scream and then was silent. Everyone on the battlefield bowed their
heads in a prayer of sorts. As they finished, everyone went about their business.

Thao joined Tarzan and seeing the question on his face, responded with an explanation. “My brother killed
my father. This cannot go unpunished. He will not go to the great beyond, and he will not have the pride of
his braid. My mother will have this.” Tarzan knew that Yuma had been evil, but Yuma had also had a
mother. “What about his mother, what does she get?” Thao looked to Tarzan quizzically. He was amazed at
such compassion coming from a wild man. “She will be able to bury him and know that he will not harm
anyone else. She loved my father as well; she of course will be torn.”

They had fought hard and long into the wee hours of the morning. The sun was beginning to rise in the east,
and the sky was blood red. How fitting. After helping the others to gather the bodies of the dead for proper
burial, Tarzan and Thao returned to the village. “Are you in need of soothing my brother?” Thao asked
Tarzan, who in turn nodded. Both men headed straight to the sweat lodge, which thankfully had been kept
going throughout the night for the warriors. Many men sat within the walls of the lodge, deafening silence
broken only by the sizzle of the water hitting the scorching rocks.

Jane had tried to sleep, but the sounds of the battle so close had kept her awake. When Numa decided to
answer the call of nature, she followed him out of the wigwam and watched the men return with the
battered bodies of the living. Ezhno walked slowly, helping one of his brothers to return home. Jane raced
to him and his heart pounded hard in his chest as she neared him. His heart sank when she spoke.
“Tarzan?” she asked. He forced a smile and she knew that Tarzan was at least alive. Once knowing this,
she wrapped her arms around Ezhno and held him tightly. With his free arm, he held her as tightly as he
could; taking in the sweet scent of her, knowing it would never belong to him. Bittersweet was the moment
for him, not wanting to relinquish the heat of her body against his, warming him more than he had ever
known. Jane pulled away and placed a soft kiss on the young man‟s cheek. “Thank you.” She said,
knowing instinctively how Ezhno felt about her, and still helping her to save Tarzan and fighting by his
side to keep her safe from Joshua. There was nothing that she could say that would be enough. He touched
his cheek where she had kissed him and he smiled. Jane could see all of his beautiful white teeth, and she
smiled back at him. He nodded and as his brother groaned, walked away from her, his step a little lighter.
Jane grinned, almost feeling bad that her feelings for him were not what he would have preferred.

Tarzan stepped out of the sweat lodge and raced into the icy water, cleansing and revitalizing himself. Thao
joined him in his swim and the raced from one end of the bay to the other. The exhaustion had not set in
yet, their adrenaline still coursed and they were left wanting. Thao looked to his friend and smiled. “I hope
that Oheo will accept me into her home this day. I cannot wait another day to bury myself deep within her.”
His statement was so pure and honest. Tarzan too had this desire for Jane, and he knew that she would
welcome him. Did he dare? The comfort of her slender arms would be good. The smell of her would be
better, but to lose himself within her, if only for a while, would be cathartic if nothing else.

Stepping out of the water, the men found their breeches and stepped into them. As they were lacing them,
Ezhno arrived with his brother. He smiled at Tarzan and spoke softly, words that Tarzan did not
understand. Thao smiled and translated. “He has seen Jane, she waits for you.” Tarzan cocked his head to
the side and studied Ezhno. What was up with him? Thao laughed. “He is smitten with your white woman.
He has always fancied white women, but he really likes Jane.” Tarzan didn‟t quite know how to react.
There was a slight pain in the pit of his stomach as he heard these words that someone else might want Jane
in the way that he found himself wanting her, but it was a friend who would not attempt to come between
them. He smiled at the younger man, whose paint was beginning to run and flake.

Tarzan felt his face to see if all of the paint was gone, it was. Thao too felt his. They finished lacing their
breeches and headed back toward the village and hopefully the awaiting arms of their women.

Jane stood in the centre of the activity in the village. The women went about their business as if nothing
had happened. There was much sadness, and it was very quiet, but there was no wailing, no crying, she
surmised that these people were good at tucking their feelings away, as good as she was. The elders
gathered around Dawenhethon and for the first time, Jane heard the awful sound of pure sadness. She
looked around, trying to figure out why she was so upset. She didn‟t see Thao, and she didn‟t see his
father. There were many people gathered around her, the women took her by the arm and led her to her
wigwam to grieve. Jane wanted to help, but she would not be allowed into their circle now. As an
outsider, she would not be privy to the bereavement of the natives.

Waiting for Tarzan was torture; she paced back and forth in the same spot until she finally spotted his
tanned figure approaching from the trail in the woods. He looked refreshed, not worn out. Without
thinking, she ran to him, arms wrapped about him and her lips attached to his within moments. His arms
wrapped around her and he allowed himself to be lost in the kiss. Thao grinned, but looked beyond them to
the crowd at his mother‟s wigwam. He had duty to perform before he found Oheo‟s waiting arms. His
mother needed comforting as well. “I must see to my mother. My father‟s passing will have a deep impact
on her.” Jane stopped kissing Tarzan and took Thao by the arm, stopping him from moving away. “You
are an honorable man Thao. My sympathies in the loss of your father, he was a great and just man.” Thao
nodded his thanks and walked away from them.

Tarzan let go of Jane and she stepped back. “I know I am out of line, but I am just so happy to see that you
are fine.” He stared into her eyes and saw more copper than anything, still mesmerized by their chameleon
effect, he noted. “Your eyes tempt me Jane.” She blushed, with a hint of a grin passing across her face, but
he continued. “I am really not all right. There was much killing, and blood.” She stared into his green
blue eyes and saw there the blood on the plain that she had been attacked. She knew he did this to protect
her as well as his new family, but she also knew what a toll it could take on a body, so much death, so
much hate. She didn‟t know how she could help him.

Together they walked to their shared wigwam. Teeka greeted Tarzan with hugs and kisses abounding. He
laughed at her constant attention, having been greeted so lovingly by both Jane and Teeka, caused Tarzan
to grieve more for Thao‟s father, not so much for Thao, but for Dawenhethon. Hugging Teeka, he put her
on the ground and approached Jane, his arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her to him. He
needed her closeness, he needed her warmth, he needed her.

Jane let it be. She held him, taking comfort in the fact that she was actually able to provide comfort for
him. His nose was buried in her thick hair and his hands smoothed across her back. They stood for a long
time before he finally relinquished his hold on her. “Jane?” He didn‟t know how to ask for what it was he
wanted. He really didn‟t know if it was even right, he just knew that they needed to comfort one another.
She knew and she leaned in to him.

Placing his hands on her cheeks, Tarzan leaned in to Jane until their lips touched. He was gentle, placing
soft butterfly kisses on her lips, her cheeks, her forehead. Again he found her lips and he taunted them with
his, gently brushing against her. Jane‟s hands reached up for his face and pulled him to her. He pulled
away, she cocked her head to the side, wondering what he was doing. She smiled as he leaned in to her
once more. This time his lips pressed less gentle on hers as he opened his mouth.

As his tongue invaded her mouth, Jane moaned softly into his, urging him onward. His hands kneaded at
her back, not really knowing what to do, only knowing what they wanted. He waited for some kind of sign
from Jane that it was all right to explore. Pulling slightly away from him, Jane spoke softly into his ear as
he caressed her back and she touched his shoulders. “Tell me what you want Tarzan.”

She couldn‟t believe how bold she was with him. Perhaps it was his wild, savage image that brought it to
the forefront, maybe it was just his pure honesty that caused her reactions. She didn‟t feel small or dirty
with him, she felt like Jane. He treated her like a person first and woman second. He could not resist
inhaling the scent from her hair. As he did he returned a whisper in her ear that set her heart a flutter.
“Jane, I need you. I need to bury myself deep inside of you.” His candor set her aback, but it also warmed
her heart that he would tell her, not just take it for granted, or force himself upon her.

Stepping back, Jane reached down to the bottom of her dress and pulled it up, slipping it over her head
while Tarzan watched. She stood in a bit of what was left of her linen shift, just enough to cover her, but
not well. Tarzan outlined her shape with his finger tips, touching gently the exposed skin. He took hold of
the material and tugged. She raised her hands over her head and he pulled the shift up and let it slip to the

Jane stood before Tarzan, naked. He looked at her and he relished in her beauty. As she stood, silent, he
circled her. He touched her silky skin with the back of his hands, stopping momentarily to touch the
indented „dimples‟ at the top of her buttocks. She closed her eyes, trying to not be self conscious, for he
was exploring territory that he had never before conquered. He was again standing before her, the back of
his hand softly stroking her navel, gently touching the nest of hair beneath. He heard her breath catch as he
touched her and his eyes traveled north, noting the tiny goose bumps on her skin and the budding of her
nipples at his touch. He watched in amazement and then he spoke. “Are you cold?” He asked, knowing
that his male nipples hardened when he was cold.

Jane‟s eyes changed colours before his eyes, from the copper to a hazy emerald with gold flecks.
Searching her eyes, he looked deep, seeking the void that he was sure had been there earlier, but it was
filled with liquid amber. Jane‟s heart pounded out a tattoo that Tarzan‟s heart began to answer with his
own. He could feel his blood rushing; even hear it in his ears. His breath seemed to come shallower and
his eyes felt heavy. “Jane?” In his confusion, Tarzan seemed to be losing his confidence. Jane saw this and
she approached him, his hand contacting her breast. He felt the bud tighten further and he stared at her in
wonder. She smiled, she would also relish in his beauty.

Leaning into him, Jane kissed Tarzan and then reached for the laces on his breeches. Tarzan watched her
and couldn‟t understand how the mere touch of her had created such havoc with his body. As she untied
the laces, she brought down his breeches, revealing his maleness in it‟s fullness. As she wrapped her hand
around him, his knees suddenly felt weak and she smiled again. “Jane?” He continued to ask, not
receiving a verbal answer.

There was so much exploring that she wanted to do with him. Being with him here like this seemed as
natural as anything she could ever pinpoint. His innocence created a sense of worth for her, however
insignificant. But she remembered what he had said to her and she realized that for this moment in time, he
needed comfort, not exploration. Gently tugging him toward the pallet, Jane lay on her back and reached
for him. As tenderly as possible, he lay atop her, their bodies melding as one. Jane reached between them
and guided him into her and smiled as she watched his expression change. “Oh, Jane.” He managed to say
as he buried himself deep inside. Pressing his full weight against her, he held her as tightly as he could,
neither moving, both finally knowing the other‟s comfort. As one they gently cradled each other, softly
kissing, merely feeling and finally falling asleep.


The day passed, and they slept. Upon awaking, Tarzan realized the compromising position that the two of
them were in, but didn‟t really understand the extent of it. As he pulled himself off of Jane, she moaned
softly, not waking, not wanting to relinquish him. He smiled. It had felt good to be sheathed by her. He
had seen the animals mating, but he hadn‟t realized how absolutely comforting it could be. He would stay
with her forever, if nature didn‟t call with such a vengeance.

Standing outside of the wigwam, Tarzan laced his breeches and stretched. The blood red sun was setting
in the west, and with all of his heart Tarzan hoped that the blood shed would cease after this day. As he
hurried to the path to the woods, he met with Thao. Thao did not look as rested as Tarzan felt. “How goes
it with Oheo and Dawenhethon?” He asked with great compassion. Thao shook his head. “Oheo is not
ready for me and my mother is not ready to accept that she no longer has a husband.” The men walked the
path together, silently. Tarzan believed that if he had nothing to offer the conversation, he was better to
remain quiet. It was a good standard for both of them.

Jane rose from the pallet to find herself alone. The animals had left the wigwam earlier in the day, and
Tarzan must have left recently, the bed was still warm, as was her body from the nearness of him. She
stretched her arms and sighed. Life was so complicated when it could be so simple.

There were no mirrors, she had no brush. Jane wanted to see if she looked as wonderful as Tarzan had
made her feel. She reached her hand to her opposite arm and pinched herself. It was hard to believe that
this was real. Sighing hard, she stepped off of the pallet and slid into the doeskin dress. For the first time
in days her belly called to her, asking for nourishment, she was starving.

 Thinking about the events that led her to this place was not a pleasant thing, but everything thing that
happened to her up until that point in time, made her the woman that she was. She was stronger than
anyone knew, she had survived the whorehouse, paying off her own debt and going out into the world
alone to hook up with and withstand the brutal attacks of the madman Joshua. No one would really
understand her, maybe if he knew the truth about her; even Tarzan wouldn‟t want to understand her. Jane‟s
light mood turned sad once more. It was difficult to imagine a future, especially a happy one; it was just
easier to live in the moment. The hunger once again subsided and she found herself wishing that she had a
bottle of whiskey to scare away the pain.

Standing outside of the wigwam, Jane could hear the awful mourning sounds coming from Dawenhethon‟s
wigwam. Carefully she approached. Standing outside of the wigwam, her heart broke as she listened to the
incoherent sobs of the blue eyed native woman. Jane had lost much in her life. She lost her parents when
she was still a very young woman and she really hadn‟t had much of anything since then. Dawenhethon
had befriended Jane without hesitation, and Jane felt compelled to help. Quietly, she cached inside of the
wigwam, making certain that no one else was there. Dawenhethon welcomed her with a warm embrace
and they sat quietly on a buffalo hide on the floor.

The beautiful woman with the sky blue eyes looked up at Jane with puffy red eyes now. They didn‟t speak,
they merely sat and listened until finally Dawenhethon broke the silence. After a large sob, she cleared her
throat and sniffled. Jane spoke. “It‟s my fault this happened.” The guilt that she bore was enormous, but
she was wrong to feel that way. Dawenhethon smiled at the red haired woman who sat cross legged before
her. “You did not start this Jane, Yuma did this. Yuma must go to Hino and be punished for doing this to
his own father.” The women embraced and Dawenhethon began once more to cry in mourning for her

Thao and Tarzan walked toward the wigwam where Thao‟s father had until that morning, been the chief.
Today Thao would become the chief. As they entered, Thao was greeted with reverence as well as great
sadness. He was well known among his people as a just and compassionate man, his father spoke highly of
him. As everyone reminisced about Kanokerah‟s life, they made the plans for the burial of the chief and
his warriors. The enemies that had not been claimed would be buried in a ritual burial at an unconsecrated

The women began to enter Dawenhethon‟s wigwam and Jane tried to blend into the background, but she
was given the job of brushing Dawenhethon‟s long black hair until it shone. Oheo helped Thao‟s mother
dress in her wedding attire, appropriate for sending her husband to the great beyond.

Outside, preparations were being made, the dead were transported to the burial ground and the women
prepared an elaborate feast. It was growing dark as everyone gathered at the burial site. Dawenhethon on
the arm of her only son, Thao. Oheo on his other arm as he was inducted into the role of chief.

 [quote]    "Haii, haii Agwah wi-yoh
            " " A-kon-he-watha
            " " Ska-we-ye-se-go-wah
            " " Yon-gwa-wih
            " " Ya-kon-he-wa-tha [/quote]

The ceremony was short and sweet. Thao was now brought into the tribe as their leader. He would be their
new chief. As the chief it was his responsibility to make the prayer for his father, the former chief as he
was interred. He spoke in his native tongue, but later Tarzan would ask what was said. He would discover
that the same speech would be given for any chief of the Iroquois 5 nations.

[quote] Now we become reconciled as you start away. You were once a War Chief of the Five Nations'
Confederacy and the United People trusted you as their guard from the enemy. Now we release you for it is
true that it is no longer possible for us to walk about together on the earth. Now, therefore, we lay you here.
Here we lay it away. Now then we say to you, 'Persevere onward to the place where the Creator dwells in
peace. Let not the things of the earth hinder you. Let nothing that transpired while yet you lived hinder you.
In hunting you once took delight; in the game of Lacrosse you once took delight and in the feasts and
pleasant occasions your mind was amused, but now do not allow thoughts of these things to give you
trouble. Let not your relatives hinder you and also let not your friends and associates trouble your mind.
Regard none of these things.'
       "Now then, in turn, you here present who were related to this man and you who were his friends and
associates, behold the path that is yours also! Soon we ourselves will be left in that place. For this reason
hold yourselves in restraint as you go from place to place. In your actions and in your conversation do no
idle thing. Speak not idle talk neither gossip. Be careful of this and speak not and do not give way to evil
behavior. One year is the time that you must abstain from unseemly levity but if you can not do this for
ceremony, ten days is the time to regard these things for respect." [/quote]

Mother and son embraced as the body of the chief was wrapped in his finest furs and interred. As
Dawenhethon knelt beside the open grave of her husband, the new chief, Thao had to give more speeches
to bury the warriors that fought along side of Kanokerah. He was eloquent and compassionate. He spoke
of peace and civility. The five nations under the Iroquois were the most civilized of all of the tribes and his
father was proud to have been named one of the finest clans, the deer. Thao promised the families of the
men that he buried that he would do his best to avoid more bloodshed with the other tribes and with the
white man. They found solace in his words. Kanokerah had made a wise choice and trained
Thaonawyuthe for his new position. Harmony was a distinct possibility.

Dawenhethon took the offered hand of her son as they walked back to the village for the repast.


Thao wondered if ten days of mourning would be enough to satisfy the spirit of his father, or if he would
have to mourn for the entire year. Although he wasn‟t the funniest person in the village, Thao did enjoy
some levity. Of course the prayer was that they abstain from any unseemly levity, so perhaps it was all
relative. His mind wasn‟t working as it should, he took his father‟s death much harder than he allowed his
people to believe. He had to be strong for them, for his mother.

Dawenhethon entered Thao‟s wigwam without a sound. Her son paced the length of it and turned to face
her. In their native tongue they conversed about the future. Dawenhethon seemed to be grieving less today,
or hiding it better, Thao couldn‟t be certain. Together they shared a cup of water and Thao offered his
mother a drag on the pipe, but she rejected it. “You must tell Tarzan it is time for his and his woman to
move on.” She said in perfect unbroken English. Thao turned to face her and he frowned. “I knew this
time would come mother, but your secret is safe with Tarzan and Jane.” Dawenenhethon tipped her head
up, as if concentrating on something above her. “My secret is never safe my son.” Thao placed a loving
hand on his mother‟s shoulder. “They only know of your English, no more.” He pleaded, not wanting to
have to send away the best friend that he had found. She had other ideas. “I must speak with him and I
must tell him, it is my destiny. Once the ten days of mourning are complete, I will speak with the yancy
Tarzan and then he must move on to complete his own.”

Dawenhethon disappeared as quietly as she had appeared, leaving Thao a bit confused. His mother had
always been somewhat of a mystery to him. Many times he had questioned her about their blue eyes and
their English. He knew that Kanokerah had loved her implicitly and took her secrets to the grave.
Certainly the fact that she had white mans blood flowing through her veins could not be such a great
predicament. If Kanokerah, the chief had accepted his youngest wife, knowing full well that she was part
white, why would any one else find trouble with it?


Tarzan and Jane watched the others and tried to simulate their actions. The people of the village continued
on as hunters/gatherers, bringing food to be shared with everyone. Some of the members of the tribe had
planted small fields of corn, beans, carrots and potatoes. Life went on quietly. There was no silliness, no
laughter, the village was in mourning for their chief. Jane mentioned to Tarzan how respectful everyone
was. “Where I come from, when someone dies, the family mourns, not the entire village.” She said
watching Ezhno walk past, eyes focused downward. “Kanokerah was a great leader Jane. His passing will
be felt for much time to come. Thao has much to live up to.”

Since the battle almost a week ago now, Tarzan and Jane had not shared the pallet in their wigwam. Jane
wasn‟t sure if she should be relieved by this, or hurt. Never before in her life had she met someone like
him. It seemed as though he took nothing for granted, everything was revered, including her. He would
bring her gifts, and walk with her as they talked about the life of the native village. Once in a while Tarzan
would talk about his home in Africa, but he had begun to feel quite comfortable in this village. Along with
Thao, Tarzan had been hunting with the braves and had shared their lives. He no longer felt different.

Jane felt compelled to tell Tarzan her story, but she was unable to find the courage to begin the
conversation. Instead she danced around the issue of her life. Tarzan never pushed, was never concerned
about Jane‟s past, other than to help her overcome what he did know of it. Finally this day they walked
toward the water‟s edge to take a swim and clean themselves. Tarzan had gained permission from Thao
and the elders to bring Jane into the sweat lodge, and they had agreed upon the time for this to occur.

Instinctively, Tarzan had slipped his hand around Jane‟s as they walked the path and he explained to her
about the sanctity of the sweat lodge. She listened intently to what he had to say, only half believing that
having a good scrub could also cleanse the soul. When they reached the sweat lodge, Tarzan began to
remove his breeches, Jane simply watched, not realizing that she was to enter the sweat lodge naked. “You
cannot become clean while you wear your dress Jane.” It made perfect sense; Jane stared into his aqua
eyes and grinned. Although they were not allowed any levity, it was difficult not to make light of the
moment. Surely you were allowed to smile, she thought.

Finally, Tarzan reached for the bottom of her doeskin dress and pulled it upward over her head. Jane
reached her hands up and let him do this. Once again he took her hand and let her inside. As she looked
around, Jane could not understand how something so simple could have any kind of effect on anyone.
There was a pile of hot rocks in the center of the room and the fire made it very hot. Tarzan motioned for
her to sit and he took a ladle and scooped up the water to pour over the rocks. The steam rose to the top of
the wigwam and distributed itself. Being unaccustomed to the heat of the steam, Jane began to choke.
Tarzan brought the ladle to her lips. “Drink.” He ordered and as she did, the water cooled where the steam
had almost burned.

Tarzan sat cross legged, facing Jane, who found no discomfort in the fact that they both sat there naked. As
she watched him close his eyes, she tried to do the same, letting the heat take her. As the steam filled the
air, Tarzan continued to pour water over the rocks, creating more and more until they were enveloped in a
cloud of steam. Jane could feel the filth of the years being pulled from her body, sweating as though she
had worked hard in the field all day. Tarzan remained silent, letting the demons of his life escape through
his pores.

As he opened his eyes and looked over to Jane, he saw that she was crying. She tried to pretend that the
steam was making her eyes sweat too, but he could tell by the rhythm of her breathing and her heart rate as
well as the short breaths that she took between the deep ones, that she was crying. Reaching he took her
hands in his. “This is a place where I have discovered that you really can cleanse your soul.” He had
difficulty finding all of the words that he needed to explain, but he ventured forward. “I have something to
say to you and you have much to say to me. This is a safe place to do this.” Jane sniffed in the hot, humid
air and sighed. “What do you have to say?” She asked.

Again, Tarzan poured water over the rocks. He seemed to relish in the humid heat. Jane assumed that
where he came from, it was very hot and very humid as it took a lot for him to finally break a sweat. When
he finally did, Jane found it very enticing to see the moisture build up on his much tanned musculature.
“Jane.” Tarzan started. “The other day when I came to you for comfort, you gave me great comfort, for
this I am grateful.” Jane smiled, but then in turn she replied. “But……….there is always a but.” She tried
to pull her hands away from him, but he held fast. “But nothing. I am thanking you for being there when I
needed comforting.” Jane cocked her head to the side. “You comforted me Tarzan, it was you that fought
so bravely for my sake, you never asked why, you simply went ahead and took on Joshua.” She tried to put
it all back on him what had happened that night. Reliving it, she realized that it was not a sensual
experience for either one of them; it was merely a moment of great comfort.
“Jane, I have something to ask of you.” Tarzan stated. She looked deeply into his eyes, noting his pupils
were very large and she could feel his pulse race as his hands gripped her tightly. “I want you for my
mate.” She didn‟t completely understand. “You want to mate with me? You want to screw me?” Tarzan
could feel her apprehension and cursed under his breath for not having the proper words for this. “I want to
have you for my mate, for now, for always.” Jane‟s heart reached up into her throat and threatened to fly
out of it. Her breath was caught there too, unable to speak. Tarzan continued. “I know that I am not the
same as the white men, I live like the Seneca, the Iroquois. I see that the white people live in structures
made from the wood of the trees and the people wear strange attire. But I feel this closeness to you, a
feeling that we were meant to be together, we are part of each other‟s destiny.”

Jane‟s tears welled until they spilled down her cheeks and dropped onto her naked legs. Tarzan tried to
pull his hands away in order to wipe the tears, but she held tight to him this time. “You say that this is a
place for cleansing, these tears are cleansing my soul.” He waited for her to continue, watching her too
struggle for the right words. She cleared her throat and began her story. He listened intently, never
interrupting her, letting the damn of tears spill as she let her words cleanse her soul completely. She didn‟t
stop to breath, and she asked that he not interrupt as she told her story.

[quote]”I was a wanton woman Tarzan. Not because I wanted to be, but because those were the cards I was
dealt. My mother died when I was just a child so my father, being the drunk that he was, sold me to a
horrible man, a man who I believed cared about me. When I was young, he lavished upon me the dreams
of a child. I never went without anything. I even received an education. But when I began to grow into a
woman, he changed. I then became property. He took me aside one day and explained that I owed him my
life. My father had sold me as is, and he had turned me into quite the young lady and it was time to start
paying my debt.

I don‟t think you can imagine what this meant. You come from a place where things are not as they are
here. Here things look very nice on the outside, but inside there is great turmoil. This man, he turned me
into a prostitute. I know you don‟t understand the word, so I will explain. Men paid money to this man, to
receive more than the comfort that we gave each other after the great battle. Men would pay him to be able
to do things to my body, and I had to allow this. The first time was the absolute worst. He was an ugly old
fat drunk that slobbered all over me. I cried, he didn‟t care. He ripped my dress from me, tore away my
undergarments and he sheathed himself without any kind of warning. I threw up and he didn‟t care. He
drank his whiskey and continued to do this to me.

The man who owned me, Richard, only laughed when I told him of this horrible experience, telling me it
would get better with time that I would learn to like it! I was appalled and attempted to run away. He
found me, and he beat me so bad that I couldn‟t move for days. Out of complete fear, he kept me, a slave
to these men. I learned to close my eyes and pretend I was somewhere else when this happened. I learned
to like the taste of whiskey, because it numbed my brain.

Finally, having found the courage to ask, I confronted Richard with my debt. He told me that I owed $1000
and once I paid this up, I was free to do as I wanted. I had watched the other women that worked for him,
they paid up their debts, but ended up staying with him because no other man would ever want a whore for
his bride. I was determined that I would be different.

That‟s when I met Joshua. He seemed like a decent man. He never forced me to do anything when we first
met. In fact he seemed to really want to be with me, the person, no the body. He was the one that broached
the subject of my contract/debt with Richard. He wanted to pay it off so that I would be free to marry him.
Although I know Richard didn‟t really want to sell me off, he liked the look of the cash that Joshua
presented him with. My contract was torn and I was free to leave with Joshua.

Sometimes I think I was better off staying with Richard. At least with Richard I had time off. With Joshua
he kept me under his thumb, and had his way with me whenever he wanted. And he wanted. If I didn‟t do
what he wanted me to do, he too beat me. Beatings became a way of life. I think I was drinking a bottle of
whiskey a day.

Joshua was a devil. He was pure evil. I had to escape, somehow. I never found the nerve, the courage
until I overheard his plans about that wagon train. I failed that too, but I finally managed to free myself of
his treachery. And I have you to thank for that. Thank you.

This is who I am Tarzan. I am a marked woman. I have lived the life of a whore since I was a young
woman. I am not someone that you want to take for your mate. I am not good enough to be your

Tarzan had listened and he had not interrupted her. His blood boiled and he wanted to kill this Richard as
he had killed Joshua, but his comprehension of why she would feel that she wasn‟t good enough, was
tainted. “I don‟t understand Jane. You did what you had to do to survive, as we all do. I am not proud of
everything that I have had to do to stay alive. I have killed. But in my heart,” he pulled one hand away and
placed his hand over his heart. “We belong together. I would never hurt you like these men have hurt you.
I would cherish you.”

She knew that he wasn‟t lying. She had learned to read the lies of the men she had been with, and she
knew that he wasn‟t lying to her. “But, what about the other men? You would always have to compete
with that memory.” Jane tried to pull her other hand away and Tarzan refused to relinquish, but would not
hurt her to hold it there. “You are mistaken. I want you, and I want you to want me. The past is gone, we
cannot change it. We will purge these demons here, today. Today we start fresh, putting the past away,
where it belongs.”

Jane felt a chill as goosebumps starting from her head and ending at her toes took her. He sounded so
enticing, she was certain that he was the man that he appeared to be. So many times he could have done
anything to her and he hadn‟t. The one time that they did do anything, it was mutually consented to, and he
merely needed comforting. Could she do this? Could she really put her past away? Surely someone would
bring it up and throw it in her face? Was she willing to take that chance?


Dawenhethon waited down the beach a bit, knowing the young people would be a while before they exited
the lodge. It was very comforting to know that this young man, Tarzan, would think enough of his young
lady to want to introduce her to the benefits of the sweat lodge. Her spirit guide had done well in bringing
them all together. Dawenhethon missed her husband, but his love she carried with her everywhere. He had
loved her knowing that she was only half Iroquois, reigning from the Cayuga tribe. He had been
mesmerized by her blue eyes, knowing that she belonged with him as in his vision quest a woman with blue
eyes spoke to him. Everything was as it should be for the tribe. Some would not take kindly to the fact that
she was half white, meaning that her blood would have tainted that of her child Thao. Thao never really
understood the implications of being part white and was forbidden by mother and father to reveal this secret
to the tribe. The secret died with Kanokerah, she was certain of it.

Tarzan and Jane finally exited the wigwam, both a bright shade of pink. Tarzan dragged Jane into the cool
clear water with him, and began to wash away the impurities that had come to the surface inside the sweat
lodge. Both tried very hard not to be laughing or joking, as they were in keeping with the mourning rules.
He was so very gentle with her, that neither noticed the older woman sitting on a rock by the other side of
the bay. Tarzan scooped water in his large hands and let it fall over Jane‟s head and then with each hand,
he smoothed the water down through her hair, to her shoulders. His hand found her breast and he watched
the nub pucker as he touched her ever so lightly. She smiled, finding it hard to believe that he could arouse
such a feeling in her, so deep inside.
Dragging Jane by the arm, he pulled her under the water where she could rinse off, all of the dirt and sweat
and feel refreshed once more. Jane knew only one way to show her gratitude to him and while under water,
she took hold of him. He stopped swimming and he stared at her. It felt good the way that she wrapped her
hand around him. It felt even better the way that she stroked him. It also felt inappropriate. He pulled
himself out of the water and pulled her with him, causing her to release her hold on him. She was
embarrassed and he knew that he needed to be careful what he said to her for a while, until she completely
believed that her past was gone that they were going to live in the here and now. “We must respect the
mourning rules. It is wrong to not obey.” Jane searched his eyes to see if this was a ruse, if he was just
trying to stave off any contact with her, but she saw his great reverence for what was right and she agreed.
If they were to have a life together, they would have to learn new respect for each other, and she would
have to learn respect for herself. She smiled and gently kissed his pouting lips. “You are right, of course.”
She turned and plunged into the water, enjoying the exhilaration that she felt when the water sluiced across
her naked body. It was so liberating.

As they stepped out of the water, Tarzan, who had noticed Dawenhethon earlier, finally spoke to her. “Did
you wish to join us in our swim?” Jane turned and finally saw the woman sitting there on her rock. She
was embarrassed that the woman might have seen what she had done to Tarzan, but realized it was too late
for that. Quickly she shook off and pulled her dress over her head. Dawenhethon approached the two of
them. Tarzan stood naked waiting for her to near them. Jane handed him his breeches. He smiled. It was
very strange how she became so uncomfortable when someone might see something so natural. Her ways
were bizarre, he put it down to her past and vowed to help her to change that way of thinking. She didn‟t
realize how beautiful they both were, that they didn‟t need to hide from each other. Perhaps it was the fact
that Dawenhethon was a woman, a beautiful woman, and Jane felt jealous that this woman was seeing him
naked. He made a mental note to discuss this with her further, at another time.

“We need to have a discussion.” Dawenhethon opened the conversation. Tarzan made a sweeping motion
with his hand as he finished tying the laces of his breeches. “Sit, we shall talk.” Dawenhethon shook her
head. This was not the place for this conversation. She wasn‟t sure that she wanted Jane to hear this
conversation, but by the looks of their new relationship, she doubted that Tarzan would not allow Jane to be
privy to their talk. “We will go to your wigwam, and your animals will guard the door. This is a very
important, private conversation.”


Jane stared at the woman with the blue eyes. Something was going on here; she could feel it in the pit of
her stomach. There was no animosity between the women, there seemed to be a shared bond, but Jane
could not understand why. The women walked in front of Tarzan and he quickly kept pace with them,
though not able to understand their conversation. “You worry about him Jane, you should not worry. He is
committed to you. Never doubt that.” Jane wondered if Dawenhethon had listened to their conversation
from the sweat lodge. “His heart is full with you. He feels love in great quantities for you. You will learn
to trust him. He will never let you down.” That was a very large bill to fill. Jane merely nodded at what
she had said, but she would never completely believe that one man could be so much to one woman. For
the time being, she would go along with the way things were. Trust would not be forthcoming, but
knowing one‟s adversaries, would be an asset.

The three of them entered the wigwam, and Tarzan instructed Numa and Teeka to stand guard at the
entrance. Sitting in the centre of the room, the three of them crossed their legs and stared at the cold fire pit
for long moments. Tarzan finally broke the silence. “If you wish to speak to me, you must do so before
Jane. She has consented to be my mate.” Having heard him actually say the words was strange for Jane.
His mate. She wasn‟t sure if that meant his wife or just his sleeping partner. This would have to be
discussed at length. Dawenhethon nodded, having already known that this would occur. She looked at the
two of them and she smiled. After asking them to allow her to speak without interruption, she began to
spin her tale.
[quote] My mother was a very beautiful Cayuga Iroquois. Her skin was very light and her hair was not
straight like most Iroquois women. She sometimes made a game of passing as a white woman when her
nomadic tribe would change homes. She once found a town where no one believed that she was an Indian,
for she dressed in cotton dresses and kept her hair tied loosely on her head. It was in one of these towns
that she ran into the man who would be my father. [/quote]

Dawenhethon waited for them to react. She knew that what she would tell them next would be interesting,
intriguing even, but she was certain that they would both find it difficult to swallow. She had heard Jane‟s
story to Tarzan and therefore knew Jane‟s secrets. More and more her visions made sense. Tarzan was
here in this country not by chance at all, he was meant to be here for many reasons that she would be able
to now spell out for him.

[quote] My father was a handsome man. He had blue eyes and gold spun hair. His name was Albert and
he spoke with such a thick yancy accent that my mother had difficulty understanding him. She was versed
in the English language as she was the daughter of the chief and had been educated to translate from
Iroquois to English for any type of conversations. But they fell in love instantly. She was so beautiful
and he was so handsome.

My mother had decided that she should be honest with him and tell him that she was an Iroquois, Cayuga
chief‟s daughter, but he didn‟t care. He had been smitten by her and he vowed to marry her. She was
delighted as she didn‟t want to live the life of the Cayuga. She wanted to live life as a yancy. She liked the
clothes, the hair, and the man. Nothing would sway her and her father was aware of that. He loved my
mother very much; she was his oldest daughter, his oldest child. But he gave Albert and my mother his
daughter Nituna his blessings.

My grandfather, the chief even went so far as to stay away from their ceremony, so that Nituna could begin
her life as a white woman. He mourned her for many moons, some said that he never recovered from the
loss of his first child.

They, my mother and father, had a good start in their life. My father had shares in a prosperous mining
expedition and this meant that he could keep my mother in the manner to which she wanted to become
accustomed. In return for the finer things in life, she gave my father a child, a child that he wanted more
than anything. Me. He loved me, he loved me more than life I have been told. He wanted his family in
England to know me. So he packed my mother and me up and we sailed across the ocean to England, to the
land from which my father hailed.

England was not kind to my mother. People knew that she was not white. Her blue eyes did not fool
anyone. Slowly but surely she was ostracized by the ton and my father‟s family threatened to cut off his
inheritance if he continued on with this bawdy affair with this well dressed Indian. Both of my parents
were devastated, but my father had no backbone. He believed that his father was right in any matter and
chose to send my mother and I back to America, back to the Cayuga tribe. He couldn‟t even go with us, he
sent servants to make certain that we found our way back.

My mother lost her mind. She was unable to care for me. One of the servants, Mattie, looked after me for
the entire voyage back across the sea. She was my friend, my playmate, my care giver. My mother sat in
her berth, wailing away the hours, plotting her own destruction. It finally got the best of her. At five years
old, I watched my mother plunge over the side of the ship to her death.

Mattie made sure that I was returned to my grandfather and he took away my white name of Kathleen and
called me Dawenhethon, which is really a boy‟s name. He wanted me to be stronger than my mother; he
wanted me to be versed in the ways of the Cayuga Iroquois. He primed me to be a chief‟s wife and would
have me be his translator. Luckily my grandfather loved my mother enough to accept me. I didn‟t hear
from my father again until I was a young woman. My grandfather allowed me to go on a vision quest
which took me two years to complete. At this time I found the white man who spawned me. He now
spurned me. I was Cayuga Indian. I did not try to be a white woman as my mother had. At that meeting I
disowned him, but I did find out that he had remarried, and had two children. He called on John and the
other Richard. The man John is your father Tarzan. He is John Clayton. [/quote]


Jane froze. She recognized the name of Clayton. In fact it was Richard Clayton that had owned her
contract in the whorehouse. Tarzan stared at Dawenhethon in disbelief, he had heard this name, John
Clayton, when he was on his vision quest. The deer had called him John Clayton Jr.. How was this
possible? Was Dawenhethon a witch? His eyes were wide as he watched her watching him. She was
prepared for a barrage of questions. Tarzan was too dumbfounded to talk. It was Jane that spoke first.
“Would this be the same Clayton family as founded Greystoke Mining? Dawenhethon nodded. Jane‟s
heart sank to the pit of her stomach making her feel quite ill.

Tarzan stood and began to pace. Finally his reasoning took over. “This is not possible. Your story may be
intact, but there is a flaw. I am not from England or America. I hail from the Dark Continent, the place
they call Africa. I could not be this John Clayton Jr. to whom you refer.” Dawenhethon was ready for his
questions. “Your father, my half brother, was an explorer. He is the reason that Greystoke Mining exists
here. He had companies here in the Americas and in your dark continent as well as his father‟s company
Greystoke Industries in England. It was an expedition to open another mine that your mother and father
were lost. The ship was wrecked at sea, in a reef not far from where I am sure that the men that captured
you were.” Tarzan stopped pacing and listened intently. This made more sense to him than anything else
he could have dreamed up.

He silently pleaded with her to go on. “I know these things from the conversation that my father and I did
have at that one last meeting. He spoke highly of his new wife who had borne him his two boys. He
pretended not to feel anything for his first wife or his daughter Kathleen. He had become hard and tough.
He looked at me with disdain but somewhere in his cold heart, he remembered his daughter, a treasure that
he would never look upon again.” Dawenhethon smiled at her young nephew and brushed a stray blond
tress from his face. “He spoke of your father with some affection. It was your father‟s journey and
eventual demise that I think finally turned his heart so cold.” She leaned back on her hands and stared at
the small opening for the smoke in the roof of the wigwam. The light was waning from the sky, evening
was heavily upon them. “He and your uncle Richard had launched several attempts at finding your family,
but they were never successful.”

Tarzan stared at her as if she were purple. His disbelief was written across his face in bold letters, but she
persevered. “I was not privy to any of these attempts. My father died a few years ago, Kanokerah allowed
me passage to England to attend his funeral. It was not a pleasant affair. Crossing the ocean was not the
adventure that I had once believed it could be, not after losing my mother like I did. I buried him and I
made my stand with the family. They are not pleased, but my father did make concessions for his Indian
family. There is a trust for you as well my nephew. You are entrusted with the whole of Greystoke
Industries as well as Greystoke Mining. Your uncle Richard does not know that you even exist.”

Tarzan thought about it for a few moments. “I do not want to be entrusted with these responsibilities.” He
was about to leave the wigwam when Dawenhethon stopped him. “Richard is a cruel man, he does not do
well by his employees, as I am sure that your Jane will attest to. You must put a stop to his ways. You are
here for a reason John Clayton Jr. You are here to put right what went wrong those many years ago.”

Tarzan left, he sped off in the direction of the woods, thinking that for certain that Dawenhethon had surely
lost her entire mind. She was delusional. There was no way that this spun tale could hold any water. She
had surely made it up. He reached the water‟s edge and without thinking, stripped the breeches off and
dove into the water, swimming for a great length of time before coming up for air.

So there it was. His for believing or for tossing aside and not believing. What he would do with this
information was up to Tarzan, but Dawenhethon had armed him with the knowledge that he needed to start
his new life. He was not Iroquois, he could remain with them forever, they would never shun Thao‟s blood
brother. Jane was not Iroquois, but they would forever care for her as family. Tarzan swam around the bay
three times before his arms gave way to complete exhaustion. His breathing was hard and he ached from
head to toe. He had decisions to make. He needed counsel

Thao stood before the elders, speaking as he normally did, of the nations of the Iroquois and having peace
among them, hoping to convince the other tribes to join their peace. Tarzan watched and tried to
understand his words, but he was still lost. He realized, this would not be his home. He would always feel
an affinity to this village, but he needed to make his own home. Thao saw his friend standing there and
welcomed him to the council of elders. Tarzan asked for some private time with his friend.

Thao excused himself from the group and followed Tarzan outside. Thao‟s mood was not light, he knew
what was about to happen. “You have spoken to my mother.” Tarzan looked hard into his friend‟s
chocolate brown eyes. “You knew as well?” Tarzan questioned. Thao shook his head. “I know very little,
she doesn‟t share everything, but I do know that she is a key to your past and you must follow it where it
will allow you to build your future.” Thao was a very wise man. Kanokerah would be proud of his
youngest son having taken over the full responsibilities of chief. This man who in reality was his cousin,
was the closest thing to a brother that he would ever know and he was proud to know him.

The men walked and they conversed about the many things that they had shared in their short time together.
Tarzan had been more of a brother to Thao than Yuma or any of the other fallen brothers were. He could
honestly say that he held genuine affection for him. He could also see that Tarzan struggled with
something, and offered any help he could give. Tarzan stopped and looked at him. I have no instruction in
the ways of women. I do not know what is right and what is wrong. I certainly cannot treat Jane as the apes
do back home, nor the other animals.” Thao smiled. He had limited experience, but his father and the other
men of the tribe had been very forthcoming in the ways of women. He motioned Tarzan to sit and he
began to share his knowledge.

Jane sat with Dawenhethon for those many hours that Tarzan was gone. “He will return Jane.”
Dawenhethon assured her. Jane knew she was right and didn‟t worry so much about that. Sometimes
people needed time to think about things to make decisions. Jane had other things on her mind as well.
She wasn‟t sure if she should discuss this with Dawenhethon, or not, but she was the closest thing to a
mother that she could remember ever having. “You seem to know my background.” Jane started.
Dawenhethon nodded as Jane continued. “I have been with many men, I know techniques that were taught
to me by the best and the most courageous but in learning this, I have also learned not to feel.”
Dawenhethon placed a loving hand on Jane‟s forearm and smiled. “He will teach you how to feel and you
will teach him how to love you this way.” Jane couldn‟t believe that it would be that simple, so she
challenged her. “He is green, knows nothing. I know technique, not what I like.” Dawenhethon smiled
again. “He makes you feel already. Your breathing shallows when he touches you, your heart pounds out
a very loud tattoo that he can hear very well, it matches his own. You are very aroused by him. You must
learn to make love with him, to let him touch you in ways that you have never been touched. He will touch
your heart and take possession of it. You must let this happen.” Jane couldn‟t believe that she was having
this conversation, but it made little sense to her.

Dawenhethon looked around to see if any one was entering the wigwam and she continued. “Men love to
be touched, but if you touch them too much, you make it difficult for them to continue. You must let him
touch you, to heighten your senses, in this respect, his senses will be heightened as well. But you must not
let him penetrate you at first. This is something that you must work up to, even though you might think
that you are ready, you are not. You have much healing to do Jane and in order to do it, you must first
learn to trust that he loves you and wants to please you, not himself.”

Damn, she was right. Was she right about everything? Maybe she was a witch. Jane watched the beautiful
woman disappear through the doorway and she stared up into the last bit of light that peeked into the
wigwam. Although she had never thought it before, she was actually beginning to see that ray of hope that
she had heard about. Maybe the possibility of having a normal life really was out there for her, with her
beautiful Tarzan.

Tarzan listened to Thao. He passed on generations of information. “You must learn to trust each other
with your feelings, with your senses. You need to just feel. Breath in her scent, touch her skin, taste her.
You must not sheath yourself with in her until she trusts you enough to know that what you do is for both,
not just for yourself.” Tarzan listened intently to his brother/cousin. He affixed everything that he was
learning to memory, and began to plan when and where he would put his lessons to work.

“I must leave Thao. I was thinking that if Jane was prepared, I would ask her to join me and we would
leave in the morning. Would this insult you?” Thao smiled at the blond haired aqua eyed man. “It insults
me that you might think that I would try to stop you. You are always welcomed her, as is Jane, but I know
that you still have questions that need answering. Go with your spirit guide, the deer, to watch over you
and Jane. Go with peace and always know that you can always return.” The men embraced as Oheo
approached. She asked Thao what was going on and when he explained, she too embraced Tarzan. “She
thanks you for all that you have done for us.” Thao translated the words that Oheo spoke through her tears.
Tarzan smiled at the beautiful brown eyed woman before him, remembering their first interaction when she
told him he was dirty and needed a bath. “Tell her that I said that you are a good man, that her trust is not
misplaced if she places it in you.” Thao was touched, but silent. “Tell her what I said!” Tarzan ordered,
Thao responded by speaking to Oheo in Iroquois. She looked at Tarzan and she smiled, then she nodded,
agreeing with the statement.

Oheo spoke softly to her new friend, “adoisyohgwasha, gaiwagweniyo” She said, waiting for Thao to
translate, Tarzan translated having heard this before. “You pray for my good fortune.” Thao explained to
Oheo that Tarzan understood her and Tarzan returned the good wishes to her, “adoisyohgwasha,
gaiwagweniyo” Tarzan handed Oheo off to Thao and headed toward his wigwam. Now he had to
convince Jane to come with him and tomorrow they would begin the first day of the rest of their lives.

“You want to do what?” Jane responded to Tarzan‟s request. He stared at her, she was actually yelling at
him, her pulse was rapid and here pupils were pinpoints! She was either very angry or very terrified. He
opted for angry, although he should have opted for Terrified. Jane headed out of the wigwam into the
darkness. There was no moon tonight as the clouds had overtaken the sky, also keeping the stars from
twinkling overhead. Jane was unsure of her steps, but continued on nonetheless. She was mortified, no,
terrified at the prospect of seeing Richard again. Was Tarzan out of his ever loving mind?

She almost raced down the path through the woods, running smack into a large birch tree. The white bark
stood out as if someone had a light shining on it. Jane held it for support. She needed to slow down
anyway, as the path seemed to have disappeared into the darkness. Listening carefully for the sound of
Tarzan‟s voice, Jane sat, leaning against the tree, despairing. “Oh for heavens‟ sake, of all the times to give
me some time alone to think!” She shook her head and tried to decide whether or not she should be mad at
Tarzan for her being lost, or for bringing up the subject of Richard, making her want to run. Decidedly,
whatever the result, Tarzan was the cause of her current troubles.

Tarzan stared out into the blackness. He wasn‟t versed in the ways of the American woman. It was fact that
he wasn‟t versed in the ways of any women at all. He could not put his experience with the females of the
various species of animals into play, because most of them had liked him. Never before had he been
received with such disdain. He worried that he had created a rift between him and Jane and stood there,
willing her to come back on her own. He didn‟t want to be dragging her anywhere, if she went, she went of
her own free will.

Damn but that was hard, leaving her in the forest, alone, in the dark without traipsing after her. Tarzan was
certain that if Jane was in any kind of trouble she would call for either him or one of the tribes people. He
had never encountered such a strange species as this woman that filled his heart with both love and pain.
He had known adversity, he had known happiness, he had known a plethora of emotions, but none such as
the ones that Jane seemed to draw from him. One minute he wanted to lay her out on the ground like an
enemy, the next minute he wanted to lay her out and do unspeakably wonderful things to her. He was
definitely one confused man.

Jane looked up and around. Her eyes had adjusted somewhat to the darkness, but all that she could
distinguish were the tree tops and the bats flying around them. Thankfully bats had never been something
that she feared. “Tarzan, you are the most infuriating man that I have ever met and fell in love with. In fact,
you are really the first man that I have fallen in love with.” She said it out loud, knowing that he couldn‟t
hear her, but secretly wishing that he could. When she thought of him, her heart filled with anticipation.
She never knew what to expect from him, other than the unexpected, but she always knew where she stood
with him. In that, his honestly touched her in a way that no man had ever attempted to touch her before. So
this was love. It was a very wonderful but painful sensation. Jane decided that she could definitely learn to
live with this sensation. “Tarzan?” she softly called, hoping that he was really nearby listening for her,
watching over her.
“Are you all right Jane?” As if having read her mind, he was there. It was almost a frightening feeling to
know that someone had your back all of the time. “How long have you been standing there?” She had not
heard the leaves rustle, or any branches break with his steps. He moved surreptitiously, making no sound.
Kneeling on the ground before her, Tarzan moved a stray curl from Jane‟s lip. “Not long. I wasn‟t sure if I
should follow, but I decided that it was best if I did, there are wild animals in the forest and you have no
weapon with which to defend yourself.” His reason made perfect sense, but Jane had really wanted him to
tell her that he was worried, or that he wanted to be with her. She smiled at him, his blue/green eyes
dancing in the dark.

He could not stand it. Finally Tarzan leaned into her and placed his lips on hers. She returned the gentle
kiss and waited for his arms to wrap around her. Placing his hands on either side of her face, Tarzan spoke
softly. “I am not educated in the ways of humans Jane. You will have to teach me.” His honesty never
ceased to amaze her. Nor did his way of changing the subject, or making everything seem as though it was
all right, that nothing bad could happen. Jane stared at him as best she could in the shadows and responded.
“I would willingly teach you anything that I could, but you must teach me what it‟s like to be so pure, so
honest.” Tarzan smiled, kissed her once again and stood up, pulling her up with him.

“We must get back, there are animals stalking us as we speak. I smell at least four of them, one or two of
them hungry for flesh. “Wolves? Bears?” She asked. He nodded, “possibly.” Jane moved closer to Tarzan
and checked his waist to see if he was still carrying the knife that he had been presented with by the elders
earlier that week. It was there, sheathed in the tooled leather case. “I will always protect you Jane.” He said,
holding her tightly and moving back toward the village. “But you should learn to protect yourself also.” He
added and she seconded that motion. Being afraid all of the time, of everything, just would not do.

Upon reaching the village, they noted the odd stream of smoke coming from the wigwams. Some people
were still up, talking, arguing, making love. The young couple walked hand in hand to their wigwam. It had
never struck either one of them strange that no one said anything to them about sharing the
accommodations. In fact, it really had never struck them that they were sharing accommodations. All at
once, it seemed to strike both of them. Awkwardly slipping inside, they greeted the awaiting animals, and
then Tarzan took it upon himself to light a small fire in the pit. The shadows danced along the hide walls
and Teeka tried to catch them. “Does it bother you sharing this room with me?” Jane asked. Tarzan smiled.
“No, does it bother you?”

Jane sat down on a thick buffalo hide and reached over to the bucket for a scoop of water to sip. “It doesn‟t
bother me at all, and that in itself does.” Tarzan was rightfully confused. Jane smiled, watching him attempt
to understand without asking too many questions. She decided that if he was to learn about the ways of
humans, this was as good a place as any to start. “Men and women normally do not share accommodations
unless they are married. It does happen however that a man and a woman will share a room, but usually this
means that the woman has a reputation.” Tarzan smiled. “A reputation is a good thing, is it not?” Jane
shook her head at him. “Not in this case. A reputation is bad. It means that people will think that the
woman has experience with a lot of men” Before he could check his mouth at the door, Tarzan responded.
“Like you.”
Jane was taken aback at his words. They were not said acrimoniously, but they hurt nonetheless. She turned
away and looked toward the shadows. “Yes, like me.”

Tarzan heard her breath catch and noted the quickness of her response. He had said something to upset her,
yet again. He would never learn this game of words that people played. Nothing with people was simple or
easy, but then he reasoned, that nothing worth doing was easy to do. He would have to learn about Jane and
other people. He would have to learn what was proper and what was not, until then, he assumed that he
would be apologizing to her an awful lot. “I am sorry Jane; I didn‟t mean to upset you again. Please tell me
what I did.”

When she didn‟t answer him, Tarzan moved toward her and noticed that she was shaking. Instinctively his
arms wrapped around her, his lips touching the hair by her neck. He wanted to comfort her. Tears were
something he understood well. Tears meant some kind of pain and pain required comforting. “Jane.” He
had no pretty words for her, only the comfort of his arms. He could feel her hands reaching up to hold onto
his forearms as he held on tightly. She cried for a long time before she finally turned around and let him see
her face. She knew that he had not understood the power of his words, but it didn‟t lessen their sting any.
She had to explain.

“When you said that, It made me feel bad. You didn‟t say anything wrong, or even inappropriate, it‟s just
that the life that I led before, I was a bad person” Tarzan was confused. “It was your life Jane. What
happened to you is all a part of who you are, and who I want to be with, to mate with you for life.” He
hesitated as he watched her expressions. Wishing that he knew the proper etiquette for speaking, he still
continued. “We are the sum of our experiences. What we do with them is up to us. But they do not make us
good or bad, they just make us. We decide if we are good or bad. Have you decided that you are bad?” He
could be infuriatingly right; Jane mused. Still, his words were more soothing than poetry. He not only
allowed her to feel, he insisted. She noted that it had been a long while since she had wished for a bottle of
whiskey. Perhaps there was something to all of this. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Jane placed a
warm wet kiss on his pouting lips. “As always you are right. I am not bad, bad things happened, but I am
not bad!”

At that point in time, taking it out of that context, she really wanted to be „bad‟! “Now tell me what this is
all about, going to find Richard and confronting him? What proof do you have that you are his nephew or
that you are entitled to Greystoke?” Tarzan smiled.
“Dawenhethon has thought of everything. He reached under a buffalo hide and found a pouch made from
the finest of doe skin. Reaching inside he produced deeds. The deeds for Greystoke Mines in the Americas,
England as well as in the Dark Continent and the piece du resistance, the deed for Greystoke Manor in
London England. Jane stared at the yellowed papers, and then he produced another item. A birth certificate
with the seal of Queen Victoria. Jane stared at him. “You aren‟t royalty are you, that would be just a little
too much to swallow.” He smiled at her. “I am John Clayton Jr., son of Lord John Clayton of Greystoke,
emissary to Africa. Greystoke is not just the name of a company Jane, Greystoke is my rightful home.”

Jane had a difficult time taking it all in. He was a savage, brought across the ocean by chance, by hunters
wanting to make a quick dollar, saved by an Iroquois chief‟s son, because he had a vision. She was trying
to wrap her mind around the whole thing. It made her head spin. But there, in front of her, was all the
paperwork that he needed to prove his right to the property. He would definitely need some lessons in
dealing with people other than the Iroquois/Seneca. Was she up to the task? She loved him, she would have
to be.

Will you join with me Jane; will you be my mate for life and come with me to see Richard?” Jane stared
down at the aged papers before them. She wasn‟t regal material, but then when she looked at John and his
braided blond locks, she realized that he wasn‟t exactly what the elite caste would expect either. The largest
roadblock that they would have would be Richard. “Where do we start?” Was her response. Tarzan leaned
into her and kissed her over and over again, pulling her into his arms until they both laughed from
breathlessness. “Sleep now, plans in the morning.” He suggested.
Together they walked to the pallet, Tarzan then proceeded to unlace his breeches and dispose of them. Jane
could not help but stare. She had seen him in the nude before, but she didn‟t think that she would ever tire
of looking at him. His tanned body was rippled with muscles and scars. His body was a testament to the life
that he had lived in the Dark Continent. Jane felt self conscious still, so merely slid onto the pallet and
pulled the woolen blanket up over her. Tarzan waited and then finally spoke. “May we share?” She pulled
the blanket back and he crawled in beside her. His scent wafting up through her nostrils, creating a touch of
havoc with her senses. She sighed and turned away from him, to face the side of the wigwam. Tarzan was
not hurt; he merely turned into her, molding himself to her form.

Jane again sighed deeply. She was certain that sleep would not take her this night. Too much excitement
and then to top it all off, here he was, naked in her bed, pressed up against her, smelling like heaven. She
was doomed to suffer with insomnia. Tarzan wrapped an arm about Jane‟s waist and tucked the other one
under his head and he too let out a sigh. His body was reacting to Jane‟s scent. He buried his nose into her
hair, taking in the aroma of her, not wanting to ever smell anything else. A feeble attempt to cache his
arousal created more of an issue than if he had let it be, so he just let it be from there. Jane said nothing. It
was Tarzan would suffer from insomnia. As Jane‟s breathing became slower and deeper, he was certain
that she was asleep. When she moved slightly, she managed to push her backside into his hips. He moaned
with the sensation, but she didn‟t react. Sleep had taken her. It took a long while, but finally Tarzan was
able to drift to sleep as well.

Morning came and Jane rolled over looking for Tarzan. He was gone as were his breeches. Stretching out
her arms, Jane yawned and pulled her feet over the side to get up and greet the day. It was not going to be a
great day. She groaned so loud that Tarzan came running back into the wigwam to see what was amiss.
Jane shook her head and growled at him. “I hate being a girl!” Tarzan grinned and shook his head. “Why
Jane, why do you hate being a girl?” Could she possibly explain this to such a man? He didn‟t know how to
handle regular human things, now this would be a challenge. “If you insist on leaving today, I don‟t think
that I can accompany you.” Jane stated trying to keep her legs squeezed tightly together. Tarzan, noting this
moved closer to her, his nose pulling at the air, something was amiss. “Stop it!” She growled again. Tarzan
stared into Jane‟s eyes that were now a fiery amber colour. “You are in heat?” Tarzan used the expression
that Thao had taught him regarding the animals. Jane picked up the water ladle and threw it at him. “Go
away!” She yelled so loud that his ears hurt. He gladly complied.

Outside there were a few men gathering in the centre of the village, Tarzan joined them. The were laughing
and smiling. Thao also joined the group of men, but he was not laughing, he had the same confused
expression as Tarzan. As the men tormented each other, Thao and Tarzan tried to make sense of it all.
Dawenhethon finally showed up to the gathering and admonished the men, especially the elders.

Pulling Thao and Tarzan aside, she began to walk toward the wigwam that Tarzan and Jane shared. Upon
their arrival, Dawenhethon pulled both of the men inside with her, startling Jane who was making an
attempt at cleaning herself up. “What is going on?” She complained more than asked. “You must come
with me. You are not to be with the men at this time.” Dawenhethon pulled at Jane‟s hands, but she would
not submit. “I need to know what‟s going on.” The men agreed as well. Thao was fairly certain, but not
positive, so kept his mouth shut. Dawenhethon rolled her eyes and spoke. “I know your rituals are different
from ours, but you are not prepared for yours,and you are here after all.” Well, that made absolutely no
sense to anyone, and thinking about it Dawenhethon didn‟t understand what she meant. Clarifying it, she
spelled it out. “You are having your moon cycle. We all share this time. The women go to the moon lodge.”
Jane realized that she was referring to a place where the women were away from the men to suffer their
monthly cycle, and although the prospect of staying with a group of women that didn‟t speak her language,
it did seem a better idea than trying to travel and keep herself clean on the go. “what do you do in there?”
Jane asked, knowing that Tarzan too was wondering. “It is a place where we go to meditate, and perform
simple tasks, weaving baskets, making blankets. It is a sacred place where the men are not welcome.”

Tarzan looked to Jane, she was apprehensive about joining Dawenhethon, but she was definitely worried
about leaving the village today. He finally asked, “What am I to do while she is gone? How long will she
be gone?” Dawenhethon noticed the disparaged look on Tarzan‟s face. She was certain he meant to leave
today, but Jane needed to be here for the next few days. She looked to Jane who would know her own cycle
better than anyone. “At least three days.” Jane stated. Tarzan looked to her, not quite understanding. Thao
sighed. “I didn‟t realize that it was now. This is why Oheo pushes me away and does not wish to speak with
me. I am sorry mother, I was not very compassionate.”

The Iroquois women were highly revered. Dawenhethon was just as powerful as Thao, and would always
retain her standing as chief‟s wife, as would his other living wife, who chose not to exercise any power
since the demise of her son Yuma. Dawenhethon smiled at her beautiful son and responded. “She loves
you, but you know that she cannot share with you until her time is done, it will not bode well for you if she
does.” Looking to Tarzan she smiled. “You will go hunting and gathering with Thao and the other men.
You will see to the needs of the children and you will protect the livestock. This is an honorable thing to do
for the women whose bodies shed the blood in order to ready themselves for any children that may come
forth in the future.”

Tarzan stood looking at Jane in awe. He really had no conception of what a woman had to deal with and
still it was not explained well. He would need lessons on this and many other things that left him with more
questions than answers. “Go Jane. I will wait for you. Take as long as you need to.” Jane half grinned, the
other half gritting her teeth. “Can I leave if I want?” She put the question to Dawenhethon, who in turned
grinned back. “You are not a prisoner Jane. It is merely a place where women go to be away from the men
at this time. If you chose to stay, you will be the only woman other than the old ones or the younger ones,
but you are not a prisoner. You are welcome to come or go.” That was all that Jane needed to hear. She
leaned into Tarzan, kissed him softly on the cheek and smiled. “Maybe Thao can answer your questions or
help you find the answers until I return.” She and Dawenhethon left, leaving Tarzan standing
dumbfounded. He shook his head and knelt down on a thick buffalo hide.

“The full moon calls the women forth, if they are not with child, they go to the Moon Lodge. This is where
they bleed. When they are finished, they return to us, usually happier than when they leave. It‟s a mystery
among the men. No one stays behind unless they are with child or too young or too old.” Thao smiled. If
Oheo was going to the Moon Lodge, this would mean that she was not carrying a child for the dead Yuma.
This was a most pleasant thought as he had never relished the idea of raising his brother‟s child. In his
village though, the children belonged to everyone. They were revered and special, never to be hurt or
admonished, not even spoken to badly. Sometimes this was difficult, but the laws of the village protected
the child.

Tarzan noticed the smile on his brother/cousin‟s face and questioned him. Thao revealed his secret worry.
“When Yuma was with the tribe, he took Oheo as his own, even though she was unwilling because he was
in line for chief. I know that he mated with her, and I feel bad that she had to put up with that, but I am
thankful that she never bore him a child. If she did, I would have to raise it as mine, if she was to take me
for her husband.” Tarzan looked up at Thao, who finally joined Tarzan on the hide. “Will she take you to
husband?” Tarzan asked and Thao shrugged. “I know she loves me, but her mind has been sick since Yuma
died. I don‟t know how I can help her.” Tarzan could understand Thao‟s predicament, he too had a similar
problem with Jane. Her mind was sick too, because of so many years of abuse. “Time my brother. Time is
the only thing that will let her build up respect for herself and trust for you. You must love her enough to
wait for her.”

Tarzan, not realizing the information that he had just shared had created his own epiphany. He would wait
as long as it took for Jane. She was the one that he wanted for his lifelong mate and if it took a lifetime, he
would wait until she was ready for it. He wanted her trust and her respect more than he wanted to share her
body and mate with her. She had to know that before she would ever truly want him.

It was time to change the subject. The women were gone for at least three days now and the men had some
hunting to get done. Before that, Tarzan had questions he needed answered. He had Thao here, it was time
to play all of his cards.

Pulling the papers out from their doeskin cache under the buffalo hide, Tarzan explained to Thao what they
were. Thao was interested, but he didn‟t seem excited. “You, my cousin, are entitled to this as well. We can
share.” Tarzan‟s offer was enticing, but Thao had other ideas for the way that his life would play out. “You
are the son of a chief too Tarzan. You must learn your father‟s ways and you must care for his people as I
must care for my people as my father‟s successor.” Tarzan smiled at him, he knew why he loved this man
so much. He knew that he would never meet such a kind and compassionate man. Something had definitely
been shining on Tarzan the day that Thao showed up in his life. Without telling him, Tarzan would make
sure that Thao and his family were always looked after, no matter what the situation. It was only right to
look after family. Thao placed a gentle hand on Tarzan‟s forearm. “We need to go now. We will have to
hunt, gather, prepare meals and care for the young. Do you have a preference?” Tarzan smiled “I like to
hunt, but today I would like to spend some time with the young.” Thao smiled. “Ezhno will appreciate the

With that the men stood, stretched out their arms and left the wigwam. Outside some of the men were
panicking, chasing children hither and yon. Numa walked in front of the children and turned to growl at
them when they attempted to leave the safety of the village. Thao looked to Tarzan, “It looks like you have
plenty of help, are you sure you won‟t join us on the hunt?” The men shared a laugh and a smile, and then
Thao disappeared into his wigwam to retrieve his bow. Tarzan headed toward Ezhno. It would be
interesting with the language barrier, but Numa didn‟t seem to have any trouble!


Although Jane was to be gone for only a few days, Tarzan felt an emptiness that he had never quite realized
before. It was strange missing someone. Although the feeling was not a pleasant one, he had no regret for
having it. It reassured him that he was indeed alive and not merely living. He took advantage of the free
time to learn what childhood could be like among the Iroquois/Seneca families. The children were very
revered, and if you ever lifted a hand to harm a child, you could be banished from the village. Children
were free to discover themselves. Most of the children that Tarzan spent his days with were actually quite
well behaved. There was no reason for them not to behave, there were ways to do things and they merely
followed the ways.

One young fellow decided that he was old enough to hunt with his father. His father went to the elders to
retrieve a bow and some arrows for the boy and brought him to a quiet place and taught him how to shoot
straight. Tarzan watched as the father spent all of his time with the boy, never admonishing him for
missing the target, merely retrieving the arrows as they met with the air beside or over the target. Once the
target had been hit, the father would embrace his son and smile, and then they would start over again.
Tarzan watched the intimate moments between father and son and began to miss his father. When he
started to miss his father, he would miss Jane al the more.

Thao watched Tarzan interact with the children and he was amazed at their communication skills. There
was no translator needed with the children, they merely tugged Tarzan along with them, or wrapped around
him, or wrestled him to the ground, torturing him with tickles. He seemed rapt with their attention. “You
will make a good father someday Tarzan.” Thao said in passing, causing Tarzan to stop and look again at
the children. He had never realized until that moment that he did want to be a father that he did want to
share his life with Jane and their children. They would be such loving parents. As he was watching the
children, he noticed a woman sitting on a hand carved stool, nursing her baby. The baby suckled like a
piggy and she stroked his round little face, cooing to him as he took his sustenance from his mother. It was
the natural order of things, and nature was the most beautiful creator.

Three days had passed. Tarzan had played every game known to the children and had helped them invent
even more. They had swum the length and breadth of the bay, they had gone snaring, and they slept.
Tarzan missed the nearness of Jane, the smell of her hair. Tarzan was getting ready to head to the lake for
an evening swim, to help stave off the insomnia, when Jane poked her head around the corner, smiling at
him. She looked well rested, and quite content. Perhaps this Moon House was not such a bad idea after all.

Jane ran to Tarzan and wrapped her arms around his thick muscular neck. “Did you miss me?” She asked,
feeling his arms encircle her, pulling her into his body. “Yes Jane, I missed you very much.” He had no
problem admitting the truth, but when he asked Jane if she missed him, she responded: “Nope didn‟t miss
you at all.” He felt a bit hurt that she had been gone for three days and had not missed him, but he was
happy that she was feeling better. Seeing him sulk, Jane pressed her lips up to his and kissed him hard.
“You silly man. Of course I missed you. I missed you like crazy.” With that statement, Tarzan pulled her
even closer and kissed her back, drawing her tongue into his mouth to create a sensual dance.

Jane felt a little self conscious, here in the middle of the village with her tongue down Tarzan‟s throat.
“Are we leaving in the morning?” She asked, not sure what she wanted the answer to be. Tarzan nodded,
but added, “Only if it is all right with you. My business can be conducted at any time. He was right. He
had been gone for over 20 years; a few days wouldn‟t make that much of a difference.


The morning air was a little cooler than normal, Jane‟s hands were cold, but her back seemed to be toasty
warm. She pushed back into what she assumed was Numa, only to hear Tarzan softly grunt, move in closer
to her and tighten his grip on her hips. Reaching under the blanket, Jane made sure that she was covered by
her dress, and everything was intact. In fact Tarzan was even fully dressed. “I got cold, there was only one
blanket.” He pushed himself into her and she knew that he was not being entirely honest with her. She

The two of them rose and readied themselves to face the day. Tarzan would ask for permission from Thao
and the elders to take supplies, a bow and a quiver filled with arrows and perhaps a good knife for Jane. As
the exited the wigwam, they found that the village was already abuzz with activity. Many of the women
had returned home and were getting the newly hunted hides ready, drying meat, drying tobacco; doing
everyday chores. The two of them raced down the trail toward the bush to answer the call of nature.

Dawenhethon, Thao and Oheo greeted them as they returned to the village. None of the three were empty
handed, all were bearing gifts. They brought them each a jacket, a pair of moccasins, bedrolls, a water
container, and a satchel filled with various kinds of food. As they stood before the three friends, the other
villagers gathered. There had been a feast prepared for them to break their fast with this morning.
Everyone stood talking, Thao trying very hard to keep up on the translation. Tarzan leaned over and
whispered into his friend‟s ear. Thao almost dropped the piece of bannock that he held in his hands. He
laughed and smiled taking the last bite of his bread and then hushing the crowd for an announcement.

In his native language, Thao thanked all of his people for coming to wish Tarzan and Jane well on their
forthcoming journey. He offered up adoisyohgwasha, a prayer for their safe journey, and otsyohgwanih,
success in reaching their goals. Everyone said a prayer for the young couple and wished them success.
When the people were quiet once again, Thao made another recommendation, citing Tarzan with the idea.
In his native language, he honoured his mother. “My mother will mourn my father for many years to come;
theirs was a good strong love that will continue until they meet again. With their love, my father watches
over our people, keeping us safe, allowing Hino move on and help another people. We thank him for
sending Tarzan to us to rid us of the evil spirits that were among us, but Tarzan‟s job is done here. Now
that I am chief, we will need someone else to provide translating skills. There is one among you who can
speak the language of yancy; does anyone know who this might be?”

No one offered up any suggestions or knowledge of the source. Tarzan and Jane waited for Thao to
translate for them. Finally Thao revealed his mother‟s secret. “My mother lived among the yancy and she
can speak like him. My mother will become the village translator.” A hush fell over the crowd and Thao
momentarily regretted having given away his mother‟s secret. She looked into his sky blue eyes that
matched her own and in them she saw his reasoning. Thao was a good, honest man who wanted the trust to
with his people always. Dawenhethon smiled at her son and agreed to take the position.

After having eaten and taken the supplies that they requested, Tarzan and Jane began to walk out of the
village. The children raced them, Numa and Teeka slowly followed them, and the people cheered and
wished them well. Upon reaching the edge of the village, Tarzan and Jane turned to their new friends and
began embracing them. The men hugged and hit each other on the back, holding back the tears that weren‟t
meant to fall. The women all laughed with tears streaming down their faces.

Jane had noted that there was one of their friends that was missing from the crowd. It saddened her to
know that Ezhno could not say good bye to her. She had hoped that he would remember her lovingly, but
not with pain. Perhaps she was mistaken. Maybe she had hurt his feelings. For this she felt terrible. As she
was turning back to Tarzan, there he stood. He was very thin and his breeches were laced twice to keep
them from falling from his slim hips. Jane walked away from the crowd to stand before him.

“Ezhno.” She softly spoke his name. “Jane.” He smiled a bittersweet smile and then he lifted his hand to
touch hers. She leaned into him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “Good by my friend. You have been
a wonderful friend.” She knew he didn‟t understand, maybe Thao or Dawenhethon would translate for
him. She just knew that her heart broke for him, he would not only miss her, but he would miss Numa and
Teeka as well.

Tarzan watched the exchange between Ezhno and Jane and wondered why seeing her kiss him started a
gnawing feeling in his stomach. He knew in his heart and in his head that they were friends, but his
stomach told another story. He would have to teach his stomach to listen to his head and his heart. Tarzan
walked toward Ezhno, who had now become very nervous seeing the large blond savage approaching.
“Thank you for helping Jane find me.” He added his sentiment to Jane‟s, and he embraced the tall thin
young man and turned to walk away.

Ezhno hadn‟t been prepared for any of this and forgot what he was doing until Thao raised his voice to him.
He then ran back for a moment and returned with two of the most beautiful mustangs that Jane had ever
seen. Thao explained that Ezhno was the keeper of the horses and he wanted to make sure that Tarzan and
Jane had a safe journey. He explained that the horses were a gift from Ezhno. Taking some rope, Tarzan
made each horse a small bit in order to lead with. As he was doing this, Ezhno had another gift to give Jane.
She started laughing when he said, “Jane, athahsteren” He had given her a pair of pants to ride the horse
with. Again Jane embraced him and pulled the pants on and laced them immediately. Ezhno beamed. He
patted the lion and hugged the ape, then watched as the six of them headed toward the horizon. Something
told him that he would see his friends again, and hope was something that Tarzan and Jane had brought this
village. He would believe.

According to Thao the journey to where they could find Richard, would be five or six days on horseback.
Tarzan had presented Jane with the knife that he had asked the elders for, and he had slung the bow and
quiver of arrows on his back. His knife was tied to his leg in the tooled sheath that was made for it. They
walked with the horses for now, keeping time with the lion and the ape. Time was all that they had now.
Time to think about how they handle catching up with Richard. It could prove to be interesting.


When finally the two of them decided to climb upon their painted ponies, Tarzan watched Jane as carefully
as she watched him. “Do you have experience riding horses Tarzan?” She asked, trying to pass the time.
He smiled. “Not really, elephants more than horses.” Jane stopped her pony and looked over to him.
“Elephants?” She was astonished. What he took for granted as everyday, Jane marveled over. She had seen
an elephant or two when the circus had come to town, but had never sat on one‟s back. She smiled
picturing him half naked, his legs stretched around the body of a large African elephant. It was a nice
picture. Tarzan smiled, not quite understanding where her grin came from, but enjoying it.

They never hurried the horses, they would gallop at times, canter at others and just trot most of the time.
Jane noticed that although Tarzan was anxious to get this leg of the journey started, he wasn‟t rushing it
along much. She wanted to ask, but then she supposed that he had his reasons for everything. When the
sun was directly above them and beating down upon them, Tarzan found a stream for them to drink from,
where they could water the animals and sit down for a bite of lunch.
Tarzan spun stories of the many beautiful animals of the Dark Continent, some of which Jane had a hard
time believing. She had a difficult time fathoming a large man such as himself, hanging and swinging from
large tree vines and branches. It was just a little much. They sat munching on bannock and cool spring
water. Tarzan unsheathed his knife to cut the bread and share it with Jane. Suddenly the knife went flying
past Jane‟s let into the ground beside her thigh. She glared at him until he motioned with his chin for her to
look more carefully. There in the soil was a dead snake, with the edge of the knife stuck through the center
of his eyes. Jane‟s appetite suddenly waned, and the food that she had swallowed threatened to come up
again. She hated snakes. Tarzan continued with his meal and took a piece of the satchel and picked up the
snake. “Dinner.” He observed as he placed it carefully into the satchel with the food.

In her heart Jane knew that Tarzan was right, that they could eat the meat, many people ate snake and it sat
well with them, but just the thought of it made her stomach roll. She cupped her hands while leaning over
the stream and bathed her face. Tarzan‟s reflection in the water awaited hers when she put her hands down.
“Do I frighten you Jane?” She mused on that point for a few moments and then she was able to respond.
“No, you don‟t frighten me so much as I don‟t understand your ways. Everyone fears the unknown.” She
was pleased at her evaluation of the situation and even grinned at herself. Tarzan grinned back and pressed
his lips to hers and then disappeared into the bush. He was so unpredictable, and she wasn‟t altogether sure
that she had made the right decision to accompany him on this journey. He had asked her to be his mate,
and that thought was starting to eat away at her too. She realized that he was the heir to a grand fortune,
but even only having known him a few weeks, she was beginning to understand that his needs were simple;
he merely wanted a family to call his own. He wouldn‟t know the first thing to do with all of that money.
Jane didn‟t know if the money would be sufficient enough to satisfy her either. She was not aristocratic
material either. Weren‟t they a pair?


The continued their journey, stopping at sunset to set up camp for the night. Jane started a small fire as
Tarzan prepared what he could of the snake meat. Jane longed for a lovely thick chicken stew, or even a
New England boiled dinner like her mother had made before she died. She could taste the salty brine that
the beef had been cured in, the cabbage with tons of real butter on it; it was so succulent, much better than
this snake. But she found herself very hungry and it did smell so good as it cooked on a spit over the fire.
Tarzan had thought of everything. She supposed she should be willing to at least taste it; he had gone
through so much trouble and all.

Tarzan fashioned small sticks for them to use to pick off the meat from the spit. Jane took a small taste at
first, and deciding that it wasn‟t so bad after all, she took a larger piece. Tarzan looked content, watching
her, knowing how hard it was for her to take that first step to trying. He was proud of her; she had really
come a long way from that day on the plains. Every day that passed, Tarzan found something even more
compelling about this woman. He could barely take his eyes off of her, she was more beautiful that the
flowers that he had watched bloom in every season, and her voice was soft, not scratching like the apes.

Tarzan threw pieces of meat to the lion and the ape, and they quickly gobbled down before falling into a
deep sleep beside the cozy fire, leaving Tarzan and Jane to their own devices. They cleaned up and saw to
the horses, who continued to drink from another small creek that they happened upon in their travels south
east. Tarzan loosely tied them to the tress, sighing. Jane picked up on his mood and quickly approached.
“You don‟t tie them tight?” She questioned seeing the laxness of the ropes. He shook his head. “I don‟t
want to tie them at all, they creatures to be free; they do not belong to me or to you.” Jane had never really
looked at things from that point of view, but she wasn‟t in much of a mood to argue with him. It had been
an extra long journey that day and she was looking forward to laying out her bedroll and falling asleep.

Carefully the two of them laid out their sleeping accommodations. Jane laid down first and covered herself
to her chin. Tarzan sprawled on the blanket, staring at all of the stars in the clear night sky. Jane was first
to break their silence. “I wasn‟t going to eat your snake tonight. I don‟t like snakes.” Tarzan smiled up at
the sky. “I don‟t usually eat them cooked, but I did this for you, as you tried them for me.” Jane looked
over to him, seeing the light reflecting in his blue/green eyes. “You don‟t cook your meat?” Tarzan smiled
at her. She had much to learn about him and he was certain that the more she learned the less she would
like him. It was a chance that he had no choice but to take now, after all, she was on this journey with him.
“Not usually Jane. When I lived in the jungles of the Dark Continent, I only hunted to eat and by the time I
managed to kill my prey, I was very hungry. I ate the meat when it was still warm.” He didn‟t need to
embellish, she understood what he meant and this turned her stomach too. He really was a savage as had
been explained, but there had to be more to him than his eating habits. She was certain that there had to be
some more positive attributes to him. “May I ask a favour of you then?” She asked, looking up into the sky
to avoid eye contact. He agreed and waited for her to ask. “While we are together, would it be possible for
you to always cook your meat before eating it?” He grinned, the right side of his smile reaching back
father into his cheek than the left, making him look a little off kilter. “Of course.” He responded and he
smiled to himself as he heard her sigh of relief. “Good night Jane.” He said and she softly responded with a
soft, feminine snore. He rolled over and fell into a deep sleep. Yes, it would be an interesting journey with
her along.


Days into their journey, Tarzan and Jane met with settlers moving north. They had stopped to cook some
dinner for their family and invited Tarzan and Jane for the repast. They had two hardy horses and three
small children in tow, by the looks of things, the mother was expecting baby number four, and very soon.
Jane offered to watch the fire so that the woman could take a short break. Tarzan and the man gathered
firewood for the evening, brining the young ones with them. Jane sat by the fire and looked up at the very
young but tired woman beside her. “You look as though you are ready to have that baby any time?” Jane
commented. The woman took hold of Jane‟s hand and held it on her belly just in time for the baby to move
and kick her hand away. Jane jumped up and laughed. The woman smiled. “Any time I suppose. James,
Harriet and William were all late by a few days. We are hoping to get to our homestead before the baby is

Jane looked up at the sky; it looked as though it was going to be another beautiful night to sleep under the
stars. Tarzan and the husband of the couple returned, the children all hanging onto both men, laughing and
teasing. Jane leaned back and watched the interaction. Tarzan neatly placed the sticks of wood down
beside the fire pit and then turned on the children. He held one child and tickled him until the other two
jumped on him and they all fell into a pile beside the first child, every one laughing and carrying on. Then
the mother told the children to leave the nice man alone and go wash up in the nearby brook. Everyone
decided that it was a good idea to do so.

Jane had put one of Nora‟s kettles on the fire and it was now boiling. She was looking so forward to a hot
cup of tea. Nora had followed the children, Ned, Tarzan and the children to the brook. Tarzan made note of
her round belly, and decided to be forward about it. “Are you with child Nora?” Tarzan asked, not feeling
embarrassed by the question. She smiled and took Tarzan‟s hand, placed in across her quite round tummy.
The baby sent a kick to him that was so grand that his eyes grew to the size of saucers as he stared at her.
She smiled. “The baby is a very busy little one. I have doubts that I will be able to keep her contained too
long.” She smiled as Tarzan stood there dumbfounded. In the jungle the gestation of animals had never
made an impression on him one way or another. The apes had babies, they loved and nurtured their babies
and the babies grew up and moved on. Human babies and children were so helpless, but they were so
honest and true. Tarzan marveled at the love that he saw in this family and it caused him to stand up and
take ownership of the feelings that it created. He really wanted a family. He wanted Jane to be with child
for him, with his child. He wanted.

Tarzan took a step backwards. It was difficult to realize that he was no longer in the jungle. He was not
the bull ape here; he could not just take what was not offered. If he had been in the jungle, he would have
had his pick of any of the shes, but here in the „civilized world‟, he must find a she that was willing to be
his mate. Jane was his choice, but he knew in his heart that she wasn‟t quite prepared for all that it entailed
to be his she. Looking at Nora and Ned and their brood, again, Tarzan knew envy.
As they all started walking back to the camp, the children running and tripping over each other, Nora
stopped in her tracks and held her stomach. Tarzan stopped and looked at her, how very brave of her to try
and conceal the pain that she felt, but it wasn‟t conducive. She was in terrible agony. He raced to her and
took hold of her hands. “What is Nora? What is wrong?” Ned wrapped his arm around his wife and tried
to explain. “The baby is trying to come.” Ned looked a little pale, but tried to hold it together for the
family. “Take her to the wagon and Jane and I will watch the children.” Tarzan offered, not knowing what
else he could offer up. Ned picked his wife up in his strong arms and walked to the covered wagon, gently
placing her inside.

The children were anxious at first, not wanting to eat the food that was placed before them, but before long
they were tired of the wait and the hunger had set in heavily. They were ravenous as they ate. Tarzan
savoured each moment watching them devour the food that Jane had helped prepare. He watched her as
she interacted with the children. Her interaction was more sophisticated than his had been. She spoke to
them, she talked and she listened and they responded, especially young Harriet. The children could hear
their mother crying out in absolute pain, but could not understand why. Jane put their fears to rest,
explaining the way that life was brought forward. Tarzan also listened intently.

“Your mom hurts because she is trying to push the baby out of a place that is not very large and it needs to
stretch and grow in order for her to deliver the baby safely. The pain is from that, not from the baby. The
baby isn‟t sure if she wants to be born, she is in a safe place, where it‟s warm and she is protected from
everything that might hurt her.” Little Harriet sat on Jane‟s lap and looked up at her ever so innocently.
“How did the baby get inside my mommy‟s tummy Miss Jane?” She asked sweetly. Tarzan moved closer,
sitting at Jane‟s feet, wondering what tales Jane would spin for the child. Even he realized that this was
something that small children couldn‟t grasp as easily as an adult could, but he listened as Jane spun her
gold. “When your mommy and daddy got married, the minister told them what God said and that was to go
forth and multiply. So they slept in the same bed and they slept very close, without their clothes on, so that
your daddy could give your mommy the seed that she needed to make the baby grow.” It was plain and
simple and almost completely honest. Tarzan agreed that this was just the right amount of information that
the children needed. Obviously the children were fine with it as they scattered out to play with the lion and
the ape who had been sleeping nearby.

Ned had become worried. Nora‟s pain seemed to last forever, there was nothing that would help her. If
they were back at their homestead, he knew that the doctor would give her a slight bit of chloroform to
settle her a bit so that he could use the forceps and go in and take the child, but there was none here. He
didn‟t even have a small bottle of whiskey, having sworn it off when he married the lovely Nora. Tarzan
could see when he came out for a drink of water for Nora that Ned was slowly losing the battle, and he
could hear by her sounds that Nora was losing it as well. “Can I try to help?” Tarzan offered. Ned smiled.
He didn‟t know this man from Adam and he certainly didn‟t know what he was capable of, but he trusted
that the good lord had sent him to them for a reason.

Tarzan asked Jane to boil some water and to keep Ned and the children as quiet as she could, as he stepped
into the back of the wagon. Nora lay on her pallet, her clothing tangled around her, barely able to breathe.
“Nora, you need to trust me.”         He peeked out of the opening and asked if Jane could please help. Ned
and the children sat by the fire and prayed for Nora. Jane entered the small wagon and saw Nora‟s
dilemma. “The baby is trying to come out feet first.” She commented, watching Tarzan wash his hands in
the scalding water that she had brought with her. “I know. You need to help her off with her clothing, she
cannot breath and it‟s making it impossible for her to help herself.” Jane began to remove Nora‟s clothing
from her, but Nora didn‟t want to undress in front of another man. “My Ned is the only one that‟s ever
seen my body and he‟s the only one that ever will.” Then the pain hit her and she was stunned speechless

Jane pulled off most of the clothing, save for the thin linen shift that she wore under her clothing. Tarzan
took the clothing and tossed it to the other side of the room, noting how impractical women were in this
country. He gently placed his hands on both sides of Nora‟s face and softly whispered to her. “Hear my
voice and only my voice. Your pain will become my pain and you will not feel it any more.” He repeated
this line over and over until the grimace on her face softened and she stared at him. “Is everything all
right? I am not feeling anything.” She was worried, but Jane attempted to reassure her that Tarzan was
merely helping her out. He asked Jane to hold Nora‟s leg up and out so that he could maneuver the baby.
“you must not break eye contact with her Jane, keep saying the words to her.” And Jane began saying;
“Hear my voice and only my voice. Your pain will become my pain and you will not feel it any more.”

Tarzan gently slipped his fingers in beside the baby‟s legs and felt the baby‟s heart beat. It had slowed
down considerably and he wasn‟t sure if he could accomplish what he had set out to do. What he wanted to
do was to push the baby back inside, turn him around and then pull him out the right way. There was no
time. “Jane, don‟t lose eye contact with her, keep talking.” He pushed the skin away from the baby‟s face
and reached up further, his large hand almost too large, took hold of the baby from the top of his head and
proceeded to push him out. Jane continued to recite the words to Nora as Tarzan worked tirelessly to
remove the baby from his mother‟s womb. Finally he took hold of the baby‟s feet, he pushed and pulled at
the same time. The baby came out and Jane broke eye contact with Nora. Nora screamed a blood curdling
scream and Ned came running up to the wagon, wondering why he had ever trusted these people with his
wife and child.

Tarzan held the baby in his large arms. He was covered in blood and other bodily fluids, but he didn‟t care.
The baby wasn‟t making any noise, and he could not hear his heart beating. Tarzan felt absolute terror. He
didn‟t know what to do. Jane stared at him in disbelief. He had come this far, he had saved the mother, and
child, but now he was losing the child. She quickly crawled over to Tarzan and took the baby from him.
She not-so-gently turned the baby over and began to pat at his back, with quick strokes from the heel of her
hand. Tarzan watched her, a tear threatening to escape from the corner of his eye. Jane would not give up.
She continued to do this until the baby screamed out announcing himself to the world. Everyone began to
cry with joy. The baby was going to be fine. Ned took a piece of good twine, wrapped it around the
umbilical cord and then with the knife that Jane offered, he cut the cord from his wife to the baby.

The children stood in the opening to the wagon, Tarzan and Jane knelt beside Nora and Ned stared into the
eyes of pure love as his new son cried heartily at his father. It was Jane that found the presence of mind to
clean everything up, including Nora and the baby. Once everything was clean and the baby‟s lungs were
found to be intact, Jane brought the baby to his mother, who immediately brought him to her breast. He
took to it immediately, pulling almost her entire breast into his mouth with the suction that he had been
given. Everyone, including Nora, laughed heartily. “Thank you both.” She said through tired eyes. Ned
told her to get some rest and he took some bedrolls out to lay on the ground for he and the children.

Again, Tarzan and Jane helped settle the children to sleep. Jane sang a lovely lullaby to them and Ned
regaled them with lovely children‟s stories. Tarzan laid on his bedroll, looking up at the sky. He would
have sworn he saw and heard a deer speaking to him. “You are here for a reason John Clayton Jr.” He
looked around. If it hadn‟t been for Jane, the baby would have died, how could it have been for him? But
then it all came back to his being brought to the Americas from the Dark Continent. Everything happened
for a reason. Once upon a time Tarzan believed in coincidence, but that belief was slowly waning and
changing to, everything happens for a reason. If so, what was his reason for meeting Ned, Nora and the

“Tarzan?” Ned sat down beside his new friend. Tarzan sat up, holding himself up on his elbows. „Yes?”
He responded. Ned was a very kind, considerate man. He was trusting, sometimes to a fault, but trusting
nonetheless. If he hadn‟t have been trusting, tonight his wife and new son might just be dead. “I don‟t
mean to be rude, but is Tarzan your real name?” Tarzan looked over to Jane who sat silently on the other
side of the fire pit. “In the Dark Continent from where I hail, it means white skinned ape.” Ned looked at
the handsome blond man with the soulful eyes and understood. Numa and Teeka had come from the Dark
Continent and that was understandable, but until now, Ned had been skeptical. Tarzan continued. “I have
recently discovered that my name is John. John Clayton Jr.” Ned smiled. “Really?” Tarzan sat up
straight; he could feel Ned‟s heart begin to pound and his breathing become shallower. “What of it?” He
implored Ned to explain. “You are supposed to be dead.”
Both Tarzan and Jane stood up as Tarzan pulled Ned up to his feet. “What do you mean?” Ned looked
directly into Tarzan‟s eyes and repeated what he said. “you are supposed to be dead.”


Both Jane and Tarzan leapt toward Ned, who quickly backed away. Tarzan‟s eyes were slitted as they
watched Ned squirm. How could he get this man to be more forthcoming without frightening the children?
Ned settled down on his bedroll, Tarzan and Jane on either side of him. He was willing to recount his
story, it was the least that he could do for his new friend. The three of them sighed all at once. “Please
Ned, do tell.” Jane pleaded with him to speak.

He sucked in a deep breath and looked into the sad eyes of the stranger that had become his friend and
without blinking, Ned began to speak. “My father was in the employ of the Claytons. In fact he and John
had a friendship that Richard was envious of. John and Richard had come to America to find the
independence from the Greystoke ties, looking to spread their wings so to speak.” He cleared his throat
and continued. “John was a good hard worker, he made friends easily, and he new how to turn a profit. He
was born to be a businessman. With his savvy and his father‟s money, he and Richard purchased some
small mines and some businesses. That being done, John decided that it was time to go home. His father
hadn‟t been well and there were reports that the business in England and the Congo were struggling without
John to run them.” Tarzan listened, not really understanding any of the gibberish that the man was
spouting. He looked to Jane who seemed to understand. He would have her explain this to him later, for
now he let Ned ramble.

His story took John and Ned‟s father back to England where John met Alice, a lovely aristocratic woman of
breeding, who longed for adventure, or at least had everyone believing that she did. John was smitten and
three months later they were married. So they became Lord and Lady Clayton. He was the Earl of
Greystoke. John was close with his father, but when Alice came along, they both spent time with him,
walking him in the garden, talking business, learning about his life. Having Alice around allowed John to
bring the business back to the stature it had once been, while knowing that his father was well cared for.
When he found out that Alice was expecting a child, his lordship was thrilled. He loved the baby to excess.
It was believed that John Clayton Jr. was the reason that his lordship was able to continue his life for as
long as he did. He coddled the boy, was always kissing and hugging him. When John told him that he was
taking Alice and John Jr. to the Congo, his father was destroyed. He told them that he knew he would never
see them again.

Tarzan stopped him there. “Your father, did he go to the Dark Continent with John Clayton?” Ned shook
his head. “My father stayed behind, John asked him to go back to America and let Richard know that he
was needed in England, his father needed him. So my father left for America and your father left for the
Congo.” He didn‟t have many of the particulars of the voyage, but he did offer up one particular tidbit of
information that made sense to Tarzan.

“When we found out about the ship being lost, Richard mounted an all scale search. He even left for the
Congo to try to find the family that he hardly knew. His search was fruitless. While he was doing that, he
sent my father back to see to his lordship until Richard could return with good news. The old man had
aged a decade since the time that John had left. He sobbed for his son, he sobbed for his grandson. He
died before Richard could return from Africa. Word was sent to the Americas, to the companies that
Greystoke owned. Representatives were all sent over to pay their respects, but my father loved to tell me
the story of the Indian Princess who came to the funeral.” Tarzan and Jane shared a knowing glance and
waited for the tale to continue. The children lay on their bellies resting on their elbows, listening intently to
the story that their father told.

“She was a beautiful woman by all accounts. She had long black hair, but it was almost curly, not straight
like the native women. One thing that really set her aside from the crowd was her eyes. They were the
colour of the sky. They were the very same colour as his lordships, and we soon found out why. It turns
out this woman was his daughter Kathleen. It would appear that he had been married before to an Indian
woman and they had this daughter.” Ned looked at Tarzan waiting for a reaction. Receiving none, he
returned again to his tale. “The barristers and solicitors certainly knew who she was. When the reading of
the will was to occur, Richard still hadn‟t returned. It was decided to go ahead with the reading. It would
seem that Kathleen and John had been very special to their father. Let me see if I can remember the way
my father put it now.” Ned was pensive for a moment, staring up to the bright stars. „Oh yes.” He started
once again. “I Albert Clayton, Earl of Greystoke, being of sound mind and faltering body, do hereby upon
my death bequeath the following:

To my children, Kathleen, John and Richard. I leave my cash assets to be divided equally among the three.
To my son‟s Richard and John, I leave whatever business ventures that they have begun, to belong to them.
All of the deeds are kept together, I know who worked where.” Ned laughed out loud. “I think your grand
da had a bit of an issue with Richard.” Then he smiled and continued. “Everything else I leave to my
daughter Kathleen and my grandson John Clayton Jr. to split equally. Greystoke Manor, Greystoke
Industries and Greystoke Mining, unless otherwise owned by either John or Richard. In the event that
Richard or John cannot lay claim to their inheritance, all will be divided among Kathleen and John Jr.”

Jane started laughing out loud. Ned had no idea that she was laughing at how Richard had gotten royally
burned. Richard no more owned any of the businesses in America than he did in Africa or England.
Kathleen had disappeared with the paperwork and Richard had obviously come back to America to find
her. What he didn‟t realize is that her people kept her safe and her husband kept her secret. Richard would
be doubly insulted when he discovered that John was alive and in fact taking ownership of the entire
fortune as his aunt, Dawenhethon had wanted it that way.

“What happened to your father?” Tarzan asked Ned. Ned smiled, seemingly happy to regale them with
story upon story. “My father found a lovely woman here in America, a lovely Irish girl with whom he
fought like a dog with, but loved to the heavens and back again, me ma. They were together a year and then
I come along and put a real chink in their armour!” Ned laughed happily. It was obvious that his mother
and father had loved him very much, and he had such wonderful memories. “My da passed away about
four years ago, and me ma, she was heartbroken. She followed him about a year later.”

So, thought Tarzan, it was altogher possible that Dawenhethon had been completely straight with him when
she told him of this fortune that he was heir to. What he wasn‟t completely sure about was if he really
wanted it. At this point in time, Richard would have appealed the will, and would have taken ownership of
everything. He vocalized his quandary to Ned and Jane. Ned responded. “He may be the owner, but on
paper it belongs to Kathleen and you. Kathleen brought all of the documents to America when she
returned. Richard looked for her for a few years but her tribe was very nomadic and when he finally did
catch up to them, she was gone and no one knew where.”

Everything made sense. Even Jane realized that there was no way that Ned could know any of this
information without having the inside scoop. However, neither one wanted to divulge the information that
they knew about Dawenhethon being Kathleen. Tarzan would protect his aunt with his life. He had never
thought that he would ever have to lie, but in this circumstance, knowing that Richard had been searching
for Dawenhethon, Tarzan knew he had to learn how to either lie, or withhold the truth somewhat.

Jane was the first one to speak to Ned. “You have a very good recollection of the events, like you
memorized them.” She tried to sound less than cynical, but that was not her forte. He smiled and looked
over to her. “John Clayton was like a brother to my father. They were inseparable; my childhood was filled
with the ventures of the two boys and men. My father always said to me that if you could count all of the
friends that you kept for a lifetime on one hand, you were doing well.” He turned to Tarzan. “It was like I
knew your father. He was as alive to me as you are sitting there right now. I know he looked like his own
father, but he had sea green eyes like his mother. He had golden brown hair that tangled when he let it grow
too long, and I know that he was a strong as an ox, as stubborn as a mule and as kind as any man could be
to another. My father never went without, nor did my father‟s family.” Tarzan stared at the man before him.
There was such an ardor when he spoke of John Clayton. How he wished he could have known that man.
Before this journey, he had limited memory of his mother and his father, fleeting moments, scents, stories,
but they were so limited. Now Ned painted vivid pictures of a man that loved his family and his friends. He
needed more. He was like an alcoholic only having a taste of the wine, he wanted the whole bottle.

Nora called out from the wagon. She was thirsty and needed to answer the call of nature. Ned‟s stories
would have to wait until another time. As he sauntered off to see his lovely wife, he smiled at Tarzan.
“Even if you weren‟t heir to a fortune Mr. Tarzan, you would still be heir to the finest treasures that the
good Lord has ever given us, you came from love.” Tarzan smiled, but then when he looked over to Jane,
who seemed a little too pensive, he thought about her ordeal with Richard. There had been no love involved
there. How different could two brothers raised by the same parents be?

Many thoughts jumbled in his mind and he thought about the differences between Yuma and Thao. They
had different mothers, but they had the same father. Had Kanokareh known that Yuma would grow up to be
so hateful, or was it his treatment of Thao that created the resentment that Yuma carried? Surely there was
an explanation. Jane looked over to Tarzan and seeing that he looked as pensive as her, she smiled. “Pieces
to a puzzle don‟t always fit together right away.” She spoke as if she had been reading his mind. IF the
children hadn‟t been present, he would have lain with her this night. She had looked so beautiful in the
moon light, but that was not it. He was proud of the way that she had taken charge of the situation with the
baby earlier. She didn‟t panic, she used her mind first. This was just another trait that he found appealing in
this woman that he already loved. He had never realized that the feeling that he carried deep in his heart for
her already was able to grow and become stronger. Soon she would own his entire heart if he was not

The night was quiet save for the whimpering of the baby when he awoke and mother wasn‟t suckling him
to her breast right away. Tarzan lay on his bedroll listening to the sounds of the baby and this too made him
homesick. Where did he belong? He felt as though he didn‟t belong anywhere. If it hadn‟t been for his
mother Kala the ape, he wouldn‟t have survived the ordeal of jungle life. He would have surely been killed
by a bull ape sooner or later. Rising from his makeshift bed, Tarzan approached the wagon. Noticing that
the curtain was opened a bit, he began talking to Nora.

“He is ravenous!” Tarzan grinned, watching the baby intently. “Will you be all right to travel soon?” He
asked making polite conversation. “Please, come in Tarzan and talk to me. I shall not sleep for a while, he
surely is ravenous.” Nora nodded down to the little one. Tarzan stepped up and sat on the other pallet
across from Nora. “I heard Ned telling you about your father. It‟s a shame that you didn‟t get to know him.
Ned speaks so highly of some of the Claytons.” Either she had meant to slip that in there, or it was purely
an accident, but Tarzan caught it. “Some of the Claytons?” He asked. She pulled the baby from her breast
and she pushed him up to her shoulder and rubbed his back until he let out a burp so large that even Tarzan
laughed out loud. Nora smiled. “In some European cultures, it‟s not polite if you don‟t burp after eating.”
She laughed and placed the baby to the other breast.

“Ned tried to stay on with Richard after his father died, but he just couldn‟t abide by Richard‟s ways. He
had a healthy income from the various businesses but he wanted everything to be his on paper. He traversed
the country trying to find your aunt Kathleen and when he couldn‟t find her, he started a campaign with
some of the natives and some of his own men. They were to do away with all of the tribes that didn‟t
cooperate with him.” Tarzan stared in amazement at Nora. Joshua and Yuma must have worked for
Richard. If they knew what he was looking for surely they got word back to Richard about Dawenhethon.
After all, how many native women had sky blue eyes like she did?
Now he began to feel sick to his stomach. How could he protect her? He would definitely find Richard and
let him know that he, not Kathleen had all of the papers. “Do you know if he ever found Kathleen? Does he
still continue to look?” Tarzan‟s worry was evident across his face. Nora smiled. “Your secret is safe with
us Tarzan. We don‟t know where you are coming from, but it‟s obvious that you have seen her. No,
Richard didn‟t find her; as far as we know when we left he was angry because he had lost his best men in a
battle up north. They had said that they were getting close to something, but what he wasn‟t sure. It was a
miserable operation that he was operating there.” She looked at Tarzan and wondered if the worry had
washed away, or if he had merely disguised it. “You husband worked for Richard in what capacity?” He
asked, trying not to pry too deep.
Nora took a deep breath. “He did the books for Richard at first. He is a bookkeeper by trade. Richard was
not easy to work for. He wanted my Ned to hire people and fire people and run various aspects of the
business. The business was not to our liking though. He was running brothels all over the state. Ned could
not abide by the work. We had a homestead up north that his father left to him and he decided that we
would go there and work it. Maybe start ranching or farming, something more honest.” Tarzan looked to
Nora and asked, “What is a brothel?”

The word was no sooner out of his mouth when Jane was standing before him, tugging him away from
Nora. “Let the good woman have her rest would you!” She tersely ordered. Tarzan bid Nora good night and
then he closed the curtain to her wagon as he stepped out of it. Jane grabbed him by the hand and pulled
him toward the bush where Numa and Teeka slept, neglecting guard duty. “Are you insane?” She asked
him. He cocked his head to the side and stared at her. “What did I do wrong?” Jane stared at him in
disbelief and then she realized that he was really naïve about this subject. “A brothel is where I lived
before. Where the woman perform favours for the men and they pay for these favours. Remember I
explained this to you?” Tarzan‟s face stared downward, knowing that he had somehow hurt her feelings yet
once again. He wasn‟t versed in the Western ways. He had a simple life. The people that he did finally
know from the neighboring villages were simple people. The only trade that he knew was going on was the
animal trade and he was always trying to stop that. “I am sorry Jane. My intent was simply to learn, not to
damage our relationship.” She shook her head in shame. Of course he hadn‟t meant to hurt her, he would
have never known the correlation between her and Ned. Hell, Ned didn‟t even recognize her, and if he did,
he kept his mouth closed. Of course it was altogether possible that Ned didn‟t know who Jane was. When
she was working she tried not to look at faces and the other girls made her face up so well, she was not
recognizable. Ned was always a good guy anyway. Nora was lucky to have him.
Jane wrestled with the idea of telling Tarzan that she knew Ned, and she really wanted to tuck the
information under the proverbial rug, but she decided that if he was going to be able to deal with things, he
was going to have to deal with total reality. “Ned worked in the back of the bar that I lived in. He worked
for Richard. He didn‟t hire me, but he knew me. He might not recognize me in my native costume here.”
She pulled at her dress nervously. “But he will eventually, so just to keep things honest here.”
Tarzan marveled at her. She was shamed by the occupation with which she had sustained herself until she
could break free, and she would have at one time tried to hide it, but here she was trying to save his
feelings. Again, she tugged at his heart, filling yet another piece of it with hers.


It was almost morning before Tarzan managed to get some sleep. He lay on his bedroll staring up at the
stars, listening to the noises of the night and waiting for the sun to rise. By the looks of the sky, it was
going to be a little cooler today, a good day for traveling. The children, who had fallen asleep out of pure
exhaustion, were wrapped up in their bedrolls, feet peeking out, and faces hidden. Jane lay on her side
facing away from anyone, but Ned sat on the step in front of the wagon, holding his new born son for a
while so that his wife could rest. Tarzan rose, stretched and headed off to the forest. The sky was clear, the
air a little crisp.

Ned talked lovingly to the child in his arms. He kissed the tiny forehead and professed his undying love to
the baby. Nora, who had woken up in the interim chided her husband lovingly. “You are going to kiss
what little hair he has off of his head.” Ned looked over at the three wee bodies wrapped up in warm
blankets, “I certainly will not, look at the lot of them long, thick hair like yours my love.” His accent
intrigued Tarzan, who was slowly approaching the camp. “You speak different than the other white people
that I know.” Ned again kissed his boy and smiled up at Tarzan. “Oh I am Irish. I know, I know you can‟t
understand why an Irish boy such as me da would want to chum with and English bloke such as your da,
but they seemed to be able to get passed that. After all, it wasn‟t your da that invaded Ireland was it?”
Tarzan shook his head. He didn‟t understand. “I never heard my father, and if I did, I don‟t recall his way
of speaking.” Ned smiled. “Mr. Tarzan, would you be so kind as to tell the last name of the lady you be
traveling with.” Tarzan looked over to Jane and wondered. “Not everyone has a last name Ned. I just
know her as Jane.”
Jane heard her name and was automatically awake. “What? What‟s wrong?” She rubbed the sleep out of
her eyes, trying to focus on Tarzan and Ned. They both laughed at her. Ned made a smart remark about
women, that Tarzan didn‟t understand, so the conversation moved forward. “I was wanting to know, what
your last name is Miss Jane.” Ned asked quite politely. Jane was leery to answer, but realized that since
she had no secrets from Tarzan, it really didn‟t matter if Ned remembered her. He seemed like too much of
a gentleman to say anything to Tarzan anyway. “It‟s Porter. My father was Archimedes Porter.”

Ned almost dropped the baby if not for Tarzan‟s lightening quick reflexes. Ned tried to regain his
composure, but was unable to do so. Nora became worried and slipped down to the step with him. “What
is it love, did you see a ghost?” Tarzan looked around, searching for some sort of apparition, but found
none. “Umm, well.” Ned was unable to speak and Jane couldn‟t let him suffer so. “It‟s all right Ned.
Tarzan knows.” She said softly as she turned toward the bush and disappeared for a few moments. Ned
looked apologetically at Tarzan. “She remembers you Ned; she didn‟t think that you would remember her.”
Tarzan spoke matter-of-factly.

Nora took the baby from her husband‟s arms and cuddled him close, listening to him coo and gurgle with
delight. Tarzan could not get enough of the baby‟s sounds. “May I hold him?” He asked. Nora looked to
Ned who nodded, and handed Tarzan the baby. He was careful with the baby‟s back and his neck; his
whole body fit to his arm his head to Tarzan‟s large hand. Baby cooed and gurgled, his tiny fingers
wrapped around the large finger that touched his face ever so carefully. Tarzan raised the child toward his
face and inhaled deeply. “He smells wonderful.” Tarzan noted. Nora laughed. “Usually women notice
that more than men.” Tarzan pressed his lips to the baby‟s forehead and felt the satin skin of his forehead
and the soft hair that framed his tiny face. It was a magical thing this baby, it enchanted him and he said
so. “I have never been around a new human. I have been around new apes and they are beautiful, but this
one, he is, well, there are no proper words.” The couple smiled at the handsome blond savage in the
Iroquois Indian clothing. “Someday you will have one of your own.” They said in unison. Tarzan could
only hope. There was much to do before he could think of raising a son.


When Jane returned from her morning nature call, she was met with the sight of Tarzan kissing the baby.
She watched from far enough away that he wouldn‟t know she was staring. He held the baby as if he were
holding a treasure, but he was comfortable, not awkward. His confidence amazed her. How she wished
she could be more like him, eager, excited and confident. In time she might learn to accept things, but she
doubted very much that her confidence would ever return. When he softly kissed the baby, the thoughts
that ran through Jane‟s head made her crazy. She shook her head, afraid to jinx any good that might come
of this journey.

“Hey you. Don‟t you think you should help me with breakfast? Those kids are going to wake up soon and
they are going to be hungry!” Tarzan stopped her and held the baby toward her. “Smell him Jane. Don‟t
you think he smells wonderful?” Jane almost lost it right then and there. Who was this man? Never in her
life had she met someone that was so kind, so considerate, and so sensitive and so damn masculine all in
one package! He was infuriatingly wonderful and she wanted to stomp her feet to protest! Instead she
nodded and softly responded. “Babies smell wonderful when they aren‟t filling their little diapers up with
presents for mommy.” She walked away from him and piles some kindling and dry leaves in the fire pit
then took a flint to light it with. Her fire gave her no trouble and before she could worry about it, the
flames were licking the metal grate that she had placed over it. Problem now was what was she going to

Nora sauntered over to the fire pit where Jane stood staring into nothingness. Nora placed a gentle hand on
her new friend‟s arm and Jane awoke from her reverie. “You needn‟t worry Miss Jane. I have heard Ned
speak of you, but it was never unkind. He always hated Richard for what became of you.” Jane spun on
her feet to stare the woman down. She was about to start an argument with her when Nora softly spoke. “I
know what you went through Jane. Where do you think I met my Ned?” Jane lost her words on the edge
of her tongue as she stared at the woman before her. She looked so pure and unused. She looked like a
mother and a wife; she looked untouched by that world. “How can that be?” She asked in disbelief. Nora
smiled and found the old metal coffee pot that she had buried in a wooden box by the fire. She reached in
and found some ground coffee and placed it in the top of the pot and then filled the bottom with some water
from the bucket that Ned had left by the fire for her. Jane was pleased that there would be coffee this
morning. It was turning out to be a very sobering day so far.

The women sat beside the fire for a while, silently, until Jane found her voice once again. “So you know
about me, and you were like me?” Nora looked down at the ground and found herself pushing the soil with
the toe of her shoe. Jane laughed out loud, knowing that was her way of avoiding things too. The women
laughed together over their commonalities and their differences. Jane‟s final question was the one that
mattered to her the most. “You say you have been married to him for seven years now. Has he ever thrown
it in your face, used it against you?” Nora took Jane‟s hand in hers. “He loves ME Miss Jane. He fell in
love with the person, not the body. My body did that horrible job; my person wasn‟t there, just as I am
certain that your person was absent as well.” Jane swallowed hard and waited for her to continue. “We
came to an understanding early on. I came from a similar background to you. My mother died, my father
was a gambling alcoholic, who couldn‟t hold a job or raise a daughter. It wasn‟t Richard who found me, it
was Ned‟s father. He tried his damndest to keep me outta the whore house, but Richard had his way, he
sent Ned‟s da away and I was recruited. When I met Ned I hated me and loved the bottle. It was my
sanctuary. Ned threw the bottle away and told me that if I got sober enough he would marry me and make
an honest woman out of me.”

Jane looked at Nora and now laughed. “It‟s a joke right? He didn‟t really say that to you?” Nora smiled.
“By the gees, yes he did. I told him he had better be serious because I wouldn‟t give up the bottle for just
any man.” It was silliness at first I suppose, a joke as you say, but when I followed through by stopping the
drink, he followed through by treating me like a lady. He took me to dinner and walked me home, said
good night at the door and nothing was said about my less than honorable profession. He wooed me until
one night he bent down on one knee and said, Nora, I‟m too lonesome for you when we say good night. I
want to spend my life saying good night and good morning to ya, will ya do me the honour of becoming
my wife?” Tears were streaming down the faces of both of the women as Nora continued. “Well, I tell you
Miss Jane, how do you respond to a question like that without falling apart at the seams? I told him if he
promised to treat me like a lady for the rest of my life, I would be honoured to wish him good night and
good morning for the rest of his life.” The women embraced each other and they had a good cry while the
men watched, Tarzan perplexed as to what was happening.

Ned shook his head. “God I love that woman!” He stated, his chin pointing over to Nora. Tarzan smiled
at him and said, “I love Jane.” Ned grinned and reached out for the baby. “Then you better be prepared to
be the best damn husband you can be, because she will expect nothing but the best from herself as well as
you.” Ned walked away from Tarzan, leaving him alone with that statement for a while. He had heard the
conversation between the women, even if they tried to be quiet. He could not understand why it was such a
big problem for them to have worked in this house. He had only lain with Jane once, but he knew what
comfort there had been in those moments and he could not begrudge anyone that comfort. He just wanted
it to be all of his from now on. The past was gone, something that couldn‟t be changed, but it could be set
right. His journey took on a new cause. He didn‟t care about being the Earl of Greystoke; he cared that his
wife would be honored as Lady Clayton.

The children woke and were buzzing around as the coffee began to percolate in the large pot. The smell
was intoxicating to everyone but Tarzan. Jane hadn‟t had real coffee in some time, and was looking
forward to this treat. Nora found a cast iron frying pan in the bottom of her wooden box and began to create
magic in it, while Ned and the children fussed over the new baby. As Nora stood up to wipe her brow, Ned
finally spoke. “Well mother, what do you say, this lad needs a name.” Tarzan and Jane watched as the
couple talked quietly between the two of them. “It‟s settled then.” Ned said after having conferred with his
wife. “If you are in agreement, we would like to call the lad Clayton John Porter McDowell.” Jane and
Tarzan smiled at each other and then Nora spoke up. “Sorry to step on your toes Mr. Tarzan, but I am sorry,
I just couldn‟t abide by my baby being called Tarzan McDowell, and it just didn‟t set well with me.” She
mused apologetically. Tarzan looked at his naked feet and smiled at Nora. “My toes are fine.” He spoke
honestly and even Jane had to chuckle at that. “He doesn‟t understand inference or sarcasm or irony, or
anything like that. Sorry Nora.” They all smiled at Tarzan, who still didn‟t understand what his toes had to
do with anything. Jane promised to explain it later.

After the morning meal was done, Jane offered her and Tarzan up to clean up the mess and do the dishes.
Tarzan had no issues with this; he helped put the dishes into a large cloth bag and carried them to the brook
where they proceeded to clean all of the grease and food from the dishes. Jane had carried the remnants of
the coffee with her and she savoured it right to the last drop. “Mmmmmm.” She responded. Tarzan smiled
as he wiped the last dish clean and placed in on the pile that they had created. “We must move on Jane,
Nora and Ned must get to their homestead in order to do the autumn planting.”
She knew he was right, but it had just been so wonderful to spend time with this lovely family with whom
she had so much in common. “I know.” She stated grudgingly. “I have my stuff all packed up and on the
horse. Numa and Teeka had followed them to the brook, where Tarzan knelt before them and expressed his
gratitude for the fact that they had not caused any trouble with the family; they had stayed far enough away.
Tarzan had found that the two animals were appearing somewhat withdrawn of late and mentioned it to
Jane. “They miss Ezhno of course.” She said matter-of-factly. He cocked his head to the side as if trying to
understand and realized that yes, she was correct, they did miss Ezhno, and he had been a great friend to
them. “You will see him again my friends, I promise this.” Tarzan didn‟t make promises unless he intended
to keep them.

The good-byes were tearful amongst the women. Jane had finally found someone that she could talk with,
be completely herself other than Tarzan, she would miss that. Tarzan looked to his Jane and he touched her
cheek where a tear threatened to drop from. “I promise that I will bring you back to see Nora, Ned and the
family.” And Jane knew Tarzan didn‟t make promises unless he intended to keep them.

The young couple mounted their horses, and called for the animals to follow. The children who had been
afraid of the wild animals held tight to their mother‟s skirts while Ned held the baby and they all waved and
yelled their good-byes. “Don‟t forget to visit little Clayton John Porter McDowell!” Ned yelled. Tarzan‟s
heart filled with more than he could ever imagine. He looked at Jane and softly spoke. “It feels as though it
will explode.” She was confused, “What does?” Tarzan placed his hand over his chest, under the vest. “My
heart. I didn‟t believe that it could be so full, is it capable of loving more than you?”

Jane stopped her horse and stared at him. He had a strange way of looking at things, and he was brutally
honest, sometimes so honest that she was taken aback, but this question filled her with the same questions.
“I suppose the human heart stretches large enough to hold all of the love that we are willing to fill it with.”
She wanted to tell him that she too was falling deeply in love with him, but the words seemed to be stuck
on the edge of her tongue. Tarzan was pleased with Jane‟s answer, but still had another question. “Is that
why it hurts, because it is stretching?” Jane realized what was wrong with him. He had found places in his
heart for Thao and his people and now Ned and his family. People were treating him as though he actually
belonged among them, and they meant something to him. His heart was hurting because he kept having to
say good-bye. “I suppose Tarzan you are glad to have them in your heart, but you are having a hard time
saying good bye to them.” Again he liked her explanation. She was so wise. He knew that she owned his
heart, and he was happier still because she didn‟t mind sharing it with a few people. They continued their
journey in silence.


“I don‟t suppose you have been to the city have you Tarzan?” Jane asked, seeing by the expanse of the
land that had been turned into roads, that they were nearing the city. Tarzan shook his head. He had been
on the docks in a cage, but he hadn‟t seen much. Jane hadn‟t really figured out exactly where he had been
brought to port, but she was fairly sure by the descriptions that he had given her that he had come in
through Boston harbour and then they traveled north west. “We are heading to New York City. I don‟t
think you will like it here. Life is very face paced, they have more people than work and there is always
some kind of fight going on. The gangs of New York, they fight over who the streets belong to. They tried
to bring nature back to New York when they built Central Park, but it was a pipe dream.”
Tarzan listened to Jane speak of this „city‟ and wondered why so many people would flock to a place where
there was no nature, no wildlife, nothing but wall to wall people. This would not do for him. He would
find Richard and claim his inheritance. When he did that he would avenge Jane and they would be off to
England to the family home.
Outside of the city limits, Jane found an inn where she decided that they should stop and ask for directions
and perhaps have a bite to eat. “Do you have any money Tarzan?” She asked and then she laughed. Of
course he didn‟t have any money. She searched through their baggage to find anything of worth, but all she
could find were papers. She fixed her hair up and looked at Tarzan. “Maybe you had better stay out here.
I am going to try and make some money for us.” She was heading for the front door when Tarzan gripped
her wrist and stopped her from going forward. She froze. His strength surpassed anything that she had
ever endured before. He had never been mean to her in all of their time together, but she was certain that if
his temper ever let loose, she would not want to be on the receiving end of it. How he understood what she
meant was beyond her, she had never really said what her plan was. Shame raced through her and her
cheeks took on a deep crimson blush. “Jane, what are you doing? Are you going to try to sell favours to
someone inside? You don‟t want to do this anymore, you want to be free of this burden, let the past go and
move on into your future.” She spun around, fire in her eyes, trying not to let him intimidate her further.
“We also need to eat and I am going to procure some money for food!” She tried to pull herself from his
grip, but he refused to yield.

Tarzan pulled Jane to him, enveloping her in his arms. “I will always provide for you. You will never
have to give up your self in this way again. I am a selfish man, I want you for myself, and I do not want to
share you.” She rested her cheek against his shoulder and worried out loud. “What has become of me
Tarzan? What will become of us?” He splayed his large hand across her back and pulled her closer, kissing
the top of her head, staring toward the door that she almost entered. Tarzan made a mental note to himself;
try to help these women find a better way of life.

As they were heading to their horses, a well dressed gentleman in a top hat exited the building and headed
toward his horse. “Excuse me sir.” Tarzan spoke softly, but the man heard and stopped. “What is this?”
He asked. “Is Wild Bill in town?” Jane smiled and Tarzan, taking her cue smiled as well. “I was
wondering sir if you might know where I might find Richard Clayton, or Greystoke Mining?” The man
looked to Tarzan and then to Jane. He leered at her, taking in the sight of her naked legs. His greasy grin
made her instantly uncomfortable and she was grateful to Tarzan for stopping her before she entered the
establishment from whence he had come. “You are almost there; it‟s on the edge of the city, about a mile
down this very road. It‟s doubtful if you will find Richard there though, it‟s here,” he pointed to the
building from where he had just come, “where Richard spends all of his free time, with the lovely ladies.”

Jane looked up for a name on the Inn, but there wasn‟t one. Had she been drawn to this place, was this
something that was in her blood for good? It terrified Jane to think that her past would follow her and
haunt her forever. “Is he in there now?” Tarzan asked, still very polite, although he could see the man
ogling Jane. He nodded and found his horse. “I‟ll wager he‟s there, but unavailable tonight, there is a new
girl, takes a while to break them in you know.” With that he was on his horse and rode away into the city.
Tarzan held tight to Jane, having noted the rise in her heart rate. She was boiling, seething even.
“We have vowed to do this Jane, and we shall overcome any obstacles together. Richard can‟t hurt you
anymore.” She stared into the blue green eyes of her companion and she smiled. “He hurts me every day
Tarzan and he will continue to do so for the rest of my life.” Again Tarzan held her close and rubbed her
back. “We will fight the monsters together.”

Numa and Teeka caught up to them, having sauntered slowly behind. Tarzan began thinking that he should
have left them with Ezhno; this would not be a good place for them. He would have to think of a plan.
Reaching into his bag, he found some rocks that Thao had put in. He showed them to Jane, she danced
with glee; they were nuggets of gold and were as good as cash anywhere. He insisted that she listen and
follow his lead with his plan. He was going to go inside and get a room for the night. Once he had the
room, he would come and get Jane, Numa and Teeka and bring them inside. “I don‟t want you to see each
other just yet Jane, all right?” She agreed and told him what to say and how to act. “Wait!” She said and
she pulled him aside.
Going to her bag, she found a shirt and some pants. “These are Ned‟s; Nora gave them to me as well as a
dress. She figured that we might at some point need to look „normal‟. Knowing that he wouldn‟t
understand what she referred to she merely pushed the clothing at him and told him in no uncertain terms to
“Put them on.”


Tarzan stared at Jane and scented the air. She was not herself. There had been a very definite change in her
since arriving at this place. He was not pleased with this change, he was worried. “You must not go near
him yet Jane; you are obviously not ready to face Richard. Please. Wait for me; I will bring you in through
the window.” Jane stared back at him, making a contorted expression on her face, “What?” was all she
could manage before he leaned in and kissed her full lips. “Please Jane, for me?” She nodded and led the
animals to the back, away from the passing people, and away from the front door.

Tarzan smoothed his slacks and looked down at his bare feet. He almost laughed because had Jane noticed,
she would have been a little upset. Forward into the inn, Tarzan noted the ambiance of the inn: The
shutters were closed and gas lamps hissed and it seemed as if in every corner there was a woman sitting on
a man‟s lap and the men were not merely looking. Tarzan became uncomfortable in these surroundings,
but hit it well. He searched the front room and the bar for anyone matching the descriptions of Richard that
he had received from Jane, Ned and Dawenhethon. All had said the same thing, a rather tall, balding man
with beady brown eyes and a small bulbous nose. There were no bald men that he could see.

Within minutes of his arrival, a rather large, voluptuous blonde haired woman approached Tarzan, her
ample bosoms heaving over the top of her too-small dress. She smelled of strong cologne and whiskey, but
she seemed to have a sweet disposition. Tarzan was not alarmed when she placed a large hand on his
forearm and spoke to him as if she had known him forever. “Well hello there, welcome to the “Inn”.”
Tarzan nodded politely and waited for the woman to speak again. “My name is Dolly hun, what‟s yours?”
Tarzan began to speak, “T…………John.” She smiled at him, obviously trying to hide his real name from
her. That was usual in this line of work. “So……..Tjohn, what can Miss Dolly do for you today?” Tarzan
could tell that Dolly‟s heart was pounding and her breath was shallower as she stared at him. In his limited
experience with women, he knew that she was attracted to him for some reason, but he did not share this
attraction. He was not impolite, but he was blunt. “I need a room Dolly. I am tired and I wish to sleep.”
She was not insulted at all. Even if he had put off her advances, at least he didn‟t look for someone else‟s.

Dolly led Tarzan to the bar, where she produced a register and asked him to sign it. He stared at her. He
hadn‟t written his name in ages. He could write, he could read, but he was taken aback until she smiled at
him. “It‟s okay Tjohnny, lots of our folks don‟t know how to read and write nothing to be ashamed of.
Just put an big old X on the line and I will witness it, is that all right? Tarzan supposed that it would be
fine and did so. When told how much he would have to pay for the room, produced the gold nugget and
asked if this would get him the room and a meal. She smiled and told him that there was enough in that
nugget to pay for a week of stay and meals. Then the two of them ascended the stairs to the second floor,
where Dolly let him to a small room at the end of the hall. “This will be about the quietest; you won‟t have
someone on both sides, just one.” She handed him the key to the room and she kissed his cheek. “Should
you get lonely sugar, you know where to find Miss Dolly.” With that she closed the door and he could hear
her heels click down the hallway.

There was a small balcony off of his room, where he stepped out to see Jane. She was off to the side,
waiting for some kind of sign from Tarzan. She ascended the stairs on the outside of the building, almost
dragging Teeka with her. Knowing it had been a great mistake bringing the animals with them. Numa
followed begrudgingly, and when he entered the room, he lay down on the soft feather bed. Both Jane and
Tarzan laughed at the large animal. “If anyone catches you here with these animals, they will throw you
out.” Jane droned. Tarzan did not like the fact that she was not herself. He wanted to get this over and
down with as soon as possible and then get her out of her and off to England. Surely there she would be
more comfortable, away from this life.
When Tarzan had returned from downstairs with his evening meal, he noted Jane‟s mood had not
improved. “Jane, please tell me what is wrong?” Tarzan asked as he watched her pace back and forth in the
small room. She was agitated and she couldn‟t tell him why because it eluded her why she would feel this
way. “I don‟t know Tarzan.” She continued to pace. Numa yawned and Teeka squealed, both were
getting very hungry. Tarzan knew that the small portions of food from the Inn would not satisfy either of
the animals, so he told Jane to eat and he would take the animals out for a hunt.

Jane seemed just as content to sit in the room, with the four wooden walls and the woven throw rug. The
dirty windows didn‟t dissuade her from partaking in her „civilized meal‟ of chicken stew and dumplings.
She devoured it as if she hadn‟t eaten in days. Tarzan watched in amazement and led the animals out of the
room and down the side stairs. He needed to get away from Jane right now, he needed to think.


Evening was upon them, the stars were beginning to twinkle in the clear night sky. It would be cooling off
even more now. Tarzan edged his way out of the bush, the lion finally sated and Teeka happy with the
findings, the fresh kill lingering on Tarzan‟s mind, leaving him in a subtle state of euphoria. As he
appeared in the doorway of the hotel room, Jane almost screamed at him, he seemed to be covered in blood.
She backed away and let him enter, her ghost stare apparent.

“It‟s me Jane, it‟s just me.” He hadn‟t wasted time looking for a creek or a brook to wash in, knowing that
he could clean up in the room. Jane finally came to her senses and stared at him in disbelief. “Is this really
what you are?” She hadn‟t seen him when he had come back from the conflict with Joshua and Yuma. She
hadn‟t been hunting with him, having only seen him kill the snake. She was frightened at the rawness of it
all, but confused because she knew him to be such a gentle kind soul. Tarzan cocked his head to the side to
try and comprehend what was going on with her.

Walking to the wash basin, he lifted the ewer to pour some water, she stopped him, taking the ewer and
pouring. He watched carefully. Jane took a washcloth from the bureau and soaked it and then soaped it.
After assisting him with the removal of his clothing, she carefully washed Tarzan‟s face, and his neck then
she rinsed the cloth. This ritual continued as she bathed him from head to toe, throwing dirty water out and
replacing it with fresh. Finally, she took his hands and placed them in the water then soaped them up. He
was clean. Tarzan stood before her, the Adonis of mythology, stuff that dreams are made of.

Without even a thought, Jane began to remove the dress that Nora had given her. She unlaced the back and
unbuttoned the front, the pulled at the hem to ease it up and over her head. Tarzan watched, but remained
still. The dress fell to a heap on the floor, but Jane bent and scooped it up, to carefully fold it. She stood
before him, as naked as he. Tarzan fought every urge to cross the distance between them and take her right
there on the floor. He fought the urge, but the urge was there. She stood, waiting for him to initiate it, but
he didn‟t move. A tear fell from to her cheek and she placed her face in her hands. Tarzan traversed the
space between them and wrapped his arms around her, holding her, waiting as the dam burst.

He led her to the bed, where he picked up a blanket, wrapping it gently around her shoulders, careful not to
let her go. She cried, and he remained silent. Many moments passed and she cried. He said nothing.
Tarzan stood to turn all of the gas lamps off, he opened the window and let the cool night air in, then sat
down once again beside Jane, who fell into his gentle embrace, and she finished her cry. Exhaustion finally
set in and Jane began to fall asleep in his arms. Noting the change in her breathing, Tarzan carefully lifted
her and lay her down on the bed, pulling up the rest of the covers. She would not let go. “Please don‟t go.”
She said, her nails digging into the muscular flesh of his shoulders. He lay down on his back, she nestled
into him and he placed his arm protectively about her shoulder. Sleep took her, but left him wanting.

Morning came, and Jane found herself in a very compromising position with a very handsome young man.
She stared at him, noting that he was still asleep. It was late for him to be asleep, the sun was blaring
through the windows and the air was stale with the heat. Blankets were strewn here and there and animals
were splayed on the floor and half out of the door to the balcony. Where had the head come from?
Autumn had begun to settle in, but it was becoming uncomfortably hot outside.

Tarzan woke as Jane drew herself out of the bed. He watched her naked body cross the room to pick up her
dress and slip it over her shoulders. She opened the door to the room and peeked down the hall. Racing
down, she made her way to the rest room with the water ewer and a clean cloth. Tarzan laughed as she
snuck around, seeming to know where everything was, not wanting to be seen. He rose, pulled on the
stained slacks and walked out onto the balcony, where he took the stairs down the side of the building to a
patch of bush. It was nature and she was calling.

As he ascended the stairs once again, he met with the animals. They were lazy in the heat, all they wanted
was water, which Jane had ever so kindly obliged them with, giving Numa the wash basin full and Teeka
the ewer full. They imbibed and again lazed on the floor of the overheated room. “Are you better today
Jane?” Tarzan finally asked, sitting on one of the hard wooden chairs by the window. She sat as well,
looking up shyly through her long eyelashes. “I am so sorry Tarzan, I don‟t know what came over me, I
was just……” She couldn‟t finish the sentence, there was a knock at the door. Tarzan rose to answer it.

Unlocking the inside lock, Tarzan opened the door partially, trying to keep Numa and Teeka from anyone‟s
sight. It was Dolly, dressed very scantily. “I thought you might like some coffee Tjohn.” She said,
handing him a large mug off steaming coffee. He didn‟t want to take it, but he could hear Jane trying
desperately to get his attention. He thanked Dolly and took the cup and closing the door behind him. Jane
almost kissed him she was so happy to have a hot cup of java.


Tarzan again locked the door and Jane took the cup in both hands and sipped the life giving liquid. He
marveled at her addiction to this foul smelling, awful tasting liquid. She looked up at him and as if reading
his mind responded, “It‟s either this or whiskey.” The concept escaped him, but he assumed that it must be
a bad thing if it was such an obsession. Again he sat and waited for a moment when Jane would once again
realize that they were in the middle of a conversation.

Jane finished the coffee and found that small rush of alertness that she was seeking. Coffee was one of the
great morning pick-me-ups that she had a hard time doing without, and having had it, she felt more
„herself‟. “I owe you an apology.” She stated, Tarzan didn‟t blink, nor did he respond, he simply waited.
“I have acted insane since we got here yesterday. I don‟t know why Tarzan, but being this close to Richard
has a definite negative effect on me. He frightens me.” Tarzan rubbed his mouth with the back of his
hand. Days like this he missed his jungle, climbing the tallest tree, swinging from the thickest vine and
landing in the deepest part of the lake below the waterfalls. He had noted that there was nothing here that
even remotely resembled his jungle. He finally spoke to her.

“You and I are different, but similar. We don‟t belong where we think we should belong and we don‟t
want to belong where we do.” Jane tried to follow his reasoning. “I think I belong in the jungle, apparently
I belong in England. You think you belong here, but you really don‟t. Don‟t give him that power over
you.” It was many moment of complete silence before Jane could speak. She at first was upset at him for
saying that she thought that she had belonged here, but everything spoke to that. Everything that she had
done since arriving pointed to that and she didn‟t want to belong here, she wasn‟t supposed to be a whore.
Life had dealt her the wrong hand, but it was the hand that she knew.

“I suppose you won‟t want to take me as your mate, and I can‟t blame you for that. I don‟t know how to be
a good woman; I suppose it‟s been drained from my blood.” Tarzan went to her, knelt before her and took
her hand in his. “You are a good woman Jane. I have great love for you in my heart.” He placed her hand
over his heart and covered it with his own. “My love for you is strong enough to realize that if you don‟t
feel the same, I cannot make you. But if you do, I will fight to the death to keep your love.” She knew he
was serious. He loved her more than any one person had loved another in her experience. “We will fight
this demon together and then we will be done with it.”
Tarzan went down the hall and filled up the ewer and bowl for the animals one last time before he brought
them outside and had them hide in the slip of bush behind the inn. He then returned to finish dressing and
to ask Jane to get ready; they were going to go downstairs. She looked at him, smoothed out her dress and
her hair as best as she could without the use of a mirror or brush. And then she steeled herself against the
imminent danger that lurked below. Tarzan gave her his hand and she placed her small hand inside of his
large one and together they left his room.

Downstairs, the bar was buzzing, there were men playing cards, there were women flirting with them, there
was liquor in abundance, to which Jane could almost taste from where she stood. Across the room, talking
to a table of card players, there stood Richard. He was dressed impeccably as usual, his pin striped suit
making him look slightly taller than he actually was. When he looked up and recognized Jane, she could
feel the bile rise in her throat and she felt the squeeze of Tarzan‟s hand around hers. He knew that it was
Richard, solely from her reaction; he wouldn‟t have needed a description. Richard crossed the room and
stood before the young couple, trying to look taller than Tarzan, but not succeeding.

A hand came up between the two men, Richard introducing himself, “Richard Clayton. Oh my goodness
Jane, you look wonderful, marriage must agree with you. Where is Josh?” He asked as he turned to Jane
and leaned down to kiss her cheek, she pulled herself away. Tarzan took the offered hand and introduced
himself. “My name is Tarzan; perhaps there is somewhere that we can talk, in private?” Richard almost
laughed out loud, he didn‟t know what was funnier, this man calling himself Tarzan, or the fact that he
wanted to have a discussion with Richard in private. Tarzan kept a tight hold on Richard‟s hand, noting
his heartbeat. As Tarzan squeezed Richard‟s hand tighter, Richard realized that the young man meant
business and he gave a nod to his bodyguard, Samson.

Samson, a tall, heavy set, angry looking man, approached the three of them, waiting for instructions. “Mr.
Tarzan, please, sit down and have a drink, on the house, we can discuss anything you want here in the
dining room. Tarzan looked to Jane who was already more uncomfortable than he wanted her to be, but
she grinned at him, a subtle message that she was all right for him to continue. Tarzan looked directly into
Richard‟s eyes, and stated. “Most certainly Mr. Clayton, I just wanted to let you know that Tarzan is only
one of my names, my other name is John Clayton Jr.” He watched as the colour drained from Richard‟s
face and he clung to the back of a chair for support. Tarzan had relinquished his grip on Richard, waiting
for some kind of reaction, he got it.
Richard gained his composure, but not before Tarzan had witnessed the power that he wielded over him.
With a sweeping motion, Richard offered them seats at the table. Samson held Jane‟s chair for her to sit,
Tarzan wrapped his arm around the top of the chair, easing Samson out of the way. Richard nodded for
Samson to make himself scarce.
All at once Richard began to laugh. Tarzan could almost see Richard‟s thoughts as she attempted to discern
what was happening here. “So you have the same name as me, Clayton. Small world. I wonder if we are
related.” His mood had done a complete 180.
Tarzan wouldn‟t be fooled. He could see the small beads of perspiration and see the pulse jumping from the
vein protruding from Richard‟s bald head. Jane squirmed in her seat, but remained silent. Richard found his
composure once again, staring at the beautiful young woman. “You look like you could use a drink Jane.”
Richard turned around and raised his voice enough for the bartender to hear. “Whiskey Jed, bring the bottle
and three glasses.”

Tarzan looked to Jane. He worried that she wouldn‟t be able to resist. His limited knowledge of this
„firewater‟ was from Thao and from what he had seen on the boat coming across from Africa. It didn‟t
smell inviting, and it caused people to act like idiots. Jane looked to him and smiled. She knew that he
would never say that she couldn‟t have something, she was her own person, and a drink of whiskey would
really take the edge off right now.

Jed placed the bottle and the glasses on the table, asking Richard if there would be anything else required.
“Might I have a coffee instead?” Jane asked and Jed raised his eyebrow. “Sure Jane, anything for you.” He
turned and walked away to get the coffee. Richard watched Jane as she looked at the bottle sitting inches
away from her hand. She smiled up at Richard. “I don‟t drink anymore.” As soon as the words were out of
her mouth she knew she would regret saying them. Richard had always fed her whiskey as a means of
helping her lose the inhibitions that she was born with. Instead of responding, he turned to Tarzan and held
the bottle to the glass in front of him. Tarzan did nothing but wait as Richard poured the amber liquid into
the clear glass.

The silence at the table was deafening, making the noise around them seem to disappear. Jane watched as
Tarzan lifted the glass to his lips and take a sip. She waited for the disgusted face that he would make after
tasting the alcohol. He made no such face. She watched his Adam‟s apple bob up and down as he
swallowed the mouthful and heard the soft sigh as he exhaled the liquid heat. Knowing that Tarzan had
never had whiskey, Jane was amazed at his self control. Richard wasn‟t sure what to think of this young
man dressed in dirty, was that blood on his shirt?, clothes, bare feet and long dirty blonde hair that seemed
almost regal. Certainly this young man couldn‟t be his lost nephew.

Tarzan finally took the opportunity to speak. “We are related, Uncle Richard. It seems as though I am your
brother‟s child, John Jr.” Richard sat up straight, taking a drink from his glass, tasting it in his mouth and
then downing it. His eyes twinkled and he almost looked as though he were happy. Tarzan could read his
body and could certainly tell that Richard was far from happy. “What makes you think that Mr. Tarzan?”
As much as he wanted to have Samson take this beggar outside and throttle him, Richard thought better of
it. He would wait to hear what the boy said, and see if there was any proof. Knowing your situation, it‟s
always better until you have the advantage of being the one with all of the information. Tarzan removed his
arm from behind Jane‟s chair, placed both hands on the table and leaned in, lowering his voice so that he
and Richard were the only two participants in the conversation. “I have proof. My Aunt Kathleen has
provided me with said information.”

Richard could not contain himself. He stood up quickly, knocking his chair down. His arms went up and he
almost knocked the hot cup of coffee in Jed‟s hands all over the floor. Any grace or composure that he had
until now, had dissipated. “You are insane boy, coming in here with this false information, trying to
misappropriate from me. Of course you have no doubt heard my story of my lost nephew and you dare to
come here and say that you are he. How dare you. And Jane, have you sunk to a new low, coming here with
him? Did you put him up to this?” Richard feigned being insulted quite well. Samson was at his side in
moments. “Mr. Clayton, do you want me to throw them out?” Samson asked, a gleam in his tiny grey eyes.
Richard looked at Tarzan, he looked like a regular sized man, but he had felt his grip. He didn‟t want any
damage done to his inn. “I think Mr. Tarzan and Miss Jane will leave quietly, of their own accord.”

Tarzan and Jane did just that. They left after having planted the seed. Now they would have to wait for him
to come after them. Not knowing quite what to expect, he told Jane that he would feel safer with them
staying away from the hotel in the bush. He could make them suitable accommodations for a few days.
Jane looked up at the room that they had shared. A bed, not a pallet, or the ground, they had slept in a bed.
How she hated roughing it. Of course she would follow him into the bush, knowing that he could better
protect them there, but she would miss that feather mattress. Looking up into his blue-green eyes, Jane saw
something there that she had forgotten. It wasn‟t the mattress that made the bed so inviting. In fact the
pallet had been quite comfortable at some point too.

Hurrying along, taking the horses that were tied in front of the inn, they walked into the bush, trying to
fabricate a plan. Tarzan looked to Jane, who stared more at the ground than anything else. “You really liked
that, whiskey?” He now made a horrible face, just thinking about the whiskey. She smiled up at him. “No. I
don‟t like it, I liked that it used to help me to forget who I was.” She grinned at him. “You seemed to like it
when you drank it, you didn‟t even make a face.” He stuck out his tongue and complained. “It burned my
throat and all the way down to my stomach. I didn‟t like the taste at all. It makes my legs feel strange too.”
Jane almost laughed out loud. He had taken quite a drink, but he was able to keep his mild inebriation quite
well. “I am still glad that you asked for coffee. I am sorry that you didn‟t get any. I promise you, when we
go to England, you will have all of the coffee that you want.” Jane laughed at him. “Well my dear Mr.
Tjohn Tarzan, for one thing in England they usually drink tea and for another thing, we aren‟t there yet.”
Tarzan stopped in his tracks and let the lead for the horse drop to the ground. Turning completely to Jane,
he placed his large hands on her hips and turned her to face him. As he looked down to her, she looked up,
at which point their lips touched. Jane‟s arms automatically wrapped around the thick neck of her filthy
Adonis. “I promise Jane, we will get there.” He kissed her hard on the mouth and pulled her hips so that
their bodies melded together. She sighed into his opened mouth, knowing that Tarzan never made promises
he wouldn‟t keep.
Once settled into a quiet secluded spot by a small waterhole, Tarzan and Jane relaxed a little more. Numa
and Teeka were happy to be joined by the couple, not particularly caring for the state of the forest. It was
becoming sparse, the city was slowly encroaching the forest, almost swallowing it up. Tarzan stood in the
waterhole and caught some fish, throwing them over to Jane, who very cautiously steered in the opposite
direction of the flying fish. Tarzan laughed when she finally caught one and it slipped out of her hands. As
much as she loved the fresh outdoors and the company, Jane longed for a home; somewhere to sit in a hot
lingering bath, to sleep on a large feather bed with pillows and fresh linens. As she watched Tarzan clean
and fillet the fish he caught, she rolled out her bedroll and lay down upon it. The sky was still a beautiful
colour of blue; there were herons and gulls flying over.

“So Tarzan, what exactly is the plan here?” Jane finally asked, sliding her hands under her head to prop it
up a bit. As he slid his very sharp knife through the flesh of the fish he responded. “Well, I was thinking,
we will make a little fire and good the fish over the fire.” Jane lifted her head to look into his eyes. He
didn‟t make jokes, so she doubted very much that this was a joke, but she had to be certain. No, he was
dead serious; he didn‟t realize that she was referring to a plan about Richard. She picked up a small stone
and threw it in his general direction. It was about to fly past him, when he caught it. Looking up he stared,
“Why are you throwing a stone at me?” She shook her head. It was a challenge trying to explain things to
him. “I meant a plan about Richard.” He sighed as he finished scaling the last fish.

“I think we were too subtle. I think that I should go and talk to him alone and bring the paperwork with
me.” Jane sat up, her mouth wide. “You can‟t go in there alone, I mean I know I am not much help to you,
but you can‟t face Richard alone, not with that Samson hanging all over him.” Tarzan knew that Jane was
right, so he had to formulate a plan. “I will go and see him in his room when Samson is not around.” Jane
didn‟t like that idea much, but it was better than going in with everyone else around. “Don‟t take the whole
portfolio Tarzan; just bring something that will convince him.”

As they quietly ate, Tarzan went over his plan in his head, not sharing with Jane. Numa and Teeka drank
from the waterhole and ate some fish, then lazed around more. It had taken the better part of the day for the
air to cool enough for comfort. The sun was beginning to settle and the two animals found it more
comfortable. The horses stood by the waterhole drinking intermittently. “I don‟t like these clothes Jane. I
prefer the clothes that Thao gave me.” She knew he wouldn‟t like the confining clothing. At least the
breeches that Thao had given him had room, Ned, being a much smaller man than Tarzan, had much
smaller clothes. “Your clothes are in the bag on the horse.” She kept wanting to call it a saddle bag, but
there was no saddle, just a large bag tied around the body of the horse containing the few belongings that
they carried with them.

As night fell, Tarzan stood up to retrieve the breeches and vest from the bag. He stripped his clothing off
and it pooled at his feet. Instead of dressing right away, he walked to the waterhole to wash off. Jane
watched him, unable to take her eyes from him. He rubbed his skin with the cool water, feeling refreshed
by it, wishing he had done it earlier today. “Join me, it feels wonderful.” He stated, dunking himself into
the water, coming out with all of his hair hanging in his face. Throwing caution to the wind, Jane removed
the outer dress, leaving her with the white shift below, and followed him into the water.

Tarzan continued to dunk under the water, swimming a bit and then coming up for air. Jane felt the cool
water against the cotton shift and it felt cold. She was about to turn around to get out when Tarzan dove
under the water and came up between her legs, lifting her out of the water onto his shoulders. She hung on
to his forehead, yelling and laughing. He walked out a little deeper and turned around. Dunk! Jane
splashed backwards into the cool water, yelling at him! He laughed as he turned around and she came up
for air, splashing water at him as she came. He swam around her and she tried to catch him, but the cotton
shift impeded her movement. She stood holding herself and shivering.
Tarzan stood up in the waist deep water and looked at her in the sunset. The white dress that she wore no
longer covered her, keeping her body from his sights, on the contrary, it nicely accentuating her curvaceous
body, her ample breasts hugged by the material, her pink nipples protruding against the white, emphasizing
her areolas. Tarzan felt himself stiffen as he looked at her, and was quite confused by it. He wanted to
mate with her, he wanted to love her, but he wanted her to be ready for him. Why did his body not follow
his strict instruction? He dove into the water and came up behind Jane, this time wrapping his arm around
her waist. She was shivering and the cotton dress was the culprit. “It covers you, but it retains the cold
from the water.” He stated as he tugged at the hem and finally slipped the dress over her head, tossing it to
their small encampment. His large hands gently ran through her hair, pulling strands of it to his nose to
inhale from. Slowly his knuckles traced a line down her back, resting on the swell of her hip. His hand
opened and he placed it on her, gently pulling her close to him, so that she rested against his bare chest. He
bent to kiss her neck, deeply inhaling her scent. She closed her eyes and moved her head, allowing him
more access to her neck. Gently his hands reached forward and tenderly cupped her breasts. Jane‟s breath
caught in her throat and her pulse began to race. Tarzan wanted to take her there and then, but it wasn‟t
right yet. He moved his hands to wrap around her waist and playfully fell backward into the water,
breaking the spell of the moment for both of them. Jane didn‟t know how to feel, she wanted to be mad at
him, but then how could she be mad at someone who respected her enough to wait until he knew for sure
that she was ready. She still wasn‟t sure that she was, but was certain that if he kept this tension going, she
would surely go mad.
Tarzan and Jane dragged themselves out of the water and dressed. The night air was a little cool, so they
built a small fire. Tarzan rolled out his bedroll on the opposite side of the fire from Jane. Numa and Teeka
had found their spots for the night. Lying on his back, hands clasped behind his head, Tarzan stared into the
clear night sky. He knew that this weather wasn‟t going to last much longer. The smell in the air warned
him that autumn would soon arrive full force. He had never known, or didn‟t remember anything other than
the heat and the rain of the jungle. Even he knew that he wouldn‟t be able to continue sleeping out of doors
if they remained. Listening carefully, Tarzan knew exactly when Jane had fallen asleep. He waited a few
moments and then he spoke to Numa in a low voice, telling him to guard Jane with his life and not to let
her leave the site. Numa stood, yawned and lay down beside Jane, pushing his warm body up to hers. She
sighed and rolled over, her long fingers matted in the Lion‟s thick coat. Tarzan smiled as he pulled on his
vest and secreted out of the small clearing.

Teeka followed Tarzan, but he turned her back around telling her that she must take care of Numa who was
taking care of Jane. Teeka was a bit jealous of the time that Tarzan spent with Jane, so she wouldn‟t try to
protect her, however, she would look after Numa. Begrudgingly, the ape turned and returned to the small
camp as Tarzan stole through the darkness.

Climbing the outside stairs, Tarzan made a sweep of the area, looking for, or rather sniffing for, Richard. A
large room on the top floor seemed to have the strongest concentration of Richard‟s scent. Carefully he
jimmied the window and slipped inside, unnoticed by anyone. Richard seemed to be asleep, alone in a very
large four poster bed. Tarzan looked around at the elaborate furnishings, the ornate décor. Richard seemed
to enjoy his wealth. The bed seemed to be mahogany, which might even have been imported, Tarzan could
not be sure. Pacing the room, he noticed a mirror, which at first had alarmed him, thinking that someone
else was in the room without him sensing.

Looking into the mirror through the near darkness was difficult, but he could see well enough. His blond
hair was a tangled mess, his face dirty. He cocked his head to the side and stared at the stranger staring
back at him. His reflection was something that he had only seen in the waters back home. Mirrors weren‟t
part of his home décor. Below the mirror Tarzan picked up the toiletries one by one. He found a comb,
made from the finest ivory. A low growl emitted from him, thinking about the elephant that had given his
life for this comb. There was a bottle of amber coloured liquid that looked like whiskey but smelled much
sweeter. Tarzan‟s olfactory senses didn‟t like this scent, but realized that it was the scent of Richard in very
high concentration.

Tarzan padded across the room to the bed where Richard snored lightly, and stood over the sleeping man. It
took a few moments for Richard to realize that there was someone in the room. When he did realize it, he
shot up in his bed and reached for the colt 45 under the bed. Tarzan stared at him in amazement. He had
underestimated the man. Moving quickly Tarzan moved forward and took the gun from Richard in one
fluid movement. He then placed the gun over on the bureau beside the comb. “I am not here to hurt you; I
just would like to talk.”
Richard rose from his bed and grabbed the robe on the chair beside it. On the floor was a pair of slippers
that he slid his white feet into. Tying the robe he crossed the room to where the gas lamps and lit them. He
never took his eyes off of his gun, trying to formulate a plan to retrieve it. “You realize that Samson is right
next door?” Richard assured himself more than Tarzan. Tarzan sat down on one of the arm chairs by a cold
fire place. “Please, won‟t you sit down and talk to me about this? I have brought proof.”

Richard almost spun in his shoes. After meeting Tarzan earlier that day he had contacted his solicitor and
had been warned that if Tarzan had the proper paperwork, there was little or nothing that Richard could
legally do to stop the transfer of assets to him. Richard looked around at the manner in which he had been
accustomed to living and he wasn‟t prepared to part with it, not for Tarzan, not for anyone. He walked to
the chair opposite Tarzan‟s chair and sat, trying to appear nonchalant. Tarzan knew better about Richard‟s
state, but kept that information to himself.

Reaching into the leg of his breeches, Tarzan produced one of the many documents that Dawenhethon had
given him. Richard looked at it and placed it on the table that separated the two chairs. “What do you want
Tarzan, or John, or whatever your name might be?” Tarzan took the paper, remembering what everyone
had told him about keeping all of the papers safe. “I want to belong. I want to know my family.” Richard‟s
devious mind found a spark of hope in this statement. The wheels of his mind began to spin. “I just needed
the proof John. If you are indeed my nephew, then I welcome you with open arms.” Richard even so much
as stood up and walked over to Tarzan with his arms open, offering to hug him. Tarzan remained seated.
Richard walked over to a small table and poured himself a drink, offering one to Tarzan, who turned down
the offer.

The hissing of the gas lamps was the only noise keeping the silence at bay. Neither man knew what to say
next. Tarzan turned to his uncle and began his questioning. “Why did you turn Jane into a whore?” Richard
almost choked on his drink, putting the glass down before the liquid spilled everywhere. Once having
gained his composure once again, Richard turned to Tarzan and spun his own version of the story.
“Whatever makes you ask such a thing John? Jane was not a whore, I treated her as if she were my own
daughter, and then she began to drink and when she drank she would get with all of these strange men.”
Tarzan had difficulty distinguishing between truth and lies with Richard. He seemed to be quite adept at
confusing the issue. “She said that you were very good to her until she was old enough to put to work.”
Tarzan was blunt; he was going to get to the bottom of this, one way or the other.

Richard again picked up the glass of amber liquid and drained the glass. He would need to get Tarzan‟s
mind off of the subject of Jane, he didn‟t want him to become perturbed, he didn‟t want to have to kill him,
at least not yet, he needed to find out where the rest of the papers were and in order to do that, he would
have to befriend the lad. “Well, yes, I wanted her to work, but not as a whore. I wanted her to help with the
chores, help in the dining room, I needed a hostess.” Tarzan was confused, “What is a hostess?” Richard
knew that he had the boy‟s attention. If he could spin his tale well enough, then he would be able to drive a
wedge between Jane and Tarzan. A smile crossed Richard‟s thin lips, bringing a twinkle to his beady brown
eyes. If he played his cards right, he could have his papers, do away with Tarzan and have his Janie back.
Yes, he thought, he could have it all…………………………………
Let the games begin………………………………………

Tarzan returned to his Jane, and seeing that she was still laying in the position that he left her in, he
removed his vest and snuggled into his bedroll and attempted to slow his heart rate down in order to fall
asleep. He could hear Jane moving and as he turned over to see, she was almost standing over him. “You
must be more careful; you mustn‟t let your guard down for one moment Tarzan. Why did you go back there
without me?” Jane knelt over him, her long auburn ringlets dragging across his naked chest. The look in her
eyes was a strange combination of concern and wariness. It made his heart ache that he would have worried
her, but at the same time, it filled his heart to know that she worried about him. Love was a very strange
entity, almost sentient.
“I am fine Jane; I wanted to show Richard that I have proof of my standing.” She knew why he went back
and deep inside she was thankful that he left her behind. Lying in the middle of a small forest wasn‟t
usually the safest place to be, but when you are cuddled comfortably with a 500 pound lion, you tend not to
worry too much about other predators. “Numa keeps you safe, safer than with Richard.” Leaning back a bit,
Jane ended up on her derriere. Tarzan‟s words had taken her off guard. “You are right. I am not safe around
Richard. He‟s a very good manipulator; he can make you believe anything.” Tarzan raised a gentle hand to
Jane‟s face, moving some stray tresses. “He doesn‟t even know anymore when he is lying and when not. I
think that he believes his own lies.” She added to her statement, placing her hand on the back of his. Tarzan
smiled as he pulled her closer to him. “He will not harm you again Jane, you have my word.” She smiled,
knowing a little about his word. He tugged on her a little but until he said the words, she wouldn‟t comply.
“Would you lay with me Jane? I want to hold you.” As he moved the blanket over, she slipped beside him
and let him pull the cover over the both of them. He wasn‟t lying, he wanted to hold her. His strong arms
wrapped around her and he pulled her close, where she could rest her head against his chest and where he
could have the full effect of her scent. Sleep came easier tonight.

Richard on the other hand could not fall back asleep. All of the gas lamps in his room were lit, the fresh
bottle of scotch already half emptied. He could deal with regular men. Regular men could be bought, or
extorted. John/Tarzan didn‟t seem like the man that could be bought. He hadn‟t used the usual jargon about
wanting what was rightfully his, he had simply stated he wanted to belong, to find his family. If he was
indeed John Sr.‟s son, that would mean that Richard was his only other family member other than
Kathleen. He had had no luck in finding Kathleen; Josh had been his last hope of that. He would have to
start over and he wasn‟t good at that. He slammed his hand on the table, yelling out, “how many blue eyed
squaws could there be?”

He calmed once more and took a deep breath. John would want to go back to England to claim his
inheritance, Richard would make the trip with him, citing the fact that he had indeed been the only one left,
having to take charge of the entire dynasty. John wouldn‟t have to know that the property in England was
under the strict eye of Her Majesty. If Richard could bring back the paperwork, it would prove that he was
the rightful heir. He would have to arrange an „accident‟ on the ship while they crossed the Atlantic. He
would have to make certain that there were witnesses and that he was in rightful mourning. Such a plan
could work. He would have to bite his tongue and be on his best behavior until they set sail, and then it
would be too late for John. The plan was perfect. He wouldn‟t even have to bring Samson with him. He
would just have to visit the alchemist for a bottle of ether. Yes, it would work. Richard poured one last
glass full of the amber liquid, slowly sipped it and then retired for the remainder of the night.
Morning arrived with no warning. The sun rose up over the trees waking a lion and an ape with fervor.
They were both starving animals, demanding to be fed. Tarzan relinquished his hold on Jane, begrudgingly,
to find food for his friends. Jane moaned softly as he stole his body heat back from her, and pulled the
blanket tight to her throat. Tarzan laughed at her, she looked like a mummy.

As Tarzan stretched and headed into the bush, he removed his knife from its sheath and led the animals
away from the camp. Jane opened one eye and watched them leave. She hurried and slipped out from the
blankets, fixed her clothing and headed to the stream to wash up.

Everyone returned to the camp at the same time. Tarzan with some fresh meat for the animals, and some
berried for Jane. She smiled at him; she loved black berries and raspberries. A smile crossed her face.
“Might we have a spot of tea and some crumpets, and then we can spread fresh berries over the crumpets?”
She blurted with a very over accented English accent. Tarzan cocked his head to the side and looked
confused. “Why are you talking like that?” He asked. Jane laughed. “That‟s the way that they speak in
England.” Jane couldn‟t‟ believe that she was allowing herself to become excited about the prospect of
going to England. Tarzan noted the change of expression on Jane and became worried. “What‟s wrong
Jane?” She sat back down on the rumpled bedroll and took a drink from the water skin that she had filled
earlier. Decidedly, she would be honest with him, he had always been honest with her and it was time that
they get things straightened out before they got too far.
Jane patted the blanket, asking Tarzan to sit with her. “We really need to talk about all of the stuff that is
going on with us.” He looked at her and tried really hard to think about what she was referring to. There
didn‟t seem to be any conflicts, but he could be missing something. This was his first human relationship
that he had other than Thao, and he wanted to make sure that he was doing it right. “Please, tell me what is
going on with us.” He asked, not trying to sound sarcastic, hoping that she would clarify the subject for
him. Jane took the question from where it was coming and decided that he really didn‟t have a clue as to
what she referred. Turning to face him, she began voice her worries. “I have followed you here, you asked
me to come, but I am sure that there are times you wished that I hadn‟t.” He was about to reply when she
placed two fingers against his lips and stopped him from talking. “Let me finish, please.” He nodded and
she cleared her throat. “I have never admitted this to anyone, perhaps because it‟s never been true before,
but I am falling in love with you and I am so afraid that you will wake up one morning and decide that you
don‟t want me tagging along anymore, that you won‟t want me.”

With that confession, Jane put her head into her hands and cried. Tarzan pulled her hands away from her
face and watched the expressions change, her nose wrinkled, her her lips pursed into a large pout and her
eyebrows knit. He pulled her into him and smoothed her hair. “Let me tell you something Jane.” Tarzan
held her tightly, but used his free hand to hold her chin up in order to look her in the eye. “I have never had
anyone to love me; I don‟t know how I am supposed to be with you. I can only tell you that you fill my
heart and that I love you so very much. And yes, I too fear that you will wake up one morning and decide
that it is not me that you want to be with. I am not the sophisticated man that my uncle pretends to be. I
am not the leader that Thao is, or as brave as Dawenhethon has been. I do, however, believe that we have
come together for a reason and I am glad. I want you in my life, I want you now and I want you always.”
Jane stopped crying and finally spoke what had been bothering her for a few days now. “You touch me,
and then you stop. You want to make love to me, and then you stop. You find me enticing one minute and
then you are covering me up the next. You confuse me. I don‟t know if you are angry with me, or if you
are having a hard time dealing with what I used to do.”

Tarzan sighed. He had been all wrong about things where Jane was concerned. He was worried that she
would think that he was just using her for her body, when she was concerned that he was uninterested in
her because of her previous line of work. It was a no-win situation. Clearing the air was a very good thing
for them to do, especially now. “We will be traveling to England as soon as I can book passage. We Jane,
that is you and I. I want you with me always.” His eyes lingered on her lips as he spoke to her, the back of
his hand touched the side of her cheek and dropped slowly to gently brush against her breast. He looked up
again, knowing that such a small, seemingly insignificant touch could arouse so much passion. “I want
you, I want to mate with you, I want to love you. I want to do it here and there, and even there.” He had
pointed to her bedroll, his bedroll and finally to the treetop. “But I want it to be right for both of us. I have
never except for the time in the wigwam. I want it to be something that we both are ready for at the same
time. What do you want?”

She thought maybe she was hearing things. Did he just ask her what she wanted? Certainly he couldn‟t
have. He did, he asked what she wanted. She knew what she wanted, could she voice it? The back of his
hand was still brushed up against her breast. There was a molten heat within her belly, radiating down. “I
want you to make love to me. I want to make love with you. I don‟t want you to make love with or to me
until you are absolutely certain what you are going to do. I don‟t want to make you do something that you
don‟t want to do. I think you need to concentrate on John Clayton Jr. first and then when that is
straightened out and you have decided whether or not you are going to remain John Clayton Jr., then, and
only then will you be ready to take me into your bed.”

Tarzan marveled at her. Was it selflessness that caused her to react this way? Or was it because she found
him repulsive? It certainly couldn‟t be the latter. He watched the way that her body reacted to his touch
and was fairly certain that it wasn‟t lying when it responded to him. He was, however, glad that she wanted
to take time with this. He didn‟t want to lead her into anything she wasn‟t prepared for and he wasn‟t sure
if he would really stay. There were times when he wanted to return to the jungle and he was certain that
she would not be happy there. England it was. In England they might be able to find themselves.
“Are you sure you can go through with this Jane?” Tarzan asked as he helped her lace her corset up. She
hadn‟t worn her regular clothes in some time now and she wanted to look the absolute best that she could
under these circumstances. After their long talk yesterday, they had finally settled on a plan of action. Jane
took Tarzan‟s clothes down to the water and she scrubbed not only the blood, but she scrubbed the hell out
of them. She had hung them carefully in a tree, trying very hard to keep the material from wrinkling too
much. It was difficult without the wood stove and the iron. How she longed for the modern conveniences.
“I am sure.” She said as she sucked in one last breath in order for him to pull the lace through the final

Jane had managed to fashion her hair so that it was piled on her head with small tendrils curled around her
temples, her cheeks and her nape. Tarzan stood looking at her, wondering how she had learned to perform
such subtle magic. “I didn‟t think that it was possible for you to become more beautiful than you already
were.” He said it matter-of-factly, but Jane held her hand over her heart and reveled in the words. His
honesty had been the best medicine for what ever had ailed her since their first encounter. She looked up
into the heavens and smiled, mouthing a silent Thank You to her god. Tarzan didn‟t bother mentioning this,
he merely walked away, carrying the bedrolls and hanging them off of the horses.

“Numa and Teeka won‟t like being on the boat again.” Tarzan noted watching the animals romp while
waiting for their human companions. Jane smiled at him; his concern for everything was touching. “We can
turn around and go back to the Indian village if you like. Ezhno would be more than happy to care for
them.” He knew of course that she was right, but he didn‟t want to waste any more time. The animals
would be fine if the were not confined to the cages that they were brought across in. He didn‟t want to
leave them behind. Jane stared over to him, watching as his hand pressed against the thick coat of the lion.
“You don‟t have the money yet Tarzan; you aren‟t yet able to tell them what they can and can‟t do with the
animals. They will have to be kept caged. Tarzan looked miserable at this statement. She was, of course,
right. He didn‟t have the power or money to charter the entire ship.

No he didn‟t, but Richard did. Richard would be looking for any instance to make good with his nephew
right now; perhaps Tarzan could persuade him to either hire the boat, or at least to pay for quarters for the
animals. He voiced this thought to Jane and she almost laughed out loud. A pat on the shoulder and a gently
kiss on the cheek told him that she had no faith at all in that plan.

They readied to forge on. Jane had warned Tarzan that they would have to sell the horses or board them,
and as much as he wanted to take them to England with him too, she told him that it would be difficult
enough to board with a lion and an ape; they couldn‟t have to worry about the horses too. Tarzan reached
into the bottom of the bad that Dawenhethon had given him. She had put many gold nuggets into this bag,
knowing that he would need many supplies. Perhaps she didn‟t want him to have to worry about asking
Richard for anything, she knew what Richard was like and she hadn‟t trusted him. Tarzan held out the gold
for Jane to see.
Jane had known that the gold was there, she had found it when looking for something in the bag. It wasn‟t
hers and she wouldn‟t touch it. Tarzan needed to know that he could trust her implicitly. “Yes, you have
gold. What do you want to do with it?” He looked like a small child with his hand up to her filled with the
yellow rocks. She had to smile.
“You have to help me Jane; I don‟t know what to do with it.” His sullen look, his pout almost made her
laugh. He was playing her right now and she knew it. How she wanted to just knock him over and tickle
him until he cried uncle. Looking at the size of his hands and the tightness of his musculature, she doubted
very much if she could get him down, let alone hold him down to tickle him. She smiled and used her
hands to curl his fingers around his small treasure.

“All right, if you really want my help, I will give it.” He smiled again, the twinkle returning to his blue-
green eyes. She smoothed the front of her dress against her skin, trying to tuck herself back into the dress
which other than the top part, fit fine. He smiled at her, trying to look so proper, knowing that he had seen
her dressed as an Indian maiden, and completely undressed. She had no secrets from him. He had been
intimate with her ankles! Seeing the way that he ogled her while she attempted to „fix‟ herself, she slugged
him in the shoulder. When he rubbed his arm and asked why she did that, she leered at him. He laughed.

“You have to buy some fine clothes Tarzan.” She began to recite the shopping list of necessary items.
“Shoes, you will definitely need some shoes, barefoot will not do. You must purchase some kind of leashes
for the animals. Explain to them that it‟s for their own good, but they won‟t let you aboard the ship without
some kind of restraint for them.” Jane pet the horses while she talked. She tried to remain straightforward,
not worrying about polishing her words for him. “I am damn sure that Richard will be looking over his
shoulder right now, so you have to be very careful not to trust him.” Jane walked over to Tarzan and placed
a gentle hand on his forearm. “You have to promise me Tarzan, no matter how honey coated his words are,
you must never, I mean NEVER trust Richard. He will only tell you what you want to hear, or what he
thinks you should hear, never the truth unless he can use it to his advantage.”

Tarzan was tempted to reveal to her what Richard had said about Jane‟s drinking and other issues, lying
with such finesse. He kept these things to himself and let her go on with her list. “We will need a trunk for
clothing, which you will need to purchase for both of us.” She turned to him to see if he would respond, but
he didn‟t, so she went on. “I will need certain toiletries, but if you wouldn‟t mind, I will see to that.” Tarzan
searched her eyes. Although he was certain that he could read her very well, there was a place in Jane that
seemed to still be closed to him. He worried that she might want to purchase some whiskey or the like.
Instead of worrying, he chose to trust her. He smiled at her. “You can purchase what you need if the gold is
enough to cover it.” Jane smiled.

Not that she hadn‟t noticed many times; but she loved the way that he looked at her. His eyes never left
hers; he looked deep into her soul, and took up residence there. No one have ever looked at her the way he
did. She could tell in his simple glance that he loved her. He cared about her, he wanted her. The glass
casing around her heart had begun to crack, and if he kept this up, she was certain that it would shatter.
“Tarzan, do you realize how beautiful you are?” The words slipped through her lips without consulting her
first. Her fingers crossed her lips, too late, he had heard her. His smile was brighter than any smile that she
could recall seeing on him. It was at this point that she realized that his smile was a bit crooked, higher on
the right than the left. It was not an imperfection though; it was part of what made him unique. She had
fallen hadn‟t she? Her heart belonged to him, and she could only hope that he would be careful with it.
Jane sat regally on the mustang as she and Tarzan rode side by side toward the inn where they would meet
once again with Richard. Tarzan fought with the top button of Ned‟s shirt, he had tried to convince Jane
that he wouldn‟t need to dress like this, but she would not hear of it. There were certain things that he
would have to take her word for and this was one of them. If he wanted to be taken seriously by the
Claytons, he must prove that he could be one of them. Once he had proven what he set out to prove, he
could dress as he liked.

Numa and Teeka sauntered behind the horses, Numa once again playing horse to Teeka. She cackled away
at him as he shook his mane at her. Tarzan turned and reprimanded them both. Jane watched their
interaction and laughed. “I sometimes wonder if you are their father, you are so protective of them.”
Tarzan smiled. He loved the animals, they were his family. “I would love them no less if I were their father
or their friend.” To him it was a matter-of-fact statement, but to Jane it was an epiphany. He would give
his life for any of them, without thought. He loved them, he loved her. She smiled to herself, knowing
that; nothing from hereon in would matter so much as that statement.

Richard seemed to be prepared for their meeting this time. He had his solicitor present, and try as he might
to get the documents from Tarzan, he wouldn‟t relinquish them. Richard tried his best to remain calm and
solicitous, but his patience was waning. Jane grinned knowing that Tarzan was getting the better of this
„smart‟ man. Tarzan wouldn‟t trust anything that Richard did or said. Jane was certain of that. Knowing
that about Tarzan made her feel all the more secure about this confrontation.

Small beads of sweat covered Richard‟s forehead as he and his solicitor attempted to convince Tarzan that
he must relinquish the documents in order for the courts to make everything legal. Even Tarzan knew that
to be a crock of bull. The papers were all drawn up in the English Courts, so he would return to the English
Courts to establish their authenticity. Tarzan drew in a heavy breath and sucked back a large gulp of water
from the glass that was put before him. His patience too was waning. “Jane and I will book passage for
England on the next available ship.” He lightly tapped his dirty fingernails on the desk and looked to
Richard, waiting for him to speak. Richard remained silent, plotting his every move. Tarzan could almost
read his mind. He had never expected Tarzan to hand over the papers, and he had fully intended to cross to
England as well. After all, there was a lot at stake here.

Everyone stood and walked to the door. Richard offered Tarzan his hand in a gesture that was lost on
Tarzan, but took his hand and squeezed hard. Richard pulled Tarzan closer and spoke to him. “Might I
have a word with my little Janie before you go?” Tarzan‟s back went up when Richard called Jane “his
little Janie”, but he was able to get passed it. “Jane, does not belong to me, she will speak with you if she
chooses to do so.” He responded, pulling his hand away from Richard, who knew he had found Tarzan‟s
Achilles‟ heel.

Jane, on the other hand knew what Richard was all about and she decided that she would play into his hand
for the time being, just to keep him off guard. She turned to Tarzan saying that it would be perfectly all
right to speak to Richard privately. Tarzan headed toward the horsed to untie them from the hitching post
and waited for Jane to join him. Jane stood in front of Richard, looking much too confident for Richard‟s
taste. “You‟re going to play this one right out the bitter end aren‟t you Janie?” Richard even sounded hurt.
Jane smirked at his gall. “Oh yeah Dick. I am going to play this one right out, you just sit back and watch
me work my magic.” Jane was about to walk away when Richard grabbed her by the arm. She closed her
eyes and pulled her arm back from him. Tarzan was at her side within moments. Richard noted the ire in
Tarzan‟s eyes, yet continued: “You don‟t know what you‟re dealing with Jane. I suggest you go back to
Josh and stop all of this nonsense.” Tarzan stood up to his full height and faced down Richard and stated
his single sentence. “Josh is dead.” With that, he handed Jane the lead to her horse, climbed onto his and
began to ride away, leaving Richard choking on the top of the stairs.
The ships purser had no problem with Tarzan and Jane booking passage to England even with the
accompanying animals. He managed to book them for this very afternoon; the ship would be boarding
following the noon hour and leaving port by 3 o‟clock. There was plenty of room going back to Europe; it
was finding the room for people coming across. There seemed to be an exodus of immigrants coming from
Ireland and there was no peace to be had anywhere, gang wars between the citizens and the immigrants
from Ireland were a daily occurrence. The young purser couldn‟t understand why so many people would
come to America under these circumstances. Tarzan watched the animated little man speak and tried to
understand what he was referring to, but he was lost. It was Jane who had to explain later about the
uprising in New York and the famine in Ireland.

Tarzan stood outside of Macy‟s watching as Jane stared into the large glass doors. Jane had heard of the
store, but she had never been in it. The fact of the matter was, she hadn‟t been in any stores for a very long
time. Richard had a seamstress on duty that made all of the girls‟ fineries, someone else chose the
materials, and someone else bought their accessories. Jane always had the best of everything with him.
When Josh had taken over her contract, pretty dresses and accessories were a thing of the past.

Tarzan took Jane by the hand and led her inside. Both were a little overwhelmed at the volume of
merchandise that was available to them, but Tarzan focused on what they would need for their journey.
Jane mechanically followed Tarzan for the longest time, merely taking in the ambiance of the merchant‟s
store. Tarzan finally got her attention when he picked up a pair of shoes that were just not apropos for such
an excursion. She snapped out of her reverie and joined the land of the conscious. “No, no, you mustn‟t
choose such awful foot wear Tarzan, you will need something comfortable, something that will allow you
freedom of movement. Tarzan looked at her sideways. “Wearing nothing on my feet is fine, and I have
moccasins from Thao when I am cold.” Jane smiled at his way of thinking. “Perhaps so Tarzan, but you
must understand that you won‟t be wearing Ned‟s clothes or Thao‟s clothes. You will have to dress

This dressing thing was really nagging at Tarzan. He lived in the jungle for most of his life, relying on his
bare feet to take him where he needed to go. He surely couldn‟t climb a tree with all of this fancy
footwear. He had never needed clothing as the jungle provided him with the necessary weather for his
naked body and appropriate shelter when the rains and the storms would come. “This is all unnecessary.”
He finally protested. Jane stopped what she was doing and smiled at his child-like tantrum. He was
Jane touched a gentle finger to his pouting lips. How she longed to kiss his mouth, to feel his breath on her
face as he kissed her. This was neither the time nor the place, but she tried to send him only good thoughts
as he calmed down in her control. “I think I know how you are feeling Tarzan. It‟s not right that we take
you out of your environment and throw you into ours. If you don‟t want to go to England, then don‟t go.
We can go back to Thao‟s people if you like, or we can go west and start our own homestead. There is
nothing saying that you have to go to England.” She turned slightly to see if anyone was witnessing their
display, but she turned back to look into his sad blue-green eyes and continued her tirade. “If you want to
go back to the Dark Continent, that is your prerogative, you must do what makes you feel right Tarzan.”
She was done. Her silence gave way to new thoughts for Tarzan.

Jane was walking away from him, and he could sense her feeling of loss. Quickly he matched step with her
and asked her to please stop. She stopped without turning to face him; afraid of what he was about to tell
her, but reinforcing herself against his next words. “Jane, if I went back to the jungle, would you come?”
She wasn‟t quite prepared for that question, nor was she prepared for such a journey. Going to England
would be one thing, being with people and understanding the culture, but going to Africa, she wasn‟t sure if
she was prepared to live in a tree and eat bananas all day long. Was she willing to risk losing something
that had become so precious to her? Like all of those that she had loved before, would he be lost to her as
well? Quickly she turned to face him and fall into his waiting arms. “I would follow you to the ends of the
earth if you asked me to.”

Even she was quite startled by her own confession. Tarzan didn‟t seem to be as concerned about the whole
affair as she was, it was as if he had already assumed that she would follow, but was just confirming. Was
he so sure of her? More sure of her than she was of herself? Strong arms enveloped her and stroked her
mess of loose curls. He didn‟t have to speak, his actions always spoke volumes. He was in this for the
long haul. Jane thought of her words to Richard, “You‟re going to play this one right out the bitter end
aren‟t you Janie?” and she knew that yes, she was going to stick with this, with Tarzan.

Tarzan leaned back slightly in order to see Jane‟s face. He smiled. “And I would follow you Jane. My
jungle, though beautiful, is not for you, not yet anyway. We will go to England in order for me to find my
family and in order for you to find your new one. You will marry me over there, will you not?” Jane
stared into those eyes that looked right into her soul. She watched for some flicker of teasing, there was
none. She waited for him to renege his offer, there was no reneging. “I will marry you anywhere Tarzan.”
They happened to be standing in front of a vast selection of rings. There were topaz, aquamarine, ruby,
sapphire, pearl and opal. He looked to Jane. “There is a custom that I have been told about, it is called an
engagement and a ring such as these.” He made a sweeping motion with his left hand, his right arm still
tightly around her. “I would like for you to purchase the one that you like.” She looked up at him, a single
tear welling in her eye, waiting to fall. “You chose Tarzan.” He searched her gentle stare, watching the
colour of her eyes change with each emotional response to him. “I think that the topaz is the most
beautiful, it resembles your eyes.” She laughed, not realizing that her eyes could change colour almost
instantly. She had been eyeing the aquamarine that mirrored the colour of his eyes, but then she realized
that the stone was fleeting, she would much prefer to have his eyes on her. “The topaz is lovely.” She
stated simply as the clerk took it out of the casing and offered it to Tarzan.

There were quite a few items that needed to be purchased and time was not standing still. Jane finally
found her head again and began picking out the necessities. Undergarments for both of them, to which
Tarzan turned his nose up at. Stockings, dresses, vests, shirts, night shirts and other such items. Jane
requested that the items be packed in travel trunks as they were going to be setting off for England in only a
few hours. The clerks worked hard in order to have the order ready. Tarzan removed the gold nuggets
from his pockets and handed some to the clerk who excused himself for a short period of time to have his
manager assess the stones. The manager returned with the clerk to bid Tarzan and Jane a good safe trip.
He wished that all of his customers could be so wealthy.

The trunks were labeled and delivered to the docks where they were brought on board and set to rest in the
suite of rooms that Tarzan and Jane had paid for. Tarzan had also requested that he be able to board a little
before the rest of the passengers in order to bring his animals on board without scaring either person or
animal. His wishes were granted. Tarzan, Jane, Numa and Teeka boarded the huge ship and found their
quarters before anyone could see them.

Tarzan had tried to think of everything. Knowing that the animals would become hungry at some point, he
brought plenty of dried meat for Numa and some dried berries for Teeka. They weren‟t the best for them,
but would tide them over until they reached their destination. He filled bags with water, fearing that there
would never be enough fresh water in the ships stores. He was aware of the fact that one could go without
food for many days and survive, but without water, a body would shrivel up and die. He didn‟t want to die,
and he didn‟t want to lose Jane or his friends. It would be a long journey. He was told it could take from
six weeks or more to reach England. He remembered his first crossing, how unpleasant it was and vowed
that it would not be that way for him ever again.

Once settled, the couple walked back out to the deck of the ship where people were now boarding to and
saw Richard with his guard Samson, step on board. Tarzan knew that Richard would not leave this
unchallenged. Jane knew as well, but she was more afraid of what Richard would try to do before they
reached England than after their arrival. “Tarzan, I need to speak to the captain of the ship, do you think we
can find him?” Tarzan would move heaven and earth for her, he took her hand and they began to approach
everyone in who looked responsible. Finally they found him; he was a smallish man with little hair and a
huge grin. “Yes, I am the captain. I have heard of you from my purser. You are the man who doesn‟t like
to wear shoes.” He looked down at Tarzan‟s feet and smiled. Jane rolled her eyes in the back of her head.
He had put the shoes on to embark. “I need to send a telegraph to England.” Jane stated

The captain was taken aback at this request. “The cables died in 1858 and they haven‟t been working on it
very much Miss. I am afraid there is no way to send a cable to England as of yet. We are all hopeful, but
you know with everything that is happening in These United States, the telegraph cable isn‟t a priority. My
apologies.” He tipped his hat and turned to speak to others that had fallen in step with them. Jane looked
devastated. Tarzan took her hand and squeezed it. “You must explain this telegraph to me Jane.” He
insisted, wanting to learn every piece of knowledge that she had tucked away.
It was a matter of days before Tarzan and Jane ran into Richard. When they did, he was cordial and polite,
asking them to join him for dinner that evening. Tarzan‟s first instinct was to say no, but his curiousity
managed to get the better of him. Jane of course outright refused to sit with the horrible man, as she put it.
Tarzan‟s hand slipped to her waist and pulled Jane close to him. His mere touch could turn her legs into
jelly. “He is my uncle and like it or not my only other blood relative. I think we should try to make
amends Jane.” She of course wasn‟t hearing any of this. His hands were warm on her hips, his eyes
dancing in the light that was bouncing from them, his breath hot on her face. He cocked his head and
inhaled the air. He always knew when Jane wanted him, her entire body language told him, her scent
changed, releasing pheromones into the air. He struggled more and more each time to keep himself from
ravaging her there on the floor of their cabin. Jane watched his inner struggle and wished that he would for
once lose the battle. How she wanted him, how she longed for his fiery touch on her pale skin. How she
longed to feel him sheathed within, she needed him more than anything she had ever needed and he
prolonged her agony.

A smile crossed Tarzan‟s face and Jane was certain that he was reading her thoughts. She was so obvious.
There was nothing lady-like about her when she was with him. Thinking back, she could not recall one
moment with another man. There were just blurred images fighting to free themselves. She barely
remembered Joshua any more. The pain the torment, seemed to be a fleeting memory. Tarzan was the
balm that she needed for her wounds. His strength of character was her strength. “I love you.” She stated
before she had a chance to formulate the words more cohesively. She didn‟t want to take them back, but
she didn‟t want to blurt them out so unceremoniously either. His smile increased as he leaned into her and
captured her mouth with his. The exchanged kiss was almost sterile as he pulled away, “As I love you
Jane.” He stated quite seriously, but almost knowingly. Of course they knew that they loved each other
and vice-versa, but he didn‟t realize how hard it was to say it out loud. Or did he?

Gathering Jane up in his arms, he placed her on the bed, and lay down beside her. Again their lips met, this
time his kiss was more intense as his tongue slipped inside of her mouth and began to search for hers. He
had learned this technique quite well to Jane‟s benefit. Her body melted into his as he pulled her closer,
allowing her to feel his steel hard body close to hers. He was ready for her, she was ready for him, why
wait? Jane began to unbutton her bodice, but Tarzan‟s large hands stopped her. He sat up on the bed and
stared out of the small porthole. Jane sat up and rested her head against his back. “Why don‟t you want
me Tarzan?” She tried to remain emotionless, trying to be merely curious. He stood up and walked to the

The sea was calm, the sky clear. They would be expected shortly for dinner, he wasn‟t sure if he wanted to
begin this conversation. He wasn‟t sure that his resolve would remain intact if they continued to broach
this subject, but he owed it to Jane to explain his actions and his reasoning. He returned to her, touching
the side of her cheek with the back of his hand. He sat facing her. “It is not that I do not want you. I want
you very much. Every ounce of my being wants to be with you in that way. After that night, after the fight
when I came to you and you took me so willingly, so lovingly without expectation, I knew how much I
wanted you. He turned again, trying to articulate his words properly. Jane sat waiting, listening. “I love
you very much and I want you to be my wife, but I am not ready for a family yet. I am afraid that once we
mate, we will have a child and there is not time for a child right now.” He looked into her eyes and he saw
pure love. “Do not misunderstand Jane, I want children, and I want them with you, but I am not prepared
with all that is going on right now to put you through that, or to deal with it myself.” He stood up and
walked again to the porthole, not seeing anything, feeling shame. “I am being very selfish and I am sorry,
but that is what is going on with me.”

She was actually impressed. She sat up straight and stared at his back as she formulated her counter attack.
He turned to face her, waiting for her barrage of tears or whatever feminine whiles she was ready to throw
at him. She smiled. He wasn‟t ready for that kind of counter attack. Her smile grew as she watched him
writhe. Standing, Jane closed the distance between them, placing both of her hands on his chest and
looking into his blue-green eyes, searching for something. “You see Tarzan, just one more reason why I
can love you.” He was confused and his expression told her as much. “You are not like anyone I have ever
known. Your concern is genuine for the situation, for both of us and that touches me.” He was pleased that
she wasn‟t angry with him. “But, there is a way to make love with me without worrying about creating a
new life.” He cocked his head to the side in disbelief. Jane walked away from him and walked to her
trunk. She had some toiletries that she had purchased from various sources, a small pouch contained one of
these such things. She pulled the strange vulcanized rubber contraption from the pouch and held it up.
“This is called a condom.” Tarzan took it from her hands and smelled it. It didn‟t smell pleasant and it had
a strange shape to it. “What is it for?” He innocently asked. For once Jane was pleased that she wasn‟t as
naïve as the next person might have been, especially in this circumstance. She took Tarzan‟s hand and led
him to the bed to sit once again.

“When a man and a woman want to make love, but not make a baby, the man wears this.” She stated,
sounding very straightforward. Tarzan took the piece of rubber and tried to stretch it. It stretched but not
large enough to wear. She laughed out loud, almost insulting him. “It‟s not a piece of clothing my dear,
it‟s for your member.” He looked at her wondering just what in the heck she was talking about. Jane sat
back for a moment, realizing what a communication gap they already had and how much she was
increasing the gap. Placing her hand on his crotch, she looked up to him and explained very clinically.
“When you are ready to mate, you will grow and become hard as you already know. In order to stop
reproduction, you cannot let what you have inside of you to enter inside of me.” He was trying to
understand, but his lack of experience didn‟t help. “You see when a man is finished, a liquid squirts out,
right?” She knew he must know that much, he was human after all! He nodded, he understood that much.
“Well it is in that liquid the miracle of life. If that doesn‟t reach inside of the woman, there can be no
miracle. This is like a hat.” She held the condom up to him. “You put this on here,” she said again
touching his crotch, „and it stops the liquid from entering the woman. There is no baby made. It‟s safe.”

Although he was quite curious about how it worked, he was unsure as to its safety. He really didn‟t want
Jane pregnant right now. He had seen what Nora had gone through and he knew that it was all natural, but
there was no time for that right now, there would be plenty of time for babies later, many babies. “I am not
sure Jane.” He was honest with her and she respected that. She would sooner he be completely confident
and if that meant abstinence, then so be it. “It‟s fine Tarzan. You have my word.” She mildly protested.
He lifted her chin up to see her eyes. “This is fool proof?” He asked, his eyes pleading with hers. She
shook her head. “Not foolproof, but the instance of pregnancy is greatly reduced.” His method was the
most certain of methods. Right now he was looking for 100% odds and she wasn‟t offering that. He shook
his head as he kissed her. “I love to hold you, to kiss you, to touch you. We must be so careful not to go
beyond that.” Abstinence it was. She sighed as she put the condom back into the pouch. They both
seemed a little perturbed.
Jane put all of her energy into her hair. She brushed it, twisted it, tied it and took it down three times
before she was satisfied with it. Tarzan watched her in the mirror, mesmerized. “You will have to comb
that mess too Tarzan.” She stated quite authoritatively. He winced at her tone. Her hair, although pulled
quite severely from her face, was attractive. Tarzan noticed that every time Jane moved, a tendril of hair, a
wisp of a curl would free itself from the contraption that she had tying it up.

When she was done with her hair, she made it her life‟s work to tie the abomination of a tie around
Tarzan‟s neck. He hated it and tried three times to remove it, to no avail she continued on in her quest to
choke him unbearably. “You call yourself civilized and this is how you dress?” He asked, not too politely.
“The shoes confine my feet and make the toes dig into one another, the tie chokes me, the belt around my
middle creates discomfort when I sit and looking at you it amazes me that you can even breathe. That
corset belongs in a torture chamber, your hair is tight enough it looks as though your eyes are now in your
forehead, and your feet look even more confined than mine do! Good Heavens Jane, this is how you really
want to live?” The tension was intolerable, but they both chose to suffer it.

Jane paced the cabin trying to find the right words to say, but she was met with more confusion. Finally
after Tarzan was finished taunting her she spoke. “You are from England originally my Lord Greystoke.
You are from the aristocracy of London, perhaps that means nothing to you, but it will to Richard. If you
want to throw it away, then go ahead, piss it away. I don‟t really give a damn about Greystoke or the
aristocracy, but I do give a damn about you. So if you want to call it all of, by all means do so, but stop, I
mean it, STOP blaming this nonsense on ME!” Before he had a chance to think about what she said or to
respond she added to her harangue, “By the way, are you sure you aren‟t more civilized yourself? You
don‟t talk like a jungle boy. You don‟t speak with any type of slang, you speak very eloquently. What‟s
that all about? Who the hell are you? Really?”

There was a rap at the door, interrupting the conversation that was about to ensue. Jane was the first to
reach the door, opening it to the very large man Samson, Richard‟s bodyguard, was at the door, reminding
them of their dinner with Richard. Jane‟s demeanor went full circle. She smiled at Samson, thanking him
for the reminder and closed the door gently behind her. “Now, are we doing this or not?” Tarzan closed
his eyes and inhaled deeply. There were no pheromones floating around now. Jane‟s scent had changed
completely, she had closed herself off to him. Understandably so.

Richard was dressed impeccably in his formal black suit and ascot. His linen shirt was whiter than
anything else in the room, offsetting the black even more. As Jane entered the room, he stood, his hand
outstretched to welcome her to his table. She took it. Her touch was magnetic to him. Tarzan watched the
expressionless man and took in all of the body language. Richard‟s heart rate always increased when he
and Jane were around, but it was especially high tonight. Beads of perspiration crossed his bare forehead,
though it was a cool evening. Something was up, something more than just seeing Jane.

Wine was poured all around, small biscuits and fresh butter placed on the table. Richard even thanked the
waiter. Tarzan could smell dinner, it was veal, fresh that had been prepared with by someone who took his
cooking seriously. The meat was not raw, but it retained the flavour that it should have and was warm, the
way that Tarzan had always enjoyed his meat. Red and bloody. Memories rushed back of fresh kills where
he would rip the meat from the bones of his quarry, and eat it right there, the blood dripping down his chin.
He swallowed hard, watching these people with their dull knives trying to cut the meat into bite sized
portions. Jane would not look at him. He was on his own to eat however he pleased. She hadn‟t even
finished tying his tie, had left him to his own devices.
He couldn‟t blame her. Right now, he couldn‟t think of Jane, something was brewing, but he couldn‟t be
sure what. Samson, who sat at another table, couldn‟t take his eyes from Tarzan. As he picked up his
wine, Samson smiled. Tarzan put the goblet down and went for the biscuit. Again Samson smiled. Tarzan
was on edge now, not knowing who he could or couldn‟t trust. He watched Richard reach for a biscuit,
without even looking. He watched him sip from the wine. Tarzan chided himself for being so suspicious.
If Richard could drink the wine and eat the biscuits, the meal should be fine, so he ate.

Dinner conversation was mostly reminiscing between Richard and Jane. Richard had taken her bait quite
eagerly, wishing to make her look bad in Tarzan‟s eyes. Jane wanted to talk about the old business, talk
about Joshua. Tarzan tried not to listen to the conversation. He was beginning to understand Jane a bit
better. When she was feeling hurt, she lashed out, trying to hurt him. He smiled to himself, thinking that
she was silly believing that talking about her past would hurt him. He didn‟t know her then, which was
something that she owned, not him. His thoughts were that she was attempting to cleanse her past, and by
talking about it, it made it more tangible, easier to wash. However she wanted to look at it, she was still in
the here and now and that was where he wanted her to be. He loved her, all of her, good, bad, indifferent.
So when Richard‟s hand lay over hers on the dinner table, he took offense. A low growl emitted from his
gut, his eyes slanted and he stared at Richard.

“Did you just growl at me John?” Richard asked, staring into the slits of Tarzan‟s eyes. Jane realized what
was bothering Tarzan and she pulled her hand from under Richards Tarzan opened his eyes as his
discomfort was removed. The past may not have mattered to him, but the present meant everything. He
would fight for her, under any circumstance. “Relax John, you know that Jane and I are old friends, don‟t
let it get your dander up. What‟s say, you and I go for a walk on the deck, get some fresh air, maybe smoke
a cigar or two? What do you say John?” Tarzan had finished his meal and wiped his face with the fine
linen napkin, throwing it into his plate. “Yes, a walk in the night air would be fine.” He looked to Jane,
who was still ignoring her. “You two go ahead, I will find my way back to the cabin. I am tired and want
to turn in early.” Richard offered for Samson to go with her, but she of course refused that offer. She
wanted to be alone.

Richard dismissed Samson, telling him that the rest of the night was his, that he would be fine. Samson
looked to Richard and then to Tarzan, who also spoke. “I promise not to try and kill him tonight.” Both
Richard and Tarzan chuckled. Samson didn‟t find the statement amusing whatsoever. Richard nudged him
away, saying good night.
Silently, the two men walked up to the upper deck and headed to the bough of the boat. The night air,
though chilly, was quite refreshing. Richard took two cigars from his shirt pocket and bit the end off of
one, handing the other to Tarzan, who repeated the procedure. Then Richard produced a small box of
wooden matches and proceeded to light one in order to light his cigar. Tarzan was mesmerized by the stick
of fire. His uncle offered him the flame to light his cigar. Tarzan dragged on the cigar, drawing the fire in.
Finally the cigar lit and Tarzan began to cough and hack. This reminded him of the pipe that the elders
smoked in Thao‟s village. He didn‟t think that he would ever get a handle on this smoking thing. Richard
laughed. “You have never smoked a cigar boy? You don‟t drag the entire contents into your lung, just a
bit, pull on it a bit and then let the smoke go!” Both men laughed.

Richard used their time to converse about anything, trying very hard to win Tarzan over to his side. “We
never really had a chance to talk about what happened to you John.” Richard walked over to the railing and
leaned into it, staring into the deep dark ocean. Tarzan tried again to drag on the cigar, but found it tasted
awful, smelled quite sweet and made him a bit dizzy. Richard tried not to notice, just smirked. Tarzan
leaned into the railing as well, holding on tightly. “What do you want to know? I was left for dead just like
my parents, but I didn‟t die, I survived.” Richard turned to face him, noting the green colour that was
taking over his skin tone. “We sent search parties for you and your parents John. We didn‟t give up for a
long time. How did you manage though?” His curiousity really had gotten the better of him. John had
only been about six years old when they were lost. How does a six year old English child of the aristocracy
survive in the jungles of Africa?
Tarzan watched Richard inhale from the cigar. He couldn‟t understand how Richard could smoke the foul
smelling object, but then again he couldn‟t understand it about Thao‟s people. To them it was an offering
of sorts, tobacco was cherished. He continued to drag on the cigar as he spoke to Richard, but his stomach
wasn‟t happy with him, he was getting dizzy with the smell. It didn‟t smell like the tobacco of Thao‟s
tribe. “I was lucky, my father was a learned man and kept books, many books. I had already learned to
read so I read the books. I was adopted by an ape, Kala. She protected me from the bull apes and nurtured
me. I learned to adapt, being a child I suppose it was easier than for an older person.” He thought of
actually bringing Jane to the jungle and helping her to adapt to the lifestyle. Surely it would be just as
difficult as having him try to mainstream into the aristocracy of London.”

Tarzan began to see strange shapes in the distance, his stomach felt queasy, he was very light headed. “I
should get back to Jane.” He stated as best he could. “What‟s wrong John, can‟t handle one glass of
wine?” Richard was taunting him, but Tarzan‟s strength was being zapped by something. He pressed the
cigar into the railing, putting out the fire inside of it. He pretended to toss it overboard, but he pocketed it.
Carefully he began to find his bearings. He slowed his heart rate down enough that whatever it was causing
him to have this reaction, would also be slowed down. He needed to get back to the cabin while he still
could get there of his own volition. Richard had managed to drug him somehow, but he couldn‟t‟ be sure.
“What did you do?” He asked Richard who played innocent. Tarzan pretended to stumble and acted very
weak. Richard the Good Samaritan that he pretended to be, helped Tarzan to his feet and walked him
toward the side of the boat where there was an opening in the railing. A gate for the life boats. Tarzan held
onto Richard as they stumbled down the way. Richard unlocked the gate and attempted to push Tarzan

Tarzan stood up to his full height, again looking down on Richard whose expression was that of complete
horror. “I am not that easy to kill uncle.” He reached down and took hold of his uncle‟s collar and lifted
him until his feet were no longer on the deck. “Do not make the mistake of underestimating me again.” He
balled his fist and it connected with Richard‟s jaw. He was sure he heard it snap. Once Richard was
unconscious on the deck, Tarzan‟s strength waned and he was down on all fours. Something in the cigar
had taken the good right out of him. What was it?

Jane couldn‟t sleep. Tarzan should have returned by now. What if Richard had indeed tried something?
What if Tarzan was in danger right now, or worse? Jane hurried back into her clothes and rushed up to the
upper deck where she saw it all for herself. She saw his fist ball up and connect with Richard‟s jaw, she
saw Richard flying across the deck and she saw Tarzan collapse. Hurrying over to him she saw how
disoriented that he was and attempted to help him up. “Tarzan, what‟s going on, what happened? Are you
all right?” His eyes opened and he saw her. Her hair hung down and her clothes were in a disarray, she
looked like an angel. “Are you real?” He asked. She worried more. “Can you stand?” He used her
strength to help himself up and they began the slow journey back to the cabin.

Once they managed to get inside, Jane helped Tarzan to the bed and began to remove his clothing from
him, finding a wash cloth to cool him down. “Jane, I don‟t feel right, what‟s wrong with me.” As she was
pulling off his jacket, she felt something warm against the pocket and put her hand inside. It was the cigar.
She thought it smelled odd, but when she brought it up to her nose she winced and threw it across the room.
“Ether. Damn you Richard!” She yelled, Tarzan tried to get up, thinking she was in trouble, but she
pushed him back down on the bed. “It‟s all right Tarzan, you will be all right.” She tried to convince him.
In her mind‟s eye she could see Richard dousing the cigar in ether to drug Tarzan, get him to inhale the
substance that was meant to cause hallucinations and ever unconsciousness. They were using it medically
to perform operations. Richard had sunk to new lows. Jane vowed to exact her vengeance on him one way
or another.
Tarzan lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness. Jane fed him water, nothing else, she was afraid that
he would vomit if he ate anything. After a few difficult tries, she managed to open the porthole to get some
fresh air inside the cabin. It had become very warm and she too was perspiring. She slid out of her clothes
leaving her in her night gown. Tarzan lay stretched out in his slacks and socks. She pulled the socks off
and began to unbuckle the belt to his pants. A strong hand took hold of her, stopping her. “No Jane, we
talked about this.” He held her tightly, not letting go. She tried to sooth him, but he was too confused.
Finally he drifted out of consciousness and he let go his grip on her arm.

Jane was exhausted. She wanted to sleep, but she was afraid that he wouldn‟t get better. She had read
some of the research on Ether, but there weren‟t enough studies to know about long term effects. This fact
terrified her. After sitting on the edge of the bed, rocking, she slowly rocked herself to sleep, falling on to
the pillow beside Tarzan, where she rested her head, if only for a moment. It was early morning when she
awoke, freezing.

Tarzan too woke up, his clothes in a pile at the end of the bed, the porthole open and the cold rain and sea
air seeping in. Jane was shivering as she tried to pull the small window closed. She looked as though she
had gotten wet. Tarzan rose from the bed, wearing only his undergarment, and stood by the window with
Jane, trying to close it. Something had bent during the night making it almost impossible to fix. The rain
was pouring in now, the wind blowing it into their faces, soaking them to their skin. At last, Tarzan was
able to bend the hinge just right in order to close the window. Jane was still shivering, and now her teeth
were chattering. Tarzan hated wearing wet clothing and quickly without forethought removed his. Again
without thinking, he pulled on Jane‟s night dress and dragged her to the bed with him. She quickly
wrapped herself around his still warm torso, legs intertwined with legs, arms wrapped carefully around
each other‟s waist. He pulled her close, allowing her to take his heat, while rubbing her back making more

After a long while of warming up, Jane and Tarzan realized what a state they were in. His large hands and
run down the length of her back, and came to rest on her backside. Their proximity had created heat of
another sort. Any inhibitions that either one of them might have had were dissolved. Tarzan realized that
he could not share this room, this bed with Jane without something happening. “Perhaps I should go and
stay in the outer room with Numa and Teeka?” Tarzan stated. Jane knew how he felt about things, so she
didn‟t answer him. If he wanted to go it would be because he wanted to, not because she wanted him to go.

The state of their bodies became apparent within moments of the realization that they weren‟t merely
warming each other up. Tarzan‟s arousal became quite evident; pressing against Jane‟s belly. She didn‟t
want him to go, she allowed herself to tighten her grip on his waist. He stared at her. How he wanted her.
He had never known the completion of the act itself, but he had known release. After having spoken to
Thao about such things, it was reasonable to assume that anything he had felt on his own would not
compare to what he would feel with the one he loved.

Tarzan lay there, staring into Jane‟s now hazel eyes with thoughts of Nora going through his head. He too
wanted children. He would love to have a house full of them, or a jungle full, whatever happened. Was it
fair to hold back when he knew that Jane wanted him as much as he wanted her? He tried to pull away
from her, but she refused to relinquish him. “Please, I will come back, I promise.” Jane stared into his blue
green eyes which at the moment seemed more blue than green and knew that his word was good. “When
will you return?” She queried, still not wanting to let go. “Momentarily”
She assumed he was answering the call of and watched as he approached her trunk. Slowly opening it, he
found the pouch that she had showed him yesterday. Walking back to the bed, his arousal prominently
leading him, he sat back down and handed Jane the small pouch. “Teach me how to use it.”
It took a moment for Jane to comprehend what he had said. Tarzan sat on the edge of the bed, holding the
piece of rubber, wondering what the heck to do with it and she sat there dumb-struck. Taking the pouch
and the condom from him, Jane placed them on the night stand and pulled him over to her. “Before we can
do this, we really need to talk more.” He agreed, but his body ached for her. He had never known such
discomfort. “Why do you want to do this? Is it because of me?” Jane questioned his motives. Tarzan
stared down at his own body and looked to her with such sad eyes. “Being with you like this.” He hand
made a gesture toward the bed, “has made my body ache for you. I have never felt such desire.” She
smiled. Although she had been desired before, this was truly the ultimate compliment. “I feel the same for
you Tarzan, but you are so unsure of everything that has to do with this. I need to know that you aren‟t
doing this out of pity.”
Tarzan pulled away slightly, his brows knit staring into her now amber eyes. “Pity? Are you saying that
the way my body aches for you is out of pity?” He almost spat the words at her. She touched his naked
shoulder and attempted to comfort him. “Relax, that‟s now what I said, it‟s what I asked.” She lifted
herself so that she was kneeling and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind and hugged
him. Both of his strong tanned hands touched her arms and held her hands closer to his chest. “Tarzan, I
love you. I want to make love to you more than I have ever wanted anything in this world. You have been
wonderful about the entire thing, waiting for me, assuring me that you wouldn‟t press the point. I am the
one who presses it constantly and you are so good about it.” He turned to face her, but she had an easier
time if she didn‟t have to look directly into his eyes. “I know your body wants to join with me, I know you
want to join with me, but you said that you were concerned about children. I just want to make sure that
you know what we are getting into here, because once it‟s done, there is no going back.”

Her hands on his naked flesh seared his skin with more desire. The gentle scent of her wafted up to his
nostrils, inhaling her pheromones. All of his nerves were on edge, he wanted her, he wanted to throw her
down and take her, he wanted to turn her over and take her as he had seen many of the animals do. He
didn‟t know exactly what he wanted, but he did know that he wanted her in the most primal way
imaginable. His desire for her was so strong at this moment that he knew that if anything other than Jane
got in the way of this act, he could possible rip them limb from limb. Jane saw the feral look in his eyes.
She should have been frightened by what she saw there, instead she was curious. Would he know what to
do? Should she help him to learn what to do, or just enjoy what he would do to her? This was one of those
situations that had no right answer to it. Jane decided that she would just play it by ear and go with it.

Pulling Tarzan down on the bed with her, she began to kiss his body, starting with his neck. Gently her lips
brushed the moist skin of his neck, softly blowing into his ear, watching him writhe. “Jane, please.” He
begged her, but she continued he slow and steady torture. While her lips drew kisses in the curve of his
collar bone, her fingers wormed their way down his stomach to the thick patch of dark hair covering his
navel. Her finger traced the shape of his navel and her lips parted, exposing her tongue. She looked at him,
his eyes half closed, looking drugged. Tenderly her tongue traced circles around his flat nipples, causing
them to rise and harden. He sighed and again pleaded with her. “Jane, please.” He couldn‟t manage an
entire sentence, especially when her tongue darted into his navel and her fingers traveled further south,
wrapping themselves firmly around his arousal. Jane looked up at him and watched as the white of his eyes
appeared as the colour was lost in the rolling motion. “Oh, Jane.” He managed to say.

Jane ministered to his navel with her tongue and then followed her tongue to where her hand was located.
Tarzan half sat up as he felt the warmth and moisture of her tongue touch him intimately. She turned to
him and smiled. “It‟s okay, really, it‟s okay.” She returned to her ministrations and enveloped him
completely. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her damp curls and gently tugged, trying to grip
something. Jane looked up at him. “Do you feel like you are falling into the abyss Tarzan?” She had to
ask. Decidedly, he wanted to learn, she wanted to teach. He could not speak, but his head nodded slightly.
“Let yourself fall. I promise, it won‟t hurt.” He lay back on the pillow and reveled in the very new
sensations that he was now lost in. He had fallen into the abyss, but it wasn‟t a bad place to

As Jane slowly moved back up to his chest, her tongue painting an interesting trail from below, she reached
over to the table and took the condom from it. Carefully she placed it, as he watched her. He knew he
could not hold back much longer, did she realize? Gently a large tanned hand rested on hers. “I feel as
though I cannot hold on much longer.” His honesty touched her, but she knew that it would be fine and she
assured him that it would be. Trust was the most important element of their newfound relationship. They
trusted each other implicitly. As she finished covering him, she lay down beside him and turned him to
face her. As she watched his expressions, she realized that she was highly aroused by his lack of
experience. He was holding back for her and he didn‟t even realize why. As they lay there, Tarzan‟s long
tanned fingers found her breasts and began to massage them until her nipples were hard pink pebbles.
Finally they kissed, each capturing the other‟s moan. Jane then gently nudged Tarzan onto his back and
she straddled him, allowing him to slowly slide inside of her. His eyes were wide as he watched her. She
took his hands and placed them on her breasts and began to slowly move to a gentle rocking rhythm.
Tarzan‟s hands were like vices on her, but she understood, he was near the pinnacle of release and he
needed to feel something substantial to tell him what he felt was real. “It‟s okay Tarzan, I know what‟s
going on, it‟s all right, fall into the abyss, and I promise to bring you back.” With her words, his eyes
rolled into the back of his head, his grip loosened on her breasts and moved down to her hips, drawing
himself further into her, gently at first, then slamming her body to his until he did finally drop off of the
edge of the abyss. The sound that came from him was feral, he growled gently at first but as he fell
completely into the moment, his growl turned into almost a howl. He knew he was holding her too tight,
but he could not bring himself to release her. For many moments his body wracked with shock waves,
slammed up to her, until finally he was able to relax slightly.

Jane smiled at him. “Lesson number one, get ready for lesson number two.” Tarzan pulled her down to
him, possessing her mouth, his tongue eagerly sliding inside of hers, wanting to possess all of her, and
needing her. “More Jane?” Was all he could manage for the time. She grinned through the kisses. “Yeah
Tarzan, way more.”

As Jane slid down onto the bed, they turned to face each other. Tarzan‟s eyes were like slits, he looked
rather spent, and all Jane could do was smile. He was the first to speak. “Jane, I have never in my
life………..” She pressed a finger against his lips and smiled. “You should know Tarzan; this was merely
a taste of what we can do together. How you enjoyed it so much, it‟s possible for me as well.” He stared at
her, his eyes opening as big as saucers. She laughed out loud. “Not EXACTLY the same silly!” She
leaned into him and kissed his swollen lips, enjoying the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around her
possessively. He was tired, she was tired. There would be more time later for other things.

Jane reached down and removed the receptacle, then slid it onto the table beside the bed. She would look
after it later. Right now her main ambition in life was to lie in Tarzan‟s arms and maybe drift off to sleep
for a while longer. It was, after all, still early and there were so many things that she wanted to teach him.
There would be plenty of time for that. Tarzan leaned into Jane and kissed the tip of her nose. His smile
was a little crooked as he was exhausted, but he couldn‟t resist her. At the same time, both of them reached
for the blanket to cover themselves with. Jane might have wanted a fire, but with Tarzan‟s built-in
thermostat, she was certain that she wouldn‟t have to worry about being cold.

They drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours until the rain had subsided and the sun began to blaze into
the cabin. Tarzan could hear the animals in the next room becoming rather restless. It was time for a walk.
Jane was having a very good sleep; he would leave her to her sleep and quietly sneak out for a while. His
belly was beginning to rumble as well, so he understood why the animals were becoming vociferous. He
slipped into a pair of comfortable pleated pants and a light cotton shirt then opened the door for the

Numa greeted Tarzan with a huge lick across his face, to which Tarzan responded with a small laugh.
Teeka attempted to run and jump on the bed, but Tarzan stopped her in mid air. Jane‟s eyes opened
fluttered and then closed tight once again. Explaining to the animals the need for quiet and once they
headed out of the door, they would need to stay close by him, for the passengers would be up and about

They were an odd sight, the bronze skinned blond man with the full grown lion and the female ape by his
side. He used no tether or lead, they just merely walked in step with him. As he approached the deck, the
captain spied him and joined him in his walk. “I see you are doing well this find day Mr. Clayton.” The
captain seemed to have been concerned for some reason. “I am fine, thank you for asking.” Tarzan then
recalled the events of the previous day. “Is my uncle up and about, do you know?” Tarzan‟s eyes twinkled
and the captain was certain that he knew why, but Tarzan was NOT forthcoming about it. “He‟s sporting a
broken jaw it would seem, he cannot eat, has been sipping whiskey all morning.” Tarzan looked to the
captain for some kind of trickery or spying. His instinct told him that the captain was a good honorable
man. “What did he say happened to him?” Tarzan‟s curiousity got the better of him. “He says he had too
much to drink and he fell into the lifeboat yonder.” A smaller, well manicured hand pointed toward the
covered lifeboat.
Tarzan couldn‟t understand why his uncle would lie to the captain, perhaps thinking that if he didn‟t tell the
captain about the punch, then Tarzan might not come forward about the drugs in the cigar. He was just
curious enough to play it out. “Do you know anything about it Mr. Clayton?” The captain asked, almost
knowing the answer he would receive. “I am afraid that I do not.” Numa yawned as a woman was
approaching. She saw the size of his opened mouth and became faint enough to pass out. Tarzan moved at
lightening speed to catch her before her head hit the deck. Carefully he placed her into a deck chair. The
captain poured her a glass of water.

Standing beside the woman were the Captain, Tarzan, Numa and Teeka. When she finally woke up, she
took a look at the ape and again lost her grip on consciousness. Tarzan looked to the captain for an
explanation and received one. “It‟s not a usual sight to see an ape and a Lion walking along the deck of a
ship, not even a passenger ship such as this one. It‟s one thing to see domestic animals, horses, cattle,
goats, sheep, dogs, and of course regular cats to keep the mice and rat populations down, but this is either a
real treat to some, or terrifying to others. Madame Bouvier, I am afraid, is one of the latter. Tarzan asked
the animals to go to the edge of the deck where they could see the open water, and be far enough away so
as to not upset the woman again. “Madame Bouvier, are you quite all right?” Tarzan asked. The captain
again offered up a sip of water to the older woman. She sat up and straightened her clothing. “I must say
Captain, I didn‟t realize that you were carrying the circus on this crossing, had I known, I would have
booked an earlier or later ship. She then turned her attention to Tarzan.

Beautiful greenish-blue eyes sought out some sort of approval from her she thought. He was quite
handsome with his golden blond hair and sun bronzed skin. “And young man, just who are you to be
consorting with these animals?” It was difficult for her to resist the desire to stroke his cheek. He was
quite easy on the eyes and she had been missing her young gigolo of late, maybe she could learn to like
these strange animals if she had to. “Captain Stubbing, I should like to return to my cabin. Would you be
so kind as to allow this young man to accompany me? I am terrified that I might feel faint again and
perhaps fall down the stairs.” The captain looked to Tarzan and he grinned. This woman didn‟t know what
she was in for. He had seen the way that he had looked at his lady love; he would have eyes for no one
else. “Mr. Clayton is not in my employee Madame Bouvier, if he chooses to accompany you; it will be of
his own volition. The woman looked up to Tarzan and asked him. “Would you be kind enough to see me
safely back to my cabin, I mean it is after all, because of you that I feel so faint.”

Feeling somewhat guilty about the trouble that the animals were causing, Tarzan naturally agreed to the
request. “I cannot leave the animals alone on the deck though, they must come with us.” She looked over
to the scruffy looking creatures that were now approaching and sighed. “If they must. They won‟t touch
me will they?” Tarzan shook his head. Tarzan turned to the captain. “Did we miss breakfast sir?” He
worried that Numa and Teeka would become restless if they didn‟t eat soon. “There is always food for our
passengers Mr. Clayton. Shall I have something sent to your room?” He knew that back in the cabin, one
of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen was sleeping, waiting for her man to return. “I will
come back after I see Madame Bouvier to her room.”

The captain tipped his hat to them and walked toward the bow of the boat, enjoying the breeze on his face.
As he turned he almost chuckled as he watched Madame Bouvier slip her arm in Tarzan‟s arm as they
walked. She might not have liked the animals, but she was quite happy with the companionship that came
with them. Either Tarzan would become more educated in the ways of women today, or he would be
disgusted by the woman‟s forthcoming requests. Either way, it would make for an interesting crossing.
Between Madame Bouvier‟s extra-curricular activities and Richard Clayton‟s broken jaw, the trip was
becoming more eventful than even the captain would have liked.
“Here my dear, it‟s down this hall.” Mme. Bouvier almost dragged Tarzan to her room. Upon arriving at
the door, Tarzan carefully opened it and accompanied her inside then turned to leave; etiquette not yet a
part of his conditioning. “Where are you going my darling?” The older woman with the severe French
twist to her white hair spoke with such authority, causing Tarzan to turn and face her once again. Staring at
the woman‟s face, he reasoned that she wasn‟t as old as she appeared to be at first. He had smelled the
definite odor of old whiskey on her, and tobacco smoke. Her cabin reeked of both, at least to his delicate
olfactory senses. “I must feed my friends, if I do not; I fear that Numa might eat a passenger or two.” He
had exaggerated, of course, but Mme. Bouvier was uncertain of that until a grin formed on Tarzan‟s face.
She countered his grin with a squeeze to his forearm. “You shouldn‟t tease an old woman.” Tarzan
approached her; she had tried to cover the smell of the liquor with a very strong eau de toilette that made
Tarzan‟s head reel. He wondered if she had bathed in the horrid smelling substance. “You are not an old
woman.” He stated, more out of fact than out of argument, but Mme. Bouvier took it as a great compliment,
grinning a yellowish grin. “You must join me in a drink.” She walked toward her small bar and uncorked
the decanter, then began to pour each a glass of sherry. “I do not think that we will both fit inside one of
these glasses Madame.” Tarzan‟s wit was coming along quite nicely, not quite rapier sharp, but quick
nonetheless. She laughed much too hard at his silliness, downing a complete glass before offering him one.
He thanked her very much, not wanting to insult and again turned to leave the room.

Madame Bouvier moved quite swiftly for a woman of her state of inebriation. She put down the glass and
then suddenly she stood between Tarzan and the door. “Please Madame, you must let me go, my friends
are waiting in the hallway. “Let them wait.” She said with a voice of complete authority. She was used to
getting her own way. Tarzan glared at this woman who stood between him and the door. His first instinct
was to push her aside and be done with it, but he decided that he must learn manners if he was to fit into
„society.‟ “I beg of you Madame, my friends have need,” He didn‟t have a chance to finish the sentence
when the woman approached him, both of her hands against his chest, staring into and loosing themselves
in the aqua of his eyes. She took hold of the material and ripped the shirt open, sending buttons flying in
the direction of the bar, one so much as landing in the empty glass sitting there. Tarzan was in shock,
standing there, unable to counter her move. She beamed at him, thinking that she was winning him over.
“You talk about needs; I have needs for a big strong handsome blond barefoot gentleman.” She stated as
her nails ripped into the tanned skin of his chest.

He was taken aback at the forwardness of the woman, wondering if this was one of those moments that he
should take as a form of flattery, or be insulted. He chose the first and went with it as well as any untrained
man could. “Madame Bouvier. I am afraid that I am not available to fulfill your needs.” He again tried to
pass by her, but she stood firm. She slowly, and in her own mind, sensually, she began to unbutton her
blouse and slowly removed it from her shoulders. Her tanned skin was puckered and dry looking, but she
didn‟t care what she looked like to him, she cared more what he looked like to her. His bronze skin put her
in mind of Adonis, the god of love and she wanted Adonis to love her.

Without concern for consequences, the old girl flew into Tarzan‟s arms and placed her lips upon his,
kissing him hard, trying to pry his mouth opened with her tongue. His arms opened, allowing her to drop,
falling hard on the floor. She looked up at him and rolled her eyes into the back of her head. Standing
once more, this time rubbing her backside, she reached inside of her shoe and came up with some paper
money. “How much do you want?” She asked, willing to pay for his attentions. “How much what do I
want for what?” Tarzan countered, not at all understanding her innuendo. She threw the banknotes at him
yelling all the while. “Don‟t play dumb with me. I know your kind, you are beautiful to look at, you know
how to use your beauty to catch a wealthy woman‟s eye and then you take her money and abandon her!”
She pulled the blouse together and once again approached the bottle of sherry, poured herself a full glass
and proceeded to down the entire contents of the glass. “Get out of here you gigalo, go, get!”

Tarzan immediately left the room, but it left him quite puzzled and with a sore chest from the crazy
woman‟s razor sharp claws. Calling to Numa and Teeka, Tarzan headed to the deck where his cabin was
located and opened the door to find a very lovely Jane rising, naked from the bed that they had shared
earlier. How beautiful she looked, her red curls tousled hither and to, her cheeks a bright pink, her lips,
swollen and red. As difficult as it was to take his eyes off of her face, his glance lowered to her breasts
which too were swollen and pink. He had been rough with her and was regretting it.

Jane flew at him, a million questions. Tarzan waited until the animals were inside before closing the door
and putting his finger up to Jane‟s lips. “What is wrong, why are you upset?” She ran her fingers along the
sharp marks on his chest and smelled him. He smelled of the decadence of upper the middle class. He
smelled of a mixture of sherry, whiskey, tobacco and an overwhelming amount of some horrible eau de
toilette that Jane would never have been caught dead with. He had been gone a rather long time, having
only wanted to take the animals for a walk above deck. She glared at him, trying to decide if he was now
testing his newly discovered attributes.
A tender smiled crossed Tarzan‟s face. He knew that Jane was still quite unsure of herself, her self-esteem
still teetering, but he couldn‟t help smiling at her beauty. She continued to glare at him, watching his
expression. She shook her head and plopped down on the bed, pulling a sheet around her, looking toward
her cold feet. “I met a strange woman by the name of Mme. Bouvier.” Jane looked up, interested in his
statement. “She was afraid of Numa, and she fainted on the deck. The captain asked me to see her to her
room.” Jane tightened her grip on the bed sheet, but Tarzan knelt before her, his hands raking through her
long silky locks. “Look at me Jane.” He insisted. She looked up. “I brought her back to her room and she
was acting very strange. She tried to rip my clothes and she didn‟t care about Numa or Teeka being hungry.
She did this to me.” He pointed to the disgusting marks on his tanned and already much scarred chest.

Jane felt like a heel. She knew that she really needed to pick herself up and dust herself off, but it was
easier said than done. Tarzan was not like the men that she was accustomed to. When he gave his word, it
meant something. He had promised himself t her, had asked her to be his wife. When would she begin to
trust completely? Would she ever be able to trust completely? His liquid green-blue eyes stared into her
soft topaz eyes, searching for something. Again he grinned. “You must not worry so much Jane. I am your
mate.” He sat down on the bed with her and began an explanation to explain his wide grins.

“In the jungle, many times the animals fight over their mates. Sometimes they even kill. Sometimes it is the
female fighting another female for the male, but this is not predominant. Usually it is the male that fight
with another male for the female of his choice.” This was interesting information, but was did it possibly
have to do with her situation? Cocking her head to the side, she asked. “What does that have to do with
me?” Again Tarzan grinned at her, his arm possessively wrapping around her shoulder and pulling her
closer. “We have each other; there is no need to fight with anyone any more. I belong with you, you belong
with me.” She looked at him as if he had just landed from an alien spaceship. Was it truly that simple for
him? Could it possibly be that simple? It had never been that way for the other relationships she could
remember, there was always the jealousy factor.

“So,” she started to speak as Tarzan waited for her words, his hand again lodged itself in her fiery tresses.
“Does this mean that even if someone else finds you handsome and wants to mate with you, you will not be
interested? Or if someone finds me attractive and maybe smiles at me, you won‟t be upset?” Tarzan mulled
her words over for a while and then he finally answered. “I am not of your world Jane. Where I come from,
animals have a different set of values. There are many animals that their sole aim in life is procreation;
therefore they have many mates to keep the species alive. Other animal families, they are mates for life.
This is what I believe in. One mate for life.” It was a nice thought, quite idealistic of him, she thought to
herself. However, Jane too believed in the same premise of one mate for life, she just didn‟t realize that she
would fall in love with such a wonderful man and she knew that he would meet many women in his
upcoming life that she was terrified that he would realize he had made a huge mistake in choosing her for a
mate. Her worry wrote lines in her brows, and he tried to smooth them.

“We cannot fix problems unless we know what they are Jane. Please, confide in me. I will be your husband.
I want to share your life, your love, even your pain.” She closed her eyes. This was one of those moments
that she was certain she was reading Byron, or Longfellow. This man could NOT be for real. Opening her
eyes, she felt the softest touch of his calloused hand on her cheek and she knew that she was not dreaming.
He was indeed here with her. “I worry that you will find a more suitable, more beautiful mate.” Saying it
out loud, as difficult as it was, relieved her more than she could have known. It was like having a great
weight lifted from her shoulders.

Tarzan moved a stray hair from her lips and lowered his face to her. Their lips touched ever so softly as his
tongue glided across her bottom lip. He enjoyed this sensation of kissing and would practice it as much as
he could. Gently, Tarzan‟s hands began to stroke her naked back, until they rested on her hips. They were
both contorted into an odd position trying to both make the most of such a luscious kiss. “I love you now. I
love you always. I belong with you, you belong with me.” They smiled at each other as they both fell back
onto the inviting bed, with Tarzan staring up at the ceiling. “I forgot Numa and Teeka, they are very
hungry. Did someone bring them some food?” Jane tried very hard not to be insulted by his quick change
of thoughts. She was certain that they would make love right now, but his friends‟ appetite was of the
utmost importance. Jane smiled. “No, but if you ordered food, it should be here shortly. I should get

Tarzan pulled the sheet off of Jane‟s body and gazed at her milky soft skin. There were tiny scars on her
body, a few light stretch marks on her hips and breasts; she had grown too quickly into her body. He kissed
each mark, claiming it as his. She closed her eyes and waited. He looked up into her face and saw the
contentment there. He knew that she loved him; he knew that she belonged with him. He wanted to claim
her body, he wanted to claim her entire being, but he knew that they would need time, time for him to
discover every inch of her. Time would be on their side. Once in England, they would marry and they could
make love daily without worry. She opened her eyes and could almost read his thoughts. “We could get
married on the ship if you like?” He cocked his head waiting for her to finish her train of thought. “The
captain is allowed to marry us.” Tarzan‟s thoughts were again confused. He wanted to marry her, but
shouldn‟t he wait until he had been established as John Clayton Jr.?

The knock on the door drew the two of them out of their perspective musings. Jane once again pulled the
sheet over her and leaned out of sight from the door. Tarzan answered, pleased to find a young man outside
of the door holding a treat of many goodies for his furry friends. The porter stood outside of the door as
Tarzan took the tray from him and turned away. Jane could not see, but she could hear the young man
softly clearing his throat. “Tarzan.” Jane called him over. “You need to tip the young man.” She insisted.
Tarzan was confused. “Why do I need to knock him over? That would be a great injustice to him, as he has
just brought Numa and Teeka a wonderful meal." Jane held her breath to keep from laughing out loud, but
it was to no avail. Her laughter burst from her throat until she had finally cleared her airways. Tarzan didn‟t
understand the reason for her amusement. “No silly, give him a coin or two, a gratuity, a tip, not tip him
over.” Her laughter, he was sure, could be heard down the hallway and the upper deck. She loved his
naïveté it was so wonderful. Tarzan walked to the dressing stand where they had placed their money and
picked up two coins and asked Jane if they were appropriate. She nodded, biting her bottom lip trying so
hard not to laugh.

The porter grinned and tipped his hat to Tarzan as he left the scene of the impending crime. Quickly,
Tarzan brought the tray of food to his friends, giving them a quick pet on the head and then returning to his
laughing mistress. She was curled up on the bed, her cheeks glowing bright pink, and her eyes a
mischievous colour green that he had never seen before in her eyes. Resistance was futile. She was in his
sights and she was in for it.
He approached her, his hands in ready mode, his eyes dancing gaily while drawing her stare. She knew it
was coming and she was powerless to stop it. She bit hard into her bottom lip, trying to contain her laugher.

Tarzan dug his fingers into her sides, tickling her mercilessly. Jane was laughing so hard as he change
positions many times, moving his hands all over her. She tried to defend herself, but there were too many
ticklish spots on her. At least if she had her clothes on she would be able to protect some of these spots but
it was useless to fight him off. He could hold her with one hand and tickle with the other. At one point, he
pulled both of her hands over her head and ticked her until she squealed. He did not want to release her. He
loved the way that she looked at this moment in time. Her resistance was minor, she trusted him. Even
though his grip on her was quite tight, she did not worry, she merely giggled. He stopped tickling her and
held her tightly, lowering his face to hers, kissing her with more passion than he could ever remember
having before.

With Jane‟s hands held above her head, she was almost helpless, but with her legs, she wrapped herself
around Tarzan‟s hips, drawing him close t her, the grip of her leg like that of a boa constrictor. They were
in a draw. Tarzan could barely move, as she drew him closer still, holding him with a vice-like grip. He
reached down with his free hand and began to caress her breast, causing her to moan into his opened
mouth. The more his hand worked on her, the more her grip on his hip tightened, defeating the purpose of
this exercise, or was it?

Tarzan could feel himself strain against his pants, but was too stubborn to release her hands. Jane could feel
that burning, aching in her belly, but she was too stubborn to release his hips. They had reached an impasse.
Who would cave in first?
Their eyes locked, she tightened her grip, and he checked his. Neither would give in but both so
desperately wanted to. Tarzan looked down at his Jane, laying there naked, comfortable with him, enjoying
his company. He knew at that moment he could never deny her anything. “Jane, marry me, marry me on
the boat, today.” He released her hands at the same time that she released his hips. Standing, slowly,
sensuously he removed the remnants of his shirt, and then began to unbuckle his belt. Jane‟s breath caught
in her throat, just like every time she saw him in all of his glory. He was such a magnificent specimen of
his gender.

Jane couldn‟t wait to join with him. She knelt on the bed and leaned forward tugging and pulling at his belt
and the buttons of his trousers. They were coming down; if she had to tear them off of him. Tarzan
stopped her before the pants were pulled past his hips, lifting her chin as to see her eyes. “Are all women
like this?” She stopped and stared at him, trying to comprehend what his point was. “Like what?” She
innocently asked. “Tearing at my clothes, wanting to mate with me?” He was smiling, but she was really
unsure as to whether or not he was joking. Her hands fell to her sides and she sat back on the bed, pulling
her legs out from under her.

Tarzan was serious. He pulled his trousers together and buttoned them, then began to walk away from
Jane. He slowly turned to see that she was feeling very hurt, and confused. He returned to her side and
knelt before her. Drawing her hands into his, he pulled her close and sighed. He had nothing to say. Jane
responded to his sigh with one of her own. “Don‟t you feel the pull of it Tarzan? Doesn‟t it grab right at
your insides and pull them so that you are inside out with want?” He thought about it and he nodded.
“Okay, so we get a little insane sometimes.” Jane continued, not believing at the information that she was
sharing with him. “Women have the same urges as men. But if we act upon them, we are whores.” Tarzan
glared at her, knowing how much that word hurt her to hear, let alone say, but he let her continue. “Well
just because we want to love our man, shouldn‟t make us bad. I love to be with you. I love making love
with you. If I get a little crazy so what? I didn‟t commit a crime did I? If you don‟t want me the way I am,
then maybe you just don‟t want me.”
She stood up and began to walk away, but he stopped her with and gentle kiss, both hands holding her chin.
“But the other woman, she should not have done this to me, it was not right.” Tarzan pointed to his chest
where the nail marks were. Jane understood his point now. “You are right. For someone to want to do
things to you that you don‟t want is wrong. People have to respect that. I haven‟t had anyone but you to
teach me that Tarzan. You taught me that it‟s okay to respect myself, that I am not a bad person. Please,
don‟t make me feel like I am a bad person because I want to make love to you.” He felt terrible again for
having made her feel this way. “I am so confused Jane. In the jungle the animals mate, it‟s just something
that they do; there is no other reason than to procreate. I am just trying to adjust to the western ways.

Jane walked away and opened the trunk to find herself a clean under dress and a fresh pair of bloomers.
She asked for help with her corset and then completed her ensemble with the beautiful rose coloured gown
that covered her from chin to toe. Sitting by the vanity, Jane took the tortoise shell brush and drew it
through her hair, watching Tarzan‟s expression in the mirror. He seemed to be like a statue, quiet and still.
Finally she broke the silence. Reaching back into the trunk, she pulled out a shawl and wrapped it around
her shoulders. “I don‟t think that there will be a need to bother the captain. I don‟t believe that there will
be a wedding today. You will excuse me; I have great need for some fresh air.” With that, Jane took her
leave of Tarzan and the cabin.
Jane strolled down the hallway, up the stairs and along the top deck. It was late afternoon and she had yet
to eat anything. She was feeling a bit light headed. A young man approached her with a tray of pinwheel
sandwiches and little cucumber sandwiches. “Would you care for some tea Miss?” The young man asked,
handing her a tiny linen napkin for her to carry her sandwich on if she wasn‟t to sit. “I would love a cup of
tea, thank you. I think I will sit over there.” She pointed more toward the bow of the boat where there
were fewer people sitting. As she walked, she bit into the sandwich, the cucumber was quite fresh and it
made the bread a bit mushy, but it tasted good just the same.
While she sat there an older, distinguished looking woman appeared. She was well dressed, but seemed
either quite unsteady or a little bit inebriated. Jane overheard her speaking to the waiter who called her by
name. “Yes Madame Bouvier, we do have some sherry, I will fetch you a glass. Would you care for
something to eat as well?” With a thick, phone accent she disregarded the young man and walked away,
waiting for him to return with her drink. Jane continued to watch the woman, more out of complete shock
than interest. So this was the woman that wanted her man, hmmm, that was interesting. “Do all wealthy
people believe that they are entitled to everything?” She said it to herself, but she could have as easily
vocalized it, no one would have heard with the loud crashing of waves against the bow of the boat.

The sea air was exhilarating. Jane had been worried about becoming sea sick, but was happily not
suffering it. Anyone who was suffering would surely confine themselves to their cabins. The water was a
little rough today. “Do you have a light?” The well dressed woman approached Jane, looking for someone
to light her cigarette. A gentleman standing near quickly struck a match and lit her cigarette. It was
attached to a long cigarette holder and the smoke smelled old and dank to Jane, but she had never preferred
the stench of the product. “I am Madame Bouvier, and you are?” She held out her hand as if she were
waiting for Jane to kiss it, instead Jane lightly shook it introducing herself as Jane Porter. The name did not
move the woman one way or the other. “I believe you know my friend John Clayton Jr.” She added. The
woman paled as she looked at the beautiful woman in the rose coloured dress and the wild auburn curls.
“May I sit?” She asked of Jane who was too dumbfounded to answer. “I met your John, what a beautiful
man. I must apologize for having treated him so shabbily. I believed that he was merely a gigolo. I have
since learned that he is heir to the Clayton fortune. I knew his grandfather, he and my husband, Hébért did
a lot of business together, quite the business man Monsieur Clayton. Hébért was always visiting the
Clayton household; I believe you call it Greystoke? He wanted to learn the secrets of the Claytons, but he
never did.” The woman took a long drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke away from Jane. My Hébért
was taken from me almost 5 years ago and I am so lonely. I do apologize for my unwanted advances to
your friend. I do hope he can forgive an old woman.” The waiter appeared with a cup of tea for Jane and a
glass of sherry for Mme. Bouvier. The two women sipped in silence for some time.

While the women were engaged in light conversation, Richard appeared, as if from no where before Jane.
“Well well well, he let you out did he?” He commented more to raise her anxiety level than to converse.
She merely smiled a false smile. Richard held out his hand to the woman seated on his right. “Madame de
Bouvier, bonjour, comment ça vas?” He spoke to her as if they were old friends. It stood to reason; they
would be if her husband had dealings with his father. “Mon dieu Richard, moi je vais bien, et tu?” She
responded, giving him her hand to kiss, and he did rather genuinely. Jane merely sat there thinking,
“Something smells funny here.”
As Richard and Madame Bouvier conversed in French, Jane pretended not to pay attention. Would Richard
remember that she had French lessons as a child in his care? Would he even remember that she had a
childhood once? It was doubtful, but to err on the side of caution was always the better idea. She turned
away and sipped at her tea, smiling at the captain and other passengers. It wasn‟t easy to turn her pain off.
But she did it.

Tarzan stood watching Jane. She sat with that horrible woman that smelled bad and had hurt him for the
sake of what? Jane seemed amicable with the woman, but when Richard showed up, more questions came
to mind. After all, he did seem to know this woman. Their conversation became quite heated when
Richard explained to his friend why he was speaking so poorly. “I had an accident, my jaw is broken, and
so I can‟t move it much.” Mme. Bouvier looked long and hard at him, “Who broke your jaw?” Richard had
talked enough to the woman. He had wanted to come over to intimidate Jane, but with Mme. Bouvier here,
the wheels in his head began to spin out of control, so many directions he could take this in. “That‟s not
something that you should worry about Clarisse.” Richard spoke to the French woman, but he stared at
Jane who was a million miles away.

Tarzan wanted to approach them, but was trying to avoid fighting with his uncle. Perhaps if he gave Jane
some time she would come around. What he worried about the most was her going back to drinking. She
seemed to be hurt by what he had said and done. What a fool he had been. He was such a novice at things
and she didn‟t yet understand his ways. They had much to learn about each other; perhaps it was best for
them to wait until they docked in England and had more time together. That was if he could manage to get
her to talk to him in the interim.

Richard spoke to Jane, but either she was rude, or really didn‟t hear. She didn‟t answer him. “Jane?” He
said it one more time before she finally came out of her trance. “Oh, what is it Richard?” He smiled as
much as his fractured jaw would allow, grimacing more with the pain. “How is it you have come to meet
my dear friend Clarisse, Madame de Bouvier?” Jane wasn‟t thinking clearly, her words came out more
blunt than she had intended, cutting like a dull knife through a tomato. “She tried to seduce my fiancé.”
Both Clarisse and Richard stared at each other first and then at Jane who sipped the rest of her tea and stood
up. “And for the record Madame de Bouvier or whatever your pompous name might be, if you ever even
look at my man sideways, look out because I will mess up that face worse than your awful make-up does!”
She slammed her teacup into its saucer and removed herself from the scene. How could she have even
believed for a moment that it was all right for that woman to behave the way she did with Tarzan? How
could Jane have accepted it so easily? She hadn‟t, she had just held her tongue. She wasn‟t with Richard
anymore, she wasn‟t one of the „staff‟, and she could say what she wanted and it didn‟t matter. Well, it
might, but she didn‟t care. Tarzan was her man and she didn‟t care who knew it.

Almost flying down the hallways, Jane almost ran over Tarzan who stood there almost dumbfounded at
what he had heard. The grin on his face could have easily lit the boat for the evening. She pushed past him
and headed toward the stern of the boat. Tarzan waited before he followed, giving her the room to change
her mind as to whether or not she wanted his company. He though to himself, „she thinks of me as her
man‟. He was actually quite pleased that she had shown a different side of herself. She had been so busy
being hurt and upset; she hadn‟t let herself really feel what she was feeling. She was mad that someone
else had tried to bed her man when she was having so much trouble doing it; there was no damn way she
was going to give him up without some kind of a fight.

Standing at the back of the ship, looking at where they had come from was quite poetic. Memories played
out in her head like moving pictures, like a dream in reality. She was getting a second chance at life and
she was going to take it, not let it be, not waste it. This was her life and she had messed it up enough. She
turned to see Tarzan standing there in his torn shirt, slacks with the unbuckled belt, and bare feet. His blond
hair was tousled every which way in the wind yet his eyes shone like turquoise jewels. “You follow me
Tarzan, why?” She knew why, she just wanted to hear him say it. “I worry about you Jane. You were
angry with me.” He approached her, carefully gauging her mood. She turned completely to face him a
small smile creeping across her face, her cheeks filling with the prettiest pink blush.
How he relished in her smile. He could lose himself in her eyes. They were an amber gold colour, and
they seemed to twinkle as they seared through to his soul. She was a very mysterious woman, but he
always felt her presence within him. She belonged with him, as if their souls were one. “Legend has it that
the mighty one created one soul and because he had been hurt, he broke the soul apart into two pieces, then
the partial souls would spend a life time searching for one another in order to become complete again.”
Tarzan approached Jane as he related the story. “Jane, you complete me.”

She didn‟t blink; she didn‟t express any mood or emotion. He was an anomaly. Men like him didn‟t exist
in this plane of existence. She thought of the question that she had asked him earlier, she had asked him
who he was, he never answered, and he didn‟t have to. If anyone in this world knew who he really was, it
would be Tarzan. It was inevitable that she would fall into his arms. There was no other way to play the
scene out. His kiss would take her breath away and they would walk arm in arm back to the cabin without
saying a word.

Jane joined the land of the living. Tarzan was still far enough away that she could have easily slipped past
him if she chose to do so. They needed to talk, a conversation was what was necessary in order to clarify
things, but what to say? “I am sorry if I hurt you Jane.” She smiled. The pieces of her heart felt as though
they had slipped together once again. The pain that she was hiding was no longer present. All that would
ruin the moment would be if he added, BUT to his statement. She waited for it, it didn‟t occur. He
approached her, arms opened to receive her; he hoped that she would embrace him and not walk away from
him. His heart was still wrenching. She slipped inside the cocoon that he created for her with his arms.
Looking directly into each other‟s glistening eyes, they both spoke simultaneously, “I love you.” And of
course, the inevitable kiss a brush of their lips, soft at first and then more impassioned. Tarzan‟s arms held
Jane tightly, so tight that her feet had left the ground as she wrapped her arms about his neck, losing herself
in his kisses.

As he was about to put Jane down, a strange couple came walking toward the stern of the boat, at first not
seeing the young couple engrossed in one another. Richard and Clarisse walked arm in arm across the deck
neither looking up to see them. While they still could, Tarzan and Jane took their leave, sneaking away
without being seen or heard. As soon as they were out of sight and earshot, both made mention of the
couple. “They are friends from before, her late husband had dealings with your grandfather, at least that‟s
the story I got.” Tarzan listened to Jane, but drew his own conclusions. “I don‟t believe that the infatuation
that is happening between the two of them is new Jane. I don‟t doubt that her late husband and my
grandfather had dealings, I just wonder how far these dealings go.”

As the two of them walked down the hallways that led to the dining room, Tarzan stopped Jane and pulled
her close. “You would have me eat with you, the way that I look?” He had realized that he was bare foot,
torn shirt and his trousers in disarray. Jane looked at him and smiled. “I have had an epiphany Tarzan.”
He looked at her strange, “I have discovered that I love you because you are who you are, not who
someone else wants you to be. I have decided that I will not try to change who you are, but embrace it.”
Another kiss met her lips. He was thrilled with her response. He too wished that she would just accept the
way he was without question as he had accepted her. What had they called it? Unconditional Love. That
was the name he had heard used somewhere. How appropriate. He loved her unconditionally, it only made
sense that she would love him the same. “I will surely have to change my clothes; I don‟t think that the
dining staff will be quite as accommodating as you are Jane.” Again she smiled at him. Whether it be
giving up, or giving in, or just merely accepting; what ever it was, it felt right. Jane felt as though life
could really and truly begin again.

Tarzan headed down the hall at double time, turning back to ask Jane, “Will you please hold a seat for me
for dinner, I am starving. I shall return anon.” He was gone, and Jane was transfixed on the last spot that
she saw him standing in. She repeated the words, “I shall return anon?” Crossing her arms, Jane fell deep
into thought once again. She had accepted Tarzan at face value, thinking that nothing else could surprise
her. But here was a man who had spent the better part of his life, all of his teens and adult life in the
jungles of the Dark Continent, and who spoke to her as if he had been reading a sonnet from Shakespeare.
There was more to this man than met the eye. Jane loved a mystery, she loved Tarzan. Her life‟s work
would now be to unravel the mystery that was Tarzan. She entered the dining room, and was seated at a
small table. No sooner had she received the cup of tea that she had ordered, Tarzan was sitting there across
from her looking rather distinguished. His ascot had a perfect knot, his shoes were clean and shined, and
his hair was combed and pulled back with a velvet tie. He leaned into Jane and softly spoke. “So, we shall
wed on the morrow then”
The dinner was quite lovely, the company lovelier. Tarzan couldn‟t imagine being as happy as he was at
that moment. Jane continued to smile at him during the evening, until finally she spoke. There were many
questions and before she was to tie the knot with this „perfect‟ stranger, she needed some answers. Leaning
forward, Jane spoke quietly. “May I ask you some questions? I have some concerns.” Tarzan watched the
other gentlemen in the dining room. They picked up their linen napkins and daubed their mouths, then put
the napkin down on their empty plate. After doing so, his attention was once again focused on Jane, who
having witnessed the entire spectacle, grinned from ear to ear. He cocked his head to the side and asked
politely, “What?”

Jane leaned back in her chair, took her napkin and carefully daubed the corners of her mouth. She waited
for the wait staff to clear the table and bring the after dinner tea. Tarzan decided that he would take a cup as
well. “Would you like to take your tea up to the upper deck for some fresh sea air?” Jane asked, knowing
that Tarzan preferred being outside whenever possible. He nodded and stood. Again he looked around and
noticed that the other gentlemen were assisting their ladies by pulling their chairs back. He tried to do this
for Jane, pulling the chair before she was ready to stand. Almost falling on her backside she offered up a
torturous glance. He bit his bottom lip as he offered her his arm. She took it gladly, stood and picked up her
cup and saucer from the table. Tarzan did the same.
Quietly they made their way to the upper deck. Tarzan preferred to be at the front of the boat, but Jane
always seemed to be drawn to the back of it. She followed Tarzan forward and shook her head in the cool
breeze that had blown in. Tarzan found a small table to deposit his cup and saucer on as he had downed the
entire contents of the cup before they had left the hallway. Jane placed her cup beside his and smiled.
Taking both of Tarzan‟s hands in hers she stared into his liquid aqua eyes and began to speak. “You amaze
me.” The words that she had rehearsed during dinner would not suffice, she had just wanted to know where
he got all of his education, but he had gone so out of his way to try and behave properly, she had to let him
know how he was doing. He smiled, his beautiful straight white teeth beaming. “There is so much about
you that I don‟t know Tarzan. You know my entire life story. I know bits and pieces about you.”

Taking one of Jane‟s hands and letting the other one fall, he walked toward the bow of the boat, looking
toward the horizon, as the sky grew darker. It was a starless night as the clouds had taken over the entire
sky and he was almost certain that there was a storm brewing, “I have noticed you like to go to the back
Jane, you like to look backward to where you have been. I like to look ahead to where I am going. Perhaps
we could meet in the middle somewhere. I will tell you anything you want to know, you only need to ask.”
He placed his hands on the rail and Jane marveled at his calm exterior. He could pass for nobility, yet he
was most comfortable running naked through the wilds of Africa. Her questions somehow seemed
irrelevant, but to her they were significant. “You speak like you have spent much time with the aristocracy,
yet you have spent most of your life in the jungle. You were a small child when you were lost, yet you still
have a vast education and speak quite eloquently. You cannot tell me that the apes speak as such!” Jane
was adamant on this topic and would not back down.
He pulled her close as he pointed out the few stars that managed to peek out from the dark clouds. The
night air tasted salty on their tongues. “You believe me to be something I am not?” He questioned, Jane
pulled her head back to look at him more carefully. “I believe that you are who you are and I love you for
it. I just question the fact that you are not truly a savage.” He smiled. “My memories of my childhood in
England are quite limited. There are bits and pieces that I pick up once in a while. I will smell something
that might remind me of something else, or I will hear or see something out of the ordinary. One memory I
do have is the stories that my parents and grandfather read to me. Not the stories themselves, but the
information that was passed to me with them. My father had always brought his books with him and when I
was able to, I taught myself to read them, remembering the sounds of their voices. I had limited knowledge
of the language and the written word, but I was able to expand upon it.” She stared at him in wonder. There
had been a phrase coined some time ago that came to mind and she vocalized it. “When life hands you
lemons, make lemonade.” They both smiled. It was true. He had indeed educated himself with the
information that his parents had unknowingly armed him with. It would come in quite handy.
The evening passed without divergence. Both were amicable to the other‟s company. They were immersed
in conversation for the better part of the evening when Tarzan finally reminded Jane of the proposal. “I
haven‟t forgotten. I just think that we should wait until we reach England.” Jane spoke the words that she
was certain he wanted to hear. She was incorrect in her assumption. “I don‟t want to wait. I want you to
be my mate, my wife. I want to share my life with you starting this very moment.” Again he spoke to
poetically. It was beautiful, but she couldn‟t help that nagging feeling that this really wasn‟t who he was all
about. The man that she had met in the Indian village did not speak to her poetically. He hardly spoke to
her at all. Perhaps that was the problem; she had done all of the talking back then. Admonishing herself
inwardly, Jane would finally vocalize her concerns.

They had returned to the cabin and had changed into more comfortable attire. Tarzan simply wore his
buckskin breeches, after having Jane protest to him walking around the cabin nude. She wore her night
dress which allowed her legs to move freely. Both kept their feet bare as the dangled them over the edge of
the settee while they conversed. “I think we have a mutual problem. I think we are both trying very hard to
say what it is that we think the other wishes to hear.” As she spoke these words, she wished she hadn‟t, but
it was too late. “I think you are right Jane.” His agreement startled her. She was rendered speechless. “I
want us to be honest with each other.” Tarzan said, it, Jane thought it, both agreed.

Tarzan lay back on the bed, starting up at the low ceiling, his naked feet brushing against the floor. He
tucked his hands under his head in a makeshift pillow. Jane turned, rested on her side, elbow resting on
the bed, head in hand watching him, waiting for him to speak. He closed his eyes as he began to iterate his
stance. “I want to marry you. I want you to be my wife. I know I have been quite stubborn of late, all of
this newness almost frightens me in the way it will change me, but I want you there as my love, my
constant.” Jane‟s index finger traced a line along his lips and down his throat to his chest. “I want to be
your wife, and in thinking about it, I want to arrive in England as your wife. We have wasted too much
precious time as it is. You know what I am and I know what you are. We accept each other and love each
other, there is nothing more important.”

Tarzan stopped her hand from moving, holding it tightly with his own. “If things do not go well in
England. If something should happen and I do not inherit what my father wanted me to have, will you still
want to be with me.” It was a challenge. Both knew the answer, though Jane‟s hurt at the asking of the
question was evident. “I would marry you if we were heading to the Dark Continent without anything but
the clothes on our backs. I would love you no matter what. I was in love with you before you knew who
you were.” He released her hand and placed his against the soft skin of her cheek. “I knew who I was long
before Dawenhethon told me. I knew that I was a mere man, not quite like the apes, not quite like any
other humans. I knew that I was lonely until I had you in my life.”

Resistance was futile. Jane felt the tug of Tarzan‟s hand as he pulled her down to him, wrapping his arm
around her as he kissed her full on the lips, tasting her, drinking her in. As they completed their kiss,
Tarzan placed his hands on both sides of Jane‟s face, “So it‟s settled then, tomorrow you will become my
wife.” Jane smiled. “I guess I will become Mrs. Tarzan.” Her smile lit the darkening room. Tarzan stood
and extinguished the lamps, pulled off his breeches and slid between the sheets of the bed. Jane lay beside
him, lost in thought. Possessively, he wrapped his arms around her and they lay there for a long while, lost
in thought, before finally drifting off to dreamland.
Morning arrived and Tarzan rose without incident. Jane rolled to her other side once the protection of his
now numb arm was gone; she clung to the pillow instead. He smiled. “Am I that easy to replace?” He
said quietly. She softly breathed into the pillow, not hearing him. Having to answer the call of nature with
a vengeance, he rose, dressed, picked up the doeskin bag and then Tarzan took his leave of the cabin,
bringing the animals with him. It was a while before Jane realized that she was once again lying on the bed
alone. The pillow wasn‟t warm like him; the pillow didn‟t quite smell like him. The pillow didn‟t have the
stubble of a beard like him. Jane rubbed her chin, with all of the kissing that they had been doing, it was
taking a toll on the sensitive skin on her chin. She smiled; it was a sacrifice that she was more than willing
to make.

Jane made her way down the hallways to the deck toilet. She found neither Tarzan, nor the animals. When
she was done with the facilities she left, looking for Tarzan on the other decks. She was certain that he
would be on the upper deck. He did have a certain need for the fresh salty sea air. He was no where to be
found. Where on a ship does a man disappear to with a lion and an ape? Curiosity was always one of
Jane‟s worst enemies. She would continue to search the ship from stem to stern.

Tarzan sat in the Captain‟s office explaining his dilemma. The captain remained silent, wearing the
slightest of grins. He liked these two; they had a certain je ne sais quoi. He nodded a few times, and when
Tarzan finished his harangue, the captain cleared his throat. “If you have all of the proper documentation to
prove that you are indeed John Clayton Jr. I see no reason why you cannot be married with said name.
When in England, the onus will be upon the courts to prove that you are not said gentleman.” Tarzan
smiled. “If they do so prove this, you realize that this will make your marriage null and void.” Tarzan
produced the documents for the captain‟s perusal. “Everything seems to be in order Mr. Clayton. When do
you want to set the nuptials for?” Tarzan smiled. “Today if possible, this afternoon." I know that the
weather will hold up.” The captain smiled and rose, his had stretched toward Tarzan. “This afternoon at
four, is that fine with you sir?” Tarzan nodded his ascent and quickly scooped up the papers, returned them
to their bag and turned to leave. “Do you need me to pay you?” Tarzan asked with no couth at all. The
captain merely laughed. “No sir, this is something that I rarely get to do, so I do not need to remuneration.”

Tarzan almost skipped back to the cabin. The animals had growled, groaned and made many such noises,
not of disapproval, but of lack of interest for them from Tarzan today. He had almost forgotten to go to the
kitchen to get their daily feed. His mind was somewhere else today. Reaching the cabin and finding it
empty, Tarzan‟s first instinct was to worry. Jane had left leisurely, not in a hurry, so he could only surmise
that she had answered the call of nature and would return shortly. He sat down on the bed and leafed
through the documents at hand. Jane was taking a long time to return. He lifted his head and took a sniff
of the air. There was nothing unusual, but something was telling him that there was cause to worry. He
tried to put it down to nerves, but it nagged and nagged. The longer she was gone, the more it nagged at
him. Surely she had just gone to the dining room to have breakfast. Decidedly, he would go and find her,
just to put his mind to rest and to share their good news!
Jane sat staring at Richard, her eyes on fire. Her wrists hurt, her ankles hurt and her mouth had gone dry
with the gag in it. “You didn‟t actually think that I would let him get to England did you?” He paced the
length of his state room cabin. His henchman Samson standing over Jane, making sure that her ties were
binding. The more she pulled on them the tighter they became. She wanted to cry out but her cries were
lost in the soft linen that Richard had lovingly shoved into her mouth.

She had been wandering through the decks looking for Tarzan. Richard had seen Tarzan enter the
Captain‟s office earlier, so he knew that Jane would not find him for a while. He had quickly stepped back
into his large cabin, found his bottle of ether, soaked a small towel in the liquid and gave it to Samson, who
in turn came up behind Jane, reached around and covered her nose and mouth with the sleep inducing drug.
As much as she had tried to fight, it was to no avail. Her eyes fought the battle as did her entire being.
Darkness took over.

Richard almost enjoyed the struggle that Jane afforded. He sat on a large Queen Ann chair and stared into
those brown eyes that he had always coveted. She was supposed to have been his, but she had turned him
away. She had buried herself in the bottom of a bottle of whiskey and let her life go to hell because she
didn‟t love him. He had given her the world when she was a child. He had raised her to love him and she
had turned her back on him, so he had turned her into the woman she had become. Slowly and surely he
had broken her spirit. He had given her the whiskey, forced her to drink it and then forced her to bed down
with strange men. Oh he was particular over who was allowed to bed his best girl, only men that he was
sure would be kind to her, and not knock her around, but he couldn‟t always predict who would do what.
Josh had been the worst. But then again, when he had offered to take her out of the business, Jane went
almost too willingly with that bastard.

Richard swallowed hard on the glass of whiskey that he had in his hand. It was early in the day, but he
needed his ounce of nerve. Samson checked Jane‟s bindings once again and then spoke. “What do you
need me to do with her sir?” Samson asked, too willingly. Richard quickly dismissed him. “Go find
something to do, make sure that no one knows she is here, make sure that no one is the wiser.” Richard
called the large man back before he could get far. “Start a rumour that someone has either fallen or jumped
overboard. No no, jumped, it must be jumped. Suicide is believable. My aunt killed herself on one such
ship.” Pushing Samson back out of the door, Richard closed the it and downed the remaining amble liquid
in the tumbler. “Now for you my dear. What shall we do with you now?”
Tarzan meandered through the decks, half worried about Jane. She had not gone far from the cabin since
they left New York. He had left the animals behind, hoping that he could move quicker, but he was slowed
down by an aching feeling in the pit of his stomach. When he reached the upper deck, he was approached
by the purser. “Sir, is everything all right?” Tarzan stared down at the little man, still not able to rid
himself of the feeling in his gut. “No. Have you seen Miss Porter? I seem to keep missing her.” The
porter shook his head, “I haven‟t seen the lady since yesterday evening sir.” He blushed a bit, knowing he
had seen the couple kissing on the deck. Tarzan knew that he wouldn‟t be lying about seeing Jane. He
moved onward, looking for a familiar face, looking for Jane.

Finally Tarzan returned to the captain‟s office, banging so hard he almost put his fist through the door. The
captain listened to the ramblings of the large blond barefoot man and did his best to calm him. “Perhaps
she is readying herself for your impending nuptials?” He offered a lame excuse, knowing full well that
Tarzan hadn‟t seen Jane yet to tell her about the official time. Tarzan left his office, slamming the door
behind him. He was frantic. Where would she go? The ship was large, but not large enough to lose her

Passing through groups of passengers he overheard bits and pieces of their conversation. “But I heard from
Joe McDougal that he heard from Alistair MacKinnon that someone jumped off of the ship this morning.
Someone heard her scream, but no one got the ship to stop.” Tarzan immediately burst into the
conversation. “Someone jumped? Who, does anyone know who?” Tarzan was even more frenzied. One
woman shrugged, the other one said that it was a very pretty young woman with beautiful red hair.
Tarzan‟s heart shrank into his stomach. Jane would not jump. It was not true, Jane would not take her own
life just now; not when things were going so well for them, they had promised their love to each other, she
lay in his arms all night.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” he screamed and began racing back to
their cabin. It was as he had left it. Nothing was out of place, Jane‟s things were still neatly placed where
she left them, and nothing was out of order. He looked into the doeskin satchel, and checked to see that
everything was still in order. Something was amiss, something was horribly wrong, but what? “Richard!”
Tarzan spat the name out of his mouth. He needed to find Richard.

Again finding the ship‟s purser, Tarzan was able to find out what cabin Richard was in. He was in the state
room, the most luxurious of cabins. After receiving directions, Tarzan made way for the room, slamming
himself up against the door. “Let me in Richard.” He yelled until the door was opened by the woman that
had previously attempted a seduction on him. “Madame de Bouvier, where is Richard? Where is Jane?”
The woman placed a splayed hand on Tarzan‟s bare chest. She rather loved the feel of the golden tanned
skin beneath her tired dry wrinkled hand. “Calm down my boy. What is wrong?” Tarzan pushed her aside
as he slipped inside of the cabin. Richard was half naked, reclined on the bed, smoking a rather
malodorous cigar. Tarzan lifted his head to inhale, but the odor of the cigar plugged his nasal passages. He
was almost certain that he could smell Jane in this room, but she was not present. He ripped opened the
cupboards and the closet, to no avail. He even went so far as to slam open the adjoining room door, but
there was no one there, not even a fresh scent of anything human. “Where is she Richard? What did you
do with Jane?”

Richard stood and wrapped himself in the sheet, then paced over to the Queen Ann chair and sat. He
flicked his ashes into the large ashtray and stared up at the frantic young man. “I haven‟t seen Jane since
the night you broke my jaw.” Tarzan noticed that he was indeed still speaking with a slight impediment,
although he now doubted that the jaw had been broken. It if had indeed been broken, he would be in great
pain and unable to move it. Richard continued. “We could sit down and have a drink together; I can send
Samson to look for Jane. Did you think of looking in the bar? She does have a drinking problem you

Tarzan approached the sitting man, who though he tried not to, shook more with the proximity to his
nephew. Wrapping his hands around Richard‟s throat, he gave his warning. “If I find that you had
anything to do with Jane‟s disappearance, you may as well kiss your self good bye. You will not see the
light of day if I find out that you did anything to her.” Once Tarzan relinquished his grip, Richard calmly
put the cigar down and stood up. He looked sincere enough, but Tarzan could see through him. “If there is
anything that I can do for you John. Say the word. Would you like me to help you look for her? You are
sure that she isn‟t hiding from you aren‟t you?” Tarzan glared at him, shooting daggers with his eyes. “I
will kill you if you have done anything to her.” He growled, Richard stepped back and Mme. Bouvier
stepped behind Richard in fear. The door slammed, leaving the two of them to their own.
As Tarzan paced through the hallways he played the scenes over and over in his mind. Had he done or said
anything to Jane to compromise their relationship? He tried to remember if he had sensed any hesitation on
her part about their relationship? Surely if there was anything they could talk about it. It was just not right.
Where could she have gone? Would she hide from him? Richard had planted the seed of doubt and it was
beginning to flourish.
Clarisse ripped the sheet away from Richard to reveal his trousers and bare feet. She grinned. “I like that
look you know.” Richard smiled knowing what his friend Clarisse had on her mind. If it were any other
time, he might have accommodated her, but there was too much going on right now. Tarzan would surely
be back, so he had to make sure that he removed any trace of Jane or her scent. Clarisse‟s cologne was
quite strong, so he asked that she retrieve a bottle from her cabin and lend it to him. “Why cherie, it is trés
chére, cette cologne.” She was like a spider, all over him. “I will pay you dearly for your cologne and for
your time my darling but for now, the bottle, please.” He was a little more authoritative than he had
planned, though seeing the sensual look on Clarisse‟s face; he knew that this was not a problem with her.

Tarzan sat on the chair in the captain‟s cabin. “I never heard any such thing, that someone jumped
overboard. I mean it has happened in the past, but usually there is a witness that comes forward.” Tarzan
decided that it would be a good idea to confide in the captain, the fact that Richard was out to stop him
from claiming his inheritance. This made sense to the captain. “You think that Mr. Clayton is behind Miss
Porter‟s disappearance? You are certain that she wouldn‟t have taken her own life?” The captain had to be
thorough in his questioning. Tarzan agreed, leaning forward against the desk, I know she wouldn‟t have,
we were desperately in love.” His wording alarmed both of them. “Desperately?” The captain questioned.
Tarzan leaned back against the chair, his finger going to his lip, his teeth biting down on the stub of a nail.
“So much has happened and so quickly. I believed that Jane was all right with everything, is it possible
that I was wrong?”

Captain stubbing ran his hand along his bare chin, feeling the bit of a scar from shaving too close. He
began to worry about a scandal on his ship. If Richard Clayton was involved in a scandal, he could easily
cover it up, make everyone‟s life miserable. It was the last thing that they needed. But he liked Tarzan and
Jane. They were a wonderful couple, each complimenting the other with their differences. He would
have to help this poor man. They would be in England in two more days. By then, hopefully they would
come up Jane.

Jane didn‟t like this place, she had never liked Samson. He had the mind of a child, but a very malicious
child. She had watched him tear the heads off of snakes for fun. He was not a nice person. The only one
who had ever been able to control Samson was Richard and he only managed to do that by giving Samson
his way from time to time. Jane prayed that this hadn‟t been one of those times. Samson sat there, on his
bed, across the room from her. He ogled her. In his haste to move her from Richard‟s cabin to his, Jane‟s
clothes had been torn. One of the tears was directly above her left breast. He could see the swell of it
peeking through the torn fabric and he was becoming quite aroused by it all. Jane closed her eyes and she
prayed. She prayed harder than she had ever prayed before.
Tarzan couldn‟t convince the captain to do a cabin by cabin search, which left Tarzan no choice but to take
matters into his own hands. He decided to keep a look out by Richard‟s cabin. As he stood in the shadows,
a voice in his head began to speak to him, softly, almost comforting. “John Clayton Jr. , onigoes,
gaiwagweniyo, gahadesha adoisyohgwasha, otsyohgwanih.” He struggled to remember the Iroquois words
when he heard the voice repeat. “John Clayton Jr. Be patient and with the power of positive prayer you
will be successful.” He looked around half expecting to see Dawenhethon standing over him. She was
here, her spirit had followed him onboard this ship, and would take him safely to England. Knowing that
his spirit guide was still with him, gave him a more positive outlook. He raced back to the cabin to retrieve
Numa. Together, their noses would find his missing love, if she was here to be found.

Tarzan tied his knife sheath to his leg and slipped the sharp knife inside, not sealing it. He opened up some
jars on the vanity and found some white cream. He dragged two of his fingers through the cream and then
placed lines across his forehead and across his cheeks. He then took his hair out of the pony tail and
divided into two parts, carefully he braided it the way that his aunt had done for him before. Taking a piece
of the doeskin, he tied each braid and stood before the mirror. He saw the young warrior that had been
born in the Iroquois village. In this vision of himself, he saw Kanokerah standing behind him, boding him
well. And his spirit guide, Dawenhethon stood over his other shoulder, telling him that he must move
quickly, Jane was in grave danger.
He was out of the door and down the hall with Numa on his heels. Together they would find Jane‟s scent
and then Jane. Tarzan had the case from the pillow that Jane had been snuggled up to earlier that morning.
Both he and Numa inhaled deeply her scent and then they began their search in earnest. “She came this
way didn‟t she Numa?” Tarzan made his way to the privy. Jane had been there earlier too. She hadn‟t
doubled back, she had gone onward. Her scent was faint, but between him and Numa, they managed to
follow it.

At four o‟clock that afternoon, when Tarzan should have been taking his vows with his new wife, he was
standing out side of Richard‟s door, sniffing the air. “The smell of Mme. De Bouvier is too potent Numa.
She had recently sprayed.” He turned to the large cat with the huge eyes and bored yawn. “Just like the
cigar. I realize now, he wasn‟t even smoking the cigar, he was just drawing on it to cover any other smell
in the room. He knows I can find Jane by her smell. Come Numa, Jane was taken from this room, we must
find out to where she was taken. Hurry!”

The large cat bounded in front of Tarzan, both reaching the spot where Jane‟s scent ended. Tarzan looked
to Numa, Numa was about to roar, when Tarzan held his mouth closed, warning him to be quiet. “Shhhh,
we don‟t want to give our position away.” They both inhaled the air deeply. It was definitely Jane‟s scent.
Pressing his ear up against the door, Tarzan could hear a familiar voice talking inside the cabin. Tarzan
took a huge breath, slowed his heart rate down and waited for a moment. The man‟s voice inside was
Samson‟s. Richard‟s henchman.

Tarzan could see the red crawling across his face and his eyes. He knew that he was capable of murder and
he knew that he might commit said act today. “Numa, you must see that Teeka is looked after if anything
happens to me. Do you promise?” Numa roared softly, but loud enough to get Samson‟s attention. He
opened the door, and he saw nothing. As he was about to close the door, there was a knife point jabbing at
his jugular vein. Stepping inside the cabin, he saw his Jane slumped over the chair, the gag half out of her
mouth, her bindings tight enough to cut off the circulation in her arms and legs, and her hair a disheveled
mess. She didn‟t seem to be breathing. Numa walked toward her and licked her, she didn‟t move. Tarzan
saw how her dress was in disarray. He didn‟t know what to think, he couldn‟t think. He pushed the knife
into the man‟s neck and he watched him fall to the floor, dying.
The roar that Tarzan belted out was louder than anything than anything on the ship. Many people came to
investigate. Richard conveniently arrived with the captain of the ship, both staring at Tarzan in disbelief.
He stood staring at them his eyes merely slits, the bloodied knife tightly gripped in his white knuckles.
There would be no denying what had happened here. No one dared enter the cabin, Numa stood guard and
he roared almost as loud as Tarzan had done.

Reaching down to Samson, Tarzan assured himself that the man was dead before he approached the still
body of Jane. Her heart rate was too slow. Using the bloodied knife, he cut the bonds on her wrists and her
ankles and then dropped the knife to the floor. Gently he picked Jane up in his arms and pulled her close to
him, as if his beating heart would force hers to beat harder. Looking to Richard he leered and spoke. “You
are responsible for this.” Richard cleared his throat and looked to the captain who seemed to be waiting for
an explanation. “I didn‟t know that she was here, Samson does his own thing on his own time, and I was
occupied for the past evening.” He had an alibi for the past few hours. This would not help Tarzan‟s case.
He would be damned.

Numa roared once again, causing everyone to move out of the way. Tarzan followed him down the hallway
toward the deck where their cabin was located. “Wait!” the captain called after Tarzan who stopped but did
not turn. “You will fetch a doctor. You will know where to find me. I will be with her.” He continued to
walk away. Let them shoot him, let them hurt him; nothing would matter to him if Jane died. He felt his
heart breaking. Memories of his dying parents came flooding into his memory. His heart broke all over
again. It had just recently mended, and the new wound might never heal.

“You can‟t let him walk away like that!” Richard spat at the captain who suspiciously eyed Richard.
Knowing the history behind Tarzan and Jane‟s relationship with Richard, Captain Stubbing wouldn‟t take
anything for granted. Yes, he had seen Tarzan wielding the murder weapon. He wasn‟t sure what he would
have done in similar circumstances. If someone had kidnapped his wife and had done or tried to do
unspeakable things to her, he was certain that the villain would suffer the same consequences as Samson
had. However the courts might not see it the same. For now he would leave Tarzan to his own and to stay
with Jane. He was certain that he would not leave her side.

He placed her limp body onto their bed, gently rubbing the deep indents created by the ropes. No one
followed him back to the cabin, everyone was afraid of the lion with the great roar, and the man with the
great roar. Teeka had managed to open the door adjoining the rooms and now sat on the bed with Jane,
touching her gently with the back of her hand, wanting her to talk to her. She looked up to the teary eyed
Tarzan and she gently brushed the back of her hand on his moist cheek. He looked at her and spoke softly.
“You are compassionate my loved one. I don‟t know what to do.” Tarzan placed his head on Jane‟s chest,
trying hard not to cry, trying to hear her heartbeat, hoping that it was getting stronger. He then realized that
there was a scent around her. It was the same awful smell that was in the cigar that Richard had given him
that had made him so sick. How could he prove that Richard was behind this?

A knock on the door proved to be the doctor, who entered without a formal invitation. He stared at Tarzan
and he stared at Jane. “The captain said that you were the one that killed the very large man on the other
deck.” Tarzan confessed to nothing. “If you are a doctor, help her. We do not need to talk.” He moved
away from Jane, but stayed close enough to know what he was doing. “She has been drugged somehow.”
Tarzan stated, the doctor looked back at Tarzan as if he were insane. “What makes you say that?” He
couldn‟t help but respond. “Smell her, smell her face.” He pointed to the area around her nose and mouth.
The doctor leaned in and smelled it. He was familiar with this odor. “Ether?” He responded. Tarzan
nodded. He opened the drawer to the table beside their bed and produced the cigar from the other night. He
handed it to the doctor. “My uncle was kind enough to give me this cigar; Jane said it was Ether too!” The
doctor took a whiff of the cigar and gagged. “What the hell?”

Asking for a bowl of cool water and some cloths, the doctor washed Jane‟s face and then wrapped the cool,
wet cloths around her wrists and ankle to help contain the swelling. He then handed a small vial to Tarzan
and requested. “This is camphor oil. After a while I want you to take a small amount of this and daub her
wrists and ankles, it should keep the swelling and the bruising to a minimum.” Tarzan took a sniff of the
liquid and his eyes started to water. “Yes, it‟s potent and it‟s not to be taken internally, just externally. I
promise it will help.” Tarzan felt that the doctor could be trusted, so he agreed to the request. “There is
nothing more I can do. If you can get her to drink water or black tea that might help a bit, she will be all
right, her wrists and ankles will be a bit sore.” Tarzan placed a hand on the doctor‟s shoulder stopping him
from standing up. “She had a broken leg not too long ago. We set it, can you tell if it has healed properly?”

The doctor asked which leg it was and lifted Jane‟s skirts to look at her pale leg. He ran his hand along the
bone trying to find the break. “It must have healed well, there is no lump or bruising.” Tarzan grinned
slightly, but lost his smile quickly. “Do you know if he did anything to her?” the doctor looked to Tarzan
trying to decipher his code. He lifted her skirts higher and checked. “If you think he raped her, there is no
evidence, no trauma, no bleeding, nothing else.” Tarzan felt relieved, not for himself, but for Jane. So much
had happened to her already. “Thank you doctor.” The tall thin man stood up and looked down on Tarzan.
The men shook hands, the doctor marveling that such a man who seemed so quiet could have killed the
large man Samson. Love could make you do crazy things.”

As the doctor was about to leave, Tarzan stepped outside of the cabin with him. There were two men
standing guard outside of Tarzan and Jane‟s cabin. They looked at him with more fear than anything else.
He recognized them as men that he had seen up on deck, serving drinks and hors d‟oeuvres. If he wanted
to, he could have killed them all, leaving no one. He wasn‟t the savage that they were making him out to
be, the way that Richard was explaining it to everyone. He had told them about Tarzan being raised by the
monkeys in the jungle and he couldn‟t relate to people. He had even gone so far as to say that it wasn‟t his
fault that he had killed Samson, it was the way of the jungle, kill or be killed. Tarzan heard these ramblings
through the deck. “I need water for Jane. I will get it.” The men both shook in their shoes. Tarzan walked
up to the dining room and requested a large pitcher of water and a drinking glass. He was not denied, fear
caused everyone to fulfill his requests quickly.
As he was walking back to the cabin, the captain caught up with him. “You intimidate everyone Mr.
Tarzan, you know you do and you are doing it on purpose right now.” Tarzan turned to the smaller man and
tried to reason his response out, but he blurted. “Someone tried to kill my mate, he kidnapped her and
drugged her, I do not know what else he did, but do not expect me to be a coward about it. I will defend
her. As would you.” He knew the captain‟s heart. The captain knew Tarzan‟s. “My hands are tied Tarzan, I
will have to have you charged with the murder of the man Samson.” He wrung his hands as they continued
walking. “I do NOT care what you have to do. I care about Jane and her safety. Do what you must to me
but let me tell you that Richard is at the bottom of this and if you investigate you will discover that with me
out of the way, he will inherit all of Greystoke, all of it.” The captain knew that Tarzan was right, but the
burden of proof would now be on Tarzan. In England you are guilty until proven innocent.
Jane‟s wrists and ankles were almost black from the bruising, but the swelling had subsided somewhat. As
Tarzan lightly mopped her face with the damp cloth, she began to come around. Tarzan could see by the
colour of Jane‟s skin, almost green, that the ether had made her sick. He found her a bucket and kept her
clean as she emptied the contents of her stomach. As she finished, Tarzan helped her to lie back down and
he would wipe her brow with the cool water. Finally Jane started to speak coherently. “He is planning to
set you up. You must steer clear of Richard.” Tarzan placed a gentle, but firm hand on Jane‟s. “It‟s all
right Jane, you don‟t need to worry.” She tried to smile, but it wasn‟t in her. He understood all too well.

The captain visited regularly during the next couple of days. Tarzan knew that he was being pressured by
the other passengers to have Tarzan arrested, but he hadn‟t relented yet. Once they docked in England, it
would be different. Jane‟s colour was returning, Tarzan made sure that she was fed and that someone took
the animals for daily walks. He had been placed under house arrest to appease the masses, but he didn‟t
care as long as he could be with his Jane. Until finally when the captain arrived at one point he quietly put
the question to Tarzan. “Are you still planning on getting married?” Jane stood up and walked to the two
men. “I too was wondering that.” She posed the question in a different way. Tarzan stood there feeling a
bit humbled. “You would still marry me? You don‟t know the circumstances of the past few days.” Tarzan
tried to explain. Jane stood on her toes and pressed her lips to his cheek, whispering in his ear. “Samson
would have raped me if you didn‟t show up.”

Tarzan stood back for a moment, trying to digest what Jane had so plainly said. He turned to her and in
front of the captain he confessed to her. “I didn‟t just show up Jane. I killed him.” He looked torn as he
watched her expressionless face. She pressed a finger to his lips. “Shhhh. Captain Stubbing might take
you seriously.” The captain looked to Jane to see if she was serious. She seemed to be, so decidedly he
took matters into his own hands. “I am afraid, Miss Porter that Mr. Tarzan here, really did indeed murder
Samson Thomas.” Jane looked from one man to the other, Tarzan looked horribly guilty. Jane found her
sanity at that point. “Tarzan didn‟t kill him, I did. Tarzan tied me back up in order to save me from being
arrested.” She looked very serious. “There are many witnesses Miss Porter, it‟s very noble of you, but
people know what they saw.”

Jane paced the room, trying to put things into perspective. “No, they are wrong Captain Stubbing. Tarzan
was trying to stop me from the fatal error of killing Samson.”

The captain was stumped. This was a new revelation. It was certain that it was Tarzan that had killed
Samson. Although the witnesses had seen Tarzan standing over him with the bloody knife, Jane too had
been covered in blood, but no one had seen the actually killing. This would be their defense. She would
have been half out of her mind because of the kidnapping and the abuse, Tarzan came along just in time.
NO one actually saw Tarzan kill Samson, but they had seen Tarzan release Jane‟s bonds. No, it wouldn‟t
fly in a courtroom. There had to be a way to protect this couple, somehow. He made it his business to do

Jane stepped forward again. “Captain, there is a law that a woman cannot testify against her husband. Is it
true that a husband cannot testify against his wife?” The captain was fairly certain that this was the law,
but he would make sure to investigate it. He knew where she was heading with this question. Turning to
Tarzan Jane spoke almost automatically. “I thought we were to be married then?” He stared at her in
disbelief. He had confessed to her that he had murdered Samson, she took the blame, and now she wanted
to marry him. Either she was in love with him, or she was insane. Either way, he wanted her to be his
wife.” Yes, we are, once we are settled into England we will have a wedding.” Jane turned quickly to
respond. “By the time that happens they will throw your ass into the Tower of London and I will never be
a wife. We need to get married now.”
As they neared England, Jane became more pensive. She worried that Tarzan would be thrown in jail and
Richard would still achieve his goal. If Tarzan was thrown in jail then there would be no one to prove who
he really was. Sleep was a luxury to both of them, trying to discern the best course of action. The two of
them lay in bed staring into the dark, both wondering what was best, both unsure. Tarzan turned to his side
and let his eyes focus on the beauty beside him. “I am sorry that this happened Jane.” His remorse was
real, but Jane turned to him and uttered the same statement. “I am sorry that this happened. Richard used
me to get to you and his plan worked. I can‟t think of any way to get you out of this other than lying. I
don‟t know what the courts are like in England.”

Jane shot up in bed and smiled. The sun was beginning to rise, allowing the light to filter into the room,
slivers at a time. “Today will be a good day Tarzan.” She fell back down onto the bed and kissed his face
over and over again until there was not a dry spot to be found. He graciously accepted each kiss as his
hands found their way to her waist and held her tight to him. She fit into his hands, perfectly and
completely. They were the perfect fit to each other‟s mold. “I love you Jane.” The words were a simple
statement of his heart. Somehow, some way, they would get through this, all the stronger. Jane smiled
once again, revealing a perfectly white smile. “I love you Tarzan. You are not to worry any more.” Her
lips touched his ever so softly, barely a touch. She then touched his skin with her splayed hands, touching
every inch of him, feeling his heart pounding in his chest as it only would do for her, feeling his breath
catch as she touched him intimately, hearing him speak her name ever so softly, “Jane.” As she held him
tight and kissed him hard.

The sun shone brightly. Jane pulled herself out of the bed, quickly dressed and left the room on the
premise of using the facilities. Once the call of nature was answered, Jane disappeared to the upper deck,
to find the captain‟s office. Knocking twice and waiting for him to answer, Jane finally entered the room.
It was a small, yet comfortable room. The captain held a pen in his hand and entered information into his
log book, from the looks of it, the weather, but Jane‟s upside down reading was better left for a time when
she had less on her mind. “Miss Porter, you are looking well.” Captain Stubbing noted. Jane placed her
hands on either side of his desk and leaned down so that her face was almost parallel with his. “I have a
matter of the utmost importance to discuss with you.”
With a sweeping motion of his left hand, the captain offered Jane a seat in a comfortable chair opposite his
desk. He placed the pen down on the book and closed it, offering her his complete and utter attention. He
waited as she cleared her throat and organized her thoughts into something cohesive. “I have a favour to
ask of you, a bargain perhaps.” The captain blinked in acknowledgement of her statement, but remained
silent, waiting for her to continue. “You are the captain of this ship. You are the one in charge.” He
looked confused, not understanding where she was going with her statements. He listened more intently,
forming the questions in his mind that he would ask when next she took a breath.

Tarzan lay on the bed, his hands under his head, looking into the nothingness. The scent of Jane was still
fresh on his body and he relished in it. She filled his nostrils as she had filled his life. How could he have
put her in this kind of danger? He had brought her on this boat knowing full well that Richard would be
here as well, knowing that Richard would not stop at anything, knowing that Richard could not hurt him
without hurting her. Regret tainted the brightness of the day and now he longed for the days back in the
village with his friends Thao and Ezhno. He wished that he could be standing in the forest with his bow in
hand waiting for dinner to arrive in the form of a deer or a bear. Turning on to his side, Tarzan pulled the
feather pillow that held Jane‟s scent, to his nose and deeply inhaled, speaking softly into the down. “I am
sorry Jane.”

She stared at the captain, waiting, not breathing. “Well?” She finally asked standing and pacing the short
distance from wall to door. The captain tapped his fingers on his log book and stared at the beautiful
woman that paced the length of his office. He had known that it existed, but he had never before witnessed
such love as he found between Tarzan and Jane. She had been willing to throw her life away, take
responsibility for the actions of her lover in the matter of Samson. Her mind was a rat‟s nest of ideas on
how to handle the situation, but this latest idea was sheer brilliance. Why hadn‟t he thought of it? He
motioned for her to sit down as he deliberated.

“As you know Miss Porter, I am the captain of this vessel and I have the authority to do as you wish, but it
will not be a popular decision. How do you suggest that I appease the other passengers? They are all in
fear of their lives; they keep telling me that Tarzan and his animals are unpredictable.” Jane leaned into the
desk. “He‟s on house arrest, he only leaves the cabin to answer the call of nature and even to do that he is
escorted by your ships‟ men. Surely Captain you know that if he were really this bad person that they
believe him to be, two such men would not be able to hold him back. In fact, two such men could not hold
him back unless he allowed them to. He is not an average man, he has spent his life in the Dark Continent,
living with wild animals, and he is strong and cunning.” She was right, the captain knew that she was right,
but he had to make his other passengers believe that they were indeed safe from Tarzan‟s wrath.

Standing, the captain offered his hand to Jane, who instinctively reached out to take it. “Do we have a deal
then?” She asked. He nodded once and grinned. “You are a wily woman Miss Porter. Mr. Tarzan is
lucky to have you on his side.” With that she stepped out of the office and looked directly up to the sun.
Feeling its warmth heat her skin, Jane stretched her arms as if reaching for the unattainable object, when
confronted by the notorious Richard.

“You are still quite beautiful Jane, regardless of the years, your beauty is ageless.” She opened her eyes
and stared, quite stunned into the soft brown eyes of Tarzan‟s greatest adversary. For a moment she saw a
different man. She saw the man that had been kind to her as a child, who seemed to love her and want to do
right by her. “What happened to you Richard?” She had assumed that she merely thought the words, but
they had indeed spilled from her lips and into the ears of the man standing before her. He was almost
shocked that she would respond to him at all, let alone ask such a question. “With respect to what Jane? I
am still the same person.”

As Richard reached out to touch her, Jane stepped back. One thing that she didn‟t need right now was to
return to her cabin and have Tarzan recognize the scent of Richard on her. Surely it would drive him mad
and without explanation he would be off to murder Richard as he had done to Samson. No, she could not
allow him to touch her, but she could talk with him. His hand fell back to his side and the hurt look on his
face seemed almost genuine. “No Richard. You aren‟t the man that I once knew.” She began to walk
away from him, but he followed; his hand on her arm. She shook it off, knowing that it was too late.
“Jane, he killed my friend.” Richard said as he spun her around. She glared at him. “Your „friend‟ held
me hostage for the sole purpose of getting Tarzan angry. You knew what he was capable of; you knew
what he would do to protect me. You are the one who should be under house arrest.” Jane backed up;
worried that he again might possess the awful sweet smelling ether. His eyes pleaded with her. “I won‟t
hurt you, I couldn‟t hurt you.” She stopped in place and her glare pierced through the air sending daggers
at him. He winced almost feeling the pain that she fully intended to inflict. “You won‟t hurt me? Why
because there is nothing left for you to do to me now? You have poisoned everything that you have
touched Richard. You could have been a good man, but it‟s not in you anymore. Absolute power, you
know what they say, it corrupts absolutely.” She reached down to her thigh and felt to see if the knife was
still there, but it was gone. She couldn‟t remember when she had taken the knife and put it away, but she
was thankful that it was gone, for her intention at that moment in time was to take it and put it through
Richard‟s heart, as small a target as that might be. “Go away Richard, you have done enough damage.”

He smiled. It was like watching a sudden burst of rain in the midst of a bright sunny afternoon, like
watching the grey clouds overtake the blue sky and cover the sun. His smile frightened her more than any
angry words or actions. She knew that behind this smile was another Richard, a Richard that could not be
controlled. No amount of pleading or begging could cause this Richard to find compassion. It was like
impending doom. She had to get away from him and now.
Jane ran all the way back to her cabin, the two men standing before her door both concerned with her state
as she stopped merely by falling against the door. “Richard Clayton is not allowed in this cabin, you
realize that don‟t you? The captain and my self are the only ones allowed in here, got it?” The two men
nodded ascent, knowing full well that she wouldn‟t have even been allowed if the captain had not stated it
earlier, Tarzan was, after all, under house arrest.

Jane slid through the half opened door, Tarzan standing there to greet her, having heard her speak to the
men. He reached for her, inhaling the scent of her. She stood absolutely still, as did he. Raising his face to
look at her, she saw the grey over power the green and knew he would be angry. “Don‟t.” She said with
force. He stared into her eyes, searching for an explanation. “He followed me. He is dangerous Tarzan.
We mustn‟t for one minute take his actions for granted. Please, don‟t be angry with me.” Tarzan touched
the soft mound of her cheek with the back of his hand. “You must promise me that you will take Numa
wherever you go.” He knew that she had not gone to Richard, but he also knew that Richard still had some
terrible hold on her. Jane nodded her ascent. “You have been with the captain as well?” Tarzan queried,
and then watched the sunshine come back to Jane‟s face. In there he saw hope, and the idea of Richard
having touched her again was put on a shelf in his mind to be looked after later, for now, Jane had good
news to share with him.
He kissed her full on the lips, pulling her into him, fitting her to his shape. Jane trembled under his touch,
wanting him more than anything she could ever have imagined, wanting to taste him, to feel him, to hold
him. Her desire was focused beyond the physical; it was now an entity that inhabited her very soul.
“Tarzan.” She moaned in a hoarse, gravelly voice. He took her mouth with a passion, their hands
searching, touching, feeling.

A sharp rap on the door quickly drew them from their reverie. Jane walked toward the door, but Tarzan
pulled her out of the way. “Don‟t trust anyone on this ship.” He stated easily. She knew that he was right,
but her curiosity would always get the better of her. “No one would dare come here when there are two
guards on duty.” She responded to his worry. Cautiously Tarzan opened the door, revealing the captain
standing outside with his hat in his hands as a gesture of etiquette. “May I come in?” He asked of Tarzan,
who obliged by opening the door wider.

The captain stepped inside and waited for Tarzan to close the door behind him. He then asked if he might
sit. Jane sat on the bed while Tarzan paced and the captain found a chair at the table by the portal. “Please,
sit down and hear me out Tarzan.” The captain pleaded, pulling the other chair out from the small round
table. Tarzan turned the chair around and straddled it, leaning his arms over the back. The captain
marveled at the physique of the young man. His skin was tanned, his hair streaked with the rays of the
sunshine and his bare feet as brown as the sand. Somehow, Jane had half managed to tame this wild one,
for he wore his breeches, which the captain was certain were not his usual attire. “You have spent a lot of
time in the jungle, where you were in charge, were you not?” He opened the conversation.

Tarzan tapped his foot on the floor, his bottom lip sucked into his mouth where his teeth pulled and tugged
at the skin. Even he was nervous about the outcome of this visit. Slowly, deliberately, the captain placed
his hat on the table then he closed his hands around it, like a security blanket. He smiled at the thought.
Tarzan stared at the smallish man and cocked his head. Usually in such close quarters, Tarzan intimidated,
but here he didn‟t. It might have been the fact that he was under house arrest, but if Jane were not here, he
would have broken free days ago and not cared. He could have stolen one of the life boats and rowed to
England, hell he could have swum, but as long as Jane believed in him, he stayed. It was decided that he
would share his story with the captain.

“As you know I lived my entire adult life in the jungle. I was lost to the jungle as a child, almost a babe,
only six years old. It was there that I was taken in by Kala, my mother ape. She loved me, cared for me,
and granted me all the necessities of a baby ape. Had it not been for her, I would not have survived the
jungle, but she taught me how to be strong. Over time, I grew stronger and wiser. I learned how to read
from the books that my father had left behind; I learned how to outsmart the bull apes. I became the king
of the jungle, as you would state it.” The captain had let his hat go and he leaned against the back of the
low chair. “In fighting these large apes, I learned that all strength is not in the muscles.” He flexed his arm
muscle, revealing huge biceps and triceps that were well disguised when not in use. Jane had never seen
him flex and was intrigued by the shape of the muscles. She walked toward him to touch them, and note
how hard the muscles were. Tarzan smiled at Jane, who when discovering something new was almost as
childlike as himself.

His story continued. “As I said, I out smarted most of them. Learning their habits, and knowing that they
are all creatures of habit, I used this to my advantage. I do not seek out position and notoriety Captain. I
merely seek the truth. If I find that this truth involves turning everything over to Richard, I shall do that,
but in the interim, I need to protect what is mine.” He looked to Jane, not meaning to sound so possessive,
but meaning to be so. She almost growled at him. “I don‟t need to be protected, I can look after myself.”
Tarzan stood and faced her down. “You proved that did you not?” His harsh words stung her. She found
her spot on the bed and sat back down, pulling a pillow up to her face and biting in to it. He could make
her so angry sometimes.

He had hurt her with words once again. “You are here for a reason captain? Please state it. As you see it
is very difficult to live in such confinement. Is there any hope?” Captain Stubbing saw the way that Jane
had reacted to Tarzan and wanted to reprimand him, although he was dead certain that his intent hadn‟t
been to upset her, but merely to point out the facts. She was sensitive when it came to Tarzan. “There is
always hope.” He smiled, and then his face became more serious. “You mustn‟t speak to her as such, if
you love her and want to marry her, you must treat her well, and you mustn‟t be so malicious to her.”
Tarzan nodded. It had become apparent that humans were more sensitive to words than the apes. Words
were merely expressions; their truth was in their actions. He turned back and walked to the bed where Jane
sat silently. “I am truly sorry.
“Please, captain, I must know what this ray of hope is.” Tarzan sat on the bed and took Jane‟s hand into
his. He gently brushed his lips across the back of it as he watched the captain toy again with his had.

“Well, you see there is an issue about being at sea Tarzan. When we are between England and the United
States, there is an amount of time where we have no jurisdiction from either England or the United States.
We have discovered that the matter to which you have become embroiled in cannot be decided by the
crown or by the president. It is a matter for myself. I am the law at this time.” Tarzan could see why Jane
had been so thrilled. The captain knew the entire story before and after, he could be made to see reason.
Or could he? Would there be blackmail involved now? If Tarzan was to be Earl of Greystoke, he might be
wealthy, and the captain might want to share in that wealth. “What are your terms captain?” Tarzan asked
warily. The captain stood and walked toward the door, knocking twice for one of the guards to open the
door. “My terms, Tarzan, are that you make an honest woman out of Miss Porter, and that you take up
your rightful spot in England. I will deliberate on the morrow, there will have to be some sort of
punishment, and it must fit the crime. As it stands, you will remain under house arrest until we arrive in
England, at which time, you must prove yourself to be John Clayton. If this does not happen, you will
return to me to America to stand trial for the murder of Samson Thomas.” With that he took his leave of
Tarzan and Jane.

Was this good news? Tarzan wasn‟t certain, although Jane seemed to have been pleased with the outcome
of her visit with the captain. He stared into her amber eyes and with his free hand he removed some hair
from her mouth, pushed it behind her ear and stared at her. “You believe that this will turn out right?” He
asked. She nodded. He smiled. “Now, where were we before we were interrupted?”
Jane walked to the door to make sure that it was locked. Tarzan watched her, his eyes never leaving hers,
never blinking. Suddenly Jane felt awkward, as if he were testing her on some level. She really had to get
over this self-loathing; it was getting in the way of her living her life more fully. Before Jane made that
fatal mistake of crawling under the covers with her lover, she decided that it was indeed time to ensure her
station in the near future. Tarzan watched her and knew that her mind was not on making love with him, it
was somewhere else and he was determined to bring it back from where it was distracted to. He slowly
closed the distance between them and held his hands up to her face, holding her gaze, still not blinking.
Jane was certain that somehow he was reading her thoughts and knew exactly what was on her mind.
When he spoke, she nearly collapsed. “I will marry you Jane.” The statement was simple enough that he
answered her question and terse enough to tell her that his mind was otherwise occupied.
As he slid his arms around her waist and pulled Jane closer, her gaze became more intense. They both
became intoxicated by the moment. As he drew his top lip into his mouth, he bit it lightly, identifying that
he still was unsure of his actions, but the languid expression in those aquamarine eyes told Jane that he was
sure he wanted to continue. She smiled. As unsure as he was, she was certain. His love was the elixir to
her melancholy, without it, she was certain that she wouldn‟t go on.

Tenderly, at first, their lips met in a gentle touch, barely grazing the surface of their bottom lips. He pulled
his face from her, to look at her, to study her reactions. She closed her eyes when he again approached her,
and he noticed that her mouth opened slightly to receive him. He again brushed his lips against hers,
scarcely touching her, then pulling away to watch her reaction. A wicked grin crawled across his face as he
watched the impatience in Jane. She wanted his kisses, she wanted his touch, he wanted hers as well, but
he was thoroughly enjoying teasing her, feeling her heart rate quicken, her breath catch in her throat. Her
eyes remained close as he again touched his lips to hers and then pulled back again to watch. Slowly,
sensuously, Jane‟s tongue emerged from within the cavern behind her lips, the tip of it rubbing lightly
against her top lip and then lingering as it crossed her bottom lip, moisturizing it and then slowly drawing it
back inside. He grinned to think that she was on to his game and matching it with her own.

Tarzan‟s left hand glided from Jane‟s porcelain skin to her breast, cupping it gently in his calloused hand,
feeling the nipple grow taut through the fabric of her blouse. He had accomplished his feat, as had she. The
buckskin of his breeches was uncomfortable in that it didn‟t allow room for the inevitable development. A
soft laugh escaped from his lips as his body strained to be free of the pants. Jane‟s eyes finally opened,
realizing that she was missing something. The hand that remained on her cheek moved slightly in order to
reach under her chin to look at her. Their gaze locked. The amber of her eyes was flecked with gold
specks and the iris was outlined in a dark, almost black circle. His aquamarine eyes had become more
smoky green, his pupils large, taking in the light. He could not think of the word for what he was feeling,
but there had to be one. He tried to search the databanks that he had created in his mind from the books he
had read, but for this word he drew a blank.

“I want you Jane. I want to be inside of you where I know I belong.” Her heart skipped a beat, perhaps
two as he vocalized exactly what she was thinking. She wanted him so badly that her body was wracked
with small spasm of excitement. Jane‟s thumb flicked across Tarzan‟s small flat nipple, causing it to react.
He stared at her in disbelief. “That is odd.” He stated. Jane merely smiled as she did the same to the other,
creating two taut pebbles from the flat pink spots on his chest. “Ohh.” He moaned, again in disbelief. The
smile on Jane‟s face widened as she realized that he was indeed ready for a romantic tryst with her.
Together they stepped sideways to the bed, stopping beside it, each watching the other, waiting to see what
would occur. Tarzan removed his hands from Jane‟s breast and her chin in order to unlace his breeches.
As he did, he pushed the pants to the floor, and then stepped out of them, pushing them out of the way with
his already bare feet. Jane stood motionless, staring at her Adonis, taking in the entire view. “Do you even
realize how beautiful you are?” She spoke softly. He knew his cue this time, and didn‟t miss it. Carefully
he reached for the top button on her blouse, unfastened it and unfastened each and every one of the buttons
after it. Jane was certain that there were a thousand buttons there, such torture. Finally he slid the blouse
from her shoulders, revealing the top of her corset. The skirt was a little easier, having fewer buttons. It
fell into a puddle at her feet. Slowly, Tarzan spun Jane around and looked at the corset. She had warned
him that she needed at least one to be left intact if she was going to be introduced to the aristocracy, as he
had taken his knife to almost all of them to get them out of the way. Tarzan respected her wishes and this
time he lingered behind her, untying the laces and slowly pulled them through each eyelet. The corset fell
to her feet.

Jane attempted to turn around and face him, but he held her in place. Lowering himself slightly, he took
the hem of her slip and pulled it upwards, tugging until she lifted her arms in order for him to remove the
garment completely. She stood there in her stockings and bloomers. Again she attempted to turn and face
him, but he kept her steady before him. In one fell swoop, he pulled the bloomers down to her ankles and
she stepped out of them, then he pulled her stockings down, slowly, agonizingly slowly, until they were off.
At which time he threw them across the room. Again Jane tried to turn around, but he wouldn‟t let her.
“No, wait.” Placing his hands in Jane‟s hair, he found the pins that held it tightly against her head and
removed them, letting her tresses flow freely over her shoulders and her breasts. The pins scattered to the
four winds. Placing his hands on either shoulder, Tarzan lowered his head to Jane‟s neck. His nose buried
itself into her hair as he inhaled her scent deep into his lungs. He moaned as he took in her scent, and
pulled her closer to him so that their bodies were now touching.

Jane could feel him pushing against her spine, it was such an urgent feeling, causing her to want to turn and
take him, but he refused to let her turn. Tarzan had become quite adept at this exquisite torture. All she
was allowed to do was feel and enjoy. Jane languished in the delicate sensations, although she was quite
certain that if he didn‟t take her soon, she would be sure to expire.
Tarzan approached this mating almost scientifically. He measured Jane‟s heart rate, the depth of her
breathing and the weakness of her knees. It was quite amusing for him to be able to have such a hold over
her, knowing full well it was she that was really holding him. His fingers drew small circles at her
shoulders, gradually moving to her shoulder blades and her spine. With his index finger, he traced a solid
line down Jane‟s spine to her tail bone, lingering there for moments, feeling her hips pushing ever so
slightly against him. With his other hand, Tarzan gently covered the curve of her hip, holding onto her
backside, kneading the flesh there. Jane cautiously looked over her shoulder at him noting his smoldering
appearance. They were lost to the land of the here and now, they had entered another dimension.
Tarzan reached around and pulled Jane tightly to him. His hands roughly cupping each breast,
manipulating her nipples until they stood at attention for him. His tongue was on her neck, following the
jugular vein to her collar bone and then kissing her gently, his hands resting on her chest. As he closed his
eyes, his length pushed into the flesh of her backside, aching to enter her, wanting to be buried deep inside.
Carefully his right hand grazed her skin, following a path down the middle of her chest, toying with her
navel and then finding the muscle of her thigh. Jane was weakening, but remained upright, waiting,
anticipating Tarzan‟s every touch.

The muscle of Jane‟s thigh flexed as he rubbed it. His fingers splayed against the soft flesh, two finger tips
softly touching the course curled hair above. Jane‟s moan was soft, but audible enough. As he moved his
hand closer to her curls, his fingers tangled in the hair, touched something ever so sensitive. Jane‟s head
threw back, hitting his shoulder with such intensity to almost inflict pain. He had found something that he
wasn‟t aware existed. Again his calloused finger touched the spot once again and he felt her hips grind into
the hand that was covering her. He raised his other hand that had been gently kneaded her breast, to her
lips, gently tracing their contour, when Jane‟s lips parted and she slipped her tongue around his index
finger, slowly sucking it into her mouth, her tongue flicking along the length of the finger, her teeth grazing
against the skin.

It was getting difficult for Tarzan to maintain any semblance of control. His finger again brushed against
the softly concealed button and then he plunged it into her depths. Jane‟s breath caught in her throat, her
hands reaching behind her, trying to touch him somehow. Her mouth still possessing his finger, taking in
another, licking it and sucking it as if it were candy. A deep low moan escaped from Jane‟s lips as
Tarzan‟s fingers enjoyed the slickness of her, slowly slipping in and out, making her ready for him. Her
hips pushing into his hand and then backward against the fullness of him. Not knowing which she wanted
more. “Please Tarzan, please.” She begged as she pushed her behind into him once again, giving him a
message loud and clear.

He removed his fingers from all of Jane‟s lips and pulled her toward the bed. Placing his hand on her hips
he positioned her away from him and used his feet to spread her legs apart. She turned to him, realizing
what his plans were. It made perfect sense. He was part animal after all, it would only make sense that he
would mate with her like this. He took himself in hand, and with his fingers, again found her opening. In
doing so, he slowly, steadily pressed his length into her as she moaned and pushed back against him, urging
him onward. As he completely filled her, he too moaned loudly. With hands on both of her hips, he rocked
her gently away from him, but found it difficult to resist the urge to slam back into her. The friction was
extreme for him, the sensation outstanding. Jane too was lost in the primal sensuality. As he pushed and
pulled her to him, over and over, he began to feel the wave surge. “Oh Jane.” He said, almost warning her,
but it was too late, she was falling into the abyss and he was joining her. Together they found that place,
and slid out of reality, Jane almost yelling, Tarzan emitting a low growl, as they rode the wave to its
extreme. As they completed their journey, Tarzan collapsed to a heap on the bed, sliding Jane over, so that
he wouldn‟t suffocate her. She turned on her side to face him. “You are amazing Tarzan.” He kissed the
tip of her nose. “No Jane, you are the amazing one.” They held each other tightly as the waves began to
subside. And the reality of what had just happened began to sink in.
Tarzan lay on the bed sideways, his feet firmly on the floor. A realization of what had transpired between
him and Jane caused him to tense. There were too many things to think about right now, he was sincerely
hoping that they had not conceived a child in their haste. Looking over to Jane, he wondered if she too was
thinking the same thing, but he didn‟t ask. She looked quite content for the first time in a while and he
didn‟t dare to upset the status quo.

“I think we are okay, I am too near my moon cycle, as our friends call it to think that I have conceived.”
Tarzan smiled as he gazed longingly into her amber eyes. The gold flecks seemed to be dancing, creating a
wonderful illusion. “You read my thoughts Jane?” They shared a sterile kiss as she stood up and attempted
to clean herself up. “We have business to attend to today.”

With his hands clasped together under his head, Tarzan used his feet and legs to wrap around her hips,
pulling her closer. In a feeble attempt to resist, Jane ended up falling forward onto Tarzan‟s naked body. He
was slick with perspiration among other things, and she tried to avoid getting her dress soiled. As if he
knew what she was attempting to do, he squeezed her tightly to him, making darn sure that he was killing
two birds with one stone. He was getting the attention he so direly needed from her, and inadvertently, she
was cleaning him up. Jane realized what was going on and she bit lightly on his bottom lip. “You are a
brat!” She rose to her feet, trying to appear angry with him. He laughed at her. “There is smoke coming out
of the top of your head.” Jane stared at him in disbelief. “How long were you in the jungle? Where did you
learn your sense of humour?” Tarzan scrambled to his feet and before Jane could budge, he engulfed her
with his strong arms, kissing her madly from ear to ear and back again, while in her attempt to escape, she
began to giggle out loud, letting him know that she was indeed enjoying their play time.

“I hate to ruin the mood dear, but we should really find out what the captain has in mind.” He nodded and
walked to the table where the ewer of water was kept and he poured the tepid water into the bowl found a
washcloth in one of the cupboards near the portal and began to wash himself. Jane watched, not realizing
that she was staring, marveling rather, over the perfection of his imperfections. Even if Jane had seen a few
naked men, none could compare with this specimen. He was not vain, he did not box or otherwise try to
maintain a regimen to keep him in any certain shape, but, she was certain that living in the jungle played a
definite part in his physical fitness. As he ran the cloth over his tanned body, she realized that there were no
tan lines on him. This intrigued her. She stood up and walked around him, to look at his back. Nope, no tan
lines at all.

“Did you swing in the trees naked?” Jane finally put the question to him. Tarzan smiled. “Most of the time,
yes. The clothing that I did have was ruined, falling apart, so I only wore it when I felt it necessary.” The
idea of Tarzan swinging on jungle vines with nothing to cover him, was almost amusing to Jane. As hard as
she tried to conceal the faint smile, he saw it and pulled her tight to kiss her, his wash cloth soaking with
water, against her warm skin. “Perhaps I should join you in this bath.” Images of the two of them lounging
in a large claw footed tub invaded her mind, causing her skin to react by turning a lovely shade of pink. She
smiled. It was nice to forget about everything else and just think of this moment in time, but they had
pressing matters to get to.

Jane pulled off the clothing that she had put on, it was in need of a good washing anyway. Reaching into
the cupboard she took another wash cloth and soaked it in the cooling water. Tarzan watched as Jane
mimicked him in the strokes with the cloth, smiling at the fact that she seemed to be in good spirits, a nice
temporary change. When they both finished washing what they could reach, Jane handed her cloth to
Tarzan and took his. “I will scrub your back if you scrub mine.” His crooked grin showed itself, causing
Jane to again blush. He had a way of making her feel so self conscious without having to say a word.
“Good grief.” She sighed as he spun her around to wash her. He was gentle, but firm in his strokes down
her back. He washed every inch of her, lingering on her round bottom, removing the cloth and just using
his hand to rub over her. She looked around at him and smiled. “I do wish that we could linger, but we
really must get going.” Of course he understood, but still he longed to again embrace the abyss with her. He
finished the scrubbing and turned for Jane to reciprocate.

Jane‟s fingers lingered on Tarzan‟s damp skin as she moved the cloth down his back, reaching the dimples
near his hips. It took all of her self-control to hold back what she was feeling. Before meeting this
wonderful man, Jane had resigned herself to the idea of a loveless and chaste life. Her experiences with the
male gender had not been a compliment to men to now. Her father the alcoholic „selling‟ her to Richard,
Richard using her as whore and then selling her to Joshua. Tarzan had come along at a turning point in her
life. She had been fairly certain before that fateful day, of what she wanted to spend her life doing, and it
wasn‟t in the area of pleasuring men. Tarzan made her forget her vows to herself.

As Jane scrubbed his back, Tarzan‟s mind wandered to back home, trying to think of what he would be
doing now, whether or not he would have found some sort of contentedness in his life there. He had learned
that he could not be mated with Teeka, they shared a love for each other, but he was not an ape and she was
not a human. His mind was too complex for hers. Even she knew it, as she had turned toward the other apes
searching for a mate. That day had been a sad one. She found a new love, he had been replaced so easily.
Would Jane replace him so easily if the captain could not rule in his favour and he was sent to a prison in
America? It was not a question that he wanted to ask, or have answered.

They were clean, both of them stood naked in the middle of the room, lost in thought, when finally there
was a sharp rap on the door. Thankfully the door was locked on the inside and no one could walk in. “What
do you want?” Jane called, pulling the blanket off of the bed to wrap herself in. “Cap‟n wants both of you
on top deck in five ma‟am.” The gentleman outside of the door spoke carefully, his voice cracking, scared
of what Tarzan might actually be capable of.

In silence, the two of them dressed. Jane piled her hair tightly on top of her head, but Tarzan managed to
wrap his fingers through a few curls and pull them out of the bun. “I like your hair down, you look much
wilder that way.” His grin forced a smile on her own face. He was very good at innuendo. As she pulled on
the corset and asked for help with it, Tarzan shook his head. “I don‟t understand this Jane. Why do you
insist on cutting off your breath, you get weak and have trouble catching your breath when you wear this.”
He gently tugged on the laces, tightening the corset slightly. “Tighter please. It‟s for the esthetic value. This
is the rage, everyone wears them.” Tarzan spun her around in her steps. “Everyone? So then the entire
female population suffers from this sort of insanity and they pass it to each other. Do men wear these?” She
shook her head. “Ah, therefore we get people who call women the weaker sex for a reason Jane. It is weak
to follow in footsteps that are not your own. It is more challenging to make your own path.” With that he
spun her back around and tightened the laces until she protested. It would take him a long time to
understand womankind. A lifetime perhaps.

He refused to put the shoes on. She couldn‟t force him, no matter what she did/said. He outright refused.
Jane had pulled Tarzan‟s unruly mop back in a ponytail, revealing more of his eyes, framing his face. The
ascot that she managed to tie around his neck was looser than she would have liked, but the fact that he
wore it made her happy. “Trust me, you can take everything off later, but for now you need to wear this.”
She tried that line with the shoes, but he would have nothing of it. It was easier to find comfort in the fact
that he hadn‟t given in 100% to „civilization‟. He looked quite handsome in his suite and white shirt. Jane
had managed to tuck his shirt into his dress pants and made the lines in the suit all straight. It was a
handsome navy suit with light blue stripes complementing the flow of the material. She sighed as she spun
him around and brushed off the stray hairs, his and hers, from his jacket, smoothing out the material across
his very broad shoulders, and just touching him in general. “Okay then, let‟s face the music.” As he cocked
his head in confusion, Jane explained. “We must go see what the captain wants now.”
The two of them escorted by the door guards, entered the Captain‟s office. He turned to them and smiled.
“We have business to attend to.” They returned the smile as they saw him place the bible on the desk
before him. “Sit first.” He motioned for them to take the chairs in front of the desk. Reluctantly, they both
sat. Jane was the first to speak. “What is going on Captain?” He sat on his chair and again smiled.
“Before a couple is to marry, we must first have a conversation regarding the responsibilities. I would be
remiss if I didn‟t insist you listen.” Both Tarzan and Jane sat back in their seats, waiting.
Looking up to the two guards, he asked them. “Are you willing to witness their marriage?” Both men
nodded, neither having had any troubles with Tarzan or Jane. They had become quite fond of the two of
them. “Good, then I shall call upon you in a few moments, but for now there are delicate matters of the
utmost importance that we must discuss.” The met stepped outside of the office and grinned at each other.
“Someone‟s got to make an honest woman out of her; did you hear them this afternoon?” the other man
jabbed him in the ribs and walked away from the door. “You shouldn‟t have been listening.”

Inside the office, the captain opened the bible and placed it face down on the desk. “I am not a man of
God, but I do believe that it is through Him that we find out true loves. I believe that you have found
yours.” He spoke softly to the young couple. “Your road will be a long arduous one, which you may have
to walk alone at times.” Tarzan‟s hand enveloped Jane‟s as they listened. “We are never alone now sir.”
Tarzan stated firmly. But the captain wasn‟t completely assured. “I chose to perform your marriage
ceremony first, but you can change your mind, you are adults.” They shook their heads in protest.

The captain leaned back in his seat and sighed. His was not a task that he took lightly. He was the captain
of this vessel and in as much, the leader and the lord on the waters. Tarzan had to be taken to task for what
he had done to Samson, but he had to be swift and careful with his decree. “If you marry him Jane, you
adopt his legacy, you will be known as a murderer‟s wife.” Jane‟s head almost snapped as she turned to
face the captain. “You have decided upon your ruling?” Again, the captain sighed.

“I have decided upon my ruling. I have decided that Tarzan would have been deported form America,
never to return upon pain of death. He may stay in England, if the crown agrees to the sentence.” Tarzan‟s
eyes became sad. There were consequences to everything, but he was not the only guilty party here. “And
what about Richard Clayton, is he confirmed innocent in this case?” Tarzan stood, his large hands holding
both sides of the desk, almost lifting it in his rage. The captain stared him down. “This sir is my ship and
my rules!” Tarzan understood. Letting go of the desk, he sat back down on his chair. Jane stared in
disbelief at the both of them.

“Are you both insane?” She spat. Tarzan reached for her, “Jane, please.” He asked her to sit down, but
she had begun to seethe and when something had her by the back, she was sure to put her back up. “He is
never allowed to return to America, he is branded a murderer and you think that this is good news?” Her
eyes were cat-like slits, green and black, angry. The captain stared her down as well. “Sit down Jane.”
She sat.

Gaining his composure, the captain laid out a plan for them. “You must prove your innocence. I have
given you an opportunity to do so here. If you are truly the Earl of Greystoke, you will have money and
money can by a lot of things, especially a barrister who will work on your behalf. I am certain that Richard
Clayton has as many enemies in England as he does in America, perhaps more.” The captain took a breath
before he continued. “I will complete a letter of my orders and the facts, which will be put into the hands
of the crown. It is likely that they will not request a retrial, but you can request an appeal. At this time, you
can produce your evidence, should you have any.”

Both Tarzan and Jane realized that there might be a problem gaining the evidence, as Richard Clayton was
much more powerful and could hide it better. “If we are married before we enter port, will this be helpful
then?” Tarzan queried. The captain nodded his head. “Yes Tarzan, in as much as the crown or Richard can
never have Jane testify against you, for her testimony might be more poisonous than helpful.” Jane agreed
with this statement, although she didn‟t voice her agreement. Tarzan again took Jane‟s hand and smiled at
her. “Do you still want to marry me Jane?” He asked, his heart pounding in anticipation of her answer. A
demure smile crawled over Jane‟s face as she turned to him. “Why Mr. Tarzan, I thought you‟d never ask.”
He squeezed her hand as the captain opened the door to let the two witnesses in.

The captain read a few lines from his bible, and then sternly asked, “Do you Jane promise to love, honour
and obey.” She reluctantly responded yes, knowing that they obey part was going to be a little harder to
take than the love and honour. Tarzan was confused because the captain didn‟t ask him if he was going to
obey, but he let it go. These rites and traditions were older than him, and he would have plenty of time to
research them. “And what God has brought together, let no man put asunder.” The captain closed the aged
book and placed it back on the table. “With the power invested in me by the President of the United States,
I now pronounce you man and wife.” Jane tuned to Tarzan and smiled as the captain informed him, “You
may now kiss the bride.”

Taking Jane‟s face in his hands, Tarzan lowered his head to hers and placed his lips over hers, possessing
them, loving them. Jane reciprocated with more passion than she really ought to have at that moment, but
she had just been married! They both smiled back at the captain, who had cleared his throat to remind
them that he was still in the room, as were his two men. It didn‟t matter to the happy couple; this was the
happiest day of their lives.

Pulling his pen from the inkwell, the captain signed a long document, and then handed the pen to Tarzan.
“Can you write your real name please sir?” Taking the pen from the captain, Tarzan carefully scribed the
name, Lord John Clayton II. He suddenly felt like a different person. He was no longer the barbarian from
the jungle, now he was a married gentleman from Europe. It was an awe inspiring moment, which he
burned to his memory. Jane took the pen and looked up to the Captain. “Am I to sign Jane Porter or Jane
Clayton?” She inquired. The captain smiled. “You must sign here,” he said pointing to a line on the page,
“with your maiden name and here,” he pointed to another line on the page, “with your married name Lady
Jane Clayton.” Jane blushed. It was such a novel idea; it would take her a long time to get used to.

Once everyone had signed the declaration of marriage, the captain again dismissed the two gentlemen in
order to carry a private conversation with the newly married couple. “I need to warn you that we must have
a public prosecution.” Jane‟s eyes looked toward the floor, but Tarzan‟s finger lifted her chin up. “Do not
carry shame Jane. I will carry the burden for this. You are innocent.” Jane spun on her heels to look into
her husbands smiling eyes. “So are you.” Hand in hand they left the office, and were ushered back to their
cabin. Tomorrow the captain would deliberate, he needed to get the word out that he would be prosecuting
Tarzan, and he would ask for evidence to be brought forward.
Tomorrow would be another day that they would deal with on someone else‟s terms.

As Jane closed the door to the cabin, Tarzan scooped her into his arms and embraced her tightly. She
didn‟t protest, but he sensed her melancholy and placed her back on her feet. “We will survive this Jane.
Somehow we will survive this.” She lifted her face up to see his expression. There seemed to be no worry
in his eyes, only love for the woman whose visage completed his vision. “Yes, we will survive. I just wish
that we could have time as a couple, with no one ordering us around, having to live by someone else‟s

Taking her hand, Tarzan walked over to the vanity and stood behind Jane. He was almost a head taller than
her, and much broader as they both fit into the image. “There is no where in this world that has no rules
Jane. There are rules in the jungle, if you don‟t follow the rules you can be killed for sport or for food. It
does not matter where you are, there are rules.” She looked into his image, deeper into his eyes and sought
out his very soul. “Yes, but my rules are lies.” She shouted. He embraced her tightly against his firm
body. “Yes, your rules are lies Jane.” Tarzan had killed Samson. He knew there would be some kind of
consequence, but he would withstand any consequence for Jane. In a perfect world there would be no
further consequences. Tarzan would have merely avenged his wife and that would be the end of it, but this
was not a perfect world and even if Samson had kidnapped Jane, Tarzan had not been at liberty to retaliate
out of the letter of the law. Yes, her rules were lies.
Richard heard rumours all morning. Clarisse had returned to their table in the dining room after having
been in the powder room with many women of various standing, who were chattering over the marriage of
the savage to the pretty young woman with the long curled auburn locks. Richard was furious when he
heard this news. “It can‟t be true, they can‟t have been married!” Clarisse sipped her wine slowly,
watching the expressions change on Richard‟s face. “Yes my darling, they could easily have married, the
captain has the right to marry his passengers.” Richard's eyes threw daggers at Mme. De Bouvier, who
seemed to enjoy watching him squirm in his seat. Finally he threw his napkin into his plate at grabbed the
table in order to stand. “What?” He glared at the older French woman. “You are transparent my darling.
Do you really care that they wed? This means nothing, he still must stand trial.” Richard leaned down, his
breath inches from Clarisse‟s nostrils. “Yes, and now she doesn‟t have to testify.” His hand slammed
against the table, raising a few eyebrows, as he fled from the dining room.

Clarisse sipped her wine and moved some of the peas around on her plate with the silver fork in her
possession. A small spider made its way through the air, past her face, toward her plate. She smiled.
“Come my darling, come to Madame Clarisse.” When the tiny creature safely landed on the table beside
her plate, she held her fork facing down and proceeded to stab the helpless arachnid to the table. “Damn
you.” She stated, just as angry as Richard had been. She dared not show her true emotions around
Richard, knowing full well if he lost this, she would lose too. “Damn you to hell Tarzan.”

The dining room had been cleared and a make-shift courtroom was created. The ship‟s purser agreed to
oversee the courtroom as the captain would be the judge. Both men took their positions quite seriously,
putting out the information to the crew and the passengers on the ship. No one was to enter the courtroom
until late afternoon. Dinner would be delayed and if anyone was hungry before court adjourned, they
would have to go to the kitchen and request service. While the captain made no apology for his actions, he
regretted that he could not provide Tarzan with any counsel other than his own. He sat and waited for the
time to pass. At four o‟clock they would open the doors to the public and then they would bring Tarzan in.

Word had arrived to Tarzan and Jane regarding the status of the afternoon. Neither had been hungry,
feeding their lunch to Numa and Teeka. Tarzan had busied himself with the animals, talking, grooming
and just generally being with them. He was concerned for their welfare. Jane listened from their adjoining
room as Tarzan attempted to explain his plight to the creatures. Teeka held his hand and Numa wrapped
his body around Tarzan in a gesture of protection.

At two o‟clock there was a sharp rap at the door, to which Jane responded harshly. “What do you possibly
want?” A tall very thin man stood before her, lifting his had politely. “Miss Porter?” He questioned. Jane
nodded and waited for him to respond. “My name is Finnias Fox. I am assistant solicitor to the Crown for
Her Majesty.” Jane stared at him, dumbstruck. Tarzan poked his head around the corner and noticed the
very tall man standing outside of the doorway. “Jane, who is this?” Jane turned to Tarzan and introduced
him to Mr. Fox. “What does that mean Mr. Fox?” Tarzan asked. “Assistant to the solicitor?” Mr. Fox
blushed slightly and confessed. “It means sir that I wish that I were the solicitor to the crown, but I have
not yet achieved that status. May I come in?”

Both Tarzan and Jane moved out of the way for Mr. Fox to enter the room. Tarzan had not closed the door
to the adjoining room, so Numa and Teeka had followed him. Jane had to close the door quickly to keep
Teeka from disappearing down the hall. Standing very still, Mr. Fox waiting patiently for Numa to smell
him and make his opinion. Apparently Numa was of the mind that this man was fine. Tarzan trusted
Numa‟s judgment. “What can we do for you Mr. Fox?” Jane asked, showing the gentleman to the dining
table. The three of them took a chair, Jane having to borrow one from the vanity. “It‟s not what you can
do for me Miss Porter; it‟s what I am willing to do for you.” He looked to Tarzan and smiled. “I would
like to represent you in court today.”
Richard was among the first to enter the „courtroom. The captain greeted him professionally and asked that
he take a seat. “Who will prosecute the boy?” Richard inquired in earnest. “I will be trying the case Mr.
Clayton; does this meet with your approval?” Richard smiled curtly at the captain and finally sat down in a
front seat. People mulled around outside of the dining room doors, smoking, chattering and waiting. This
to most of them was merely another form of entertainment while on board the ship. Not many cared about
the outcome of the case, and fewer were aware of the situation at all. If asked, less than half of the
passengers aboard had known about the murder, and only about half of them remotely cared. Apathy ran
rampant among the first class passengers the most, their concern was simply to be at the trial as it was the
place to be today.

Finnias, Tarzan and Jane stood at the doorway to the cabin, Finnias just about to pull the handle to open the
door, when Jane reached for his thin arm and stopped him. “This can‟t be right Mr. Fox. This will just not
work.” A large grin pasted itself on the face of the assistant solicitor. “You must have faith in me and in
your man Tarzan.” He pulled the handle and informed the gentlemen outside of the door that they were
ready to head up to the dining room after making the usual stops for the call of nature.

Looking inside the dining room/court room, Jane turned back to Finnias Fox and again grabbed the
meatless arm. “I don‟t think that he should go through with this!” She was adamant, but Tarzan kissed her
cheek and wrapped his arms about her waist, holding her tightly to his heart. “I trust him Jane. Please trust
me.” He had said the right thing to her, or perhaps it was the possessive way that he held her. Tarzan was
not going to roll over and play dead, but it wasn‟t beneath him to use any method of protection in this case.
“Okay Tarzan. I will trust you.”

As Tarzan followed Finnias Fox and the two guards into the room, Jane moved off to the side and took a
seat in the audience. People gawked and the room was abuzz with the chatter of stunned woman and men,
at the appearance of the gentleman accused of killing Samson Thomas. He and Finnias stood behind their
seats as the Captain greeted them and sat down. Everyone followed suit, still abuzz with excitement.

Tarzan looked to Finnias for his cues. He looked a fright. His hair hadn‟t been combed he had dirt on his
hands and bare chest and buckskin breeches. The bare feet shocked less as he hadn‟t worn any thus far on
this journey across the ocean. Tarzan looked like a wild man. Jane looked up to where the captain sat and
watched a slow deliberate smile cross and leave his face all at once. He must remain neutral. She found a
glimmer of hope.

The captain offered an opening statement, laying the charges against John Clayton Jr. when Finnias Fox in
his infinite wisdom chose that moment to stand and object. “I haven‟t begun the trial as of yet Mr. Fox.”
The captains said after having asked the gentleman‟s name. “Ah but Captain Stubbing, you have stated that
the charges be laid against a Mr. John Clayton Jr. I don‟t know who that is sir.” The captain‟s eyes
twinkled, he hadn‟t thought of that one. Jane seemed to be the only one that could see the mischievous
look in the captain‟s eyes. “Yes Mr. Fox, that is correct.” Mr. Fox moved away from the table that he and
Tarzan were seated at and approached the Captain‟s table. “I was not aware that John Clayton Jr. had been
raised from the dead.” The crowd buzzed and then hushed awaiting a response from the captain.

“All right Mr. Fox, enough theatrics.” The captain tried to appear inpatient, and Finnias played right into
his hand. “You have not charged my client with this crime, according to the charges that I have here before
me, you alleged that John Clayton Jr. has committed this crime, not my client. I do not see Mr. John
Clayton Jr. in the room.” At that point Richard stood up and yelled to the court. “That boy is John Clayton
Jr.” The captain smiled, knowing that Richard would want a speedy trial before they could arrive in
England. He would want Tarzan tried and convicted in order for him not to be able to enter the country and
prove who he was, but in this case, the court had to believe that he was John Clayton Jr., or all of his work
had been in vain.
Standing and facing Richard Clayton, Finnias took the lead and spoke. “I am sorry, who are you sir?”
Richard introduced himself as if he were royalty. “I am Richard Clayton, Earl of Greystoke.” The room
again buzzed with chatter. “Mr. Clayton, do you have the proof that this is indeed John Clayton Jr.?”
Richard didn‟t have anything. All of the proof had gone to John, everything. But Richard was
unstoppable. “What‟s in a name? It was this man that killed my man Samson and he must stand trial.” He
was grasping for anything now.

Finnias stepped to the judge‟s table and requested, “Sir, if this is indeed the gentleman who is alleged to
have taken Mr. Thomas‟ life, I see no reason not to charge him as Tarzan.” The captain completely
understood Mr. Fox‟s reasoning, and agreed to it. Richard obviously saw through the charade as well, for
he continued to appeal to the captain to try Tarzan as John Clayton Jr. Finally the captain asked Tarzan.
“Excuse me sir, what name is it that you are known by?” Tarzan answered with his jungle name, but in the
back of his mind he was worried about the way that this was going. He had married Jane as John Clayton
Jr. Did this mean that their marriage was a ruse?
Mr. Fox wasted no time on the regular formalities, citing the fact that there was no prosecutor, no witnesses
to the actual crime other than the unconscious Jane. He called a few passengers to the witness stand and
asked them all the same questions. “Do you recognize this gentleman?” The answers were similar. “He is
the wild man with the tiger and the ape that walks the deck barefoot at all hours. Finally he found someone
that had seen Tarzan with the bloody knife in his hands. “Can you describe the gentleman‟s behavior when
you saw him?” The heavy set man with the receding hairline looked to Tarzan and then his eyes crossed
the room to where Jane was seated. His compassion had run deep, actually most of the men on board
would have done the same or worse had it been their woman that was tied up in the chair all bruised and
beaten. “He was a madman sir.” That word would be Tarzan‟s liberator.

Finnias Fox began his tirade, holding the captain, Jane, Richard and the audience spellbound. “He was a
boy that was raised in the wilds of the Dark Continent.” Mr. Fox leaned into a large woman with watery
grey eyes. “His mother and father died, he watched this and then there was just him.” The woman‟s eyes
welled with tears as she thought about the little boy alone in the jungles of Africa. Mr. Fox continued. “He
was then left to the apes, he learned from them, but if that wasn‟t enough, a bull ape tried, on various
occasions to kill Tarzan. This is how it is in the jungle, survival of the fittest, kill or be killed. It is the law
of the jungle.” His arms opened to the people sitting in the audience, watching, waiting. “You cannot
imagine this young man, never having known the love of family other than the apes, his only laws being
those of the jungle. This was not the last of the injustices done to this man. He lived his life as an ape. He
was a proud warrior, having overcome his differences. The tribe of apes looked to him for their protection,
for their food supply. He had to kill; he killed the bull ape that threatened him, that had tried to kill him
many times. He was an ape!” His voice almost shattered the glass on Tarzan‟s table. Tarzan had never
seen such theatrics. Right about now, he was wishing that Theo was here, he was the great mediator, he
was sure that between Theo and Dawenhethon, someone would have understood. Still, Mr. Fox rattled on.
Tarzan turned to look at the crowd. Jane looked at him, such sadness in her eyes. Not sadness, it was pity.
He didn‟t want her pity, he wanted her love. Turning his eyes back to the captain, he had to fight the urge
to stand up and yell, “Yes I did kill him and I would do it again if he harmed Jane!” But swallowed his
words with his pride. Mr. Fox had warned him about this and begged him to remain quiet. Reluctantly,
Tarzan ceded to Mr. Fox‟s theatrics.

“So, in closing, I say to you sir, to not judge this person as a man, but as a bull ape from the jungles of
Africa. He did not break any laws, he upheld them.” Mr. Fox sat down beside Tarzan, whose lips had been
pursed together in a look of disdain. Looking up from his notebook, the captain finally cleared his throat
and began to deliberate.

“You are not an ape.” He looked directly at Tarzan as he spoke. “But there have been man injustices done
to you and yours. “Our laws cannot apply to one and not to another; you cannot use the excuse of
ignorance of our laws. I can however, understand the fact that you were taken out of the jungle, not of your
choosing and therefore you have little or no knowledge of our laws. In your mind, you have done what you
would have done had you been in the Dark Continent. However, one of the witnesses described you as a
madman; this assessment is accurate as I too saw you shortly after the body of Samson Thomas was
discovered. Therefore, I rule that you were temporarily insane at the time of the incident, not of your own
mind and therefore I find you not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.” The crowd cheered, all except
for Richard who stood up and yelled at the captain. “What are you going to do with him if he‟s insane?
Are you going to lock him up in an asylum, or let him wander free to kill again?” Richard was agitated.
The captain understood. “I will request that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation by the finest doctors in
England, after which, if they find him fit, he will be free to go. If not, they will be responsible for his care.”
Richard was fit to be tied. “He killed my friend!” The captain acknowledged Richard and tried to appease
him with words. “He was not brought up in our world Mr. Clayton. He must be analyzed to find if he has
indeed murdered in our sense of the word. Richard glared at him, his brown eyes almost black with hate.
“Dead is dead in any sense of the word Captain. I will see that you regret this decision.” The captain was
curious. “Just what sentence would you have preferred me to have for your nephew Mr. Clayton? To put
him to death? Surely not, he is your nephew, do you not want to help him to adapt to the civilized world?”
He knew he was baiting a hook and that Richard wanted to strangle him, but a sudden wave of calm spread
over Richard. This was more frightening than if he had attacked. “You will come to regret this decision
captain.” Richard took up his hat and walked toward Clarisse. She took his arm and they walked out of
the room rather regally.

While the conversation between Richard and the captain was taking place, Jane was busy holding Tarzan,
almost squeezing him too tight. “Jane?” He questioned. “What really happened here?” She shot him a
smile, pulled away and focused on a speck on the floor. “You have been found innocent for now.” She
kicked the invisible speck with the point of her shoe. “It was the only way that the captain could see for you
to be able to go to England, and return to America should you wish.” Tarzan backed away from her
slightly, looking to the floor to see what she saw. Jane was in some sort of pain by the look on her face.
“So I have to prove to these English doctors that I am not insane but it was my jungle upbringing that
brought me to kill Samson?” She looked up at him and frowned. “That‟s the way that I see it.” He smiled
at her. “It will be fine. If there is anything that I don‟t want from you it‟s your pity.”

Jane stepped back a bit and looked into his aqua eyes. She took a moment, searched her soul and
responded. “For this I apologize, it was pity that I felt, but only when he spoke of your family.” Jane
approached him, her hands reaching for his and taking them. “You still had a better family that I did.” Her
memories of her alcoholic father and then of the megalomaniac Richard overtook her. “There is pity for
me Tarzan.” Jane tried to pull him with her, but he wouldn‟t follow.

The captain approached the two of them, careful not to interrupt their conversation. Tarzan held tight to
Jane, waiting to hear the captain‟s advice. He smiled. “Tarzan, this is the best I could do for you, you
know that don‟t you?” Tarzan understood the responsibilities of the captain of such a vessel. He needed to
protect all of the passengers on board, not just one. He had done what he could for Tarzan and it would
have to be enough. “Do you think that these doctors in England with think that I am indeed crazy?”
Tarzan‟s eyes danced as he said the word. He didn‟t worry about what anyone really thought; he knew that
if need be he would escape to Africa once more. It was for Jane‟s sake that he wanted to clear his name and
reputation. There had been enough bad circumstance for Jane. The captain leaned into Tarzan so that their
conversation was private. “You must beware Richard; he has connections everywhere, for every good
person, there is an evil one trying to take over.” It was sound advice. Richard was dangerous. Tarzan had
always known that, it was Clarisse that had him baffled. Surely she didn‟t have any wild ideas that Richard
would marry her and share his fortune with her. If she indeed was thinking that way, perhaps she should
join him in his visits to the English psychiatrists.

The Captain explained to Tarzan that while they should be docking at Liverpool in the late morning, but
until that time he would be able to walk the decks, with the guards in tow of course. It was something, a
concession that Tarzan could abide with for the moment. He thanked the captain before moving on, the
captain smiled, with no pity, only admiration for this young man who had faced so much adversity and yet
had still been able to abide by the civility of it all. He tipped his hat to Tarzan and cautioned. “In England
you will have adversaries, but you will find good friends. I believe if you continue to associate with Mr.
Fox, he shall have your best interests at heart. It was sound advice. Tarzan had developed an affinity for
Finnias; he would make a good ally.

Without further worry, Tarzan headed down to the cabin. Finnias and Jane followed closely behind, still
unable to keep up to Tarzan‟s quick pace. “Why are you hurrying?” Finnias queried. Tarzan stopped to
look at the man. “My friends need some air; they are tired of their new cage.” With that he stepped ahead
and hurried. Jane and Finnias resigned themselves to the fact that they could not keep pace with him and
slowed down to a comfortable stride. “What kind of hope do you hold out Mr. Fox?” Finnias smiled as the
smaller woman. He had been teased all of his life about his height, but he now wore it like a crown and
walked regally. People could be intimidated by his size if he allowed it. Neither Tarzan nor Jane seemed
to be intimidated or put off by him, a good thing. “I hold out all hope Miss Porter, that Tarzan will be
completely exonerated. He is a good man and this will be found out in the analysis. Besides, he is a

Jane stopped; momentarily she lost her trust in Finnias Fox. “Are you representing Tarzan because of the
accolades that it could bring you, or the money that he might be able to pay you?” Finnias pulled Jane off
to the side of the hallway and smiled. “I am a solicitors assistant Jane. I must always prove myself in order
to become a solicitor. I would lie if I told you that I took this case on its merit alone, but trust me; I
wouldn‟t have taken this case if I didn‟t think that your husband was not guilty.” Jane took offence at his
choice of words. “You say not guilty, you do not say innocent.” Her words were filled with spite as she
spoke to the tall, thin man. He again smiled, “you are quite astute Miss Porter, but your husband is not
innocent, he is just not guilty either, he falls somewhere in between.” Jane agreed with that statement.
After all, Tarzan did kill Samson. As they continued to walk, Finnias asked Jane, “Should I not be calling
you Mrs. Clayton?”

Jane stopped short, causing Finnias to bump into her, sending her forward a few feet. She turned to him
and smiled. “He has yet to be proven to be John Clayton, so I guess I am not to be called anything but Jane
for now.” The man smiled. Finally he had won her over. It would have been difficult to continue to
represent her husband, if Jane would not learn to trust that he would help them. Finally changing the
subject, Mr. Fox smiled at Jane and questioned, “Do you cross with Cunard often?” She smiled back at
him. “What sir is Cunard?” Finnias laughed for the first time since their meeting earlier today. “Why Jane,
it‟s the name of the Shipping Line.” She smiled and explained that it was her first crossing. It was nice to
just make small talk. There would be plenty of time later to worry about Tarzan‟s fate.
Tarzan rounded up his furry friends and they set out for a very long walk through the decks of the ship and
up top as well. Jane asked if she might remain behind, feeling a little under the weather. He asked if she
was all right, leaned in and took her scent, touched her skin, and when he could not find anything amiss
with her, he kissed her curtly on the cheek and set out to enjoy his new, albeit short taste of freedom. Jane
sat down at the small table and Finnias sat across from her, both of them sipping a glass of water.

Finnias looked around patiently, taking in the sights and the smells of the cabin. He was actually surprised
that there was not a stronger odor given by the animals that we kept in the adjoining cabin. “The lion and
the ape seem quite well behaved.” He stated, almost surprised. Jane smiled. “My first encounter with the
animals was a good one luckily, so I have nothing bad to say about them. But don‟t ever make the mistake
of calling them Tarzan‟s pets, he will have a fit!” She laughed. Her smile was a little bit brighter, the
weight of the world still fell onto her shoulders, but she felt a little lighter with today‟s outcome. “You care
a great deal for the man you call Tarzan.” Mr. Fox sipped on his water, enjoying the feel of the cool liquid
on his parched throat. His tirade today took more out of him than he cared to say, but it had been

Jane sat back in her chair and smiled. “To the world he will soon be welcomed as John Clayton Jr., but to
me, he will always be Tarzan.” The tall thin man smiled back at the beautiful woman. He thought to
himself that some men have all of the luck, but then he thought of all of the turmoil that Tarzan had to go
through to get to this point and found no envy left for him. “He will soon be recognized as Lord Clayton,
the proper Earl of Greystoke.” Mr. Fox placed his glass on the table and took his pocket watch out to check
the time. “Are you hungry? Dinner was to be served following the trial. Perhaps we should find Tarzan
and get something to eat.”

It struck a chord with Jane, the „proper‟ Earl of Greystoke? That would mean that Richard would be
dethroned so to speak. This did not bode well, no wonder Richard had gone to such lengths. “Tarzan and
Richard do not share the responsibilities of Greystoke?” She queried. Mr. Fox shook his head
vehemently. “No ma‟am, the old man knew what he was doing when he set up this trust. Your husband,
John Clayton Jr. is the one and the only rightful heir to the Greystoke fortune.

Jane remembered that Dawenhethon had told them that. She knew that Albert had set up the trust for John,
leaving him almost everything except what Richard had started in the states. What she didn‟t know what
exactly what Greystoke industries was comprised of. “Finnias, I need to speak with Tarzan about this, but I
think we might want to employ you.” He smiled, knowing full well that when he offered his services this
morning, he might be offered a position. “I was hoping you would say that ma‟am.” He stated honestly,
not wanting there to be any deceit between them.

The very tall man stood, still holding his had in his hands and once again invited Jane to dine with him.
She politely declined, wanting to be in the cabin when Tarzan returned. Finnias seemed to understand
when he offered, “Would you like me to bring dinner to you?” Jane grinned. “The steward will do that if I
ask.” Again the tall man offered, having thoroughly enjoyed the company of such a lovely woman. Jane
finally broke down and agreed. “Please, make sure that they add something for Numa and Teeka, I am sure
that Tarzan saw that they were fed, but it‟s just not fair to eat when they are not eating. He smiled and
agreed. “I take it the kitchen will understand?” Jane laughed and stepped toward the door to open it.
“Understand is overstating it a bit, complying they will do. Thank you for doing this Mr. Fox.” Jane
opened the door waiting for him to leave. “Please, call me Fin, it‟s much less formal and much more
comfortable” He donned his hat as he left the cabin, Jane calling after him, “Only if you promise to call me
Jane.” He tipped his hat, “Jane” he smiled as he walked away.

Tarzan returned to the cabin with a renewed ardor. He took Jane into his arms and kissed her so deep she
was certain that she would never breathe again. It was wonderful to see the rejuvenated man. “Jane, it‟s so
nice to walk without guards.” Jane laughed as Numa stretched out on the floor of their room. “I think you
always have guards Tarzan.” She stated while pointing at the very large cat. Teeka took Tarzan‟s hand and
led him to a chair where she forced him to sit. She had much to tell him and wanted his undivided
attention. She continued to make sounds and noises until Tarzan finally pulled him up to her and hugged
her. She held tightly to him. “It will be all right Teeka, I promise you. Jane and I will take care of you.”

Jane knelt on the floor beside Tarzan and Teeka, petting the dark brown coat of the ape, trying to console
her. This animal had a strong bond with Tarzan, and she knew that something was amiss. Jane knew that
if anything happened to Tarzan that Numa would survive, but she was unsure of Teeka‟s reactions. It was
almost certain that Teeka would suffer a broken heart. How she wished that she could introduce the
animals to mates, but she was certain that she would not be able to convince Tarzan to put his friends in the
zoo. “Jane.” Tarzan stopped her thoughts, seeing the forlorn expression in her eyes. “Numa and Teeka
will be fine, but once we have won our case, and I have been named rightful heir to Greystoke, we must
return them to Africa.” He was adamant and Jane could understand why. They wouldn‟t survive anywhere
else but Africa unless they were with Tarzan, and Tarzan completely understood that if he was successful
in his ventures, there would be less time for his animal friends. The last thing that he was willing to do
would be to neglect the friends that had willingly given their freedom for his.

Jane rested her head against Teeka, who began a grooming ritual with her, running her nails through Jane‟s
hair, looking for any critters that didn‟t belong. I was frustrating for the ape to not find any tidbits, but she
continued to groom Jane. Tarzan took the hint and began to groom Teeka, searching through her thick coat
for unwanted critters. The animals had been in the wild for a long time, but they had also been cooped up
in the small room for a long time as well, he wasn‟t sure what type of parasites could survive on the
animals. He was certain that Numa had a small infestation of fleas, but was unable to find them. Teeka, it
seemed, had none either.

A knock on the door reminded all that they were not alone on this voyage. “It‟s Fin with food.” A familiar
voice stated on the other side of the door. Jane smiled. “It‟s Mr. Fox, he has insisted that I call him Fin and
he has also insisted that we all dine together.” Tarzan was not averse to this situation; in fact he welcomed
the gentleman into the cabin with a large grin.
Finnias had been thoughtful enough to bring extra large portions of the wonderful meal that had been
prepared for the evening. Tarzan was finally getting used to the way that the meat was prepared in the
„civilized world‟, but this chef seemed to know exactly how to prepare the roast. It was warm, succulent,
juicy, and very pink. Tarzan was indeed pleased and ate more meat than anything else on his plate. Numa
too was pleased with the culinary skills of the chef and honoured the cook with a very large belch and then
proceeded to smack his chops for the longest time after the meal had disappeared. The huge animal left the
tight quarters for his own quarters where he stretched himself on the floor from one end to the other and fell
asleep. Fin watched the animal and held a new respect for both the animal and his human friend. “He
seems almost tame.” Finnias stated to Tarzan who had ripped the last morsel of meat through his sharp
incisors. “Never trust a wild animal to not be wild. You must always respect the fact that he is always
looking out for himself.” It was sound advice, advice that Finnias would take seriously.
Finally after their bellies were full, Tarzan suggested another long stroll on the decks. Jane was in total
agreement, but Fin attempted to stop them. “We have much to discuss before we drop anchor tomorrow.”
Tarzan took Jane‟s hand in his and opened the door to the cabin. “Any discussing that we do tonight; will
be on the top deck of this ship under the stars.” He slipped through the door almost dragging Jane along.
Fin had no choice but to join them. He let Tarzan and Jane take the lead through the lower decks, but once
they had reached the uppermost deck, they walked to the front of the ship and he began to speak to the
happy couple. “You need to have as many documents as possible in order to be recognized as John
Clayton Jr.” Jane chimed in, “He has all of the proof that he needs for that, even a letter from the Queen
herself. Fin was taken aback. “You have a document with the Royal seal?” to which both Tarzan and Jane

A very wide, white toothed grin covered the face of the tall lean man. He was so pleased and it was evident
in his smile. “Do you know how easy that makes things for you?” The both nodded, having known that
proving that the documents was not the problem, proving that Tarzan was indeed the lost child, that would
be the biggest roadblock. They explained this to Fin who listened without speaking, and remained deep in
thought for moments. “No, if you have the documents, this means that someone absolutely believed that
you were John Clayton Jr. It‟s been well known for years that Richard has been trying to retrieve the
documents. We all knew that it was the half breed Kathleen that had them from her visit to bury your

Both Tarzan and Jane stared at Fin in surprise. He truly believed that Tarzan was John Clayton Jr. and he
had never seen nor asked for the papers. This led them both to believe that he was indeed the one to trust.
They would not show anyone the papers until they went into the high courts, at which time they would
produce the documents. “Will you represent us?” Tarzan asked Fin, knowing that Jane had already asked,
but wanting to make it official. He nodded his assent and then began a small diatribe.

“There is more to this than you realize. Whatever documentation that you have, you must keep it as safe as
humanly possible. Richard will not stop until he has found these documents. Even your animals are not
safe. I do not want to see or know where the documents are until we are ready to meet with the crown, I
too worry.” He wiped his brow as he returned his hat to its rightful place atop his head. “You will not be
safe until you have seen the crown, and even then, you will have to worry about Richard, he has been
relentless.” Tarzan realized that Kathleen had tried to warn him about this and now he worried that perhaps
he should have went directly to England to claim his family fortune, and not been detoured to see Richard.
Samson might still be alive and Jane would not have had gone through the extra turmoil. “I don‟t
understand why my grandfather, Albert, would not have divided things equally between the three siblings?”
Tarzan asked. Fin cleared his throat. “There is more to this than you know Tarzan.”

Jane pulled at Fin‟s coat sleeve. “What do you know that you aren‟t sharing with us?” She begged him to
confess. “I have been sworn to uphold the law and therefore I have sworn to keep certain information
confidential. I will be able to inform you of this once we have proven you are indeed the rightful heir, until
then, everything is at risk, no one is safe. You must prove yourself sane with the doctors, but with the
explanation of the savagery of the jungle on your side, you must promise to them that you will learn the
ways of the civilized world, even perhaps take up a position within Greystoke. In order to prove your
sanity, you must NOT use the Clayton name, because they will excuse you on that alone, you must do this
of your own accord and then when you take over as heir, you will be taken seriously, no one will be able to
appeal, least of all Richard.”

Tarzan thought that the whole mess could have been avoided by Albert sharing equally with his three
children. It was understandable that Dawenhethon didn‟t want anything to do with the estate, but she also
took comfort in knowing that Thao would be cared for should anything happen. But Richard, he was the
last son, he should inherit something. It was wrong that the oldest boy inherit all and the others nothing.
This had been the way for too long. Even yet, Tarzan considered the fact that he would be willing to share
equally with Richard. When he voiced this, Fin almost fell over the side of the ship. Tarzan gripped him
tightly. “You aren‟t serious; tell me that you aren‟t serious. Don‟t you know what all of that power will do
to him? Tarzan promised not to do anything until after the analysis had been completed and the hearing
had taken place. Once that was over, he could do what he thought best. In the interim, he decided that Fin
was looking out for Tarzan and Jane‟s best interests, so he lost himself in other things.

“I think we shall return to our cabin Fin. I do thank you for bringing us dinner, it was most enjoyable to
share dinner with a fine gentleman such as yourself.” Tarzan‟s words and sincerity touched the tall man
more than anything anyone had ever said to him. He offered his hand to Tarzan, who had learned by now
to take the hand and shake it. “I look forward to working on your hearing.” Tarzan held tight the hand of
his new friend. “No, you don‟t understand Fin. If all goes well, we want you to represent us always, not
just now.” The colour drained from the man‟s face. How could he even entertain such an offer? His
apprenticeship was almost done, if he was to leave the firm now to go on his own and it didn‟t work out,
where would he go?” Tarzan sensed his apprehension and squeezed his hand tightly. “You are the one Fin.
You are the one that we all trust.” In saying „we‟, Tarzan was including the animals, because if they hadn‟t
liked Fin, this offer would never have been made. Fin let his hand go limp in Tarzan‟s vice-like grip. “I
would be worried that I would fail, may I think about this and answer you once the hearing is over?”
Tarzan loosened his grip on the man, but his aqua eyes had never once left the deep brown eyes of the
other. “Certainly, we can wait.”

Tarzan rose with the first rays of sunshine creeping through the cabin. Jane‟s legs had entangled his own
and he relished in the feeling of her warm flesh so intimately touching his. She was his wife now, his life
mate. It seemed strange to think about, what with the events of the previous days overshadowing the
obvious joy that they should be celebrating. For now, he would have to make due with the situation, and
just love her. As he stirred, she rolled over to her other side, relinquishing possession of his thighs. Jane
liked to sleep later in the mornings than he would have preferred, but this gave him time to spend with his
animal friends, trying to explain what would occur over the next while. It was a difficult thing to explain,
when he really wasn‟t certain himself.

Tarzan put his large hand over his stomach. He felt nauseous. Looking out of the portal, he could see that
the ocean wasn‟t reeling, so he couldn‟t blame the ship. He knew he was hungry, but hunger hurt more than
made him feel sick. Tarzan sat on the floor with Numa and leaned into the furry coat of his golden friend.
Numa licked Tarzan‟s face while Teeka sat on his lap facing him. They sat quietly, wondering what would
happen next.

Jane sat up quietly in bed. Tarzan lay against Numa on the floor. He looked almost green. “Oh my.” She
stumbled out of the bed, tripping over the bed skirt and falling almost head first into the three of them on
the floor. Teeka screeched at Jane as she found her balance. Tarzan smiled as he offered Jane his hand in
order to help her straighten up. Jane laughed, as did Tarzan. Teeka continued to scream, while Numa
yawned wide. “Are you all right?” Tarzan questioned her. “Other than a little embarrassed, I am fine. What
about you, you look positively ill!” Tarzan explained to Jane about the sick feeling in his stomach. She felt
his forehead and noticed that he wasn‟t overly warm. He had no other symptoms other than his nausea.
Jane tried to explain that it was probably just his nerves; after all they were supposed to arrive in Liverpool
today and soon would have to prove himself to a whole new group of people.

As soon as she said it, it made sense. He started to feel a little better. “Perhaps some fresh salty air would
help you?” Jane offered, explaining that she had to dress first and then use the facilities. Tarzan who
continued to lean up against Numa smiled. “I wish we never had to get dressed again.” Jane stood in her
thin under dress, looking down at her handsome husband, lying on the floor of the cabin leaning against a
huge beautiful lion, with an ape now jumping on his lap. Tarzan lay there naked, not caring, not wanting to
be anything but what he was. Jane took solace in the fact that once Tarzan was proven, he could wear what
he wanted, when he wanted. Or could he?

The two of them began to dress, after helping each other with a sponge bath. “How I long for the waterfalls
back home, the water was cool and invigorating, but it was plentiful.” In Jane‟s mind‟s eye, all she could
picture was the perfect figure of her personal Adonis standing under a waterfall, naked and glorious.
“Hmmm.” She sighed, out loud it seemed. “Jane? Is everything all right?” Tarzan cocked his head to the
side, Jane made this sound when they made love, and he loved to hear this sound emitting from his lovely
wife. She grinned. “You sure make a lovely daydream dear Tarzan.” He smiled as she wrapped her arms
around his neck and touched her lips gently against his. “Only a dream Jane? Do you prefer your dream?”
He teased her as he ran his fingers through her long auburn tresses, inhaling the scent of her, his hands
sliding down the curve of her hip to rest on her buttock. Jane smiled. “Oh my no, I much prefer the reality
of you to the dream of you; however you are both very stimulating.” They kissed once more, deepening the

This was the way that mornings should be. Tarzan enjoyed the feel of his wife in his arms, his hands
touching her, feeling her breath on his face, her heartbeat next to his. “Jane, I love you.” He smiled, pulling
slightly away to speak and then pressing himself to her, showing her exactly how much he wanted her at
that moment in time. Jane pushed herself into him, letting him know that she too was interested in their
exclusive mating ritual. With her obvious body language, Tarzan took his cue. With his arm around her
back and the other reaching under her legs, Tarzan picked Jane up into his strong arms and kissed her as he
carried her back to their bed.

As Jane reached up, and Tarzan took the hem of her under dress to pull it up over her head, there was a
sharp rap at the door. Both stopped breathing, hoping whoever it was would think that they were still
sleeping and would go away. Again there was a sharp rap at the door. “I am sorry to intrude on the
newlyweds, but I need to discuss with you please.” It was the voice of the Captain Stubbing. Tarzan looked
to Jane, who lay on the bed, a halo of auburn surrounding her head. How angelic she looked. He wanted to
take her, he wanted her more than he wanted to discuss anything with the captain, and he was torn. Jane
was the voice of reason as she sat up in the bed. “Put your breeches or some pants on and I will put my robe
on. He won‟t stay long if we are in such a state of undress.” It was difficult for Jane to pull her stare away
from the liquid hypnotic gaze of her husband. Her insides ached for him, her skin tingled at his touch, at the
very thought of his intimate touch.

Slowly, Tarzan rose from the bed, still lingering over Jane, his sinewy muscles flexing with each
movement. He knew that he was tormenting her, and he was glad that he wasn‟t the only one that felt the
delicious torment of arousal. A grin passed his lips as he moved away from his blushing bride. “Just a
moment Captain. I must get some clothing on.” Tarzan was not very subtle. He and Jane could have sworn
that they could feel the captain blushing from out there.

Tarzan leaned on the doorframe in the open doorway, his breeches barely sitting at his hip, the laces
dangling, untied. The captain looked up to see his long blond locks a mass of knots and damp curls. His
timing was terrible he realized, but there wasn‟t much time before they would be docking in Liverpool, the
weather, the wind and the water had all accommodated the last days of the journey. “I really need to speak
to you in private; I do apologize for the intrusion.” Tarzan moved out of the way, motioned the captain to
enter and closed the door behind him.

Jane was in a similar state to Tarzan. She had that glazed look that the captain recognized and suddenly
missed his lovely wife Suzanne. Her image took up his vision for moments, long raven black hair flowing
down her back to her perfect………..He cleared his throat. Tarzan studied him for a moment and realized
that it was not Jane that was enticing the captain. He was lost in his own fantasies. “Missing someone?” He
asked the captain who gladly obliged. “My wife, Suzanne, she is in Boston for a few weeks visiting with
her aging mother. I miss her dearly, she sometimes crosses with me.” Jane pulled her robe tighter and
pulled out a chair from the settee. “Must be hard to be away from her for so long, do you have children?”
Jane asked. He smiled. “We have a grown son, Paul, he is teaching university in France.” Jane smiled.
“How wonderful it must be to see the world as such.” Again the captain smiled. “He was educated in the
finest schools, my wife comes from money. Unfortunately I have not made fortunes in order to keep her in
the style to which she was accustomed.” His gaze saddened momentarily, but then he realized that he had
been married to her for 25 years. “I guess she made due.”

Small talk out of the way, Captain Stubbing related a warning to Tarzan and Jane. “There is more going on
here than I thought, yesterday while we were engrossed in your court case, the storage compartments of the
ship were ransacked. Did you find any such trouble in here?” Tarzan pointed to Numa who laid sound
asleep, body between both rooms. “He would not lay there for anyone he didn‟t know or trust.” The captain
took a large breath and let it out slowly. “They were looking for something in particular. Even your lawyer
friend, Mr. Fox‟s things were not left alone. Someone searches for something of great importance.” Jane‟s
hand covered Tarzans as it fisted. “It would no doubt be Richard‟s henchmen searching for the documents.
Perhaps he doesn‟t think that I would be crazy enough to keep them here in the room.” Tarzan smiled. Even
Jane didn‟t know where the documents were hidden.

“We had some trunks stored below, were they too ransacked?” Jane queried. The captain nodded. “Yes,
anything that belonged to you two or Finnias Fox.” Jane looked to Tarzan who still didn‟t seem concerned.
“Was anything damaged?” She continued to question the captain. He shook his head. “It doesn‟t seem so, it
just seems as though someone knew exactly what they were looking for, so it would make sense that they
would be looking for the documents.” Tarzan wasn‟t giving up their whereabouts. He wouldn‟t tell anyone,
that way no one could find out from them. He simply smiled. “Thank you for the warning captain.” Tarzan
said, walking back toward the door, his pants falling lower on his hip, barely covering the front of his lower
belly. Jane gasped and closed her eyes, biting her lip as she tried to cover her emotion. The captain merely
thought that she was having a delayed reaction to the news. Tarzan knew what he was doing to his wife and
he loved her honest reaction. A smile crossed his lips, until he drew his top lip in and bit it in the centre,
something that Jane also found enticing for some strange reason.

“We will be pulling into Liverpool by lunch time; we are ahead of schedule by a few hours. I wanted to let
you know this so that when you find your baggage, you won‟t be upset, and also to let you know that once
we are in port, you will have to go with the authorities to the psychiatric hospital.” Jane almost flew out of
her chair. “You can‟t be serious! You said evaluation, not committal!” Tarzan pulled Jane into his arms and
held her tightly. The captain stood, holding the hat that he had removed when entering the room. “He is not
being committed Jane, but in order to evaluate, they must spend some time with him.‟‟ Jane was visibly
upset. “But we were just married; I need to spend some time with him!” Tarzan squeezed her tightly and
leaned to whisper in her ear. “I survived the jungle for over 20 years, I am certain that I can survive this
hospital to which you refer.”

Jane spun around in her tracks. “You don‟t understand, they do unspeakable things to people in those
hospitals, they are frightening, horrible places! Captain, Captain, you must speak to the authorities and have
Tarzan analyzed at home, at a hotel, but no, not in one of those awful places!” Jane was inconsolable as the
captain took his leave of their cabin. He shook his head saying that if he was to prove his own lack of guilt,
he had to prove to the doctors that this was the way of his world.” Jane leaned into Tarzan‟s naked chest
and pounded her fists lightly against him. “I can‟t lose you, not now!” She wasn‟t sure if she should be
angry or sad. Anger seemed to work better. Tarzan took her fists within his hands and stopped her from
pounding. “You must trust me Jane.” She stared at him in disbelief. “The doctors and the authorities, they
don‟t know what has happened to you; they can‟t be responsible for your future.” Tarzan held her hands
tightly in his. “I am not asking you to trust the doctors, I am not asking you to trust the authorities, I am
asking you to trust me.” With that statement, she sighed. “I bet your stomach hurts more now.” She
questioned him, but he shook his head. He seemed to draw his strength from conflict.
Jane admonished herself for her outburst. If anything, Tarzan needed her to be strong now, not some
simpering idiot. As she sat before her vanity, staring at the strange woman in the mirror, she reflected on
the past few months. Life had never been simple, but it always seemed that for every dark cloud there had
indeed been a silver lining. Tarzan was the most silver of all. She smiled as she placed a large comb in her
hair to hold up the mass of curls. Tarzan stood behind her, his suit nicely pressed, his hair pulled back in a
tidy ponytail, and his ascot precisely tied. She looked up to his reflection and smiled. “You clean up very
nice.” Tarzan smiled back at her, his crooked smile tugging at her heart strings. “So do you Jane, but I
prefer you messy.” His honesty never ceased to make her blush, but she too felt the same, she preferred him
with his hair tousled, his chest bare and his eyes sparkling with mischief.

She stood up and took the hand that he had outstretched. During the crossing, Tarzan had learned many
things about etiquette and propriety, but he would be damned if he would don those damn shoes. Jane had
given up the fight, knowing it was futile and she had better things to concentrate on. “You do realize that
England has weather quite unlike your Africa, there will be rain and cold, you may yet put those shoes on.”
He laughed at her, his aqua eyes dancing. “That was not, how do you say it, very subtle Jane.” He wiggled
his toes and began to walk toward the door with her in tow.

Upon opening the door, there stood Finnias fox. He was dressed impeccably as usual, in a dark pin striped
suit that gave the appearance of even more height, making him almost intimidating. Had he been a man of
more girth, he would have been a quite imposing figure. Seeing Jane, he tipped his hat, keeping it in his
hands, his black hair greased back in the fashionable style of the era. He looked at her with his soft brown
eyes, and she could feel the intensity of his stare, but his easy smile seemed to ease the tension. “I would
like to accompany you to the hospital if you like.” He spoke to Tarzan, but never took his eyes from Jane.
Tarzan was silent, biting his bottom lip, deep in thought. He had to have a plan of some sort. What would
he do? “I would like for you to accompany me and then I would like for you to make sure that Jane is set
up in the best accommodations that we can afford for the time being. It‟s not much.” He reached into his
deep pocket and produced a billfold, inside was some paper money, American money. Fin smiled at Tarzan
and told him to put the money away.

The porters came into the room and removed the baggage, but no one wanted to deal with the animals. Jane
hadn‟t even given then a second thought and then she realized that Tarzan would surely hold her
responsible for their care. “There is not a hotel in all of England that will have the animals.” She blurted
out. Tarzan watched her carefully, and even more carefully watched the reactions of the tall man before
her. Fin tried to soothe Jane with comforting words. A sly smile crossed Tarzan‟s face. Fin was infatuated
with Jane. He would protect her with his life; Tarzan could feel it in his bones. “Fin, what should we do?”
Tarzan asked, knowing full well what Fin would suggest. Fin of course looked directly at Tarzan to make
his suggestion. “My mother has a very large house just outside of Liverpool, there are large grounds that
the animals can roam and there are rooms that she would allow Jane to occupy until such time as we know
the outcome of your analysis.”

Tarzan almost laughed out loud. How easy this manipulation could be if done right. He thanked Fin
profusely, whereas Jane was more uncertain of how good an idea this might be. Tarzan took her aside and
confided. “You would not be safe at a hotel. At a private home, Numa can protect you from the wrath of
Richard. It will take him some time to figure out that you are not staying at a local hotel and hopefully by
this time, I will have proven my case to the doctors.” Jane wished that she could be as certain of things as
Tarzan was. She was, however, aware that she could take care of things. If he trusted her enough, she
should be able to trust herself enough. Jane took a giant leap of faith when she stepped onto this ship with
Tarzan, she could not forsake him now. Standing on her tip-toes, she kissed Fin on the cheek, thanking him
for going above and beyond the call of duty. “You will be richly rewarded if we succeed Fin.” Tarzan
added, but for some reason, he had never gotten the impression that Fin was in it for money or glory. He
seemed to be an honest fellow that wanted to see justice performed properly. Tarzan had rarely been wrong
about anyone.

Together the three of them headed toward the gangplank, where the Captain stood, speaking to his guests
and wishing them well. Some he knew would be returning to America within the month, some he knew
would remain. Tarzan and Jane he was unsure of, and quite worried. He wasn‟t altogether certain that he
had done the right thing. Perhaps he should have waited until they reached England to try the case. Looking
up and seeing the beautiful Jane, his eyes began to glisten. He had already spoken to the authorities, and
there were four bobbies standing at the bottom of the gangplank, waiting for the captain to point out their
man. Taking Jane‟s hand in his, he brought them up to his lips to kiss. She felt his apprehension, but knew
he needed some sort of reassurance. “You will speak on our behalf?” She pleaded. He smiled, “Of course I
will.” He let go of Jane‟s hand to take Fin‟s. “You will make sure that they are looked after will you not
Mr. Fox?” The captain smiled at the gentleman as he tipped his had. “You have my word sir.”

Finally Tarzan stood in front of him. The young man cleaned up very well, but shamefully he still refused
to wear shoes. “The winters are cold here.” He smiled at the blond man with the contagious crooked smile.
“I don‟t plan on spending the winters here.” Tarzan responded, never missing a beat. “I certainly hope that
we have done the right thing here.” The captain‟s worry could not be contained. Tarzan placed a large
comforting hand on the older man‟s shoulder. “Not to worry, all will be well.” Tarzan‟s confidence was an
enviable gift. Captain Stubbing didn‟t know him well enough to judge him, and therefore hadn‟t, leaving it
in the hands of complete strangers. He couldn‟t shake the feeling of foreboding that shadowed Tarzan,
despite his confidence. Tarzan leaned into the smaller man and whispered in his ear. “If they do not let me
out, you find a way to get her back to America, we have friends there that will care for her. You must
promise me this on your very life.” Tarzan would take a promise for no less. The captain did not hesitate. “I
will see that your will is done.” Tarzan had made Fin promise that very thing as well. Jane wouldn‟t need to
know their secret unless that time came where he could not contact her. As Tarzan wrapped his arms
around his wife, the captain knew that the confidence was almost a ruse, Tarzan too was worried over the
outcome, but he needed to know that Jane would be cared for, or he could not do what would need to be
Jane and Finnias walked along side of Tarzan as he approached the English police. The captain walked a
little ahead of them; giving them a head‟s up and asking them to please try not to make a scene, or to
frighten the other passengers. As the all approached, it was Richard who made the scene. “You should be
hauling him off to prison, this imposter.” It was Jane who calmly turned and smiled at her former employer.
“Why Mr. Clayton, was it not you, yourself who claimed Tarzan to be your nephew, John Clayton Jr.?” She
turned away in order to not give away her lack of confidence. He was not aware of any lack of confidence.
He seethed, but tried to remain calm for the sake of the authorities. “It was a misjudgment Miss Porter, I
was so anxious to find my nephew I was willing to be duped by this man.” Tarzan laughed to himself, but
remained silent as he allowed the authorities to escort him to an awaiting buggy. Jane found her composure
and turned back to Richard. “And by the way sir, my name is Lady Jane Clayton, not Porter.”

Richard almost fell apart. He became tongue tied and confused, but quickly composed himself once again.
“That remains to be seen Miss. For the time being, you will have to settle for Mrs. Tarzan.” Jane grinned. “I
have not settled at all Mr. Clayton. Tarzan is a wonderful husband, attentive, loving, and compassionate. I
certainly have not settled.” She walked away, her hand resting inside of Fin‟s elbow as they left the scene.
Richard could not contain himself. “You little gold digger, you won‟t find what you came here for, I‟ll see
to that!”

Fin could feel Jane begin to falter, but he held tight to her hand and once they were out of sight, he assisted
her inside of the carriage with Tarzan. Her beautiful blond Adonis smiled at her as he leaned forward to
place a soft kiss on her full mouth. “He doesn‟t own you Jane. You do. He cannot hurt you unless you
allow him to.” Tarzan smiled at his wife as she leaned into him, taking in the last moments of their
closeness before he would be taken from her so abruptly. “You must promise to come back to me Tarzan,
you must promise. I am nothing without you.” Tarzan wrapped his strong arm around the expanse of her
shoulder and squeezed. “Jane, you are everything, with or without me.”

Fin smiled at his friend Tarzan. Most of the men that he knew would coddle their wives, or completely
ignore them. Tarzan did neither, he merely loved her and protected her the best he could. It was taking a
long time, but Jane was learning to appreciate this loving independence. Tarzan wanted her for his lifetime
mate, not his scullery maid or merely his lover; he wanted her in his life. Knowing this helped Jane to deal
with the fact that Tarzan would have no choice but to leave her to her own devices and pray that Fin was
indeed the gentleman that he portrayed.
Fin had made sure the Tarzan and Jane‟s things would be sent ahead to his mother‟s home in the country.
Making sure that Richard Clayton did not see where they were, he asked that the coachman be especially
careful that there were two wild animals in the carriage and they were to be treated with the utmost respect.
He hoped that the conversation that Tarzan had had with them before leaving would suffice until Jane was
able to join them. The ride to the hospital was uneventful. The policemen were quite cordial to Tarzan, as
well as Jane and Fin. Fin recognized one of the bobbies and spoke to him at length; Jane was hoping that
he would be kinder to Tarzan knowing that he was a friend of Fins.

The arrival at the hospital was like stepping into another century. The old hospital looked like a terrifying
castle with iron gates surrounding it, and iron bars on all of the windows. There was nothing welcoming
about this place. Jane thought to herself, if anyone needed help, they would certainly not find it here.
“How can they analyze Tarzan in such a place?” She asked Fin. He looked around and found nothing
amiss. “It‟s an institution Jane. A sanatorium for the insane and the criminally insane.” She shot a glance
at Fin. “Tarzan is neither.” He shushed her. “That is what they are going to prove here. Please Jane, let
me do the talking.” Fin almost insisted, taking on a new persona as they disembarked the carriage. Tarzan
stepped out behind her and stared at the horrendous building. It had an ominous presence about it, like the
building was alive and had many a horrible story hidden in its walls.

A sturdy gentleman met them at the gate, unlocking it for them to enter on foot. The carriage was not
permitted beyond the gates. Jane looked up at the sign on the building and was appalled at what it said.
“Liverpool Lunatic Asylum” She didn‟t know if she was angrier at Richard because of this new
predicament or with herself for allowing Tarzan to become part of her problems. This just wasn‟t right.
She should have killed Richard when she had the opportunity.

As they walked the path to the doorway, the sky clouded over and it threatened rain. Jane looked up and
then over to Fin who seemed unmoved. “It‟s England Jane, it rains.” He spoke matter-of-factly to her, not
knowing what else to say. The large gentleman that led them to the building escorted the three of them to
the Superintendent‟s office. One of the bobbies had given the large man a letter from Captain Stubbing
which he now handed off to the very eerie man on the other side of a very large oak desk. He looked up to
the three strangers, as if trying to discern which one was crazy. He had originally assumed it was Jane.
Many a man had committed his wife in order to carry on illicit affairs and not have to worry about the laws.
Wealthy women with large dowries were here so that their husbands could take their money.

Then he looked to Tarzan and saw that his feet were bare. He decided that he was indeed the lunatic.
Besides, Fin looked like a solicitor, or in his case, a solicitor‟s assistant. Fin watched the superintendent
watch them and finally spoke. “Captain Stubbing has asked me to speak on behalf of my client and
himself.” He offered his hand to the superintendent, who stood and stared at the very tall lean man. “I am
Finnias Fox and I have been retained by Mr. Clayton, who we wish to prove is not insane, but was not of
his right mind at the time of the incident that the captain will no doubt have informed you of in his note.”

The superintendent, Mr. Tyrell took Fin‟s hand and shook it, his grip rather strong. He then offered his
hand to Jane as well as Tarzan. Tarzan tried to get a read from this man, but his senses were overloaded
from this place. He could sense the pain, the struggles the heartache. Suddenly he was filled with
trepidation, a foreboding. He had to ask. “Are you associated in any way with Greystoke Mr. Tyrell?”
Tarzan knew full well that if Richard hadn‟t been here yet, he would be shortly to make his own case.

Tyrell motioned for everyone to sit. “Greystoke is one of our greatest contributors. You call yourself
Clayton, yet the only living Clayton from Greystoke is Richard.” Fin motioned for Tarzan to remain silent.
“My friend Tarzan has proof that he is indeed the child of the lost son John Clayton Jr. and his wife Alice.”
Mr. Tyrell‟s eyebrows knit in the middle of his forehead as he watched Tarzan. “I am not the doctor here, I
am merely the superintendent. I oversee how things are run, the funding, and the administration.”
Everyone nodded at this statement. “It is for the doctor‟s to conclude the degree of…” He looked at Tarzan
wondering where he found such a strange name, “Tarzan‟s lunacy.” He couldn‟t be tactful if he tried. All
said and done, he had been reasonable enough for them to trust that he was not in Richard‟s pocket, yet.

As Mr. Tyrell rose, they all followed suit. “I will show you to your cell, er room, Tarzan, may I call you
Tarzan?” Tarzan took a step back still trying to read this man. He caught the slip of the tongue and was
not anxious to be put in a small cell again. His cage in America had been enough for one lifetime. They
passed through corridors of doors. Small windows or sliding windows adorned the simple doors. All was
very quiet. No one moved about other than the orderlies. Even Fin found this strange. “You have no
patients here that are allowed out of their rooms?

Mr. Tyrell brought them to a different wing of the building. “This is where the paupers stay. They stay
here at 12/- a week, so they are allowed to roam free. They help out when they can, we are short staffed
sometimes. Some of the patients that are in better shape help the other patients. We have free time in the
afternoon when they are brought out to the grounds to walk, weather permitting. From the look of outside,
the weather rarely permitted. “How can anyone get better under these circumstances?” Jane finally asked.
Mr. Tyrell stopped and he looked down at the petite woman with the mass of auburn curls that just
screamed „touch me‟. He smiled. “We have one of the best reputations in all of England ma‟am. His
accent was thick, he tried to hide the fact that it was cockney, but he was adamant and when he was struck,
he struck back. “There‟s been no one hurt here, no patients have died. There have been scandals in
Lancaster and London, but here in Liverpool ma‟am, we are proud of our institution.”

With his hands shoved into his coat pocket, Mr. Tyrell led them away from the ominous building through
the beautiful gardens into the infirmary. “We are attached to Liverpool Infirmary as you can see. It‟s a
good hospital for both the ill and the insane.” He looked over to Tarzan who continued to walk without the
aid of shoes. He didn‟t seem to mind. “Did you lose your shoes then?” Mr. Tyrell finally had to ask.
Tarzan smiled. “Where I come from, shoes are unnecessary.” Mr. Tyrell retorted, “You aren‟t there now
lad, and here you will need shoes, they will become necessary.” Tarzan looked him directly in the eye,
finally getting a feeling from this man. “I don‟t plan on being here long enough to need shoes.” Mr.
Tyrell, having read the captain‟s letter, didn‟t believe that this man had murdered anyone in cold blood, but
he knew that there was something different about him and sighed. “Tarzan, anything different, and they
will do their damn best to alter that thinking.”

He had given Tarzan a clue as to how things actually worked in here. While he was trying to think like
this, both Fin and Jane were trying to figure out a way to get the Clayton name to be of some use to them.
Until the hearing, they couldn‟t legally use the Clayton name, and until then, they couldn‟t use it to their
advantage in this place.

In the infirmary, a young woman helped another woman into a wheeled chair and pushed her over to a
window. Tarzan was amazed at the chair. “Why does she need this chair?” He raced over to the woman
pushing the wheel chair. The pretty blonde woman looked up at the handsome man who spoke to her and
smiled. “Her legs gov, they don‟t work no more.” Tarzan processed the words until they finally made
sense to him. “Why don‟t they?” She began to explain, and while she did, Tarzan listened intently. Jane
and Fin watched him in wonderment. He was so naïve at times. Mr. Tyrell also watched and listened.
As Tarzan marveled over the wheel chair, Fin began to converse with the superintendent. Jane stood close
by as so to hear anything out of the ordinary. Fin pleaded with the man to make sure that the doctor put on
the case was a good, honest doctor that wouldn‟t be bought by the Clayton name and fortune. Mr. Tyrell
promised to do the best that he could for the lad, but it was out of his hands which doctor would be put in
charge of the case.

Mr. Tyrell approached a matronly woman and asked to speak to the current doctor in charge. She asked his
business and left momentarily, returning only to tell Mr. Tyrell that he could enter the office. He went alone
and when he returned a few moments later, he was accompanied by an average looking man with graying
hair and a day‟s growth of beard. Tyrell pointed at Tarzan who was still marveling over the wheel chair.
“And you have him HERE without restraints!” He reprimanded Tyrell, who explained that the lad was not
violent. The doctor stomped over to Jane and Fin who stood dumbfounded. “Are you inmates or family?”
Jane wanted to punch this man in the nose, but fought the strong urge. “I am Tarzan‟s wife, and this is his
Solicitor.” She was going to introduce Fin and herself by name, but the doctor interrupted. “I am Dr.
Jackal; your husband needs to be put in restraints until further evaluation. Do you wish to witness this, or
would you like to leave?”

Tarzan was at Jane‟s side within seconds of the doctor‟s statement. “I don‟t need to be restrained, I will
follow without incident.” He offered. The doctor‟s eyes squinted as he looked at the blond man with the
fancy outfit and the bare feet. He took a step back. “Were your shoes damaged somehow? We can find you
a pair. Mrs. Carroll, please find a pair of shoes for Mr., Mr…….” He lost Tarzan‟s name, but Tarzan who
quietly stepped in front of him offered up. “The name is Tarzan and no, I don‟t need shoes. I don‟t wear
shoes.” The doctor‟s eyebrow rose as he stared at the man before him. It would be a challenge, but he was
up for a challenge. Besides, he would be more than willing to take a bribe if it were offered. From either

“Mrs. Tarzan, you and your solicitor will have to be leaving now. In order for me to perform my analysis of
your husband, I must observe him for myself Tarzan‟s hand reached from behind him to touch Jane‟s. They
were both apprehensive of this man. Even Fin was unsure of this situation. He finally spoke. “I am Mr., um,
Tarzan‟s solicitor. You will treat him properly and you will analyze him with the assistance of another
doctor as per the instructions sent by the captain. If these instructions are not followed, we will find you in
contempt and you will be charged thus.” Dr. Jackal sneered at Fin. “You have my word that we will take
the utmost care of your Tarzan. As we do with all of our charges. As you will know, we have the best
reputation for a hospital of our type.” Fin would be certain to research that aspect once he had access to the

Tarzan wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her passionately as the others watched. “You must go
now Jane. I will be fine.” Tarzan promised, not really believing that he would be, but knowing that he
would only endure so much. He had already been studying the buildings and found various routes of
potential escape. It never hurt to be a few steps ahead of your adversaries. The doctor clamped his grip on
Tarzan‟s arm as he said good-bye to his wife and friend. Tyrell escorted them back whence they came,
leaving Tarzan standing in a large foyer with the doctor, neither budging, only one of them actually

Without incident, Tarzan was led to a small room down the hall of the infirmary. The doctor was obviously
trying to keep Tarzan‟s attention averted from something as he made customary small talk as he seated him
and sat across from him. Dipping his pen into the inkwell, the doctor began to write. “You call yourself
Tarzan, what is your Christian name?” Tarzan cocked his head to the side. “Christian?” He was unsure how
to answer, not knowing what the doctor meant. With wild eyed the doctor looked up at him. “Are you
possessed by some sort of demon sir? Your Christian name, your proper name.” Tarzan didn‟t like the tone
and began to seriously wonder which escape route would be the best. He could probably find the road and
catch up to Jane within an hour. Still he sat still as the doctor continued to scribble notes on some aged
papers. It was dark in the room, the hiss of a gas lamp on the wall being the only noise other than the
pounding of two hearts, neither certain of the situation. Tarzan could almost understand the doctor‟s
predicament. He had yet to analyze the facts of the case, he didn‟t know Tarzan or presume to know what
he was or wasn‟t capable of. He was starting here with a tarnished slate though. He had been accused of
cold blooded murder.

As the pen ran out of in, it scratched the paper beneath it, sending chills down Tarzan‟s spine. “What
exactly do you have to do to analyze me?” He was unsure of the procedures, even Jane and Fin weren‟t
altogether certain as to what would be done to Tarzan. He was a patient man, but he wouldn‟t wait forever
to see his beautiful wife again, to hold her in his arms and taste her. No, nothing could keep them apart, not
stone walls or iron bars and certainly not this doctor.

Looking up from his page, Dr. Jackal sighed. “I don‟t know you and you don‟t know me, but this is a
hospital, the people in here are ill in some form or another. You have been sent here because the captain of
the ship believes that you were not of your right mind, or of like mind to the rest of us at the time. Do you
understand me so far?” Tarzan wanted to reach across the table and throttle the imbecile. “Yes I do.” He
was patient, taking a deep breath and slowing down his heart rate to something more manageable. The
doctor finally explained. “I will observe you, alone, with other people, with men, with women, with
animals. The captain said that you were traveling with wild animals on the ship and refused to have them
loaded into the cargo bay of the ship, is this correct?” Tarzan frowned, thinking of the reaction of the
animals had he allowed them to be caged. “That is correct; they were caged once before, as was I, it was a
rather unpleasant experience.”

Again the doctor looked up from his paperwork. “Did they tell you this?” He asked with his eyebrow raised
once again. Tarzan answered without thought. “Of course they did, they were just as unhappy as I.” After
scribbling more on his page, the doctor placed his pen in the slot and took up a handkerchief to wipe the
excess ink from his hands. “I believe we should begin this afternoon. Have you had something to eat?”
Tarzan was rather hungry. He had spent the morning with Jane, and then the Captain and then Fin, so there
hadn‟t been time for food. He had the animals rounded and between he and Fin had managed to find
someone who could manage them until they arrived at Fin‟s mothers house. “No, and I am a bit hungry.”
The doctor asked Tarzan to follow him, which Tarzan did, and they left the small room and headed back to
the other building; the one with the iron bars and gates.
Upon their arrival at the asylum, the doctor pulled a rather large ring of keys from his pocket and found the
one to open the doors. Once inside he locked the door behind him. “Is this not a place to help people?”
Tarzan innocently speculated aloud. The doctor choked and stopped walking. “We are an asylum, we are
here to help, but some do not want help, they want to be insane and they want to be insane outside of the
walls. It is our responsibility to keep the insanity confined to this building.”

The men walked down a corridor which put Tarzan at sudden unease. There were horrible smells coming
from the doors, human waste, people in various states of unwash, food that had gone bad, and even death.
He could smell death in this hall. He was overwhelmed. Dr. Jackal unlocked a door midway down the left
side of the hall. Inside there was a small cot under a very small window, a wooden chair, and two large
buckets; one with water, one empty. Tarzan knew what they were to be used for. “You understand that I
must lock the door Tarzan, you are not yet free to go, pending my decision.” Tarzan nodded. “I will see to
it that you receive something to eat shortly.” Tarzan stepped inside of the room, and looked up to the
window, he could barely make out if it was raining or not. Before he could turn around, Tarzan was alone
in the room and the door was locked.
“You did what?” Dr. Jackal sat at his desk trying to confer with his colleague. “It‟s all right Edmond, he
didn‟t seem violent. He went with me; he is locked in a cell as we speak.” The other doctor, an
extraordinarily handsome dark haired man in his mid forties, turned to Dr. Jackal and grabbed him by the
collar. “Listen to yourself man; have you become one of your own patients? He has been convicted of
murder by reason of insanity, and you let him walk the grounds freely!” Letting go of Dr. Jackal‟s collar,
Edmond, Dr. Cache, sat down, opened a small wooden box and removed a cigarette from it. Striking a
wooden match, he deeply inhaled the sickening aroma of the sulfur on the match. “Much better than tinder
box my man.” Edmond held the match up to the cigarette and inhaled the thick smoke into his lungs,
feeling them fill with the gases that seemed to help him to concentrate.

Finally both men sat at the desk to discuss without further outbursts, the dilemma that had befallen them.
Dr. Jackal was meeker, milder than the wild Dr. Cache. It seemed as Dr. Cache was more inclined to
silently observe Tarzan while he underwent a battery of his „tests‟. Dr. Jackal had always tried to be the
voice of reason when it came to these tests. He had stopped Edmond from removing pieces of some of the
patient‟s brains, but the ones that were too violent, that could not be controlled with medication or
hypnosis, most times succumbed to shock treatment of some sort. Edmond was under the watchful eye of
the crown, and walked a fine line of insanity and genius. His methods had cured many a patient, but had
pushed some beyond the brink of sanity, over the other side. Had it not been for Henry Jackal.

Tarzan sat on the edge of the cot looking up at the small window. He was not getting warm and fuzzy
feelings from this room. The doctor had seemed a little nervous to be with him, which in Tarzan‟s eyes
was even reasonable, considering all of the information that he had, which was almost nothing. A tray of
food was slipped through a small door at the bottom of the cell. Tarzan picked it up and smelled it. It
seemed fine. Taking his index finger and dipping it into the broth to taste, he found that it was rather
pleasant tasting, a thick broth made from poultry drippings and potato water. There was a mug of water
and a biscuit. It was simple, but he was hungry and it would have to do. It seemed he would be here for a
while, so he settled in as best as he could, removing his jacket and folding it neatly as Jane had instructed.

The ride to Fin‟s home was lengthy; the horses were not pushed to any limits. Jane, however, was anxious,
anxious for the day to end so that she could begin the next one anew, visiting her husband in his temporary
home. She could not shake the nervousness that she had felt from the first moment that she had laid eyes
on the building itself. It would certainly not hurt to say a prayer for Tarzan‟s safekeeping. Fin did not
trouble Jane with small talk. He too was anxious to arrive home. He never slept well on the ship and
disliked the traverse completely. If all went well with John Clayton Jr., Fin wouldn‟t have to worry about
crossing the ocean to look after the small details of his superior‟s business. He might be able to take an
office in London and actually work as a solicitor. He was not having delusions, he was trying to remain
grounded, but it was something that he wanted so badly.

Two men stood at the edge of the property shaking their heads. “No sirree, you are not bringing those wild
animals on the property. Lady Fox would have our heads!” The men in charge of Numa and Teeka were
patient. They knew that Finnias and Jane would be along sooner or later, so they merely sat on the seat of
the buggy and watched as Numa grazed and Teeka napped in the long thick grass on this side of the
properly line. After an hour of this impasse, the carriage finally arrived carrying Jane and Fin. Numa and
Teeka must have sensed that it was them as they both rose to greet the carriage. Jane bounced out of the
carriage to greet her friends. Numa licked her with his thick rough tongue, while Teeka screeched at her
like an owl. Fin smiled at the way they interacted. “I do hope your mother will be all right with them, they
really are lovely animals.”

It took Fin a while, but he finally convinced the gardeners to allow the animals entry to the grounds. “If
you treat them right, the lion will not eat you.” He stated, trying to sound as serious as he could. Leaning
down he whispered softly into Jane‟s ear, “He wouldn‟t eat anyone would he?” Jane really wasn‟t sure.
She had never seen Numa go hungry, but she had also never seen Numa without Tarzan‟s company to calm
him. She couldn‟t answer with any certainty, but made an educated guess. “I suppose as long as he is fed
and not provoked, he should be fine. It‟s Teeka I worry about. She will miss Tarzan as much as I will and
she may become inconsolable.

The two of them made a strange pair as they walked the remainder of the way to the main house. Jane
explained to Fin about the relationship between Teeka and Tarzan, the unrequited love. Fin was quite
understanding about the whole deal, and was especially comforting when Teeka decided that she liked him
enough to take his hand. For a moment, Jane seemed to falter. She stopped and turned around, “Tarzan?”
She could swear that she could hear him calling her. The three of them walked, quietly for the rest of the
way, while Numa found the fountain and drank for was seemed forever, walked a few feet and answered
the call of nature, in the dead centre of the grounds. Jane smirked and tried to hide her amusement when
Numa looked at what he did, barely attempted to cover it, walked a few more feet and lay down to nap. Fin
also seemed to find the humour in the situation, the grounds keepers, however, were not amused and
warned that they would not be picking up huge piles of lion dung.

Tarzan thought about his Jane, he thought about how she would manage quite fine without him there at her
side. He was proud of her accomplishments. She had taken major strides in her life since their chance
meeting almost a month ago. Only a month and they were wed. He smiled as he thought of her long
auburn curls swinging as she walked and of her alabaster skin. At first he had thought that she was ill until
he realized that her skin was naturally this pale, and on her it was beautiful, it matched her chameleon eyes
that would alter their colour with every mood change. “Jane.” He said her name out loud as if he knew
that she could hear him speaking. He placed the bowl back onto the tray and placed it on the floor. He had
not quite finished the biscuit, and was contemplating holding onto it for later, just in case, when he spied a
mouse lurking in the shadows, waiting for some morsel to fall.

Tarzan smiled and broke off a bit of his biscuit and offered it to the mouse. “I will gladly share with you
my friend.” As if they were old friends, the mouse raced over to the large hand that lay on the floor before
him, sat in the hand, took the morsel and began to munch on it, filling his cheeks with the dry bread.
Tarzan watched as the little one ate and then put his hand in the bucket of water and offered the mouse a
drink from the well he had made in his hand. The mouse looked up at him without question and drank
from his hand. Tarzan had made a friend. The day wouldn‟t be a complete loss. But still, he wished that
he could be with his Jane, that he could hold her and tell her what she meant to him. She was the new
focus in his world. Because of Jane he would tolerate what he was destined to endure.
The day seemed to be passing rather slowly for Tarzan. He had been so used to busy days in the jungle and
even while he was living with the Iroquois tribe. The crossing had been quite tedious and if it hadn‟t been
for Jane, he was certain that he would have gone mad. When he crossed in the cage the first time, he spent
his time trying to find a way out and had busied himself with that. Although he hadn‟t been successful, he
had kept his mind agile, therefore not going stir crazy. Laying here on this small cot, without the warm
body of his wife to snuggle with, Tarzan was becoming quite impatient.

The sounds from the hallway were muted by the thick iron door, but Tarzan knew what was going on. He
had been warned about some of the medieval forms of treatment in these places, by Fin, who tried his best
to keep Tarzan feeling positive, but was sorely unsuccessful. Tarzan had made Fin promise to not let Jane
know anything of the goings on in these hospitals. He was certain that she would know, but when she had
left Tarzan, he was in the hallway of the infirmary, there were physically ill people being treated there, in
this building, the mentally ill were in much worse shape.

It was late afternoon when finally the door opened and in walked Dr. Henry Jackal and Dr. Edmond Cache.
Tarzan rose and stood before them, standing almost a head taller than Dr. Jackal, but inches shorter than
Dr. Cache. The men stared at one another for moments and then finally Dr. Cache spoke. Trying to be as
cordial as possible, he held out his hand to Tarzan and introduced himself. “I am Dr. Cache. I hear you
would like for us to provide you with a clean bill of mental health.” Tarzan took the outstretched hand and
gripped it. He could tell a lot about a man by both his grip and this body language. Dr. Cache was neither
nervous nor excited around Tarzan, as Dr. Jackal was, however there was something that was a little „off‟
with Dr. Cache. His eyes seemed vacant. The man looked as though he was not of this world, as though he
were possessed by some other worldly force.

In the jungle, Tarzan had witnessed the magic and voodoo of the witch doctors. He had seen many strange
things. One thing that he noticed was that a lot of them had smoked some substance that seemed to alter
them, something like the peyote that he had smoked before his vision quest. The almost vacant look on Dr.
Cache‟s face was reminiscent of these witch doctors. He smelled of tobacco, but there was something
about his body odor that Tarzan was picking up as well. Something wasn‟t quite right with him. It was
wrong enough for Tarzan to worry.

Jane walked into the estate home and stared at the magnificence of it all. “What a beautiful home Fin.”
She spun around trying to take everything in at once. He smiled. “My mother will be pleased that you
think so, it is a great showpiece.” There was a tinge of sarcasm to his statement, but Jane was certain that
he meant there to be. She had the distinct feeling that he was happy to be home, but there was still
something that was holding him back. She was anxious to meet the lady of the house.

There was a downstairs maid, a butler and a housekeeper at the door in seconds. Fin was obviously not
expected, but they were all quite pleased to see him, speculating at his voyage, wondering who Jane was,
what was happening on the grounds. They buzzed around him like children welcoming their father home
after a long absence. Fin smiled and warned them all if they weren‟t careful, he wouldn‟t dole out the
souvenirs that he had brought them from America.

“You spoil the help Finnias. They do not require gifts; they are recompensed quite well for their duties.”
Jane looked up to the railing that surrounded the stairway to the second floor. A most beautiful woman
with raven hair and charcoal eyes stared down at them. Finnias favoured his mother for certain, the dark
hair, the shape of the face, but not the eyes. Finnias had kind compassionate eyes; the eyes of this woman
were far from compassionate. “Mother, did you get my note?” Finnias asked as he climbed the first three
stairs to meet his mother.

Jane noted that the woman that was currently descending the stairs looked quite young to have a son the
age of Finnias, but perhaps she had been mistaken about Fin‟s age. The woman continued to stare at Jane,
but Jane couldn‟t decide if it was merely a curious stare or if there was more to it. “I received the note,
Robert brought it to me. Is this Mrs. Clayton?” Jane registered the thick stress on the name Clayton. It
was a matter of dropping a name for this woman. Jane was pleased that she was wearing her new clothes
and not the old rags that she wore before. It would not bode well for her right now to be knows as the old
rag Mrs. Clayton. Finnias took his mother‟s hand and helped down the final three stairs. “It is Lady
Clayton, mother.” Jane bit her tongue, sorely wanting to have the woman merely call her Jane, but that
wouldn‟t do in society. They were not friends as of yet. She wondered, should she courtesy? Should she
offer her hand? She waited. Lady Fox nodded her head sideways, as did Jane. “Lady Clayton.” “Lady

Cordialities over with, Fin requested that Jane‟s luggage be brought to the guest wing. Lady Fox smiled.
Jane could almost hear the wheels turning in the woman‟s head as they walked to the salon and rested on
the settee. “Fin, do tell Doris to add a place to dinner. I am sure that Lady Clayton is famished after such a
long day. Where did you say that Lord Clayton was?” Before Jane could respond, Finnias stopped in his
tracks and turned to face his mother. “Lord Clayton has been detained by business mother, he will send
word anon. I will take Lady Clayton back into Liverpool in the morning to see what his plans are.” With
that he turned to Jane and motioned for her to be careful in what she said out loud, even to his mother.

“I must extend my gratitude to you Lady Fox for your hospitality. It is very kind of you to take us in while
we straighten out our business.” The lady smiled slyly. She had ulterior motives. Lady Clayton visiting
with her, this would work wonders for her social status, which of late had been declining. She was hoping
that perhaps Lady Clayton would be able to introduce her to the London elite. Unbeknownst to Lady Fox,
Lady Clayton was yet to be debuted in London society. In fact, until Tarzan was released from the
Liverpool Lunatic Asylum, Jane would have to settle for being plain Jane and Lady Fox must be kept from
knowing the truth. Fin‟s plan was that if his mother couldn‟t find out the truth, no one could.
Tarzan, though uncomfortable in the presence of the two doctors, was still left to his own devices. “What
is next for me? What do we have to do in order for me to prove to you that I am not insane?” Dr. Cache
almost laughed out loud. In all of his years working in the lunatic asylum, very few people ever proved
such, quite the opposite, those that weren‟t really crazy, eventually ended up that way. He would have to
learn more about Tarzan to decide if he was worth „helping‟. Dr. Jackal smoothed over the breast pocket of
his white coat, feeling a small vial there. “Dr. Cache is concerned that you might be violent, due to the
nature of your crime.” Tarzan slowly turned his head, having noticed the slight movement of the doctor
over his pocket. “I am not violent by nature; I was defending my wife from a monstrous man.”

Both of the doctors had read the letter from Captain Stubbing, they also read between the lines, the
Captain‟s plea for mercy on behalf of Tarzan. Both were inclined to follow the captain‟s request as he had
spent more time with Tarzan than they had, but these things cannot be decided over a letter and one short
meeting. “I will make a bargain with you Tarzan.” Dr. Cache paced the length of the small cell, looking at
Tarzan from another view. “If you sit with us, answer our questions, and remain calm through it, not
getting violent, I see no reason why we cannot perform an evaluation in a short period of time.”
Tarzan closed the distance between them, until they were almost eye to eye, the doctor slightly taller,
looked down, and was not intimidated. “How long is a short period of time?” Tarzan requested. The
doctor shrugged and touched Tarzan, who moved backwards at the feel of the man‟s hand on his shoulder.
“Now that would depend on you.”
Dr. Cache moved away from Tarzan and examined the jacket that lay neatly across the wooden chair. The
cloth was rich, the buttons quite beautiful. It was a well tailored jacket, with an inside pocket. The doctor
placed his hand in all of the pockets to come up empty handed. “Please, empty your pant‟s pockets sir.”
He demanded. Tarzan complied by pulling the pockets out of the pants, revealing emptiness. The doctor
smiled. “I see you prefer to walk barefoot. Do you think that this is the sign of a sane man?” Tarzan
looked at his dirty feet and smirked. “I spent my entire life barefoot sir, to put my feet into those
uncomfortable contraptions that you refer to as shoes, would be more insane in my opinion.” The doctor
was visibly amused.

“All right then, we shall begin.” Dr. Cache walked over to Dr. Jackal and placed a large hand on the
smaller man‟s shoulder. “This should be interesting. We have been looking for something interesting to
study; I do believe that our friend Tarzan would make an interesting subject. Make the arrangements
Henry.” He stepped out of the room, much more jovial than he had been upon entering it. Tarzan stepped
toward the door, stopping short as Dr. Jackal remained in the room. “What arrangements is he referring
to?” Tarzan asked. Dr. Jackal reached into his pocket to produce the vial. “In here is a serum that will
cause you to speak only the truth.” Tarzan contorted his face and stepped back. “I always tell the truth, I
do not need such a liquid.” The doctor assured him. “I understand that you do Tarzan, but for us to be able
to prove that you do, we need to give you this serum first. In order to do that, we must be in a controlled
atmosphere. It would be much easier if we do this without incident, as everything will be journalized for
the purpose of your hearing.” Tarzan knew that he had been pushed into a corner. If he did not cooperate,
this would be a mark against him and perhaps the doctors would set out to prove that he was indeed insane.
He wanted to be with Jane so much. “Will my wife be able to visit me?” He blurted out, wishing he could
be with her right now, holding her, loving her.” The doctor smiled. It was always good to see a little fear,
no matter how minute it was, fear was healthy, and natural. It would be unnatural to not fear the unknown
in some degree. “Your wife will visit on the morrow; Mr. Fox has informed the staff that he will indeed
bring her for a visit. I believe that Mr. Fox has an ulterior motive though, to see if we are mistreating you.”

Tarzan was relieved to know that he would see Jane tomorrow. It would make everything else seem
possible now. “What do you need me to do?” He was even more calm as he asked know. Dr. Jackal
observed Tarzan‟s strong dependence on his wife and made a mental note to discuss this with Edmond. In
the interim, he explained to Tarzan what they would do. “You have been brought here as a lunatic, having
killed this fellow Samson Thomas. Because of the nature of the crime, when traveling the hallways, we
must insist that you be shackled. If you do not resist, this will bode well for you on your final analysis. As
long as you cooperate with us, it will make everything much easier.”

The idea of shackles was not a pleasant one. The doctor had explained that when Tarzan was in his room,
he would not have to be restrained as such, but when he was out and about, it was something that was non-
negotiable. With a nod, Tarzan gave a silent assent. He continued to think of Jane, of what might have
happened to her if he hadn‟t intervened with Samson. It was too late to go back and change that, but he
could alter his future, he would alter his future. At whatever cost, he would prove that he was as sane as
the next man, and be returned to his wife.
Lady Fox bristled through the house, barking orders at the staff. She so wanted to make a good impression
on Lady Clayton. The Greystoke fortune was known throughout Europe, and was an impressive estate in
its own right. Lady Fox was more interested in meeting Lord Greystoke than becoming friends with Lady
Clayton, but she had to work with what she had.

The porters carried Jane and Tarzan‟s things to the suite of rooms that Lady Fox had been generous enough
to share. Jane asked if it would be rude to ask for a hot bath and be able to rest for a while after such a long
journey. Lady Fox ordered it immediately, along with a tray of food and tea to be brought to the room. She
watched the interaction between Jane and Finnias as he offered to show her to her rooms and smiled slyly.
Her son seemed to be quite smitten with the woman. How far would he go to win her heart? “Mother,
would you have Ginny bring a bottle of wine to my rooms please?” He asked, hopeful that Jane would
share some wine with him while her bath was being drawn.” His mother sighed, “But my darling Finnias,
you know that bottled wine is illegal here in Liverpool.” Finnias stopped halfway up the stairs. “Mother,
you know that it has been legalized of late, that‟s why you have a wine cellar filled with bottles of Italian
and French wines. I would like a bottle of white wine, please.”

Jane turned to Finnias as they continued to climb the stairs. “Wine was illegal?” She asked, quite
confused. He smiled. “Bottled wine was, yes. It‟s all to do with politics, nothing to worry about, as the
bottled wine is now legal. Would you care to join me in a glass of wine while you wait for your bath to be
drawn?” He smiled, his soft brown eyes carefully watching for some sort of response. Jane smiled. “I
don‟t think that we would both fit into a glass!” He grinned, she could be silly. He loved silly! He
laughed out loud, causing his mother to become concerned. From below she raced to the stairs and called
out to him. “Is everything quite all right Finnias?” She did not want him insulting their guest. “It‟s quite
fine mother, Jane and I were just sharing a joke.” He and Jane continued to climb the stairs, while his
mother smiled, staring after them. It would be easier than she thought, Jane already liked Fin, to push them
together might actually work.

Tarzan was given a set of clothing to wear, so as not to ruin his good suit, so he was told. He put the
simple garments on and folded the trousers and crisp white shirt with the ascot. He felt more comfortable
in the loose fitting clothes, but could not understand the need. It was moments later when two very large
orderlies appeared in his doorway. “What is going on?” He questioned, but his eyes faced the floor when
he saw that they carried two pairs of shackles, one for his wrists, and the other for his ankles. He was not
happy. Every fibre of his being wanted him to shoot out of the door and run like a maniac to safety. Where
was safety? He was in a country he didn‟t know, in a place he didn‟t like, for reasons he didn‟t quite
understand. Humbly he lifted his wrists in order for the men to shackle them.
Jane stood on the balcony of Fin‟s room, overlooking the grounds where Numa and Teeka seemed to have
taken to. She sipped on a glass of sweet white wine and wished that Tarzan were here to see his friends
enjoying a small sample of their freedom. She had promised that she would look after them, and though
hated to admit it, she would have much preferred going to bed for a long nap. Fin noticed her serious
expression as Jane sipped from the wine glass. “They will be fine. I have paid the porters to stay with
them for the time being. They won‟t want to come into the house unless it gets bad out side and I am
certain that my mother would heavily object to them living indoors. I promise you though Jane; the porters
will be well remunerated for their troubles.” She smiled. “You read my thoughts Fin.” Then she downed
the remainder of the glass of wine. Her legs were a little weak, and the tip of her nose was numb. She
knew she shouldn‟t have had the wine, but it tasted so good to her. A single tear traced a path down her left
cheek and landed on her chin.

Fin wiped the tear away. “Jane, he will be fine, I will do my utmost to make certain of that.” She scowled
at him. “I wasn‟t thinking about that Fin. I was thinking that I shouldn‟t have had any wine. I should not
be drinking, I have issues with alcohol and I shouldn‟t drink.” He understood more than she thought he
did. Popping the cork back on the bottle of wine, he took her glass and ushered her down the hall to her
suite. Ginny was inside testing the temperature of the water in the very grand tub in the center of the
smallest room of the suite. “There you are miss, do you require assistance with your dress?” Jane turned to
Fin. “Thank you so much Fin.” He took both of her hands and held them up to his lips. She could feel his
hot breath on her hands, but he merely kissed them and let them go. “Enjoy.” As he was about to walk
away, “Ginny, anything that Lady Clayton needs, please see to it.” Ginny raised her eyebrows, knitted
them and then placed a false smile on her face. “Most certainly Lord Fox.” As she curtsied, Fin left the
room, closing the door behind him.
Tarzan was led into a small chamber           where he was met by Doctors Jackal and Cache. Dr. Jackal
held a long metal syringe in his hands. Tarzan having been warned ahead of time about the serum was only
a little concerned about the needle. He had never seen such a contraption before and it looked rather ugly
and intimidating. Tarzan was seated in a rather large wooden chair and his shackles were locked to the
existing hasp. Once done, the orderlies left the room, closing the door tightly behind them.

Dr. Jackal seemed to be in charge here, which put Tarzan a little more at ease. “As I explained to you
before Tarzan, this serum is a drug which will enable you to be truthful. Once the drug is in your system,
you will be unable to lie; which is why this is used. It will be easier to analyze you if we have our notes
from now to compare with our notes later.” Tarzan didn‟t react whatsoever. He tried to remain as calm as
he could under these circumstances.

Dr. Cache seemed to be taking rather extensive notes already, which aroused Tarzan‟s curiousity, but he
remained silent. Dr. Jackal took the opportunity to explain things to Tarzan. I am going to put this needle
into a vein in your arm. It may prick a bit, perhaps a lot, and then you will feel a warm sensation in your
blood. Your head may become light or heavy; if possible try to let us know as things happen. Once the
serum has begun to take effect, Dr. Cache and I will be able to ask you some questions. Do you understand
Tarzan?” Tarzan didn‟t understand why they had to perform this procedure, but he did realize that he
wasn‟t getting out of here any time soon unless he cooperated. “Yes.” He answered, having understood the
procedure, just not the reasoning.

The needle prick didn‟t hurt so much as sting. It felt invasive, like when the panther ripped at his
shoulders, but not so intense. The heat of the fluid as it invaded his body was strange as well. His body
seemed to not want to obey him now, similar to the feeling of the peyote. He rested his eyes momentarily.
He wanted to sleep, he felt tired. Dr. Jackal held a cup of water to his lips. “Do you want a drink Tarzan?”
He asked, Tarzan responded by opening his lips slightly to take the liquid. Once done, the doctor placed
the cup on the desk beside him and sat on the corner. It was to begin.

Dr. Jackal and Dr. Cache had planned out the time they had with many questions, but Dr. Jackal had
suggested that if they knew what had happened to Tarzan, it would give them a vantage point, somewhere
to start. Unbelievably so, for the first time in a long time, Dr. Cache agreed with Dr. Jackal, there was
something about Tarzan that was almost primal. He agreed that Dr. Jackal should ask the questions as
Tarzan seemed to be more at ease with him.
“Tarzan is not your Christian name, what is your Christian name sir?” The doctor asked, beginning the
questioning. “Tarzan is the name I know; I have been led to believe that my name is John Clayton Jr.” Dr.
Cache stared at his colleague in great disbelief. “Can I see you outside Henry?” Having only begun the
session, Dr. Jackal was not anxious to leave Tarzan, as he was unsure how long the serum would act upon
him, but reluctantly, he agreed.

“He can‟t be a damned Clayton Henry. Do you realize the ramifications? We will lose our funding!”
Henry paced the hallway, having been unable to discard the long metal needle, looking rather frightful.
Edmond stopped him mid pace. “You are going to hurt someone with that thing, put it away.” “We are
doctor‟s Edmond, we are here to help people, not put to lock them up and throw away the key. We have a
good reputation here, not like the other hospitals that have patients killing themselves all of the time, or
their surgeries going terribly awry.” Dr. Cache was pacing now. Something was really wrong with him
and Henry was finally able to see. “What are they holding over you Edmond? Is it a woman? A young
man perhaps?” Edmond stared at his friend. “A young woman, it began innocently Henry, believe me.”
His hand went out to his friend, but Henry walked away from him. “I can‟t believe that you would destroy
this so easily over a roll in the hay! Can‟t you keep that damn thing of yours under control? Keep it in
your pants? Shall I prescribe some saltpeter for you perhaps?” Edmonds eyes grew dark with checked
rage. “I can keep it under control for now. Let‟s finish this.” Henry could not bring himself to look at
Edmond, he followed him back into the room where Tarzan had nodded off to sleep.

When the men walked into the room, he woke with a start, finding it hard to believe that he had let his
guard down. He had heard them speaking, had understood each word, but for the moment, couldn‟t put it
together. Dr. Jackal placed the needle on the desk and began his questions once again. “Tell me how you
came to be in the jungle then Tarzan, if this is true.”

Tarzan recounted the story as he had remembered, from a child‟s point of view. He recounted the beautiful
ship that they had boarded; he loved it from stem to stern and walked it daily as they sailed from Dover to
the coast of Africa. They had hit a reef there and the ship broke apart. Storms had taken over the sky and it
was angry, angrier than he had ever seen it. He was a small child, but he had been taught to swim, knowing
they would be sailing the ocean, his father thought it a prudent lesson and was correct in that assessment.
Tarzan stopped talking, there had been no question and he had divulged more than he thought that he had
remembered. A tear had gathered in the corner of his right eye and he was worried that it might escape.
Dr. Jackal sat silently for a long moment. Dr. Cache had not become involved in the session as of yet, and
he remained silent. The poignant story had touched them in a place that they had trouble believing they
still had of late, in their hearts. This small child had been left to fend for himself off of the coast of Africa.
“Were you completely alone Tarzan?” Dr. Cache finally asked, too involved with the tale to not hear its
completion. “My mother washed up on shore, my father managed to swim, but when the ship broke apart
the masts fell and he was hit by one. Try as I might, I could not get him or mother to breathe and to get up
and walk with me. There was death everywhere.” He had painted a rather vivid picture of the first day of
the rest of the next twenty years. Tarzan did not speak unless he was asked a question. As soon as one of
the doctors would speak, he would find a cue to stop talking. He knew that what he was telling was not a
secret, but he also knew if he went on with his story, they would have a very difficult time believing it all,
sodium pentothal or not.

Tarzan could feel the effects of the drug wearing off. His head was beginning to hurt and he was very dry.
Dr. Jackal must have realized this, as he offered him a drink from the cup of water. “You have done well
Tarzan. I don‟t know how you survived without your parents; did the natives take you in?” Tarzan knew
that the drug was wearing off, but they didn‟t. He attempted to hesitate, to tell a half truth, but somehow he
was unable to. “I was raised by the apes. I was a replacement for one of the apes whose child had died.”

Jane lolled in the warm water of the great tub for what seemed like an hour. The water was beginning to
cool when she finally stood up and stepped out, wrapping herself in a thick warm towel. She felt so much
better, but so very tired. Without dressing, or even combing her hair, she walked to the bed and fell down
in a heap, smiling at the comfort that she felt beneath her. It would be wonderful to share such a
comfortable bed with her husband. Jane pulled herself t the head of the bed where the pillows had all been
fluffed, and placed her very wet head down. Sleep took her like a drug.

Lady Fox placed the letter in the envelope and sealed it with the hot red wax, then took her family ring and
pushed it into the hot wax. The seal of the family Fox had been a long respected one. Perhaps she would
have some answers and sooner than Finnias would provide them. The drug in the wine had worked well.
Finnias was sound asleep on his bed and it seemed that Lady Jane had fallen asleep following her bath. It
would be too easy. She grinned. It would be much too easy.

After Tarzan had made his statement about the apes, the two doctors, being quite taken aback, decided that
the questioning had come to an end for the time being. Tarzan would need to rest now, and they would
have to take the time to go over their notes and perhaps draw some conclusions, they needed to start
somewhere, Tarzan had given them a place to start.

The orderlies came as requested, unlocked the shackles from the hasp and walked Tarzan back to his cell.
Once inside they removed the shackles and placed him roughly onto the bed. He did not fight, they did not
harm him. The door was closed before he could finally close his eyes and let the sleep take him. He was
exhausted, he felt as though he had just relived those hours in the time of the ship wreck. Not only had he
relived it, but he had unburied it from deep within.

“What are you looking for Henry?” Edmond followed his colleague through their extensive library, trying
to help, but not knowing what he was searching for. “I am looking for the Aveyron‟s Victor!” He said
quite excitedly, not quite knowing if he could indeed believe the story that Tarzan had begun to relate about
being raised by apes. Edmond smiled. “I do recall reading that, I believe it was published by Itard, and
MAN.” Henry slapped Edmond on the back of the shoulders. “Do you know what this means Edmond?”
He smiled as he climbed the step ladder to reach the higher books. “Do you know what a find this man is?”
Edmond shook his head. “If he is a Clayton, they will never let you do your research, or write a paper.
They will want this information buried. Greystoke will not look on this with favour. Henry‟s hair was
falling in his face as he tried to read the book in his hands. He looked to his friend and smiled. “To hell
with the Claytons and Greystoke, this my dear Edmond, is the reason for what we do!” Edmond opened a
small box and poured some of the white powder into his pipe. With a quick snap of the match along the
side of the match box, the smell of sulfur filled his nasal passages. He put the match to the powder in the
pipe and drew on it, filling his lungs with the opium. “You are a dreamer my dear Henry, a dreamer. You
are a doctor not a scientist.”

Henry stepped off of the stool and glared at his friend. “I am not the dreamer, you are, you cannot deal in
reality, and you smoke the opium as if it were a cigarette.” He closed the book and sat down at the desk to
review his notes. “I am a scientist, we are all scientists. I must know how he survived.” He began to
scribble and read, then he would scribble in the text and then on his page once again. All of this time,
Edmond drawing back on the pipe, smiling at his friend. He wished that he still had his enthusiasm, but it
was gone, now he only had his perversions, and these he must keep in check. This boy was a Clayton;
there would be no messing with this one.
Jane awoke with a start. She was naked and in Fin‟s bed. This was impossible. He lay there as well, starting
to wake from his drowsy state, just as startled to see Jane laying there, her breasts exposed to him. Quickly
Jane pulled the blanket up over herself and crawled out of the other side of the bed. Just as she did this
there was a knock on the door, Lady Fox stepped into the room without invitation. Seeing Jane standing
beside her son‟s bed made her smile, though she hid its well. “My God, are you insane, both of you? What
are you doing in my son‟s bed Lady Clayton? I am sure that this will not bode will with your husband!”
She walked toward her son and slapped him across the face. “And you, you should know better!” With that
she spun on her tracks, and slipped out of the door, slamming it behind her.

Jane stared at Fin who was just as confused as she was. “What the hell just happened here Fin?” Jane
requested. She remembered drinking the wine, she remembered going back to her room and she
remembered a long lingering soak in a very nice, warm tub. She did not, however, remember, coming back
to Fin‟s room and climbing in his bed, naked. She checked herself for any signs of intimacy with this
almost stranger, and found nothing. Her skin was still flawless. All of the bruises from her time with Joshua
had all disappeared, there were some scars, but they were well healed, inside and out. “Fin, what is going

Fin sat in a state of confusion. He tried to think, but it was impossible. He most definitely had felt a strong
physical attraction to Jane, but he would have never done anything about it. “I don‟t know Jane, I don‟t
remember anything.” Jane wrapped the blanket tightly and tucked it in the front to secure it. “I don‟t trust
your mother Fin, do you think she had anything to do with this?” He looked Jane directly in the eyes, his
soft brown eyes seeing the amber of hers. He could easily get lost in Jane‟s eyes. “I don‟t know. Perhaps.”
Jane took him by the shoulders and shook them hard. “Is your mother in need of funding? My husband‟s
family is very wealthy and she would know that, is this some sort of blackmail?” Fin signed. “I don‟t know
Jane, she doesn‟t talk to me about finances. All of my wages go back into her estate for upkeep, but my
wages are meager compared to mother‟s tastes.”

Jane paced the length of the room. This was not good. It was already early morning. What was Lady Fox
doing outside of Fin‟s room? How would she have known that Jane was even there? Hmmm. Jane‟s mind
began to spin with the different ideas that filled it. She would have to hurry Tarzan‟s analysis along, but
there was no way that she could remain under this roof. “Fin, get my things packed up, we need to get the
animals somewhere where they will be cared for, but I cannot remain here, I don‟t like the feeling that your
mother creates here.” He agreed, but didn‟t know where she could go. “Leave that to me, don‟t let you
mother know I am leaving, just get my things packed up.”

Jane rushed to her room and she neatly folded her things. Without any remorse she walked down the stairs
to the doorway. She was hungry, but to sit at the table with that woman leering at her, Jane could not put
her self through that. Lady Fox raced to the front door. “Lady Clayton, where are you going?” Lady Fox
almost stood in front of the door to keep Jane from leaving. “I have an appointment with my husband
today.” She watched the expressions changing on Lady Fox‟s face. “How will you face him?” She glared at
the woman with the beautiful auburn hair and flawless alabaster skin. Jane shot the woman a look. “I have
done nothing Lady Fox, your son is innocent as am I, and I have nothing to be worried about.”

Jane brushed passed Lady Fox and headed for the carriage. Fin had been smart enough to take the other
carriage with the animals and Jane‟s belongings ahead so that his mother wouldn‟t see if she went out side.
It would take a while before she noticed that Jane‟s things were missing. Still, the older woman raced to the
carriage. “I can keep your secret for you Lady Clayton, providing you do not seduce my son further. I can
be very discreet.” Jane almost laughed out loud, but held herself in check. “You have no secret to keep here
Lady Fox. Good Day.” She gave the instruction for the carriage to go forward.

Lady Fox smiled, thinking that she had something over Jane. She had already sent a letter on to Greystoke
to tell of Jane‟s indiscretions. What she hadn‟t banked on was that Jane was the wife of the Clayton that
hadn‟t come forward yet, not of the current Earl. She would not hear this until Fin began his deliberations
after Tarzan‟ could be proven sane.

Tarzan woke with a start. The sun was shining into his tiny window and, the rain hadn‟t come this day.
There were small birds chirping outside of the window. Tarzan scaled the wall, finding toe holds
everywhere. Someone had thought this out before. The birds sang a beautiful song, which Tarzan answered
with a soft whistling sound that mimicked them. Suddenly he stopped and jumped to the floor, landing on
his hands and his feet. Slowly he turned and stood straight as he watched the door begin to open. It was Dr.
Jackal, accompanied by a very large orderly. Tarzan stepped back from the door and waited for them to
come in.

“I am here to thank you Tarzan, thank you for your cooperation yesterday.” Tarzan nodded, knowing that it
had taken all of his strength to keep from fighting the doctors and their serum. He wanted desperately to get
out of this place, to see his wife and to resume a normal life. “Are we done yet?” Tarzan asked, knowing
that the larger man was with the doctor for a reason. He would not be subdued today. Jane was to visit
today, and he would see her come hell or high water. “Please Tarzan, we have more questions.” Tarzan‟s
stance became quite rigid, his hands clenched into fists, his toes even curled in anticipation of the
inevitable. “My wife is coming to visit me. If I can see her, I will answer all of your questions without the
drug.” Dr. Jackal was not so inclined to bargain with a patient, but he was concerned that it would be more
and more difficult to deal with this one if he didn‟t comply somewhat.

“Lady Jane does have an appointment today, and I will allow her to see you, but you must keep your word
or Daniel here will have to subdue you.” Tarzan almost laughed out loud. Just because the man was large
didn‟t mean that he could subdue Tarzan! It was laughable. Tarzan had fought bull apes and won; he had
fought the lions and managed to control most of the jungle creatures with merely a sound. This man could
never in his life begin to understand the power that he had commanded in the jungle; he was King of the
jungle. Now Dr. Jackal threatened the King with this mere specimen of a man. “I will keep my word. I do
not lie.” Tarzan‟s eyes were dark and foreboding, Dr. Jackal knew that he would be trouble if he wasn‟t
allowed a visit with his wife.
Jane composed herself and when she finally caught up with Finnias she was almost cordial to him. He met
her with open hands, downcast eyes and much sadness. Jane placed a small hand on his and smiled. “I
don‟t know you that well Fin, but I think I know you well enough that you wouldn‟t compromise me like
your mother tried to.” He lifted his head, searching her eyes for truth. She smiled at him. He breathed a sigh
of relief. “I will understand completely if you chose to have someone else represent your husband now.”
Again Jane smiled. “I need a drink of water, is there an inn somewhere that we can purchase a meal, I am
hungry and thirsty. I would love coffee, do they drink coffee in England?” Fin shook his head and smiled.
The lovely Lady Clayton was indeed a lady.

Helping Jane up into her carriage, Fin barked some orders to the men in the other carriage to take the
animals to his friend Terrance‟s home. He would speak to Terrance later, but they were to use Fin‟s name
and a promise that he would fetch the animals anon. “These creatures, though lovely, are somewhat of a
nuisance when you are trying to perform miracles you know.” He smiled finally, putting Jane more at ease
in his company.

Sitting on the seat beside Jane, Fin informed the driver where they would be taking their breakfast and the
driver sped the horses on. “I must apologize Jane. Both for my mother and for myself. I don‟t know why
she would do such a thing, or how, and I should not have looked at you when you were…………..”He
caught himself before he confessed more. He had taken a good look at the beautiful woman in his bed. The
vision of her pale skin and pert breasts would be imprinted on his brain for a very long time. It had been a
while since his last tryst and he was so attracted to Jane. He had to stop thinking about it. Jane, watching
the myriad of expressions traipse across Fin‟s face, almost laughed out loud. If he had known how many
men had seen her breasts, he might be appalled, but here she was, starting a new life, she decided to be
cautious. “I understand the attraction Fin, it‟s human nature, but I would appreciate if you would put that
memory out of your head.” Jane pulled her handkerchief up to her eyes and daubed them a bit, the tears
from bottled laughter had built up and she needed to wipe them. “But of course Jane, most certainly!” He
was most adamant that he would forget the memory straight away.

She didn‟t know what she asked. Fin would move heaven on earth for this woman. He would do whatever
was in his power for her. Knowing how much she loved her husband, he would still comply with her every
whim, having only her happiness at heart. If he were a violent man, he would have strangled his mother this
morning, perhaps even to the point of killing her. She had gone too far. It was time to take his inheritance
and revolt. “Tarzan must be quite anxious to see you.” Try as he might, Fin couldn‟t help but smiling at his
statement. After the conversation that they just had, he couldn‟t help but to see the auburn beauty in her
natural state. Jane turned to him, knowing what he was seeing in his mind‟s eye, but realizing that the more
she made of it, the stronger the image would become. “I am anxious to see him. I haven‟t slept away from
him since shortly after we met.”

Jane watched the expression change on Fin‟s face. “It is a very long story Fin. Tarzan saved my life. We
were destined to be together from the beginning, only I didn‟t know it. He seemed to. We shared a home,
not a bed.” She fibbed, but he didn‟t need to know all of the sordid details of the romantic love between
Tarzan and Jane. “What do you know of the Iroquois Fin?” Fin shrugged, “Not much I must admit. I had
little to do with the natives, my business was with the mines and other businesses over there.” Jane‟s breath
caught in her throat. “Like Greystoke?” A small smile crossed Fin‟s face. “No, we were unable to get the
legal contract for Greystoke. It seems that the owner had his own legal department from England. She
breathed once again.

Tarzan was given a fresh bucket of water and a small amount of soap to clean himself with. A hearty
breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits had hit the spot for him. His desire for his wife was seconded only by
his appetite. Running his fingers through his clean wet hair, he managed to pull it back neatly and tie it with
some string that he took from his cot. To him it didn‟t matter if he was covered in mud from head to toe, or
soaked from the rain, but Jane would be here soon and he wanted his appearance to please her.

Finally the door opened and Dr. Cache appeared in the doorway, alone. “You are not to discuss your
treatment with your wife.” He was adamant, of course making Tarzan want to discuss it all the more with
his wife. “You look like you have been drugged Dr. Cache.” Tarzan stated, able to smell the stench from
the opium on the good doctor‟s clothes and breath. “I have been. I just saw your wife, what a healthy
specimen she is.” He incurred the wrath of his new patient. Tarzan leapt through the air, his hands wrapped
tightly around the doctor‟s throat. An orderly was there in seconds, trying to pull Tarzan off of the doctor,
wondering why the doctor was laughing so heartily. Finally Tarzan relinquished the doctor‟s neck and
pulled himself free of the orderly‟s grasp. Dr. Cache stood up and laughed. “Well, I would say that was a
very sane reaction! Good on you old boy.” He turned and walked away, telling the orderly to bring Tarzan
to the meeting room.

Taking a deep breath and finding his composure, Tarzan moved in the direction that he was ordered to go.
Before entering the room, Tarzan looked in to see who was there. Jane was speaking to Fin; she looked
wonderful, well rested and healthy. He was happy that she was not neglected due to his incarceration. The
door opened and Jane looked up. He looked tired and worn out, but there were no visible marks on him, no
bruises. She pushed her chair away and raced around the table to greet him. “Oh my, I didn‟t think that I
could miss anyone so much!” She covered his face with tiny kisses, he held her tightly, burying his face in
her thick auburn curl, his fingers tracing the lines of her back, resting on her hips, slightly touching the
fullness of her buttocks. He wanted her; he wanted her there and then. Ever so carefully, he pulled her
closer to him. Their eyes met and then he took possession of her mouth. She tasted of cream and jam, she
tasted so wonderful. His leg slipped between her legs and he pressed against her, revealing his arousal to
their kiss. She moaned so slightly, but he managed to capture the sound with this lips. Jane‟s knees felt so
weak until finally they let go. Tarzan caught her and picked her up into his arms, still kissing her, kissing
her so hard that her lips had become tender to the touch. He wanted to devour her.

“Okay sir, you‟ll have to put the lady down, or she‟ll „ave to leave.” A gentleman with a very thick cockney
accent spoke, trying to be reasonable with the couple, he knew that it hadn‟t been that long since their last
meeting. “We are newlywed‟s sir.” Jane explained quite red-faced. The gentleman smiled. “Understood,
but people are watching your visit ma‟am”. He motioned upward with his nose and when Tarzan and Jane
looked up, they saw Dr.‟s Jackal and Cache taking yet more notes. “Damn.” Tarzan said, arousing the
interest of Jane. She had never heard him curse before. “Something you picked up here?” She smiled as
they sat very close to one another to at least try and keep their conversation private. “I thought that we
would be alone, you know.‟ Of course she knew. She smiled to herself, wondering if any lunatic asylum
offered conjugal visits. Perhaps it would be the cure for some of the patients. Jane kept that statement to

The two of them resigned themselves to having to talk instead of make mad passionate love to each other.
“You are settled into Fins?” He asked, but Jane didn‟t know whether or not to be honest with Tarzan just
yet. Fin sat at the other side of the room, not wanting to barge in on the couple, but there just in case his
services were needed. He frowned at Tarzan and Tarzan knew that something was amiss. “What is it Jane?”
She pulled his face close to hers and she kissed him tenderly on the lips. “Fin‟s mother drugged us, trying
to cause a rift between you and I, I suppose hoping that she might win over your affections by using such
information against me.” His hands were on her shoulders, pushing her slightly away from him, to see her
eyes. He smiled when he noticed the gold flecks dancing gaily for him in her amber eye. “Tell me.”
Jane explained about the drugged wine and waking up in Fin‟s bed and Fin not knowing any more than she
did, how they had made their escape from the house with the animals. Undoubtedly there would be a
scandal ensuing, but they didn‟t know how else to avoid the woman. “Fin wouldn‟t hurt you, I believe this.
He is still safe to travel with. If you must, sell something that we have if you can, to find lodgings.” She
raised her eyes to the heavens and rejoiced that she had such a man as Tarzan. A lesser man would have
accused her of falling into her old lifestyle, or something, but not Tarzan, he dealt in truth, not innuendo. “I
have become a specimen in here Jane. I fear that they will find a way to keep me.”

A feeling of utter panic fell over Jane, until Tarzan could calm her. “They are not hurting me; they want to
study me because of the way I was raised.” She understood. Any scientist worth his weight would want to
study Tarzan. Looking up, she spoke to the two doctors watching over them. “Can we speak please? All of
us?” Her hands made a sweeping motion through the room to include herself, Tarzan and Fin in any
The doctors eyed one another and then decided that it wouldn‟t hurt to have a conversation with the family.
Edmond led the way, bursting into the room first. He approached Jane with great animation, his smile quite
bright, and his hand pushing his long dark hair from his eyes. Henry followed, his smile slight, but
genuine, much more important things on his mind than socializing with a patient‟s family members.

Jane could feel Edmond‟s eyes on her as soon as he walked through the door. She looked up to him, and
realized that he was quite a handsome man with coal black eyes and long black hair. His hair was shiny, as
if he had just washed it. For some reason she found herself attracted to this man, and had she not been
married might have flirted with the idea of dinner or something similar with him. When she heard the soft
growl emit from Tarzan‟s throat, she roused from her reverie, certain that she was just suffering one of the
symptoms of not being with her husband.

Edmond, however, had been dabbling in telepathy of late. He had also learned how to send subliminal
messages to the unaware, causing them to believe that they were actually having these thoughts. He
enjoyed watching the expressions cross Jane‟s face, but when Tarzan growled at him, it was all the more
enjoyable. How he wished that he could use both of these specimens as test subjects, he was certain that
they would both be quite deliciously entertaining.

Tarzan knew that Edmond was doing something out of the ordinary. He sensed something was amiss as
soon as Edmond stepped into the room. Standing between him and Jane, Tarzan would not let Edmond
touch her. There was something about this man that Tarzan couldn‟t pinpoint, but he was certain that he
could overpower someone‟s mind if he so chose. Jane gently wrapped her arms about her husband‟s waist,
drawing him near to her, feeling the heat of his body next to hers. Nothing could enter her mind when she
was this close to Tarzan. Nothing but thoughts of nice little nasty things. She smiled to herself and almost
giggled out loud. Tarzan felt her body tremble a little and turned to make certain that she was fine. The
grin on her face was worth everything to him. How radiant she looked, how strangely radiant. He cocked
his head to the side and stared at her. Jane continued to smile; Tarzan resigned himself to the idea and
decided to move on.

It was Dr. Jackal that was the voice of the group. He began the discussion with an honest statement to
Tarzan. “If you hadn‟t been drugged when you told us about your upbringing in the jungle, I would never
have believed you.” Tarzan looked to the doctor and he spoke. “If you believe that this is how I was
raised, what do you find for my analysis? I am not crazy.” Dr. Jackal placed a hand on Tarzan‟s shoulder
and attempted to turn the truth in his favour. “If we find you sane Tarzan that will mean that you will have
to be retried for murder. If we don‟t find you sane, you will have to stay here. Either way you will have to
be incarcerated.”

Fin stepped forward. In his hands he carried some paperwork, most of it was legalese that no one cared to
read, but the top sheet of the stack was most important. He handed it to Dr. Jackal who read it more out of
curiousity than necessity. He looked to Fin and shook his head. Fin nodded. Edmond took the paper and
he too read it. “Damn barristers!” He stated as he let the paper fall to the table top and he left the room.
“What is it?” Jane asked innocently. Fin looked at Jane and Tarzan. “We have a hearing set for day after
tomorrow.” Jane smiled, Tarzan looked confused. “What does that mean?” Tarzan questioned. “It means
that we don‟t have enough time to properly assess you. That‟s what it means!” Henry too exited the room
without any propriety, leaving the three of them alone in the room with the orderlies.

Fin asked the two of them to please sit that he needed to explain something to them and they had to pay
attention. “Tarzan, are you being abused here, drugged, beaten, anything like that?” He recounted the
conversation with Dr. Cache. He had told him that he could not discuss anything with his wife, he never
mentioned his barrister. “Drugged.” He admitted, feeling almost ashamed of the fact that he had allowed
the doctors to do this to him. “They told me that they needed to drug me to make certain that I was telling
the truth.” He turned to his sympathetic wife and frowned. “I do not lie, I told them that.” She forced a
smiled on her pouting lips, Tarzan refused to fight the urge to kiss her, he leaned in and took her lips,
kissing full on the mouth. Jane softly moaned, not realizing that she had done so with just enough volume
for Fin to hear.

Clearing his throat, Fin finally got the attention of the lovers long enough to try and explain to them. “This
means that you will be put in front of a tribunal of sorts, who will talk to the doctors and hear their educated
opinions, and then you will be questioned. Once they satisfy themselves as to the outcome, they will either
incarcerate you, or set you free.” Tarzan liked the sound of that, to be set free. It had been a long time
since he had bee truly free.

Jane leaned back on the seat and stared at Fin. “They will obviously attempt to keep him now, knowing his
history.” She was not confident in the doctors that she had just met. “We can hope for the best, but I do
want your permission to use the name Clayton if necessary.” He turned to Tarzan, waiting for a response.
“This name commands much respect.” Fin smiled. “Fear more like.” Tarzan wanted respect, but in the
jungle fear was synonymous with respect. “I can live with that.” He stated, to the gaping surprise of his

With a very introspective look, Tarzan faced Fin. “Might I speak to my lovely wife in private for a
moment?” He asked most seriously. Fin smiled and told Jane that he would wait for her by the door.
Scooping Jane onto his lap, Tarzan covered her mouth with his, frantically searching for her tongue,
holding her tightly, not wanting to release her. He pulled back some, to look into her eyes. “I see a sadness
in your eyes that is different from what you are feeling for me.” She smiled. He was quite astute; no one
could keep a secret from him if they wanted to. “It‟s been difficult. Fin‟s mother was extremely nasty.”
Tarzan looked to Fin, who had not heard the conversation. Jane placed her hands on Tarzan‟s face and
turned him to her once again. “Not Fin, his mother. She is looking to get her fingers on some of the
Clayton fortune and thought that blackmailing me would do it.” As Jane related the complete story to
Tarzan he grew angry, but Jane managed to settle him. “Now don‟t be so harsh to judge. From what I
gather, she is living beyond her means and this is what women of the aristocracy do.” She wanted to say
that Fin‟s mother was just prostituting herself in a different way than Jane did, but for some reason she
didn‟t need to vocalize. Tarzan smiled at her. “I am proud of you Jane.” Jane returned the glorious smile,
noting the sparkle had returned to his blue-green eyes. “Why?” She replied. Tarzan kissed her softly,
thoroughly enjoying the sensation of their lips touching. “You have learned to be honest with yourself.
You see the world differently.”

Tarzan listened to the entire story that Jane told him, and was thankful that Fin had enough sense to get
Jane and the animals out of there before anything further could occur. He called Fin back. “This friend of
yours, is he more trustworthy than your mother?” Fin blushed and cast his eyes downward. Tarzan was
gentler. “I worry about my wife I do not want her to be mistreated further. Fin understood and explained
that he would personally see to her safety as he was attempting to do. “We will stay at my friend
Terrance‟s until the hearing.” Tarzan looked to Jane and whispered in her ear. “You still have your knife?
You strap it to your leg and leave it there always.” Jane remembered having taken the knife off to climb
into the warm tub; she had packed it in her carry on bag, which was in the carriage outside.

They took some time to discuss things before the orderlies explained that visiting hours were over, it was
almost noon. Reluctantly, Jane and Fin stood to say their good-byes. “Tarzan, please, continue to cooperate
in here, it will still bode better than if you fight them.” Fin‟s advice was sound and Jane agreed. Tarzan
shook Fin‟s hand and wrapped his arms about Jane‟s waist, pulling her close to him, lifting her off of the
ground. Their lips met in a passionate dance, tongues intertwined, mouths sealed. The orderly placed a
gentle hand on Tarzan‟s shoulder. Tarzan resisted the urge to growl at the man and put him down right
there. Jane smiled “you too are learning.” She knew how much control it took to hold back. They said
their good-byes, and then Jane and Fin were gone.

The noon meal was prepared and set on the bed when Tarzan returned to his cell. As always, he dipped the
spoon into the bowl; brought it up to his face and he smelled it. Then he would touch the edge of his tongue
onto the liquid. It seemed to be fine, nothing foul about it, but he was never certain. He wasn‟t overly
hungry, as having to part with Jane was harder than he could have imagined it would be. Two days seemed
like an eternity before he would see her again. He worried about this friend of Fin‟s, would he be as
hospitable as Fin‟s mother had been?

Picking up the biscuit, Tarzan performed a similar study of it. Nothing seemed amiss. Quietly he dipped the
biscuit into the soup, and then bit the soggy morsel, slowly chewing, making sure that he was correct in his
assumption that nothing was amiss. The food seemed to taste fine, and he finished it. Once done, he
climbed the wall to peer out of the window. Maybe he would find some hope waiting out there. Nothing but
rain; dull, gray rain. He began to feel very tired, his grip on the wall loosened and he slowly lost his
balance, falling onto the thin mattress of his cot, sleep overtook him quite rapidly.
Richard stepped inside of the doors of the beautiful estate. “Lord Greystoke, I am so pleased that you could
join me for tea.” Lady Fox dismissed the servants and personally led Richard into the study where she
would take her tea daily. Richard glanced around at the elaborate decorations and sighed. It was a lovely
house, worth a little bit, but none was quite as beautiful as Greystoke itself. With a sweeping motion, Lady
Fox offered Richard a comfortable chair. “You have a lovely home Lady Fox.” Wishing to compliment, but
not overdo it, Richard held his tongue in check. He needed allies, not enemies now. “May I know why it is
you sent for me? We have not been acquainted have we?”

Lady Fox ceremoniously poured a cup of hot steaming tea into a porcelain cup and handed the cup and
saucer to Richard, who gently took the fragile cup into his large unblemished hands. “Thank you.” He
smiled. He knew that his large brown eyes and his charm could still woo a beautiful woman, and he did
find Lady Fox quite attractive. She wore her dark hair in a loose bun on the top of her head, with tendrils
loosely framing her face and neck. Her eyes were so dark, they were almost black, and her skin was
flawless. She wore a low neckline to her dress, offering her milky skin in contrast to the darkness of her
dress and her hair. Richard was almost aroused at the way that she flaunted her bosom when she bent to
serve his tea. He was in the mood to play. What type of game was the lady going to offer up to him?

Fin took Jane‟s hand as she stepped down from the carriage. She was wearing the gloves and the cape that
she had purchased before boarding the ship. It was wonderful playing dress-up. Having visited with her
husband, Jane was torn between her feelings of worry and elation. Every touch still burned with ecstasy on
her body, she knew exactly which finger of which hand had touched her elbow, caressed her face, and held
her tightly. She could still taste him and was certain that when she inhaled it was his masculine scent that
she was breathing in. In the dark, Jane was certain that she could find Tarzan just by his musky aroma. He
always smelled clean, but very much like a man. There was no covering up the scent that he bore. She
longed for it, wished that she could carry it with in a perfume decanter.

“Jane?” Fin said her name after having cleared his throat twice and not being heard. She was drawn out of
her simple reverie and smiled up at her friend. He knew what she was thinking about and could only wish
that someone would think of him this way someday. “It‟s a lovely estate. Is everyone you know wealthy?”
Jane wanted to bite back the words but they had already been spoken. He grinned. “No.” He remembered
Annalisa, the beautiful barmaid that he had fallen in love with while attending to his studies. She was from
what his mother contended was “the poor side of town” and therefore not good enough to fancy, let alone
woo. She did like him though; she always brushed against him when he sat at the bar in the pub. She
always gave him an extra grin and one day had even been bold enough to state. “You are soooooo tall, I
love tall men.” Nothing ever came of it, but he knew that had he pursued her, he might have conquered.

“Fin?” Jane drew Fin from his reverie and he smiled at her. Yes, he knew what was going through her
mind; he was on the same plain of existence. “Who is she?” Jane asked, starry eyed and smiling. Fin
merely blushed, not having an answer that he cared to share with her. Surely she wouldn‟t understand, she
was a lady of substance. “Terrance will be very pleased to meet you.” Jane sucked in a breath when
Terrance answered the door. He was almost as beautiful as her husband. He was more graceful, leaner and
slightly shorter, but he was a magnificent specimen of the species. She finally let out her breath when she
felt Fin place her hand on Terrance‟s. “You must forgive her Terry, she has just come from seeing her
husband and she is still swooning.” Both Terrance and Jane smiled as Fin explained. “I am charmed Lady
Clayton.” Jane stared into his deep blue eyes. “As am I.”

Tarzan was strapped from head to toe to a table while the two doctors stood by. Tarzan began to rouse,
though still in a fog, from his sleep. “What are you doing?” He managed to question. Edmond smiled at his
new friend. “We are going to get as much research done as possible before the day of your hearing.” Tarzan
struggled against the restraints. They were very strong and he was still groggy. He took a large breath and
relaxed completely. He lay there on this table, this cold table, with only a pair of under drawers on. He tried
to comprehend what was happening. Even with all that was going on here, Tarzan still could feel the pull of
Jane. Something was amiss, not necessarily wrong; just not quite right.

Henry filled the hypodermic with sodium pentothal, stuck Tarzan in the exposed skin of his thigh and
waited for its effects to begin. Tarzan had felt the needle going in. He felt the liquid filling his veins,
making him very cold. “Why are you doing this? I would tell you anything you want to know if you would
only ask.” He pleaded with the doctor‟s but they seemed to be lost in their form of research. Finally Henry
responded. “You are a feral child grown up. There is so much that we could learn from you.” Tarzan was
certain that if the doctor‟s had the opportunity they would keep him prisoner forever, studying him. He
would not abide. He began to plan his escape.

Lady Fox seated herself directly across from Richard in a high back chair. She sat as she walked, very
regally, straight and uncomfortable looking. Richard, on the other hand, reached into his breast pocket and
took out a cigar. Without question, he snipped the end from the cigar and lit a match. “Such an amazing
invention”. Lady Fox stated, never having liked the smell of the cigar. “My husband, rest his soul, smoked
cigars, he would have preferred these matched to the tinderbox.” Richard nodded, getting tired of small
talk, wanting to get on with whatever he was brought here for.

As he drew on the cigar, Lady Fox finally decided that she had wasted enough of their time. “It‟s about
your wife, Lady Clayton.” Richard choked on the cigar. He had to put it down to cough and catch his
breath. Lady Fox carefully deposited her cup and saucer on the table beside her and raced to the side of the
choking man. “Are you quite all right?” She reached up and pulled the bell by the door. Richard was still
coughing when the woman appeared in the doorway. “Get him a drink of water, NOW.” Lady Fox ordered
the downstairs maid out of the room. She returned almost momentarily, handing Richard a cup with clear
liquid in it. He sipped it as he finally got his breath back. The taste of the smoke still burning in his lungs,
his throat on fire, he reached over and butted the cigar out.

Lady Fox returned to her chair and resumed her regal countenance. Richard composed himself and sipped
the remainder of his tea, which was now ice cold. After taking a breath and sighing, Richard finally
responded. “My wife? You must be mistaken Lady Fox, no such woman exists, as of yet.” A light seemed
to glow from Lady Fox‟s eyes. She slyly grinned, thinking that her own son had duped her or he had
somehow been duped. “Who do you refer to then?” Richard asked, almost knowing the answer. “Lady
Clayton was here in my very home only this morning.” Richard almost laughed out loud. “So that‟s what
she is calling herself now!” He almost roared with laughter. Finally he calmed down to a snicker,
wondering to himself if he should trust Lady Fox enough with his information. Not yet. He must see how
far she would go.
“You have met Jane; she is married to a man that claims to be my nephew.” Lady Fox sat back against her
chair. She had been certain that Fin knew what he was talking about. “You say claims?” Richard decided to
divulge tidbits of information. “My nephew was lost, shipwrecked as a child on the Dark Continent. His
father and mother were dead, the crew was killed. There is no possible way that he survived. Yet this young
man and his lovely new wife have made claims that he is indeed this child.” He laughed after making the
statement. Lady Fox smiled. “You are the only living Clayton are you not?” She was shrewd. He nodded.
Her plan could still work, but she would have to have Richard‟s cooperation. “Well, I am sure that he
would be interesting in knowing that his wife spent the night in my son‟s bed. I was so upset that I threw
them both out of my house before dawn.”

Richard never stopped to think about it, he just knew that this was a wonderful bit of information that he
could use. Tarzan was linked to Jane as if by an umbilical cord. He seemed to thrive because of her. If he
lost Jane, on top of his hospital stay, perhaps this would just break him enough to have him either
committed, or to escape and return to Africa. No matter how Richard looked at it, it was a win-win
situation for him. “You were wise to do so. You wouldn‟t want your own reputation sullied.” Richard‟s
response was just what Lady Fox was looking for. “Lady Fox, I apologize for the woman‟s behavior, she
was an employee of mine at one time, but she turned for the worse, and her reputation is less than clean.”

The smile curled Lady Fox‟s thin lips with a very devious grin. “Please Lord Greystoke, you may call me
Elizabeth.” Richard nodded his head in appreciation for the liberty that she had just awarded him. This
would prove to be a very interesting afternoon after all. He did not regret dropping Mme. Bouvier off in
Liverpool. “Elizabeth, please do me the honour of calling me Richard.” He stood, taking her hand in his
and kissing the back of it. He waited for her to recoil, but she didn‟t, she seemed to enjoy the attentions. His
deep brown eyes still could entice the ladies. This one would be a good ally.

The smile curled Lady Fox‟s thin lips with a very devious grin. “Please Lord Greystoke, you may call me
Elizabeth.” Richard nodded his head in appreciation for the liberty that she had just awarded him. This
would prove to be a very interesting afternoon after all. He did not regret dropping Mme. Bouvier off in
Liverpool. “Elizabeth, please do me the honour of calling me Richard.” He stood, taking her hand in his
and kissing the back of it. He waited for her to recoil, but she didn‟t, she seemed to enjoy the attentions. His
deep brown eyes still could entice the ladies. This one would be a good ally.
“I have not lied, my life was like this.” Tarzan continued to defend his lifestyle while Edmond badgered
him to relent. “You are lying; you were brought up on an estate in Manchester, or a brownstone in
Liverpool. You have never seen Africa!” Tarzan‟s eyes were grayed, the pupils dilated, showing little of
the colour. He stared at the doctor in disbelief. There was no reason for the medication, he wouldn‟t‟ have
lied to them regardless. It wasn‟t in him to lie.

Edmond sat back, chewing on his pencil and gave the floor over to Henry, who now wore the expression of
the mad scientist. Edmond could only chuckle at seeing the alter ego of his quiet friend. “Tell me Tarzan,
tell me all.” While he asked questions to which Tarzan would have gladly answered without the influence
of the drug, Henry poked him and prodded him with various instruments, testing his pain threshold, which
seemed to be extremely high. Tarzan did not wince with pain once in the entire session. He had been stuck
with a needle, a razor blade had cut the skin on his leg, a fork had been pushed into the skin of his thigh,
and a knife had sliced some of the skin of his belly. Tarzan‟s expression had not changed, his breathing
had remained the same and when Henry‟s stethoscope touched Tarzan‟s chest, his heart rate seemed to
remain normal. This in itself excited Edmond. How far could they go?

Edmond stood on the opposite side of the table from Henry. He held wires in his hands, wanting to use
electrical impulses on Tarzan, but Henry froze looking at his colleague. For a moment he had to look
around and realize just where he was. What had he done? Had he been working here so long that he too
had become insane? Sucking back a breath and backing away from the table, Henry‟s eyes met Tarzan‟s
fogged gaze. Trust. The trust between a doctor and a patient had been badly damaged here. Tarzan would
have told him anything he wanted to know and now, having done these insane things to him, Henry
realized that Tarzan would no longer be a willing participant in any further sessions. “Stop Edmond.” He
gave Dr. Cache an order which caused Edmond to step back and stare at him. “Why?” He queried, not
having the sense that was once his. “Because this is wrong.”

Edmond dropped the wires on the table and stormed out of the room, the distinct odor of smoke and opium
following him everywhere. Henry took up a washcloth and bathed the areas of Tarzan‟s body that he had
violated. Upon further investigation, there were no stitches needed. He cleaned the small wounds and
dressed them, all the while perspiration falling from his forehead. Tarzan finally spoke, the fog beginning
to lift. “I am curious doctor. How can you identify if I am crazy if you and Dr. Cache are both suffering
from such an illness?” His question struck a chord with the doctor, who lost his footing and sat on the edge
of the desk in order to steady himself. “Just one question for you Tarzan. When you killed the man on the
ship, were you still in the jungle, following the laws of the jungle, or were you on the ship, avenging your

It was a curious question which Tarzan had to think about for a few moments. He finally spoke. “In the
jungle it was kill or be killed. The weaker creatures are killed easily unless someone defends them, much
like I have heard your civilization is supposed to do. However, there are times when the weaker animals
are used as bait to help the rest of the herd survive. The man that I killed, he had weakened her, Jane was
unable to defend herself, he would have hurt her, perhaps killed her. I could think of no other way to stop
him.” Henry looked at Tarzan. These were the actions of a rational man, a man whose wife had been
abducted and harmed, any man in the same situation would have done something similar and it would have
been a temporary type of insanity. There was no question. Tarzan must be released before he and Cache
could finally take the wrong fork in the road of their own sanity.

Terrance walked with Fin for a moment while Jane inspected his manor. “She is a lovely woman, but what
a strange accent she has, where is she from?” Fin smiled. He loved Jane‟s accent, it was so much different
from the different dialects of English that he heard in the city. “She is from the United States.” He stated,
immediately drawing the interest of the handsome man. “Husband you say?” Again asking about Jane, to
which Fin responded, “Very happily, if you saw her and her husband together you would swear that they
were merely having an affair with one another!” His voice dripped with envy and Terrance smiled at the
mere thought of Jane having an affair. Seeing the way that Terrance was reacting to this information, he
thought it prudent to reveal the truth. “Her husband just recently killed a man for trying to harm his wife. I
don‟t recommend your usual round of cock robin with her.” Terrance bit down on his bottom lip and Fin
grinned. As much as he loved Terrance as a friend, he knew what a horrible gigolo he could be with the

Richard sat across the dining table from his new friend, Lady Elizabeth Fox. She was a vision to behold.
Richard knew for certain that she had only her own interests at heart, but he was not one to hold back out of
concern for his fellow man, or in this case, woman. Elizabeth could be quite helpful with the ton, and
having them turn their backs on Jane, which in turn would cause Tarzan to not want to be a part of this
aristocracy. If he by chance was discharged from the hospital, which Richard doubted he would be, then
Elizabeth would be a likely pawn for a continuance of his game in a different form.

Elizabeth looked at Richard and many thought crossed her mind. She found him pleasant company; he was
quite attractive and charismatic. Her measure of a man was that if she could sleep with him without
becoming violently ill, it was worth anything she had to sacrifice in order to win him over. Here at her
table was the Earl of Greystoke and with that expression she knew darned well he was trying to picture him
naked beneath him. This thought aroused her, again causing her to believe that this would not be a
hardship at all. The thought of becoming Lady Greystoke, was quite arousing. It was difficult to breath in
her corset and Elizabeth was so looking forward to having Richard remove it for her later.
Tarzan refused the offering of stew and biscuits for his dinner. He sat on the cot, staring into the small
opening in the wall. His resolve had hardened, as soon as the next person walked through the door, he
would be gone. He could run faster than any human in this building, he could find his way through the
maze of hallways with his extraordinary sense of direction. He was out of here. Thoughts of Jane invaded
his mind, he wanted her near and knew that if he escaped from here, he might have trouble finding her, but
in the end, he would. Would she want him? Would she still have the same feeling for him now if he
wasn‟t proven by these doctors to be sane? Before meeting these doctors, Tarzan had rarely second
guessed himself. He ran completely on instinct and was rarely wrong. He assumed that the effects of the
drugs were still working on his mind, though it seemed clear. Why was no one coming to the door to pick
up the tray of food?

Terrance stared across the dinner table at the flawless porcelain skin that was Jane‟s face. She became
quite uncomfortable with this man‟s obvious gawking, and wished to speak to it, but Fin‟s comfort was
more important to her now. As handsome as Terrance was, he couldn‟t hold a candle to her husband.
Dreamy eyed, Jane recalled how Tarzan had taken her into his arms, not caring what the rest of the world
thought. He didn‟t stand on ceremony, he was pure and honest and she didn‟t realize just how much that
she loved him. “Jane, you haven‟t eaten a single bite. You must keep up your strength.” Terrance parted
his lips slowly to take a spoonful of the aspic, almost sucking it from the fork. Jane‟s left eyebrow raised,
as if on it‟s own, as she looked at him. She quietly thought to herself, “he doesn‟t think that‟s attractive
does he?” She almost laughed out loud. Turning to Fin, she could see that he wasn‟t eating much either.
“Not hungry Fin?” She questioned. Many thoughts were accumulating, but the latest one was of his mother.
He had always known what type of woman that she was, but this was the first time that she had drawn him
into her web of deceit. “Not really.” He responded quietly, placing the fork on the side of the plate and
wiping his mouth with the linen napkin.

Elizabeth had the servants clear the table and then dismissed them, telling them that they would not be
needed for the rest of the evening. Richard snickered, wondering what filthy thoughts were going through
the servants‟ minds, or though Elizabeth‟s for that matter. He sucked back on his cigar, the smoke filling
his mouth, being careful not to inhale too deeply. His lungs still burned from the choking from earlier.
Watching Elizabeth was like watching an elaborate mating ritual. It gave him great pleasure to be the one
being seduced instead of vice versa. The woman was voracious.

After lighting the candles in the dark room, Elizabeth opened the decanter of sherry and poured two
glasses. Handing one to Richard, she sat beside him on the settee, turning enough so that they were facing
one another. “You haven‟t told me your plan of attack Richard. How do you plan on disposing of the
young man who claims to be heir to Greystoke?” Richard took a sip of the warm liquid and drew back on
his cigar. After clearing his throat, he placed the glass on the table beside him and placed the cigar in the
large ashtray. “I am certain that the doctors at the asylum will consider him far too incapacitated mentally
to survive in the civilized world. This being said, there is no way that anyone will believe that he is the
Greystoke heir.

Elizabeth glared at him. “You know this for certain?” She stared and watched as the corners of his mouth
turned up in an evil grin. “Yes, I know for certain. Greystoke funds the hospital.” Elizabeth joined him in
the evil grin. “Lovely then.” Lifting her glass she pushed it towards Richard and smiled. “Cheers?” she
asked. Richard picked his glass back up and they gently touched the glasses together to make a soft
clinking sound. “Cheers.” He responded.

It was dark, there was no light coming through the tiny window. The moon was not bright enough to
illuminate this dark night sky. Tarzan lay back on the bed, his hands behind his head in a makeshift pillow.
No one had come to retrieve the tray. No one had come to talk to him. No one walked the halls tonight.
He was alone. Even the tiny mouse had retreated within the walls. The drug had a residual effect, causing
him to remain somewhat tired. He tried not to close his eyes, tried to stay awake, but to no avail. Sleep
took him. [quote]Jane leaned over and kissed him, he snaked his arms around her waist pulling her to him,
tearing the material of her dress in an attempt to gain access to her naked skin. How he wanted to bury
himself deep within the folds of her skin. She tasted of berries, fresh red berries, and she smelled of
vanilla. His hands clutched her bottom, kneading the newly exposed skin of her buttocks. His arousal
became almost uncomfortable, but in one fell swoop, he had turned them around and Jane was beneath him,
he was bearing down on her, pressing himself into her. [/quote] Tarzan‟s eyes flew opened half expecting
to be laying on his wife, making love to her. She was not there. He felt the void.
Tarzan mopped the sweat from his brow. She was there, he could feel her, he could smell her and still taste
her, she was there! Slowly standing, he paced the area of his cell, touching the cold walls, looking for his
wife. “Jane?” He asked the darkness, but received no response. Surely it could not have been a dream; it
had been so vivid, so real. The scent from her hair still lay across his chest from her, his tongue tingled
with the taste of fresh strawberries. Leaning cross armed against the wall, he banged his head against the
damp cement and sighed. “Jane.” He spoke her name as if he were sending messages across time and

Jane woke with a start. She had fallen asleep rather quickly, having been tired from the excessive amount
of traveling. The dream had seemed so real. [quote]Tarzan leaned over and kissed her, he snaked his arms
around her waist pulling her to him, tearing the material of her dress in an attempt to gain access to her
naked skin. How she wanted him to bury himself deep within the folds of her skin. He tasted of broth and
buttered biscuits. His hands clutched her bottom, kneading the newly exposed skin of her buttocks. She
could feel his arousal pressing against her and in one fell swoop, he was bearing down on her, pressing
himself into her. [/quote]

Pulling the duvet up to her neck, Jane attempted to focus on the dark around her. There seemed to be
someone in the dark, in the corner over there. “Who‟s there?” She asked into the darkness. Terrance
stepped out of the corner and stood before the bed, his eyes ogling her. “I heard you call out.” Jane
focused on the man at the end of her bed. If it had not been for the colour of his eyes, in this light, she
might have mistaken him for her husband. Jane held fast to the blanket in her grasp. Had she been
dreaming or was Terrance in her bed and she was thinking it was Tarzan?

There was no evidence saying that Terrance had been in Jane‟s bed, although she was certain that if she
invited him, he would not ask twice. “I am fine, you can go.” She tried to get rid of him, but he was not
leaving. Moving closer, he settled on the bed, only inches away from her. “You are missing your
husband.” He never broke eye contact with her, his pupils large, almost no blue showing. Jane began to
wonder what she had called out, knowing how real the dream had been. “Of course I am missing my
husband. We have barely been apart these past few months.” Perhaps she was divulging more information
than she cared to. “I believe that it‟s improper that you be in here Terrance.” Jane spoke, not knowing how
else to say it. Terrance‟s lips curled in the corners making a sly smile. “My house, I am allowed in all of
the rooms at my leisure. You have aroused something in me that I thought dead Jane.”

Jane rolled her eyes into the back of her head. This country was completely perverted wasn‟t it? First
Fin‟s mom and now Fin‟s friend. Surely they could understand the concept of faithfulness. “If you prefer I
will sleep in the carriage. I do appreciate your hospitality, but I will not pay for it with my virtue.”
Terrance laughed out loud. He laughed so hard that Jane was sure that Fin would be running in
momentarily. “You find me amusing?” She asked. Terrance stood up and tore his robe off, revealing a
spectacular musculature. He was built like a Greek god. “You don‟t even recognize me with my clothes
off?” Jane stared into the eyes of the man that stood beside her bed as naked as the day he was born.

Tarzan continued to bang his head on the wall. He had to get out of this place and now. Something was
wrong, Jane needed him! After racing to the door he began a vigil of pounding, banging, hitting, whatever
means he could, on the door in order to get the attention of a guard. Some of his fellow „patients‟
proceeded to shout at him to stop, but he refused. He was going to get out here this night.

Richard stared at the ornate surroundings of the room he had been assigned to. A rob was laid out on the
large four poster bed, a decanter of sherry at the bedside, two glasses sitting beside it. Candles on the
mantle were lit, creating a very sensual ambiance. Pouring water from the cistern into the bowl, Richard
began to wash his exposed skin and dry himself with the thick towel that was laid out on the table for him.
As he undressed, he neatly folded his expensive clothing, in order to keep it from wrinkles. The robe was
comfortable, reaching below his knees. He sat on the edge of the bed and poured the sherry, waiting.

She was stunning with her hair down. Elizabeth opened the door that adjoined the guest room to her own,
and stood there testing the waters. Richard held the second glass of sherry up for her to join him. Closing
the door behind her, Elizabeth entered the room and almost like a wisp of wind, crossed the room. “You
are a very attractive woman Elizabeth.” Richard sipped his sherry, placed the glass on his bedside table
and took her glass, doing the same. Richard watched as Elizabeth ran her tongue across her lips,
moistening them for the impending kiss. Taking the opening as an opportunity, he reached out for her,
taking her gently into his arms, and kissed her full on her lips. She responded by wrapping her arms about
his neck and moaning into the kiss. It was all the invitation that he required. Tugging on the buttons at the
back of her dress, Richard managed to undo them all. The dress fell to the floor in a heap, leaving
Elizabeth standing there in her corset and under clothes. Richard smiled. He loved a challenge. Spinning
Elizabeth around, he began to untie the very tight, tortuous piece of apparel and threw it on top of the dress.
Wasting no time, the rest of Elizabeth‟s clothes were almost torn as they flew into the pile as well.

Tarzan continued to bang on the door until his knuckles were raw and bleeding. No one came. No one
cared. “JANE!” He yelled, “JANE.” He continued to yell until his throat was raw from yelling. He slid
down the door and sat, his head in his hands. Never in his life had he felt so very alone. At least in the cage
crossing the ocean, Numa and Teeka were close, he wasn‟t alone. In the village there was Thao and then
Jane. In the jungle there was Numa, Teeka, Kala and the rest of his family. Here, there was no one. He
was lost and alone.

“From where should I remember you Terrance? I have been in your country for little more than two days,
and met few people.” Terrance closed his bathrobe and smiled down at the beautiful woman with the thick
auburn curls that graced his linens. “I was in YOUR country a while back and I happened upon a lovely
little establishment run by Greystoke. I must admit I was shocked to find that Richard Clayton, sole heir to
the Clayton Fortune, was running a brothel, but I was enticed by your beauty Jane. Although I must admit,
I do prefer you sober.”

So that was how it was. Jane was unsure how to approach this, she could lie, and it might even work, she
could agree with him, but that could work either for or against her. He could place Richard at the brothel,
and she was certain that Richard wouldn‟t want his aristocratic friends to know what kind of sordid life he
was living back in America. Jane clutched the bedclothes close to her body and closed her eyes. “Tarzan.”
She hoped that he was well, but everything in her said he wasn‟t. Opening her eyes, she stared at the man
sitting on her bed. “I don‟t have time for your nonsense Terrance. My husband is in need of me and I must
go to him.”

Without another thought, Jane flung the bedclothes one way and jumped out of the bed in the other
direction. Terrance sat there dumbfounded as Jane raced out of the room, down the hall to Fin‟s room. She
didn‟t wait to knock she threw the door opened and ran to the bedside. “Something is greatly amiss Fin, we
must rescue Tarzan and we must do it now. I fear that he has fallen into the abyss and we won‟t be able to
retrieve him!”

Fin sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Taking Jane by the shoulder, he stared into her amber eyes
and knew that she was dead serious. “Are you a seer Jane?” She couldn‟t explain the way that she knew,
she merely followed the instincts that Tarzan had informed her that everyone had. These instincts warned
her of impending danger to her beloved husband.

Richard sat up in bed. He was breathing hard, what was left of his hair, strewn every which way,
perspiration covering his body. Elizabeth‟s fingers snaked around his arm and she tried to pull him back
down on top of her. Richard stared into the woman‟s dark eyes and smiled. “You are insatiable Elizabeth.”
He confessed. She stared back her eyes half closed, looking rather alluring. “Yes, I am, but you are doing
a very good job of trying to satiate my hunger. Come back to me my darling, it has been a rather long time
since I have felt such desire.” Richard of course was mesmerized by this woman. She was a lady when she
needed to be; and a vixen when he wanted her to be. She did not hold back. Even the women he had in his
brothel couldn‟t hold a candle to this woman and her imagination. After catching his breath, he again
buried himself into the flesh of this creature.
Tarzan stared at the window at the top of the wall. It was so far away. If only he could reach it. He closed
his eyes in an attempt to focus his attentions and to think, but something kept invading his thoughts. At
first he believed that it was his wife that was sending him messages through time and space, but it was
more than the images that connected him with the sender. The distinct smell of opium lingered in the
room, but there was no one there, there had been no one there all night. He must fight his thoughts.
Somehow he surmised that Dr. Cache was sending random thoughts to him and somehow was noting
Tarzan‟s reactions to them. He was being studied in some manor. He must fight it. The only way that he
could think of fighting it was to go into stasis. He had to shut his body down for a while, until he could
think of a way to fight this newest invasion.

Fin sat up in his bed and stared into the intense eyes facing him. “He will be all right Jane. You are just
having bad dreams. He will be all right, only a day and a half until the hearing, we can‟t do anything more
for him right now.” Fin‟s hands held her shoulders tightly as she tried to force the issue. Terrance stood in
the doorway, watching the interaction between Jane and her solicitor. He was well aware of Fin‟s
attraction to Jane, but he could see from her body language that it was Tarzan that was first and foremost in
her mind. Rest assured, he wasn‟t altogether certain that she had changed completely; he just knew that
this latest man in her life was quite important. He entered the room.

“Jane, he‟s right. It‟s the middle of the night, and unless you want to be committed for insanity, I suggest
you get yourself to bed and try to get some sleep.” Terrance tried to sound stern, but the look that Jane
gave him could have knocked him over. “I will break down the doors if I have to!” Neither Fin nor
Terrance doubted that in her current frame of mind that she could not break anything. Fin moved across his
bed and slipped out from the opposite side from where Jane sat. He pulled his robe on over his nightshirt
and moved to sit beside Jane. “You must understand that these things usually take much time and for
things to be moving along at such a pace is truly a godsend.” She glared at him as if he had told her that
the sky was bright green.

Terrance knelt before, noting her cringe and enjoying it. He smiled as he added. “You need a good dose of
scotch or some brandy to help you sleep.” She stared at Terrance. There was nothing about him that she
trusted. Now that she thought about it, she was certain that these crazy ideas in her head had come about
because of the discomfort that he had created for her in his home. “Fin, might I nap here, beside you. It‟s a
very large bed and I know that you are naught but a gentleman. Might I?” Jane‟s question took Terrance
aback, but Fin could more than understand. Jane needed a friend right now and as much as he would have
loved to have her as his own mate, he would do nothing to create such a scandal. “You would be welcome
to stay Jane, but only if you are certain that Tarzan wouldn‟t …” He couldn‟t finish the sentence. “Tarzan
knows me and if I strayed, he would smell it on me, so you won‟t have to worry about him coming after
you dear Fin. I just need a friend tonight.”

Terrance thought long and hard on what Jane had just said. IF he had touched her in the manner that he had
wished, then Tarzan would be able to smell him on her? How was that possible? Was it possible? As if
reading his mind, Jane looked to Terrance. “My husband lived his entire life by his senses alone; he could
find the proverbial needle in the haystack. He knows my scent, and he knows if it‟s been tampered with.”
That piece of information was enough for him. From the descriptions that he had heard of Tarzan being a
huge hulking and angry man, Terrance didn‟t want to be messing with him. UNTIL Tarzan was declared
Non Compos mentos, then he would sleep alone.

Richard rolled off of Elizabeth and sucked back a breath, she was insatiable. He was tired and wanted to
rest now, she wanted more, needing more, seemingly aching for more. “How long has it been my dear?”
He smiled at her, her eyes still half opened, staring wantonly at him. She smiled. “Not as long as you
think, but longer than I like.” Sitting up, she took their glasses of sherry and handed Richard his. He drank
it down quickly, feeling the warmed burn down his throat and into his belly, helping to relax him further.
“I have work to attend to in the morning. Would you mind asking one of your staff to wake me?” As
Richard asked this, Elizabeth‟s look shot daggers at him. “Are you asking me to leave?” Richard never
liked his women to stay the night. He was usually in their bed and would leave to go home, but on those
special occasions when someone would share his bed, he would ask them to leave. He slept better with the
entire bed to himself. “What would your servants think Elizabeth? They would say that I, of course,
seduced you and then there would be scandal for you to have to deal with and I wouldn‟t want you to have
to go through all of that.

He was right, but she still didn‟t like it. She wasn‟t done with him yet, there was still more that she wanted
to take from him, willingly or unwillingly. He had reawakened the vixen in her, and she wanted
satisfaction. “Clearly you are correct Richard, but trust me; I am not done with you yet.” She stepped
toward the adjoining door, picking up her clothing on the way, but never covering herself at all. Richard
watched her with renewed arousal, she had no pride. She had revealed all to him and was comfortable
doing so. Never before had a woman had such a hold over him. She turned as she was about the close the
doors, her eyes falling directly on his arousal. Slowly she ran her tongue across her lips and then she
placed a finger in her mouth and licked it, sucking it into her mouth. Richard‟s arousal became
uncomfortable for him as he watched her. With a very sly grin on her face, she closed the double doors and
he heard her lock them. “Wench!” He stated, pulling the sheet up over his naked form.

Tarzan remained in stasis, his heart rate slowed so much that to the untrained eye or ear, it would appear
that he was dead. His hope was that they would think him dead and discard him as any animal would.
Most animals it was the thrill of the hunt more than the trophy, unless they were starving. It was almost
certain that the doctors of this establishment were thrilling in the hunt and the outcome was not something
that they particularly cared or worried about.

Dr.‟s Cache and Jackal appeared in Tarzan‟s room looking at the man‟s motionless form as they held a
lamp over him. “What are you thinking Edmond?” Henry asked, more afraid than anything else. Edmond
smiled. “He is fine. I firmly believe it‟s a trick.” Henry turned to his colleague. “Have you been playing
with his mind Edmond? You can‟t do that; we only have a day and a half. If anything happens there is sure
to be an investigation and we cannot afford that!” Edmond pressed his lips to the forehead of the corpse-
like man and felt his skin to be cool and dry. “He‟s good, he‟s very good. An amateur would surely
believe he was dead, but not I. He doesn‟t want me in his mind. Smart man. There is nothing crazy about
him Henry, but we can‟t afford to lose this specimen. You must inject him again.” Henry shook his head.
“No, I am not going to do anything to him when he is like this.” They argued, but Henry won the
argument. Two of the orderlies tried to pick Tarzan up and carry him to his cot.

Blue-green eyes flashed opened and the orderlies were on the floor. Edmond and Henry cowered and raced
through the door, trying to close it before Tarzan could exit. They were too late. Tarzan had managed to
take a running leap, and push off against the cold cement wall and then leap into the hallways. He was
down the hall and around the corner before either of them could comprehend what had just happened. “I
told you to give him the damn needle Henry. Now we have a real problem on our hands”
Henry stared at Edmond in disbelief. “He was almost dead?” Was it a question? Edmond stared back at
Henry. “He is feral Henry. He has learned the trick that the animals do, they slow down their heart in
order for their natural enemies to believe that they are already dead. Most of the time it‟s the thrill of the
hunt that the animals are interested in, or the fight for power.” Henry glared at Edmond. “Perhaps then
you belong in the jungle.” Edmond laughed out loud as the two of them searched the hallways for their
missing charge. “You act as though you are innocent Henry.” Henry knew that he was not innocent, but
his guilt to him wasn‟t as bad as Edmond having invaded the poor man‟s mind. Edmond didn‟t need to be
a seer to know what Henry was thinking. “You invaded his mind with your drugs, so don‟t think that you
are not as bad as I. We are scientists Henry, we just need something or someone to experiment with.
Tarzan was perfect.

Tarzan‟s feet held tight to the rafters above the hallways. He barely released a breath for fear of being
heard, but his heart was pounding so hard he was certain that they would hear him. His toes had all found
tiny holds to hang on to, and his legs were spread wide enough that he shouldn‟t loose his footing. It was a
precarious position and if anyone saw him they would surely not believe him to be human. Carefully his
hands felt the beams for somewhere to pull himself up to, for somewhere to hide until he could find a way
out of the metal doors. He knew his strength and he knew without the help of his friends the elephants, he
would not be able to break through the iron doors. If need be he would stay up here all night, no one
would be the wiser except for his little friend the mouse, and he was remaining tight lipped about the entire

Jane wanted to cry but she was tired of playing the martyr. Tarzan was locked up in that nut house because
of her, and she had no right feeling sorry for herself right now. Tarzan was her only thought. Fin had tried
to give her a glass of sherry to help her to relax, but since the wine at his mother‟s she had sworn off any
kind of alcohol. Once Terrance was out of the room, Jane confided in Fin. “Your friend is a bit of a
problem Fin. I think I might be a lot of a problem as well.” Fin sat up and poured himself a drink, for
some reason he believed that it was going to be a long night. He would prove to be right.

Jane confessed her previous position to Fin, who though aghast at the information, was filled with empathy
at the thought of the circumstances. Jane could feel his compassion and knew that she had not misplaced
her trust. “Terrance remembers me from the house and I am sure that he will make my life a living hell. I
can‟t put Tarzan though all of the blackmail along with everything else that he has had to suffer on my
account. Fin downed the remainder of the thick liquid and he smiled at Jane.

“You know, we can make lemonade from these lemons. As much of a boor my friend Terrance is, he is
still a gentleman‟s gentleman. He would never have told me about you. I am sure he would use it against
you personally, but he would never tell any other men, mostly in hopes that you would fall prey to his
extortion. Nevertheless, if we have the right circumstances, his information can be invaluable to us. Can
you imagine the ton, Richard Clayton, Earl of Greystoke, running brothels in America to subsidize his
already plentiful inheritance?” Jane thought about it. Perhaps the information could work to their
advantage, but it would still be a big risk for her. Her checkered past would not do much for Tarzan‟s
credibility. “There are many odds that must be faced between now and then, we will cross that bridge
when we reach it. For now you need your sleep, I will need your help in researching Tarzan‟s hearing and
his inheritance.”

How she loved his man who seemed to want to do anything for her. He had never judged her, was never
anything but a gentleman to her. Tarzan had made a wise choice with Fin as a barrister, as a friend. One
could never have too many friends, but it was rare to find one with such a strong constitution. Perhaps he
refused to judge Jane because of the way his own mother was; perhaps he had a good father who had taught
him not to judge the inside of the package by the wrapping. Perhaps he was just a good man.

Elizabeth slammed the doors and slipped into her own bed. Perhaps this was a better idea. Although she
did miss the sensation of a warm body to snuggle up with, a musky smell filling her lungs, and a strong arm
holding her, cuddling, at least she didn‟t have to share her bed. She tossed and turned and tossed again.
No, she did not like this arrangement. There was a warm sensuous body in the room adjoining hers, she
was certain that there was still something left for her with him. Her lust had become a curse once more and
she needed relief, the kind of relief that Richard had been more capable of providing than most of her
gentleman callers of late. Even the youthful gardener‟s son was useless, he had no self control and he
refused to learn how to satisfy. “Damn.” She cursed into her feather pillow as she reached over to the
nightstand and found her own decanter and glass. She stared at the half full bottle and she stared at the
doors that kept her from Richard. Boldly standing, still naked, she walked toward the door just in time to
hear a key turn. He locked it. He locked the damn door. Throwing herself back on the bed, she pounded
her fists into the thick mattress and pillows.

Edmond and Henry were growing weary. They had walked the halls many times to no avail. “He‟s found
a way out!” Henry finally stated, thinking that it was the obvious. However, Edmond chose to disagree.
“No my dear Henry. He has not been able to break through the iron doors. He is in here, somewhere.”
The guards and the orderlies were all on their guard. Any strange noise caused them to jump. Tarzan
watched in bewilderment as they all walked the hallways with thick pieces of metal, slamming them down
on their empty hands. “He won‟t walk out of here.” One guard stated to the others. He slapped his hand
the hardest; leaving large welts in the palm of his hand. He seemed so angry. Tarzan had done nothing to
him, why was he angry?

Henry stopped the guard and spoke to him away from the others. “You shall not hurt him or your job will
be forfeit. I shall not abide by my employees taking matters into their own hands unless there is no
alternative. He hasn‟t hurt anyone yet.” The orderlies were about to argue when Edmond spoke up. “He
could have killed us all if he wanted to. He chose not to, he‟s not innately violent, he lives by the adage
„kill or be killed.‟ You can‟t blame him for that.” Edmond was almost sympathetic to Tarzan‟s plight,
which in itself was cause for alarm in Tarzan, but even Henry was worried. “He never belonged in here
and we both knew that from day one.” The doctors nodded their heads in unison. “Hopefully we can find
him and try to reason with him. You lads, go back to your stations and back to work.” Amid a cry of ,
„but‟ „but‟ „but‟, Edmond was heard to say. “Like I said, if he wanted to hurt you, he would have done so
by now. He‟s angry with me.”

Begrudgingly, the orderlies and guards resumed their business as ordered, leaving Henry and Edmond to
walk the hallways alone and without any weapons. Henry had even placed the needle back on his desk
before resuming the search. “Tarzan, I now you think that we are monsters, but we understand what we are
doing is wrong. Please come out.” Tarzan couldn‟t understand what they were doing. He could easily kill
the two of them, or even knock them out and take the keys. He was certain that they had the keys to all of
the locks in the buildings, but something held him back. He continued to listen.


It had been a stroke of good luck making friends with the little grey mouse. He had introduced Tarzan to a
small alcove in the ceiling, where he was safe from the others, and able to sleep almost soundly. The small
creature seemed to enjoy the human companionship, snuggling tightly to the fabric of Tarzan‟s torn
trousers. A strip of light found its way into Tarzan‟s face, waking him rather abruptly. The sunshine was
gleaming though a gaping hole in the wall, but it was too small for Tarzan to fit through. He had not lost
hope, but he reasoned that if he could make it through one more night here, he would at least be able to see
his wife, be able to hold her and tell her how much he loved her.

Henry‟s neck was quite stiff as he had fallen asleep on his arms at his desk. No sign of Tarzan, no
commotion during the night. Looking up, Edmond had climbed up onto the gurney and was snoring quite
loudly, a distinct hiss between breaths. Standing and stretching, Henry stared down at the needle that he
had deposited on his desk last night. If only he had a second chance. If only… The light shining into the
room from the hallway was blocked. Henry looked over to see who stood there.

Tarzan stood in the doorway, noting the gasp of surprise, and just a touch of fear. He was pleased that the
doctor had a healthy amount of fear. It was more dangerous to not fear then unknown. Tarzan was yet
unknown to him. “You didn‟t manage to escape.” Henry spoke, knowing it sounded like gibberish. Tarzan
stared at the needle, wondering if Henry would make the attempt to take it and stick Tarzan with it, but he
didn‟t “I want to go to my wife. I want to get out of here, but I want to get out because I should be out of
here, I do not wish to bring shame upon my wife by escaping from this place.” Tarzan made sense. Henry
marveled at the thought process, knowing full well that Tarzan was feral and his first sense would have
been to escape, not worry about consequences. Now he was a thinking being. Henry approached Tarzan,
who backed away from him.

“Perhaps you would walk with me?” Henry asked as he tried to nonchalantly walk past Tarzan without
seeming nervous. Tarzan measured the man‟s heart rate and noted the shallow breathing. Henry was more
than just a little wary, but he trusted Tarzan enough to walk with him without calling out for help, or
attempting to use the needle. This was a positive step.

They reached the door to the outside world, or at least outside to the gardens that led to the infirmary. “You
are hungry, you didn‟t eat last night, and I am hungry as well. We can find nourishment in the infirmary.”
Tarzan stared out the unlocked and open doors to the green gardens that filled the space between infirmary
and lunatic asylum. Such a small space, but so welcomed and beautiful. He stared at Henry in disbelief.
Henry held the door opened and began to walk out side. “You can stay behind if you chose me I chose to
fill my belly.” The doctor placed an open hand over his own stomach and rubbed the round area, smiling.
“You can try to escape, I won‟t stop you Tarzan. You don‟t belong in here, I know that now. It‟s just that
you are so interesting and so amazing.” Tarzan walked through the iron doors and stayed in step with
Henry as he praised the young man.

The doors to the infirmary weren‟t locked. The patients were not here against their will. Tarzan spied the
young woman in the chair with wheels and quickly approached her. She smiled gaily as he neared her.
Henry watched the light in the young woman‟s eyes shine brighter than he could ever remember. Maggie
hadn‟t smiled much since her diagnosis. The polio had taken her legs, making them useless. She was ill and
probably wouldn‟t last the rest of the year, but to see her smile in such a way touched Henry‟s heart.

“You didn‟t leave mister!” Maggie stated the obvious, but Tarzan grinned at her, kneeling before her, still
amazed at her chair. He knew from his own senses that she was weak, that she wasn‟t long for the world,
but it didn‟t affect the way that he dealt with her. He treated her as well, or better than anyone else he
would have met. “Your chair, can it take you on the same adventures as my feet carry me on?” Maggie
giggled at his question. “You must tell me of your adventures!” She was starving for attention, for some
kind of human companionship. The nurses and doctors were too busy, the other patients too ill to deal with
her. Tarzan looked up to Henry. “Can she eat with us?”

Henry laughed out loud. Why had he been so selfishly stupid? He could have easily studied Tarzan while
he interacted with other people. Leaving him in a cage, in a doped stupor was no way to discover what this
feral child had endured or overcome. It was easy to believe that Tarzan was innately good, he could have
killed Henry many a time, even now, but he chose to sit and talk to young Maggie.

Tarzan recounted his family of apes to Maggie, telling her about his mother and how she saved him from
certain death. He told her of how he had learned to overcome Kerchak with his father‟s knife. Maggie
listened intently; hanging on Tarzan‟s every word. Henry placed food in front of the two of them, and they
ate between breaths. Tarzan‟s eyes grew more alive with each word, his hands animated his story. Before
long Edmond was standing in the doorway to the dining room, merely watching.

Henry stood and approached his colleague. “He‟s amazing. I have learned more in the past few hours than
in the two days that he has been here. We should have been doctor‟s first Edmond, because that way we
could really learn how to be good scientists. Edmond grinned at Henry, trying to conceal the fact that he
was attempting to enter Tarzan‟s mind. It was impossible. Tarzan looked up to him, slyly grinned at him
and then turned his attentions back to Maggie, who was still hanging on every word. Edmond smiled.
“Foiled again.” He laughed and walked to the table where the coffee was sitting, very hot and very strong.
He would need it this morning.
 Jane stood with her hands on her hips, staring at Terrance. He cocked his head to the side and questioned
her mood? “Something I said? Something I did?” He grinned at Jane who seemed to be seething, trying to
keep her lips tight. It just wasn‟t her style, at least not her new style. She took a step forward until she was
almost toe to toe with Terrance. “I will tell you this now and I shouldn‟t have to ever repeat myself.” Her
hands dug into her hip bones, hanging on for dear life. Fin wasn‟t in the room, but she knew that he was
within earshot and she didn‟t wish to offend him, but what she had to say, had to be said.” Looking around,
spying the downstairs maid passing her dust cloth over the teak furniture, she sighed. “Joan, would you
please give us some privacy.” Terrance spoke to the servant as if she were unimportant. The short plump
woman gave a bit of a curtsey and left the room quickly. Terrance looked back to Jane, lifting his hand to
her face, almost touching her, as he felt the sting of her hand slapping his away. “Okay buster, here it is! I
don‟t care what you know or what you think you know about me. I am now a married woman and I love
my husband dearly. And guess what, my husband KNOWS all about my past, no secrets!” Jane‟s cheeks
were bright pink and her eyes were slits as she continued her tirade. “So if you think that you can use this
information against me, you are sadly mistaken.” That said, she straightened out her dress and turned to
walk away.

In a quick turn, she looked at the dumbfounded man standing before her in the parlor. “However, because
you do know this information, you can be very valuable to my husband and myself, but I will NOT be
extorted, do you hear me?” She waited for him to nod and then she took her leave, stomping out of the
room like a child having a temper tantrum. As she left, she brushed against Fin who was smirking as he
silently passed her. Terrance watched as she left the room and he shook his head. Fin looked at his friend
and smiled. “I wouldn‟t cross her if I were you.” Terrance nodded agreement. “Does her husband really
know?” He couldn‟t believe that any man would have a woman that anyone else had. Fin looked troubled,
trying to understand this question from all angles. He walked over to the window and stared at the lush
green grass that the lion and the ape were now cavorting in. He again grinned. “We have been friends
forever Terrance.” Fin began to speak.

Terrance joined Fin at the window, laughing at the animals on his lawn. “Yes, forever Fin.” He agreed.
After a huge sigh, Fin, the taller of the two continued. “These two are a force to be reckoned with. I have
never seen such a passion, such a love. They know each other better than anyone could.” Terrance sensed
the envy in Fin‟s voice, but it was not bitter. He waited for Fin to carry on. “You have been with many
women Terrance, and many of these women have all been with many men. Why do you think that you can
judge anyone else?” Terrance was taken aback by Fin‟s question. He could not come up with a retort to his
argument. Yet Fin went on. “How will you ever know, short of marrying a virgin, how many men your
wife will have been with? Do you think she would ever own up to it? Would you? To your friends maybe,
but not your wife!” Fin was visibly shaken. In this moment, he was having his own personal epiphany.

Terrance laughed out loud at his friend. “Oh for goodness sake Fin, what are you going on about? You are
in love with Jane and even Jane knows it!” Fin sat down on the arm of the chair closest to the window.
“Perhaps so. But she belongs with Tarzan.” It was a matter-of-fact statement that even Terrance couldn‟t
argue with. “I need to know that I can count on you Terrance.” Fin looked to his friend who was lost in his
own thoughts. “Terrance?” He asked. Terrance looked up. “For what?” Fin went on to explain about the
fact that Richard was trying to keep Tarzan from his inheritance. “Clayton? The Bastard! I will help for
certain. That bugger is always encroaching on my territory; it would be nice to get him out of our hair!” Fin
again laughed, and began to explain the strategy to Terrance.

Jane stood on the outside stoop looking down at the animals who were still ensconced in play time. The
grounds keeper‟s children seemed to have befriended the animals and with father close by, the two boys
rabble roused with the lion and the ape. Jane watched in disbelief how gentle the animals had been with the
boys. In her minds eye she could see a sweet young boy, Tarzan. It brought a tear to her eye to know that
he didn‟t have his father to make certain that the animals didn‟t hurt him. He had to learn to either trust or
distrust from very early on. How she missed her husband. She would see him on the morrow, but it seemed
like centuries until that time. To pass the time, Jane raced out on to the lawn and joined in the play.

Fin and Terrance both stared in disbelief as they watched Jane wrestle with two little boys, a lion and an
ape, while laughing all of the while. Yes indeed, this Tarzan was a lucky man to have a woman who knew
how to savour the moment, every moment. “I will do whatever you need me to do to help them Fin, just say
the word.” Terrance placed a hand on his friend‟s shoulder. He could understand Fin‟s quandary.
Richard sat in the waiting as if he had been there many times before. When asked by an orderly if he had
been taken care of, Richard smiled, stating that he was waiting for Doctors Jackal and Cache, that he had an
appointment for precisely eleven o‟clock. The orderly smiled and went back about his business.

“You can‟t be serious Edmond! Why did you bring him here?” Henry was beside himself. He was not
good with the politicking of the hospital administration. He was the one with the bedside manner and
comfortable with the psychological end of things. It was Edmond that loved to experiment, and loved
messing with people‟s minds. In Edmond‟s mind, the politics behind the job were just as amusing as the
actual job! He loved what he did. In some circles he would have been known as a sideshow freak, but in
this business he was just considered a little bit of an eccentric.

“I have told you a million times Henry, if Richard Clayton wants to talk to us about the nephew, we can
listen. If the nephew really is the nephew, then we can talk.” Henry still didn‟t like where this was going.
Since yesterday, when Henry had given in to Tarzan and let him roam free, he had felt much better about
the situation. Tarzan now remained in the infirmary; he was kept under watch, but not under guard. When
it was explained to him that he was staying for the sole purpose of the hearing and not for experimentation,
Tarzan agreed.

When Maggie had spread the word about Tarzan and his many adventures, there developed a following of
patients that begged Tarzan for his stories. It had become cathartic for him to talk about his experiences
and in the interim; Henry was keeping clear and concise notes. In his stead, Maggie had offered to
document Tarzan‟s adventures, with Tarzan‟s affirmation of course. Maggie was becoming quite attached
to the handsome blond man with the bare feet. This would be a problem, Henry surmised, but since
Tarzan should be free on the morrow, it should be a non-issue.

“Your mind wanders Henry, it‟s difficult for me to follow it completely, but what makes you think that
Tarzan will be free tomorrow?” Henry glared at his friend. “We have been friends too long for you to pull
that shyte with me Edmond. Get out of my head and get back into your own.” He didn‟t have to wonder
out loud if Edmond would soon be in need of a „special room‟. Edmond laughed at him. “I believe that
ship sailed a long time ago my dear Henry.”

Richard stood as the two men stepped into the room. Edmond took note of how perfectly Richard was
dressed, but he immediately began searching Richard‟s mind. He stopped dead in his tracks and Henry,
who was directly behind him, managed to bump right into him. “What‟s wrong?” Henry whispered to his
colleague. Edmond cleared his throat and held out his hand to shake with Richard‟s extended hand.
Jane was dressed and ready to go before the crack of dawn. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, the
sky was dark, lightening crackled and thunder boomed. She secretly hoped that this was not an omen of
things to come. Today she would see her love come hell or high water. A little bit of weather wasn‟t going
to keep her away even if she had to walk.

The cook spread fresh butter over the warm slices of fresh bread, and slathered on the honey until it was
dripping from the sides of the bread. She poured a cup of tea and added a dollop of thick cream to it and
placed both the bread and the tea on a tray. Jane looked at the woman with a strange expression. “I know
mum, it‟s quite decadent, but it‟s what the master prefers for his morning ritual.” The woman handed the
tray of food over to another woman who carefully carried it away. “What would you like mum?” The
woman‟s thick cockney accent intrigued Jane, if she hadn‟t to be someplace to day, she would have sat
with the woman and listened to her talk for hours. “I don‟t suppose you have coffee? I haven‟t had coffee
since I left the boat.” The woman smiled. “I might be able to help you out there mum.” She turned to
walk over to the stove when Jane placed a hand on her arm and smiled. “Please, call me Jane.”

The woman turned almost mortified. “Oh no mum. We can‟t have none of that now, the master would not
take kindly to that notion.” Jane smiled at the woman. “Then call me what ever makes you comfortable.”
The woman placed some bread, butter and jams on a tray with a piping hot cup of coffee and carried it into
the dining room. “I can sit in the kitchen.” Jane fussed, but the woman shot her a dirty look and placed the
tray on the table and left, almost disgusted. Surely not everyone was so formal here. Jane was quite
uncertain of the future, but she was sure of one thing, if they did have servants, they wouldn‟t be treated
like slaves.

Fin entered the room with an accordion folder filled with paperwork. He sat at the table and waited to be
served, then buttered his bread in silence, nodding once to Jane before burying himself in the paperwork
once more. Jane watched him, fascinated by the depth of his concentration. It was as if nothing existed for
him at that point in time. She smiled, knowing how hard he had worked and would work to see that Tarzan
was freed and inherited his property.

Terrance was the last to enter the room, having already eaten in his room; he was washed, dressed and
looked rather well rested. Jane surmised that because Terrance wasn‟t directly involved with anything that
was going on today; he wouldn‟t be perturbed by it all. She was, however, quite mistaken.
Richard sat beside Edmond and Henry at the hearing. There were three judges and four doctors. It could
be a sure bet that two out of the three judges were in Richard‟s pocket, but one could not be sure of the
doctors. He had promised Edmond and Henry a brand new wing to the lunatic asylum, a place where they
could study more in depth, the human condition. Edmond liked this idea, as did Henry, but at what cost?

Richard had elaborated on the method in which Tarzan used to kill his friend Samson. He tried even to
appear in mourning for the man that he continually called friend. Henry would not be taken in by such
drivel, but Edmond on the other hand was harder to convince otherwise. He seemed to be enthralled by the
conversation with Richard, but when he and Henry were alone, Edmond confessed his secrets to Henry.

Henry was well aware of Edmond‟s gift. They had been boys together in the streets of Liverpool, where
Edmond would use his mind reading as a confidence man. He was never without a few coins in his pocket
to purchase the things that made him happy. Henry had often warned him that if he was caught using such
a method; he would certainly be locked away as a lunatic. Hence the reason for Edmond‟s desire to
become a doctor for the insane; not because he wanted to cure it, but because he wanted to study who was
actually insane and who was perhaps like him. Henry followed his friend to medical school, wishing to
protect Edmond from himself.

This latest discovery was somewhat of a shock to Henry. He had badgered Edmond time and time again to
make certain that Edmond had been correct in his reading. Edmond did not waiver in his accusations. And
so it was today that Edmond and Henry would sit here and try to convince this panel of non-believers of
Tarzan‟s guilt or innocence, and his sanity.

Tarzan was being held in a cell until his hearing was called. But as he sniffed the air, he knew she was here
and he was elated. He closed his eyes as his hands gripped the metal bars in the door. Deeply inhaling he
spoke out. “Jane.” Though the sound was barely audible, Jane, who was walking down the hall toward the
hearing room, stopped in her tracks. Closing her eyes, she focused on the sound of Tarzan‟s voice and
began to follow it. Fin who watched mesmerized, followed Jane through the maze of corridors in a
building she had never stepped inside before, to her husband.

The two of them touched, their fingers entwined, their eyes not breaking contact, no words. This meeting
touched Fin even more than before. Their bond was a tangible thing; it could be seen, felt and even heard.
He was envious of their love, but even more so, he was envious of Tarzan for having Jane. His heart was
filled with emotion, but his love for Jane would help him to move the mountains that needed to be moved,
as her happiness was paramount.

Once the two lovers had exchanged their silent longings, Tarzan smiled at Fin who had remained silent
through the ordeal. Tarzan had long sensed the feelings that Fin had for Jane, and he also trusted Fin to
keep them reigned in. It was for this reason that Tarzan trusted Fin above anyone else. He knew that Fin‟s
love for Jane was real and that he would do what it took to keep Jane happy and if that meant representing
Tarzan in this hearing or anything else, Fin would do it. Fin returned the smile. “I do pray that you have
not been mistreated.” Fin spoke. Tarzan smiled. “It was under control.” Of that Fin and Jane had no
doubt, but they still worried.

The guard at Tarzan‟s door, unlocked it, allowing only Fin inside. Jane waited patiently, noting Terrance‟s
appearance at the end of the hall. He took of his hat and nodded to Jane, and then disappeared into a room.
She was unsure as to her disposition at this time. She was nervous, scared, and anxious. Finally Fin came
out of the room with Tarzan in tow. Without further thought, she threw herself at her husband. Their lips
met and their hands became furious with having to touch every inch of the other. The guard was about to
pull them apart when Fin implored him to let it be. Blushing slightly, the guard waited momentarily and
then urged the small party to move on.

Tarzan had inhaled Jane‟s scent deeply, noting the ever so delicate difference in her. He had whispered to
her. “You should be in the moon lodge.” She had kissed him so deeply that she was sure that her breath
was gone, but she could look him in the eye and respond. “Your sense of smell is unnerving.” He touched
her cheek with the tip of his index finger. “I simply worry that we will create a life that we are not
prepared for yet.” She understood completely. These were not the circumstances in which she wanted to
start a family. First things first.

Hand in hand, Tarzan and Jane stepped into the small crowded room. Jane looked around and could see
many familiar faces. She saw Captain Stubbing, Richard Clayton, Terrance and Fin‟s mother. She was
quite confused as Fin led her and Tarzan toward the panel. Bending, Fin whispered to Jane, “You may sit
behind us, but you have to let him sit with me.” She turned to him, “This is just supposed to be a hearing!”
When she looked around, she was certain that a trial was about to take place. “Trust me Jane. I am hopeful,
so I brought all of the witnesses in that I could think of.” She did trust him, but this was just supposed to be
a competency hearing, to see if Tarzan was sane, or if he was temporarily insane, causing the death of
Samson. Tarzan looked to his wife. “You must trust Fin. Does he have all of the paperwork that I gave
you?” Jane nodded, kissed her husband on the cheek and sat stiffly on the bench behind him.

The panel looked rather stoic. The judges wore their powder wigs, proving the formality of such a hearing.
Nothing was taken lightly in this room. There was whispering amid the onlookers. Richard sat with the
doctors to one side of him and Lady Fox to the other side. She looked particularly ravishing this day.
Richard‟s mind wandered to other events as he stared at her heaving bosom. Dr. Cache, who was engrossed
with Richard‟s mind, found this latest memory quite titillating. Edmond decided that he could live
vicariously through Richard and never have to get himself in any trouble at all. When Edmond laughed out
loud, Henry elbowed him in the ribs, telling him to behave.

Tarzan was facing Jane, when Fin tried to remind him that he needed to concentrate on what was going on,
but Tarzan only had eyes for his wife. Her scent had permeated his senses and nothing seemed to want to
break the spell. How he had missed her, her touch, her smell, the nearness of her, how he longed to be with
her. Again Fin reminded him that the sooner he paid his attention to the panel, the sooner it would be over
with. Tarzan focused his eyes forward, but his senses were still zeroed in on Jane. She blushed a bright
pink, knowing what Tarzan was thinking, and knowing that she was of the same mind.

It was time to begin the hearing. The onus seemed to be on Fin to prove Tarzan sane, not the doctors to
disprove him. This could be a blessing. Fin stood up, and opened a leather bound book. After staring at the
book for an appropriate amount of time, he began.
Pronunciation: 'sAn
Function: adjective
Inflected Forms: san•er; san•est
1 : free from hurt or disease : HEALTHY
2 : mentally sound; especially : able to anticipate and appraise the effect of one's actions
3 : proceeding from a sound mind <sane behavior> —sane•ly adverb
. “My client is sane as according to these definitions. He has no diseases as I am certain the doctor‟s will
attest to. He is coherent, and understands right from wrong.. What he does, he does in rational behaviour.
According to the way he was raised.”
Eyebrows were raised in the room. Not everyone knew the entire tale of the man who sat here before them
with his life in their hands. The judges knew that there was no feasible reason why anyone raised in
affluent society would murder in cold blood, but they had no idea where Tarzan had come from. Fin began
to relate his knowledge of Tarzan‟s life, leaving out the part where the Clayton‟s were involved. This
information intrigued Richard. He thought for certain that they would start slinging around the Clayton
name, just for the sake of it‟s worth. If no one brought up the Clayton name here, he had little to fight with,
other than the fact that he had seen Samson after Tarzan was through with him.
Richard was able to say his piece. The judges and the doctors listened with empathy for the man that had
lost his friend. Edmond almost fell off of his chair trying to hold back his almost hysterical laughter.
Henry‟s elbow was starting to hurt, having used it to poke Edmond in the ribs several times. “We were
social with the couple. I mean I have known his wife Jane since she was a child.” Richard failed to mention
the fact that she worked for him in one of the many brothels that he ran. Edmond was having a field day in
Richard‟s mind. How interesting life could be outside of the walls of the asylum. He turned to Henry. “I
think that this man is more insane than Tarzan could ever be.” Proving his theories would be impossible,
but he still chuckled his way through.
Fin noticed the way that Edmond was behaving. He tried very hard to keep his mind clear of unwanted
thoughts, as he was certain that Edmond was reading thoughts. It had been a carnival trick, the gypsies said
that they had this gift, and Fin had come to believe that some of them really did. This man could be
invaluable to them too, if others would take him seriously. It was doubtful.
Finally Henry was called to speak to the panel. It was the judges that asked him the questions. They were
very clinical. “He‟s quite sane sir. He has all of his faculties, he knows right from wrong.” He supplied his
notes on Tarzan‟s time while under the influence of the drug. The doctors read the notes and decoded them
for the judges who were unable to understand.
Edmond was called to speak and he agreed with Henry‟s diagnosis. He was asked different questions. “You
both say he is sane, so this of course would mean that he could stand trial as a murderer then.” Edmond
searched the man‟s mind for something to use against him, not liking his line of questioning, but he seemed
to be drawing a blank. Edmond cleared his throat to speak. Everyone began to wriggle in their seats,
everyone but Tarzan who stared Edmond in the eye. Tarzan had quickly learned how to keep Edmond out
of his head, but now he let him in. Edmond smiled. “He‟s a man, a man who was protecting his wife. For a
brief moment in time he was not rational. For that period, Tarzan was back in the jungle, he was fighting
off some great ape that was threatening his tribe. He did what the animal part of him would do.”
A hush fell on the small crowd. Even Henry was surprised at what Edmond said. Henry had been certain
that Edmond wanted to keep Tarzan locked up, to study him further, but in the end; Edmond found the
scruples that Henry was certain were lost. He looked to Richard who was now glaring at the doctor. All of
his promises were for naught. Edmond read Richard‟s mind, and knew that the funding that was promised
was now reneged, but he didn‟t care. He knew more than Richard thought he did.

Tarzan was asked to answer some questions. He would gladly do so. Fin spoke to him first, asking about
how he ended up in the jungle. Not once did the family name Clayton come up. In the end, Tarzan had
requested from Fin that they not use the Clayton name after all, just in case. Fin had reluctantly agreed,
knowing that it would be all the more difficult to prove their case, but that much more rewarding when they

“I was a small child, my parents had both died and I was helpless. It was Kala, the ape that saved my life.”
He explained the intricacies of jungle life among the apes. He was ostracized for his colour, for his lack of
body hair, for his size and his lack of strength. He had to learn how to gain their respect. In doing so, he
had learned to wield a knife and had killed the bull ape, becoming the recognized leader of his tribe. “It is
the law of the jungle, kill or be killed.” He finished his story off, leaving his listeners in awe of his prowess
and skill.

It was evident early on that there was at least one judge that refused to be convinced. He finally had his
chance to speak. Tarzan watched the man carefully, reading his body language. He wished that he had a
touch of Dr. Cache‟s gift right now, to be able to understand what was going on in that man‟s mind. “How
is it that you think that I should just believe these stories that you spin?” Any child can make up these
stories; I could spin a yarn or two if I chose to.” He cleared his throat and Tarzan noticed the eye contact
with Richard. This judge was lost to him. Tarzan spoke softly to the rotund balding man. “I am certain sir
that you could tell us of many adventures. Your children must love to sit with you and listen as you
recount stories of your youth.” The judge stared at Tarzan, waiting for the other shoe to drop. “I wish that
I could remember the stories that my father had once told me, but alas, they have died with him.” Tarzan
turned and smiled at his beautiful wife, knowing that she was nervous almost to the point of terrified. He
placed a large firm hand on hers and hushed her.
Tarzan was not afraid of human contact; he just did not prefer it. Jane, on the other hand, was the human
contact that he could not live without now. He turned back to the judge who had already tried and
convicted Tarzan in his mind. “I cannot expect you to believe that I lived the way that has been described.
I cannot imagine that anyone could know what it was like.” His large hand raked through his golden mane
and rested on the table before him. “I am sorry that I took the man‟s life, but I was sure that Jane was in
dire circumstances. It was like I was back home and the other bull apes had tried to take my mate. I would
not relinquish her; I would fight to the death for her. I would not see clearly until she was safe.”

Again the judge cleared his throat. “If this is the case Mr. Tarzan, if you think that your wife is in any kind
of danger you will kill every person that poses a threat to her? We cannot have this kind of insanity lose on
the streets! You need to be locked away where the good doctor‟s can rehabilitate you!” Again, Tarzan
noticed the eye contact with Richard, and even a glint of a smile. “Sir, Mr. Clayton has been baiting us for
quite some time now. He wishes for me to become less of an obstacle to him.” Tarzan didn‟t elaborate, he
quieted himself. The judge now realized that Tarzan knew he was working for Richard.

Leaning over to Fin, Tarzan whispered. “Does it have to be unanimous?” He asked of the outcome of the
hearing. Fin smiled. “Fortunately it‟s not like a court case with a jury. This is a majority rule.” Fin felt
certain that the last judge was the only one holding them back, but if he could convince his colleagues,
there might be a bit of a fight, and he might have to break his word to Tarzan about using his family name.

The doctors and judges deliberated. At least twice they asked to speak to Edmond and Henry, and at one
point they spoke to Captain Stubbing. Fin remained reservedly confident. At one point they told the room
to take a break. Many left the room, looking for a bit of time to stretch their legs. Tarzan was not allowed
to leave. Although he was not bound, it was requested that he remain in the room. Fin took the
opportunity to speak to Tarzan and Jane. “IF they come back with the consensus that you were sane
enough to be guilty, we may have to use the trump card.” Tarzan shook his head. “We will not bring the
Clayton name into this until I am cleared. I do not want to reenter the family by tarnishing the name.” Jane
almost choked. “The family name is tarnished dearest! Look at the so-and-so who holds the fortune!” She
was wound up tight and ready to spin out of control, but it was Tarzan and his soft kiss on her lips that
eased her anxiety. “He has tarnished his name, not mine.”
Once the judges and doctors had reassembled their panel, at least two hours had flown by. Tea had been
served to Fin, Tarzan and Jane as they had waited, trying to be patient, knowing that they had the rest of
their lives to be together, hoping that they would be able to start shortly.

It was the tallest of the judges that finally stood up and faced the eager audience. He scanned the faces,
looking for empathy, sympathy, something that showed some humanity. His scan fell short. Then he
looked into the soul of the man that he had just deliberated about. Tarzan was a gentle looking soul. He
had no airs about him, he seemed to be a simple, honest man. “You my young friend, have been through
many a turmoil, and it seems some adventure too. I was speaking to a mutual friend, who says that you
have a lion and an ape staying with him, and they are well behaved, yet very wild animals.” Tarzan smiled.
Numa and Teeka had not been far from his thoughts, but he regrettably, hadn‟t worried about them today.
The expression on his face signified his worry, but the judge placed a kind hand on Tarzan‟s shoulder and
smiled. “Not to worry son, I am certain that Terrance will take the utmost of care with your friends.”
Tarzan liked this man. He did not refer to Numa and Teeka as his pets as most had done.

The judge continued. “We have been arguing in the back room, perhaps you have heard us. The doctors
think that you are a marvelous specimen and they would love the opportunity to study you.” Tarzan
smiled. “I would gladly answer any and all of their questions, so long as I can do it without the locked
room, or the drugs.” Again the old judge smiled. Candor had always been a winner with him. He
respected someone who could say it the way it was, not sugar coat it. “I am sure they would welcome the
opportunity, any opportunity to legally pick your brain Tarzan.” Everyone snickered at the small joke.
Tarzan was confused, but Jane explained it to him. He smiled with the crowd.

„I have one question to ask of you Tarzan.” The judge looked Tarzan square in the eyes and continued. “If
someone were to threaten Jane would you kill them?” Tarzan looked to the judge, wishing he knew what
the right answer to the question was, but realizing that there was no correct answer, he responded honestly.
“I don‟t know what I would do. If it were merely a threat, I would probably issue a warning, but if
someone harmed her, I don‟t know how I would react.” The judge smiled. “Did you think about killing
Samson?” Tarzan shook his head. “Did you realize that you had killed Samson?” Tarzan looked up. “Not
until I was back in the cabin with Jane.”

It was a democratic vote to for Tarzan‟s sanity, and his sanity won. There was only one vote that went
against the others, and Tarzan had resigned himself to the adage, “you can‟t win them all.” Jane flew into
her husband‟s arms, kissing him with wild abandon. Someone, they were certain that it was Richard, called
across to them, “Get a room would ya!” But they didn‟t care. Tarzan loved to feel his wife in his arms. To
be able to bury his face in her auburn locks was such a thrill. How he wanted to bury himself deep inside
of her.

Edmond was watching the exchange between husband and wife and smiled. Jane was a beautiful woman.
Even he could forgive the past of such a beautiful woman, but he knew that she would go through some
turmoil regarding her past. He could see that she understood completely that she might be the undoing of
the man that she loved. He shook it off. When Henry asked what was troubling him, Edmond simply
replied. “I know too damn much.”

Before the room could be cleared, Fin made an announcement. “I had asked previous to the hearing if the
judges could take on another case today, in order to hurry things along. My client, Tarzan, wishes to bring
forth evidence stating that he is the Earl and sole heir to Greystoke.” A pin dropping at that point in time
would have been deafening.
Jane looked at Tarzan and she grinned. “His name is your name Tarzan.” Again Tarzan kissed his wife.
Even if he could not prove that he was the rightful heir to Greystoke, he still had everything that he could
ever want. Jane loved him. He could feel this in every ounce of his being. Her love had helped him through
all of his current turmoil. He only wished that he could protect her from the world that they were about to
become a part of. Fin had warned him that Jane‟s past might become a problem. Tarzan had told Fin in no
uncertain terms that should this become an issue, they would drop the entire case. Fin shook his head in
disbelief. “You can‟t mean that Tarzan, you are the rightful Earl of Greystoke, if you drop this, Richard
will remain on top.” Tarzan shook his head. “She is my wife, my mate. I would give everything up for her.”

Again Fin knew that Tarzan was not bluffing. He would give up his entire world for Jane. To know this
kind of love, to be a part of something so extraordinary. Never in his life had Fin known a love so true. It
was made even more apparent when Jane took him aside and spoke. “Don‟t let him lose everything because
of me. I will survive anything for him. Even if he never lives in the house, even if he never takes the name,
don‟t let him lose it because of my past.” Fin smiled at his client‟s wife. Her large amber eyes pleaded with
him, and in them, all that he could see was a reflection of Tarzan. Placing both of his large hands on Jane‟s
shoulders, Fin smiled. “I will do my best to keep everyone happy.” Although she wasn‟t positive of what he
was referring to, Jane was fairly certain that Tarzan had warned Fin not to bring her past into it.

The buzz in the room was annoying. Tarzan was used to the sounds of the jungle. He had rarely heard
silence, and when he did, he was wary, but this noise of people whispering was not a pleasant noise. Finally
the judges were seated and the crowd calmed. One of the judges requested that Fin begin his case. Fin
unrolled the doeskin bag that carried the information that was required. Richard cleared his throat, trying to
lean over to be able to read over the shoulders of the people in his way. He recognized some of the
documents. How had Tarzan found her?

“The seal of the Queen.” Fin pointed out, showing the will, the birth documents and a letter from the
Queen, to the judges. Each of the judges examined the documents, coming to the consensus that they were
official. “It says here,” one of the judges began. “That you, Tarzan, are really John Clayton Jr., the rightful
Earl of Greystoke.” Tarzan nodded his head in silent assent. “Quite impressive.” The judge continued to
speak, but this time he was looking to Richard. “Mr. Clayton, were you aware of Tarzan‟s claim to be your
nephew?” Richard was dumbfounded. He didn‟t know how to respond. Edmond, who had decided to stay
for the entire case, snickered silently to himself, watching Richard writhe was quite entertaining. Finally
Richard responded. “There have been many who have come forward over the past twenty years saying that
they were my nephew. I can‟t believe all of them.”

The beautiful woman to Richard‟s right nodded in agreement. Trying to lend support to Richard wasn‟t
difficult. Lady Fox had stars in her eyes, seeing in her minds‟ eye, the foyer to Greystoke manor. She
would decorate and redecorate, at least twice a year. The Greystoke fortune had amassed to quite a tidy
sum, making it the largest fortune next to that of the Royal family. Edmond almost fell off of his chair
reading her thoughts. It took all of his self control to keep himself from laughing out loud. He turned to
Henry, who had thought it best to remain with Edmond, and smiled. “If she only knew!” He had tears in the
corner of his eyes. Henry was confused, but Edmond would not elaborate. “You must watch it unfold
Henry. I live vicariously through your surprise.” Henry shrugged and turned his attention back to the matter
at hand.

Richard was still being questioned, but this time by another judge, the one that was his ally. “Of course you
can‟t believe every lunatic who pretends to be your nephew. That is why we have the courts, it must be
proven. Tell me Earl is there any family resemblance between yourself and this Tarzan fellow?” Richard
looked at the handsome blond man and kept his tongue in check. “He doesn‟t look like my brother at all.”
The judge was satisfied at this, but then Fin chimed in. “Does he look like his mother perhaps? We do not
always favour one parent over the other; sometimes we inherit features from both.” The judge looked over
to Fin, daggers shooting from his eyes. “He would have some similarity to his father” The judge snapped
before sitting back down.

Before anything else happened, Edmond grabbed his chair and turned to Henry. “Hang on; you‟re in for a
ride now!” Henry, again confused, turned his attention back to the front of the room. Then suddenly, Lady
Fox stood up from her seat and blurted. “May I address the court?” It was not an actual court, but the
judges were pleased with the woman‟s familiarity. “Most certainly Madame. Please state your name and
your business.” “My name is Lady Fox and I am here to tell you that these people are imposters. This is a
scheme that your esteemed solicitor has thought up with the help of the woman, Jane.” Fin‟s eyebrows rose
to his forehead and Tarzan looked at the woman with disdain. „Here it comes.‟ He thought to himself.
Thankfully Jane had been forthcoming with him about the problems with Lady Fox.

“Please, do go on Madame.” The judge urged. Lady Fox began to explain what happened between her son
and the „wife‟ of this Tarzan fellow. There were hollow noises and classic stares in the general direction of
Jane and Fin. There were even a few gasps, but no one was really shocked, not really. Fin leaned in to
Tarzan, making certain that Jane could hear him. “I apologize for my mother Tarzan. She suffers greatly
from the disease of avarice.” Tarzan smiled to his friend. “I understand. It is a horrible disease.” Lady Fox
went on and on until finally Fin chose to respond to his mother‟s accusations. “Is this all that you have
Lady Fox? Circumstantial evidence?” Lady Fox stared at her son in disbelief. Surely he would go along
with her now, knowing that they were so close. Why did he choose now to find his backbone? “I heard you,
I saw you!”

Fin turned to the judges. “My mother, I am afraid, is suffering from a horrible case of avarice and believes
that if she aids Lord Greystoke, Richard Clayton, that he will make certain that she is cared for. He turned
to his mother. “You have latched on to the wrong Lord Greystoke mother. Hasn‟t she Richard?” Fin looked
Richard in the eye and waited while Richard chose his words.

A hush feel over the room. Tarzan could count the number of people in the room by the sounds of the
beating hearts. Edmond looked at him and sent him a message. “Here it comes.” But he was too late.
Richard decided to use the art of misdirection. “Your mother is trying to protect us all from that whore on
your client‟s arm.”

That was it, Tarzan stood and was about to cross the room, when Jane held fast to his upper arm and Fin
held the other. “You see how they have to hold that lunatic back!” He turned to Lady Fox. “I am sorry Lady
Fox, but your son has been duped by Jane. She is the reason that Tarzan is doing this. She is a whore and a
tramp; she is a trying to get her hands on my fortune. She couldn‟t land me as a husband, so she has
decided to find some poor mislead fellow, this Tarzan, to help her steal my family‟s fortune.”
Richard was very proud of himself. He had all of his eggs picked up, and hadn‟t broken one of them. He
had kept a calm exterior, trying to play the injured party. Jane hushed Tarzan. “Stop this, stop this all now!”
Tarzan hollered at Richard and pulled loose from both Jane and fin‟s grasp. “I will withdraw my rights.”
He turned to his wife who was looking so hurt. His heart was breaking for her, if he didn‟t stop this now;
these people would all know what Jane tried so hard to walk away from. “You stop it Tarzan.” Jane finally
spoke. “Please, may I?” He stared into the depths of her soul, she knew what he wanted and he knew what
she deserved. He wanted to live a simple life, as did she, but they wanted to live an honest life.

Jane calmed her husband down and she approached Richard, her head shaking, yet she wore a small grin on
her face. “You think you can stop this from happening by putting me in my place? He can divorce me if he
chooses. Tarzan does not want your fortune, he wants his family. You haven‟t even tried to be family with
him, you have tried to kill him, to frame him for murder, have him locked away forever, but to no avail,
because Richard, the truth will set him free every time.” Jane stared him down, waiting for him to speak.
He was silent. She then turned to Lady Fox. “You want the Greystoke fortune?” Jane laughed. “Latching
on to Richard will get you nothing but a new occupation as a lady of the evening. Oh excuse me; you are
just a different version of that aren‟t you? You are trying to be repaid for your night of love with him? He
doesn‟t pay, he takes what he wants and when he‟s done, he‟s done. Am I right Richard?” Lady Fox huffed
at Jane and then demanded that Richard defend her honor. Richard laughed out loud at that request.

Jane returned to her seat and placed her hand inside of the waiting hand of her husband. With a tender
squeeze, Tarzan sat down as well, leaving the floor once again to the judges and to Fin. “I believe the
papers that you have are all in order, but there is one more. This one.” Fin handed a yellowed page to the
judges and turned to Tarzan, who really was aware of what the page meant. “This will prove beyond a
shadow of a doubt that my client, Tarzan is the heir to the Greystoke fortune and that Richard is heir to
nothing.” Again, a hush fell over the room. Richard‟s face turned the whiter shade of pale and Edmond held
his breath. „Finally the truth would be out.‟
The judges hissed among themselves, Tarzan looked to Fin, wondering what would happen next and Jane
looked from Tarzan to Fin, wondering what they had been keeping from her. “It was best you didn‟t know,
you were in enough danger just being with me.” Jane wanted to throttle her husband. He was keeping a
secret from her, and from the sounds of it, it was an incredibly large secret. The oldest of the judges was
the first to speak. “Tarzan, you claim to be John Clayton Jr. This paperwork that you possess is all of the
proof that you have, but then you bring this to us as well. Do you wish to make this information public?”
It was an interesting question. No, he didn‟t wish it. He wished that the world was made up of only
wonderful, honest people, but it wasn‟t. This was his inheritance and Richard was trying to keep it from
him. “Yes. I wish to make it public.” The judge looked to Fin, as if to implore him. Fin shook his head.
He agreed with Tarzan.

Richard was about to leave the room when he was stopped by Dr. Cache. “Oh come on now Richard, you
can‟t leave yet, it‟s just getting good.” Richard shot Edmond a serious glare, and without words, threatened
him. “You don‟t scare me Richard. I know who you really are.” Richard took a large breath and began to
walk away. “Wait!” The judge wanted Richard to be present for this. Perhaps there was a logical
explanation. Richard didn‟t want to face all of these people with his secret, but no one would allow him to
leave. The judge read snippets from the paper, to give the crowd the gist of it. “In his final hours, our
gardener asked my wife to care for his son Richard, which she did most lovingly. I have a hard time with
the boy as he is very headstrong and stubborn. He and Johnny don‟t get on well, and I worry daily that
Richard will do something to harm him. There‟s something not right about that boy.” The crowd went
wild. Richard wasn‟t even a Clayton, let alone heir to the fortune. He was a servant‟s child! The judge
read further. “In the event that something mysterious should happen to myself or John and his wife, this
document should be good enough to begin an investigation. In the event that my death is from natural
causes, I bequeath an allowance to Richard in order to help him to survive, in the sum of………” The
judge didn‟t read any more of the decree to the crowd. He was certain by Richard‟s reaction, that these
were not allegations, that these were the cold hard facts. He inherited nothing. John was the heir to the
fortune. John and his aunt Kathleen, who too had sent a document with Tarzan stating that he was to
maintain her inheritance until such time as she was to request it, or relinquish it. Tarzan had managed to
convince her to not give it up.

“I have to know where you found that bitch!” Richard piped up, his forehead beaded with sweat, his face
and throat red with his rising blood pressure. “I didn‟t find her, she found me.” Tarzan responded
honestly. He had never searched for Kathleen, or Dawenhethon, but she had certainly known where to find
him. “One more thing Johnny boy.” Richard nattered on, “Little Johnny had a birthmark on his back, near
his tail bone. It was the shape of a strawberry and about the size of my thumb.” Jane gasped. She smiled
and she whispered to Fin that she had indeed seen the birthmark. Tarzan pulled the shirt from his trousers
and walked backwards toward the judges so that they too could see the mark. Richard had finished
himself. Without another word, he stepped out of the door and faced the world with a new disrespect.

That was it. It was over. Greystoke now belonged to Tarzan. He was truly John Clayton Jr. Fin was given
the go ahead to find the documents and have them signed by Tarzan, John Clayton and turn everything in
the estate over to him. Jane sat on her chair and stared up at her beaming husband. She so much wanted to
reprimand him for not having enough faith in her to tell her about Richard, but then she remembered that he
said he didn‟t tell her because it was something that could hurt her. If Richard knew that they had this kind
of evidence against him, both Tarzan and Jane‟s lives would have been forfeit, Richard would have tried
until he succeeded.
The servant were on edge when Tarzan and Jane took up occupancy of the manor. Richards things were
moved to one of the other houses that belonged to Greystoke. Tarzan hadn‟t the heart to put him out on the
street completely. Richard, however, cowered back to America, to recover whatever loses he could over
there. Lady Fox had gone into seclusion, citing the disapproval of her son‟s line of work and who he would
defend, as her motivation. Word on the street traveled fast and it was soon known throughout London and
the surrounding area, who Tarzan and Jane were. They were called The Beautiful Whore and the Beast.
Jane too found herself in seclusion, although not self-imposed.

Tarzan walked the grounds, speaking to the grounds keeper, who explained how he kept the lawns so lush,
and the flowers so well groomed. The grounds were immaculate. Numa and Teeka roamed freely, which
at first had frightened the servants and the grounds keeper, but it was soon understood that the animals
meant no harm. In fact, the children became quite attached to the animals, especially Teeka, who seemed
to take to the little blond boy with the startling blue eyes. Tarzan smiled at her, remembering childhood.
She yelled at him, and then she took his hand and walked the length of the grounds with him.

All was beautiful. The manor was kept up wonderfully, a full staff on duty at all times making certain that
nothing was left undone. Even their new master couldn‟t find a thing to complain about, although Tarzan
wouldn‟t have cared if the rooms were knee high in dust, after all, it was merely a structure. He continued
to startle everyone with his bare feet, tracking in all sorts of mud and dirt from outside after having run
through the wet grass. He would laugh as they would follow behind him with mop and pail, but no one
would tell him to wipe his feet before tracking the mud everywhere. It became almost a game. He would
see how much of a mess he could make; trying to get some sort of reaction from the staff, but it was to no
avail. No one dared to push the master, his reputation had preceded him.

It was a few weeks after they had settled in, when Tarzan found Jane sitting on the edge of the bed crying.
She had been extremely quiet lately. Husband and wife had barely spoken to one another of late, Tarzan
trying to get the feel of the house, meeting with Fin daily to learn about his estate. Jane had been left to her
own devices, which meant that she would sit in the study and stare at the decanter of cognac until she
would find the courage to walk away from it. Today it was especially difficult to walk away from the
bottle, but she did it. “Jane?” Tarzan sat behind her, wrapping his arms lovingly around her waist, pulling
her close. “You are so unhappy still. What can I do to make you happy?”

Jane leaned into her husband. His warm body against her back was comforting. How she longed for him
to take her as he had once done. She was lonely, longing for the days that they had nothing but each other.
Tarzan finally sensed Jane‟s longing, and gently pulled her back further, his nose buried in the crook of her
neck, inhaling her scent, his lips gently brushing across the nape of her neck. He could feel the goose flesh
as she shivered, not from the cold, but from the arousal.

Here they were in their bed, a huge four poster mahogany bed with a canopy. They had slept here, but they
had yet to make love on their bed. Tarzan had made certain that this bed had not been occupied by
Richard. Everything was fresh and new before they slept in it. They had been exhausted, both mentally
and physically when they arrived here, and then business got in the way of their pleasure. As much as Jane
could understand, she still missed his touch.

One of Tarzan‟s hands found its way around her and slipped inside of the bodice of her dress. Jane sucked
back a breath as his fingers found her nipple and began to stimulate it. He pulled her closer and began to
nibble on the flesh of her neck. She closed her eyes and sighed as her husband reacquainted himself with
her body. The sensations were so invigorating, almost new to her. Jane felt suddenly that she had just been
awakened from a very long dream. “Oh.” Her mouth opened to speak, but she could not formulate a
coherent word. Tarzan‟s other hand reached down to the floor, finding the hem of her dress and sliding
beneath it. He ran his fingers slowly up the length of her leg, teasing the soft skin behind her knee, feeling
the slight jerk that it created, urging him upward. When he reached the apex, he found it warm and wet and
inviting. Slowly he began to trace circles around her groin, slipping in slightly and pulling out again,
readying her for him. Jane gasped as he withdrew and moaned as he entered. Tarzan smiled, he had led
himself to believe that it was not necessary to make love to his wife all of the time, but he had known that
he wanted her all of the time.

Removing his hands from their warm homes, Tarzan used them to untie the lace of Jane‟s bodice, removing
the dress from her. He had her stand in front of him as he pulled the dress from her shoulders, letting it slip
to the floor. Then he stood and pulled the blouse over her head, and he slowly slipped her under-drawers
down, leaving a pile of clothing pooled at her feet. Jane stood before him naked, staring at him, waiting.
Tarzan pulled his shirt over his head with a one hand maneuver, and then he unlaced his breeches and
quickly pulled them down, adding them to the pile at Jane‟s feet. “Oh Jane.” He looked longingly at his
wife as his fingers traced the shape of her face, the hollow of her throat, the swell of her breasts, the soft
skin of her navel, smiling as his finger disappeared inside. His hands were gentle, but they were
everywhere. Jane could not comprehend such a sensation. His arousal looked almost painful as he
continued to touch her, gently pulling her closer until they were locked in a passionate embrace, his tongue
seeking hers in an explosive kiss.

He was much more demanding now. He wanted her he needed her, he needed to bury himself deep within
the folds of her. Leaning into Jane, Tarzan‟s hands each grabbed her buttocks and lifted her in one smooth
motion, and placed her on his hips, his arousal ready for her. She gasped and held her breath as he
slammed into her, burying himself to the hilt. Their eyes met, seeing the longing, the need, the want, the
passion, the desire and most important the love. Searching her eyes for any sign of discomfort or lack of
desire, and finding neither, Tarzan began to rock Jane against his body, slowly at first and then finding a
rhythm for them. He moved across the room, slamming harder and harder into her until finally he found
the wall, where he leaned her against and continued to push into her, pulling out slightly and then slamming
her until she yelled out his name, “Tarzan!!!!!!!!!!” As she reached her peak, her nails dug into the flesh of
his shoulders, drawing blood. He continued to pound into her until she could take no more, at which time
he realized that he could release himself. His face contorted as he reached the pinnacle, and he called out
her name, “Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He called as his body convulsed against her, pushing her into the cold
wall over and over.

When his body was almost spent, Tarzan turned back to the bed, he and Jane still joined, and fell onto the
soft mattress. Jane stroked his hair and kissed his damp forehead. “I love you so much. I would do
anything for you.” She said it softly, almost inaudibly, but he heard her. “I know you would, and you
have.” She closed her eyes as he kissed the flesh of her breast, taking her nipple into his mouth, just to
tease. “It‟s time to take you home though, isn‟t it?” Tarzan asked this and then he moved to the other
nipple. Jane could not be contained. She writhed beneath him, rousing him once again. “Oh yes. Take me
home again.”
Jane meant that she wanted to feel the waves of his passion, to succumb to his ministrations, but Tarzan
truly meant to take her home. He had already begun the preparations to leave, but for now, he wanted to
taste his wife, to feel her heart pound and watch her spin out of control with unbridled passion. This was
the one place that his primal instincts would not get him in trouble, for with his wife, Tarzan could be who
he really was.

She lay in his arms staring up at the canopy that covered their bed. “Home?” Jane asked. Where exactly
was home. “Home is where you are Tarzan.” She stated it plainly and simply and as soon as the words fell
from her lips, she knew that they were truth. Sitting up and staring down at her magnificent lover, she
smiled. He was beautiful. His hair was tousled over the pillows, his brow and chest damp with perspiration.
“I would be at home in a cave in the middle of Africa as long as I was with you.”

Tarzan‟s hand reached up to touch the face of his pale faced, beautiful porcelain doll bride. He was always
amazed at the softness of her skin, not taut and leathery like the apes, not bristled like his own, but smooth
and soft. “I love you Jane. I would take you anywhere, I would live anywhere for you.” They were in
agreement. Home really was where the heart was and their hearts were deeply imbedded in each other‟s
soul. “Does this mean that you do not want to return to America?” He asked; not quite sure if they were
really ready for the life that they were expected to live here in England. Tarzan had spent time with Fin as
he introduced him to the elite of London. He had met the beautiful and rich people, all the while knowing
that they would never really accept him for who he had become. They wanted an Earl, someone of good
stock, with an impeccable reputation. Fin heard him state this out loud and he laughed. “Like Richard?” Fin
laughed even louder. Tarzan joined him in the laughter, but it was short lived.

It was almost immediately after Tarzan had taken the title of Earl that the trouble had begun. The rumours
were thick and abundant. Lady Jane was Lady of the Evening Jane. The servants gossiped about the couple,
making up all kinds of stories about how they were animals, having bestial sex all over the house. Fin had
heard these rumours and quickly put an end to them by firing half of the staff in Tarzan‟s stead. Jane was
perplexed. She had been kind to the women that worked for her. She made no unreasonable demands on
them, they continued their work as they had been doing before Tarzan and Jane‟s arrival. It didn‟t matter.
Word of Jane‟s past was just too juicy to pass up. Hurt as it did, she tried to let it go, tried to make it easier
for Tarzan to fit in.

“We don‟t belong here Jane.” He interrupted her reverie. She stared into his sea-green eyes and smiled. “It
would be nice to see Dawenhethon and Thao again. Numa and Teeka must miss Ehzno.” Was she
rationalizing? Did she really want to return, or was she trying to find a way that would make it easier?
Tarzan sat up in the bed, letting the sheets fall away from his form. Jane had great difficulty curbing her
appetite for him, which probably would only fuel the fire of the servants. “We don‟t show our love enough
here.” Tarzan was straightforward with her. He was right. They didn‟t make love often. The servants had
made up the stories to create havoc. Tarzan continued as he pulled his wife onto his naked lap. “I want to
love you always, I want to be able to touch you here, and here, and here whenever I want.” The back of his
hand brushed against her naked breast, her belly and her thigh. She blushed as she softly moaned, letting
him know that she too longed for such intimacy with him.

“It‟s settled then. Back to America and back to Thao and the tribe. We can stay in bed for the entire journey
back.” A certain twinkle in his eye led Jane to believe that sleeping was not part of his plan at all, and she
laughed at the thought of spending weeks making love with him. “I will never walk again if we do that!”
Jane blurted the statement out and Tarzan began to laugh in return. The thought of spending the entire trip
across the ocean, wrapped in his love‟s arms and legs, gave Tarzan a wonderful feeling in the pit of his
stomach. They had much time to make up for. “You won‟t need to walk. I will carry you!”

It was settled. Tarzan and Jane sat at the dining room table with Fin as they were served their dinner.
Tarzan who still hadn‟t acquired a taste for wine or coffee, continued to drink water, while Fin imbibed the
deep burgundy coloured wine, and Jane enjoyed the black liquid that seemed to wind her up! Dinner was
excellent. The cook had seared the meat the way that Tarzan had asked, leaving the center beautifully pink,
not killing any flavour. Even Fin and Jane had remarked on the fabulous flavour. Fin finished his goblet of
wine, which was quickly replaced by the gentleman standing behind him.

“Either you have something bad to tell me, or you are dismissing me, but something is going on here.” Fin
was quite astute in reading his two new friends. Jane smiled across the table at her friend. Thank heavens
for this man. He was both her and Tarzan‟s saviour when they were in dire straights. “You will never be
dismissed.” Jane smiled, her grin almost painful for him to view. Tarzan smiled as well. “On the contrary, I
, we have a favour to ask of you.” Fin daubed his linen napkin in the corners of his mouth and took a gulp
of the thick burgundy liquid in his goblet. “All right.” He placed the napkin on the table in front of him and
frowned, expecting something bad.”

Tarzan noticed Fin‟s etiquette and he too daubed his mouth, cleaning the small drips of blood that had
seeped out. “Jane and I are returning to America.” Fin stared at his new friend in disbelief. Had this all been
for naught? He waited for Tarzan to continue. “I believe that we shall return to England, but there is
something that we need to accomplish back in America, as you always say, there are loose ends that need to
be attended to.” Fin smiled as Tarzan again sliced into the thick slab of meat on his plate. Tarzan cut the
meat into a bit sized portion and carefully inserted it into his mouth, trying desperately to not appear as the
savage. The meat was so tasty, that it was difficult to not devour it. Tarzan‟s attention once again turned to
Fin. “Jane and I will need you to oversee things while we are away. If you need me to sign something, I
will gladly do so.” Fin looked to his friends. He would indeed miss them, and should like to join them in
America, but he was gaining a great reputation after having handled the Greystoke estate. His character was
unimpeachable and honest folks were hard to come by. If it weren‟t for his mother, he would have nothing
for people to gossip about. “I would be honoured to care for the estate Tarzan.”

Tarzan and Jane smiled at him. “We wish for you to draw up some paperwork so that the guest house on
the estate will belong to you, and the acreage that surrounds it will belong to you as well, to do with what
you wish. You may hire the servants as you chose. We may be gone months as once we cross, the winter
will be settling in completely, so we won‟t be coming back until spring.” Fin was stunned at the offer. He
had a brownstone in London, but he had always preferred the country. His mother had since denounced
him, so he couldn‟t even go home. This could be his home. He would cherish it and care for Greystoke with
all of his faculties. The bright grin on his face let Tarzan and Jane know that they had indeed made the right
choice by offering this piece of land and the backhouse to him.

Fin slowly sliced into the now cold meat on his plate, but he was still visibly shaken over the news of their
departure. It was Jane who spoke again. “You are now and always will be our greatest friend and ally Fin.
You have proven yourself over and over again and therefore we are able to make this crossing, knowing
that when we return, everything will be as it should be.” His deep brown eyes locked contact with Jane‟s
amber eyes. She knew how he felt. He knew that she knew and they both knew that Tarzan knew how he
felt about her. This, to Tarzan was assurance that Fin would always protect Jane and her reputation, no
matter the consequence for himself. If Fin understood Tarzan‟s reasoning, it would have been comforting,
but for the most part he had decided to believe that Tarzan was merely pretending to be unaware of the
feelings that Fin thought that he could hide for Jane. It was true, however, that he would do anything for
Jane, and had. He had never stepped out of place, not even once, respecting the love that husband and wife
had for one another. It was the greatest love of all, a most self sacrificing love. “I will always take care of
you.” The statement was meant for the couple, but it was Jane that he spoke to.

As they embarked on the ship, the sky turned grey and Fin pleaded with them to not go. “You can certainly
postpone this trip until the spring can you not?” Jane looked to her husband and to the sky. She was
wondering if perhaps Fin was right, but Tarzan had been obsessed of late, with the return. “I am needed.”
Was all that he would say when Fin was around, and Jane would not ask when they were alone.

Captain Stubbing luckily was captain of the vessel and hurried to greet them and welcome them aboard. “I
believe that we will be delayed a day or so.” He apologized, but the statement had relaxed Fin somewhat.
He was terrified of winter storms on the ocean, and knowing Tarzan‟s history, was even more afraid that
history would repeat itself. At one point he had even suggested that Tarzan go alone, and he would care for
Jane, but it was Jane that spoke up saying that where her husband went, she would follow. Tarzan looked to
the sky and then to Fin. “tomorrow the weather will cooperate, but we must leave quite early, so we will
sleep on the ship.”

A gentle embrace for her friend turned into a bear hug. Fin hugged Jane as if to say he knew that he thought
that he might never see her again. Tarzan and Fin shook hands, their free hands on the other‟s shoulder in a
familiar gesture. Tarzan‟s eyes were like slits as he stared at his friend. “I trust you to care for things Fin.
We will return.” Tarzan emphasized the WE in his statement. Once the embrace was broken, Tarzan‟s arm
wrapped possessively around his wife‟s tiny waist as the walked away. Jane was in awe of her husband‟s
self control, his respect for this man that she knew was in love with her. Perhaps it was because he realized
how hard Fin worked at hiding his feelings, or perhaps it was the fact that Fin was aware of Tarzan‟s
knowledge and could be trusted with Jane‟s very life, whatever it was, Jane knew that Tarzan was as
possessive of Fin as a friend, as he was of Jane as a wife.

Once settled into their state cabin, which was twice the size of their cabin to cross over to England, Tarzan
and Jane sat on the settee, just to talk and snuggle. He sometimes made her feel as giddy as a child, but at
the same time, there was no one that could make her feel more like a woman than her wild man. “So tell me
Tarzan, you spend some time with Dr. Cache and Dr. Jackal. What did they want from you?” During their
settling in period, Tarzan had agreed to meet with Henry and Edmond, on his terms, in his home, where he
answered as many questions as he could before tiring of them. It had proven to be quite interesting to the
doctors, but caused Tarzan a dose of ennui. “They wanted to hear over and over again how I survived. It‟s
not scientific formula, I just survived.” Jane could feel Tarzan‟s tension and finally cornered him on the
subject. “You stated before that you were needed. What makes you think that you are needed back home?”
Jane questioned, her hands holding his tightly, feeling the tension build. “I have had a vision from the
deer.” Jane knew that the deer had turned out to be Dawenhethon. “She said that there is war, and that her
people are in grave danger.”

While in England, Jane heard of the problems that had arisen in America. There were gang wars in New
York, the North and the south were fighting and anyone that was entering America was signed up to fight
for her. Perhaps this was the reason that Fin feared their departure. “You really didn‟t need to hear that
from her, you knew that from the shipping news.” He did, but he had been visited often by Dawenhethon of
late, the visits coming more often. “I cannot explain Jane. I just know that I am needed, and that you
needed to go home.” Thinking about the alternative to what awaited her, Jane began to wonder if she had
indeed believed that she was homesick, or if he had just planted that seed, knowing he had to go and he
wanted her with him. Regardless, they were together and she would have gone with him either way.

That night the sky opened up and dumped more rain than it had in a very long time. The ship‟s mates
worked overtime emptying the boat of the excess water, and the barrels were filled to the hilt with the clean
rainwater. Tarzan held his wife in his arms as he waited out the storm. Jane, feeling the security of his
loving arms, was able to rest her head on his chest and fall into a deep restful sleep. Tarzan so wished that
his sleep hadn‟t been so plagued with dreams of late. It would be a nice change to sleep as restfully as Jane
could, just for one night.
As the rain pelted the ship, it cut through the water like a knife through hard butter. It was rough going, but
go they did. They had left Liverpool mid morning three days ago, though the weather hadn‟t improved
much. While Tarzan and Jane lived through it, back in England, Fin worried himself sick. If it hadn‟t been
for Terrance inviting him to an evening frolic in London, he surely would have been heart sick for Jane

Jane sat at the dining table, trying to keep her dinner down. The rocking of the boat had an unusual effect
on her this time around. She was worried sick that she might be with child, but she kept this information to
herself. She had been having her moon cycles without fail and her next one was due soon, but she and
Tarzan had not been taking the precautions that they had once discussed. Until life was settled, she was
terrified to be a mother.

Tarzan watched Jane, he watched the colour drain from her face and he studied her. Her smile was soft, her
eyes clear, she was nauseous from the rocking of the boat that was all. “Are you concerned?” He finally
asked her, knowing full well what she was thinking about. Jane loved the fact that they could have these
conversations, even if she did find it difficult to initiate them. “Yes.” She answered, her hand resting on
her flat belly as it reeled. He shook his head. “No need for concern, you are not yet with child.” He turned
his attention to a couple sitting on the other side of the dining room. The man was scolding a child for
spilling his milk and his hand rose………

Tarzan was in the man‟s face before anyone had time to think. “Don‟t think to lay a hand on the child. The
milk spilled due to the weather and the boat, not because of the child.” The man offered to clean Tarzan‟s
clock when someone reminded him who Tarzan was. His reputation for the murder of Samson had actually
turned him into some kind of folk hero for the abused and neglected. Tarzan‟s wild eyes cut through the
man‟s stare and warned him that he meant business.

Following the incident, Jane stood and waited for Tarzan to return to their table, where she took his hand
and almost dragged him into the inclement weather. “You need to cool off, something is really wrong;
something is bothering you more than you have been sharing.” Tarzan wrapped his arms around Jane in a
feeble attempt of protecting her from the storm, but she pushed him off of her. “Talk to me. I am your
wife, you have to stop trying to protect me, you have talk to me!” Tarzan stood before her, his long blond
hair falling into his face, the leather strap that held it back having long since loosened and fell off. He
resembled a lost child. In that moment Jane began to really worry. “Please Tarzan, please, talk to me.”

They slowly made their way through the rain to the hallway leading to their state room. Once inside, Jane
began to undress her husband who still seemed so lost. He helped her by pulling his wet shirt off and
stepping out of the soaked pants. Staring at Jane, he tried to run his fingers through her auburn curls, but
the dampness caught his hand and he ended up pulling her hair. Jane smiled. “You must share with me. I
can help you with your burden.” Stepping out of his under drawers, Tarzan stood before his wife, naked
and vulnerable. She looked into his soul and found it to be so afraid.

Jane stripped out of her clothes and she hung everything across the room on an makeshift line that she had
strung earlier. Pulling the sheets down on the bed, she climbed in and pulled her husband with her. He
willingly submitted to her, resting his head on the feather pillow, staring to the ceiling of the cabin. Jane‟s
finger traced lines over his chest, his throat, his belly, waiting, just waiting for him to talk. Her patience
paid off, Tarzan finally began to share his worries. “It is more than a war Jane. My aunt will die because
of this war, and there is a great chance that Thao will also. Things are not as they once were.”

Jane finally understood. In his visions, Tarzan could see the deer, and the deer was actually Dawenhethon.
Somehow he had interpreted the dream to mean that she would die and he didn‟t want to lose anyone else.
He had lost his mother and his father, and then his uncle turned out to be such a disaster; he could not bare
to lost another. Jane placed a gentle kiss on his forehead and over each of his eyes as he gently closed
them. The feel of Jane‟s skin next to him had warmed him, and her touch reassured him. “Perhaps you are
right, perhaps you are not. She might need you to help her to stay alive, and you shall do everything in your
power, and I will be there, by your side.” Again she kissed his forehead and his closed eyes. “You need to
sleep my husband. Rest is your friend. Your aunt will need you whole.”

Tarzan turned his body and pulled his wife down to him, turning her, so that her back was to him. He
brought his knees up and „sat‟ her on them as he spooned her. His arm wrapped protectively about her
waist and his hand rested on one of her breasts. He agreed that he needed the rest. He tried to sleep, but
desire kept him awake this time. Jane could feel him pressing against her back and her bottom, and
managed to maneuver herself so that she could take his length, without compromising their position.
Tarzan gasped as he felt her envelop him, and moaned as he felt her muscles tense and then relax. Without
a word she had taken him to the edge of the abyss… and let him fall into the ecstasy that awaited him. “Oh
Jane.” He held her tightly, his hand closed tight around her breast as they dove into the abyss together.
Finally, sleep took him.
The crossing to return to America was almost painfully slow for Tarzan. How he wished that he could fly
like the birds. He would have been there much sooner. His lack of sleep had been accompanied by the
visions, making for a very quiet and impatient man. Jane had never seen him like this. Thinking about it,
she really didn‟t know him very well at all, they had only been together a few months, married most of
them. “For better or for worse.” She smiled as she watched him play with Numa and Teeka in the adjoining

Captain Stubbing had insisted on Tarzan taking the extra room for the animals, and had even delegated
someone to help with the feeding and clean up of the animals. A young fellow by the name of Georgie
turned up at Tarzan and Jane‟s door some days ago. He couldn‟t have been more than fifteen or sixteen
years old, still a child in many ways, but with the manners of a gentleman. He was taken by Numa right
away; wanting to know everything that there was to know about the beautiful cat. Jane was thankful for the
diversion; keeping Tarzan busy was a full time job.

Jane visited the captain and the spoke at length about many things. This crossing he had brought Mrs.
Stubbing along, and she and Jane had become fast friends. It was nice to have female companionship for
even a short period of time. The woman thought that Tarzan, though dressed quite elegantly during the
dinner hour, was still somewhat of a savage, still refusing to wear shoes, but she liked Jane enough to
forgive the indiscretion.

Having been informed that the trip would last a mere day or two longer, Tarzan and Jane had begun to
make plans regarding their trip north to Thao‟s village. They both openly wondered if their friends would
still be there, or if they would have relocated. Tarzan tried to keep a positive outlook on everything, but his
visions had been coming more often and more desperate.

Captain Stubbing had been certain that the following afternoon they would dock in New York, and this
news caused a very sleepless night for Tarzan. He stayed on the top deck, staring out into the blackness. It
was getting very cold. He could see his breath when he breathed out. It was unusual for him. He had been
acclimatized to Africa. It was always relatively warm there. Now, Tarzan‟s feet were starting to ache with
the cold, his body needed to be replenished with the fresh fruit of the jungle. There had been very little
fresh anything on this crossing. Due to the conditions in the weather, the only fruit that survived were the
bushels of apples that the cook kept in the storage bin. Tarzan had taken many of these for himself and
Teeka, but they both desired fresh mango or papaya. They would even settle for bananas, but these apples,
although tasty, were not what they really wanted.

As Tarzan paced the decks, he finally noticed far off in the distance the land mass that Jane called home.
Before this moment, it irked him as to why he could not understand the impatience that had besieged him
for these long days. It was Jane would point out the obvious to him. “Dawenhethon is your Aunt. Thao is
your cousin. They are your real family.” She had made it clear to him that having blood relatives was more
important than he had formerly believed. His love for Jane had not been diminished by his love for his
relatives; in fact it had probably been enhanced.

Racing back to the cabin, Tarzan threw the door opened and jumped into the bed where Jane had been
wrapped up in the warm blankets, resting comfortably. „Jane, we are almost there, get up!” His hands were
cold as he ripped the blankets from her. The thin night dress did not keep the heat well. Cold lips kissed her
face from forehead to chin. He was acting like a child and she could not admonish him for his excitement.
She could, however, beg him to close the door in order to keep the elements outside. Thinking about
sleeping in a wigwam with a tiny fire for heat had caused Jane to doubly enjoy the warmth of the cabin.
“Please close the door, I am not dressed!” She raised her voice in order for him to hear over his own.

Tarzan jumped from the bed to the door, touching the floor only once. He ran back to her and pulled her out
of the bed, kicking and screaming, and giggling. Tarzan‟s cold hands were all over her, tickling her and
tormenting her. As hard as she tried to hold him back, he was just too strong and too happy. How happy he
was. Jane stopped struggling and enjoyed her husband‟s first attack of genuine happiness in a long time. “I
love to see you smile husband.” She grinned as he placed her on the bed and lowered his face to hers,
stealing her kisses.

Before the ship was anywhere near a dock, Tarzan was on the deck watching, counting the seconds until
they could disembark. Jane had joined him, along with Numa and Teeka who were still bored with the
crossing. “You would think that you were expecting someone to be at the dock waiting for us.” Jane
mentioned to Tarzan. “That is not beyond the realm of possibilities Jane.” He stated without thought.
Wasn‟t it? Who would know they were coming? No one had sent word before their crossing. Was there
really something to these visions? Surely not. Jane shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs. “You are
silly.” She kissed her husband on the cheek as she leaned down to pat Numa on the head.
The docks were busy with people embarking and disembarking. There were a lot of people being greeted
by government people insisting that the men go off to fight the war in order to be able to stay in America.
Tarzan stared at them as they began to approach him. Jane shook her head at the man that was about to
approach Tarzan. He saw the look at the stern expression on the barefoot gentleman‟s face and then noticed
the huge lion that walked a pace behind. Changing his mind about approaching him, he neared Jane. “I am
an America citizen; this is my husband, so therefore he is already a citizen. We are on business; I wouldn‟t
suggest trying to hold him back.” Jane was stern, but it was important that they not be delayed.

Jane had suggested that they hire someone with horses and a buckboard, or a carriage. Tarzan didn‟t care
how they got there, just that they got there. “It‟s a long journey Jane, we need our own means. I can steer
the horses on a carriage.” He was right. For some reason, Tarzan was able to communicate easily with any
animals, whether it be the lion, ape or even the horses. She decided not to argue, but to merely suggest that
they purchase something.

The livery stable had horses and buckboards, even covered wagons. Tarzan had decided that he would like
to purchase a covered wagon to keep his family warmer and out of the elements as much as possible. Fin
had made certain that Tarzan and Jane were traveling with more than enough currency and gold, so that
they would not have to worry about anything once they had returned to America. He had also sent letters to
the banks in order to set up accounts for both Tarzan and Jane, just in case. He had worried about anything
financial, not realizing that where they were going, money had no real value.

Jane settled the accounts with the livery stable and the general store, having purchased the provisions to get
them from here to there as comfortably as possible. Tarzan still didn‟t care as long as they could get on
their way soon. He had watched as Jane filled a basket with various items and tapped his fingers, showing
her his impatience. She smiled at him and spoke. “Good things come to those who wait.” He looked at her
and grinned. Jane was very good at innuendo, but Tarzan had only recently learned to understand the
underlying meaning of things that she said to him regarding the other side of their married life. In the
middle of the general store, he had pulled her close and kissed her full on the lips, holding her so tight,
causing a suppressed moan to escape from her rosy lips.

Getting Teeka into the covered wagon was easy, but getting Numa on was a different story. He still hadn‟t
found his land legs after having been on the ship for so long and he was becoming quite indifferent. Tarzan
handed Jane the reins and he slipped down to the ground to walk with his friend. Jane smiled, knowing full
well that she could maneuver the wagon with little trouble. As each day passed, Jane realized that the love
that she was feeling for this man was unconditional. Just as the love that he gave was. He loved in spite or
despite, but he loved her, Numa and Teeka all unconditionally. She was indeed blessed. Thoughts of a
family began to surface in her mind. What a wonderful father he would be to their children. He would
always have time for them; he would always treat them with utter respect and love. The more that she
thought about it, the more she wanted to complete their family. She would, however wait until Tarzan was

Tarzan strode along with Numa, speaking to him all of the way. Numa acknowledged Tarzan, every once in
a while letting a slight roar escape. They walked for many miles and the horses cantered behind them.
When Tarzan heard a different type of growl, he placed his hand in front of Numa to stop him from
walking. He approached Jane and smiled. “You have hunger wife. We should stop in order for you to
satisfy it.” Jane blushed as she could not tell if he was actually talking about satisfying her hunger for food
or her hunger for him. Tarzan laughed out loud, having almost read her thoughts.

Now that they were on solid ground and Tarzan knew that he could find Thao‟s people, he had relaxed
somewhat. Jane, on the other hand, was missing the comfort of the luxurious house and even the state cabin
on the ship. The covered wagon was nice, Teeka‟s company was sufficient for this leg of the journey, but
she still wished that they could finally settle somewhere, put down roots.

Once Jane and Teeka were settled into a clearing, Tarzan and Numa headed into the bush in order to hunt
for dinner. Jane would have been fine with a slice of bread and some water, but her husband had insisted
she let him hunt. It was his nature, and his nature was hungry for the freedom and the thrill of the hunt.

After a very short period of time, Tarzan and Numa returned with some meat. Tarzan had been good
enough to skin and clean the animal before returning to Jane, who had built a nice fire and was warming
some water on a grate that she had created with some flat rocks. Her pot of water was beginning to boil and
the pan that she sat beside it had begun to sizzle when the meat was placed in it.

As Jane moved the meat around in the pan to keep it from burning, she watched her husband and the lion.
They looked rather suspicious until she noticed a few drops of fresh blood on Tarzan‟s chin. He and Numa
had obviously eaten some raw meat in the bush somewhere. She smiled. He knew that Jane had a hard time
digesting the information that he preferred his meat raw, so he tried very hard not to eat it that way around
her, but sometimes the hunter in him just took over and filled his belly as necessary. Taking his hand,
Tarzan wiped off his chin and saw what Jane had been staring at. He was thankful that it didn‟t cause her to
turn away from him. How he loved his woman who accepted him unconditionally. No where would he
have ever found someone like her. It was definitely fate that stepped in and introduced them. He thanked
the fates, the gods, whoever was responsible. Looking to his wife, who was now spooning her cooked
rabbit into her mouth, Tarzan smiled. “Wife.” He liked the way that the word fit to his lips. The w was like
the beginning of a kiss. Jane stared at him and waited as he continued his thought. “I love you Jane.” She
grinned, a small morsel of meat stuck between her front teeth.
Tarzan insisted in traveling at night as well. After they had eaten a hearty dinner, Jane would wash up and
retire to the back of the wagon while he took the reins. Tarzan wanted to get to Thao as soon as humanly or
inhumanly possible. During the day, Jane would take the reins and Tarzan would either walk with Numa, or
they would nap in the back of the wagon while Jane would follow the large path north.

After three days like this, Tarzan was having difficulty functioning. Jane recognized his weariness and she
put her foot down. As he was about to argue with her, Jane stopped him from speaking. “We have done it
your way from the beginning of this journey. I think if you had it completely your way we would have
ridden on the eagles‟ wings, but you are still only human Tarzan and in dire need of rest.” Jane took a cloth
and soaked it in the warm water that she had poured in the basin to cool. Wiping her husband‟s brow as he
lay on the thick hide, Jane continued to speak. “I love you too much to watch you run yourself any more
ragged. We will not get there any faster if you fall ill!” Tarzan had could not remember ever feeling such
exhaustion. He had been tired, certainly, but his strength seemed to be zapped, he had no energy to go on.
Jane was truly worried as she forced him to go inside of the wagon.

Teeka sat beside her friend as his eyes began to close and he gave in to the sleep that had been trying to
take him for days now. Barking orders to Numa to keep guard, Jane returned to the back of the wagon.
Tarzan had never looked so defenseless. Even when he spoke of his incarceration in the lunatic asylum, he
had still been capable of protecting himself. Now he was unable to perform even the slightest task. Jane
worried that he might have eaten something that would rob him of his good health, but she was fairly
certain that it was the complete exhaustion that had taken him. Jane rested her head on his chest, listening
to his heart pounding and prayed that it was merely sleep that he needed.
He slept, he moaned, he drooled, he slept. Jane did not. She kept a constant vigil
over her beloved husband, begging him to wake up, to respond to something, to
anything. The air was cool with the late November air, the fire had gone out twice
while Jane watched over Tarzan. Numa paced, worried. Teeka screeched, not
knowing what to do.

Tarzan’s mind had taken him to faraway places. He bounded from one tree to the
next, taking hold of the hemp and swinging up to new heights. The sun was warm,
but the leaves gave him just the right amount of shade. There was much to do
today. He was hungry, his belly gave a loud rumble, begging him to fill it. The thrill
of the hunt excited him as he checked his thigh making sure that his blade was still
sheathed in knife case. The intricate design of the handle of the knife captured his
attention as he ran his calloused fingers along the pattern.

The decision today would be, fish, foul or red meat? His rumbling stomach seemed to
be begging to be fed soon, and his mouth watered at the thought of warm pink flesh
caught in his teeth as he ripped the meat from it’s bone. Carefully scanning the
ground, Tarzan spotted his prey. An eland skipped across the plain, in a feeble
attempt at out running the lion. Tarzan called out a warning to his friend Numa, the
race was on!

Jane mopped the brow of her blond Adonis and watched as his eyes moved in his
dream state. She knew that she needed help in order to fish him from this sleep. But
she could not leave him alone. There might be bears, or even marauders that might
do damage to the sleeping man. She stepped out of the covered wagon and sat on
the step, her feet creating pictures in the sand below. “Numa, Teeka, I need your
help.” She decided to try it. Perhaps there was some way that they could
understand, and they could find help.

It was a silly thought, Jane realized. If anyone in their right mind saw a lion and an
ape approaching, they would surely fire up their guns, and shoot to kill. She was
torn. Still, she began to speak to the animals. “Tarzan is very ill. We need
Dawenhethon. Is there any way that you can find her?” Teeka screeched once again,
Numa let out a low growl, but Jane was not sure if that was understanding, or just
making noise. She decided to try once more. “Ezhno. If you find Ezhno, he will get
help from Dawenhethon. Can you do that? Can you find him?” The two of them
became very agitated at the mention of their friend‟s name. Jane mustered up all of
the faith that she could and she pleaded with the animals to find him and fast.

Miraculously, Teeka climbed on Numa‟s back and they both managed a grunt as they
turned and raced in the general direction that they had been traveling. “Come back
soon, with help.” Jane begged as she placed her face in her hands and began to
weep. She direly needed some sleep, but was afraid that he might call out for her, or
that the fire would die and the coyotes would approach. Now that the animals were
gone, there was an impending fear of wild animals that she had been taking for
granted. Jane rebuilt her fire and filled the pot with the fresh water from the bucket
that she had filled before her friends had gone. Searching through the packs, she
found her treasure. Coffee. It was manna to her right now.

The water bubbled in the pot and Jane could finally smell the aroma of the black
liquid that seemed to be her life saver. While it boiled, she took the opportunity to
check on Tarzan, only to see that he was still living some adventure in dreamland. A
small smile crossed her lips. There was no fever, there were no chills. Her diagnosis
remained the same. He was exhausted.

Jane savoured the resplendent black gold. Each sip of the coffee gave her a little bit
more strength until she was at almost full power. Not a moment too soon.
Something that Tarzan had taught her was to listen more carefully when she was
alone, and to use her nose. Beyond the essence of coffee, there was a mangy smell.
It was not a bear, but it could be wolves or coyotes. Carefully Jane pulled a stick
from her fire, blowing on the embers at the end. The fire took and a flame licked the
edge of the stick of wood. With the torch in hand, she slowly turned in a circle as she
backed up into the covered wagon.

Tarzan had also taught her to not keep food out where the animals might smell it.
The sense of smell in nature was essential, and so she had to outsmart the animals
by masking the aroma of any food, which she had learned to do quite adeptly.
Stepping into the wagon, with her free hand, Jane managed to find the pistol that
Tarzan had allowed her to purchase in New York. She found the ammunition and
tucked it into the pocket of her apron. The wolves would not feed on Tarzan and
Jane‟s stores tonight. She sat, loaded the gun and waited.
Where Numa had the power, Tarzan had the skill and the agility. He raced past
Numa toward the eland. Slipping the knife from its sheath, Tarzan was at the
animal‟s throat. It was quick and painless, the animal had been unaware. Numa
stopped in his tracks and roared loudly in protest. Once again Tarzan had taken his
prey. Tarzan looked over to his large golden maned friend. “You don‟t hunt any way;
you lazy animal, you have your women do all of your work!” Tarzan laughed as he
sliced into the animal and sliced some meat, eating it there on the spot, stopping to
share with Numa.

At least he was smiling in his sleep. Jane was far from content right now. The wolves
were at bay and she was holding her gun as steady as her tired arm would allow.
Giving a silent prayer that Numa and Teeka had made some headway, Jane pulled
the trigger on the pistol, and with a loud bang a bullet screamed through the small
pack of wolves. Looking to see if the noise disturbed Tarzan, she was visibly
disappointed that it had not. “Get the hell out of here you stupid wolves. I am not in
the mood for a confrontation with you!‟ They had raced out of her sight, but they
were still audible. Slipping inside of the wagon, Jane placed her hand on Tarzan‟s
forehead. He was warm, there was a fever, but his heart rate was almost non
existent. She was certain that he had gone into stasis, but why?

Climbing out of the wagon once more, Jane took all of the wood that she could find
and built up the fire until it was raging. With her stick she made a small trench
around the fire and the front of the wagon, pouring lamp oil into the trench, it
quickly caught fire, making a slow burning circle. Somehow, some way, she was
going to get some rest this night. She would be no good to Tarzan if she was eaten
by wolves because she was tired.

Something pulled at him; something was urging him on but what? Tarzan stood over
his kill, staring at Numa and the females that had come to share the feast. He could
see nothing, but there was something not right. He didn‟t belong here, what was
going on? As he back tracked back into the bush, he felt it. The quick bite of the
snake. He had taken the snake and killed him instantly, but the venom was unlike
that of the snakes he was accustomed to. This one had not bit into his veins; it was
merely through his skin. It didn‟t create the same symptoms that he was used to.
This one caused slow agonizing pain.

Jane curled up beside her husband and wrapped a protective arm around him. She
had looked to him for protection, never believing that she would be in his shoes.
Sleep tried hard to take her, but she seemed to fight it. Jane could feel Tarzan
reaching out to her with his mind, but she couldn‟t understand. His body was cold as
his heart had slowed to almost nothing. Finally she sat up and lit one of the lamps in
yet another feeble attempt to diagnose him.

With the lamp close, she touched his skin, searching for something, anything out of
the ordinary. Finally she found it. On the back of his calf, she found two puncture
marks. Snake bites. He hadn‟t said anything about meeting a snake! In the place
where the bite was located, Jane surmised that Tarzan may not have felt it; it was
where his muscle was well defined. „Damn”, she thought. She had never tried to suck
the poison out of a wound before, but she had to do something as he had been ill for
some time and a rattlesnake bite could kill.

Lifting up her skirts, Jane found the small knife that Tarzan had entrusted her with.
She stepped down the stairs to the fire that continued to burn outside, and slipped
the blade of the knife into the flame. The purification of the fire would sterilize the
blade so as not to make the wound worse. Mustering her courage, Jane pulled the
blade from the fire and raced back to her husband. She had managed to maneuver
his leg so that she had a fair amount of access to the wound.

Touching the blade to Tarzan‟s skin, Jane could hear the sizzle of his hairs and smell
the burned skin, but she forged ahead, slicing into the meat where the bite marks
occurred. Quickly she placed her lips on the open wound and began to suck as if her
life depended on it. If not hers, then Tarzan‟s. She spit it out of the wagon, making a
small sizzling noise in the flames outside, and she did it again until she was satisfied
that she could do no more. She spit again and then raced the knife to the fire once
more, heating it to a bright red. Quickly returning, she sealed the hot knife to the
open wound, holding it together with her fingers, searing the skin of his calf as well
as her fingers. Jane felt no pain.

Tarzan still had not moved. She knew he was not dead as his eyes continued to tell
her so, moving back and forth in some dream dance, but Jane was panicked. A
snake bite was lethal. She knew of nothing that could help when it had been that
long since the bite occurred. She was angry at herself at not having found the
puncture marks sooner. “Why couldn‟t you tell me Tarzan?” Jane rinsed her mouth
with a swig of very cold coffee and spit it out past the fire circle. Slowly she turned to
face the wagon. “You did tell me didn‟t you?” Jane fell into a heap on the soil in front
of the wagon. She would have never thought of looking for anything like that.

Total exhaustion was beginning to take her over as she dragged herself up the few
stairs into the wagon. Tarzan remained silent and still, but his eyes continued to
move, washing her with a bit of calm, allowing her to rest for a while. “Numa, Teeka,
please come back soon.
The morning sun rays invaded the sanctity of the covered wagon. Jane refused to stir
from her almost comfortable position nestled into her husband‟s neck. She inhaled
his scent, knowing that she wanted to wake up and fall asleep with that scent until
the day that she died. She could hear voices, or rather one voice. Shooting up from
her prone position, Jane reached for the pistol and made sure that there was a bullet
in the chamber before she peeked out of the canvas.

When she saw the most welcomed sight before her, she dropped the pistol to the
floor of the wagon and raced out of the wagon into the arms of the beautiful young
native man. “Ezhno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don‟t know how happy I am to see you!” Jane
kissed his face and hugged him as tightly as she could without him losing his breath.
He smiled lovingly at his lady. With a slight grin, he placed her back on solid ground
and nodded to her. Knowing that his words meant little to her, he signed as best he
could, pointing at Numa and Teeka. Jane was certain that he was telling her that
they had showed up and wouldn‟t let him rest until he followed. “Tarzan.” She said,
very loud, and then reached for Ezhno‟s hand, dragging him inside of the wagon.
Ezhno saw his friend lying there, near death and with his hands, asked Jane what
happened. She showed him the wound, and tried to explain that she had cut him,
sucked out the poison and then sealed the wound. Ezhno smiled. She had done well,
but where the bite was, he wasn‟t sure that it was necessary for her to do that. Still,
he knew that Tarzan would appreciate that his woman would do this for him.

It was obvious that Jane couldn‟t direct the wagon. Ezhno watered the horses, fed
them and brushed them gently, letting them know that they hadn‟t been neglected.
They reacted to Ezhno‟s attentions with slight neighs and nods of their heads. Jane
prepared a meal for Ezhno, Numa and Teeka. She hugged the lion, petting his thick
matted hair, telling him over and over again what a wonderful lion he was. Ezhno
watched her, amused. Teeka received the same attentions, to which she took to
quite well, allowing Jane to praise her over and over again.

Once they had received nourishment, Ezhno took over the reigns and pointed
forward. Jane understood that he was taking her to the village. She was thankful as
Teeka boarded the wagon and Numa lolled on the seat behind Ezhno. It would be a
better day once Dawenhathen could do something for her husband. Jane even said it
out loud. “Dawenhethon will help him.” Ezhno turned to Jane and cocked his head to
her in confusion. “Dawenhethon?” Now Jane was confused.
The ride to the village was quiet and non confrontational. Numa lazed on the back
seat of the wagon, and Ezhno remained quiet. He had no way of explaining things to
Jane, that would be up to Thao and Oheo. Tarzan was ill and needed their aid right
now, that was a priority. Questions could be answered later.

Teeka squealed as things began to look familiar. The village was again inviting them
with opened arms. Jane looked out from the back of the wagon to see all of the
friends that she had made. There were the brothers, and there was Oheo, Thao. It
was exciting to see them all again, but first things first. She raced out of the wagon
onto the buckboard and called out to Thao. “Please, hurry!”

Thao wasted no time, having waited hours for Ezhno‟s return with his friends, with
his cousin. Jane reached out and hugged her friend for dear life. He was her lifeline
right now. She had felt so helpless before, but now that Thao was here, he could
fetch Dawenhethon and she could work some magic on Tarzan.
After satisfying himself with the fact that the snakebite was the root of Tarzan‟s
problem, he sent Oheo for some Echinacea and some hot tea. He ground up the root
and placed it into the hot tea and from it he made a poultice. He placed the boiling
liquid on the wound and asked Oheo to wrap it with the lace that she too had
brought with her. Once done, Thao began the ritual of trying to get Tarzan to take
small sips of the liquid. It was very difficult while he was unconscious, but finally he
managed to massage Tarzan‟s throat well enough to have him swallow a fair amount
of the tea. Jane watched in awe.

She smelled the root that he worked with and shook her head. It didn‟t look
extraordinary, nor smell extraordinary. “How do you know it will work?” She asked
as plainly as Jane had always managed to do. Thao smiled at the beautiful auburn
haired woman that he had missed hearing about. “Many of our people have been
bitten by the rattlesnake and some have even died, but it was discovered that
mother earth has a cure for everything that she creates and this was no exception.
The root has been used by my brothers and fathers before me and usually works if
we use it in time.”

All that was left to do was wait. Thao offered to sit with his cousin Tarzan while Oheo
took Jane to the water to wash. She was dusty and dirty from the trail and just
needed somewhere to relax. The two women walked to the water‟s edge, down the
path that Jane had remembered as if it were from her childhood. How she wished
that Oheo could speak to her. “Thao has been showing me yancy talk.” Oheo offered
as they reached the edge of the water and she pulled her clothing over her head to
dive into the water. Jane felt such a relief that without thought, she unbuttoned her
dress and pulled it over her head to dive into the water. Too many layers later, she
finally was naked and up to her neck in cold November water.

Oheo laughed at Jane as her teeth chattered with the cold. “It‟s freezing Oheo!” She
reprimanded the beautiful native woman who laughed heartily and then dove to the
bottom of the lake, and popped up inches away from Jane. “Cold is good for blood.”
She offered, but Jane wasn‟t buying that. “Cold is good for pneumonia!” She took the
offered leaves and pebbles and began the washing ritual that she had learned from
her friends here. Although her original stay was only a few short weeks, it was the
only home that Jane could remember being happy in. “I think I would have preferred
the smoke house!” Jane smiled as Oheo once again dove to the bottom of the lake to
retrieve more leaves which she squeezed the get from inside onto Jane‟s hair.

The bathing ritual completed, Jane was sufficiently numb now and no longer feeling
any of her extremities. “A fire? A blanket? My husband?” Jane asked. Oheo didn‟t
need to know that Tarzan and Jane had a formal wedding; to her they left the village
a couple. She dressed, helped Jane into the dress that she had brought for her and
together they returned to the village. Softly conversing, Jane asked about
Dawenhethon. Oheo had no answers for her friend Jane. “Dawenhethon very sick.”
Was all she could offer. There was no explanation as to why, or how, or what was
wrong. Investigating further, it was made apparent that Dawenhethon had fallen ill
just about the time that Tarzan started getting antsy about returning. Somehow they
were linked and Dawenhethon had managed to get him home, but now what?

Back in the village Ezhno groomed Numa and Teeka while talking to a beautiful
native girl. Though his eyes were only for this beautiful woman, Jane could see the
slight glance as she and Oheo returned. He was moving on, knowing that she was
only a dream, but he would have a place in his heart for her. This pleased the
jealous side of Jane who unwittingly had put ideas in Ezhno‟s head many moons ago.
It took Thao a long time to explain the ways of the female, especially the white
woman. Jane would never know about these conversations, but she would always
feel the tug on her heart when she looked at the handsome young man. Silently she
prayed for his complete happiness and thanked her maker for granting her such love
in her life.

Tarzan was not awake, but his colour was more normal and the bit wound on his leg
was not swollen or red anymore. The Echinacea seemed to have drawn any poison
out of him. She explained to Thao what she had done, but like Ezhno had failingly
attempted to do, he explained that because the poison didn‟t enter his blood stream
right away, she could not have sucked the poison out anyway. She felt like a fool,
but he chided her for acting that way. “You did what you had to do Jane. This is the
sign of a good wife.” Was that a sideways compliment? She wasn‟t certain. One thing
she did know, she was very glad that she could finally have a complete conversation
with someone other than Numa or Teeka.


Thao had Tarzan brought into his and Jane‟s original wigwam. Inside it was almost as
they had left it, save for the fire burning in the center of the room and the smoke
circling out of the top, the heat encircling Jane‟s cold body, finally warming her. Thao
and Oheo had brought Jane sustenance and tea to warm her from the inside out.
Once she ate and was warmed up a bit, Thao finally began to speak.
“He brought you here. He nursed you back to health, he even set your broken leg.
You were meant to be, the spirits of the ancients brought him here, of that I am
certain. My mother, Dawenhethon became ill once you left the village. She pretended
to be fine, but she was not. I fear that her heart was more broken about her father
and her grandfather than she had admitted to. Her worry for Tarzan, her new
nephew was great. She went on a vision quest, and found her spirit guide, the deer,
the same one that talks to Tarzan. She told her that Tarzan was in grave danger. I
know my mother sent the spirit guide to warn him, but in doing so, it took the good
out of her, she lost the battle and became almost a shell. We cannot reach her, she
lays silent, asleep, but alive.”

Jane was momentarily paralyzed with worry, but then she began to think in an
abstract way. Her mind began to circle itself and she questioned everything that she
had learned until then. “What if.” Her question began. Thao cocked his head to the
side as if reading her mind. Oheo looked at the two of them as if they were both
insane. Thao seemed to understand what Jane was thinking and he openly agreed
with her. “Jane, you are a genius, I would have never put it together.” Oheo nudged
her husband and requested an explanation.

Thao looked at his beautiful wife and placed a large hand on her belly. “Did you tell
Jane?” Jane was pleased for the couple. Oheo‟s tummy was slightly rounder than
when Jane left, but that was the way things worked. “This is so wonderful Oheo!”
She looked to Thao, wondering what this had to do with what they were originally
talking about and decided that he was momentarily sidetracked by the fact that his
lovely wife was bearing them a child. “My mother, somehow has brought Tarzan
back here, knowing that he is the only one that can reach her in her visions and
protect her from the demons that have befallen her, but he needed to be
unconscious as well, so she arranged with her spirit guide for the snake bite.” Jane
looked to Thao and added. “which he never told me about, he must have known, he
put his body in the state of almost dead, I have seen him do it before, like animals
do when they are trying to out wit their enemies.”

It was decided that Tarzan and Dawenhethon needed to be closer, to touch
somehow, this way Tarzan could help his aunt Kathleen heal once again. She needed
to know that her nephew had overcome all of his adversities in order to return to
Thao and Ezhno carried the limp body of Tarzan to his aunt‟s wigwam and placed
him on the small pallet beside her. Dawenhethon looked peaceful, almost dead,
somewhat like Tarzan looked. Jane stared at the forms of the two of them, looking
for anything similar and found much. The shape of their cheekbones, the contour of
their jaws, even their ears were similar. She turned to Thao who as the chief was
desperately trying to hold it together. His interests were to see his mother restored
and his cousin cured of the snake bite, but he seemed to sense that there was more
to them than they could see with the naked eye.

It was Oheo that first mentioned the tension within the walls of the wigwam. Though
the fire created much heat, there were cold spots all through the room, creating an
uncomfortable atmosphere. The smoke became more detailed as they pushed Tarzan
closer to Dawenhethon. The once puffs of smoke, were now like small masks that
reached for the small opening in the roof of the abode, but they seemed to forego
the hole and return to the floor. Thao watched this intently, as did Jane. “The spirits
are here, and the demons are here. I fear that my brother has returned to kill my
mother as he has killed our father.”

Jane was certain that Thao was right. The spirits of the dead had not rested as it was
hoped. Thao‟s ceremony over his dead father followed all of the rituals that he was
taught; but he was not aware of the strength of his brother‟s hate. Yuma‟s hate kept
his spirit alive in the underworld and needed to be exorcised before it finally took his
mother. Was Tarzan strong enough, or objective enough to be able to deal with
Yuma‟s spirits. Would Kanokerah be able to help, or had he crossed over? How would
this play out?

Gently Thao placed his mother‟s small hand into the palm of his cousin‟s and closed
Tarzan‟s fingers tightly around Dawenhethon‟s. The elders had joined them now,
bringing with them the pipe which they smoked and passed around, blowing it over
the bodies of the aunt and nephew. Thao took some dried tobacco and he gently
tossed it over Tarzan and Dawenhethon. He prayed in his native language, while
Jane reached out to her creator in prayer. Oheo stayed in the background rubbing
her tummy, asking the spirit of her unborn child to help her grandmother to fight of
the evil spirits.

Jane recalled the ceremony that they had sat through with the lightening in the clear
sky. She knew that there was something magical about these people and she
respected their beliefs. Thao would tell her what to do if he needed her to do
anything, but for now her prayers were all that she had. Slowly she approached
Oheo and sat on the rug beside her. There was worry in Oheo‟s eyes and Jane could
feel the tension building. “We must believe and trust.” Jane said to her friend, but
Oheo‟s eyes were filled with unspilled tears. “He will try to take over the spirit of the
baby.” Oheo was devastated as she shared the information with Jane. Jane looked
her in the eye and reprimanded her. “Do you see those two people that lay there
looking almost dead?” Oheo nodded quietly as Jane continued. “They should be
dead, but they are not dead because they both know that there is something very
dangerous that they must fight. And fight they will, and they will win, you must
believe that they will not let Yuma return to this world in any form, they will send
him to the depths of hell!” Jane was quite animated as she spoke. Thao had noticed
this and he watched her carefully.

Crossing the room carefully, Thao embraced his wife and whispered into her ear.
Oheo was wary of her husband‟s words, but she heeded them quickly leading Jane
out of the wigwam. “The men must do their work.” As Oheo‟s hand touched Jane‟s
arm, Jane could feel the heat emanating from it. Something was very wrong, very,
very wrong. Oheo stood in the daylight and called to Jane. “You must fight him, you
must be strong and fight him!” Jane could feel the presence inside of her and it
scared the hell out of her. Yuma was trying to take possession of her and was
reaching out to her in the only way he could. He tried to manipulate her mind,
sending images of her past through her memory. Jane relived her entire life with
Richard in those few moments. Oheo slapped Jane across the face. “Your husband
needs you to be strong!” She yelled as she slapped Jane once again. The fury in
Jane‟s face subsided as the eyes behind hers, the eyes of Yuma, looked upon his
would be wife, who was swollen with child.

Jane could feel what Yuma was feeling. She felt his lack of humility, his total lack of
humanity. He saw Oheo and he merely wanted to take her, to force himself upon her
and take her right there where his little brother could watch and do nothing, but
female body would not allow it. Jane felt herself drawn back into the wigwam, but
this time she began to speak in English, and Yuma could not understand her words.
She could read his thoughts, but he was not privy to hers. “Thao, you have to keep
him from entering Tarzan. He wants to hurt you and your wife, you must keep him
away.” The elders held Jane‟s arms as she fought with the symbiont within her. Thao
blew smoke in her face from the pipe of the elders, tried to call his brother out, but
still Yuma remained inside.

Jane began to speak as Yuma in Iroquois, saying nasty things to Thao, who tried
desperately to remain objective, but found it more difficult as Yuma was giving him a
blow-by-blow description of what he would do to Oheo as soon as he was able to
materialize within the body of his brother‟s cousin. Thao looked to Tarzan. Was he
strong enough to take Yuma in death? Would he be able to survive without having to
lose Dawenhethon. So many maybes, no real answers. For now he had to keep Oheo
far away from Jane and from the wigwam. He stepped outside and he begged one of
the village women to take Oheo to her hut and stay with her, not let her out of her
sight. The woman agreed blindly.

When he returned to his mother‟s hut, he was met, face to face with the body of
Tarzan, the spirit of his brother and the limp body of Jane. It was Tarzan‟s eyes that
he saw, but it was Yuma who spoke. He bragged about how weak the white man
was, that he had fallen over a simple snakebite. He liked to be whole again, he liked
being in the white man‟s body. In this body he could have his way with any woman,
red or white, even yellow. He would have them all! Thao watched as his brother
carried the limp body of his cousin‟s wife and place her on the bed that he had just
risen from. Though it was Tarzan‟s hand, it was Yuma that manipulated him. The
large hand touched the soft cheek of Tarzan‟s wife. Yuma had always been partial to
the light coloured women of the tribe, and had his share of the white women, both
consensual and non-consensual. Thao spoke to his cousin, not his brother.

“You must be strong cousin. You must not let my brother take over your body. You
know what he will do to your wife and to our tribe. His evil spirit will overtake the
entire tribe. Tarzan, you are my true brother, not Yuma, Yuma is not fit to be the son
of a chief, or the brother of a chief.” It was Yuma who turned and slapped Thao,
knocking him off of his feet. In Iroquois Yuma told Thao what he thought of his little
brother. Thao was patient. Tarzan was growing stronger, but he had not yet
gathered the strength to fight off such a demon.
Jane woke from her spell. She wasn‟t sure if she was dreaming or if this was really
happening. This was the stuff that story books were made of, albeit terrifying stories,
but tall tales nonetheless. She lay on the bed where Thao and Ezhno had placed the
limp body of her husband. Looking up she saw Tarzan and Thao struggling, Ezhno
trying to come between them, unsuccessfully. Jane looked over to Dawenhathen and
realized that her strength was needed. She rolled off of the bed and knelt on the
floor beside Tarzan‟s aunt. Taking Dawenhethon‟s hand, Jane began to speak softly
to the sleeping woman. “Your family needs you, Thao needs you, Tarzan needs you,
you must break free from this sleep.”

Jane began to wonder exactly what was going on here. Surely Dawenhethon hadn‟t
summoned Tarzan all the way from across the ocean just to be a vessel for Yuma.
Dawenhethon wasn‟t on the dark side of the magic that would be Yuma. He had not
been put to rest as the rest of his tribe had; his spirit was still very much in this
world and needed to be sent onward. Dawenhethon was the wife of a chief, the
granddaughter of a chief; she should know the magic to use. The elders had been
sent flying into the thin walls of the wigwam, none able to deal with the spirit of
Yuma who now inhabited the body of Tarzan.

Standing at his full height, Tarzan/Yuma stretched, puffing out his chest and starting
at the women. Tarzan was still fighting off the snake bite, having trouble
understanding how to rid his body of this evil spirit, and could only sit idly by,
watching the events unfold. Yuma tried to pretend he was Tarzan, but he could not
speak to Jane in English. This angered Yuma and he reached out and took Jane
anyway. She resisted, yelling and calling out for help. Thao and the elders now
formed a circle around the couple, their pipes glowing, the smoke being pushed
toward Yuma‟s spirit. Thao again tossed some tobacco onto the body of his cousin,
asking Tarzan to find the strength to ward off Yuma.

It was then that Jane found some strength, whether it was hers or a gift from
Dawenhethon, she was uncertain, but she followed the new instincts by cuddling
close to the body of her husband. “Tarzan, I know you are in there.” Yuma turned to
look at the beautiful woman who was now encircled within the arms that he had use
of. She smiled at him and spoke this yancy language to him, he didn‟t understand
the words, but the body language worked for him. Jane continued to coo into the ear
of the man that she loved. “I will take him to our hut, he will want me and while he
is trying to take me, you can over take him.” It was risky, but Jane knew how to turn
her feelings off quite well and she was certain that she could do this, especially
knowing that it was her husband‟s body that would be taking her.

Thao understood what Jane was telling Tarzan and he told the others to back off.
When the time was right, Tarzan would find the strength to protect his bride. Thao
had never been more certain of anything. “Mother, come home.” Thao begged while
sitting beside her, trying to understand what had happened to her.

Jane cooed more into the ear of her husband. Yuma liked the sensation of Jane‟s hot
breath on him. It had been rare that he had mated with a woman that was willing,
and that would make it all the more sweet, to have this white man‟s woman while he
watched. Yuma laughed heartily as he picked Jane up and carried her to the
wigwam. He bent to enter the room and for some strange reason he took in a scent
of the air. Yuma didn‟t care what the air smelled like. Jane reasoned that it was
Tarzan‟s way of letting her know that he was still with her. He was always subtle,
now it was necessary.

Yuma tossed Jane to the bed; there was nothing gentle about him. In life he was
larger than Tarzan, both in height as well as girth, so getting used to the smaller
body was somewhat of a challenge, but Yuma seemed to be up for the challenge.
Jane wished that she could understand what he was saying to her, but then again,
knew that she wouldn‟t like any of it. She wasn‟t certain if she should lie still and just
let him have his way, or if she should pretend to enjoy. Knowing Yuma he would
much prefer that she struggle, liking to overtake the smaller creatures.

Again Yuma scented the air and his eyes closed slightly. Jane saw every movement
that she knew was her husbands and tried to strain it through. Yuma took pulled the
laces from Jane‟s dress and pulled them so hard through the eyeholes that the
leather laces stretched and one of the holes broke. She gently took her hand and
covered his, telling him that she would do it. Yuma leered at her and ogled her as
she slowly removed the doe skin dress that Oheo had given her. It was not Tarzan‟s
aqua eyes that were looking at her, the deep chocolate brown eyes of her oppressor
were the ones that she saw. Closing hers, Jane tried to see only Tarzan, to feel only

Yuma pulled her close to him and he mauled her breasts. It was now that Jane tried
her hardest to step out of her skin and out of her mind into another plain of
existence. As she felt her spirit leave her body, she was greeted by the spirit of her
husband‟s aunt. Dawenhethon‟s spirit hovered over the couple below. Jane spoke to
her, but no words escaped her lips. Dawenhethon smiled and pointed down to the

As Yuma‟s hands fondled her, his lips touched her, gently at first and then he began
to nibble at her, and then he bit, drawing blood from her shoulder. Jane did not
react. He threw her to the floor and began to strip himself out of the white man‟s
clothes. He ripped the shirt and trousers and three the undergarments to the other
side of the room. He stood over Jane, fully erect and ready to mount his new trophy.

He slithered down to the floor where he had sent his woman, grabbed at her knees,
wrenching them apart and then preparing himself to thrust into her. Jane hovered
with Dawenhethon, watching in disbelief as the body of her husband, aroused and
ready for mating, was about to invade her body. It was more than Jane could
handle, to actually watch Yuma do this with her own husband‟s body was more than
she could handle. The scream that she let out was horrendous. The strength of the
scream was so powerful as to pull her back into her own body, feeling the strong
hands on her knees holding her open to the man holding them. Yuma had been
startled by the scream as it seemed to start in his head and then become audible
outside of his brain.

Suddenly Tarzan‟s naked body was thrown backwards by some unseen force. Yuma
attempted to rise, but it was Tarzan who had finally found his strength and held him
Jane rose from her position on the floor, noting the pain in her legs from the grip
that Yuma had on her. She pulled her dress to her and backed up into a corner.
Yuma, still invading Tarzan‟s body, seemed to be fighting with himself, but Jane
knew that it was Tarzan that was in charge now. He was holding Yuma, so as not to
allow him to escape and invade someone else. Tarzan held his body snug to the floor
and called out to his wife.

“You did well Jane. We have him subservient for the time being, but I don‟t know
how long I can hold him. I need Dawenhethon; she is the only one that can save this
situation. Jane pointed upward but neither of them could see anything. Jane had only
seen Dawenhethon‟s spirit, when she was astral projecting. “I know she‟s here, I saw
her.” Tarzan knew that Jane was right, he had been conversing with her earlier and
she had told him what to do with Yuma until she could get to him. Thao couldn‟t hold
him and if Yuma were free to do what he pleased, he certainly would have raped
Jane and then went on to rape Oheo. If he was nothing else, the filthy first born of
her beloved husband was predictable, even in his altered state.

Jane pulled the dress over her head and exited the wigwam, quickly rushing to
Dawenhethon‟s hut. Thao and the elders continued to hold vigil over her, waiting,
not wanting to disturb the wrong spirit. “You must wake Dawenhethon, you must
come now! Tarzan needs you and if you don‟t come, Yuma will win!” Thao looked at
Jane to see if she was in her right mind, to make certain that the spirit of Yuma
hadn‟t invaded her, but she was merely passing a message from one spirit to
another. Jane looked to Thao. “Your mother is powerful, but it was not she that
summoned Tarzan here, it was Yuma. He used your mother‟s power to get Tarzan
here, knowing full well he could take possession of him if he was in a weak state.
Dawenhethon was the only thing holding him back.”

Thao tried to make sense of what Jane said. Dawenhethon had not asked for Tarzan,
she merely became weaker and weaker with time, finally falling into the comatose
sleep. It made sense to say that Yuma took her strength, he knew that he could not
overcome her completely, she was too strong, but he could use her to bring Tarzan
back, he too had the ability to channel spirits. Yuma had known this since his death,
when he tried to reenter the world of the living. There were only two entities that he
could use, Dawenhethon and Tarzan. There was something in their genetics that
made them vulnerable to the spirits. They were sensitive to the other worlds, in
Tarzan it had manifested itself in his ability to communicate with the animals,
Dawenhethon‟s abilities were her healing powers. Thao started to look at things from
a different point of view. “Mother, you must come back, you must find your strength
and return to us before all is lost. Tarzan cannot hold Yuma for long. Yuma has been
gathering his strength in the underworlds while Tarzan has been ill.”

The beautiful native woman lay still on the bed, her long black hair cascading over
the sides, her hands, her hands were trying to move, trying to communicate
somehow. Jane rushed to her side and nudged Thao, who also saw the movement.
Turning to the elders, Thao asked them to step up the chanting and prayers a notch.
“Give her your strength to work with as I give her mine.”
Tarzan fought Yuma with skill and bravery. He remembered his spirit guide, the
deer. The deer are not violent, but cunning and agile. Though Yuma had invaded
Tarzan‟s body in it‟s weakened state, the Echinacea had done its job well, it had rid
his body of the snake poison. Tarzan knew that help was on the way and held on for
dear life. He had watched Jane leave the wigwam. He knew that she would be fine,
that their love would surpass all of this and soar. He worried now about his aunt, for
if Yuma did manage to free himself from Tarzan‟s body, he was certain to head for

The elders chanted. Jane prayed. Dawenhethon slowly found her body and
reentered, moving her limbs slowly, one at a time. Finally she opened her sky blue
eyes and stared into the green eyes of her nephew‟s wife. The smile on
Dawenhethon‟s face was worth everything to both Thao and Jane. Son hugged his
mother tenderly, bringing her gently to a sitting position. She spoke to Thao in
Iroquois in order for the elders to understand and then she reached out for Jane. “He
needs us, all of us, we must go.”

Thao refused to let his mother walk to Jane‟s wigwam. With his thick arms he gently
lifted her, and held her close to his breast. Mother kissed the son on his cheek and
smiled with great pride. Today Thao would be son and chief, but his most important
role would be brother. Dawenhethon warned him that Yuma would be out for blood,
his blood, but Thao did not falter; instead he stood straighter, taller and more proud.
“I am chief, Yuma needs to be sent to the spirit world. Together we will send him.”

Jane pulled back the opening to the wigwam and stepped inside. Tarzan writhed in
agony on the floor of the wigwam. Looking up, he saw the eyes of his wife and let
out a small sigh of relief when his aunt and cousin followed her. “Jane, stay back, I
don‟t have full control yet.” Jane refused to listen to her husband, and approached
him, her fingers gently touching the skin of his tanned cheek. “I love you Tarzan. We
are in this together.” She watched as his face muscles tightened and his arms held
each other in place. How he wanted to reach for her, but he couldn‟t let Yuma near
her, not again.

At Dawenhethon‟s urging, Thao placed his mother on her feet facing Tarzan. She
knew that Yuma would not understand the English, so she decided to use it to
communicate with her nephew. “You are not looking well. I heard that you were
bitten by a rattle snake, that was very careless of you nephew.” She chided him.
Tarzan smiled at the small woman. “I was told that it would be the only way to
communicate with you aunt. You are most difficult to get in touch with.” They
laughed and joked until Yuma began to get restless once more, having had some
time to regain his strength, he began to fight Tarzan once more.

Dawenhethon was armed. She reached into the pouch that she wore around her
waist and brought out some powder. Taking a pipe from an elder who had wandered
in after she and Thao, Dawenhethon placed the powder into the bowl of the pipe and
then lit it, careful not to inhale the smoke. “Tarzan, you must trust me. The peyote is
strong. It will make you crazy for a while, but it will exorcise Yuma.” Tarzan refused
the pipe until he had further explanation. “How can it? Where will his spirit go if he
does leave me? I don‟t want him infecting you.” Though she was touched at his
concern, Dawenhethon was impatient with him. “I have a different kind of poison in
my body. If he tries to take my body, I can hold him better than you think I can. But
you must believe me, we will send his spirit to the great beyond where he can

Tarzan dragged on the pipe and inhaled the thick choking smoke. He began to
cough, but Dawenhethon insisted that he smoke more, so he trusted. The wigwam
was enveloped in the smoke from the peyote, everyone was inhaling more than they
would normally have in the larger wigwam, but Dawenhethon was not concerned.
She, the elders and Thao continued to chant to Mother Earth to take Yuma back into
her womb. Jane prayed that this would have a good end, but could see no good
coming of it. Her mind began to wander……………….

There was no Yuma. A poisonous snake had bitten Jane’s husband and he had gone
insane from the poison. None of this was happening; she was back in the covered
wagon, out on the quiet road to nowhere. In fact, she wasn’t even certain that they
had retrieved him from the asylum. Jane’s mind wandered back to when she was
with Richard and he was getting ready to sell her to Joshua. Tears began streaming
down her cheeks as she relived the horrible experience. Life with Joshua had been
hell on earth. Jane’s legs became weak and she fell to her knees, staring at the body
of her husband, who now was silent.

As she knelt before them, it was as if she were seeing something that she might read
in a book happen before her eyes. Taking both of her fists, Jane rubbed her eyes to
perhaps clear them of the smoke that seemed to be playing tricks on her. She
continued to see the apparition. Yuma‟s spirit seemed to slip out of Tarzan through
his mouth, squeezing out ever so gingerly so as not to disturb anything. Tarzan lay
still, the peyote having been strong enough to render him silent. As Jane continued
to watch, she saw that the spirit of Yuma did indeed enter the body of Dawenhethon
and she held on to him for dear life. The fact of the matter being, that Dawenhethon
fought Yuma so hard to keep him that it took both of them. Their spirits no longer
belonged on this plain of existence. They were both gone.

Once the spirits had gone, Tarzan raced to the limp body of his aunt and tried to
take Yuma back from her, but it was too late. She had carried him off to its rightful
resting place. Falling to his knees, holding his aunt‟s body, Tarzan began to weep.
Thao, realizing what his mother had just done, fell to his knees beside Tarzan and
Jane and began to weep with them. All were thankful that she had rid them of Yuma,
all sad because she was gone, not to return this time.
Thao and Tarzan carried Dawenhethon out of the wigwam while everyone exited the
wigwam coughing and choking. The peyote that Dawenhethon had given Tarzan was
stronger than any that they had smoked before. Tarzan was certain that there was
more to it than just peyote, it was much too potent. Thao coughed once more and he
looked up to his friend. “She is gone; she is truly gone from us.” Thao took his
mother‟s body again in his arms and held her to his breast to weep once more for
the vessel that had given him life, for the woman who loved him unconditionally, for
his mother. Tarzan graciously withdrew, allowing Thao to share this moment with
only his mother, but he intervened momentarily. “She is never gone, she is here
always.” Tarzan‟s index finger touched Thao‟s chest where his heart pounded for his
mother. Thao nodded, his tears streaming down his wind ridden face. “Yes, she will
always be with us.” He agreed as he walked away with the tired and worn body of

Tarzan looked to his wife and sighed. She looked as spent as he was. He had been a
burden to her of late and wished to repay her, to make amends somehow. “Jane?”
He never had to say much for her to understand what he wanted to say. She had
learned to understand his body language and his simple statements. The tears on
their faces were still fresh, but new tears fell onto Jane‟s cheeks. “You had a
nightmare in there.” He pointed to the wigwam. She nodded silently.

As Tarzan opened his arms to his wife, she quickly fell into them, wrapping her
slender limbs around his neck and holding him tightly. Tarzan‟s arms encircled her
waist and held her tightly. “Tell me.” He asked as he felt her weeping begin to
subside. Carefully he relinquished his grip on her waist and she stepped back to look
at her husband. “I thought that we were back in England and you were still in the
asylum, then I was back here with Richard. I relived it all, how is that possible?”
Tarzan lifted his hand to her face and cupped her cheek in it. She leaned into his
palm and waited for him to speak. “The peyote is strong medicine. I believe that you
were on your own vision quest. I believe that you have purged all of the bad from
your soul and now are ready to move on.”

Could it be? Was it possible to purge the past and to move on? Jane had been doing
very well with not thinking about Richard and Joshua, but every now and then she
would become overwrought with sadness and anger because of them. She direly
wanted to move ahead and find the world a good place for her husband. “How did
your dream end?” Tarzan urged her to talk about it more. She thought back to when
the dream took her. “I saw you there before me and we were here and it was as it
was before.” Tarzan hugged her. “Don‟t you see, you have been granted a great gift
my beautiful wife?” Jane was confused and shook her head.

Tarzan buried his nose in Jane‟s hair and began to take in her scent fully. He didn‟t
come up for air until he could hear the voices of villagers in mourning for his aunt.
“It is time.” He stated simply, as he took her by the hand and led her toward the
path to the lake. “It‟s freezing in there!” She remembered her bath, and her teeth
began to chatter. Tarzan smiled at his wife. “I will warm you wife.”

At the water‟s edge, Tarzan removed his clothing and stared at his wife, who
continued to shiver at the thought of entering the cold water once again. “I promise
to keep you warm.” Gently Tarzan brought the dress over Jane‟s head, revealing
nothing underneath. He momentarily wondered if she would see him or Yuma as
they stared at each other, but he was soon made certain that it was him that she
saw. Yuma was not part of the equation. The muscles in Tarzan‟s arms were tense
and she could touch the veins as they popped. Before she could think about it
further, one of Tarzan‟s strong arms was behind her back and the other was under
her thighs, picking her up and holding her tight to his naked body. Jane‟s long hair
hung over her, hiding her erect nipples, but to Tarzan it didn‟t matter. He knew that
she was ready for this.

Slowly he entered the water, Jane in his arms, not fussing, as he had assumed she
would. They had not broken eye contact. As they moved deeper into the water, Jane
felt the cold water on her bare skin, but it was not cold. Tarzan‟s body heat kept her
warm, enveloped in heat. As he leaned in, Jane closed her eyes and let her tongue
slide across her lips. Before she could bring her tongue into her mouth, Tarzan had
seized it gently with his teeth, their lips connected, embraced in an erotic dance. The
warmth from Tarzan‟s body warmed her; the heat from their kiss warmed her

As Jane‟s husband released her slightly, a touch of cold set between them but it was
short lived. His hand came up to her breast and he held it in his hand, loving it
gently. His other hand performed the same movement as Jane‟s fingernails dug into
his shoulders while she moaned aloud, Tarzan‟s mouth covered hers, stealing her
sounds. They embraced for many moments, tenderly kissing at first. Tarzan‟s head
lowered in order for him to take her nipple into his mouth. He gently played with it,
waiting for that little sound that would escape without her knowledge, and once
done, he shared his attentions with the other side, Jane not realizing any more that
they were waist deep in freezing cold water. Her world was consumed by her
husband and his lips and hands.

As he kneaded her breasts, he realized that he was nearing the brink, but he wanted
her to be loved gently and lovingly, so he moved away from her and turned her from
him. His nose was again buried in her damn hair, scenting her and kissing her,
nibbling slightly at the nape of her neck as she moaned in the delight of her
husband‟s attentions. Tarzan‟s hand slipped down Jane‟s breast, to her flat stomach,
where he could not resist but to insert his finger into her navel, making her giggle.
He kissed her and nipped her ear as she pushed herself backwards into him. He took
his cue and his fingers slipped down further and found the nest of curls. She invited
him with a subtle parting of her legs and he took the opportunity to search for her
opening. Slowly his fingers circled the area, feeling the warmth of her body, finding
the warm fluid of her; he carefully inserted a finger to ready her for him. She bucked
him, pushing him further inside as she moaned aloud. He realized that she was just
as ready as he was.

Not so gently, Tarzan grabbed Jane by the waist and spun her back around so that
her mouth was directly in front of his. He drove his tongue into her, tasting her,
devouring her. As if on cue, Jane took a small leap and managed to wrap her legs
around Tarzan‟s hips. His hands gripped her buttocks and pulled her away just
enough to position himself so that he could enter her. In one gentle motion, he was
there and in one swift push, he was inside. The two lovers devoured each other,
kissing, hugging and moaning until the moment of completion was upon them. As
they both reached the apex of their union, Tarzan blew in Jane‟s face, causing her to
hold her breath and he dove underwater. They rode the waves until their mating had
reached its completion, and then they came up for air.

Tarzan carried his wife from the water and sat down on the shore, wrapping himself
tightly around her to keep her from the chill that he knew would ensue. She relished
in the feeling of him and once they were seated on the shore, she turned to face
him. He could read in her eyes that she was not finished with him, not just yet. Jane
kissed him with a fervor that created a wave of heat from his head to his middle and
he was once again ready for her. Again they joined and completed their union.

Their lips were swollen and red, their eyes glazed over and smiles permanently
etched on their tanned faces. “I love you so much.” Jane spewed to her husband as
he attempted to move and find his clothing. Tarzan‟s aqua eyes stared into the lively
amber/green eyes of his sensuous wife. “I love you as much or more.” As he stared
at his wife, Tarzan realized that he was home. He didn‟t have to travel to England, or
come back to America. He didn‟t have to find Africa, he could be anywhere in the
world, but he would be home as long as he was with Jane.

As they dressed and straightened themselves out, Tarzan took Jane‟s hand and
gently turned her to face him. “You do realize what happened here?” Jane smiled at
him; she was a little more in tuned to what was going on than he seemed to give her
credit for. “Shall we name her Dawenhethon?” Tarzan wrapped his arms around his
wife and lifted her, spinning around so much that her feet were kicked out. Finally he
put her down and answered her question. “It is only right as she is the one in here.”
Tarzan placed a large opened hand on Jane‟s stomach and smiled.

As they walked toward the village, both Tarzan and Jane looked up to the blue sky to
see the vision of a beautiful doe as she watched them walk. Stopping, they listened.
“You have come full circle my young painted man and my young painted woman.”
Tarzan and Jane held each other as they listened. “You no longer need the masks, or
the paint. It is time to be who you are. I will always be with you.” The deer
disappeared as Tarzan and Jane looked into each other‟s eyes and realized that she
was right. They had been searching to find out who they were and it was right in
front of them all of this time.

Dawenhethon did not die that day. She merely moved on to a new home. Her body
was given to the earth and her family rejoiced for the life that she had brought.
Tarzan and Jane remained at the village long enough to see the ceremony and
decided that it was time for them to set down their roots. Decidedly they would
return to England. There was certainly work to be done there. Before leaving, the
blood brothers again renewed their blood vow, promising to not fall out of touch with
each other. Tarzan looked to Thao and smiled. “You have Kanokerah and we have
Dawenhethon. We will never be far apart.”

The End


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