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					                                               JOHN W. DRAPER
                                                   Short Hills, NJ 07078                                                                                      Cell 917-273-2717

Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive with experience in Managed Care, Medicare, Supply Chain and Consumer markets.
Added experience in business startup and product management. Recognized for strategic insight and managing projects from
conception to completion. A decisive leader who motivates staff and builds client relationships.

Strategic Planning and Tactical implementation
    Built peer-reviewed publication driven managed care division with $1 million + in billings.
    Drafted GSK respiratory portfolio managed market plan, including communication strategy and tactics.
    Defined vision, brand, and communication plans for VC funded respiratory specialist network start-up.

Team and resource management
   Developed unique managed care peer-reviewed publication resources for Daiichi-Sankyo and Sanofi-Aventis.
   Led Managed Care Groups for two pharmaceutical agencies winning business from Ortho-McNeil and Novartis.
   Managed Glaxo/Warner-Lambert Joint Venture, leading to record FDA approval of Zantac Rx-to-OTC switch.

Managed Care, Medicare and Medicaid experience
   Presented at multiple national conferences addressing the changing healthcare landscape and impact on industry.
   Sold managed care sales tools for immunology, diabetes, oncology, hypertension, MS, AF, VTE and CAP.
   Developed Medicare/Medicaid distribution and communication strategy for Fortune 20 Corporation.

                                          PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

PELOTON ADVANTAGE, LLC                                                                                  2008- March 2011
Senior Vice President, Managed Healthcare
Established TEMPO division, building access through publications. Directed the integration of managed healthcare
perspectives into publication planning process impacting payer policies. Identified therapeutic category dynamics and
empowered managed care sales teams with peer-reviewed clinical and HEOR content. $1 million incremental billings
      Developed proprietary evidence and gap analyses for Lantus, Multaq and Daiichi-Sankyo hypertension portfolio
      Presented changing healthcare landscape at Washington DC 2010 ISMPP conference along with former FDA/CMS
         Director and Lewin Group lead on comparative effectiveness research.
      Presented Population Health landscape and training module to sales force at sanofi-aventis national sales meeting
      Lead strategy development process winning business from sanofi-aventis, Daiichi-Sankyo, Ikaria and Shire.
      Identified and sold Peloton Advantage Evidence-Based Medicine process for additional publication offering.
      Good Publication Practice Guidelines (GPP2) Committee member and lead health economics advisor for the
         development of publication of guidelines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2010
      Designed questionnaire and implemented healthcare decision maker survey-based research with Medicare
         Reimbursement Advisor Weekly (MRAW) to confirm priorities among P&T committee policy makers.

CARDINAL HEALTH                                                                                                 2002 – 2007
Vice President, Strategic Planning and Managed Markets
Led multi-divisional projects linking physician, supply chain, pharmacy, development and reimbursement initiatives for
Fortune 20 Corporation. Supervised managed care marketing for Heath Care Marketing Services client roster. Promoted to
Corporate Strategic Planning in 2004.
    Drafted Medicare and Deficit Reduction Act implications for CardinalHealth business. Presented summary of
       legislation and business implications to CardinalHealth Executive Committee on a quarterly basis.
    Served as in-house consultant and strategic planner for Centocor CNTO 148 anti-TNF (Simponi) monoclonal
       antibody. Positioned CNTO 148 for FDA Fast Track review in uveitis and downstream global IMID indications.
       Enrolled Harvard Medical School Department Head to Chair Ad Boards.
    Pitched and awarded BiogenIdec’s Tysabri global pre-launch and launch plans, including infusion network support,
       US and Global KOL education and managed market programs.
                                                JOHN W. DRAPER
                                                            Page 2                                                                                          Cell 917- 273-2717

       Consulted as thought leader and member of Genentech Managed Market Advisory Board. Advised Genentech on
        distribution, supply chain and reimbursement trends across oncology, multiple sclerosis and other immune disorders.
       Co-lead multi-disciplinary team drafting strategic plan for Cardinal Health Oral Technologies division ($1B). Used
        disciplined strategic management (DSM) format.
       Designed and sold internal Pfizer training program for Healthcare Outcomes Group. Identified KOLs to participate
        in iterative case study methodology identifying economic value propositions for Pfizer portfolio.
       Branded CardinalHealth Pharmaceutical Technologies and Services division following purchase by private equity
        group Blackstone as Catalent Pharma Solutions. Selected Branding agency and completed naming process.

BREATHNET, INC.                                                                                                      2000 – 2001
Vice President of Marketing
Established Breathnet Brand, network of 100 respiratory providers/pulmonologists in tri-state area.
    Drafted Breathnet strategic and marketing plans sourcing multiple revenue streams across providers, health plans and
        pharmaceutical companies. Presented and obtained approval of plans from private equity investors and physicians.
    Employed respiratory specific patient driven EMR as outcomes measurement and provider intervention tool.
    Promoted outcomes and infrastructure capabilities to Aetna and Oxford. Fielded prospective pilot studies with Aetna
        and Oxford respiratory patients confirming improved respiratory outcomes.
    Sold clinical research capabilities to GSK, Schering, Altana, AstraZeneca and Genentech/Novartis in employing
        physician infrastructure for clinical research studies. Delivered $2.5 million in clinical research revenue.

INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION                                                                           1998 – 2000
Vice President, Director Healthcare Management Department
Led Healthcare Management Department providing managed market component of all new business pitches and developing
programs addressing Formulary status, value proposition, adherence, publication planning and pull-through tactics.
    Awarded Lamisil managed market business from Novartis. Developed Formulary position and aligned managed
       market tactics addressing increased risk of complications resulting from onychmycosis infection among diabetics and
       immunocomprised/HIV patients.
    Pitched and won Levaquin managed care business for Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals. Drafted outcomes based
       community-acquired pneumonia algorithm and validated through literature review and key clinical and managed care
       thought leaders. Algorithm and clinical support were published in two medical journals leading to increased access to
       Levaquin among hospitalized and outpatient CAP patients.
    Drafted hospital directed managed market program for Apligraf (artificial skin) supporting utilization among severe
       diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) and venous leg ulcer (VLU) patients. Assigned implementation of Advisory boards and
       hospital directed access programs nationally to address cost and supply chain issues.

MERCK-MEDCO MANAGED CARE, INC.                                                                                1996 – 1998
Director, Innovative Health Solutions
Designed and implemented disease management and utilization management programs for OA/RA, Low Back Pain and
Women’s Health. Directed Agency in development of risk assessment tools, patient and provider intervention plans and
measurement metrics. Promoted disease management and utilization programs to managed care, pharmaceutical companies
and large employers.

GLAXO/WARNER-LAMBERT JOINT VENTURE                                                                       1993 – 1996
Project Leader, Product Management
Product management representative on team pursuing Zantac OTC licensing agreement. Business development initiative led
to Glaxo/Warner-Lambert Joint Venture. Assigned as team leader for Warner-Lambert NDAC presentation development.
Upon FDA approval, managed Zantac global OTC launch and Agencies implementing pharmacy and managed care

YOUNG & RUBICAM, INC. S&H CONSUMER GROUP                                                                    1984 – 1993
Senior Vice President
Directed account team for Warner-Lambert's Rx-to-OTC Switch of Benadryl. Introduced Benadryl line extensions including
Benadryl Decongestant, Benadryl Cream and Spray, Benadryl Nighttime and Benadryl Cold. Also pitched and won Revlon
Flex and Mitchum, Acutrim and Mylanta accounts. Recruited by Warner-Lambert for Rx-to-OTC business development.
                                             JOHN W. DRAPER
                                                       Page 3                                                                               Cell 917- 273-2717


          M.B.A., Whittemore School of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
                        B.A., Psychology & Economics, Connecticut College, New London, CT

                                       Jefferson School of Population Health Fellow
                                             Licensing Executives Society (LES)
                      International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)
                                        Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
                            International Society of Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP)

Description: John Draper is a Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive with experience in Managed Care, Medicare, Supply Chain and Consumer markets. He possesses added experience in business startup and product management. John is recognized for strategic insight and managing projects from conception to completion. He is a decisive leader who motivates staff and builds client relationships.