transcosmos and IBM Japan collaborate in the field of online marketing

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                                                                                         April 25, 2011
                                                                                     transcosmos, inc
                                                                                       IBM Japan, Ltd.

transcosmos and IBM Japan collaborate in the field of online marketing

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; President and COO: Masataka Okuda;
hereafter, transcosmos) and IBM Japan, Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo Ward, Tokyo; President: Takayuki
Hashimoto; NYSE: IBM; hereafter, IBM Japan) will work together in providing solutions to achieve
optimization and automation in the field of online marketing, which is becoming increasingly diversified
and complex.

With the increasing importance in business activities of marketing and business transactions utilizing
the Web, online marketing has become highly complex due to the diversification of marketing
channels represented by social media, and the diversification of devices due to the prevalence of
smartphones and tablets, etc. It has become increasingly important for businesses to not limit
analysis to points such as website access status and advertising effectiveness, but to use analysis
data in a strategic way, and to optimize overall online marketing by automating marketing activities.

Now, for the first time in Japan, transcosmos and IBM Japan will provide a new solution focused on
the “Coremetrics” SaaS solution, which supports optimization of online marketing. With the
collaboration of the two companies in this field, combining the Web analysis and online marketing
operation know-how of transcosmos, and the enterprise software operation, mainframe system
construction and global marketing know-how of IBM Japan, we will support the optimization and
automation of corporate marketing.

Coremetrics is able to accumulate and analyze information for all users visiting a website, including
the entry channel and activity, in a chronological and integrated manner. By segmenting uniformly
managed data for each user, it is possible to gain greater insight from the user’s perspective. In
addition, it provides linked solutions such as e-mail distribution and recommendations to support
automation of marketing activities in order to enhance relationships with users.

Specific details of the collaboration between the two companies are as follows.
1) Awareness campaign for the market
   Beginning in June, both companies will collaborate in holding seminars and other events as a
   campaign to familiarize businesses with the importance and necessity of optimization and
   automation in the new field of online marketing.

2) Establishment of a demonstration center
   Both companies will collaborate to set up an environment where customers can experience the
   optimization and automation of online marketing with Coremetrics at transcosmos facilities
   (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) beginning on May 9.

3) New organization
   Both companies will establish full-time teams in order to conduct consistent sales and support of

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transcosmos is a registered trademark or tradename of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
(About Coremetrics)
Coremetrics Co. is a leading company in the field of Web analysis and online marketing optimization
that was established in 1999. IBM acquired the company in August of 2010.
The SaaS (software as a service) solutions of Coremetrics have been introduced worldwide for over
2,400 brands, providing support for companies to continuously optimize their marketing programs and
to automatically maintain all offered contents at their best level. Coremetrics products provide
analysis platforms unique in the industry, which are designed to enable horizontal linkage of all
customer channel information. This enables the optimization and automation of online marketing
through the linkage of recommendation solutions for generating recommended product information,
e-mail distribution solutions, banner ad distribution solutions, and paid search keyword bid
management solutions.

(About transcosmos inc.)
We launched operations in 1966 as a pioneer in the information processing outsourcing business.
Since then we have brought together people and technology through careful effort while striving to
enhance the competitive strength of our customers’ enterprises by converting high added value to
superior service. Since June 2002 broadband and VOIP spread diffusely, resulting in a more direct
and rich connections between enterprises and consumers, and in particular, in an era in which
enterprise marketing activities were revolutionized. Recognizing this, we brought out “Marketing Chain
Management Company” as an enterprise slogan and endeavored to drive business. Today, telephone,
web, email, and even video communication are united through the hub of the Internet protocol and a
completely new communication channel is emerging. This means Internet expertise has become
indispensable in call-center and contact-center services. Moving forward, transcosmos will make the
most of our distinctive strengths, always adopting the latest Internet technology and developing
outsourcing services. It is our intention to promote interactive marketing services that offer speed,
increased sales, cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction to our customer’s enterprises.

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