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                      FOR 2007 BUDGET

                                       MESA COUNTY

What is Budgeting for Outcomes?

Budgeting for Outcomes is a budget process which “buys” results based on the Board of County
Commissioners priorities. For the 2007 budget, the Board has defined a set of critical issue and desired
outcomes from their strategic plan that will be the basis for the 2007 County Manager-recommended
budget. It emphasizes accountability, innovation, and partnerships. In prior years, departments were
asked to submit a base budget – which essentially funded their current operations – and to submit
requests for additional funding for new programs or service levels. This year departments will have an
opportunity to describe how their operation supports the Board of County Commissioner’s priorities.

Critical Issues and Outcomes

The Board of County Commissioners defined six critical issues and desired outcomes they want to
achieve and allocated funding to each critical issue.

1. Continue to promote and protect public safety through an effective and efficient criminal
justice system and emergency preparedness: (Critical Issue)

“I want to feel safe anytime, anywhere.” (Outcome)

2. Continue to promote and protect public health. (Critical Issue)

“I want a healthy Mesa County” (Outcome)

3. Promote economic vitality. (Critical Issue)

“I want Mesa County to have a thriving economy.” (Outcome)
4. Create well-planned and developed communities. (Critical Issue)

“I want plans and infrastructure that maintain the quality of life in the face of growth.” (Outcome)

5. Promote the success of families and youth. (Critical Issue)

“I want a community where citizens of all ages can be successful.” (Outcome)
6. Promote citizen satisfaction, trust and confidence in County Government through efficient
service delivery, excellent customer service and proactive communication. (Critical Issue)

“I want to know my government is working for me.” (Outcome)

Requests for Results

Based on the six outcomes, six separate teams of County employees (Results Teams) were asked to
develop Requests for Results (RFR’s) for each desired outcome. RFR’s will identify the outcome, the
factors that contribute to an outcome, the strategies that will influence the outcome and three
“indicators” that will determine if the County is making progress toward the desired outcome. The
RFR is distributed to “sellers” (departments or authorized committees) soliciting “offers”.


Offers are a proposal by a Seller in response to a RFR indicating what they propose to do to produce the
outcome, how much it will cost and how success will be measured. An offer is an activity or set of
activities that helps achieve an outcome.

An offer can be for an existing service or program, a new program, a service or activity, or
improvements or changes to existing activities and should include the service level that the offer will
achieve. Additionally, offers should include the consequences if not fully funded. Non-profit agencies
may collaborate with County departments in offers that support and help the seller provide services that
produce the desired outcome.

Preparing Offers

1.       Review the Results Team’s Request for Results. Results teams have developed RFR’s
describing what kinds of proposals they are looking for from sellers. They have crafted these RFR’s
based on their Result Maps and evidence of what they think will most likely achieve the outcome they
have been assigned. Offers are not about process – they are about outcomes.
3.       Scalability – Indicate in your offer how increases and decreases will affect outcomes. Below
are two brief illustrations of this approach: a. “For an extra 20% in funding, the outcomes can increase
by 40%.” b. “If funding is cut by 25%, expect outcomes to be reduced by 25%.” In addition, explain
where an additional investment can create multiple benefits – e.g., “If we purchased a countywide
license for an extra 20%, the software would have value to all departments, not just one unit. This
would equate a 50% increase in functionality.” In general, give the logic and evidence that support
various funding levels.
4.       Align the Offer to the appropriate RFR - Make sure you have fully read the Results Team
RFR's for each outcome. Design your offer to maximize results that respond to the critical issue, and
describe and justify fully in your offer how the offer responds to that RFR. If your offer also fits within
another RFR, identify and explain that in your justification. Departments are encouraged to document
the logic and evidence that show how the offer responds to the RFR.

5.        Focus each Description and Justification. In your description and justification, you can
assist the results teams by being concise and clear. It is critical that your offer descriptions and
justifications be complete. Do not assume program understanding by those who must read and evaluate
the offer. The offer must be simple, accurate, succinct and complete.

6.        Measures for each Offer. Each offer must include a way to measure the performance of the
offer. If your offer is approved, you will be asked to report on the progress achieved toward the result
using the performance measures identified. These performance measures with a targeted level of
service delivery should relate to the indicators in the RFR. Sometimes, the performance measure and
the indicator will be the same. You may use more than one performance measure if you wish. Do not
use more than three. Your performance measure should reflect the outcome your offer produces, not
the inputs used. Measure results, not activities. Keep in mind that we are looking for measures that
support the outcome of your offer.

Ranking of Offers

All offers responding to an outcome are evaluated by the Results Teams against other offers and
compete for the dollars allocated to that particular outcome.

Your offers are due August 14. Please submit these electronically to or Each offer will be sent to
the appropriate Critical Issue Team.
Please Review Your Work!
                                            MESA COUNTY
                                           FOR 2007 BUDGET

Instructions: Complete all fields highlighted in yellow. If you wish to copy text from a Word document, highlight the text in
Word, and click on the Copy button. On this page click on the appropriate yellow field, hit the F2 key, click on the paste
button on the tool bar and hit Enter. The Offer Description is in 3 different rows to get around the size limitation in Excel.

                         The Center for Enriched Communication dba The Counseling and Education Center
                         PROMOTE AND PROTECT PUBLIC HEALTH

1. Result Team Name                 Promote and Protect Public Health
Contact Person & Phone #:           Shauna Humphreys 970.255.5002
Alternate Contact:
Is this offer related to another offer?
  If so, please enter the other offer name and how it is related.
                                    This propsal is related to the purchasing strategies of looking for proposeals that enhance access to basic health care
                                    and identify and address gaps in the basic health care system. The Counseling and Education Center is the
                                    organization requesting money.

2. Executive Summary (50 words or less)
                              Mesa County has a severe shortage of Mastered level and Licensed Mental Health Counselors that are Bi-lingual in Spanish.
                              The shortage is impacting the low income, most disenfranchised citizens and their ability to access mental health services.

Offer Description:
                                 The Counseling and Education Center is requesting funds to pay the salary for a full time salaried bi-lingual Mastered Level
                                 Mental Health Counselor.
                                 CEC serves over 350 low income clients per year. CEC is presently receiving referrals for counseling services from Project
                                 Bloom, Marillac Clinic, Colorado Legal Center and by word of mouth for families and individuals that Spanish is their first
                                 language. These referrals are being made because we have a very part-time Bi-lingual licensed counselor; she is one of three
                                 in the Valley. (She is part time, because she has another full time job and presently can only work after 3:00 PM) For this
                                 reason, CEC has had to start a waiting list. Presently there are four low income Spanish speaking families/individuals need
                                 counseling and cannot receive this service because this counselor's schedule is full. Unfortunately, these families cannot go
                                 just any where to receive the Mental Health Services they need because of the language barrier. One family is seeking
                                 counseling because the children that are now living with their Spanish-speaking grandmother and they had witnessed their
                                 mother being killed. Because CEC has a sliding fee schedule and no eligibility requirements, individuals with no insurance or
                                 are underinsured and are considered low income can access our counseling services.

      D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ad65aa19-6cb8-4707-9e4e-0d9c9c90d10e.xls                                                                        5/4/2011
Offer Contribution: How does this program contribute to producing the Outcomes?
                                A Bi- lingual mental health counselor would ensure that the health care of some of the poorest residents of Mesa County have
                                access to comprehensive health care. Over 78% of CEC clients pay less then 35.00/session for counseling services and out
                                of that 78%, 58% pay less then $20.00/hour for counseling. (CEC's break-even cost is $75.00/session, which is still less then
                                the most counseling services) This proposal would enhance access to basic health care for some of Mesa County's most
                                disenfranchised citizens. The lack of Bi-lingual counselors is a serious identified gap in our basic health care system.

3. Expected Performance results: What will be the results of the offer?
                               There will be no waiting lists for Spanish Speaking Clients needing services from CEC. Through one -to-one or group
                               counseling sessions, Spanish speaking clients will identify and learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, manage anger,
                               depression and other emotional pressures. There will be a reduction of symptoms as measured by the Behavior/Symptom

Performance Measures: How will you measure the performance of the offer? (Please limit to 3 measures)
                             #1 75% of Spanish Speaking clients will report a reduction of symptoms as measered by the Behavior/Symptom Scale,
                             anedotal client reports, and reports from the referring agent, if applicable. #2 The waiting list and waiting time for counseling
                             services to Spanish Speaking families and individuals will be reduced by 90%, as measured by numbers on the waiting list. #3
                             The number of Spanish Speaking clients receiving needed counseling services will increase. These measures are measures
                             that we use for our Low Income Counseling Program.

4. Projected Offer Cost:

Offer Expenditures
Operating & Capital

5. Scaling Options (Level of Service - is this the same level as this year, scaled back, etc?):
                                 This is not a project that was asked for last year. Expenditures based on: Full time Mastered or Licensed Mental Health
                                 Counselor: 50 weeks X 40 hours X $20.00/hour = $40,000.00. This is on the low side for this type of Mental Health

      D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ad65aa19-6cb8-4707-9e4e-0d9c9c90d10e.xls                                                                         5/4/2011

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