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					Creating "Communities of Purpose"sm powered by Social Networking.
     We Are The Future of Community Public Access Services.

                   BUSINESS PLAN
Table of Contents

•   The Company          • Development Status
•   The Purpose          • Funding Requested
•   The Market           • Use of Proceeds
•   Competitive
                         • Financial
    Advantage and Key      Projections and
    Differentiators        Assumptions
•   Marketing Strategy
•   Revenue              • Key Principals
                         • Appendix
•   Revenue Challenge
The Company

   Collectic Media LLC (CM) is a
    Connecticut based company.
   It has its quarters at
     10 Elm Street, Enfield, CT 06082.
     Telephone: (860) 550-3483
       Primary email id:
   Mr. Terry Kelliher is the Principal, its
    President and CEO.
         The Purpose

 The company provides a network platform to a 1000 or so niche internet
  web portals and services. Collectic provides networking and state of the
  art Interactive services to local, state and national communities through a
  diverse group of interest groups or Communities of PurposeSM sharing
  common interest, practice and purpose. This includes:
       Social Networking
       Government and Political Networking
       Public Service Interest and Advocacy Group Networking
       Business, Money and Finance Group Networking
       Community Group Networking
       Ethnic Group Networking
       Religious Group Networking
       Military Group Networking
       Health Group Networking
       Lifestyle Group Networking… and so on.
        Collectic Web 2.0 Services

 Collectic will provide its members the following services

    Community, Commercial and Social network integration
    Directory search listing - Interest group relational posting
    Community localized news and information
    Blog and Vlog applications
    Wiki
    Video streaming
    Email, IM
    RSS, SMS and MMS feeds
    Web hosting and the like.
    The Market

Collectic is designed to be the ultimate community viral
relationship networking tool. Beyond the valuations of typical
social networking sites, Collectic expands current Social
networking to the hubs of community ie. Politics, Business,
Education, health, and other diverse community interest networks
expanding interactivity and cooperation. Collectic has identified
15 such networking hubs or categories and thus expands the
market opportunity several fold as compared with others! The
network is designed once active as a self sustaining business
model taking advantage of multiple revenue streams.
     Some Statistics
The following statistics are an illustration of our initial domestic market
•   Over 5000 communities have sufficient populations to support an initiative to
    use There are an additional 10,000 smaller communities that
    could also benefit from our services.
•   500,000 or so government elected officials in addition to the political parties,
    community and public service groups.
•   Our expansion comes from the community social organizations, committee
    members, Staff, and the over 1,000,000 Non-Government Organizations,
    Political Action Committees, Lobbyists, Business, Community and Social
    groups of the U.S. market expanding globally.
•   Recent reports estimate that 40,000 businesses, associations, and trade groups
    lobbied state legislatures last year.
•   There are approximately 87,000 local government entities, including 5,000
    municipalities with a population of 5,000 or more.
•   All Politics is Local as is most interaction. Collectic will be in every
    municipality with active Internet participation. It is estimated that in excess of
    80% of the US households possess Internet connectivity.
     Key Differentiators’
•    Historically a Global Portal once it becomes successful has spawned a
     multitude of specialized portals to the detriment of the Global portal.
•    For example, Yahoo Global search portal could not prevent the evolution
    of niche portals such as, etc, even though
    Yahoo could provide the same services that the niche portals do.
•    Similarly eBay could not prevent the evolution of niche portals such as One can only imagine the loss of Revenue to Yahoo as the
     breakaway portals chipped into its market and revenue share.
•    The same effect is happening with facebook and the like as they attempt essentially
     to capitalize on niche social networking but with a singular social focus.
•    Collectic foresaw the possibility of community socialized integration and registered
     1,000 or so unique URLs to act as viral channels for extended expansion. This not
     only prevents future erosion of Collectic’s revenues, but as an added advantage
     provides a platform for the breakaway portals within the Collectic system, See
•    Collectic at its option can spin off a select group of individual portals or
     services as separate entities. This system invites self-expansion of
    Collectic in which members can find, create and coordinate new areas of interest.
Marketing Strategy

• A major goal of any Internet portal is to drive traffic. Collectic will
  launch in phases using each step to promote growth and expand
  user involvement.
• As a first year goal, Collectic plans to register 5 million members
  distributed among its 15 or so interest group categories.
• To this end, Collectic will employ all the marketing tools to promote
  its brands,,,
  Experienced Marketing and Public Relations Personnel that Collectic
  intends to hire will manage these activities.
• our in-house advertising and marketing arm will either
  employ or recruit local representation to present Collectic and
  expand the potentials for state and local engagement.
• Collectic will be promoted as “Communities of Purpose”, the next
  generation of Public Access.

Collectic has adopted a profit-based approach giving the public a gateway to
the community that serves them. Cash flows from five independent sources
i.e. user fees –
      • subscriptions to content and services,
      • application services
      • development services,
      • advertising and
      • marketing services.

Each source is driven by a variety of needs and interests, including community,
political, social business, NGO’s, Pac’s, political parties, office holders and
local communities.

Collectic’s functionality makes it the medium of choice for community
involvement, government action, and accomplishment.
Revenue Challenge
 A self sustaining business model is the goal of any business. Collectic meets this challenge
 beginning with the launch of its initial service. Collectic will employ either directly or thru
 contract, representatives to market its Advertising and marketing services to state and local
 communities. Our with its localized groups, bulletins, pages and features
 will enable us to grow from a revenue stream from its first launch. Revenue sources are
 explained as follows:

  •   Subscriptions to Content and Services - Collectic will act as a marketer for content providers to
      added content features and application software within niche applications of the network.

  •   Application services - Special content privileges will be given to members utilizing specific blog,
      bulletin and page content features of the network.

  •   Development services – Collectic will act as a developer of services and applications for clients on an
      as needed basis servicing community organizations and business with a broad range of technology
      development services to meet the needs of our member clients. This work will be done through contract
      arrangement with outside vendors.

  •   Advertising & Marketing Services – Through our in-house Marketing and advertising agency - will empower local representation in states, provinces, towns and communities throughout
      the world to market the advertising, development and marketing services of the Collectic network. will function as a subsidiary to market broad internet marketing and application services to
      business, government and ngo groups beyond what Collectic may offer.
Development Status
S l. N o     Module / F e ature / E le me nt N ame                                     D e s c ription                                             S tatus

                                                     A doc um ent explaining the blue print and generic layout of all the
           1 Inform ation Arc hitec ture                                                                                               C om pleted
                                                     m odules . [D oc um ent Attac hed]

                                                     T he logo, the hom epage, regis tration pages       & inner pages des igned for
           2 P age D es ign                                                                                                            C om pleted
                                                     c ollec tic network. [D oc um ent attac hed]

           3 D atabas e D es ign                     T he c om plete D B has been des igned                                            C om pleted

                                                                                                                                       C om pleted.. T o be tes ted
           4 C ollec tic Mas ter Adm in P anel       T he m as ter panel to ins tall the c hild s ites & m anage them

           5 C ollec tic C hild s ite - C MS         T he c hild s ite - C ollec tic C MS , has been des igned                         C om pleted

                                                     Us ing C MS to m ake a pilot s ite, s ports bulle t - with free -
           6 P ilot C MS P rojec t - B ulletin                                                                                         In P roc es s
                                                     s ubs c riber level c ontrols - admin/ ditor/jouralis t bac k offic e

                                                     Us ing C MS to develop G roup s ite, S ub - G roups , Inner- group                P lanned for D ec em ber
           7 P ilot G roup S ite
                                                     C om m unic ation, G roup Moderator C ontrols                                     2010

           8 P ilot B log s ite                      Us ing C MS to develop B log roll                                                 P lanned for J anuary 2011

                                                     us ing C MS to m ake a pilot s ite, with free poll, free s urvey, paid polls -    P lanned for F ebruary
           9 P ilot P oll S ite
                                                     m ultiple level of c ontrols                                                      2011

             Integration of C MS s ites with UMS -
             Im plem entation of S earc h
              Funding Requested

Collectic is looking to raise $2,000,000. The use of proceeds is listed below:
Development R&D/consulting services expense          600,000
Management expenses                                  150,000

Acxiom directory data                                100,000

Office expense                                        125,000
Office help                                            90,000

URL Cost                                               20,000

Marketing Expenses

      Collateral Materials                            30,000
      Recruitment services                            75,000
      Marketing Dir.                                 140,000
      Marketing Support Staff                        150,000
      Travel                                          50,000
      Publicist                                      175,000

Professional Services                                  40,000
Server & Equip Expenses                                75,000
Legal                                                  80.000
Miscellaneous                                        100,000
Total                                              $2,000,000
Key Principals
Terry Kelliher - Founder Collectic Media - is involved in Real Estate in
addition is a political and small business consultant to small business and
startups on issues of marketing and management. Former owner of
Americare Property Services - A Property services company servicing the
greater Hartford area managing services of over one million sq. ft of
commercial office and industrial space for Property Management firms.
1986 - 1993, PhotoDimensions of America, Inc. Avon CT, 1994-95
Directed marketing and promotion for Imaging database firm. Worked for
startup software firm MultiMate in 1984 directed new market entrances
for Word processing program. Company sold to Ashton-Tate.

Jeremy Gorman - Education: AB - Harvard University, MS - Case
Western University - Partner of LAUNCH, an Independent Consultant
firm relating to startup businesses, prior background employment as VP
R&D and manufacturing Loctite Corporation, Other startup companies
related to chemical engineering.
      Key Principals

Dr. Muthu Sankaran - is a Graduate of IIT Bombay, India (receiving his master’s
degree in Electronics) and Stevens Institute of Technology (where he received his
Doctorate). Dr. Sankaran has 25 years experience in computer technology, primarily
in software development. He has worked for Philips Research Labs, Gerber Systems
Technology, CIGNA, Lincoln National and Mass Mutual. He founded Controls and
Drives Corporation (Telecommunications) and Packaged Communication
Technology (CAD/CAM software systems). He is currently a consultant to several

KEITH R.COLLI - a graduate of the Hotchkiss School 1973 and attended Boston
University. Keith became a real estate agent in 1978, worked for the family firm as
an office manager for Colli-Wagner Realty, a 12 office 250+ agent company
established n 1959. Other ventures involved owning and managing several
restaurants and nightclubs during the infamous “Disco era” and in 1984 started K-C
Associates a real estate appraisal and consulting firm. During the real estate
downturn of 89-93 he became an a expert witness for court proceedings in federal
and state foreclosure matters representing major lending institutions and has been
involved with development of programs currently being utilized in today’s financial
crisis. Entrepreneurship is family trait which Keith has exercised all his life.
Collectic Home page
Collectic Registration
Collectic Navigator page
Admin Page
Group Directory page
Political Sites – Advertising & Marketing Services
    Collectic has created 50 catalogue applications
    working with our search directory.
    Collectic can match members social habits with
    purchasing habits for a dynamic targeting advertising
    potential. For example see the following pages:

Thank you for your attention. We are
now ready to answer any of your

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