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									                                                                            DIRECTIVE AND

 MEMO NO.                 RELEASE DATE:                  DISTRIBUTION:
 3083.B                   November 3, 2004               A, D, E, G
 SUBJECT:       Grant Application and Special Revenue; Procedures Regarding

REFERENCES:           (a) General Guidelines for Grant Applicants
                      (b) Understanding the Budget Coding Process

 1.   Purpose. The purpose of this memorandum is to describe procedures regarding grant

2.    Effective. Immediately.    This memorandum supersedes SPM 3083.A released on
      February 13, 2002.

3.    Applicability. This memorandum applies to all employees who will submit a grant
      application or receive funds from other sources.

4.    Objective. The objective of these procedures is to process special revenue funds
      received from a grant.

5.    General Information. Grant Development obtains funding from governmental agencies
      (e.g., Texas Education Agency, United States Department of Education, and Temporary
      Assistance to Needy Families), companies (e.g., AMOCO, AT&T, and Toshiba), and
      organizations and foundations (e.g., Barbara Bush Foundation, Captain Planet, and Tiger
      Woods) for various educational projects. Grants are awarded monthly, quarterly, and
      annually. Grant Development assists in the application process as listed in the General
      Guidelines for Grant Applicants, and Budgeting and Financial Planning assists in setting
      up the budget as listed in the Understanding the Budget Coding Process booklet. See
      References (a) and (b).

*6.   Procedures. Procedures for processing approved grant applications are as follows:

      a.    Notice of Grant Award. The Manager, Special Revenue Budgeting, receives a
            Notice of Grant Award (NOGA), assigns a fund code, and enters it into the
            budgeting tracking system.

      *b.   Preparation of Board Agenda Item. Grant Development works with the grantee to
            prepare a board agenda item and submits it to either the Chief Academic Officer or
            the Chief School Administrator, depending on the grant recipient. The Chief
            Academic Officer or Chief School Administrator, with the approval of the
            Superintendent of Schools, submits the board agenda item to the Houston
            Independent School District (HISD) Board of Education for approval.

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      *c.    Budget. The grantee prepares a detailed budget utilizing the budget template on
             HISD’s Web Portal at (Department, Budgeting, Quick Links,
             Internet Only, Forms) and submits it with the board agenda item to the Chief
             Academic Officer or Chief School Administrator.

      d      Accepted Grant. Once the HISD Board of Education approves the agenda item,
             Special Revenue Budgeting enters the budget into the Systems, Applications, and
             Products (SAP) Data Processing System. If there is not a NOGA, Special Revenue
             Budgeting requires a copy of the check received or a copy of the signed contract
             before any budget information is entered into SAP.

      e.     Available Funds. Special Revenue Budgeting notifies the grantee that the funds are
             available for use in SAP. When the grant has been approved, there will be a
             beginning and an ending date for the use of funds. Funds cannot be expended nor
             commitments made prior to the time the grant has been loaded into SAP. The last
             date for ordering goods is 45 days before the grant ends; 7 days before the grant
             ends if purchased with the district’s Procard; and 90 days before the grant ends for
             furniture requisitions. The last day to post a goods receipt is 10 days before the
             grant expires.

      f.     Transfer of Funds. Transfer requests must meet intent of grant and be in writing
             with the grant coordinator's written approval.

*7.   Responsibility of the Grant Recipient. The grantee is responsible for the following:

           Providing Special Revenue Budgeting and the Grant Development office with a copy
            of the NOGA, check, or contract;
           Preparing a board agenda item and detailed budget utilizing the budget template on
            HISD’s Web Portal;
           Using the funds of the awarded grant in a timely manner;
           Monitoring the use of the funds; and
           Submitting to Special Revenue the detailed budget on the template.

8.    Responsibility of Special Revenue Budgeting. Special Revenue Budgeting is responsible
      for the following:

           Assigning a fund code;
           Submitting a SAP Security profile request;
           Entering the budget information into SAP;
           Submitting payroll related items from the budget to People Soft; and
           Obtaining a copy of the approved board agenda item.

9.    Consultation. This SPM does not require consultation.

10.   Questions Regarding this Memorandum…may be referred to the Manager, Special
      Revenue Fund Budgeting, (713) 556-6565.

11.   Memo Maintenance Responsibility. Chief Financial Officer, Finance.

12.   Filing Instructions.

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a.   Remove and discard SPM 3083.A.

b.   File this memorandum numerically with other SPMs.

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