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                links to 'About School of Laws'

1.1          Admissions
       1.1.1 Contact Law Admissions

       1.1.2 Apply

       1.1.3 Diversity Recruitment
       1.1.4 Application Checklists
       1.1.5 Important Dates

       1.1.6 Financial Aid & Scholarships   Instructions for New and Prospective Students   Types of Aid   Instructions for current students
        1.1.7   Tuition & Fees

       1.1.8 Waitlisted Applicants
       1.1.9 Visit the School of Law

      '1.1.10 UB Undergrad Pre-Law

      1.1.11 Baltimore Scholars Program

       1.1.2 Entering Class Profile
      1.1.13 Degree Programs

1.2          Academic Program
       1.2.1 Requirements
      1.2.2 Concentrations & Special Programs

      1.2.3 Course Descriptions

      1.2.4 Non-Classroom Credit Activities

      1.2.5 Class Schedules

      1.2.6 Rules & Procedures

      1.2.7 Publications

1.3           Clinical Law Program
      1.3.1   Clinics
      1.3.2   Internships
      1.3.3   Message from the Director
      1.3.4   Clinics Contact Information
      1.3.5   Clinical Education Application Forms
      1.3.6   Clinic FAQs
      1.3.7   Clinical Programs Brochure
      1.3.8   Clinical Policies
      1.3.9   Clinical Fellows
      '1.3.10 Excellence in Clinical Education Award
      '1.3.11 Writing Program
1.4            Centers & Programs
        1.4.1 Center for Families, Children & the Courts
        1.4.2 Center for International and Comparative Law
        1.4.3 Center on Applied Feminism
        1.4.3 Snyder Center for Litigation Skills
1.5            Career Development
        1.5.1 Services
        1.5.2 FAQ
        1.5.3 News & Announcements
        1.5.4 Contact Us
        1.5.5. Jobs
        1.5.6 Public Interest Programs
        1.5.7 Student FAQ
        1.5.8 Forms & Documents
        1.5.9 Current Students
      '1.5.10 Evening Students
      '1.5.11 Alumni
      '1.5.12 Employers
1.6            Library & Technology
        1.6.1 Library Information
        1.6.2 Library Services
        1.6.3 Virtual Reference Shelf
        1.6.4 News & Updates
1.7            News & Events
        1.7.1 Newsroom
        1.7.2 Harris Directory
        1.7.3 New Building Updates
        1.7.4 Chesapeake Symposium 2009
        1.7.4 a.m. law
        1.7.5 UBSPI Benefit
        1.7.6 Pro Sports Symposium
        1.7.7 Aziz v. Republic of Iraq
        1.7.8 Urban Child Symposium 2010
        1.7.9 Event Planning
      '1.7.10 Past Events, Podcasts, & Video
Location                                                     Content Chunks           Sub-Categories                   application form                   check list for                   events
                                                             links to Law Preview                   '- links to
                                                             '- links to Types of
                                                             '- links to                   loans, new student (orphaned page)                   '- Info about tuition                  '- Updated news for                   '- options students
                                                             '- links to Schedule
                                                             '- links to Open
                                                             '- links to Admitted
                                                             '- links to Local
                                                             '- links to Event
                                                             '- links to Directions
                                                             '- links to Map of the
                                                             '- links to Local                  '- links to Auto Admit
                                                             - links to Early Entry                  '- links to About the
                                                             '- Words of Past '- links to             '- list of programs
                                                          '- links to Juris
                                                          '- links to Law
                                                          -links to Law
                                                          '- links to Certificate
                                                          '- links to Combined                links to
                                                          Required Courses
                                                          First & Second Year
                                             Maryland Bar
                                             Credit Hours
                                             Legal Writing
                                             Perspective Course
                                             Workshop Courses   links to
                                             Degree Programs
                                             Combined Degree
                                             LL.M. in the Law of
                                             Areas of
                                             Graduate Tax
                                             Certificate in Estate
                                             Study Abroad
                                             Legal Skills    links to
                                             Required Courses
                                             Elective Courses
                                             LL.M. LOTUS   links to
                                             Moot Court Program
                                             Student Fellows in
                                             Student Fellows in
                                             Lab to Market   links to
                                             Fall 2009 Academic
                                             Spring 2010   links to
                                             Summer Program
                                             Disclaimer   links to
                                             The Journal of
                                             Intellectual Property
                                             Law Forum Home
                                             Law Review Home
                                             Consolidated Write-
                                             Upper-Level Writing
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                                                                       Download the 2009-
                                                                       Download the

FAFSA available:
FAFSA deadline:

'- links to University of Baltimore Bursar's Office
'- links to University of Baltimore Office of Financial

'- links to Bowie State University                                     Download the
'- links to Coppin State University
- links to Morgan State University
- links to University of Maryland Eastern Shore
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       2   Current Students        menu   none
     2.1   Writing                 links   none
     2.2   Student Life            overview   narrative w/ links
   2.2.1   About Baltimore         orientation   narrative w/ links
   2.2.2   Campus Services         orientation   links
   2.2.3   Student                 student   description   ABA/LSD -               student   description   APALSA — Asian          student   description   BLSA — Black Law        student   mission   EASL —                  student   description   Environmental Law       student   description   FLA — Family Law        student   description   Health Law              student   description   Intellectual Property   student   description   International Law       student   description   Moot Court Board        student   paragraph   Project Hunger          student   description   Student Bar             student   description,   The Federalist          student   mission   UBSPI — UB              student   description   WBA — Womens            student   description
     2.3   Commencement            graduation   applying for
Sub-Categories      Orphaned Pages     HTML Pages   Non-HTML Files   Dynamic Content?
academic program, student organization
about baltimore,
places to live,
campus map &
link to NAPALSA
link to BLSA
links to sub-pages,
link to site
link to ubalt site
link to faculty
link to site (sub-
Byron L. Warnken                                    2010 Warnken     Clicking on the moot
links to Maryland
link to SBA website
link to UBSPI
email contact to

External links

Ubalt page

some references to

page updated
ID         Page Title/Content   Page Type   Location                 Content Chunks
       3   Admitted Students    Overview   Enrollment deposit,
     3.1   Your Academic        Overview   description, 1st
     3.2   Housing Day          Links   external links to
     3.3   Laptop Information   Specs   minimum specs for
Sub-Categories   Orphaned Pages   HTML Pages   Non-HTML Files   Dynamic Content?
your academic
Housing day vs.
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    4   Faculty and Staff      links        none
  4.1   Faculty                links, feed   none
4.1.1   Faculty Research       mixed content and   Committee,
4.1.2   Faculty Profiles       directory    none
4.1.3   Adjunct Faculty        directory    none
4.1.4   Emeritus Faculty       directory    none
4.1.5   Graduate Tax           directory    fulltime, adjunct
4.1.6   Adjunct Faculty        form         none
4.1.7   Faculty Activities     form         none
  4.2   Agenda                 agenda       2010 Symposium
  4.3   Staff                  links        none
4.3.1   Administrative Staff   directory    none
4.3.2   Directories            links        none
4.3.3   Administrative Staff   directory    description
Sub-Categories   Orphaned Pages      HTML Pages   Non-HTML Files   Dynamic Content?
staff, faculty   faculty and staff
profile links,
profile pages
profile pages
profile pages
links to other staff,
hodgepodge page
so many
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    5   Alumni                                             Title
  5.1   Office of External Relations Contact Information   Contacts
  5.2   Class Agent Program                                Info
  5.3   Mentor Program                                     Info
  5.4   Class Note Submissions                             Info
  5.5   Regional Alumni Happy Hours                        Calendar
  5.6   Alumni Profiles                                    People
5.6.1   From Generation to Generation                      Profiles
5.6.2   New York Alumni                                    Profiles
5.6.3   Bishop Robinson                                    Profiles
  5.7   Alumni Update Form                                 Form
  5.8   Law Alumni Society                                 Intro
5.8.1   Members of the Executive Committee                 Contacts
5.8.2   Member Application Form                            Form
  5.9   Homecoming and Reunion                             Event
5.9.1   Homecoming 2006 Photo Gallery                      Photos
Location                                      Content Chunks         Sub-Categories    Names,    Objectives,    Objectives,   Info   Events    4 different families    Russell, Levine,    6 sections   Error - Page not    Board Members          11 (same level)    Date, Location,                          25 (same level)
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6             About the School of Law
6.1           Welcome from the Dean
6.2           Location & Directions
6.3           Contact Information
6.4           History of the Law School

6.5           FAQ

6.6           The UB Neighborhood

6.7           Entering Class Profile
6.8           Edgar Allan Poe Statue

6.9         Publications
      6.9.1 Intellectual Property Law Journal
      6.9.2 International Legal Theory
      6.9.3 Ius Gentium
      6.9.4 Journal of Environmental Law
      6.9.5 Law Forum
      6.9.6 Law Review
'6.10       Strategic Plan
'6.11       School of Law Website
     6.11.1 School of Law Website Style Guide
     6.11.2 School of Law Design & Web Projects Policy
     6.11.3 Student Organization Website Request Form
Location                                                    Content Chunks                   Welcoming message from                   Directions, parking and maps                   e-mails, links back to Location                    Brief history of faculty and                    Frequently asked questions
                                                            links to Academic program                 Places in the area
                                                            links to Admission page --> links to Admission page --                 Bio of Edgar Allan                  links to Academic program                  links to Centers & Programs                  same like above page                  links to 2009 - 2010 Journal of                  links to Academic program                    Goals to achieve.                 Options for pages style                   Policies of School of Law                  Form
Sub-Categories   Orphaned Pages                                         HTML Pages

                 Public Safety:, Student
                 links to American Bar Association and the

                 Mount Vernon Cultural District.
                  Meyerhoff Symphony Hall:
                 Lyric Opera House:
                 Walters Art Museum:
                 Center Stage:
                  Baltimore Inner Harbor
                 Baltimore Convention Center,
                  National Aquarium in Baltimore
                 Baltimore Museum of Industry.
                 Oriole Park at Camden Yards
                  Harbor East
                 Baltimore Washington International Airport
                  Washington D.C. The Light Rail Trolley System
                 Metro Subway
                 Marc Train,
                 Amtrak Train
                 Pennsylvania Station

                 Poe’s Memorial Grave:
                 "A Poe Webliography: Edgar Allan Poe on the
                 Edgar Allan Poe - Biography and Works
                 The Poe House & Museum
                 National Park Service site
                 Edgar Allan Poe - Wikipedia
                 Edgar Allan Poe Museum: Richmond Virginia

6 same level
6 same level
9 same level
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  7.0 Academic Programs

   7.1   Requirements
 7.1.1   Required Courses
 7.1.2   First & Second Year Curriculum
 7.1.3   Upper-Level Required
 7.1.4   Advocacy
 7.1.5   Maryland Bar Examination
 7.1.6   Credit Hours
 7.1.7   Legal Writing Requirements
 7.1.8   Perspective Course
 7.1.9   Recommended Courses
7.1.10   Seminars, Workshops &
7.1.11   Workshop Courses

   7.2   Concentrations & Special
 7.2.1   Degree Programs
 7.2.2   Combined Degrees Programs
 7.2.3   LL.M in the Law of the United
 7.2.4   Areas of Concentration
 7.2.5   Graduate Tax Programs
 7.2.6   Certificate in Estate Planning
 7.2.7   Study Abroad
 7.2.8   Inter-Institutional Registration
 7.2.9   Legal Skills Program

   7.3   Course Description
 7.3.1   Required Courses
 7.3.2   Elective Courses
 7.3.3   LL.M LOTUS Course Offerings

   7.4   Non-Classroom Credit Activities
 7.4.1   Moot Court Program
 7.4.2   Student Fellows in the Center
 7.4.3   Student Fellows in the Snyder
 7.4.4   Lab to Market
   7.5   Class Schedules
 7.5.1   First Class Assignments-First-
 7.5.2   Adjunct First Class
 7.5.3   Spring 2010 First Class
 7.5.4   Fall 2010 Academic Calendar
 7.5.5   Summer 2010 Academic
   7.6   Rules & Procedures
 7.6.1   Classes
 7.6.2   Enrollment
 7.6.4   Summer Program
 7.6.5   Exams
 7.6.6   Grades
 7.6.7   Policies
 7.6.8   Requirements
 7.6.9   Disclaimer
   7.7   Publications
 7.7.1   The Journal of Environmental
 7.7.2   Intellectual Property Law
 7.7.3   Law Forum Home
7.7.4 Law Review Home
7.7.5 Consolidated Write-on
7.7.6 Upper-Level Writing
Location                                      Content Chunks      Links to Programs    Introduction Copy    List of Required Courses to enter the School    Shows a break down of Courses for First-year    Shows 6 upper-level requirements after first    Description of what Advocacy is. This text is    List 12 sections of the Md. Bar exam. Links to    Discusses Credit Hours for Full Time and Part    Describes the Legal Writing Requirements and    Describes the requirements needed for a    List of 7 recommended courses    Describes the tailored approach Ubalt takes    Describes Workshop courses and list all of    Describes the Juris Doctorate and links to all    Describes how UBalt allows you do a    Description of the LL.M LOTUS programs and   Describes the Areas of Concentration and    Description of the Graduate Tax programs and   Gives small description of the Certificate in     Provides pictures and descriptions of three    Description of the I    Description of Legal Skills Program     Gives definition of Required Course, Electives     Provides a list of Required Courses. They are     Provides a list of Electives. They are links and   Provides a list of LL.M LOTUS course. They    Definition of Non-Classroom Credit Activities    Displays title of moot court competitions and    Description of Student Fellows in the Center    Description of the Student Fellows Program in    Description of Lab Market    listing rules and policies: how to register, drop,    Attendance, class cancellation, computer in    registration and change of registration, drop    Acceptance to Aberdeen Summer Abroad    grading on exam, procedures, computer use    grading policies and method    advocacy and perspective requirement,    Law review, law forum, intellectual property law    scholarly legal journal providing in-depth    The Domestic Impact of Intellectual Property in   conditions how to earn credit for an upper-level
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                                                              12 pages

                        9 external links (to their foreign

                                                              8 links to Class

                                                              8 links that link to
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                                                              376(however these
                                                              10(however these

                                                              10 (links to Faculty
                                                              3 links that take you
                                                              1 link that takes you

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5 (same level)

6 (same level)
6 (same level)
10 ( (same level)
7 (same level)
9 (same level)
2 (same level)
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   8.1   Clinics
 8.1.1   Appellate Practice
 8.1.2   Civil Advocacy Clinic
 8.1.3   Community Development Clinic
 8.1.4   Criminal Practice Clinic
 8.1.5   Disability Law Clinic
 8.1.6   Family Law Clinic
  8_0    Clinical Law Program
 8.1.7   Family Mediation Clinic
 8.1.8   Immigrant Rights Clinic
 8.1.9   Innocence Project Clinic
8.1.10   Tax Clinic

   8.2   Internships
 8.2.1   Attorney Practice Internships
 8.2.2   Judicial Internships
 8.2.3   Securities & Exchange Commission Internship

  8.3 Message from the Director

  8.4 Clinics Contact Information

  8.5 Clinical Education Application Forms

  8.6 Clinic FAQs

  8.7 Clinical Programs Brochure

  8.8 Clinical Policies

  8.9 Clinical Fellows

 8.1.0 Excellence in Clinical Education Award

 8.1.1 Writing Programs
Location                                      Content Chunks    Introduction Copy and    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic   Describes this clinic    Describes this clinic    Describes the Internships and links to    Description of API - Basic Requirements    Description of Judicial Internships;    Descriptions The Securities & Exchange    Description Message from the Director    Clinic & Internship Contact Information    Description of Clinical Education    List of Clinic FAQ    Clinical Programs Brochure PDF    List of policies by clinic    Description Clinical Fellows    Excellence in Clinical Education Award;
Sub-Categories   Orphaned Pages         HTML Pages            Non-HTML Files   Dynamic Content?

                                        1 faculty
                                        3 faculty
                                        3 faculty
                                        1 faculty, 4 course
                                        1 faculty
                                        3 faculty, 1
                                        3 faculty
                                        3 faculty
                                        2 faculty
                                        2 faculty 1 link to
                                        2 faculty

                                        2 Links to Students


                                        12 course

                                        23 pages

                                        17 pages

                                        6 pages

                                        12 pages
ID       Page Title/Content Area                        Page Type
9.       Centers and Programs                           List
9.1      Center for Families, Children & the Courts     List
9.1.1    CFCC and Unified Family Courts                 Info
9.1.2    Services                                       List
9.1.3    Student Opportunities                          List
9.1.4    News & Events                                  List
9.1.5    Publications                                   List
9.1.6    Truancy Court Program                          Info
9.1.7    Urban Child Symposium                          Info
9.1.8    CFCC Photo Gallery                             Photo gallery
9.1.9    Contact CFCC                                   Contact Page
9.2      Center for International and Comparative Law   Course Page
9.2.1    CICL Faculty & Staff                           Faculty Directory
9.2.2    CICL Events                                    Calendar
9.2.3    International Law Society                      Club Page
9.2.4    Research Initiatives                           List
9.2.5    Publications & Journals                        Gallery
9.2.6    LL.M. (LOTUS) Program                          Course page
9.2.7    International and Comparative Law Courses      List
9.2.8    Study Abroad                                   Info
9.2.9    Sister Schools                                 List
9.2.10   European-American Consortium                   List
9.2.11   Awards                                         Timeline
9.3      Center on Applied Feminism                     Info
9.3.1    Contact CAF                                    Directory
9.3.2    Student Support and Opportunities              Info
9.3.3    2010 Feminist Legal Theory Conference          Event Page
9.3.4    CAF Past Events                                Timeline
9.4      Snyder Center for Litigation Skills            Info
Location                                      Content Chunks Sub-Categories       Orphaned Pages    Link to study   Contact CFCC,                   2                    0   Contact CFCC,                   4                    0   Internal links to               0   Contact and                     1   Link to download                1                                   0   Internal links                  0   Photos                          0                                   0    Internal links    Photos and bios              2                                 2                                5    Internal links               0    PDF's of                     1                               19                                 0                                2                                 0                                 0                                 0                                   0                                   0                                   9 1 - Conference                                   0
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             1                    no
             1 PDFs of            no

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             2                    no
             5                    no                 Jumps to own page -

             1                    no
                                                     Links to sub-

             2                    no                 Links to sub-

             9                    no
ID        Page Title/Content Area    Page Type
     10   Career Development         Intro Page
   10.1   Sevices                    List
   10.2   FAQ                        FAQ
   10.3   News & Announcements       News
   10.4   Contact Us                 Contact Page
   10.5   Jobs
   10.6   Public Interest Programs   List
   10.7   Student FAQ                FAQ
10.7.1    Interviewing Tips          Tips Page
   10.8   Forms & Documents          Download Forms Page
   10.9   Current Students           List
  10.10   Evening Students           List
  10.11   Alumni
  10.12   Employers                  List
10.12.1   EXPLOR Program             Info
10.12.2   EXPLOR Supervisors         Form
10.12.3   Job Vacancy Form           Form
10.12.4   Recruitment Registration   Form
Location                                      Content Chunks               Sub-Categories    Photo   Link to Job site                              1    Internal links to research                    0    PDF's of forms    Links to UB Jobs site -    Links to UB Jobs site -    Links to UB Jobs site -
Orphaned Pages                 HTML Pages   Non-HTML Files

1 - Job Posting/Listing site
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                   No content


                   No page - Link
ID                     Page Title/Content     Page Type    Location                 Content Chunks
                   11 Library &               Main   Contact info and
                  11.1 Library Information          Purpose and links
11.1.1                 Staff Directory        Contacts   General Info
11.1.2                 Library Hours                Regular Hours
11.1.3                 Library User Guide     guide    24 pages on using
11.1.4                 Location &             Directions   Location, driving,
11.1.5                 Library Maps &         Intro Page   links to sub-
11.1.6                 Library Policies             Sub-navigation:
11.1.7                 List of Libraries            University of MD
                  11.2 Library Services             links to 4 sub-
11.2.1                 Services for faculty         Services,
11.2.3                 Services for                 Links to 7 sub-
11.2.4                 Computer Support             Contact and links to
11.2.5                 Interlibrary Loan            info, links to
                  11.3 Virtual Reference            "Sub-categories:
•Law Links
•Lexis *
•WestLaw *
•Exams *

•Legal Forms *"                                            X
11.3.1                 Databases              Directory alpha list of
11.3.2                 Law Links              Directory Subject directory of
                  11.4 News & Updates         Calendar
                  11.5 Law Library - Public   General Library Info, Library
Sub-Categories                  Orphaned Pages     HTML Pages   Non-HTML Files
1?                              Holicay and Exam   X
                            4                      X
links to libraries                                 X
29 links: email requests,                          X
                            7                      X

                                Some sub-
Dynamic Content?   Comments

                   links for on campus

                   Similar to Main
ID               Page Title/Content Area
           12    News & Events
          12.1   Newsroom
          12.2   Harris directory Project
          12.3   Building Updates
12.3.1           Building Timeline
12.3.2           New Building Press Releases
          12.4   Chesapeake Symposium 2009
12.4.1           Agenda
12.4.2           Location
          12.5   a.m. Law
12.5.1           Health Care Reform
12.5.2           Medical Expert Witnessess
12.5.3           Police Misconduct Litigation
12.5.4           Collaborative Practice
12.5.5           Past Programs
          12.6   UBSPI Benefit 2010
12.6.1           Bell Award
          12.7   Pro-sports Symposium
12.7.1.          Schedule
          12.8   Hearing: Aziz et al v. Republic of Iraq
          12.9   Urban Child Symposium 2010
12.9.1           About the 2010 Symposium
12.9.2           Agenda
12.9.3           Registration
12.9.4           Location
12.10.           Event Planning guidelines
          12.1   Past Events, Podcasts and Videos
12.11.1          2009 Amateur Sports Symposium
12.11.2          2009 Banking Law Conference
12.11.3          2009 Fair Housing Symposium
12.11.4          20-09 Urban Child Symposium
12.11.5          2009 Second Annual Feminist Legal
12.11.6          2009 Law Review Symposium
12.11.7          2009 Sports Law Symposium
12.11.8          2008 Criminal Litigation Lecture
12.11.9          2008 Chesapeake Bay Symposium
Page Type        Location
Press Releases
Content Chunks                          Sub-Categories
School of Law Events, News
Chronological Press releases            More detail; less detail

Links to 4 sub-categories

1987-2009 programs

Includes link to pdf form
Info with links to registration form,

Info and link to registration form

Link to submission form (html) and
2006-2009 Programs
                                        2: Agenda, location
                                        1: Agenda
Orphaned Pages   HTML Pages

Side-bar link
Side-bar link

Side-bar link
Side-bar link

Side-bar link

Side-bar link

Side-bar link

Side-bar link
Side-bar link
Side-bar link
Side-bar link
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