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					                      Kilkenny County Council Arts Office Exhibition
                                    23rd April – 28th May 2010

                       Watergate Theatre, Gallery Upstairs, Kilkenny

                                 Exhibition: ‘The Sixth Element’

            Artists: Students of the Advanced Certificate in Fine Art at the
                           Ormonde College of Further Education

                              ‘The Sixth Element’ at the Watergate Gallery

Ormonde College of Further Education students pursuing its Advanced Certificate in Fine Art will be
holding an exhibition of their work in the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny City from 23rd April to 28th
May 2010. This will be a great chance to see the hard work done by the students throughout the
year, and is a wonderful opportunity for the students themselves to get their work displayed in such
a prestigious exhibition space in the city.

The Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Fine Art was introduced as a follow-on to the already existing,
and ever popular, Level 5 Certificate in Fine Art (Portfolio Preparation) course in September of 2009.
The course is uniquely designed to prepare artists for life in the creative sector, with modules
including Marketing, Sales Presentation and Exhibition Organisation studied alongside Drawing,
Painting and Combined Materials.

The exhibition gets its title from the fact that the Advanced Certificate in Fine Art is a F.E.T.A.C. Level
6 course. Each of the students submitted four works for the exhibition, and from each of these one
piece per student was selected for the exhibition. The work on display shows a wide variety of
techniques and styles, from traditional landscape to abstraction.
The event is of enormous importance to the students involved, who are currently busy creating the
magical work that will make this exhibition such a success. The following is an idea of the variety of
work on show at the exhibition:

Andrea Saint Blaise: Andrea's works are “visual analogies based on my interpretations of human
behaviours and capabilities”.

Joann Downey:Joanne “Has always tried to capture the look and reflections of water to the best of
her ability”.

Karen Tobin: Karen's work is mainly concerned with “Authenticity and Freedom vs. Peoples'
expectations of you”.

Lynda Mc Donald: Lynda “tries to explore identity through its absence and define it by what is left

Eamonn J. Downes: Eamonn says he “specialises in oils on canvas which he finds very stimulating
and hopes this will be reflected in his work”.

Joe O'Toole: Joe's work “starts out with an idea, but as the painting develops it often takes different
turns along the way”. Movement colour and texture play a major part in his work

Jim Byrne: Jim's main interest is “landscape and urbanscape” and his inspiration comes “from the
beauty he beholds almost everyday from the many masterpieces on display in galleries

Tanya Bolger: Tanya states “I like to create non-human life as, to me, it is the freedom to explore
form without narrative”.

Rachel Gamble: Rachel's work is “based on a dream image of an 'octo-woman' in black and white
dress that has a quality of attractiveness and a sense of danger.”

Eoin Coffey: Eoin likes to create work that will have a “lasting effect”. His work deals with the
subjects of “politics, global issues, spirituality and human relations”.

Jane O'Keefe: Jane's work “concentrates on elements of landscape, particularly rock and stone.”
She aims to “produce textured oil paintings that evoke a feeling of timelessness, stillness and the
passing of time”.

Teresa Tomlinson: Teresa “puts a touch of irony (often depicted in red) to figurative realism. She
works mainly in oils with other mediums coming into play”.

Kay McMillian: Kay “Works in the medium of oils and combined materials.” Her current work
consists of “figurative abstract pieces which deal with human domesticity through the hidden

Exhibition The Sixth Element in the Watergate Theatre, Upstairs Gallery from Friday 23rd April to
Friday 28th May 2010.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10am–7pm, Sunday 2pm–6pm

For sales or further information on this or subsequent shows, contact the Arts Office on (056) 7794138 /

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office Partner Local Authority of the ArtLinks Programme