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									                           Supplier Technical - Team Feasibility Commitment (STFC)


The Supplier Technical Team Feasibility Commitment (STFC) is a key step in the Modine APQP Program
Management process. The STFC should be completed by the Supplier Engineering, Manufacturing, and Qualiity
Team during the Request-for-Quote (RFQ) phase of the program. A completed STFC is a prerequisite to sourcing
for new components, new suppliers, and/or components defined as critical by Modine Engineering, Quality, and

If the supplier is new to Modine, the STFC may be preceded by a Supplier Self Assessment and On-Site Audit at the
Supplier's manufacturing facility to become an Approved Supplier to Modine.

The intent of the STFC is to conduct a detailed review and discussion with the supplier and Modine to ensure that
the specific component design and quality requirements are understood and that the supplier has the capabilities to
support the specific piece of business being bid. Additionally, the STFC review and discussion are designed to
allow the supplier to provide early feedback to Modine on manufacturing or supply feasibility issues associated with
the part design.

The completed STFC document should be submitted to Modine Purchasing along with the Supplier RFQ response.

Please contact your Modine Purchasing Buyer or Application Engineer with any questions regarding the STFC.
dit at the
                                                                                                                                                                                        Integrated Quality Planning
                                                          Supplier Technical - Team Feasibility Commitment & Open Issues List Action Plans
                                                                     This Form is to be returned to the Modine Buyer with the supplier's quotation.

Supplier:                                                                 Part Number:                                          Part Description          Digital Picture of Part (Attach)     Date:

Supplier's manufacturing and quality engineering team is required to review the drawings and specifications, and respond "Yes / No" to each of the Risk Consideration questions defined below. Action
plans should also be documented for each risk factor that the team concludes they should respond / mark "No" -- to clearly define their ability to achieve the capability & capacity to meet all Modine
requirements. In addition, to realize the full service value of supplier engineer's technical expertise, their innovative ideas for reducing costs should also be defined below.

Manager Mfg. Engineering (Supplier)                                                                 Manager Quality Engineering (Supplier)                APQP Project Manager/Engineer (Supplier)

Application Engineering (Modine)                                                                    Manufacturing Engineer (Modine)                       Purchasing Agent (Modine)

Modine may schedule a teleconference / meeting with Supplier's APQP Manager and Manufacturing & Quality Engineers to review technical capability and facilitate completion of action plans defined
          For all                                                                                                                                                                                                     G
      answers with
       "no", action
                                                              RISK CONSIDERATION                                                                             Responsible                           Comments /
      plan has to be                                                                                                                       Action Plans                          Target Date                          Y
         defined                                                                                                                                             (S) Supplier                       Contingency Plans
                                                                                                                                                             (M) Modine
       YES NO
                       Is product adequately defined to enable a Technical Feasibility evaluation?
                       Which features or attributes of the design are of greatest concern to the supplier, and how will it be
  2                    controlled in manufacturing?

                       Can the Engineering Performance Specifications be met as written?
                       Can product be manufactured to the tolerances specified on drawing?
                       Does the supplier have capability to support prototype build requirements?
                       Is supplier capacity available to support 15 % more than specified annual volume requirement?

                       Are similar products currently produced by the supplier using all the processes required for the
  7                    specified Modine product? If no specify.

                       Can the supplier demonstrate experience with similar manufacturing processes by showing
  8                    existing control plans and measurement system usage?

                       Are all supplier engineers & operators already trained & qualified for the processes required to
  9                    produce and inspect the Modine part numbers?

                       Is there sufficient lead time to procure and validate all production & inspection process
 10                    equipment? (Use attached Supplier Timing Plan Worksheet or equivalent to document timing)
                       If "No" is there a plan to expedite the purchase and validation?
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      09772eac-8ff9-41c1-8862-34995ddcdb20.xls STFC
         For all                                                                                                                                                                        G
     answers with
      "no", action
                                                            RISK CONSIDERATION                                                       Responsible                     Comments /
     plan has to be                                                                                                   Action Plans                  Target Date                         Y
        defined                                                                                                                      (S) Supplier                 Contingency Plans
                                                                                                                                     (M) Modine
      YES NO
                      Does the supplier already have experience with all planned material, tooling, production
11                    equipment sub-contractors, and/or outsourced production services (e.g.- stamping, heat treat,
                      Is statistical process control presently used on similar products? If yes:
                      - Are the processes in control and stable?
12                    - Are CpK greater that 1.33 for defined
                        "Special Characteristics"?
                      Are Packaging, Labeling requirements adequately defined?

                      Are EDI requirements adequately defined and is the supplier capable of receiving EDI releases
14                    from the Modine manufacturing plant?

                      Does the supplier have the capability to make expedited shipments should it become necessary
15                    due to any disruptions in the supply-chain? Provide evidence of relationships with local or
                      international freight expeditors.

                      Is the supplier capable of getting shipments expedited through Customs or other governmental
16                    import agencies if required?

                      Do you currently use APQP (or equivalent Project Management Process) to manage new product
17                    launches, including APQP with sub-contractors?

                      Do you currently use Level 3 PPAP Documentation (VDA or QS9000) to validate Production
18                    Capability?

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     09772eac-8ff9-41c1-8862-34995ddcdb20.xls STFC
                                             Supplier Technical - Team Feasibility Commitment & Open Issues List Action Plans

                                                                          Open Issues List Action Plans

                             Open Issues and Opportunities for Reducing Costs                                                                                                        Y

                                                                                                                             Person Responsible               Comments /             R
                                                                                                              Action Plans   (Supplier/Modine)    Target Date Contingency Plans
Recommend material, process or design changes to improve the (consistent - delete) capability of production
processes, and / or reduce costs.

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09772eac-8ff9-41c1-8862-34995ddcdb20.xls STFC
Insert Drawing and/or product design assumptions used to support STFC event
Purchased part Timing Plan
Use this document to develop key supplier timing dates, working backward from the Modine Plant PPAP date

                                                                             Tooling Supplier                                                     Production Supplier

                                                                        Time to      Time for 1st
                                                            Time for    Purchase     off parts to              Time to                     Time for 1st    Time for                                   Time for
                                                            Tooling     and          be produced               Purchase      Capital       off parts       Supplier to   Time to      Time finalize   Modine
                                                            supplier to Receive      by / at      Time for     and Receive   Equipment     produced by /   Tweak /       Prepare      PPAP,           to                             Modine   Modine Start
                                                            make the Raw Trial       Tooling      Tool to be   Raw Trial     (machines /   at Production   rework        and submit   including       approve    Supplier Start of    Plant   of Production
                                                            tool        Materials    supplier     Delivered    Materials     gauges )      Supplier        tooling       PPAP         Cpk             PPAP       Production Date     PPAP          Date
                                              Lead Times
    Part Number        Revision
                                Volume /      Scheduled
                                Quantity      Due Dates

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