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									               Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
                            Contracting Program

SDVOSB Contracting Goal                      Requirements
Public Law 106-50 established a              To qualify for the SDVOSB program, a
contracting goal for Federal agencies to     business must meet the following
award 3% of prime contracts to service-      criteria:
disabled      veteran-owned        small     •       It must be a small business
businesses (SDVOSBs).       In addition,             by SBA size standards, and
large Prime Contractors have SDVOSB          •       It must be owned and
subcontracting goals.                                controlled by one or more
                                                     service-disabled veterans (0
Set Asides and Sole Source Awards                    – 100% disability rating).

SDVOSB Set Aside Solicitations               Certification
A solicitation can be set aside for          There is no Federal SDVOSB certification
SDVOSBs if the Contracting Officer has a     program. The service-disabled veteran
reasonable expectation that at least two     business owner self represents his
qualified SDVOSBs will submit offers,        service-disabled   status    and     small
and that the contract will be awarded at     business    status   in    the    contract
a fair market price. There is no dollar      representations and certifications.
limit on an SDVOSB set aside. If only
one offer is received, the Contracting       Protests
Officer may make an award, if the award         • Size Protests are referred to SBA
can be made at a fair market price. If             Office of Size Standards
the Contracting Officer receives no             • Protests of Veteran Status are
acceptable offers from service-disabled            referred    to   SBA   Office  of
veteran-owned small business concerns,             Government Contracting
the service-disabled veteran-owned set-
aside shall be withdrawn and the             Limitations on Subcontracting by
requirement, if still valid, set aside for   prime SDVOSB “or other SDVOSB
small business concerns.                     concern”
                                                • 50% of direct labor for services
SDVOSB Sole Source Awards                       • 50% of cost of manufacturing
Sole-source SDVOSB contracts can be             • 15% of labor costs for General
awarded if the Contracting Officer                 Construction
determines that only one qualified              • 25% of labor costs for Special
SDVOSB is available to perform the                 Trade construction
contract, and the anticipated award
price of the proposed contract, including    Finding SDVOSB firms
options, will not exceed:                    To   search     for   eligible   SDVOSB
        --- $5,000,000 for a requirement     businesses, Contracting Officers can use
within the North American Industry              • The Vendor Information Pages
Classification System (NAICS) code for              database at:
manufacturing, or                                   http://vip.vetbiz.gov/search/defa
        --- $3,000,000 for a requirement            ult.asp
within all other NAICS codes.                   • The CCR Dynamic Small Business
                                                    Search at:
                                                • http://dsbs.sba.gov/dsbs/dsp_ds
   •  GSA E-Library at:                  U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
      http://www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov/    Office of Small and Disadvantaged
      ElibMain/ElibHome                  Business Utilization (OSDBU)
   • TVC Veterans Business Directory     Office: (202) 564-4100
      at http://www.veteranscorp.org     FAX: (202) 501-0756
These databases are searchable online.

Top Ten NAICS Codes - Industries
with Many SDVOSBs

   •   233   Building, developing,
             and general
   •   234   Heavy construction
   •   235   Special trade
   •   333   Machinery
   •   334   Computer and
             Electronic Product
   •   336   Transportation
   •   422   Wholesale trade,
             nondurable goods
   •   514   Information services
             and data processing
   •   541   Professional,
             Scientific, and
             Technical Services
   •   561   Administrative and
             support services

                                                                 January 2005

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