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					                                         Updated September 22, 2010


                     Event Partners:
             CLICK Music Portal Philippines, Inc.
       Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP)
Filipino Composers Development Cooperative (FILCOMDEC)

             Music Competition Concept by:
         The CLICK MUSIC Team
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The “2010 KBP Pop Music Festival” is a songwriting competition open to all amateur and
professional composers who are Filipinos or of Filipino descent. It is organized by the Kapisanan
ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and the Filipino Composers Development Cooperative
(FILCOMDEC). Songs submitted as entries to the competition and which meet the criteria set by
the organizers will be aired by radio stations of the KBP and uploaded to, the official music download site of CLICK MUSIC PORTAL PHILIPPINES,
INC., an alliance of the KBP and FILCOMDEC to rekindle the pride in Original Pilipino Music. Click
Music Portal Philippines, also to be known as CLICKMUSIC Philippines, will be the official music
publisher of the songs entered in the competition.


1. Maximize music as a medium for promoting the Philippines and Filipino values.
2. Foster the use of music as an instrument for positive cultural development.
3. Create a renewed interest in Original Pilipino Music by providing sustained exposure in the
4. Promote new new Filipino talents.
5. Establish the strategic alliance of KBP, FILCOMDEC and CLICKMUSIC Philippines as a moving
   force in developing the economic potential of Filipino music compositions for the local,
   regional and world market.
6. Recognize and affirm the importance of RADIO in the development of the Philippine Music
   & Recording Industries.
7. Develop FILCOMDEC’s role in providing a channel through which Filipino composers can
   gain entry to international songwriting competitions


The day-to-day activities of the competition from launch to Finals Night shall be run by the
CLICK MUSIC Secretariat which shall hold office at both FILCOMDEC and KBP or such other
venues that may be designated.
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   • Song entries should deal with subjects that reflect the different aspects of life and
      experiences in the Philippines or of Filipinos in various areas, such as relationships,
      work, business, religion, politics, etc.

Who May Join:
  • Open to all amateur and professional composers
  • Winners of past songwriting competitions may join.
  • Entrants must be Filipino citizens or of Filipino descent
  • Entrants must be members of the Filipino Composers Development Cooperative
     (FILCOMDEC). Entries from non-members will be accepted provided that they file their
     application for membership upon submission of their entries. They must be FILCOMDEC
     members before the start of the semi-final screening on November 16, 2010.
  • There is no age requirement. However, minors joining the competition must be
     represented by a parent or guardian.
  • Members of the Technical Working Group for the competition may submit entries but
     these shall not qualify as finalists. However, their entries may qualify for selection as
     PEOPLE’s CHOICE and as DOWNLOADER’s choice.

Song Entry Rules:
   • The song entry must be original, unreleased, and written in any of the following
          1. Pop                                               8. Instrumental
          2. Rock/Alternative                                  9. Jazz
          3. Country Ballad                                    10. Hip-Hop/Rap
          4. R&B                                               11. Children
          5. Gospel/Inspirational/                             12. World/Ethnic
              Christmas                                        13. Dance/Electronica
          6. Folk/Acoustic                                     14. Novelty/Comedy
          7. Latin
   • A song may be entered in only one category. However, the Screening Committee may
      re-classify the entry to a more appropriate category.
   • Contestants may enter as many songs in as many categories as they wish. However,
      should more than one song from the same composer become a finalist in a particular
      category, the composer shall choose only one song as his/her final entry in that
   • Song entries must not exceed 4 minutes in length.
   • Song lyrics may be in Filipino, English, any local Filipino dialect, or a combination, and
      must not contain any vulgar or offensive language.
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   •   Contestants whose song entries make it to the Top 500 shall execute a music publishing
       agreement with CLICKMUSIC Philippines for those songs.
Requirements for Submission of Entries:
    Song entries must be submitted with the official entry form, one entry form per entry.
       Entry forms are available at the following venues:
           1. FILCOMDEC Office, 1365 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Cubao, Quezon City/Tel. 722-2581
           2. KBP office, 6th Floor, LTA Building, Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City/ Tel.
               815-1990 to 92
           3. FILSCAP office, 140 Scout Rallos Street, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City/Tel.
               415-6282, 415-6284.
           4. TALENT ASIA Entertainment Studio, 3rd Floor, Northridge Plaza, 12 Congressional
               Avenue, Quezon City/Tel. 927-8133
               KBP website ( for download
    Song entries must be recorded in wav or MP3 format (320 kbps resolution).
    Entries may be submitted by courier, personal delivery, or e-mail. When submitting by
       courier or personal delivery, the song entry must be in an audio CD. When submitting by
       e-mail, the entry must be in an MP3 file attached to the e-mail together with the official
       entry form.
    Entries shall be accepted only upon payment of an entry fee of P100.00 per entry (non-
    The entry fee must be paid upon submission of an entry or deposited in the following
       bank account: Banco de Oro (BDO) Account No. 5390070233. When the entry fee is
       paid by bank deposit, the bank deposit slip must be submitted with the entry.
    Entries must be submitted no later than November 15, 2010. Contest organizers reserve
       the right to extend the deadline when necessary.
    The contest organizers shall not be responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected,
       postage due, stolen, or misappropriated entries.

Submitting Entries by Personal Delivery or Courier
    Entries may be delivered personally or sent by courier/parcel service to any of the
      following addresses:
               FILCOMDEC office, 1365 E. Rodriguez Ave., Cubao, Q.C. 722-2581
               KBP Makati office, 6th Floor, LTA Building, 118 Perea St., Legazpi Village,
                  Makati City
    Entries must be placed in a brown envelope bearing the name(s), address(es), and
      phone number(s) of the composer(s).
    Multiple entries must be submitted in their own individual envelopes; one entry per
    Requirements for submission:
          1. P100.00 entry fee (non-refundable) or photocopy of the bank deposit slip (for
              entries sent by courier).
          2. Completed Entry Form (photocopy of official form may be used).
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          3. CD containing the song entry. CD must be labeled with the song title,
             composer(s)’s name(s) and category entered.
          4. 2 copies of lyrics sheet

Submitting Entries by Email:
    Entries may be sent by email with the following attachments:
           1. Accomplished official entry form
           2. MP3 file containing the song entry (320 kbps resolution). The MP3 file should be
              named with the title of the song or, if it is too long, with the key words of the
              title of the song entry
           3. A copy of the lyrics sheet in a Word document file
           4. A scanned copy of the bank deposit slip for the entry fee of P100.00..
    Bank deposit slips for entry fees may also be sent by fax to 815-1989.
    Entries should be emailed to
    One email should be sent per entry. A soft copy of the official entry form may be
      downloaded from
    An email shall be sent to entrants informing them that the entry has been received and
      if the entry has been officially accepted for the competition.

                           CRITERIA FOR FINAL JUDGING
                                (Listener Empowered Judging)

      o Concept- 20%
      o Music - 40%
      o Lyrics - 40%
      o Text – 50% (Based on Text votes)
      o Download – 50% (Based on number of Downloads)

                               SCREENING OF ENTRIES
This is the 1st level screening which will be done starting September as entries come in. Songs
that successfully pass this level will be pooled for the Semi-Finals. The composers will be
notified by email. Songs that PASS but are not broadcast ready will be returned to composer
who will then be asked to re-record the materials and submit it before the start of the SEMI-
FINALS Screening.

Before a song is forwarded to the Semi-Finals Screening, the following requirements should be
complied with:
   1. Submission of application for FILCOMDEC Membership plus P250 membership fee.
   2. Music publishing assignment in favor of CLICK MUSIC PORTAL PHILIPPINES INC.
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   3. Submission of broadcast ready material.

This is the 2nd level screening scheduled on November 16, 2010 and will be done by Radio
Program Directors and music industry professionals. The screening will be done in 2 levels.
Level 1 will choose the Top 500. The panel is authorized to exceed the 500 count as it deems
appropriate. Level 2 will choose the Category Finalists (3 Songs per category). Songs belonging
to the Top 500 will be given radio airplay, per batch, in radio stations whose format is
compatible with the song genre. All songs that reach the semi-finals screening, whether they
belong to the Top 500 or not, will be uploaded to the CLICK MUSIC Website and made available
for download.

The Final Judging that will choose the winners for each category is scheduled on March 2011. A
People's Choice winner based on text votes and Downloader’s Choice will also be chosen. A
PANEL OF JUDGES composed of Radio Program Directors and music industry professionals will
implement the judging process.


MAJOR AWARDS: (Prize money subject to revision)
      Grand Prize: P100,000 + trophy
      1st Runner Up: P75,000 + trophy
      2nd Runner Up: P50,000 + trophy
      Category Winners: P25,000 each (14 winners) + trophy
      Non winning finalists shall automatically receive P10,000 each + plaque
      People’s Choice: P50,000 + trophy – chosen by popular votes through texting
           o All entries may qualify
      Downloader’s Choice: P50,000 + trophy - the most downloaded song
           o All entries may qualify

Monthly prizes will be awarded to the most downloaded and text voted songs during the period
of airplay schedules.
         Downloader’s Choice of the Month = P10,000
         People’s Choice of the Month (Text votes) = P10,000

Prizes will be awarded jointly to all authors of any song. Division of prizes is responsibility of
winners. The winners release sponsors from all liability regarding prizes won. Taxes are winners'
responsibility. Winners will be notified by mail. Entry constitutes permission to use winner’s
names, likeness and voices for future publicity and advertising purposes without additional
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                              COMPETITION SCHEDULE
September 15, 2010                 Official Launching date of the competition
September 16, 2010                 Convening of Pass/Fail Screening
                                   Start of Pass/Fail Screening
November 15, 2010                  Deadline for submission of entries
                                   Start music uploading for all PASSed entries
                                   Convening of the Semi-Finals Screening and Judging Panel
November 16-30, 2010               Semi-Finals Screening to choose Top 500 (Level 1) and
                                    Category Finalists (Level 2)
                                   Airplay for BATCH 1 (100 songs)
                                   Song available for downloading
December 2010                      Airplay for BATCH 2 (100 songs)
January 2010                       Airplay for BATCH 3 (100 songs)
February 2011                      Airplay for BATCH 4 (100 songs)
March 2011                         Airplay for BATCH 5 (100 songs)
MARCH 2011                         Final judging
APRIL 2011                         Press Conference to announce Overall Winner and
                                    Category Winners to the media.
                                   CLICK MUSIC CONCERT WEEK where all 42 Finalists will
                                    perform and prizes are formally awarded

NOTE: Organizers reserve the right to adjust competition timetable if necessary!

                    STEERING COMMITTEE/Sub-Committees

Co-Chairmen: Herman Basbaño (President, KBP)/ Joey Ayala (Chairman, FILCOMDEC)
Screening/Judging : FILCOMDEC and KBP Boards to determine Screeners and Judges
Ways and Means/Sponsorship: Ruperto S. Nicdao, Jr. (KBP Chairman), Alberto Sikat (KBP
Merchandizing and Promotions: (Friends of KBP/Ad Agencies) c/o Atty. Rejie
            Promotions and publicity of the event in all media platforms
Legal Counsel: Atty. Rejie Jularbal
            All legal matters
Oversight: Brando Juan
            Spot mistakes and oversight
Click Music Concert/Events: Manny Luzon and Emmie Domingo
            Organize the awarding concert
Secretariat & Logistics: FILCOMDEC Board of Directors, Mimi Andrade, Rey Hulog
Website Development: Mon del Rosario & ORCHESTRONIX

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