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									                                  Tenants Notice of Vacancy Form
   If you require housing for the next academic term/year, please contact UAH regarding your eligibility

            Instructions on vacating your U.A.H. apartment/unit (please initial each arrow)

        •    Remove all personal belongings from apartment/unit. You will be charged for any debris,
             belongings, and/or non-UAH furniture left in unit.

        •    Clean unit. Empty refrigerators and cabinets, remove all trash, and sweep all floors.

        •    File your forwarding address with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

        •    Officially disconnect utilities and cable if applicable.
                 o Electricity (Con Edison):         (800) 752-6633
                 o Cable (Time Warner):              (212) 358-0900

        •    Return all keys to the super on the day you vacate. Be sure to get a receipt for your keys.
             You will be billed up until the day keys are returned.
                o Security deposits are refunded in accordance with the terms of the lease and are
                      mailed to your forwarding address approximately 6-8 weeks after you vacate.
                o If you live in a semester-billed unit, your reservation deposit was credited to your
                      University SFS account shortly after you signed your contract.

This is to notify the U.A.H. office that I will vacate:

APT.#________ at________________________________________ on ________/________/________
                                       Street Address                             MM         DD        YYYY

My reason for leaving is: (check one)

Graduated                                    Leave of absence
Expired lease/contract                       Transferring to another U.A.H. property
Expired affiliation                          Other** ___________________________
         **If OTHER, please speak with a Housing Coordinator to determine if charges or penalties apply**

My Affiliation is: (check one)
Student         Faculty/Staff               Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Scholar     Other____________

Forwarding address:

Street ______________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________ State _____________ Country _____________ Zip Code _________

Daytime phone: __________________________ Email: _____________________________________

Print Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________ Today’s date_____/_____/_____

                   401 West 119 Street, NY NY 10027 l 212-854-9300 l Fax 212-749-8816

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