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									                                        Timeline For Registration Process for 2011-2012
                                                                                                 SPEC PERSON / DEPARTMENT
  DATE                           ACTIVITY                          K-4    5     6-7   8   9-11
                                                                                                  ED RESPONSIBLE
            ISD Registration Planning Committee. Members
            include: Counseling and Student Services
            representatives, C&I Senior Directors for Middle and
   Oct                                                              x     x      x    x    x      x   ISD Registration Committee
            High School Programs, Special Education,
            Technology Services, Magnet and Growth
            Management representatives.

            High School APIs and Deans begin discussion at the
   Oct      school level of courses to be offered along with                               x      x   Ruth Steidinger, Eric Sparks
            scheduling/registration issues from 2009-10
   Oct      High schools discuss any new course proposals                                  x      x   Ruth Steidinger, Eric Sparks
   Oct      Spec Ed Committee meeting                                                                 Jeff Larson,Audrey Jones-Langston
          APIs submit New Course Proposal Form to Senior
 Nov 1                                                                                     x          Ruth Steidinger
 Nov 6    Magnet Fair (1st Saturday)                                                                  Tamani Anderson-Powell
          Subcommittee meets and reviews proposals
Early Nov                                                                                             Ruth Steidinger
          regarding new courses.
 Early Nov Approved courses announced                                                                 Ruth Steidinger, Ken Branch
           Review and revise Middle and High School Program                                           Ruth Steidinger, Ken Branch C&I
  Mid Nov
           Planning Guides                                                                            Middle and High School Programs
           High School APIs and Deans identify issues in
                                                                                                      Ruth Steidinger, Eric Sparks,Adam
  Mid Nov registration process, mapping and purposeful                                     x      x
           District Course Categories established                                                     Technology
           Approved courses announced; all courses in
End of Nov                                                                                            Ruth Steidinger
Nov 16 -17 Magnet Open Dates                                                                          Magnet Program
            Recommendations for 1st semester students by
  Dec 1                                                                                    x      x   High School APIs
            high school teachers begins
            Middle and High School Program Planning Guides
   Dec                                                                           X    X    X      x   Ruth Steidinger, Ken Branch ISD
            posted on the web
Early Jan ISD Registration Information posted online                                  x    x      x   ISD Registration Committee

   Jan      Magnet and Calendar Schools add application Sibs                                          Magnet Office
            Magnet High Schools Open Houses. WEC & STEM
   Jan      1/6, MHS 1/18 & 2/3, EHS 1/27, GHS 1/27,SRHS                              x    x      x   Magnet Program HS Principals
            Joint meeting for APIs and Deans to follow-up on
   Jan                                                                                     X          Ruth Steidinger, Eric Sparks
            registration process and AP Potential.
            Middle School Open House dates emailed to
  Jan 12                                                                         x                    MS Counselors
            plambright and Magnet Coordinator
  Jan 12    High School Open House dates emailed to bpalermo                               x          High School APIs/Deans
Jan 24 or
            SAM Training for MS counselors (choose one date)                                          Eric Sparks
            High schools email the following lists to Barbara
            Palermo: 1) 9th grade course lists, 2) 10-12 course
By Jan26                                                                                   x      x   High School APIs / Deans
            list, and 3) CTE courses by Clusters/Pathways
            (email bpalermo)
  Jan 28    Last day to add NCVPS block course                                        x    x          Tom Huffstetler

By Jan 28 Post middle school open house dates on intranet                        x                    Portia Lambright

February 1 Course Set Up SAM Module ready for use                                     x    x      x   Technology Services, Eric Sparks

           Year-Round Open Houses                                   x     x      x    x    x      x   Magnet Program Principals/Coordinators
by Feb 1st

            All Middle Schools email Sixth Grade Registration to                                      Middle School Principals and Lead
  Feb 2                                                                          x
            gpelletier                                                                                Counselors
            Middle schools download information on 9th grade
  Feb 2                                                                                               8th Grade Counselors
            courses, Clusters,10-12 courses

  Feb 3     Kindergarten and Pre-registration for all students      x                                 Early Intervention

Registration Timeline                                                    1/11                                                                  1
                                           Timeline For Registration Process for 2011-2012
                                                                                                    SPEC PERSON / DEPARTMENT
  DATE                             ACTIVITY                           K-4    5     6-7   8   9-11
                                                                                                     ED RESPONSIBLE
              Suggested time for HS staff to present information
Feb 2 - 23                                                                                    x          High School APIs / Deans
              to rising 10th - 12th
              Rising 9th Grade Registration:
           High schools hold meetings with feeder middle
           schools                                                                                       Middle & High School Principals,
Feb 2 - 23 * faculties (including Sp. Ed.)                                               x    x      x   Counselors, and Special Education
                          * 8th grade students                                                           Department Chairs
                             * Open House for rising 9th
           grade students
           ISD request Information Systems to print MS & ES
  Feb 2                                                                x     x      x                    ISD Directors and Sr. Directors
           Student Registration Form (cards)
  Early       NCWISE Worksession for all high schools (school
                                                                                              x          Technology Services
 February     set-up, 1 day)
              SAM Worksession for HS                                                          x          Technology Services, Eric Sparks
              8th Grade & HS Teachers enter course
 Feb 7 -
              recommendations into SAM (Track 2 date is March                            x    x      x   SAM Contact
 Mar 14
  9-Feb       Elementary Magnet School Open Houses                     x                                 Magnet Program Principals
  10-Feb      Middle School Magnet Open Houses                               x      x                    Magnet Program Principals
              SAM Set-Up at HS, including mapping                                        x    x      x   HS SAM Contact
Feb 14 - 28 Magnet/Calendar Options Online Application Period          x     x      x    x    x      x   Parents

              Pre-slugged Student Registration Sheets (Cards) for
  Feb 14      rising 1st through 8th grade students                    X     x      x                    ISD Directors and Sr. Directors
              (without elective information) distributed to schools
              Elementary schools receive master set of 6th grade                                         C&I Directors and Senior Directors
  Feb 14                                                                     x
              registration forms                                                                         Elem/Middle
 February     Elementary and Middle School Counselor Regional
    16        Meeting
              Technology loads: 1) base next school assignment,
  Feb 20                                                                                                 Technology,Growth & Planning
              2) magnet on Mar 5
 Feb 21 -
              HS Registration/Curriculum Fair Rising 10-12                                               High School Staff
 March 4
              Last day for online applications for
  Feb 28                                                               x     x      x    x    x      x   Parents
              magnet/calendar options
              MS Counselors present registration information to
 Feb 28 -
              8th grade students and work on Graduation                                  x               MS Counselors
  Mar 16
              Plans.(Track 2 is Mar 18)
 Feb 28 -     Rising 10-12 enter course selections in SAM
                                                                                              x      x   SAM Contact
  Mar25       either from home or school.
              Rising 9th graders enter course selections in
 Feb 28 -
              labs (Track 4 by March 25 with final date of                               x           x   Middle School Counselors
  Apr 15
              April 15)
              NCWISE Pre-Scheduling Workshop for Middle
Early March                                                                         x                    Technology Services
Mid March Magnet and Calendar Assignments loaded                                                         G&P, Tech
              Parents informed of magnet/calendar
 Mid Mar                                                                                                 Growth Management Office
              application results, Mainframe updated

              Middle schools hold meetings with feeder
              elementary schools faculties (including special                                            Middle School Principals, Counselors, and
 Mar-April                                                                   x                       x
              education), rising 6th grade students, and parents.                                        Special Education Department Chair
              Student meetings should precede parent meetings.

              All rising 9th grade registration information
  April 15                                                                               x           x   Eighth Grade faculty and staff
              entered in SAM by this date. .
              All registration information for rising 9 - 12
  Apr 15      entered into SAM by this date. Ensure that                                      x      x   High School
              each special education student is coded in

 Registration Timeline                                                      1/11                                                                 2
                                         Timeline For Registration Process for 2011-2012
                                                                                                    SPEC PERSON / DEPARTMENT
  DATE                            ACTIVITY                            K-4    5     6-7   8   9-11
                                                                                                     ED RESPONSIBLE
           Middle School special education department chair
                                                                                                         Middle School special education
Before Apr and 8th grade counselor from sending school
                                                                                         x           x   department chairs and 8th grade
    18     review registration information for rising 9th
April 18-22 Spring Break(traditional) Modified: 3/14-3/25

             Schools have access to Record Transfer List,
  Apr 19
             Registration Utility Report, can run anytime

  Apr 19     Course selections uploaded in NCWISE                                                        Technology Services
             NCWISE High School and Middle School Workshops.
April 25 -
             HS April 25 - April 29.(HS Magnet same days) MS                        x    x    x      x   Technology, ISD
 May 9
             May 2 - 6.Yr Round May 6 - 10
  Apr 27     Lock-in for student assignment.                           x     x      x    x    x      x   Growht and Planning

             Elementary schools send the following to middle
  May 1      schools: Student Registration forms(cards)                      x      x                    Elementary Principals
             *Elementary Track 3 deadline May 20.

             Rising 9th Grade CFNC Graduations Plans sent to
  May 2                                                                                  x    x          MS Counselors
             high school Deans.

             Review, write, or amend if necessary, IEPs of
             rising 9th graders to ensure clear description of
Start May                                                                                                Middle School Special Education Case
             services needed in high school. Check to be sure                            x           x
    10                                                                                                   Managers
             registration matches IEP service delivery. Track
             1,3,4 are May 27.
          Elem. Spec.Ed. Teachers review, write or amend
          IEPs if necessary for rising 6th graders to ensure
May 10-27 clear description os services needed at middle                     x                           Elementary special education teachers
          school. Student registration must match IEP
          service delivery.
          Assignment strips distributed to parents; transfer
 May 13                                                                                                  Information Systems,Principals
          forms and transfer information available
May 13 -     Transfer requests must be submitted to Growth &
                                                                                                         Growth and Planning
 June 1      Planning
             Change of School meeting for Special Ed teachers.
 May-09                                                                                  x    x          Special Ed Department
             MS & HS.

             Special Education Department Chair and Lead
 Before      Counselor at middle schools identify all registrations                                      Special Education Department Chair and
                                                                                    x    x           x
 May 19      for students in special education. Verify that                                              Lead Counselor
             registration and service delivery on DEC 4 match.

             Change of School meeting for Special Ed teachers.
 May-10                                                                      x      x                    Special Ed. Teachers
             ES & MS

             Special education department chair and high school
After May    dean review all registrations for students in special                                       Special Education Department Chairs and
                                                                                              x      x
    20       education on their roster. Verify that registration                                         High School Deans
             and service delivery on DEC 4 match.

 May 23      Last day of school for Wake Early College

 May 27      Last day of school for modified year round.
             IEP course changes sent to high school
                                                                                                         Middle School Special Education
 May 31      deans. Registration must match IEP service                                  x           x
                                                                                                         Department Chairs, faculty and staff
             delivery. June 2 for Track 1,3,4
             Last day to submit transfer requests to Growth
  June 1                                                               x     x      x    x    x      x   Growth and Planning
             Last day of school. Track 1 is June 10,Track 2,3,4
 June 10
             June 30.
             Review registration information for all 9th grade
 Ongoing     special education students to ensure match with                                  x          HS Spec. Ed. Department Chairs

 Registration Timeline                                                      1/11                                                                  3
                                         Timeline For Registration Process for 2011-2012
                                                                                                 SPEC PERSON / DEPARTMENT
  DATE                           ACTIVITY                          K-4    5     6-7   8   9-11
                                                                                                  ED RESPONSIBLE
            Rising 6th and 9th grade PEPs copied and
 June 15    forwarded to next school administration with list.                        x               Elementary and Middle Schools
            (NCWISE check boxes). Track 2,3,4 is June
            30.(Appeals Track 2,3,4 July 2)
 June 13    NCVPS Starts                                                                              Tom Huffstetler

 June 17    NCVPS Last day to add                                                                     Tom Huffstetler

 June 17    Transcripts for graduates finalized                                            x          High School Deans of Student Services

 June 20    Final transcripts sent through CFNC                                            x          High School Deans of Student Services

            NCWISE Retention, Promotion, Promoted with
            Interventions and Placed lists available for rising
 June 21                                                                  x           x               Level Principal to next Level Principal
            6th and rising 9th grade students. June 30 for Yr
            Round. Track 2,3,4 July 1.
           Student cumulative records including Student
           Literacy cards sent from all schools to next
By June 30 school(s).Place PEPs in separate mailing with list to    x     x      x    x    x      x   Elementary and Middle School Principals
           next school principal. Elementary modifications are
           on report cards.
  July 1    Year-End Transition for NCWISE                          x     x      x    x    x      x   Information Systems
          Final grades for High School Summer School sent to
Early Aug                                                                                  x      x   Tom Huffstetler,
          High Schools

Registration Timeline                                                    1/11                                                                   4

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