Submittal of Electronic Record Drawings by mudoc123




         April 20, 2010

Bureau of Aeronautics
The Bureau of Aeronautics (BOA) will provide timely and accurate information to consulting firms on
technical advancements and changes in the as-built submittal procedure. The bureau is also
responsible for the integrity of the BOA FTP accounts within DOT’s FTP server.

All as-built plans will be submitted to BOA in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, saved in Adobe Acrobat
version 5.0. All sheets within the set of plans will need to be combined within a single pdf file for each
project. Each sheet will need to be created at a size of 11”X17” or 24”X36”. The file name will need
the following syntax: site code-project ID.pdf (Example: MSN-3-55-0036-24.pdf)

The Title Sheet will need to be scanned by the consultant with the required signatures already on the
document before scanning; otherwise the set of plans will not be accepted.

As-built plans can be submitted to the Bureau of Aeronautics using three methods.

   1. Emailed to, please make sure to include the project ID and
      name of airport in your email.

   2. CD with the project ID and name of airport on the CD or case:

       Mail to:
       Kenneth Schmaus
       4802 Sheboygan Ave, Room 701
       PO Box 7914
       Madison, WI 53707-7914

   3. Posted on DOT’s FTP server.

       Make sure you have “Enable Folder View for FTP Sites” checked in your Advanced Internet
       Options for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

       If you choose to upload your files to DOT’s FTP Server you will need to use the following
       account to access the FTP site You can copy
       and paste this link into your browser to gain access to the site or use any other FTP tool you
       have available.

       FTP Login credentials:
       username: boa_consult
       password: proj0729

Each consulting firm has a directory within DOT’s ftp site where as-built files can be uploaded. Please
refer to the list below to find which directory has been assigned to your firm. If there is no directory for
your firm, please contact Joseph Rodefeld at the Bureau of Aeronautics to have your firm’s directory
added to the site.

       Consultant                                                      Directory
       BECHER-HOPPE ASSOCIATES, INC.:                                  becher_hoppe
       BOLTON & MENK                                                   bolton_menk
       CEDAR CORPORATION                                               cedar
       COOPER ENGINEERING                                              cooper
       COUNSELMAN & ASSOCIATES                                         counselman
       HOWARD, NEEDLES, TAMMEN & BERGENDOFF                            howard_needles
       MEAD & HUNT, INC.                                            mead_hunt
       MILWAUKEE COUNTY                                             mke_county
       MSA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES                                    msa
       NIELSEN, MADSEN & BARBER                                     nielsen_madsen
       OMNNI ASSOCIATES                                             omnni
       PBS&J                                                        pbsj
       SHORT, ELLIOTT & HENDRICKSON, INC.                           seh

Alternatively, the files could be uploaded to the department’s public FTP directory, which requires no
login permissions. You will need to create a directory within the public directory here and name it the project ID with the airport name. The contents of the
public “pub” directory is deleted every Friday evening, so make sure you are aware of this before
posting your files.

Once you have successfully uploaded your file(s) to the FTP site please notify Kenneth Schmaus at
the Bureau of Aeronautics via email. Include the project ID, Airport Name, and location of the
uploaded files within your message.

If you experience any difficulty using the FTP Server please contact Joseph D. Rodefeld at 608-266-
1825, or you may send him an email.

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