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									DVD for Comms Roads Show – Jan 2009

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From April 2009 there will be just one council in Wiltshire replacing the five councils that
we currently have.

 …..And this marks a whole new beginning for local government in your county

 The new Wiltshire Council will make life a lot easier for all of us who live and work in

 Wherever you live in the county you will have just one main telephone number and one
 website for all your council services. There will also be local offices near to where you
 live and lots of opportunities for you to get involved in shaping the delivery of services in
 your community.

 The new council will take the very best elements from the five existing councils to create
 an improved and more efficient council providing you with local services that you need
 and are good value

 The plan to merge the existing county and district councils was given government
 approval in 2007 and we have been working hard since then to make sure the transition
 into one new council goes smoothly so that on April 1 2009 it will be business as usual
 but it will be better.

 The reason behind the change? Well we wanted to provide a better service for all our
 customers and make dealing with your local council a friendly and helpful experience –
 and we wanted to provide you with a real opportunity to tell us how we can do better and
 provide local services that you need in your communities. There were strong financial
 reasons too – by reducing duplication, merging services and rationalising into one
 council we are confident we will save £18million pounds each year.

 The money that we save can be much better spent improving service delivery in your

 Another reason for the change was to get rid of duplication – many people were
 confused about which council provided which service.
 For instance you would contact the district council for your housing benefits claims or
queries but would have to contact the county council for social care assistance. And
while the district councils were responsible for managing leisure and arts centres the
county council looked after the libraries. If you wanted a blue parking badge you would
go to the county council but the car parks are run by the district councils.

Now from April 2009, those confusions will be history – and access to local services will
be far simpler. There will be local offices where you will find friendly face to face help for
all your council services. There will be one main telephone number along with local
numbers for targeted access to your services.

There will also be one website - and you will be able to do more online – make a
planning application, pay your council tax, report issues like potholes or abandoned
vehicles or apply for a licence. You can also renew your library books, reserve the latest
bestseller or even book a squash court or other leisure activities.

And we are working to make the website reflect what you want to know about the area
where you live – the events, where the road works are, your local leisure centre and
what it provides, its opening hours and lots more useful information.

We know many of you are worried that the new council would be centralised in
Trowbridge – but the reality is far from that.

Wiltshire council will be just that – Wiltshire wide with offices all over the county where
you can get advice, help and access your services in your community.

And really making a difference in your community couldnt be easier. The new council will
have around 17 new area boards reflecting Wiltshire’s main towns and neighbouring
communities. These will meet right in the heart of the community in places like village
halls and will include local councillors , town and parish councils, representatives from
the police and health services and local people from the community. All there to discuss
local issues affecting your community and to make decisions based on local views and

You will have a real opportunity to have your say on local issues that affect where you

There are other ways you can make your voice heard too or find out more about your
new council – email or write to us or visit us at one of our many road shows or
exhibitions which will be in your area soon.
And don’t forget the new Wiltshire Council will be having its own elections which will take
place on 4 June. You can vote for your local candidate who may become one of 98 new
council members
Wiltshire Council will continue to improve services right across the county. We will work
closely with other organisations like the police and the primary care trust to ensure we
build strong and vibrant communities. And it’s going to be easier than ever for you to
access your services whether that’s in person, online or by telephone.
This is the new Wiltshire Council – where everybody matters.– where everybody matters
- your new local council working with you to improve our communities for the future.
To find out more about your new Wiltshire council visit our website or call us on our new
number 0300 4560100

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