Causes Of Obesity In Malaysia

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   Obesity And Malaysians
( Circle the correct answer and rewrite the essay )

       Obesity is / are fast becoming a / an major health problem among many Malay-
 sians. The number of obese people in / at Malaysia has / have tripled in the 15 years
 from four percent in 1996 to fourteen percent in 2010. Studies show / shows that Malay-
 sian women / woman are more obese than Malaysian men. Now, many school going
 children are also obese. Why Malaysians are obese? What are the causes?

        Laziness and unhealthy living plays / play a major part to the cause of obesity.
Malaysians love / loves to eat especially late at / in night and do not exercise. They wake
up late and often miss / missed breakfast and lunch. They make it up / on by having a
heavy meal late at / in night. They work in an office and rarely exercise. When we eat
and do not exercise, the energy from food is / are not used and is then stored as fat, the
more fat we store / stores the bigger we get and the more obese we become / became!

       Fast food restaurants offer a quick and convenient way / ways to have a meal.
Malaysians now days prefer to order in / at or takeaway rather than to cook up a meal /
meals. Eating fast food in large quantities / quantity is very fatty and unhealthy. Fast
foods are / is loaded with high fat, high carbohydrates and high salt contents. Energy
produced from the fat is / are stored in our body as fatty deposits when we do not exer-
cise to burn them / they out. Over time the deposits get / gets larger and larger and
leads to obesity / obese and a painful unhappy life / live.

       Binge eating is now becoming / becomes a norm in many Malaysians life / live,
especially among children and teenagers in / at Malaysia. It is an / a eating problem
whereby people with binge eating problem / problems consume usually a large amounts
/ amount of food on regular basis. They overeat / overeats when they feel stressed, hurt,
or angry. They find it comforting / comfort and soothing to eat. This causes / cause them
to consume more calories / calorie than their bodies need. People who binge eat are /
is usually obese.

       Obesity is / was the gateway to other chronic diseases / disease such as high
blood pressure, heart and kidney problems. There is / are no quick fix to obesity but a /
an healthy eating habit and regular exercise / exercises can keep these chronic dis-
eases / disease at bay.

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