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                                                                                           Thursday, March 24, 2011

                                                                        04 // SG ELECTION COMES TO AN END
                                                                    The Spinnaker is calling the presiden-
                                                                    tial ticket for the Red Party.

                                                                       05 // ORAL SEX MAY CAUSE CANCER
                                                                    The culture's changing perceptions
                                                                    of oral sex may be linked to a rise in
                                                                    throat and mouth cancer.


                                                                       12 // NO NEED TO HEAD TO ROOMS TO GO
                                                                    Check out some do-it-yourself coffee tables,
                                                                    perfect for students on the I-actually-just-don’t-
                                                                    have-any-money budget.

                                                                       14 // AMERICA IS CALLED THE MELTING
                                                                    POT FOR A REASON
                                                                    american restaurant J. alexander’s
                                                                    goes under the gentle fire in the latest

   12                                                          14
                                                                    restaurant review.

                                                                       14 // WHERE IN FLORIDA WILL YOU
                                                                    LISTEN TO MUSIC THIS WEEKEND?
                                                                    Three music festivals promise a vari-
                                                                    ety of music for those still reveling in
                                                                    Spring Break frivolity.

                                                                       17 // KARMERIS LEADS A POTENT
                                                                    OSPREY OFFENSE
                                                                    Junior leads by example while giving
                                                                    opposing batters nightmares.

                                                                       18 // GOLF TEAM FINISHES IN 5TH AT
                                                                    SCHENKEL INVITATIONAL
                                                                    Ospreys rebound nicely after tough
                                                                    showing at John Hayt.


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   2 // spiNNaker //
  Thursday, March 24, 2011


                                                                                                                        Check out more Police Beats
                                                                                                                         online at

                                                                                                march 4 - petty Theft (student Union)        march 6 – information (osprey Crossings)
                                                                                                UPD responded to a theft at the Student      UPD responded to a call from a par-
                                                                                                Union. Teresa Campbell, Senior Union         ent concerning their son’s irrational
                                                                                                Specialist, discovered the Student Union     behavior on campus. The parent called
                                                                                                “Swoop” vertical hanging banner was          UPD and said his son was under the
                                                                                                not at the east entrance to the building.    influence of “acid.” The student was
                                                                                                She said she was certain it was there the    unstable and muttering phrases in an
                                                                                                day before. Patrol efforts have been         erratic manner. The student further
                                                                                                suspended, but Campbell is still looking     said he was, in fact, having an “acid
                                                                                                for the banner.                              trip.” Jacksonville Fire and Rescue re-
                                                                                                                                             sponded to the scene and transported
                                                                                                march 5 – information (hodges stadium)       the student to Mayo Clinic for further
                                                                                                UPD responded to an injured person call      treatment.
                                                                                                at 8:30 a.m. a student from Mandarin
                                                                                                High School had rested his hands on          march 8 – Grand Theft (osprey Fountains)
                                                                                                a fence near the track field. When he        a laptop was stolen from a student’s
                                                                                                lifted his right hand, a fence barb sliced   backpack at Osprey Fountains. John
                                                                                                his palm. The student declined rescue.       Nylen was sitting at a bench behind
                                                                                                                                             Osprey Fountains near the boardwalk.
                                                                                                march 5 – information (Building 45)          He left the bench and went inside the
                                                                                                UPD responded to an injured person           building. Ten minutes later, he real-
                                                                                                call at around 9:25 p.m. a woman             ized he had left his backpack under the
                                                                                                said she got up out of her seat in the       bench outside and went to go get it.
                                                                                                Lazarra Theater to walk to the rest-         When he returned to the bench, the
                                                                                                room. When she walked to the end             backpack was missing. The backpack
                                                                                                of the aisle, she lost her balance and       contained an apple Macbook Pro,
                                                                                                fell backward, hitting her forehead on       black laptop case and power cords for
                                                                                                the corner of the seating. Fire Res-         the computer and a cell phone.
                                                                                                cue responded and the woman was
                                                                                                transported by her daughter-in-law to
                                                                                                Baptist Beaches Hospital.
Little six-week-old Sarah waltzes across the grass for her daily stroll. This photo was taken
by a youngster, who is also a six-year-old future photographer in the making.
Photo by: Hanna Tantaro

 Q of the W:         What would you purchase from a vending machine?

                                                  “Beer.”                                       Source: university police department                           Compiled by Tyler White

                                      - Craig Sinbine, Marketing, Senior

                                      “Norwegian chocolate.”
                              - Jeanette Heltne, Business Management, Senior

                                 “Scantrons and wine bottles.”
                             - Emmy Melander, Business Administration, Junior

                          - Daniel Fonseca, Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

                                                                                                                                             // spiNNaker // 3
                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday, March 24, 2011

SG Elections over: Spinnaker calls race for Brockelman
                                                                                                         THE SPINNAKER CONDUCTED EXIT-POLLING ON MARCH 23RD IN ORDER
                                                                                                          TO PREDICT THE ELECTION BEFORE THE OFFICIAL RESULTS ARE RELEASED:

                                                                                                                               WE’RE CALLING IT FOR THE RED PARTY.

                                                                                                        BASED ON LAST YEAR’S TURNOUT — 3,610 STUDENTS VOTING — A SAMPLE OF 347 YEILDS A

                                                                                                        PREDICTION THAT IS   95 PERCENT ACCURATE WITH A 5 PERCENT VARIANCE. THE SPINNAKER POLLED

                                                                                                        459 STUDENTS, ASKING WHAT NAME THEY CHECKED ON THE PRESIDENTIAL TICKET.

                                                                                                         RED PARTY — MATT BROCKELMAN AND COURTNEY WARNER — 58.6 PERCENT

                                                                                                                GRAY AND BLUE — CHRIS WARREN AND ROBIN — 41.4 PERCENT

                                                                         EVErETT SullIVan | SpInnakEr
Students make their pick for next year's Student government President.

Official results to come from Student Government
By Josh Gore
ediTor in chief                                    Part of the Red Party's platform looked
                                                to give more A&S fees to Athletics.
   It was a busy two days for student gov-         Warren said he attends every basketball
ernment this week as the annual elections       game and many athletic events, but doesn’t
brought chalk-colored sidewalks and ob-         feel the students should pay as much as the
trusive political yard-signs throughout the     Red Party wants them to.
campus community     .                             Warren said even though he may have
   Red Party presidential candidate Matt        lost some, he also gained votes because he
Brockelman has been working on his cam-         advocated not putting as much funding
paign since October and feels it has some-      into athletics.
what engulfed his life since January The
                                       .           “I wasn’t about to say what I don’t be-
corporate finance junior has been focused       lieve,” Warren said.
on branding a new Red Party   .                    Both Warren and Brockelman said they
   Brockelman said the old party had a rep-     do not plan on filing violations against
utation of putting friends in front of what     each other during this election.
is best for the students. He also said there       Student Government Elections Chair
was a historical precedent of Red Party         Paige Lehman said everything went as
ticket presidential candidates not wanting      planned during the election.
to listen to the other senators running on         Though there were voters throughout
the ticket. Brockelman said he changed all      the day who admitted to voting just for
that, though.                                   a piece of the 112 free pizzas given out,
   “[My Senate ticket] voted on all my ini-     Lehman had much more to worry about
tiatives,” Brockelman said.                     than playing “Pizza Patrol.”
   Chris Warren ran on the other side of           She said she has been preparing for this
the presidential race. The public relations     election since November and is planning to
junior stood at the helm of the Gray and        go on vacation soon.
Blue Party — a known underdog against
the powerful Red Party  .
   Warren, who ended up just as sunburnt
as Brockelman after two days of heavy                                    E-mail Josh Gore at
campaigning, said he felt everything went                
well and he was the right in the middle
of it.
     “I’m excited,” Warren said. “We’re
looking forward to the results.”
   One concern Warren had with his
campaign was the possibility he lost
athletes' votes.

   4 // spiNNaker //
  Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oral Sex now major concern in causes of throat cancer
By Tyler WhiTe                                 education at Health Promotion, said many
news ediTor                                    women do not know they have HPV since ,
                                               some strains have no visible symptoms or
   Members of the UNF Health Promotion         warts. Ballard said it’s important to real-
staff believe the rise in throat cancer can    ize HPV can be spread through skin-on-
be attributed to a change in our culture’s     skin contact.
view of oral sex.                                  Oliver said when two people engage
   Scientists across the country are find-     in oral sex, the risk of contracting HPV
ing oral sex causes throat cancer -- passing   is lower if bodily fluids are not ingested.
tobacco as the leading cause in the United     Oliver said because the vagina naturally
States. The reason behind this concern for     has bodily fluids, the risk of contracting
oral sex is the potential infections behind    HPV through male-to-female oral sex is
the human papillomavirus (HPV).                higher.Thus, homosexuals engaging in
   HPV has consistently been a topic of        oral sex may be at a potentially lower risk
concern because it is the same virus that      of HPV contraction through oral sex, con-
causes cervical cancer. HPV is a common        sidering the ingestion of bodily fluids can
sexually transmitted disease that infects      be more easily avoided.
about 40 million people today. There are           Oliver said even middle schoolers are
over 120 different strands of the virus.       beginning to engage in oral sex because
   According to the Oral Cancer                they do not believe it is actually sex.
Foundation, 37,000 Americans will be di-           “They get to have sex without having
agnosed with oral cancer this year, and        sex,” Oliver said. “It doesn’t seem to carry
8,000 will die. These numbers include peo-     the same moral weight.”
ple who use tobacco as well as those who           The key factor in determining a per-
engage in oral sex. However, people who        son’s risk of HPV infection, Oliver said,
develop cancer through oral sex are more       is by the number of sexual partners the
likely to survive cancer than heavy smok-      person has had in their lifetime. Oliver re-
ers or drinkers.                               searched the likelihood of STI contraction                                                                     IlluSTraTIon by GrECIa ValEnzuEla | SpInnakEr
   According to National Public Radio, Dr.     in the past and found that by having three        Oral Sex has become a leading concern in the rise of throat cancers among men and women.
Maura Gillison of Ohio State University        sex partners, a person has increased their
said to members of the American                likelihood of contraction by 30 times.
Association for the Advancement of                 “By the time you’ve had your fifth part-
Science that the human papillomavirus          ner, you’ve literally had sex with 400 peo-          Dr. JohN oliver aND members oF health promotioN
(HPV) causes roughly 64 percent of oro-        ple,” Oliver said.                                   proviDe tips to help preveNt hpv coNtractioN:
pharynxl cancers.                                  There are ways to help prevent HPV
   The oropharynx is the part of the throat    contraction. There are prescribed vac-
at the back of the mouth that includes the     cines, such as Gardasil, that can be used
back third of the tongue, the soft palate,     to prevent certain strands of the HPV vi-            Do:                                              DoN't:
the side and back walls of the throat and      rus. Males between the ages of nine and 26
the tonsils.                                   years old can use Gardasil, as well.                 -Use oral condoms. “Fruity-flavored              -Brush your teeth or floss before
   When it comes to infections transmit-           There are several strains of the HPV             condoms” are useful in providing                 performing oral sex. Brushing your
ted through oral sex, people mainly need       virus, but strains 16 and 18 are the most            pleasure and staying safe, Oliver said.          teeth or flossing separates the gums
to be concerned with HIV HPV and gonor-        problematic, and strain 16 accounts for 90                                                            from the tooth and increases the risk
rhea, said Dr. John Oliver, a UNF adjunct      percent of all HPV-related cancers, Oliver           -Use dental dams. These can help                 of contracting an infection during
psychology professor who teaches a class       said. HPV also causes approximately 90               prevent skin-to-skin contact during              oral sex.
called “Human Sexuality.”                      percent of anal cancer cases.                        oral sex.
   Oliver said many studies are focusing           In a monogamous relationship, Oliver                                                              -Ingest bodily fluids. Ingesting bodily
on sex between males and females, but he       said oral sex is healthy and acts as a “won-         -Talk to your partner. Makes sure you            fluids during oral sex can increase the
said the virus can be contracted through       derful variation” for couples.                       and your partner are comfortable                 risk of contracting infections, includ-
homosexual or bisexual activity, as well.                                                           with talking about oral sex and the              ing HPV, HIV and gonorrhea.
   “We have to assume the virus is trans-                             E-mail Tyler White at         risks of Sexually Transmitted Infection
mitted either way,” Oliver said.                                    (STI) transmission.                              -Lose track of your drinks at parties.
   Kendall McCray, a counselor at the UNF                                                                                                            Date rape drugs can lead to potential
Health Promotion department, said many                                                              -get tested for HPV as well as other             risks for STIs.
students need to make sure they have con-                                                           STIs. It is better to be safe and know
doms with them at all times, even if they                                                           your status.                                     -Don’t always take your partner's
are not planning on having sex.                                                                                                                      word for it. Make sure to see docu-
   He said while oral sex is a potential                                                            -Make sure to get regular pap smears             mentation of testing that shows your
risk, it is not as risky as intercourse for                                                         through your gynecologist. Doctors               partner is clean.
contracting STIs.                                                                                   can run HPV screens as well as discuss
   Ashley Ballard, coordinator of health                                                            vaccination options.

  around the state                                                around the Nation                                                around the World

Gov. Scott orders drug testing for state workers                U.S., allies agree on key NATO role for Libya Nuclear plant damaged in Japan earth-
    governor Scott signed an executive order Mar. 22 requir-      President Barack Obama won British and French support
                                                                Mar. 22 for a NaTO role in the air campaign against Libya's
                                                                                                                            quake reconnected to power lines
ing random drug testing for all state employees and pre-
employment testing for all potential hires.                     Muammar gaddafi as the western allies thrashed out op-               Power has been reconnected to reactor No. 3 at the
    The new policy requires all full-time and part-time em-     erational details aimed at transferring U.S. control of the       Fukushima complex, but officials warn additional tests must
ployees within agencies under gov. Scott’s purview to be        mission.                                                          be conducted to see if the electricity can be used to operate
drug tested at least quarterly regardless of their position.       Obama, lobbying hard to hand off U.S. command of               cooling systems at the plant.
    The order calls for the random drug testing to begin        Libya operations to allies within days, telephoned British           Radiation contamination concerns extend to Japanese
within 60 days of employees being notified of the new poli-     Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas         imports to China, South Korea and the Philippines.
cy.                                                             Sarkozy and all agreed that the NaTO alliance would play an          Ten days after the tsunami, Japanese citizens are faced
    "Floridians deserve to know that those in public service,   important role, the White House said.                             with food shortages, radiation concerns and a gasoline
whose salaries are paid with taxpayer dollars, are part of a       One U.S. official said Washington believed NaTO would          shortage.
drug-free workplace," governor Scott said.                      effectively have to take operational, if not political, control
                                                                due to its superior command structure.                                                 Compiled by Spinnaker and Wire Services

                                                                                                                                                  // spiNNaker // 5
                                                                                                                                                                 Thursday, March 24, 2011

Veteran’s Center pioneer lives on through scholarship
By GreG parlier                                                family and friends.                                                Alderson adopted her son at a young age, and made his
sTaff wriTer                                                       “She always wanted to go to work,” said her other broth-    success a priority  .
                                                               er, David Murley “Her passion never died.”
                                                                                  .                                               “She put her life on hold to make sure I made every
    The UNF family lost earlier in March a passionate              David Murley said Alderson saw a gap people fall            baseball game,” Christopher Alderson said.
leader, a dedicated advocate for veterans and a committed      through after leaving the military while she was in the            She also made sure not to lose track of her roots --
mother that always found a way to get the job done.            Navy She saw difficulties for people transitioning from
                                                                     .                                                         Alderson was in constant contact with her parents in
    Retired Navy Commander Cynthia Alderson, 55, direc-        military to civilian life, and said she committed herself to    Kennewick, Wa.
tor of the UNF Military and Veteran’s Resource Center,         giving veterans an opportunity to fill that gap after leaving      “Like clockwork, our parents could expect a call from
lost her bout with cancer. But her passion and work ethic      the military  .                                                 Cindy at 2:30 western time four or five days a week,” Steve
never wilted as the cancer strengthened, and her legacy            From this passion sprung the UNF Military and               Murley said. “And then she’d get back on the phone and
will live on through the center.                               Veteran’s Resource Center, which provides resources for         call (David) or I.”
    “In the hospital, she would ask me to get her computer     active and veteran military personnel to “successfully             This obvious caring and affection she had for everyone
so she could transfer files for a coworker,” said her son,     make the transition from the military environment to            carried over to all aspects of her life, from her days in the
UNF graduate Christopher Alderson.                             campus life,” according to the center’s website.                Navy to her family to friends that she made along the way   .
    That’s just the kind of person the 32-year Navy veteran        Alderson’s mission moved the UNF Alumni association         The UNF Veterans Center was the culmination of her pas-
was.                                                           so much that when she shared her idea with them in 2009,        sions, though.
    Cynthia Alderson’s brother, Steve Murley, said she en-     it immediately voted to provide funding for all the furni-         “She loved the UNF community and the people she
listed in the Naval Academy right out of high school, when     ture in the new center, an uncommon vote for the associa-       worked with,” Steve Murley said. “The opportunity to
it was still fairly uncommon for women to volunteer in the     tion to make so quickly  .                                      build the center really fulfilled her professionally.”
armed service. But that accomplishment was just the be-            Now completed, the center will continue working to-
ginning.                                                       ward Alderson's goals with the same kind of energy and                                                   E-mail Greg parlier at
    She moved up the naval ranks, becoming a limited duty      dedication she brought to the table, said her life partner                                
officer and eventually a full commander by the time she        and Director of Alumni Services Faith Hall.
retired, Murley said. Becoming a “Mustang,” which is the           In addition, a memorial scholarship has been estab-
unofficial title for someone when they begin as an enlisted    lished for active duty military and veteran students at
soldier and graduate to officer, was an unlikely feat for      UNF in Alderson’s name at Hall’s request.
anyone to accomplish, man or woman, he said.                       “An endowment scholarship is a great way to ensure            You can contribute to the endowment. Checks can be
    After her military career, she wound up in Jacksonville,   her vision and passion for veterans lives on,” Hall said.         made out to the UNF Foundation for the Cynthia al-
where she continued her success. She resurrected a strug-          Alderson’s commitment to the military and UNF did             derson endowment Memorial Scholarship Fund and
gling Jacksonville car dealership, making it profitable,       not distract her from being a great mother, daughter and          sent to the attention of Pierre allaire in Institutional
before moving on to pursue her passion at then Florida         sister, too, her family said.                                     advancement. For more information, contact Bill
Community College at Jacksonville and eventually UNF,              “She always took time for her profession, took time for       Delaney in Student affairs at ext. 5355. a memorial
Murley said.                                                   her family and took time for her friends,” Steve Murley           service for Cynthia alderson will be held.
    That passion not only fueled her but impressed her         said.

Japan earthquake, tsunami worries students with families in Japan
By ChanCe ryan                                                                                                                                   U.S. Navy, Andrew Hill, 23, is one of them.
sTaff wriTer                                                                                                                                         Hill was eating breakfast at his apart-
                                                                                                                                                 ment in Yokosuka-shi when he felt the
   The 9.0 magnitude Tōhoku earthquake                                                                                                           earthquake hit.
and tsunami that rocked the coast of                                                                                                                 “It was by far the scariest moment
Japan March 11 has claimed the lives of                                                                                                          of my life,” the Florida native said.
nearly 10,000 people, while over 13,000 re-                                                                                                      “Everything started shaking a little bit –
main lost, according to Japan’s National                                                                                                         next thing you know, the furniture’s mov-
Police Agency.                                                                                                                                   ing around and shit’s falling over – and
   Estimates of the earthquake’s magni-                                                                                                          I’m in my underwear running down eight
tude make it the most powerful known                                                                                                             flights of stairs trying to get the hell out
earthquake to ever hit Japan and ranks it                                                                                                        of there.”
as one of the most powerful in the world                                                                                                             Hill said the Navy is helping any way
overall since modern record-keeping be-                                                                                                          it can, shipping supplies to those in need.
gan in the early 1900s.                                                                                                                              Trains are a big concern, Hill said,
   The earthquake triggered extraordi-                                                                                                           which are Japan’s main motive of trans-
narily destructive waves of over 30 feet,                                                                                                        portation, and those with cars are out of
                                                                                                                                    FIlE phoTo
according to Japan’s Meteorological            The earthquake in Japan has claimed the lives of nearly 10,000 people .                           luck because gasoline is limited.
Agency, which went up to six miles in-                                                                                                               Still, as devastating as the conditions
land, in some cases.                           Relief Fund. Kaminyama said people are               “My brother thought it was the end of        in Japan are, chaotic is not a word Hill
   Mei Kaminyama, a UNF English stu-           used to earthquakes in Japan but not one          the world.”                                     would use to describe the Japanese’ men-
dent and Japanese native, was taking the       of this magnitude.                                   The rest of Hoshiyama’s family lives         tality.
UNF shuttle to school when the devasta-           It’s shaking people up, she said.              in Fukuoka in southern Japan and, like              “The Japanese people are very calm
tion hit. She was unaware her family in        Although the earthquake is over, tremors          his brother, were unharmed.                     people,” Hill said. “Everyone is helping
Tokyo was enduring a natural disaster.         still shake the city, which frightens many           Still, his family is concerned about         each other out, people aren’t trampling
   It wasn’t until a friend called and         that another may hit soon.                        what dangers may lie ahead, he said,            over top of each other. People are work-
told her what happened that she turned            “They cannot relax,” Kaminyama                 with reports of nuclear reactors suffer-        ing together.”
on the news and saw the destruction for        said. “I worry about them.”                       ing explosions.                                                       E-mail Chance ryan at
herself. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said.       Japan remains in peril. People are                But they’re taking it one day at a time              
“There was so much devastation.”               struggling for essentials like food and           and trying to return to their normal
   For a while, Kaminyama was unable           water or gas for their cars.                      lives, he said.
to reach her family, but when she did it          Kaminyama said her family spends                  Hoshiyama said he plans on helping            Kaminyama and her friends will host
was a relief to hear they were OK, she         much of the day waiting in line at the            his friend Kaminyama in her efforts to           fundraising bake sales and Japanese
said. Still, Kaminyama is trying to help       grocery store.                                    raise awareness and contributions for            character art at the Student Union Os-
her country any way she can.                      Shinji Hoshiyama, an international             the cause.                                       prey Plaza throughout the rest of March
   With cookies in mind, Kaminyama             business junior, said he wasn’t aware of             “That’s the least I can do,” Hoshiyama        and april.
holds bake sales outside both Wal-Mart         what had happened until the following             said.
and her apartment. Last week, she said         day when he checked the news.                        Millions of households in northeast-          The dates are March 26 from 9 a.m. until
she raised over $500, which was donated           The first thing he did was call his            ern Japan remain without power.                  evening and april 7, 13 and 27 from 8
to the U.S.-Japan Council Earthquake           brother in Tokyo, he said.                           Aviation Boatswain Handler for the            a.m. until 4 p.m.

   6 // spiNNaker //
Thursday, March 24, 2011

                  // spiNNaker // 7
                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, March 24, 2011

                                                      SG advisers shouldn't harass the media
   Awarded the 2010 Pacemaker Award                      War, candidates, requires that combat-      sprint.                                          conjurations, the act is nearly criminal
    by the Associated Collegiate Press.               ants play certain roles.                           But lo, this was not a consideration,        and certainly immoral. When you admit
                                                         Decry your opponents, contenders; bar       though we polled considerately enough.           bullshitting us and then ask us to play
 awarded second place for Best college newspaper in   no holds. Dirt in the eye is not strictly a    Reporters repeated the same script when          along, well that’s just a slap in the face.
      2007 Better college newspaper contest           dirty move, and underhanded attacks are        polling, and we shared that script with sen-        Why are the adults the ones being petty,
      by the florida college Press assocation.
                                                      the enemy of your enemy, friends.              ators. They seemed to approve.                   here? They call SG a learning lab but don’t
                                                         Yes, let the mud fly -- but only in             The elections and appointments chair –       let students conduct the experiments -- in
          Spinnaker Staff                             the arena.                                     a student senator -- even said there was no      short, if senators and the elections chair
       Editor in Chief Josh Gore                         Commentators tend to haunt the perim-       problem with our polling. She told us to re-     had no problem with how we conducted our
    Managing Editor Max Jaeger                        eter, eschewing the fray for honest analy-     treat to 100 feet -- in the same breath adding   polling, why should their advisers care?
                                                      sis; yet, in this year’s student government    it was not her decision and pleading we not         Surely you know as well as we do, reader,
   Business Manager Kristen Montalto                  election, commentators were almost exiled      shoot the messenger.                             that SG advisers should keep to the periph-
    Graphic Designer chad smith                       to a perimeter too remote.                         Our bows are not drawn towards you or           .
                                                                                                                                                      ery They claim to, but that doesn’t seem to
                                                         The Spinnaker conducted an exit poll        any other student.                               be the case.
        Layout Editor danni rosemund
                                                      during the March 22-23 election but met re-        But your advisors are in our sights. They       While SG’s advisers, those glorified ref-
          News Editor Tyler white                     sistance from an unlikely source.              told The Spinnaker election code mandates        erees, should have been helping students
      Features Editor ryan Thompson                      No one directly involved in the election    a 100-foot buffer between the polls and ex-      mediate actual campaign violations (of
                                                      had any problem with our neutral question-     it-pollers. Such a stipulation does not ex-      which there is no shortage at UNF) they in-
         Sports Editor Tim Bee                        ing, but some of SG’s advisors – salaried      ist in SG’s election code or Duval county        stead brought the bout to the stands, so to
         Photo Editor everett sullivan                individuals with bachelor’s and master’s       election code.                                   speak -- chastising the analysts.
                                                      degrees – wanted to restrict our reporters         An     SG     advisor      admitted   The       Bureaucracy: the greatest enemy of the
          Copy Editor Lindsay Montgomery
                                                      from conducting polls within 100 feet of the   Spinnaker is not subject to SG’s elec-           free press. Who’d have thunk it?
           Web Editor ian albahae                     voting area.                                   tion code in this instance, but asked us to
   Asst. News Editor       Jordyn waters                 Imagine what it’s like chasing after        comply nevertheless.
                                                      hundreds of hurried students, clipboard            To drag us into the arena and ask us
Asst. Features Editor ashley Gannon                   in hand, trying to get accurate numbers.       to fight by rules we aren’t really subject
  Asst. Sports Editor adam o'neill                    Now add an extra 100 feet to that breathless   to is heinous. When those rules are mere
       Asst. Graphics      Grecia Valenzuela
                                                                                  Josh Gore – editor in Chief                              chance ryan – Staff Writer
                           Paul fenn                    editorial board           max Jaeger – Managing editor                             lindsay montgomery – Copy editor
          Asst. Photos andrew noble
              Ad Sales George Giouroukos
                       Margaret Baker
         Staff Writers erik Tanner
                       chance ryan
                       henna Bakshi
                       Greg Parlier
           Distributor Greg Parlier
               Adviser John Timpe
             Publisher central florida

      student union, Bldg. 58 e, room 2209
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Quote of the Week
For the most part, colleges are places
                                                      Letter to the Editor: An open letter to my generation
where pebbles are polished and dia-
monds are dimmed.                                     If you are reading this, you are probably      “impossible”?                                    doing?
                                                      young.                                           The status quo is easy.                          What if it is up to you?
Robert G Ingersoll                                       If you are young, you have probably           It is easy to use our youth as an                This is your generation.
                                                      been told – at one point or another – that     excuse. It is easy to turn the barriers of         This is your future.
                                                      you were “too young” for something.            societal norms and generational expec-             Think about it.
                                                         If you have been told this, you have        tations into customized fortress walls,            What if you can choose to be great?
                                                      been lied to (well…unless you were told        behind which we are safe. It is easy to             JM Tohline is a twenty-five-year-old
Fee-paying students are entitled to                   that you were too young to legally drink,      stay within our comfort zone, to not             novelist. You can find him at JMTohline.
one free issue; subsequent issues                     which might actually have been true).          push the limits, to not risk failure.            com, and on Twitter @JMTohline. Drop
are $.50. For non-UNF students                           I have been thinking about this a lot         But while “easy” shields us from               him a line, and tell him how you are chas-
each paper is $.50.
                                                      lately, pondering the restrictions that        present failure, it sets us on a path that       ing your passion and making a difference
The Spinnaker is still seeking                        society has placed upon our generation.        leads to the ultimate failure: a life that       in our generation.
more information regarding the                        We have been called lazy, clueless, imma-      accomplished nothing.
theft of nearly 4,000 newspapers                      ture, not-fit-to run-this-country.               Too many of us are content to simply
last November. If you have any                           I have also been pondering the restric-     be content.                                                                       JM Tohline
information, you can contact the                      tions we place upon ourselves.                   But what if there is more to life than
Spinnaker at editor@unfspinnaker.
                                                         I have been wondering: What could we        this?
com or call 904 620 2727
                                                      accomplish if we did not know what was           What if you can do what you dream of

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  Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work more, make less: The
equivocation of the vacation
    I hope you enjoyed your Spring
Break, dear reader. I certainly did. No                           chance ryan
rushing to class, no parking struggles,                           Staff Writer
no homework – none of that business.
But you’d better not get used to vacation
time if you plan on working in
the States.
    In the richest country in the world, there
is no right to any vacation time whatsoever
– paid annual leave and paid holidays are            We are always expected to be avail-
optional for employers – and it seems the        able or online. It used to be, when you
once 40-hour workweek has transformed            left the office, you were free. Not no
into an astute 60-hour workweek.                 mo’, though.
    According to a 2007 report for                   Now, with two smart phones in your
the Center for Economic and Policy               pocket, an iPad and a laptop and home
Research “No-Vacation Nation,” there             computer, you’re trapped.
are between 20 to 35 vacation days per               Can’t make it to the meeting, you say?
year in most other wealthy nations.              No problem, the companies have your
    Americans are only offered an aver- account ready. Log
age of 13 vacation days per year.                on, chump.
    With little contrition, only 57 percent          It’s the way we like it here in America:
of American workers take their full              the mentality that if you keep working
vacation time, the report said. The rest         your ass off and don’t rock the boat,
often fear losing their jobs or not being        maybe, someday, you can become a rich,
able to keep up with their workload.             pretentious executive like Donald Trump.
    In Russia, they have an expression:              As a journalist, this zealous rat race
“You’re working like an American.”               affects me quite a bit. News has become
    Let’s face it, Americans are work-a-         incredibly instantaneous, for better or
holics, and vacation time is only the tip        for worse.
of the iceberg.                                      Competition is fierce. In fact, that’s
    Recently, we’ve seen heated debates          all I’m learning about in my classes. All
over the relative compensation of pub-           I foresee in my future is working hard
lic- and private-sector workers, with ar-        for free or the bare minimum. Take a
guments that the latter have been forced         vacation? Are you kidding? That’d be
unfairly to foot the bill for generous           career suicide – can’t risk it.
benefit packages enjoyed by the former.              Like many Americans, I’ve acquired
    But data from the Economic Policy            expensive tastes – you should see how
Institute shows compensation for state           much the beer I drink costs. But I also
and local government employees rose              need time to enjoy life: carpe diem. And
only slightly more than that of their            if that means having less, I think I can
private-sector counterparts. More im-            learn to live with that. Remember fun?
portant, productivity gains were next                I’m aware not everyone agrees with
to nothing.                                      my laid-back perception. Some of you
    In sum, arguing about private vs. pub-       want to build an empire – good luck with
lic is superfluous because over the last         that. But I’ve read enough books and
20 years, employers – whether private            seen enough movies to be skeptical of
companies or governments – have been             that lifestyle.
reaping the benefits over employees in               Speaking of movies, during the
terms of how profits are allocated.              break, I caught a scene from “Star Trek:
    Americans will continue to work              First Contact,” in which Captain Jean-
themselves stupid, and there are a num-          Luc Picard explains the allocation of
ber of reasons why. You can read what            wealth in the 24th Century to a charac-
EPI thinks at, but I think this          ter from the 20th Century.
work-a-holism has much to do with our                “The economics of the future is some-
dependence — borderline obsession —              what different,” Picard said. “You see,
with technology.                                 money doesn’t exist in the 24th Century.
    Technology, with all its advantages,         We work to better ourselves and the rest
never ceases to deny us our precious sov-        of humanity.”
ereignty to be unavailable or uninformed.            I began to think to myself, “My, what a
    Albert Einstein said, decades ago,           noble existence.” Then, the phone rang.
mind you, “It has become appallingly
clear that our technology has surpassed                                E-mail Chance ryan at
our humanity.”                                           

         Paid Writing Positions
         aVailable email editor@

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                                      Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

                  // spiNNaker // 11
                                                                                                                                                                         Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coffee tables for the college student
By ashley Gannon
assT. feaTures ediTor

   Whether you’re moving out of the
dorms and into your own place, or your
rowdy friends were wrestling one night
and drop-kicked the coffee table to piec-
es, here are some easy and inventive
ways to jazz up your living room. Skip
the trip to Salvation Army and create
your own table. These tips and ideas will
help get you started:

1      Go Green. Instead of lugging that
       over-flowing bin of beer cans out to
       the curb on recycle day, use those bot-
tles to your decorating advantage.
    You will need: crazy glue, empty beer
bottles (washed out with water) and a piece
of plywood.
    You can use two or four stacks of bottles
for the legs, but upon making the two-legged
table, I suggest making four legs for more sta-
      .                                 ,
bility Also, make the legs individually then
place them on the ground where you’d like
them to be in your house. Let the bottles dry
before gluing the plywood to the top.
    You can get even more creative by select-
ing different types of beer for a variety of
bottle colors. Beware of using beer cans,
though, because once empty they collapse
easily This coffee table option is cheap,
easy to make, and it helps the environment,
too. Total price: $4.99, for crazy glue that I
used on all four tables
                                                   Sporting a bowling theme and six legs, this unique table is the perfect piece to add to any plain room and will strike a memorable impression.

                                                                                                                                                                                  phoToS by aShlEy Gannon
You can rest your coffe cup on it or haul it to the beach. This table serves multiple functions.    Tap into your creative side and make a table that showcases your personal talent or hobbies.

2     Totally tubular. Lucky for UNF stu-
      dents, the beach is close by, lending
      our town its well-known surf culture.
                                                   which allowed the table to stick in one spot.
                                                   This table took no more than 20 minutes to
                                                   make, and it cost $0.
                                                                                                    piece of plywood into an oval and spray
                                                                                                    painted it black with three white holes to
                                                                                                    look like a bowling ball. Granted, bowling
                                                                                                                                                        a painting I had in my room, which is made
                                                                                                                                                        of canvas board. If you like the idea of
                                                                                                                                                        using a painting, make sure to get it lami-

For those who live by the beach, or just love                                                       balls are round, not oval, but if your guests       nated or put a protective sealant on top, so
to surf, take decorating to a whole new level            Spare me. If there are items around        don’t quite understand, it’s a great conver-        your painting doesn’t get ruined. If you
by going beyond the surf posters and mak-                your house that don’t serve a purpose      sation starter. This table on took about 30         don’t want to use a pre-existing painting,
ing a coffee table out of an old, damaged or             but you just can’t throw them away,        minutes to make and cost $9.                        or you don’t have one, buy a piece of ply-

even handcrafted surfboard.                        use them as legs for your coffee table. An                                                           wood and paint it any way you’d like. Or,
    For this table, I used an old surfboard        old office party left me with several painted         Using items from around your house             lay the wood on top of the table and let your
from my garage and ironing board legs that         bowling pins at my disposal.                          is the best way to make a cheap cof-           friends add their own designs when they
were broken off. If you don’t want to use a            Another way to find creative leg options          fee table, and it can also express who         come over. Who says art has to be hung on
surfboard, as they are expensive, you can          is to scour garage sales, which are sure to      you are. I like to paint, so for this last coffee   the wall?
buy a piece of plywood and shape it into a         have some eclectic pieces you can use.           table, I stacked empty paint cans on top of
surfboard. I decided to carve a shark bite             For this table, I used these pre-colored     each other, securing them with crazy glue                                 E-mail ashley Gannon at
into the side and again used hot glue to           pins by spreading them evenly around             and added old paintbrushes to the front of             
secure the board’s place on the legs. The          underneath the table. It stems beyond the        the cans for design.
legs I found had rubber soles on the bottom,       average two or four-legged design. I cut a          For the top of the table, I decided to use

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

                  // spiNNaker // 13
                                                                                                                                                             Thursday, March 24, 2011

J. Alexander’s serves American cuisine with a modern twist
                                              full-service bar with a selection of wines   elbow pasta shells. The cheese sauce isn’t       as ridiculously long as the Cheesecake
henna BaKshi
sTaff wriTer                                  both by the glass and bottle.                cheddar but a combination of the three           Factory or P.F. Chang’s.
                                                 My favorite part of eating at this res-   Italian white cheeses and bacon. Yes, ba-           A hearty lunch entrée at J. Alexander’s
   What comes to mind when you think          taurant is the wonderful array of side       con! Moreover, the dish is finished with a       may range from anywhere between $15-
American cuisine? Pizza? Italy takes          dishes. Cornbread, Israeli couscous and      layer of toasted breadcrumbs.                    $25 per person and dinner between $20-
credit for that. Burgers and steaks? Let’s    not-your-ordinary mac ‘n’ cheese are a           J. Alexander’s is one of the first res-      $35. It offers a select list of desserts in-
crown Germany for these meaty favor-          few of my favorites.                         taurants at which I’ve eaten that puts as        cluding crème brûlée and chocolate cake.
ites. Maybe hotdogs, pasta, cheese or            The cornbread comes served in a mini      much effort into its side dishes as it does      The place is ideal for a candlelit date or
chow Mein? New Zealand, Italy, France         skillet with whipped white butter. The       its main entrées. Its chefs cook on a wood       to lounge with friends.
and China.                                    sweet flavor of this bread melted in my      grill on display in the back. This ensures          The food and service at J.
   This precisely defines American            mouth and left behind a taste so warm        the dishes’ freshness because the cus-           Alexander’s impressed me, and I’m
cuisine: a mixture of different flavors       and light -- I can never have enough. Try    tomers can actually see the chefs prepare        sure will please you, too. Pamper your-
from around the world. Restaurant J.          the bread with a steak of your choice. If    their food.                                      self to gour met American cuisine and
Alexander’s at the St. Johns Town Center      you’re like me, you can simply save this         The friendly and well-informed staff         say Henna sent you.
embraces this multi-cultural platter and      golden glory for dessert.                    guides customers through the menu. I
serves up contemporary American deli-            The Israeli couscous is an absolute       enjoyed the dim ambiance and the dis-                                   E-mail henna bakshi at
cacies with a twist.                          must with the pork tenderloin entrée         play of original American artwork on                       
   The menu features a wide selection         served in Thai bang-bang sauce. Both         the walls. Right outside of the restaurant
of classics, including prime rib of beef,     the couscous and bang-bang sauce have        is bonfire seating with wooden rocking
steaks, fresh seafood, sandwiches and         a spicy kick to them. I love the married     chairs and a fountain.                             Have a restaurant suggestion you would
entrée salads. Daily features include         flavors, they complement the tender meat         The restaurant stays fairly busy dur-          like the Spinnaker to review? e-mail Henna
specialties like seafood czarina, Tuscan      and velvety beads of couscous.               ing dinner hours but doesn’t offer reser-          Bakshi at
steak, grilled fish with mango papaya            The mac ‘n’ cheese comes prepared         vations. On busy nights, like the week-
salsa and chicken milanese. They have a       with seashell pasta instead of the regular   end, you may expect a little wait but not

Weekend music festivals: National acts worth splurging on
Although Jacksonville lost its nearest spring jam bash, these melodic Florida gatherings fulfill that empty space
By ryan Thompson                                                                           week won’t stop some students. The Spinnaker found these nationally recognized mu-
feaTures ediTor                                                                            sic festivals that will be the place to be if you’re into folk, into dance or into a little bit
                                                                                           of everything.
   If Spring Break had come a week later, students would have had no problem at-                                                                                 E-mail ryan Thompson at
tending three of Florida’s major music shows March 24-27. But the absence of a break                                                                

  suWannee sPringfest                                          Playlist liVe                                                  ultra music festiVal
  march 24-27                                                  march 26-27                                                    march 25-27
  live oak                                                     orlando                                                        miami
  The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park                        Marriott World Center Resort                                   Bicentennial Park
  $180 Regular Weekend Ticket With Camping                     $72.73 Standard Ticket + Fee                                   Sold Out
  $50 Single-Day Thursday, $65 Single-Day Friday,
  $75 Single-Day Saturday, $50 Single-Day Sunday all             This one’s for the nerds. If you wanna dance and not            electroids, it’s time to dance – and yes, people will
  Without Camping                                              care who’s watching, check out Playlist Live. Not only         be watching. Where to begin? You’ve got Crystal
                                                               will this festival bring together your favorite names          Castles, Cut Copy, Tiesto and David guetta all under
     Folk music adheres everyone’s souls together. Who         in online video, but both afternoons will feature an           one roof. Yeah, it’s sold out, but a festival as large as
  needs dancing when head-swaying to poignant lyrics           eclectic mixture of music for the not-too-judgmental           Ultra cannot go unnoticed. good shoes are impera-
  seems like a chill time? The 15th annual Suwannee            taste. The mainstay, Chicago-based grunge rockers              tive. Hang out from the early afternoon until mid-
  Springfest will host so many string instruments that         Driftless Pony Club, has just come off a tour in the           night booping and beeping to only the best electron-
  you won’t even need sneakers. go down with your              North and flies out to Orlando just for this event.            ica and remixes out there. and it all happens in the
  other bluegrass- and folk-lovers, pitch a tent and           Make sure to have them sign your Converses.                    New York City of the South. Downtown Miami serves
  spend a weekend basking in the true spring. Plus,                                                                           as the club, and your body serves as a vessel for un-
  it’s not like a band as heartfelt as the avett Brothers                                                                     adulterated dancing.
  comes to Jacksonville all that often.

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  Thursday, March 24, 2011


         Bartenders Wanted!                     Aggressive litigation firm seeks mature,
            $300/day potential.                  organized individual for part-time em-
        No experience necessary.                  ployment. Duties include data entry,
             Training provided.                   light secretarial work and answering
               Age 18+ OK.                      phones. Must be highly motivated, able
        Call 800-965-6520 ext 222              to handle multiple duties in a demanding,
                                                 fast paced environment and have own
                                               transportation. $10 hour. Send resume to
    E File Your Federal Tax Return
       Go To:
1040EZ $10.00, 1040A $15.00, 1040 $80.00       Young energetic person wanted for part
         James Wilson Tax Service                time caregiver position of a 13 yr old
              904-374-0163                        Autistic boy. Must have: transporta-
                                               tion, flexible hours, and patience. Email

 Renting a room in a house $300 monthly.
 Deposit $200. Includes 1/2 Utilities, wash-                   MAKE $$
ing and cooking. Nice area. Near University,   Local company looking for talented people.
          Phone: 904-307-7540.                   Part-time phone sales. evening hours.
                                                   base + commission. paid training.
                                                     Southern Green: 904-726-0880
                                                       Meet the Sales Manager at
                                                        Market Day April 6, 2011

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                                      Thursday, March 24, 2011

16 // spiNNaker //
   Thursday, March 24, 2011

Former walk-on is paying off in the form of a big bat and versatile playing style

                                                                                                                                                                                andrEW noblE | SpInnakEr
andrew Karmeris, a junior, plays a multitude of positions on the baseball diamond, but head coach Raymond "Smoke" Laval wants to use him at first base to save his legs for his hitting.

By Tim Bee                                        every sport growing up. However, he fo-          sophomore brother Paul Karmeris, who                At .500 on the season right now and
sPorTs ediTor                                     cused on baseball and golf once he got to        joined the team this season.                     with Karmeris still a junior, the Ospreys
                                                  high school.                                         He said he just tries to help them to do     have a lot to look forward to down
    Heading into the 2011 season with al-            When he was coming out of Palm Beach          what they’re supposed to do and get their        the road.
most a 50 percent turnover, the UNF men’s         Gardens High School in 2008, Karmeris            work in.                                            “We’re going to be really good,”
baseball team had a big question as to how        knew UNF head coach at the time, Jack                “He’s a great kid,” Laval said. “He’s        Karmeris said. “We’re just kind of settling
it was going to produce offensively. Losing       “Dusty” Rhodes, had pull in the Palm             strong like King Kong. I’d like him to be a      in. We’re going to be really good towards
the bats that belonged to 2010’s seniors          Beach area from his time coaching at Palm        little more vocal as far as taking that kind     the end of the year and years to come.
Preston Hale and Justin Preckajlo left a          Beach Junior College. Rhodes used to get         of leadership.”                                  I just think we’re getting it all together
large hole in the Ospreys’ lineup.                a lot of athletes from the area. Naturally,          Now as the Ospreys head into the thick       right now.”
    In his junior year, Andrew Karmeris           Karmeris had UNF on his list of schools          of the Atlantic Sun schedule, Karmeris
has filled the hole and is climbing up the        he wanted to go to.                              said the young talent on the team is start-                                    E-mail Tim bee at
ladder of leadership for this young club.            Surprisingly however, UNF didn’t go           ing to turn a corner.                                        
Karmeris, who broke out of his offensive          after him. At least not until Karmeris at-
shell in 2010 while he spent time batting         tended a UNF camp and showcased what
between the two seniors, is doing even            he could do.                                                                        aDvertisemeNt
more with another season of experience               “Dusty said they could use another
under his cleats.                                 catcher and told me I could try and walk
    “He’s a great player,” said head coach        on, and that’s how I got here,” Karmeris
Raymond “Smoke” Laval. “He can hit                said. “I was a walk on my freshman year.”
third or fourth for any team in the coun-            While his bat is the best thing about his
try, ACC, SEC. The new bats don’t do him          game, it isn’t the only thing. He can play
justice. I’m telling you, when he hits them,      just about any position on the field.
he hits them hard.”                                  Laval thinks he will play catcher at the
    Karmeris has started every game in            next level. However, he is now listed on
2011 and is at the top of just about every of-    the Osprey roster as an athlete.
fensive category for the Ospreys (11-11, 3-6         He has spent time at catcher, first base
Atlantic Sun). He leads the team in runs          and third base. He was spending time in
scored (19), hits (26), walks (15), doubles       the outfield during the fall. He has even
(8), runs batted in (15) and slugging per-        spent time on the mound, appearing in
centage (.573).                                   six games this season pitching in relief
    Karmeris has also belted three home           for UNF.
runs, one behind senior short stop Sam               Laval said he will most likely spend
Perry’s team-leading four. Of the regu-           most the time at first base the rest of the
lar starters, Karmeris is also first in on-       way, so they can save his legs for relief
base percentage (.468), while striking out        pitching and for hitting.
just eight times over his team leading 75            “My favorite position is in the lineup,”
at bats.                                          Karmeris said. “Anywhere coach needs
    “We have plans that we discuss,”              me to play, I’ll play. As long as I’m hitting,
Karmeris said. “Before every game, coach          I’m happy. Anything to help the team.”
brings us in the locker room; we talk about          Aside from his play on the field, one
the pitcher.                                      way Laval is looking for Karmeris to help
    Basically, we just try to look to hit fast    the team is by stepping into a leadership
balls, get something up and try to drive the      role. Admittedly, Karmeris is a lead-by-
ball. Me, personally, I just see it and hit it.   example kind of player.
That’s really the best I can explain it.”            While Karmeris looks up to seniors
    Karmeris, whose favorite player as a          like Andrew Hannon to help him, he
child was Gary Carter, played just about          tries to help the younger players, like his

                                                                                                                                                     // spiNNaker // 17
                                                                                                                                                                  Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freshman David Shepherd sets
new school record with pole vault
By adam o’neill                                    on their good form and finished first and
assisTanT sPorTs ediTor                            second in the 800m, with times of 1:51.94 and
                                                   1:52.53, respectively.
   The UNF men and women’s track teams                 Senior Will Pearce finished with a time of
competed in their third outdoor competition        3:52.74 in the 1,500 meters, as he stormed to
of the year at the University of South Florida     victory with almost a four-second deficit.
Bulls Invitational over Spring Break.                  In other events, sophomore Chase Nelson
   Head coach Mark VanAlstyne said it was a        finished first in the 3,000m with a time of
good event — the squad used it for some speed      9:03.51, with fellow sophomore Drew Rowland
training.                                          coming in second posting a time of 9:04.7.
   The athletes competed in shorter events             Freshman Brianna Frazier clocked a time
than they are used to, VanAlstyne said.            of 12.09 in the 100m to finish fourth overall in
Brianna Frazier is used to 400m, but she did       the event.
the 100m this week.                                    She also posted a wind-assisted time of
   The teams had the chance to work on some        23.96 in the 200m to finish fourth again.
things they don’t usually get the opportunity          In the 800m, junior Kayla Conrad finished
to work on, VanAlstyne said.                       in sixth with a time of 2:14.60, and sophomore
   However, there were some good perfor-           Erin Nixon followed in 10th, crossing the line
mances, and he was pleased.                        in 2:16.43.
   Freshman David Shepherd finished fourth             Junior Ecaterina Gheorghiu posted a
in the pole vault event and cleared the bar set    fourth place finish in the 3,000m with a time
at 16–0 3/4 to set a new school record.            of 10:02.87 and sophomore Meggie Emons fin-
   Overall, he is now tied for eighth in the       ished sixth with a time of 10:09.59.
NCAA rankings.                                         Junior Andrea Bridges also finished fourth
   The ambitious Shepherd was very pleased         in the high jump with a leap of 5–4 1/4 while
with his performance but wants to hit 18 feet      sophomore Jasmine Jackson jumped 18–0 1/2                                                                               andrEW noblE | SpInnakEr
by the end of the season.                          (-0.1) to finish fifth in the long jump.            Sophomore Jasmine Jackson finished in fifth in the long jump at the USF Bulls Invita-
   “I know I’m athletic enough, I’ve just got to       “For the next event, we will accentuate the     tional but also competes in the relay races for the Ospreys.
put it all together,” he said.                     good and fix the bad,” VanAlstyne said.
   VanAlstyne said he is very impressed with       “We just have to keep working hard.”                                               aDvertisemeNt
Shepherd, and he plans to get him into other           The squad will return to competition
events such as the javelin.                        March 24–26 at the FSU Relays in Tallahassee.
   “His greatest strength, besides being su-
premely talented, is that he is a ferocious
competitor,” VanAlstyne said. Sophomores                                      E-mail adam o‘neill at
Cameron Dickerson and James Post carried                    

Senior Jacob Davidson hits career
best on second day of the tournament
By adam o’neill                                    has contributed.
assisTanT sPorTs ediTor                               Schroeder praised Aylwin and said it was
                                                   certainly his best career performance.
   The UNF men’s golf team responded well             “It’s one that hopefully he can build on,”
to recent subdued performances with a fifth        he said.
place finish at the Schenkel Invitational             Junior Joe Byun also earned his highest
March 18–20.                                       ranking of the year, finishing tied for 15th
   Head coach Scott Schroeder said his team        at 217, including a final round of even par
played much better this week after the disap-      72. Senior Jacob Davidson earned a tie for
pointing showing at its home tournament at         26th after shooting a career-high 68 on the
Sawgrass Country Club two weeks back.              second day.
   “The event at Myrtle Beach last week was           Sophomore Kevin Phelan shot a 221 to fin-
an improvement, and this weekend was very          ish tied for 36th and junior Major Forbess tied
good,” he said.                                    for 63rd after hitting 228, with a final round of
   The squad beat 10 very good programs and        77 on Sunday. Joey Marino, who played as an
only lost to four schools who are ranked top 20    individual, tied for 70th with a total of 230.
in the country, Schroeder said.                       “As in any sport, you try to get better as
   “We are ranked 42nd in the nation right         it goes along, as a team and individually,”
now, and this tournament and the one next          Schroeder said. “If we continue to do that,
week will be a good test as we prepare for post-   then we will finish on a strong note at the end
season,” he said.                                  of the year.”
   In terms of individual rankings, junior            As always, Schroeder wanted to emphasize
Kevin Aylwin performed best for the Ospreys        the importance of academics for his athletes.
with a joint second place finish.                     “The good news is that we have played two
   With an overall score of 208, and a round       tournaments over Spring Break, so we don’t
best of 67, Aylwin was just one shot off           miss class,” he said.
first place.                                          The team’s next tournament is at Bulls Bay
   “I’m playing like I envisioned I would be       Country Club, in Charleston, S.C., March 27–29.
when I began my college career,” Aylwin said.
   Although not able to point to anything
specific for his improved performances,                                       E-mail adam o‘neill at
Aylwin said the experience he has gained                    

    18 // spiNNaker //
  Thursday, March 24, 2011

                                                                              bee liNe

I have egg on my face, thanks a lot Big East
    t takes a big man to admit when he                                                    On selection Sunday, when the             format. And in the Big East’s defense,
                                                              tim bee                                                               these teams are giving it 110 percent be-
    is wrong. In the March 9 issue of the                                              Panthers saw their seeding and the
    Spinnaker, heading into the NCAA                          Sports Editor            teams they had to get through to get         cause they hear all the Big East talk, as
Tournament, I gave my four picks of                                                    to the Final Four, they were probably        well. One-and-done, and you never know
who would be the number one seeds                                                      booking their tickets to Houston before      what’s going to happen. Parity is a great
come selection Sunday.                                                                 they started practice. Instead they          thing to have in sports, and it is making
   I had three out of four with Ohio                                                   became the first and only one seed so        itself known this year, like most years,
State, Pittsburgh and Kansas — not bad,                                                far to head home, losing to the eighth-      in the NCAA Tournament. Heck, in the
I guess. But the big problem is I went on   everyone’s bracket over the weekend,       seeded Butler Bulldogs. Thank God I          Southwest region, the four teams left
to compliment the Big East and made         I have decided to change the name of       switched to Wisconsin in the Final Four      are the one seeded Kansas Jayhawks,
that conference look like God’s gift to     the conference from the Big East to the    instead of continuing to drink the Big       then No. 12 Richmond, No. 11 VCU and
college athletics.                          Big Easy. Kudos to the University of       East Kool-Aid.                               No. 10 FSU. Where did all the high seeds
   Boy, was I — and practically every       Connecticut and Marquette for sticking        Notre Dame also made me look like         go? It’s fun to watch these upsets, and
other sports media member — wrong.          around and dancing a little bit. These     an idiot. Another one of my predicted        I’m looking forward to doing the same
You let me down, Big East. I have egg on    are the only two teams left from the Big   one seeds, it was given a two seed. No       thing I did last weekend this weekend –
my face. The Big East proved over the       East. I can’t believe I’m saying this,     big deal as it cruised by Akron, its first   watching a lot of college basketball.
weekend that it was the most overrated      but TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley        matchup of the tournament. Then, the            I hope your brackets aren’t too
conference in the NCAA.                     had it right when he said the Big East     10th-seeded Florida State University dis-    busted up, yet. As for me, I’m looking
   I had good reason to be so high on       was overrated before the tournament        mantled all the fire power in the world      pretty good right now. In addition to
the Big East. It sent an NCAA record        started. He actually talked me out of      on offense — the team with the Big East      Wisconsin and UCONN, I also still have
11 teams to the NCAA Tournament.            making a huge mistake on my bracket.       Player of the Year, Ben Hansbrough.          my other two Final Four teams in Ohio
Now, after the first weekend of the            The mistake would have been putting     Sure, FSU is great on defense, but I         State and Kansas. I have the Buckeyes
big dance, it has two remaining. The        the Pittsburgh Panthers in the Final       thought the Big East was a rough and         beating Kansas in the championship.
city of Richmond, Va., has the same         Four. I had them in and pulled them out    tough league that plays offense and de-         Anyway, here’s to upset games, upset
amount of teams left in the tournament      at the last minute March 16. Pittsburgh,   fense. The Fighting Irish must have had      brackets and an upset conference for
as the Big East do. Both the University     the one seed of what was in my opinion     a little too much fun on St. Patty’s Day.    forgetting to show up for the best tour-
of Richmond, a 12 seed, and Virginia        the weakest region of the four in the         Still, this is why I love the NCAA        nament in all of sports – I’m talk to you,
Commonwealth University, an 11 seed,        tournament, is easily the biggest disap-   Tournament. I’m giving the Big East a        Big East. Enjoy the Sweet 16 and Elite
knocked off Big East teams on their         pointment of the nine Big East teams       tough time right now, but I do believe it    Eight. I’ll see you in the Final Four.
path to the Sweet 16.Talk about laying      that have played their last game of        deserved all 11 of its tournament bids. It                              E-mail Tim bee at
an egg. After watching the Big East ruin    the season.                                has just played awful in the tournament                

                                                                                                                                   // spiNNaker // 19
                                      Thursday, March 24, 2011

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