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					       About Wind Orchestra
Music is a form of art in which the medium is sound
organized in time. What governs music are 3 elements,
pitch, rhythm and dynamics, which is what needs to be
perfected in order to play good music for the masses.
For perfection, the player needs to have these three
qualities, discipline, determination and commitment. At
the end of their 4 or 5 years in the band, if all the
qualities are fulfilled, success awaits those who put in
their heart and soul to do something.

                  One band
                       One sound
SYF Central Judging of Concert Bands 2001: Bronze
SYF Central Judging of Concert Bands 2003: Silver
SYF Central Judging of Concert Bands 2005: Gold
SYF Central Judging of Concert Bands 2007: Silver

St Hilda’s Founders’ Day ceremony march
2008 End of year concert, Hildan Swing
2008 National celebration at Central Park
2008 National Camp Opening Ceremony at Pulau Ubin
Mountbatten Constituency National Day Parade 2008
            Upcoming events
SYF Central Judging of Concert Bands 2009
Bi-annual concert, Synergy Night 2009
2009 Founders’ Day celebration
2009 Secondary 1 orientation
Mrs Soh Pei Chiun
Mdm Norhani Sawi
Ms Nur Syafawaty

Mr Andy Sim
Ms Leong Wei Fen

Band Major:
Siti Nurmahsuri ( Secondary 3J )

Drum Major:
Felix Tan Jit Min ( Secondary 3H )

Concert Mistress:
Tan Teng Li (Secondary 3H)

Head of Quarter Mistress/Master of Instruments:
Woodwinds: Teo Xin Ning ( Secondary 3J )
Brasses: Glen Tan Song En ( Secondary 3J )
Percussion: Jeremy Tan ( Secondary 3D )

Head of Quarter Mistress/Master of Uniform:
Choong Wen Wei Adam ( Secondary 4B )
Assistant Head: Carissa Lee Shu Xian ( Secondary 3D)
Head of Librarians:
Tan Mei Qi Maggie ( Secondary 4C )
Assistant head: Nurul Ain ( Secondary 3F )

Head of Project Managers:
Klara Chong( Secondary 4B )
Assistant head: Ebenezer Tan Yen How ( Secondary 3B )

Head of Food Department:
Karen Ng ( Secondary 3J )
Assistant Head: Joshua Ho ( Secondary 3F )
Head of Decoration Department:
Pow Jun Yang ( Secondary 3B )
Assistant Head: Mira ( Secondary 3D )

Head of Treasurer:
Wee Hui Lin ( Secondary 3H )

Head of Quarter Master of stands:
Ken Woo Chee Keong ( Secondary 3H )

Head of MO(maintenance officer):
Fatin ( Secondary 4B)
Music,common language

Come and join us now!

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