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1. Introduction to syntax
     Basic syntax structure
     Acquiring good programming habits
     Running commands
     Batch (production) mode                                         6. Other useful commands
     Subcommands                                                         Working with autorecode
     Keywords                                                            Recoding into a different variable
     Values in command specifications                                    Selecting case in data file
     General rules for the use of string
     values                                                          7. The "If" command
     Delimiters                                                          Working with the "If" command
     Command order                                                       Basic rules
     The execute command                                                 Advanced rules / optional
2. Opening and saving an SPSS data                                       specifications
file                                                                     Numeric variables
     The "get" command                                                   String variables
     The "save out file" command                                         Missing values and logical operators
     "Delete variables" command                                      8. "Do If"… "Else If"… "End If"
3. The structure and definition of                                       Basic rules
variables                                                                Else sub command
     Introduction to variables                                           Rules
     Rules for variable name specification                               "Do If"
     Variable format                                                     "Else If" command
     Numeric variables                                                   Nested "Do If" structures
     String variables                                                9. Related areas
     Changing formats from string to                                     The paste function
     numeric (and vice versa)                                            Help
     System variables                                                    Creating Hot buttons
     Scratch variables                                                   The SPSS journal file and tips
4. Variable labels and value labels                                      Production mode
     Using the "variable labels" command                             10. background to scripting in SPSS
     Value labels                                                        Levels of automation in SPSS
     Add value labels                                                    An overview of object oriented
     Missing value                                                            programming (OOP)
5. Using the "compute" command                                           An overview of the SPSS scripting
     Structure of the "compute" command                                       facility
     Numeric variables                                               11. background to scripting in SPSS
     String variables                                                    The script editor
     Arithmetic operations                                               The help facility
     Arithmetic functions                                                Objects
     Statistical functions                                               Other sources oh help
     Missing-value functions                                             Script editor menus
     Cross-variable operations                                           The debug menu
     Logical functions                                                   Autoscripts
     Other functions                                                 12. Introducing (SAX) basic

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    Declaring variables with the DIM
    Variable names and conventions
    SPSS syntax within script variables
    The option explicit statement
    Adding description
    Interfacing to the rest of SPSS
    Objects, methods and properties
13. The SPSS object model
    The SPSS object diagram
    Declaring an SPSS object variable and setting it
    Declaring SPSS object variables
    MsgBox command
    Referencing SPSS objects from other applications
14. Syntax in Scripts
    Running multiple commands in syntax
    Pasting syntax into a script
    The execute include method
    Running a script from syntax
15. Subroutines and the debug facility
    What is the interactive debugger?
    Using the debugger to analyze an existing script
    Stopping execution (breaking) at a line in a script
    Checking the value in a variable using watch
    Checking consecutive lines using the step in debug function

  www.genius.co.il  03 -9222204  07174 ‫ הסיבים 7, קרית מטלון ת .ד . 7777 פתח תקוה‬ ‫ בישראל‬SPSS ‫ג ' ניוס מערכות בע" מ , נציגת‬

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