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					Hawke’s Bay
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Meeting & Incentive Planner 10/11

Venture Hawke’s Bay
Venture Hawke’s Bay is the Regional Development Agency for Hawke’s Bay. Our
mission is to ensure Hawke’s Bay is the best region to visit, live, work and invest.

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Contact Details

                                             P +64 (0) 6 834 1918
                                             F +64 (0) 6 834 0299
                                             A P.O. Box 123, Napier 4140

Venture	Hawke’s	Bay	is	committed	to	supporting	sustainable	tourism	through	the	STAR	
programme	as	coordinated	by	the	Ministry	of	Tourism.
This	planner	has	been	produced	sustainably	and	is	printed	on	chlorine	free	(ECF)	pulp	
sourced	from	Well	Managed	Forests	(WMF)	using	vegetable	based	inks	and	solvents.
Facts and Figures
Total Region	153,400
Summer	23.8oC	Autumn	19.9oC
Winter	14.5oC	Spring 19.0oC
Above Sea Level	50	metres

Driving Times
Approximate guide for travel times to
Hawke’s Bay

Taupo	-	Hawke’s	Bay	/	1	hour	30	mins

Wellington	-	Hawke’s	Bay	/	4	hours

Rotorua	-	Hawke’s	Bay	/	2	hours	45	mins

By Air
Auckland	-	Hawke’s	Bay	/	60	mins

Wellington	-	Hawke’s	Bay	/	50	mins

Christchurch	-	Hawke’s	Bay	/	90	mins

Air	New	Zealand	operates	236	flights	per	
week	into	and	out	of	Napier	including	
direct	flights	from	Auckland,	Wellington	and	
                                                                         Long hot summers, mild
                                                                         sunny winters and an
                                                                         array of activities make
                                                                         Hawke’s Bay the perfect
                                                                         year round destination.

                                                                                                 Cape Kidnappers Golf Course

      Enjoying a glass of wine in Ahuriri
                                                                          Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s premier
                                                                          food and wine destination has
                                                                          something to tantalise everybodies
                                                                          taste buds.
                                                                          The	region	has	over	70	vineyards	for	sampling	
                                                                          award-winning	wines,	meeting	the	wine-makers	and	
                                                                          dining	amongst	the	vines.	While	the	thriving	Farmer’s	
                                                                          Markets’	allow	visitors	to	mix	with	locals	and	be	
                                                                          tempted	by	seasonal,	gourmet	and	homemade	
                                                                          delicacies.	Visitors	that	want	to	be	more	hands	on	
                                                                          can	participate	in	the	range	of	cooking	and	wine	
                                                                          lessons	on	offer	which	will	allow	them	to	treat	their	
                                                                          friends	and	family	when	they	return	home.

      Hawke’s Bay’s landscape
      is made up of mountains,
002   vineyards, farmland, river
      valleys and beaches, making it
      the ideal adventure playground
      and nature lover’s paradise.
      Up	to	17	golf	courses	are	scattered	
      throughout	the	region,	including	
      internationally	renowned	Cape	Kidnappers.	
      Remote,	rugged	and	immense	Te	Urewera	
      National	Park	sits	in	the	North,	famous	
      for	Lake	Waikaremoana	and	its	forested	
      beauty.	Stunning	views	and	plenty	of	thrills	
      can	be	had	in	the	skies	in	tiger	moths,	
      hot	air	balloons	and	helicopters	or	with	
      experienced	skydiving	and	paragliding	
      professionals.	Purpose	built	cycle-ways	allow	
      visitors	to	explore	at	their	own	pace	while	
      those	more	daring	can	take	to	one	of	the	        Hawke’s Bay vineyards in Autumn
      adventurous	mountain	bike	trails.
Cape Kidnappers famous Gannet colony

                                                                  The many rivers that cascade
                                                                  throughout the region provide fun on
                                                                  the rapids with white-water rafting
                                                                  companies, or trout fishing with
                                                                  experienced locals that know all the
                                                                  great spots to catch the ‘big one’.
                                                                  Hawke’s	Bay	coastline	serves	up	deep	sea	
                                                                  fishing	and	all	sorts	of	activities	from	kayaking	
                                                                  and	jet	boating,	through	to	a	scenic	boat	ride.	
                                                                  Marine	life	can	be	discovered	at	Te	Angiangi	
                                                                  Marine	Reserve	or	at	The	National	Aquarium,	
                                                                  allowing	visitors	the	chance	to	get	close	up	
                                                                  to	a	variety	of	species.	Bird	lovers	can	visit	
                                                                  the	largest	most	accessible	mainland	gannet	
                                                                  colony	in	the	world	or	the	Cape	Kidnappers	
                                                                  and	Ocean	Beach	Wildlife	Preserve	where	
                                                                  native	New	Zealand	birds	reside.

                                                             Art Deco celebrations

                                                                                           What makes Hawke’s
                                                                                           Bay truly unique is the
                                                                                           1930’s architecture that
                                                                                           populates Napier and
                                                                                           Following	a	major	earthquake		
                                                                                           in	1931,	with	their	past	
                                                                                           destroyed,	the	cities	looked	
                                                                                           ahead	and	chose	a	style	
                                                                                           associated	with	Manhattan,	
                                                                                           the	movies	and	modernism.	
                                                                                           Walking	around	the	cities	today	
                                                                                           is	like	taking	a	step	back	in	time	
                                                                                           into	the	1930’s.

                                                  Black Barn Open Air Cinema

For those that want to be
entertained, the region
showcases a number of
exceptional events throughout
the year.
From	wine	and	food	festivals,	concerts		
and	Art	Deco	celebrations,	through	to	
horse	racing,	cycling	challenges	and	
mountain	runs.	If	it	is	a	large	event	you	are	
holding,	it	is	certainly	better	to	avoid	those	
larger	events	but	for	small	groups,	they	
could	be	the	perfect	activity	as	some	time	
out	from	work.
       Hawke’s Bay Operators

         Venues Capacity Index

                                                                                                                                                Largest Room Capacity

                                   Venues and

                                                                                                         # of Meeting





                                              Anchorage Motor Lodge                     10                    1                    40         25         25          n/a         n/a           44
                                                         Ballina Motel                  10                    1                    n/a        10         10          n/a         n/a           16
                                                Black Barn Vineyards                    9                     2                    70         70         60         150         120            36
                                                 Church Road Winery                     11                    1                    120        50         30         120         120           n/a
                                                             East Pier                  11                    3                    130        60         40         400         400           n/a
                                   Elephant Hill Estate and Winery                      11                    3                    n/a        n/a       n/a         120          80           n/a
                                                 Fairley Motor Lodge                    11                    2                    36         26         18          50          26            18
                                          Glen Aros Country Estate                      9                     1                    n/a        n/a        12          30          14            6
                               Havelock North Community Centre                          12                    5                    250       100         70         250         150           n/a
                                        Hawke’s Bay Opera House                         8                   13                     985       240         80         900         500           n/a
                                      Kennedy Park Top 10 Resort                        12                    1                    80         50         24         150         120            91
                                                           Millar Road                  12                    1                    n/a        n/a        16          16          16            7
                                               Mission Estate Winery                    12                    4                    200        96         30         350         210           n/a

                                                                                                                                                                                                       *	Includes	4	bedrooms	in	Owners	Cottage.
                                Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge                         13                    1                    50         24         12         120          30            17
                        Napier War Memorial Conference Centre                           10                    5                    300       150        n/a         500         280           n/a
                                                        Ormlie Lodge                    13                    3                    300       100         80         380         180            6
                                   Orton Catering @ Sileni Estates                      13                    4                    200       100         14         300         200           n/a
                                                       Pukeora Estate                   13                  10                     350       200        100         700         450            57
                                                         Quest Napier                   14                    1                    n/a        n/a        8           n/a         n/a           47
                                                Scenic Hotel Te Pania                   14                  n/a                    n/a        n/a       n/a          n/a         n/a          114
                                                      The Crown Hotel                   14                    5                    70         30         36         120          55            42
                                                            The Dome                    14                    2                    65         n/a        18          85          18            8
                                    The Farm at Cape Kidnappers                         15                    3                    50         40         20         100          60           26*
                          The National Aquarium of New Zealand                          15                    1                    60         40         20         100          50           n/a
                                 The Old Church Restaurant & Bar                        15                    3                    200       125         50         500         200            4
                                        Wine Country Motor Lodge                        15                    1                    40         30         20          40          20            28

                                                                                                     Activity Time
                                                                         Max Capacity

          Activities and                        Page        Theme                                                                                        Support                Page        Theme
                                                                                             1 - 2 hrs

                                                                                                            1/2 day

                                                                                                                        Full day

            Attractions                                                                                                                                  Services
004                       A Maze ‘n’ Fun         16      Golf	/	Maze     200                                                                                  Encore Events     20           PCO
                          Arataki Honey          16          Food        90                                                                                   Nimon & Sons      20         Transport
                          Art Deco Trust         16        Heritage      45                                                                                     TC Systems      20         Technical
                  Bay Tours & Charters           16         Tours        220
                          BBQ Gourmet            17          Food        50
                 Black Rose Limousine            17         Tours        15
              Esk Valley/ Woolshed Art           17       Wine	/	Art     20
               Gannet Safaris Overland           17         Wildlife     80
              Las Vegas Entertainment            18      Entertainment   500
                        Mohaka Rafting           18       Adventure      30
             New Zealand Wine Centre             18          Wine        100
                   On Track Adventures           18       Adventure      40
                           Par2 MiniGolf         19          Golf        150
      Skyline Aviation Air Charter Services      19         Tours          5
              Takaro Trails Cycle Tours          19       Adventure      40
      The Silky Oak Chocolate Co Ltd             19          Food        200
            Waimarama Maori Tourism              20         Culture      70
                         Hawke’s Bay Convention Bureau

                          Welcome to Hawke’s Bay Wine Country                                        We can help you by providing the following:
                          Hawke’s	Bay	Wine	Country	offers	visitors	a	fabulous	escape	and	            ■	 Free,	unbiased	advice	and	recommendations	tailored	to	the		
                          if	you	come	here	for	business,	you	will	easily	want	to	stay	on.	           	   needs	of	the	meeting	planner’s	budget	and	delegates		
                          The	climate	and	landscape	are	both	huge	draw	cards	but	it	is	the	          	   expectations.
                          diversity	of	the	experience	that	makes	Hawke’s	Bay	a	must	do	
                          conference	destination.	If	its	food	and	wine	you	are	after,	go	no	         ■	 Support	in	the	preparation	of	bid	documents	for	the	region	to		
                          further	than	the	70	vineyards	and	clusters	of	artisan	food	producers	      	   host	national	or	international	conferences.
                          that	line	most	country	roads	and	make	the	region	one	of	New	
                                                                                                     ■	 Assistance	with	the	coordination	of	site	inspections/		 	
                          Zealand’s	best.	Art	comes	in	several	forms,	from	the	roadside	
                                                                                                     	   familiarisations	of	venues,	accommodation	and	service		
                          studios	to	the	towns	of	Napier	and	Hastings	with	their	world	
                          renowned	architecture.	The	diversity	of	the	landscape	creates	a	
                          multitude	of	activities	from	golf	and	tramping	to	mountain	biking,	        ■	 Ideas	for	the	conference	programme,	pre	and	post	options	as	
                          rafting,	gorging	and	quad	biking.	Hawke’s	Bay	can	provide	a	unique	        	   well	as	partner	programmes.
                          and	memorable	experience	for	your	next	meeting,	corporate	retreat,	
                          conference,	incentive,	exhibition	or	convention.                           ■	 Support	collateral	including	regional	brochures,	maps	and		
                                                                                                     	   imagery	to	assist	in	the	promotion	of	your	event.
                          This	Meeting	and	Incentive	Planner	is	produced	annually	to	provide	
                          organisers	with	an	overview	of	all	the	superb	venues,	facilities	          ■	 Incentive	itineraries	to	reward	employees	and	partners.
                          and	activities,	Hawke’s	Bay	Wine	Country	has	to	offer.	For	further	
                          information,	please	go	to:                             If	you	feel	the	desire	to	escape	to	Hawke’s	Bay	Wine	Country	for	
                                                                                                     your	next	meeting	or	event,	and	then	stay	on	for	a	weekend	of	
                          What is a Convention Bureau?
                                                                                                     relaxation	and	indulgence,	do	not	hesitate	in	contacting	the	Hawke’s	
                          The	Hawke’s	Bay	Convention	Bureau	is	managed	within	Venture	               Bay	Convention	Bureau.
                          Hawke’s	Bay	and	promotes	the	region	as	a	meetings,	incentive,	
                          conventions	and	exhibitions	destination.	The	bureau	works	closely	
                          with	the	region’s	convention	and	incentive	businesses,	Tourism	
                                                                                                     Contact details:
                          New	Zealand,	Conventions	&	Incentives	NZ,	and	other	national	and	          P	+64	(0)	6	834	1918		 F	+64	(0)	6	834	0299	
                          Regional	Tourism	Organisations	and	Convention	Bureau’s	to	provide	         A PO	Box	123,	Napier	4140			E		
                          free	and	impartial	advice.                                                 W	

                          Dining with a Difference

                          Deco Decanted Themed Dinner                                                Dine Amongst the Barrels
                          Whether	your	event	coincides	with	one	of	the	region’s	Art	Deco	            Choose	from	several	of	the	region’s	top	wineries	and	dine	in	their	
                          festivals	or	not,	there	is	no	excuse	not	to	be	inspired	by	and	get	into	   private	cellars,	with	an	ambiance	that	is	unsurpassed.	Many	provide	
                          the	spirit	of	the	decadent	era	of	the	1930’s.	Treat	your	delegates	to	     spaces	for	small,	intimate	groups	and	they	will	go	above	and	
                          a	razzle-dazzle	sumptuous	evening	of	Art	Deco	glamour.	Hire	an	Art	        beyond	to	offer	an	extra	special	occasion.	Invite	the	winemaker	
                          Deco	venue,	the	costumes,	the	classic	cars,	the	band,	the	works	           along	as	your	host	and	start	the	evening	with	a	private	wine	tasting	
                          and	create	a	memorable	event	to	send	your	conference	off	with	an	          to	add	an	extra	special	touch	that	will	leave	a	lasting	memory.
                          Art	Deco	bang.		
                                                                                                     West Quay Cocktails & Dine Around
                          Think Outside the Square                                                   West	Quay’s	marina	is	the	buzzing	nightlife	hub	of	Napier	with	a	
                          When	you	are	right	on	the	coast,	why	not	have	a	function	with	the	         great	variety	of	restaurants	and	bars	for	you	to	choose	from	all	
                          Pania	Reef	as	your	backdrop	or	dine	beside	the	dramatic	colours	of	        within	a	five	minute	walk	of	each	other.	Enjoy	dinner	al	fresco	and	
                          an	Oceanarium.	If	you	want	something	chic	and	decadent	then	opt	           watch	the	sunset	over	the	ranges,	before	meeting	up	with	the	rest	of	
                          for	a	church	unlike	no	other	in	Hawke’s	Bay	and	hold	a	glamorous	          your	colleagues	for	a	few	post-dinner	drinks.                           005
                          function	under	glistening	chandeliers.	If	you	want	to	really	leave	
                          people	talking,	dine	in	an	old	theatre,	where	you	may	even	catch	a	
                          glimpse	of	a	friendly	ghost!
Image	by	Réserve	Group
      Incentive Ideas and Partner Programmes

                                                                                                                                                               Image	by	Réserve	Group
      An Architectural Experience with a Twist                                     Hawke’s Bay Wine-Around
      The	cities	of	Napier	and	Hastings	offer	an	architectural	extravaganza.	      Take	a	half	or	full	day	to	really	explore	some	of	the	famous	winery	sub	
      Take	a	tour	with	a	difference,	be	guided	by	an	expert	in	a	vintage	car,	     regions,	either	by	bike	or	with	a	guide.	Enjoy	the	hamper	lunch	or	stop	
      or	even	don	a	boa	or	boater	hat	to	really	step	back	in	time.		               for	lunch	at	a	winery,	one	day	is	never	enough.	For	the	more	active,	
                                                                                   make	a	challenge	of	it,	add	mountain	bikes	to	the	mix	and	hands-on	
      Become a Fly Fishing Guru in a Day
                                                                                   experiences,	whether	it	be	learning	to	be	a	winemaker	for	a	day,	a	
      Filled	with	stunning	scenery	and	dramatic	terrain,	fly	fishing	is	very	
                                                                                   wine	challenge	or	even	taking	a	culinary	lesson	at	one	of	the	winery	
      popular.	A	number	of	our	local	instructors	are	geared	up	for	small	
      groups,	including	lessons	and	guiding	in	some	beautiful	spots,	with	
      lunch	provided	al	fresco.	Choose	from	several	of	the	regions	pristine	       Retreat Lunch
      rivers	and	fly	by	helicopter	to	your	own	private	fishing	grounds	where	      Enjoy	the	scenic	splendour	out	of	the	main	centres	and	head	to	one	of	
      your	guide	will	do	their	best	to	give	you	a	magnificent	catch	and	a	         the	many	lodges	in	the	region.	Many	can	offer	personalised	activities	
      story	to	tell.	                                                              from	massage	to	wellbeing	advice	with	a	beautiful	lunch	or	dinner	to	
                                                                                   top	it	off.
      Take to the Skies
      Get	an	aerial	view	of	Hawke’s	Bay	by	helicopter,	light	aircraft	or	hot	      The Great Outdoors
      air	balloon.	Soar	along	the	wild	coastline,	around	the	majestic	Te	          River	rafting,	mountain	biking,	canyoning,	kayaking	are	all	part	and	
      Mata	Peak,	over	mountainous	ranges	or	flat	plains	of	vineyards	and	          parcel	of	the	Hawke’s	Bay	experience.	Set	a	team	challenge	for	
      orchards	that	stretch	for	miles	and	miles.	For	the	adventurous,	the	         the	group	with	one	of	the	creative	adventure	company’s	within	the	
      region	offers	many	adrenaline	opportunities.	Jump	out	of	a	plane	from	       region	that	are	dying	to	show	off	our	scenic	highlights	and	adventure	
      10,000	feet	and	watch	the	vineyards	race	towards	you,	or	paraglide	          opportunities.	Take	in	the	scenic	splendour	of	the	Mohaka	or	Tuki	Tuki	
      off	Te	Mata	Peak	for	a	less	hair-raising,	yet	thrilling	experience.          Rivers,	coastal	scenery,	rocky	terrain,	you	name	it

      Wine me, Dine me                                                             Food Glorious Food
      With	so	many	wonderful	wineries	in	the	region,	book	some	exclusive	          With	good	wine,	comes	Hawke’s	Bay’s	great	artisan	food	producers.	
      transport	-	classic	cars,	retro	mopeds	or	Harley	Davidsons	and	              Hire	a	tour	guide	to	pick	and	choose	from	the	abundance	of	stop	
      indulge	in	a	leisurely	afternoon	visiting	over	40	cellar	doors.	Enjoy	       offs	and	if	your	event	is	over	the	weekend	be	sure	to	make	it	to	the	
      tastings,	winery	tours,	or	a	sumptuous	lunch	–	there	is	a	huge	              Hawke’s	Bay’s	Farmers	Market	where	you	do	not	need	breakfast	
      range	of	experiences	to	choose	from.	Many	wineries	also	offer	the	           before	you	go.
      opportunity	to	get	involved	and	even	create	your	own	blends	for	
                                                                                   Architecture Tours
      something	to	put	your	name	to	and	take	away.
                                                                                   Step	back	in	time	with	a	team	of	knowledgeable	and	passionate	
      Experience the Cape                                                          guides	who	will	lead	you	through	the	devastation	of	the	1931	
      Play	a	round	of	golf	at	Hawke’s	Bay’s	most	challenging	course	or	blast	      earthquake	in	Napier	and	in	the	summer	months	Hastings.	Take	a	
      your	way	across	the	stunning	Cape	Kidnappers	property	for	3	hours	           walking	tour	or	jump	on	a	bus	that	will	take	you	beyond	the	Napier	
      by	quad	bike.	Take	in	native	bush	and	farmland	right	down	to	the	            CBD,	to	the	oldest	areas	of	Napier	and	learn	about	the	areas	in	the	
      rugged	coastline	or	for	a	wildlife	experience	take	the	luxury	route	in	a	    city	that	fell	and	rose	up	again.
      4x4	vehicle	to	the	famous	mainland	gannet	colony.
                                                                                   Retail Treatment
      Retreat Spa Treatments                                                       The	biggest	challenge	is	deciding	where	to	start	shopping	in	Hawke’s	
      Pamper	yourself	with	a	spa	treatment	at	one	of	the	many	luxury	              Bay.	With	Hastings,	Havelock	and	Napier	all	so	close,	you	can	get	a	
      properties;	spread	it	over	a	day	with	lunch	and	cocktails	and	other	         taste	of	all	their	different	shopping	experiences	in	the	one	day.		The	
      pampering	pleasures	brought	to	your	guests	at	the	lodge.                     region	offers	great	fashion	boutiques,	stylish	designers,	art	galleries,	
                                                                                   designer	jewellery	and	much	more.
      Artisan Food Experience
      Take	a	personalised	tour	in	a	4x4	vehicles	where	you	will	be	hosted	and	     Discover your Inner Creative Self
      guided	to	specialist	epicurean	producers.	See,	touch,	smell,	prepare	        A	thriving	artistic	community	with	over	50	galleries	and	artists	in	home	
      and	taste	local	gourmet	delights,	either	with	a	delicious	barbecue	lunch	    studios	to	visit	means	there	are	opportunities	to	learn	from	the	experts	
      at	Waimarama	Beach	or	a	picnic	in	the	picturesque	Tuki	Tuki	valley.          and	enjoy	hands-on	creative	experiences.	Why	not	combine	some	
                                                                                   Hawke’s	Bay	highlights	and	book	your	group	in	for	an	art	class	where	
      Culinary Cooking Classes
                                                                                   you	can	take	away	a	work	of	fine	art	followed	by	an	interactive	wine	
      Several	offerings	are	available	for	group	cooking	classes	where	you	get	
      the	opportunity	to	have	a	hands	on	approach	or	sit	back	and	let	the	chefs	
      do	all	the	work	whilst	you	enjoy	tasting	a	delicious	Hawke’s	Bay	menu.


Matariki - Celebration Maori New Year
6 June - 2 July 2010 / Hawke’s Bay
The	arrival	of	the	first	new	moon,	the	end	of	the	harvest	and	beginning	
of	the	‘new	year’	planting	season.

Bluewater Hotel Deco Decanted Weekend
16 - 18 July 2010 / Napier
A	mid-winter	celebration	of	the	Art	Deco	Style	that	centres	around	
dressing	in	the	style	of	the	1920’s	and	1930’s.

Hawke’s Bay Spring Racing Carnival
28 August - 2 October 2010 / Hastings
The	flagship	of	Hawke’s	Bay	Racing	is	the	Spring	Carnival	which	
features	three	Premier	Race	meetings	in	a	five-week	period	during		
the	Spring.

Harvest Hawke’s Bay
29 January 2011 / Hawke’s Bay
This	stunning	weekend	allows	Hawke’s	Bay	wineries	to	showcase	
their	award	winning	wines	to	visitors.

Mission Concert
Jan - March 2011. Date to be advised / Napier                                      007
One	of	Hawke’s	Bay’s	most	established	outdoor	winery	concerts	
entertaining	up	to	25,000	people	each	year.

Geon Art Deco Weekend
15 - 20 February 2011 / Napier
Join	our	hectic	programme	and	enjoy	wining,	dining,	jazz,	dancing,	
film,	theatre	and	much	more.

Kelt Capital Horse of the Year
15 - 20 March 2011 / Hastings
This	event	has	grown	to	become	one	of	the	largest	and	most	prestigious	
annual	Equestrian	Events	in	the	Southern	Hemisphere.

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                           Hawke’s Bay Opera House
                           Venues and Accommodation

                           Great Location	-	Everyone	knows	that	a	great	venue	makes	a	great	
                           conference	or	meeting	and	venues	don’t	get	much	better	than	the	newly	
                           restored	Hawke’s	Bay	Opera	House	complex.	Located	at	the	gateway	to	
                           Hastings	City,	the	Hawke’s	Bay	Opera	House	is	uniquely	placed	in	terms	of	
                           convenience	and	accessibility.
                           Great Venue	-	Boasting	newly	renovated	venue	spaces	from	Ballrooms,	
                           business	centres,	cutting	edge	architecturally	designed	display	and	event	
                           areas	to	one	of	the	top	three	lyric	theatres	in	the	southern	hemisphere,	the	
                           Hawke’s	Bay	Opera	House	complex	is	ready	to	take	its	place	as	one	of	the	
                           top	entertainment	and	corporate	venues	in	the	country.	We	cater	from	small	
                           business	meetings	to	large	scale	conferences.
                           Great Team	-	At	the	Hawke’s	Bay	Opera	House	the	friendly	and	experienced	
                           team	makes	it	their	business	to	go	the	extra	mile,	paying	attention	to	every	
                           detail	to	ensure	your	event	is	a	great	success.	We	can	assist	with	equipment,	
                           accommodation,	transport,	entertainment,	catering	and	partner	programmes.	
                           Just	ask,	we	can	do.
                           Great Food	-	Dish	Foods	are	the	exclusive	caterers	at	the	Hawke’s	Bay	
                           Opera	House,	a	diverse	and	highly	successful	catering	company	specializing	
                           in	contemporary	cuisine.	The	team	brings	together	many	years	of	experience	
                           in	catering	events	both	large	and	small	and	will	personally	work	with	you	to	
                           customize	a	menu	specifically	tailored	to	meet	your	needs	and	desires.
                           Great Technology	-	With	state-of-the-art	lighting,	sound,	audio	visual	
                           equipment	and	expert	technical	and	support	staff	based	on	site,	technical	
                           packages	of	any	size	or	description	can	be	designed	and	installed	to	suit	
                           your	exact	requirements.	As	well	as	standard	presentation	equipment,	we	will	
                           cater	to	your	request	-	teleconferencing,	data	projectors	and	computers	all	

                           Conference Facilities                                         * Stage Only ** Lower Plaza Area Only
                           VENUE                     Area	(m2)   Theatre   Banquet     Cocktail   Classroom Boardroom
                           Ground Floor
                           Opera	House	Theatre         240*       985        150        200           105            N/A
                           Plaza	                       60        400        350        600          180**           N/A
                           Cushing	Foyer               219        200        120        250           90             N/A
                           Cushing	Foyer	&	Plaza       879        N/A        470        900           N/A            N/A
008                        Level One
                           Assembly	Hall               400        450        350        500           240            50
                           Assembly	Bar                 57         40        N/A        N/A           27             N/A
                           Assembly	Supper	Room         94         80        N/A        N/A           36             30
                           Assembly	Bar	&		
                                                       151        120        N/A        N/A           63             40
                           Supper	Room
                           Shakespeare	Room            144        150        120        170           80             40
                           Shakespeare	Bar              43         25        N/A        N/A           16             N/A
                           Conference	Room	1            30         30         30         30           18             20
                           Conference	Room	2            17        N/A         10        N/A           N/A            10
                           Conference	Room	3            33         30         30         30           18             20
                           Theatre	Green	Room           74         80        N/A        N/A           42             N/A

                           Contact Coltan Wright
                           P	 +64	6	871	5287		F	+64	6	871	5281	
                           A	 101	Hastings	Street	South,	Hastings	
Black Barn Vineyards

                                                                                VENuES AND ACCOMMODATION
Venues and Accommodation

Black	Barn	Vineyards	is	situated	on	an	elevated	north-facing	site	on	
the	slopes	of		Te	Mata	hills.	It	is	not	only	an	excellent	location	for	grape	
growing	but	also	provides	us	with	stunning	views	and	a	perfect	situation	
for	the	visitor	to	spend	an	hour	or	two,	a	night	or	two	or	even	a	week	
or	two.	You	can	taste	our	wines,	have	lunch	at	the	Bistro,	a	Summer	
morning	at	the	Market,	a		concert	in	the	amphitheatre	or	all	of	the	above	
by	staying	in	one	of	our	luxury	retreats.
We	offer	fourteen	unique	properties	for	nightly	rental,	each	selected	for	
their	prime	location,	unique	character	and	original	style	these	properties	
are	recognised	as	amongst	the	very	best	available	in	New	Zealand.	Each	
is	fully	self-contained	and	exclusively	yours	for	the	duration	of	your	stay.
Whether	your	visit	is	social	or	strictly	business,	we’re	set	up	and	ready	
for	you	at	Black	Barn.	
We	can	hold	evening	functions	at	the	Bistro,	at	the	River	Room	or	
perhaps	one	of	our	properties.
Venues	can	be	booked	in	conjunction	with	our	luxury	retreats,	set	up	
with	indoor	and	outdoor	areas	perfect	for	all	day	meetings,	private	
dinners	or	small	functions.	The	Bistro	has	a	capacity	of	110	people	for	
a	function	and	includes	a	beautiful	grape	canopied	courtyard.	The	River	
Room	is	totally	private	with	spectacular	views	upstream,	downstream	
and	directly	across	to	Te	Mata	Peak.
A	corporate	retreat	can	include	guided	fly-fishing,	golf	at	the	world-
renowned	Cape	Kidnappers	Golf	course,	wine	tasting	and	fully	catered	
meals.	We	also	offer	a	wide	range	of	activities	that	we	are	more	than	
happy	to	arrange	on	your	behalf.	We	can	quote	for	full	day	usage,	
lunches,	dinners,	evening	usage	or	a	combination	of	meeting	space	and	
Please	contact	us	with	your	specific	requirements	or	any	questions.

Contact Francis de Jager/Vicky Orton
P	 +64	6	877	7985		F	+64	6	877	7816	
E	 	W	
A	 Black	Barn	Road,	RD12,	Havelock	North
K	 Exclusive		N	36		S	100

Glen Aros Country Estate
Venues and Accommodation

Glen	Aros	is	a	classic	New	Zealand	country	estate	offering	a	unique	
combination	of	location,	facilities	and	quiet	seclusion	for	your	next	
meeting	or	corporate	retreat.	Six	spacious	bedrooms,	each	with	a	super	
king-sized	bed	and	a	modern	en-suite	bathroom	are	available	for	single	
or	double	occupancy.	Tasteful	furnishings	lend	individuality	to	every	
room,	and	enhance	the	original	character	of	this	elegant	Hawke’s	Bay	
estate.	Quiet,	independent	climate	control,	heating	or	cooling,	assures	
your	comfort	winter	or	summer,	throughout	the	house.
Enjoy	the	creative	meals	prepared	by	our	on-site	chef,	with	an	emphasis	
on	fresh,	natural	foods	and	local	produce.	Menus	can	be	arranged	to	suit	
guests’	preferences.	Choose	a	wine	from	our	extensive	cellar	of	carefully	
selected	New	Zealand	and	international	vintages.
A	fully	equipped	meeting	room	seating	up	to	12	people	is	privately	
situated	in	the	recreation	wing	and	opens	onto	the	extensive	pool	and	
patio	area.	Glen	Aros	has	extensive	onsite	facilities	including	a	gym,	           009
swimming	pool	and	spa,	full	size	billiard	table	and	petanque.	The	venue	
offers	plenty	of	spaces	for	refreshments	and	breakout	sessions	or	for	
those	seeking	tranquility.	Wireless	internet	is	also	available	throughout	
the	property.
Airport	transfers	via	limousine	from	nearby	Hawke’s	Bay	airport	(35	
minutes	drive)	can	be	arranged.	The	Estate	also	has	helicopter	access.	
On-site	interactive	wine	and	food	programs	are	available,	or	alternatively	
off-site	activities	can	be	arranged,	with	a	choice	of	many	different	local	
Wine	and	Food	activities	are	hosted	by	leading	Hawke’s	Bay	wine	
specialists,	Convivium.	

Contact Meg Bremner
P	 +64	6	874	8885		F	+64	6	874	8851	
E	 	W	
A	 1549	Raukawa	Road,	RD4,	Hastings
K		Guest	and	Hosted		N	6		S	12

Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
                           Napier War Memorial Conference Centre

                           Venues and Accommodation

                           The	Napier	War	Memorial	Conference	Centre	offers	conference	
                           organisers	an	exceptional	venue	for	their	conference	or	event.	The	
                           beachside	setting	is	like	no	other	with	glorious	sea	views	from	Cape	
                           Kidnappers	to	Mahia	Pennisula.	There’s	a	wide	range	of	high	quality	
                           accommodation	nearby	and	the	heart	of	Napier	is	within	a	short	walk	
                           of	the	venue.	In	summary,	a	package	of	convenience	and	location	is	
                           immediately	at	hand.
                           A	conference	organiser	has	the	important	role	of	making	sure	their	event	
                           is	an	overwhelming	success.	That’s	where	the	Napier	War	Memorial	
                           Centre	team	can	help.	With	a	strong	focus	on	excellent	service	enforced	
                           through	our	commitment	to	workplace	training,	a	passionate	team	
                           and	our	high	levels	of	experience,	we	can	jointly	deliver	an	event	to	be	
                           Our	venue	offers	complete	flexibility.	Choose	from	an	expansive	
                           Ballroom,	Exhibition	Hall,	a	Gallery,	two	well	presented	conference	
                           breakout	rooms	and	boardroom.	Or	consider	a	marquee	to	host	a	
                           tradeshow	or	dining	function	adjacent	to	our	venue	with	access	to	our	
                           We’re	specialists	in	hosting	a	wide	range	of	occasions	or	events	
                           including;	conferences,	Annual	General	Meeting,	seminars,	cocktail	
                           functions,	gala	dinners,	trade	shows,	special	events,	birthday	
                           celebrations,	weddings	and	much	more!
                           Our	on-site	catering	team	offers	a	full	range	of	menus	and	beverage	
                           selection	to	ensure	your	catering	fits	the	theme,	style	and	budget	of	your	

                           Contact Glenys Fraser
                           P	 +64	6	835	9001		F	+64	6	835	9003	
                           E	 	W	
                           A	 48	Marine	Parade,	PO	Box	573,	Napier

                           Anchorage Motor Lodge
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           Retreat	to	Napier’s	best-kept	secret,	the	lovely	West	Quay,	Napier.	44	superbly	appointed	
                           studio,	one	and	two	bedroom	suites	overlooking	the	inner	harbour	and	marina.	Enjoy	
                           beautiful	sunsets,	gentle	waters	and	sparkling	nights	from	your	balcony.	
                           Mountains	in	the	distance,	yachts	and	leisurecraft	in	front	of	the	lodge	and	walks	along	the	
                           pier.	West	Quay	boasts	Napier’s	best	restaurants,	cafes	and	bars	–	all	just	a	minutes	walk	
                           away.	Close	to	the	airport,	ample	parking,	lift	access,	wireless	broadband.	
                           Air-conditioned	conference	facilities	for	up	to	40	people.	Catering	available	(morning/
                           afternoon	tea	and	lunch).

                           Contact Jeni Gilbert-Cox	
                           P	 +64	6	834	4318		F	+64	6	834	3010	
                           E		W	
                           A		26	West	Quay,	Ahuriri,	Napier
010                        K		Motel		N	44		S	90

                           Ballina Motel
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           One	of	Hawke’s	Bay’s	newest	luxury	air-conditioned	motels,	ideally	positioned	
                           for	the	discerning	tourist	and	business	traveller,	midway	between	Napier	and	
                           Hastings	city	centres.	This	unqiue	complex	offers	16	self	contained	spacious	
                           luxury	suites,	air	conditioning,	spa	baths,	Sky	TV,	free	broadband	internet,	
                           conference	room.	Closest	motel	to	Mission	Estate	and	Church	Road	wineries,	
                           Ormlie	Lodge	and	The	Old	Church	Restaurant	and	Bar.	Walking	distance	to	
                           the	bars,	cafes	and	restaurants	and	shopping	of	Taradale.	Central	to	all	of	
                           Hawke’s	bay’s	diverse	range	of	activities	and	attractions.		
                           Operating	hours:	24	hours,	7	days	a	week.

                           Contact Tim Stephens
                           P	 +64	6	845	0648		Reservations	0508	22	55	42	
                           E		W	
                           A		393	Gloucester	St,	Taradale,	Napier
                           K		Motel		N	16		S	63

                           Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
Church Road Winery

                                                                                                   VENuES AND ACCOMMODATION
Venues and Accommodation
Located	in	Taradale,	close	to	the	city	of	Napier.	Founded	in	1897,	the	historic	
Church	Road	Winery	offers	a	unique	experience	that	can	be	tailored	to	your	
specific	conference	needs.	Delegates	can	enjoy	a	wine	tasting	and	a	tour	of	
New	Zealand’s	only	winery	museum	before	indulging	in	a	sumptuous	dinner	
in	the	beautiful	Tom	McDonald	Cellar.
This	distinctive	venue	is	also	perfect	for	daytime	conferences	with	theatre	
style	seating	for	up	to	120	people.	Full	catering	is	supplied	to	your	
requirements.	Church	Road	Winery	will	help	to	make	your	conference	or	
conference	dinner,	a	truly	memorable	experience.

Contact Jodine Hansen	
P	 +64	6	833	8232		F	+64	6	844	3378	
A		150	Church	Road,	Taradale,	Napier

East Pier
Venues and Accommodation
East	Pier	offers	three	private	meeting	rooms,	all	with	wonderful	ocean	views,	with	two	of	
the	rooms	having	their	own	private	waterfront	deck.	All	of	the	rooms	offer	full	blackout	
facilities	as	well	as	full	conference	equipment	and	high	speed	internet	access.	With	smaller	
breakout	rooms	available	and	an	extensive	choice	of	catering	packages,	coupled	with	
accommodation	onsite,	East	Pier	is	the	number	one	choice	for	your	next	meeting	or	

Contact Dave Halstead	
P	 +64	6	834	0035		F	+64	6	834	0035	
A		Hardinge	Rd,	Ahuriri,	Napier

Elephant Hill Estate & Winery Ltd
Venues and Accommodation
With	breath-taking	views	towards	the	Pacific	Ocean	and	the	iconic	form	of	Cape	
Kidnappers,	Elephant	Hill	restaurant	celebrates	world	class	wines	and	contemporary	
European	cuisine	made	with	only	the	freshest	produce.	It	is	the	perfect	place	to	host	your	
special	event	dinner	or	meeting.	The	critically	acclaimed	restaurant	seats	80	guests	and	
expands	to	120	when	the	outdoor	terrace	is	utilised.	The	gorgeous	sunken	lounge,	cellar	
door	and	2nd	year	barrel	tasting	room	provide	fabulous	spaces	for	intimate	pre	dinner	drinks	
and	wine	tastings,	product	launches	and	cocktail	parties.	Our	dedication	to	uncompromising	
quality	will	ensure	your	experience	will	be	one	to	savour	and	remember.	Please	contact	us	to	
discuss	your	event	requirements.

Contact Robert Scholes	
P	 +64	6	873	0400	
E	–	
A		86	Clifton	Road,	Te	Awanga                                                                        011

Fairley Motor Lodge
Venues and Accommodation
Fairley	Motor	Lodge	is	a	conference	venue	with	accommodation,	ideally	situated	to	both	
the	Hawke’s	Bay	airport,	Ahuriri	wildlife	sanctuary	and	within	a	few	easy	minutes	walk	are	
no	less	than	10	cafes,	restaurants	and	bars.	Our	conference	room	is	quiet,	well	lit,	cheerfully	
decorated,	comfortably	furnished	and	ideally	proportioned	for	excellent	personal	interaction	
for	up	to	35	persons.	We	offer	pleasant	private	breakout	rooms,	all	technical	equipment	
display	aids	and	wireless	broadband	internet	as	well	as	quality	catering	from	the	adjacent	
commercial	kitchen.	Ample	off-street	parking	is	available.	A	meeting	room	accommodating	
up	to	six	persons	is	also	available	with	a	large	breakout	courtyard	area.	The	Conference	
room	is	available	7	days	a	week,	operating	hours	from	7.30am	–	9.00pm

Contact Hugh & Jane Gordon	
P	 +64	6	835	9633		F	+64	6	835	4987	
A		Meeanee	Quay	Westshore,	Napier
K		Motor	Lodge		N	18		S	47

Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
                           Havelock North Community Centre

                           Venues and Accommodation
                           Located	in	the	heart	of	the	village,	the	Havelock	North	Community	Centre	is	a	top	quality	
                           venue	for	meetings,	conferences,	art	exhibitions,	concerts	and	expos,	with	five	rooms	of	
                           varying	size,	all	with	a	clean,	light,	modern	feel.	Set	in	pleasant	landscaped	grounds	close	to	
                           several	accommodation	properties,	the	venue	offers	onsite	catering	to	suit	all	requirements,	
                           ample	parking	and	disability	access.	The	Community	Centre	enables	any	event	to	be	held	
                           with	ease,	convenience	and	style	and	there	are	not	many	venues	that	can	also	offer	a	
                           Steinway	Grand	piano!

                           Contact Sophie Henderson / Lynda Jones
                           P	 +64	6	877	3470	F	+64	6	877	3471	
                           A		30	Te	Mata	Rd,	Havelock	North

                           Kennedy Park Top 10 Resort
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           Kennedy	Park	offers	full	conference	facilities	in	a	relaxed	holiday	resort	
                           environment.	We	have	Villas,	Studios	and	Holiday	Units,	to	name	but	a	few.	
                           Swimming	Pool,	outdoor	activities	and	spacious	park-like	grounds.	Off	street	
                           parking	in	a	safe	quiet	neighbourhood.	We	have	onsite	equipment	that	can	
                           be	hired,	or	we	can	organize	anything	else	that	you	may	need,	from	Team	
                           Building	to	a	Gannet	Beach	Safari.	You	may	wish	to	partake	of	a	delicious	
                           Buffet	with	an	Art	Deco	Theme,	hosted	by	our	Art	Deco	Icon	Bertie,	in	our	
                           adjoining	Restaurant.	We	are	here	to	make	your	Conference	a	memorable	
                           experience.	Operating	Hours	7.30am	-9pm.	“Relax	–	we’ve	got	it	all!”

                           Contact Lauree Lythgow	
                           P	 +64	6	843	9126		F	+64	6	843	6113	
                           A		11	Storkey	Street,	Napier
                           K		Self	Contained		N	91		S	466

                           Millar Road
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           Millar	Road	offers	seriously	stylish	accommodation	and	meeting	facilities	for	up	to	16	people	
                           on	a	beautiful	vineyard	estate	with	panoramic	views	over	Hawke’s	Bay	Wine	Country	and	
                           the	Pacific	Ocean.	Millar	Road’s	20-hectare	estate	includes	a	large	house	(with	meeting	
                           table),	two	villas	(suitable	as	break	out	areas),	a	swimming	pool	and	a	pool	bar.	Catering,	
                           wine	tasting,	etc	can	be	arranged.	“Esther’s	Place”,	a	contemporary	waterfront	apartment	in	
                           Napier,	is	also	operated	by	Millar	Road	and	is	perfectly	suited	for	the	corporate	traveller.		
                           Millar	Road	and	Esther’s	Place	are	ideal	as	incentives.	Contact	us	with	specific	requirements.

                           Contact Greg Collinge	
                           P	 +64	6	650	1988		F	+64	6	875	1927	
                           A		83	Millar	Road,	RD2	Hastings
012                        K	 Exclusive		N	7		S	16

                           Mission Estate Winery
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           Established	in	1851,	Mission	Estate	Winery	is	a	unique,	historical	venue,	incorporating	New	
                           Zealand’s	oldest	winery	with	a	world	class	restaurant	and	conference	facilities.
                           This	extensively	refurbished	complex	with	expansive	views	over	vineyards	and	Napier	city	
                           offers	a	number	of	rooms	catering	with	great	flexibility	for	every	size	function,	from
                           an	intimate	dinner	to	a	corporate	function	for	200	delegates.
                           Visit	the	cellar	door	to	try	our	extensive	range	of	awarding	winning	wines.	Lunch	or	dinner	
                           can	be	enjoyed	seven	days	in	the	renowned	Mission	Restaurant	and	the	chapel	provides
                           the	ideal	venue	for	a	picturesque	wedding	reception	or	conference.

                           Contact Erin Speakman
                           P	 +64	6	845	9350	F	+64	6	844	6023	
                           A		198	Church	Road,	Taradale,	Napier

                           Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge

                                                                                                   VENuES AND ACCOMMODATION
Venues and Accommodation
Welcome	to	the	wild	side	of	Wine	Country!	Mountain	Valley	is	a	unique	
wilderness	destination	beside	the	Mohaka	River,	within	easy	reach	of	Taupo	
and	Napier.	As	an	Adventure	Lodge	we	offer	a	range	of	accommodation	
options,	great	home	cooked	Kiwi	food	in	our	bar	&	restaurant	and	a	wide	range	
of	iconic	activities,	including	Rafting,	Kayaking,	Trout	Fishing,	Horse	Treks,	
Hiking,	Paintball,	Archery,	Claybird	Shooting	etc.	Our	conference	facilities	offer	
a	great	rural	venue	with	accommodation,	a	modern,	private	conference	room,	
plus	options	for	on-site	facilitation,	design	&	delivery	of	bespoke	team	and	
leadership	programmes	using	both	indoor	learning	and	outdoor	challenges.

Contact Julie Batt
P	 +64	6	834	9756		F	+64	6	834	9724	
A		408	McVicar	Road,	RD2,	Napier
K	 Lodge		N	17		S	70

Ormlie Lodge
Venues and Accommodation
Ormlie	Lodge	is	strategically	located	between	and	10	minutes	away	the	cities	of	Napier	
and	Hastings.	Set	is	a	rural	location	Ormlie	sits	on	7	acres	of	formal	english	style	country	
gardens.	The	Lodge	is	a	110-year-old	Kauri	Grand	Villa	and	is	more	than	1,000	sqm	with	a	
ballroom,	restaurant,	bar	and	6	luxury	suites.	Ormlie	Lodge	can	cater	to	conferences	of	all	
sizes	either	inside	the	Lodge	or	in	our	beautiful	gardens.	Come	and	experience	the	historic	
splendour	of	this	beautiful	Mansion.	Can	cater	from	10	through	to	380	people.

Contact John Ferguson	
P	 +64	6	844	5774		F	+64	6	844	5499	
A		17	Omarunui	Rd,	RD3,	Taradale,	Napier
K	 Bed	and	Breakfast		N	6		S	12

Orton Catering @ Sileni Estates
Venues and Accommodation
Our	exceptional	venue	Orton	Catering	@	Sileni	Estates	offers	you	the	complete	hospitality	
package	for	your	function:	the	venue,	outstanding	food,	award	winning	wine,	superior
advice	and	service.	Our	stunning	Estate	Marquee,	is	a	purpose	built,	permanent	structure,	
featuring	the	only	inflatable	ceiling	in	New	Zealand.	We	have	sourced	the	finest	materials,	
down	to	the	permanent	Kwila	flooring,	leather	chairs,	oak	stained	tables,	chandeliers	and	
silk	lined	walls	and	ceiling.	The	versatility	of	our	Marquee	is	endless;	catering	for	larger	
functions,	up	to	200	persons.	Also,	the	Underground	Cellar,	including	a	demonstration
kitchen	catering	for	up	to	80	people.

Contact Nick Gouder	
P	 +64	6	877	9034		F	+64	6	879	7187	
A		2016	Maraekakaho	Rd,	RD1	Hastings                                                                 013

Pukeora Estate
Venues and Accommodation
Formerly	a	hospital,	now	offering	great	value	hospitality,	Pukeora	is	that	bit	different.	With	
rooms	from	classrooms	to	ballroom,	57	bedrooms	and	dramatic	views	over	Central
Hawke’s	Bay,	there	is	space	and	seclusion.	Meals	are	from	fresh	local	produce	and	our	
handcrafted	award	winning	wines	are	made	on	site	in	Central	Hawke’s	Bay’s	only
winery.	Activities	can	be	arranged	on	site	for	all	energy	levels	and	there’s	a	mountain	bike	
park	next	door.	Or	relax	with	colleagues	on	the	terrace	overlooking	the	Tukituki	river,	enjoy	a	
wine	tasting	and	visit	the	art	gallery.	Easily	accessible	from	SH2.

Contact Kate Norman
P	 +64	6	858	9339		F	+64	6	858	6070	
A		RD1,	Waipukurau
K	 Budget		N	57		S	120

Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
                           Quest Napier

                           Venues and Accommodation
                           The	Spanish	Mission	style	Quest	Napier	is	conveniently	located	on	Dickens	
                           Street	in	the	centre	of	New	Zealand’s	Art	Deco	heartland.	Our	surprisingly	
                           quiet	location	is	a	short	walking	distance	to	shops,	businesses,	government	
                           offices,	restaurants	and	the	Art	Deco	attractions	that	Napier	is	famous	for.	
                           The	Napier	War	Memorial	Conference	Centre,	Napier	Municipal	Theatre,	and	
                           Marine	Parade	are	also	in	close	proximity.	Stylishly	furnished	throughout,	the
                           apartments	successfully	marry	the	features	of	the	attractive	1919	original	
                           building	with	a	modern	twist.	Each	apartment	features	a	kitchenette.

                           Contact Fiona Simon
                           P	 +64	6	833	5325		F	+64	6	835	3019	
                           A		176	Dickens	Street,	Napier
                           K	 Self	Contained		N	47		S	90

                           Scenic Hotel Te Pania
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           The	109-room	Scenic	Hotel	Te	Pania	offers	4-star	accommodation	of	a	truly	
                           international	standard.	The	hotel	is	large	enough	to	cater	for	sizeable	tour	
                           groups	and	conferences,	yet	small	enough	to	care	about	the	little	details	and	
                           individualised	service	that	will	make	your	stay	memorable.	All	109	rooms	
                           are	have	fully	ducted	air	conditioning	units	which	provide	every	guest	with	a	
                           personal	level	of	comfort.	The	impressive	six-storey	hotel	has	been	designed	
                           to	complement	its	setting.	Its	slender,	curved	form	echoes	the	shape	of	the	
                           immediate	Hawke’s	Bay	coastline	as	well	as	providing	a	soft	backdrop	to	the	
                           enclosing	cliff	face	behind	it.	Operating	hours:	24	hours	-	7	days.

                           Contact Kerryann Gibbs
                           P	 +64	6	833	7733		F	+64	6	833	7732	
                           A		45	Marine	Parade,	Napier
                           K	 Hotel		N	114		S	240

                           The Crown Hotel
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           The	Crown	Hotel	is	set	in	the	picturesque	seaside	village	of	Ahuriri.	The	hotel	
                           offers	39	contemporary	guestrooms	and	suites	with	an	additional	3	new	luxury	
                           executive	apartments.	Choose	from	the	elegant	heritage	suites	in	the	original	
                           1932	Crown	Hotel	building	or	the	contemporary	designed	rooms	overlooking	
                           the	ocean.	Offering	full	conference	and	function	facilities,	complimentary	
                           carparking,	access	to	fitness	centre,	2	bars	and	an	award	winning	restaurant	
                           Milk	&	Honey…relax	and	indulge	at	a	boutique	hotel	with	timeless	charm	and	
                           genuine	personalised	service.

                           Contact Michal Dunbar
                           P	 +64	6	833	8300		F	+64	6	833	8330	
                           A		Cnr	Bridge	Street	and	Hardinge	Road,	Ahuriri,	Napier
014                        K		Hotel		N		42		S	118

                           The Dome - Luxury Accommodation & Business Retreat
                           Venues and Accommodation
                           The	Dome	is	Napier’s	ultimate	Art	Deco	accommodation	and	conference	space.	Situated	on	
                           top	of	the	T	&	G	building,	an	iconic	1937	Art	Deco	masterpiece	with	magnificent	Ocean
                           views.	We	are	the	perfect	place	to	relax	&	indulge	in	the	heart	of	the	Art	Deco	capital	of	New	
                           Two	stunning	meetings	spaces	-	Deco	and	the	Grand	Ball	Room	offer	the	perfect	space	for	
                           any	occasion	with	eight	bedrooms	across	the	two	floors.	The	latest	technical	equipment	
                           and	an	outdoor	heated	plunge	pool	complete	this	package	which	is	ideal	for	seminars,	
                           management	meetings,	catered	events	and	stunning	speaker	accommodation.

                           Contact Ailne Bradley	
                           P	 +64	6	835	0707		M	+64	21	240	6070	
                           A		1	Marine	Parade,	T	&	G	Building,	Napier
                           K	 Self	Contained		N	8		S	20

                           Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

                                                                                    VENuES AND ACCOMMODATION
Venues and Accommodation
Set	high	on	a	6,000	acre	sheep	and	cattle	station	offering	panoramic	views	
of	the	Hawke’s	Bay,	The	Farm	at	Cape	Kidnappers	resembles	a	cluster	of	
traditional	rural	farm	buildings.	The	Farm	is	an	exclusive	corporate	retreat
offering	luxury	accommodation,	a	dedicated	full	service	spa	and	world	
renowned	championship	golf	course	together	with	various	onsite	activities	
that	promise	to	reward	and	entice	your	delegates.	The	Lodge	and	Owner’s	
Cottage	offer	unique	and	ambient	meeting	spaces	and	are	available	for
residential	conference	programs.

Contact Julia Hausermann
P	 +64	6	875	1900		F	+64	6	875	1901	
A		PO	Box	8850,	Havelock	North
K		Exclusive		N	26		S	56

The National Aquarium of New Zealand
Venues and Accommodation
Whether	you’re	hosting	a	conference	cocktail	function	or	a	sit	down	dinner,	
the	aquarium	provides	a	unique	venue	that	your	guests	will	talk	about	for	
years	to	come.	With	Pania	Reef	as	a	stunning	backdrop,	your	guests	can	
mingle	and	be	entertained	while	absorbing	the	amazing	atmosphere.	With	
experienced	professionals	to	take	care	of	your	guests	needs,	we	will	ensure	
your	event	runs	smoothly.	
The	aquarium	is	a	tourist	attraction	open	9am-5pm,	so	your	function	can	be	
booked	for	breakfast	or	from	5pm	to	midnight.

Contact Nicole Stothart
P	 +64	6	833	5427		F	+64	6	833	7631	
A		Marine	Parade,	Napier

The Old Church Restaurant and Bar
Venues and Accommodation
Set	amongst	the	vines,	the	unswerving	attention	to	detail	and	luxurious	decor	
make	this	stunning	Hawke’s	Bay	landmark	an	ideal	conference	and	meeting	
venue	catering	for	up	to	300.	From	corporate	events	and	product	launches
to	seminars	and	meetings.	The	Old	Church	offers	audio	and	visual	
requirements,	deluxe	accommodation	and	a	highly	awarded	kitchen.	Set	
amongst	nostalgic	surroundings	The	Old	Church	Restaurant	and	Bar	ensures	
a	conference	experience	like	no	other.	Enquire	about	our	boutique,	luxurious	
Parkhill	Estate	and	Old	Church	Villa	for	smaller	groups.	All	three	of	our	venues	
are	5	star	rated	Qualmark	venues.

Contact Karen Sandler - Hill
P	 +64	6	844	8866		F	+64	6	845	4651	
A		199	Meeanee	Rd,	Taradale
K		Self	Contained		N	4		S	8

Wine Country Motor Lodge
Venues and Accommodation
At	the	“gateway	to	the	vineyards”	this	is	the	perfect	location	for	your	
next	conference.	Quiet	and	peaceful	with	a	purpose	built	air-conditioned	
conference	facility	suitable	for	groups	up	to	30,	we	also	have	28	stylish,	
modern	4	star	plus	accommodation	suites.	Conferences	can	be	fully	catered	
and	delicious	continental	or	cooked	breakfast	will	be	served	in	your	room	
if	desired.	We	also	offer	free	wireless	broadband	connectivity.	The	lodge	
is	located	only	3	minutes	from	Havelock	North	village	and	many	superb	

Contact Geoff Mason
P	 +64	6	877	1107		F	+64	6	877	1108	
A		2	Arataki	Road,	Havelock	North
K		Motel		N	28		S	100

Key: K	-	Kind	of	Accommodation		N	-	Number	of	Rooms		S	-	Sleeping	Capacity
                             A Maze ‘n’ Fun
                             Activities and Attractions

                             A	Maze	‘n’	Fun	activities	will	challenge	your	team,	encourage	problem	solving	and	
                             enhance	communication	while	promoting	fun.	Challenge	your	team	to	complete	
                             the	Amazing	Day	Maze	by	navigating	their	way	through	the	giant	corn	maze,	
                             Amazing	Race	style.	Fire	up	initiative	and	problem	solving	by	taking	part	in	the	
                             farmyard	relay,	scarecrow	building	or	the	great	kernel	spit-off.		Group	activities	of	
                             a	more	social	nature	may	include	Corncob	Crazy	Golf	or	the	most	thrilling	maze	
                             experience,	the	R16	CornEvil	haunted	show.	A	Maze	‘n’	Fun	is	open	7	days	a	
                             week	from	26	December	to	end	of	April.	From	May	to	December	Corncob	Crazy	
                             Golf	and	other	teambuilding	activities	are	available	for	group	bookings.

                             Contact Cal Huddleston	
                             P	 +64	6	878	8117		F	+64	6	878	8127	
                             A		157	Longlands	Rd	West,	RD	5,	Hastings

                             Arataki Honey Visitor Centre
                             Activities and Attractions
                             At	Arataki	Honey	Visitor	Centre	you	will	learn	all	there	is	to	know	about	the	
                             fascinating	world	of	honey	bee,	in	a	modern	&	interactive	environment.	Hosted	
                             tours	are	available	with	two	options	available	for	groups	of	various	sizes	or	
                             you	can	visit	independently.	To	enjoy	the	Centre	&	its	offerings	you	will	need	
                             at	least	one	hour.	In	our	retail	section	you	will	“Bee”	surprised	at	the	offerings	
                             available	from	honey	to	bodycare.	With	free	honey	tasting	available	Arataki	
                             Honey	is	truly	“A	Sweet	Experience”
                             The	centre	is	open	from	9.00am	-	5.00pm	Monday	-	Sunday.
                             Bookings	essential	for	hosted	tours.

                             Contact Anna Bland - Visitor Centre Manager	
                             P	 +64	6	877	7300		F	+64	6	877	4200	
                             A		66	Arataki	Road,	Havelock	North

                             Art Deco Trust
                             Activities and Attractions
                             Daily	walks	of	Napier’s	historic	buildings	depart	at	10am		(1	hour	duration)	
                             and	2pm	(2	hours	including	an	audio	visual	presentation)	with	evening	walks	
                             (1.5	hour	duration)	at	5pm	1-24	December	and	5.30pm	available	from	26	
                             December	to	31	March.		Special	walks	can	be	arranged	for	a	suitable	day/
                             time	and	the	groups	interests,	needs	and	duration.
                             Bookings	for	group	walks	and	tours	are	essential	-	any	numbers.	We	also	
                             have	a	daily	Deco	Bus	Tour	and	Vintage	Deco	Car	Tours	which	focus	on	
                             Napier’s	outer	Art	Deco	attractions.	Our	Art	Deco	Shop	is	a	must	see	also	
                             -	open	from	9am	-5pm,	7	days	a	week	(except	Christmas	Day).

                             Contact Elaine McKay	
                             P	 +64	6	835	0022		F	+64	6	835	1912	
016                          A		PO	Box	133,	Napier

                             Bay Tours & Charters
                             Activities and Attractions
                             Let	us	take	the	hassle	out	of	organising	your	conference.	As	a	specialist	coach	tour	and	
                             charter	operator,	we	can	arrange	your	full	transport	requirements,	Partners’	Programme,	
                             accommodation,	meals,	and	off-conference	activities,	including	sightseeing	Hawke’s	
                             Bay’s	top	attractions.	Programme	based	on	your	requirements,	or	our	tried-and-true	
                             We	also	specialise	in	group	wine	tours.	Our	close	association	with	the	wineries	ensures	you	
                             experience	the	very	best	of	Hawke’s	Bay’s	finest	wine	styles,	coupled	with
                             superb	food	tasting.	We	live	by	our	motto:	“Your	Leisure,	Our	Pleasure”.

                             Contact Kathryn Marsh	
                             P	 +64	6	844	0601		F	+64	6	845	2067	
                             A		155	Powdrell	Road,	Meeanee,	Napier
BBQ Gourmet
Activities and Attractions

                                                                                              ACTIVITIES AND ATTRACTIONS
Raymond	van	Rijk	of	BBQ	Gourmet	has	been	teaching	the	art	of	barbequing	for	10	years	
in	New	Zealand,	The	Netherlands	and		the	United	Kingdom,	and	there’s	no	questioning	his	
expertise	or	entertainment	value.
BBQ	Gourmet	offers:	Barbeque	classes	(hands-on	cooking),	Corporate	Team	Building	
Classes	(includes	BBQ	meal	and/or	hands-on	cooking),	and	Barbeque	Demonstrations.	
Available	at	our	venue	or	yours.

Contact Raymond van Rijk	
P	 +64	6	877	8663		F	+64	6	877	8664	
A		357	Te	Mata	Peak	Road,	Havelock	North

Black Rose Limousine
Activities and Attractions
Black	Rose	Limousine	is	the	only	Limousine/Coach	in	New	Zealand	and	offers	you	and	your	
group	of	up	to	16,	a	unique	and	luxurious	travel	option	for	your	time	in	Hawke’s	Bay.	Our
limousine	offers	leather	seating,	air	conditioning,	surround	sound,	flat	screen	TV	and	
onboard	fridge,	we	lead	the	way	in	giving	you	the	quality	and	luxury	you	deserve.	From	the	
moment	our	professional	driver	arrives	to	pick	you	up,	you	can	relax	in	the	comfort	of	the	
Black	Rose.	Enjoy	one	of	our	many	fantastic	3	or	4	hour	wine	or	sightseeing	tours,	other	
flexible	options	are	available	on	request.	Available	7	days.

Contact Kerren Withington	
P	 +64	6	878	8975		F	+64	6	878	7832	
A		85	Kaiapo	Rd,	Hastings

Esk Valley Estate / Woolshed Art
Activities and Attractions
Indulge	in	a	unique	hands	on	experience	of	art	and	wine,	in	the	idyllic	ocean	and	rural	
surroundings	of	Esk	Valley	Estate	and	the	Woolshed	Art	Workshop.	
Create	your	own	unique	art	work,	guided	by	experienced	tutors	and	savour	the	opportunity	
for	a	personal	interactive	wine	experience,	with	the	highly	skilled	Esk	Valley	Estate	team.
Perfect	for	‘partners	programme’.	Suited	to	small	or	large	groups.	Transport	and	food	
provided	on	request.

Contact Sue Cranswick
P	 +64	6	872	7430	Ext	4		F	+64	6	836	6413	
W	/	
A		PO	Box	111,	Bayview,	Napier                                                                  017

Gannet Safaris Overland
Activities and Attractions
Cape	Kidnappers	is	the	largest	and	most	accessible	mainland	colony	in	
the	world.	Visitors	will	see	these	amazing	birds	nesting,	preening,	flying	and	
performing	the	famous	recognition	ritual	‘dance	of	the	gannets’.	The	tour	in
4x4	air	condition	vehicles,	with	our	driver/guides,	who	have	a	very	great	
knowledge	of	the	gannets	and	the	farm	takes	three	hours.	We	cater	for	FIT	
and	small	and	large	groups.	Come	and	experience	something	that	cannot	be	
repeated	anywhere	in	the	world.	Operating	hours	Sept-	April	9.30	&
1.30	daily.	Exclusive	tour	times	to	suit.

Contact Lyn Allam & Michael Neilson
P	 +64	6	875	0888		F	+64	6	875	0893	
A		Summerlee,	RD	2	Hastings
                             Las Vegas Entertainment
                             Activities and Attractions

                             Las	Vegas	Entertainment	brings	the	fun	and	entertainment	of	the	Casino	to	you.	Our	
                             experienced	Casino	Master	Alan	will	help	you	plan	your	event	and	individualise	it	to	suit	your	
                             needs.	Our	Professional	Croupiers	will	provide	you	with	a	fabulous	entertaining	evening,	or	
                             a	break	during	a	seminar,	team	building	or	training	session.	One	Million	dollars	Casino	Cash	
                             is	distributed	to	your	guests	at	the	start	of	the	Casino,	which	they	can	then	exchange	for	
                             gaming	chips	for	playing	at	the	table	of	their	choice.	We	also	run	a	horse	race	during	the	
                             event	and	cap	it	of	with	a	big	auction	at	the	end.	We	cover	the	whole	of	Hawke’s	Bay	and	
                             will	travel	to	other	areas	by	arrangement.	We	also	offer	accommodation	at	the	Villa	and	
                             transport	with	our	Old	English	Taxi.

                             Contact Alan Debreceny
                             P	 +64	6	833	6638		F	+64	6	833	6628	
                             A		15	Cameron	Rd,	Bluff	Hill,	Napier

                             Mohaka Rafting
                             Activities and Attractions
                             Mohaka	Rafting	is	Hawke’s	Bay’s	premier	whitewater	adventure	company.	We	offer	a	half,	
                             full-day	and	helicopter	shuttled	multi-day	trips,	on	any	grade	of	whitewater	our	guests	
                             choose	(2	–	5).	We	bring	our	guests	off	the	main-track	and	into	spectacular	New	Zealand	
                             wilderness.	Enjoying	the	thrills	of	rafting	through	kiwi	reserves,	stunning	gorges	and	river	
                             valleys;	while	taking	time	to	explore	a	secret	trail,	cliff	jump	or	swim	down	a	rapid.	If	guests	
                             choose	to	come	for	an	afternoon,	or	drop	into	the	back-country	by	helicopter;	Mohaka	
                             Rafting’s	fully	trained	guides	will	meet	their	thrill	-	or	trout	-	seeking	needs.

                             Contact Norm	Brown	
                             P	 +64	6	839	1808	
                             A		3408	State	Highway	5,	RD	2,	Napier	

                             New Zealand Wine Centre
                             Activities and Attractions
                             Flavour	your	conference	with	Art	Deco	style,	award	winning	wine	and	gastronomical	
                             excellence!	The	NZWC	is	located	in	the	heart	of	the	Art	Deco	precinct	and	offers	a	truly
                             exceptional	experience.	The	Wine	Tasting	Adventure	takes	you	through	the	Hawke’s	Bay	
                             region	where	you	will	interactively	meet	the	winemakers,	taste	their	wines	and	view	the	
                             beautiful	scenery	in	our	state	of	the	art	theatres.
                             Our	custom	made	wine	experiences,	are	perfect	for	team	building	and	can	be		
                             catered	to	fit	your	group’s	individual	needs.
                             “One	of	the	best	tourist	attractions	in	New	Zealand”	–	Michael	Guy.
                             Daily	from	9am-7pm.

                             Contact Gemma Turvey	
                             P	 +64	6	835	5326		F	+64	6	833	6183	
018                          A		Iconic	AMP	Building,	1	Shakespeare	Road,	Napier

                             On Track Adventures
                             Activities and Attractions
                             We	offer	fully	guided	quad	bike	tours,	off-roader	driving,	claybird	shooting,	
                             archery	and	fun	golf.	Full	tuition	is	given.	The	adventures	are	spread	over	
                             a	2000	acre	working	farm,	offering	panoramic	views	of	the	Ngaruroro	river	
                             valley	and	the	surrounding	vineyards.	There	is	also	a	three	bedroom	cottage	
                             and	barbecues	available	for	your	use.	Packages	are	tailored	directly	for	your	
                             needs.	Located	just	a	short	distance	from	Hastings	and	Napier	and	perfect	for	
                             your	next	team	building	exercise.	Open	all	year	round.

                             Contact Marianne Wynands
                             P	 +64	27	236	5700		F	+64	6	844	8851	
                             A		Tirohia	Farm,	825	Ohiti	Road,	RD	9,	Hastings
Par2 MiniGolf
Activities and Attractions

                                                                                                   ACTIVITIES AND ATTRACTIONS
Par2	Marine	Parade	MiniGolf	provides	a	fresh	option	for	Conference	Groups	
and	Corporate	Team	Building.	A	round	of	MiniGolf	is	an	informal	activity	perfect	
for	filling	in	those	difficult	gaps	or	for	a	pre-dinner	option	to	unwind	at	the	
close	of	day.	Par2	MiniGolf	is	superbly	located	on	Marine	Parade	at	the	heart	
of	Napier’s	visitor	zone,	an	easy	5	minute	walk	from	the	Napier	War	Memorial	
Conference	Centre.	Enjoy	panoramic	views	of	the	Pacific	Ocean,	Cape	
Kidnappers	and	Napier’s	Art	Deco	architecture	from	the	two	18hole	MiniGolf	
courses.	Par2	MiniGolf,	‘Play	together	-	have	fun!’	Open	seven	days	9:30am	to	
4:30pm	last	tee	off	with	extended	summer	evening	hours	Dec-March.

Contact Carolyn Neville	
P	 +64	6	834	0248		F	+64	6	835	7219	
A		By	the	Soundshell,	beside	the	Sea,	Marine	Parade,	Napier

Skyline Aviation Air Charter Services
Activities and Attractions
Touch	down	for	adventure.	Situated	at	Hawke’s	Bay’s	Airport,	Skyline	Aviation’s	dedicated	
team	can	book	your	incentive	or	group	transport	to	your	luxury	lodge	or	planned	activities.	
Fly	in	executive	style	in	our	King	Air	or	Piper	Navajo.	Choose	from	one	of	our	heli	packages	
that	provide	a	unique	experience,	with	spectacular	scenery	in	the	comfort	of	our	Eurocopter	
AS350.	Book	a	guided	heli	fishing	trip	on	the	very	best	beats,	heli	golf	at	Cape	Kidnappers	or	
bird’s	eye	view	of	the	bay	tour.	Visit	our	website	for	inspiring	ideas	for	your	next	team	event.

Contact Annabel Toogood
P	 +64	6	835	4922		F	+64	6	835	4741	
A	111	Main	North	Road,	Napier

Takaro Trails Cycle Tours
Activities and Attractions
‘Takaro’,	the	Maori	word	for	‘play’	making	a	Takaro	Trails	cycling	activity	the	perfect	
compliment	to	the	work	sessions	at	your	next	meeting	or	conference	in	Hawke’s	Bay!	Takaro
Trails	can	customise	an	activity	just	for	you	based	on	your	specific	requirements	in	terms	of	
time,	cost,	participant	numbers	and	the	level	of	exertion	you	prefer.	Whether	it	be	a	gentle	
ride	on	our	fabulous	Scott	touring	bikes	along	the	regions	wonderful	Rotary	pathway,	a	cycle	
orienteering	team	challenge	or	a	downhill	thriller	in	the	Pan	Pac	Eskdale
Mountain	bike	park,	we	have	something	to	suit	you.

Contact Jenny Ryan
P	 +64	6	836	5385		F	+64	6	836	5388	
A		14	Hill	Road,	Bay	View,	Napier                                                                    019

The Silky Oak Chocolate Co Ltd
Activities and Attractions
Silky	Oak	Chocolates	can	provide	gift	packs	large	or	small,	customised	to	
your	theme	or	requirements.	The	packs	can	be	chocolate	only,	or	include	a	
selection	such	as	skin	care	products,	tea,	coffee,	as	well	as	Silky	Oak’s	own	
chutneys	and	jams.
For	a	conference	activity	or	as	a	pre	and	post	option	our	“Triple	Chocolate	
Temptation”	is	a	hit	with	small	groups.	All	groups	enjoy	our	“Chocolate	Trio”	
tour	or	they	can	overload	on	chocolate,	indulging	in	our	“Triple	Chocolate

Contact Jeanette Darwen
P	 +64	6	845	0908		F	+64	6	845	0906	
A		1131	Links	Rd,	Napier
                   Waimarama Maori Tourism
                   Activities and Attractions
                   This	is	an	exceptional	opportunity	to	explore	Maori	culture	of	the	past…and	the	present.		
                   Our	small	group	tours	are	full	of	interaction,	spontaneous	discussion	and	the	chance	to	
                   get	to	know	each	other.	Discover	our	myths	and	legends	and	the	ways	of	our	people	as	you	
                   explore	archaeological	remains	of	the	ancient	village	and	visit	the	protected	habitat	of	native	eels.
                   Our	gracious	guides	offer	a	unique	perspective	on	Maori	heritage.	You’ll	come	away	with	
                   insights	that	are	both	historical	and	personal	and	likely	to	last	a	lifetime.
                   Winner	-	Chamber	of	Commerce	Venture	Hawke’s	Bay	Visitor	Industry	Award	2009

                   Contact Anne	Maloney	
                   P	 +64	6	27	288	6409	
                   A		Waimarama

                   Encore Events
                   Support Services
                   Encore	Events,	with	9+	years	experience	both	in	Napier	and	nationally,	is	able	to	plan,	
                   implement	and	promote	your	event	geared	to	your	needs	and	objectives.	All	your	
                   requirements	will	be	handled	in	a	friendly	and	professional	manner	whether	the	event	is	

                   for	50	or	800	people.	Our	expertise	is	in	coordinating	and	managing	the	infrastructure	and	
                   logistics	of	your	conference	to	allow	the	organising	committee	to	concentrate	on	and	enjoy	
                   the	business	programme.	We	welcome	the	opportunity	to	discuss	your	requirements.

                   Contact Sue Page / Karen McLean
                   P	 +64	6	833	7440		F	+64	6	833	7447	
                   A		PO	Box	12097,	Ahuriri,	Napier

                   Nimon and Sons Ltd, Bus & Coach Operators
                   Support Services
                   Providing	safe	and	comfortable	visitor	transport	in	the	Hawke’s	Bay	and	
                   Taupo	regions,	as	well	as	NZ-wide	tours,	Nimon	and	Sons	has	around	100	
                   buses	and	coaches	of	varying	types	which	meet	our	customers	needs.	Luxury	
                   coaches	have	aircraft-type	seating,	air-conditioning,	air	suspension	and	
                   rest-rooms,	through	to	comfortable	buses	for	transporting	large	numbers	of	
                   people	for	any	occasion	or	event.	Call	us	for	a	free	quotation	on		
                   0800-4NIMON,	or	email

                   Contact Ian Hughes
                   P	 +64	6	877	8133		F	+64	6	877	8996	
020                A		PO	Box	8145,	Havelock	North

                   TC Systems
                   Support Services
                   TC	Systems	is	an	event	hire	and	sales	company.	Specialists	in	lighting,	sound	and	AV	
                   systems,	and	with	over	20	years	experience,	we	know	how	to	put	the	leading	edge	on	your
                   corporate	event	and	make	it	stress	free	for	the	organisers.
                   We	provide	the	technical	expertise	and	equipment	to	ensure	a	successful	event	that	will	be	
                   talked	about.	We	are	a	local	company	that	pride	ourselves	in	thinking	outside	the	square
                   to	produce	exciting	outcomes.	Operating	Hours:	Monday	–	Friday	9am-5pm.

                   Contact Tony Osborne
                   P	 +64	6	876	3512		F	+64	6	878	2101	
                   A		716	Karamu	Road	North,	Hastings
Hawke’s Bay Map - Location of Operators

 Venues and Accommodation                             Location                  Activities and Attractions                              Location
 Anchorage	Motor	Lodge	..................................Napier                 A	Maze	‘n’	Fun	.................................................Hastings
 Ballina	Motel	.....................................................Taradale    Arataki	Honey	...................................................Havelock North
 Black	Barn	Vineyards........................................Havelock North     Art	Deco	Trust	..................................................Napier
 Church	Road	Winery	........................................Taradale                                      .
                                                                                Bay	Tours	&	Charters	 .......................................Taradale
 East	Pier	 ..........................................................Napier    BBQ	Gourmet	..................................................Havelock North
 Elephant	Hill	Estate	and	Winery	........................Te Awanga              Black	Rose	Limousine	......................................Hastings
 Fairley	Motor	Lodge	 .........................................Napier           Esk	Valley	/	Woolshed	Art	Workshop	................Bay View
 Glen	Aros	Country	Estate	.................................Hastings             Gannet	Safaris	Overland	...................................Cape Kidnappers          021
 Havelock	North	Community	Centre...................Havelock North               Las	Vegas	Entertainment	..................................Napier
 Hawke’s	Bay	Opera	House	...............................Hastings                Mohaka	Rafting	................................................Napier / Taupo SH5
 Kennedy	Park	Top	10	Resort	............................Napier                  New	Zealand	Wine	Centre	................................Napier
 Millar	Road	.......................................................Te Awanga   On	Track	Adventures	........................................Hastings
 Mission	Estate	Winery	......................................Taradale                          .
                                                                                Par2	MiniGolf	 ...................................................Napier
 Mountain	Valley	Adventure	Lodge	.....................Napier / Taupo SH5        Skyline	Aviation	Air	Charter	Services	.................Napier
 Napier	War	Memorial	Conference	Centre	..........Napier                                                        .
                                                                                Takaro	Trails	Cycle	Tours	..................................Bay View
 Ormlie	Lodge	 ...................................................Taradale      The	Silky	Oak	Chocolate	Co	Ltd	.......................Taradale
 Orton	Catering	@	Sileni	Estates	........................Hastings               Waimarama	Maori	Tourism	...............................Waimarama
 Pukeora	Estate	.................................................Waipukurau
 Quest	Napier	....................................................Napier        Support Services                                        Location
 Scenic	Hotel	Te	Pania	.......................................Napier
                                                                                Encore	Events	..................................................Napier
 The	Crown	Hotel	..............................................Napier
                                                                                Nimon	and	Sons	Ltd	........................................Havelock North
 The	Dome	........................................................Napier
                                                                                TC	Systems	 .....................................................Hastings
 The	Farm	at	Cape	Kidnappers	..........................Cape Kidnappers
 The	National	Aquarium	of	New	Zealand	............Napier
 The	Old	Church	Restaurant	&	Bar	....................Taradale
 Wine	Country	Motor	Lodge	..............................Havelock North