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Wyoming Critical Access Hospital Network


									2010 Work Plan

        Wyoming Critical Access Hospital

                        2010 Work Plan

                                 Submitted by:
                                 Steve Bahmer
                 Vice President, Wyoming Hospital Association

                      November 4, 2009

2010 Work Plan


Since its inception, the Wyoming Critical Access Hospital Network has sought to advocate for,
and provide services to, Wyoming’s critical access hospitals. With the national economy in
turmoil, hospital margins contracting, and no relief in sight with respect to rural recruiting and
retention issues, it is as important as ever that the WCAHN continue to support these important,
small hospitals.

In order to deliver value, the WCAHN must provide services and support that meet the criteria
of the Flex program that funds it, and that meet the specific needs of network hospitals. At the
broadest level, this means that WCAHN planning must address key elements such as
benchmarking, recruitment and retention, performance improvement, community benefit and
image, and information management.

Within that overarching context, a concerted rural health planning effort with WCAHN CEOs has
led to the development of five specific areas in which the WCAHN can best support Wyoming’s
smallest hospitals. Those areas are:

       Expansion of the Healthcare Quality in Rural America project
       Funding to offset the costs of participation in the QHi benchmarking project
       Targeted charge master reviews
       Financial/performance improvement education
       Coding education

This work plan, which provides guidance for the activities of the Network in 2010, describes new
initiatives that focus on these five key themes, as well as existing initiatives that have delivered
value to the Network. Additionally, this plan provides a budget overview that illustrates how
these initiatives will be funded.

Mission Statement
The Wyoming Critical Access Hospital Network (WCAHN) is a collaborative support system that
synergistically strengthens member hospitals in order to sustain access to quality healthcare

2010 Work Plan

WCAHN Member Hospitals
       Community Hospital                                              Torrington
       Crook County Medical Services District                          Sundance
       Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital                            Thermopolis
       Johnson County Memorial Hospital                                Buffalo
       Memorial Hospital of Converse County                            Douglas
       Niobrara Health and Life Center                                 Lusk
       North Big Horn Hospital                                         Lovell
       Platte County Memorial Hospital                                 Wheatland
       Powell Valley Healthcare                                        Powell
       South Big Horn Hospital District                                Basin
       South Lincoln Medical Center                                    Kemmerer
       Star Valley Medical Center                                      Afton
       Washakie Medical Center                                         Worland
       West Park Hospital                                              Cody
       Weston County Health Services                                   Newcastle

Network Meetings and Governance
The WCAHN will meet quarterly, at a minimum, to conduct Network business; to receive
updates from Network partners, including the Office of Rural Health and others; to make
decisions regarding Network projects and Flex funding; and to participate in regularly scheduled
education programs.

The WCAHN is governed by a five-member steering committee with one alternate member. The
following critical access CEOs comprise the 2009-2010 WCAHN steering committee:

       Jackie Claudson, President
        CEO, South Big Horn Hospital district
       Doris Brown, Vice President
        CEO, Crook County Medical Services District
       Tom Nordwick, Secretary
        CEO, Memorial Hospital of Converse County
       Rod Barton, At-large
        CEO, Powell Valley Healthcare
       Margie Molitor, At-large
        CEO, Washakie Medical Center
       Charlie Myers, Alternate
        CEO, Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital

Network Goals and Work Plan for 2010

The following goals and work plan for the WCAHN were developed through consultation with
member CEOs, the Wyoming Office of Rural Health, and the Wyoming Hospital Association, and
through facilitation by Rural Health Solutions. These goals address two fundamental strategic

2010 Work Plan

imperatives: achieving the requirements established for receipt of Medicare Flex funding, and
meeting the needs of Wyoming’s smallest and most vulnerable hospitals.

                            Goal: Support and Sustain Critical Access Hospitals

Objective 1: Advance the goals of the WCAHN: CAH performance improvement, recruitment
and retention, and quality improvement.

               Strategy                                     Staffing       Outcomes                Measures
 Update and maintain the WCAHN            2Q 2010            WHA       Simplified access    Quarterly review of Flex
 web site, including posting Flex                                      for members to       information on WCAHN
 program reports and documents,                                        information about    web site for timeliness,
 program opportunities, CAH best                                       Flex funding,        accuracy
 practices, meeting notes, and other                                   programs, and
 information as appropriate.                                           opportunities
 Continue funding for a third class of    1Q 2010       WHA/ORH        Basic leadership     Completion of courses
 the WCAHN Nurse Leadership                                            and management       and certificate
 Training Program.                                                     training for 40      standards by registered
                                                                       additional nurses    participants
 Fund targeted charge master              4Q 2010            WHA       Improved financial   Execution of two charge
 reviews in two CAHs with ongoing                                      performance for      master reviews
 performance challenges.                                               participating
 Fund a financial/performance             3Q 2010       WHA/ORH        Delivery of          Execution of financial
 improvement workshop for the                                          practical            performance workshop
 WCAHN.                                                                information to       and report of
                                                                       improve              participant survey
                                                                       performance          results
 Fund CAH/RHC coding workshops            4Q 2010       WHA/ORH        Improved coding      Execution of three
 via three webinars for business                                       and billing          webinars and
 office and coding staff and                                           performance for      achievement of
 physicians.                                                           participating        attendance goals
 Fund member travel to the Western        3Q 2010       WHA/ORH        Education and        Timely promotion and
 Region Flex Conference.                                               networking with      registration of CEOs to
                                                                       other CAH CEOs       attend conference
                                                                       and Flex officials
 Fund member travel and                   4Q 2010       WHA/ORH        Education,           Documentation of
 conference costs related to                                           networking,          budget spent and
 meetings, training, and workshops.                                    sharing of best      events attended by
                                                                       practices            hospital

*Completion dates based on the Flex Fiscal Year: September 1 – August 31

2010 Work Plan

Objective 2: Improve CAH performance and quality of care.

               Strategy                                  Staffing       Outcomes                Measures
 Fund incentives for member              2Q 2010          ORH       Improved data        Quarterly review of
 participation in QHi to encourage                                  collection for use   participation; annual
 involvement and offset the staff                                   in quality           report of participation,
 costs associated with collecting and                               improvement          quality improvement
 reporting required data.

 Specify a state administrator and       1Q 2010          ORH       More useful          Quarterly review of
 conduct monthly follow-ups with                                    reporting system     participation; annual
 CAHs that have not submitted data                                  as a result of       report of participation,
 to QHi.                                                            improved             quality improvement
Establish a standing agenda item for     1Q 2010          WHA       Elevate QHi across   Documentation of QHi
QHi updates during quarterly                                        the network,         reports at each
WCAHN meetings.                                                     ensure data          quarterly WCAHN
                                                                    capture and          meeting
 Explore options to reduce               2Q 2010          WHA       Increased            Establishment of
 duplicative reporting between the                                  participation in     protocols that reduce
 Hospital Industry Data Institute                                   QHi and a more       redundant data
 (HIDI) and QHi.                                                    robust quality       collection between
                                                                    database             systems
 Expand D.D. Bainbridge’s quality        2Q 2010     WHA/ORH        Improved access      Completion of kick-off
 and performance improvement                                        to quality           training session and
 project to all WCAHN members;                                      education, tools,    report of participant
 begin each contract year with a                                    etc; improved        survey results
 kick-off training session to ensure                                program
 shared understanding of program                                    productivity
 goals, objectives, outcomes, and                                   through shared
 tools.                                                             understanding of
                                                                    program goals

2010 Work Plan

Objective 3: Improve communication/collaboration among WCAHN members.

               Strategy                                     Staffing       Outcomes                Measures
 Establish professional peer              2Q 2010            WHA       Networking,          Establishment and initial
 networks for member professional                                      information          meetings complete for
 staff, including CFOs, human                                          sharing and          CFO, HR, and quality
 resources directors, quality                                          solution             professionals
 improvement directors, marketing                                      development
 directors, laboratory managers, etc.                                  among peer
 Organize and staff WCAHN Quality         3Q 2010            WHA       Ensures review       Establishment and initial
 Council to review QHi and other                                       and use of QHi       meeting completed
 quality measurement results and                                       quality data, also
 share best practices.                                                 improving
 Establish and execute a strategic        2Q 2010            WHA       Improved             1Q 2010: Development
 communications plan to effectively                                    perception of        and approval of
 tell the hospital story, focusing on                                  hospitals among      communications plan;
 quality, technology, healthcare                                       variety of           review of plan successes
 reform, reimbursement issues,                                         stakeholders         quarterly thereafter
 charity care, and the overall
 economic impact of hospitals on
 their communities.

 Upgrade the WCAHN web site to            2Q 2010            WHA       Improved             Launch of the upgraded
 serve as a more effective and timely                                  communication        web site in 1Q 2010;
 communication tool for WCAHN                                          and valuable         monthly reports of
 members.                                                              information          updated content and
                                                                       resource for         site traffic

WCAHN-Specific Flex Budget

                                 Budget Item                                           Budget
                                     Flex Budget Managed by WHA
      Staff                                                                            $35,000
      Nurse Leadership Training Program                                                $30,000
      Charge Master Reviews                                                            $27,080
      Financial Performance Workshop                                                    $3,000
      Coding Workshops                                                                  $5,000
      Travel/Conferences                                                               $12,000
      Website Upgrade                                                                   $5,000
      SUBTOTAL WHA-Managed Flex Budget                                                 $117,080
                                        Flex Budget Managed by ORH
      Rural Health Solutions – Planning                                                 $25,000
      Quality Health Indicators (QHi) Project                                           $10,000
      QHi Participation Incentives                                                      $30,000
      D.D. Bainbridge – Multi-State Quality Improvement Project                         $96,650
      SUBTOTAL ORH-Managed Flex Budget Specific to WCAHN                               $161,650
      TOTAL WCAHN-Specific Flex Budget                                                 $278,730

2010 Work Plan

2010 Quarterly Meeting Schedule and Key Topics:

       January 21 – WCAHN Strategic Planning Facilitated by Rural Health Solutions
        Cheyenne, WY

       April 22 – Financial/Performance Improvement Workshop
        Location TBA

       July 15 – Healthcare Reform in Reality: What Does It All Mean?
        Location TBA

       October 1 – Subject TBA
        Cheyenne, WY

       Three Coding Workshops
        Dates TBA

2010 Critical Access Hospital and Rural Healthcare Conferences

Following is an abbreviated list of rural/critical access hospital conferences and educational
events that can be funded through the Flex program. WCAHN CEOs will coordinate their
registration, travel planning, and reimbursement with the WCAHN coordinator.

       NRHA Rural Health Policy Institute
        January 25 – 27, 2010
        Washington, D.C.

       23rd Annual Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference
        February 7 – 10, 2010
        Phoenix, AZ
        Sponsored by Health Forum and the American Hospital Association

       NRHA Annual Rural Health Conference
        May 18 – 21, 2010
        Savannah, GA

2010 Work Plan

      8th Annual Western Region Flex Conference
       June 10 – 11, 2010
       Tucson, AZ

      2010 National Flex Conference
       July 13-14, 2010
       Minneapolis, MN

      NRHA Rural Health Clinic Conference
       September 28 – 29, 2010
       Kansas City, MO

      NRHA Critical Access Hospital Conference
       Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2010
       Kansas City, MO

2010 Work Plan

For the Office of Rural Health:       For the WCAHN:

Name: ____________________            Name: ____________________

Title: _____________________          Title: ______________________

Date: _____________________           Date: ______________________


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