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About the Carnival
One of the most important traditions in Slovenia is
related to Carnival (on Thursday in February). The
"strange" figure colorized in red is called Kurent
and is a mythical pagan creature who, according to
the people's belief, chases Winter away and
welcomes Spring. Nowadays no-one believes in the
Kurent's power anymore, but the tradition is more
alive than ever and is now celebrated all around
the country, not just in its original place, Ptuj. On
the last Sunday before Shrove Tuesday Kurents go
through the streets running and jumbling with
bells that hang from their belts to ring out loud
and scare the cold Winter away. There are other
customs linked to this tradition such as the girls
offering handkerchiefs to the Kurents and the
housewifes breaking clay pots at the Kurents' feet
for good luck ...
About theKurent
The Kurent mask is a major work of folk art in
Slovenia. The original masks are made of leather,
with two holes cut out for the eyes, and a single
hole cut out for the mouth. The holes are
surrounded with red paint. A trunk-like nose is
attached, along with whiskers made of twigs and
teeth made of white beans. The final touch is a long,
red tongue which dangles down to the chest.
The Kurents travel throughout the town, moving
from house to house to scare off evil spirits with
bells and wooden clubs that are topped with
hedgehog spines. A devil acts as the leader of the
procession. He is covered in a net to catch souls.
The Kurents are presented with the handkerchiefs
of young girls. These gifts are attached to their
belts. The people of the town smash clay pots at the
feet of the Kurents for good luck and good health.
The description of the Kurent
 Kurent has got a dark hairy
 head-covering, yellow face, fork-
 like wooden forked twig, on
 which we can see colourful
 strips. A long red tongue hangs
 from his mouth and above the
 mouth there is a big nose.
 Kurent has usually got blue eyes.
 He’s wearing a thick yellow fur-
 like coat hanging to the ankles.
 Instead of the belt he’s wearing a
 chain with cow’s bells. He’s also
 wearing dark shoes and has got
 red woollen socks.
Examples - how to make a Kurent of:
 paper plates
paper bag

   These are just examples. We’re looking forward to
   seeing your ideas. 
More about The Kurent
• http://www.snpj.org/Cultural%20Pages/kurentovanje.html
• http://www.thezaurus.com/sloveniana/kurenti.htm

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