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					The Ancient Aztecs

An Original Production by
    Class 5-12, 2010
     Aztec Games

By: John , Isha , Tyler and Dan
               Aztec Games
 The most important
  game the Aztecs
  played was Tlachli.
 The Aztecs used
  beans and kernels to
  make dice.
 The game that was
  similar was Pok-a-
  Tok Mayans
The  city of Chichen Itza had seven ball
courts. The losers were sacrificed to the
gods. Players hit the ball into a ring.
The Aztecs decorated the rings as a
snake. It was 35 feet of the ground and
was only put up on religious ceremonies.
The shape of the game court was a
rectangle. The largest ever was 545 feet
long and 225 feet wide.
                       Aztec Games
•   The game the Aztecs played
    was soccer. The field was
    rectangular. You would have to
    hit the ball with your hip. The
    object of this game is to get the
    ball in the ring without the ball
    touching the ground.
•   If you don’t win, you may have
    to sacrifice yourself to the
    gods. In this game, the winner
    chooses who gets sacrificed.
•   They used beans painted with
    dots as dice. They used beans
    or kernels of maize as markers.
    The object of the game is to
    move around the board and
    return to the end of the maze.
•    Tlachtilis ball was made of hard
    rubber. The rubber was about
    six inches diameter.
•   The players could not touch
    their ball with their hands. The
    ball could only be moved by the
    players hips, knees, legs and
•   The name of the popular Aztec
    board game was pattoli. It was
    similar to parchesi or
    backgammon two other board
    games. However, they didn’t
    have any exact rules of pattoli.
                Aztec Art
       Thomas, Nicholas, and Tamara
• The Aztec had a coatlicue
  that meant goddess of earth. It
  had a necklace made of
  human hearts and hands.
• The Aztecs art was
  architecture and sculpture. It
  was this because there
  sculpture was beautiful.
• The Aztec’s most magnificent
  structure was a temple. The
  temple was the most cherished
  thing in the city.
   Most of the sculpture came from
    decorations of the temples
   The favorite subjects of Aztec
    sculptures were animals and spiders
   Stone was used to make Aztec
                             Aztec Art
•   Aztec art is very unique. In Aztec
    history the Spanish took the
    Aztec’s gold and artwork to
•   In Aztec art they made a lot of art
    with feathers. To get the feathers,
    the woman would keep exotic
    birds in cages for there colorful
•   I bet people would love to see
    Aztec art now, but sadly the only
    feather weaving art piece left from
    the Aztecs is in a museum in
                 Aztec Medicine
                  By: Lainey ,Nick ,Joe ,and Gurby

• The Aztecs believed that black
  magic caused sickness. It
  made people ill.
• Aztecs wore amulets. They
  believed that they were good
  luck charms.
• The ancient Aztec medicines
  were in combinations. They
  were in combinations of
  Religion, beliefs, plants, and
  magical powers.
   The Aztec priests cured people
    who were sick with something not
    as big. But Shamans were called
    in if it was serious. It was a ticitl.
   The medicine was made out of
    plants, roots, herbs, and bark.
   They rub the plants on there
    patients to sooth the aches and
•   The Aztecs used a lot of different
    medicine. But there most common
    medicine that they would use was
    medicine called Yauhtli and
    Iztauhyatl. They are plants they
    would use as medicine. They were
    used for stopping fevers, and
    especially stiffness. They used sap
    to heal battle wounds.

•   Doctors used knives made of
    volcanic glass for surgery

•   Doctors were skilled, after they
    would cut out a tumor they would
    cover it with crushed plants so the
    cut would heal faster
  Aztec Calendar

By: Joey, Erika, and Emily
                  Lunar Calendar
• The Aztecs had two calendars.
  One was the lunar calendar,
  which was based on the
  phases of the moon
• The Aztecs had a lunar
  calendar, which had 13
• The Aztecs lunar calendars
  months had 20 days in each
• The way the Aztec priest
  figured out when to plant
  crops was by using the
  Lunar calendar
• The second Aztec
  calendar was the Solar
  calendar. It was based
  on the movement of the
• The Solar calendar had
  365 days on the calendar
  just like us
•   The Aztec had 2 calendars.
    There was a calendar called
    the solar calendar. The
    calendar had 18 months and
    20 days.
•   There was five extra days in
    the solar calendar. When the
    calendar was finished it
    ended with extra days, so
    the Aztec said it was five
    extra days of “nothing”.
•   The Aztec had important
    artifacts in calendars. One of
    these important artifacts
    from the Aztecs is the
    famous calendar stone,
    discovered in 1790.
  The City of
By Megan, Michael, and Steven
              Facts on Tenochtitlan
   In the center on the city was
    The Great Plaza. The Great
    Plaza had The Great Temple.
    The Great temple was 520 by
    600 feet.

   When the Spanish arrived the
    population was 200,000 to
    300,000 people it was bigger
    than they have seen in Europe.

   The clans had their own
    section in the city that contain
    the house witch they would
    live in and the Gardens.
•   Lake Texcoco was the village that later
    became Tenochtitlan. They chose the
    island since the lake protected them
    against attacks.
•   The cause way linked Tenochtitlan to
    the main land. These cause ways
    became the major entrances into the
•   One of the Spanish conquerors
    thought that Tenochtitlan was a dream
    when they saw it.
•   A twin island Tlaltelolco was on
    another island to the north. The
    natives soon built a bridge between
    the two villages, but the two villages
    then became rivals. After a short
    battle, Tenochtitlan defeated and
    absorbed Tlaltelolco.
•   Tenochtitlan’s had major streets. One
    of the major streets was The Great
•   The Great Plaza was in the center of
    the city. The most impressive structure
    in the plaza was the pyramid and
    double temple to the god. It measured
    520 by 600feet and had more then 60
         Aztec Agriculture
     By: Christian Martinez,
Sophia Gambale, and Ally Vellecca
           Aztec Agriculture
• The Aztecs used a
  plant stick to plant
  crops. They did not
  use plows.
• They burned trees to
  use the ashes for
• Chinampas were on
  lakes and swamp
  they were floating
  gardens on the water.
                  The Market Place
•   Aztec farmers from distant places
    used dug out canoes to move
    crops over rivers and canals to
    different markets throughout the
    Aztec civilization.
•   Also, farmers carried crops on
    their backs (they carried the crops
    to their local market place.)
•   The market place was always very
    crowded, Spaniard Cortés wrote
    that over 60,000 people visited the
    market each day.
•   The chinampas were sometimes
    called “floating gardens”. They
    were the most interesting
    development of Aztec agriculture.
    Chinampas were very small islands
    in lake or swampy areas. The Aztec
    used the chinampas to plant crops
    and gardens.
•   The main crop the farmers grew
    was maize (corn). The Aztec
    farmers also grew tomatoes, sweet
    potatoes, avocados, beans, and
    squash. Different crops came from
    the lowlands. Major lowland crops
    include cotton, rubber, and
•   Chocolate was made from the
    cacao beans which is one of the
    lowland crops.
 Aztec Religion
 Mary, Anthony, Matthew

-Tlazolteotl was an earth
god who was highly honored
-The festival of the eleventh
month was called
Ochpaniztli. There was
dancing, processions and
human sacrifices.
-Each Aztec had his or her
own patron god.
•   During the ceremony of the
    eleventh month included a human
    sacrifice. The Priest would cut
    open a young maiden’s chest and
    rip out her hart and place it of the
    goddess's statue if she imprisoned
    the corn on the altar.
•   A maiden would bring corn to the
    altar very early before the
•   After the possession the Aztecs
    played games, met with friends
    and had a huge feast.
• The names of the Aztec warrior
  groups are the knights of the
  eagle and the knights of the
• Warrior groups were
  distinguished by wearing animal
  skins to represent their mascots
  they battled each other for fun
  and entertainment of the
• The game Aztecs played at
  their festivals was a similar
  game we play today called
  basketball. Where the players
  run around a court moving a
  rubber ball around and try to
  shoot it in the hoop.

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