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Invention Presentation Assignment


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                               Invention Presentation Assignment
                             Due Date: __________________________

       You will select an invention of your choosing, subject to teacher approval so no student
        picks the same invention.
       A list of famous inventions from A to Z can be found by at:
        Once you have your approved invention, you will be asked to prepare a brief 5-10 minute
        powerpoint presentation highlighting the following information and responses to the class:

            Title of the Invention
            Date of discovery
            Description of the invention ( include a brief overview or time line of the life of this
               particular invention – i.e improvements over time etc.)
              What specific needs/problems solved did the invention meet?
              Inventor:?      Born:?       Died: ?
              Which country was the inventor from?
              Educational background?
              Employment/Career activity?
              Was the inventor inspired by a particular incident or observation?
              Was the invention discovered by accident? If so, how?
              Did the inventor work alone, or with colleagues?
              Was the inventor responsible for other inventions?
              (If so, list some of the more significant.)
              Did the inventor benefit economically from the invention? (If not, why not?)
              Is the invention still in common use?

Other requirements:
   You may need to research additional websites to obtain all the information requirements.
   Be sure to list in proper citation format the sources of all your information cited
   (See next page for proper internet citation formatting required)
   You will make a 5-10 minute presentation to the class about your invention.
   You will submit to the teacher your powerpoint file and will be assessed on both your oral and
    powerpoint form of your presentation.
   Note: Wikipedia must not be your only additional source of information.

Your invention: _______________________________________

                  Examples of Proper Citation Method for Internet Sourcing

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A virtual tour of Montreal. 1996.[Online]. Available: http://www.cityvu.com/FRENCH/CITYVU.HTM

"Judge the nisga’s deal on its practical merits". The Globe and Mail, February 14, 1996 [Online].
Available: http://www.globeandmail.ca/forum/commentary.html

Koning, Hans. "The French mirror". (1995, December). The Atlantic Monthly, December 1995,
[Online]. Available:

Bunny, Easter. (1996). "Tip sheet on this year’s hiding places" 1996 [online]. Available:

“King Arthur.” Wikipedia. 26 July 2006. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Arthur>.
[“page title.”] [date of access.] [<URL>]

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