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					                                Invention Convention 2010
                                          Tips for a Great Invention

Below are the main areas the judges will be looking at when judging your invention. These sections listed in
the Invention Rubric that was given to you.

It is important to remember that each section has a maximum of 10 points and that all are equally important
when judged.

    You need to prove that your idea hasn’t been done before.
    Use the Internet, but you will also need to go to actual stores. This shows your effort.
    Make sure you write EVERYTHING in your log book.
    Make sure that you are solving a problem.
    Be able to demonstrate that your invention actually solves the problem.
    Think about what materials your invention should be made of.
    Make your prototype as complete as possible and test it.
    Keep track of what your invention costs and what you think you should sell it for. (Hint: You should be
       selling it for more than it costs you. About 2 times the actual cost is a good number to start with.)
    Built, test, rebuild, test, rebuild. The judges like to see that you tried one thing, then through
       observation figured out what worked well and what didn’t work well. They like to see that you made
       improvements to the design over time.
    Make sure that you have the name of your invention and your name on the display.
    Make sure you state the problem and how you solved it.
    Make sure you have a diagram or picture showing how your invention works and how it was created.
    If you don’t have all the items above, you will lose points.
    Make your display look professional and make it colorful. Try to fill all the space.
Log Book
    This is looked at very closely by the judges.
    Make sure you write something in your log book almost every day. Don’t wait till the end to fill in your
       log book.
    Your log books don’t need to be pretty. More information is better than looking good.
Oral Communication (Presentation During Judging)
    When being judged, you should be able to answer these questions.
            o Tell me about your invention.
            o How did you come up with this idea?
            o What does you invention cost and what would you sell it for?
            o How would you make your invention even better.
            o How do you know that this invention hasn’t been done before?
    Practice answering these questions ahead of time with family members.
    When presenting, make eye contact with the judge.
    Have fun and be excited about your invention!