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					With the warm breeze of summer wind a numerous number of high school graduates gets
ready to enter the university. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for all their lives and
now time to choose one career out of the hundreds has come. First of all you are to decide
what are you interested in, what skills or abilities you have and what your aim in life is. It is
also time to ask somebody for a good piece of advice. Your assessment of yourself is quite
subjective, if you want to here bare truth, which is better in this situation, turn to your family
or a friend and they’ll tell you what is it you are good at. It also depends on your physical and
mental abilities. As one may hear “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. You may be a
genius in mathematics and a complete failure in building a dog house. One can be very
skillful in designing a house but feel hopeless in front of the blank sheet of paper and a pen
with the task to write an essay. One may be a master of the word but be puzzled by simple
procedure of changing the light bulb. That’s why you are to consider all your past
experiences in everything you did. That will help you to find your true calling.

Before heading off to college, you are to consider the financial income you’ll get when being
awarded with a college diploma. For example the salary of a lawyer and a teacher differ in
some digits, and this is also a rule in different countries. So if you dream to do what you like
and make a fortune by it, you are to reconsider and find the suitable way out. Now we see
how many things is one to know before getting prepared to forward your college application
essay. You are to consider a lot of different things and facts. Just imagine how many dull
college application essays do universities receive from students. You are to make it bright
and very informative. You may have a dream to become a famous actress, but your
appearance (let’s be frank) and your skills leave something more to be desired. Of course you
may dream on and stay miserable for the rest of the days, but you may also be a great
psychologist, a specialist you were advised to become and be happy helping people, making
small performances on Christmas Eve for your family.

You’ve chosen your career and feel that you are ready to get your teeth into knowledge but
again you face the reality, looking at your grades and the cost of your studies. You have to
bee good enough to get a scholarship, but your grades make you come back down to earth
and leave no hope for a successful career. Get focused and get necessary points. Once
becoming a freshman at high school you are to think already. If you drop out, you will never
make a proper career, except some rare cases of extreme luck, will and efforts. Once you’ve
considered everything and thought your choice carefully over, you might have gained
confidence in the future. And here you are facing the wide walls of your dormitory and
thinking about future. If you’ve gone through all above mentioned steps and feel very easy
and relaxed. You will make a successful career and be happy till the rest of your days.

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