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 Penetration testing is an attempt to break                      A penetration test subjects a system or a
 the security of a computer system or                            range of systems to real life security tests.
 network, under instruction from the
 owners or maintainers of that facility.                         The goal of penetration testing is to gain
                                                                 deep access into the system. By exploiting
 It is as attempted to simulate an attempted                     vulnerabilities in a penetration test, we
 break in by a computer savvy criminal. a                        attempt to access more and more systems
 penetration test gives a snapshot of the                        as we get behind obstacles.
 security at a moment in time ,and is not a
 full security audit.

 Business Continuity
               Prevent business disruption by protecting critical IT assets

 Brand Protection
               Ensure safety of your application and confidential customer data

 Compliance Management
               Manage ever growing compliance requirements PCI, ISO-27001, SOX, HIPAA
The Solution
  Network Penetration Testing   Application Penetration Testing

              Methodology                   Methodology
 Proactive identification of information Security   Tests and validates the effectiveness of
 risks before they impact your business.            security safeguards and controls
 Satisfy prerequisites for Cyber Security           currently in place.
                                                    Demonstrates the existing risks to an
 Provides an overview of existing and               organization's networks and systems.
 relevant exposures with detailed
 analysis of how these vulnerabilities              Justifies and enables a security program
 could lead to ingress and exploitation of          by raising awareness about corporate
 an organization's systems.                         liability at all levels of the organization.

                                                    Provides detailed remediation steps that
                                                    can be taken to prevent future


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