Skeleton Cave Photographs_ C.A. Shamhart Collection Finding Aid by mudoc123


									               Skeleton Cave Photographs, C.A. Shamhart Collection
                                   Finding Aid
                          Sharlot Hall Museum Archives
                                   PB 169, F. 12

Scope and Content

The Skelton Cave photographs consist images taken of the cave and its surroundings by
William Patrick McCulloch in 1923. McCulloch ran a photo studio in Phoenix during the
1910s and 1920s. The materials were donated to the museum in June of 1999 for the
purpose of reproduction by Robert W. Shamhart.

See Also

Lubken, Walter J, Papers and Photographs, 1908—PB 168, F. 9


PB 169, F. 12
   1. “Hipopotamus head protruding from Menagerie Flat”
   2. “Where we left the car and camped first night. Crabtree Ranch. Salt River runs
       between cabin and hill”
   3. “Yours truly leading horses thru the river. The real deep water was clear on other
       side. Mc waited to take picture until I got halfway over. Swims a horse on other
   4. “The cave as we found it”
   5. “McCulloch, the photographer, on his return”
   6. “Looking across toward the trail on the other side. The canon behind Fithian is the
       one in which the cactus picture was taken looking back this way. From left to
       right—self, Roe, Clyde, & Dr. Orville Harry Brown.”
   7. “Looking back down trail.”
   8. “Looking out from cave toward open end of canon. Many empty cartridges found
       on this slope”
   9. “Dr. Brown in cave. Shows relative size”
   10. “The Cave from open end of canon”
   11. “Jeff Adams Rauch. Highest peaks are Four Peaks”
   12. “Tomorrow’s outlook. Note Salt River,- where we forded, at foot of hill”
   13. “Thigh bones”
   14. “McCulloch in the cave. Bones of Indians piled up.”
   15. “The cave”
   16. “Seal rocks in Menagerie Flat”
   17. “Queer rock formation along trail in Menagerie Flat”

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