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VinChip Systems Announces Availability Of USB OTG Stack

July 04th 2005, VinChip Systems a leading provider of the USB IP cores announced
today availability of USB OTG Stack

“VinChip USB stack has a competitive memory foot print. It is well tested with all major
Operating systems and CPU’ , said Murugesan Jeyachandran, VP Engineering of
VinChip Systems. “VinChip USB OTG stack is already being used by two of our
current customers” he added.

VinChip USB OTG Stack is delivered in ‘ source code format with well defined API’  s.
Customization options to customer’ platform are available in turnkey basis. Please
Contact for more information on currently supported Operating
Systems, CPU’ and future product roadmap. VinChip USB Host and Device Stacks
are already being used by more than 20 Licensee’ across North America and
Asia-Pacific region.

About VinChip Systems

VinChip Systems was founded to fill the design productivity gap brought about by
advances in semiconductor manufacturing and reducing product life cycles. VinChip's
current focus is on developing IP’ for USB, PCI express along with associated
software stacks and in providing design services. It is developing solutions for
Computing, Networking, Consumer electronics, Embedded systems, Avionics and
Industrial Systems. VinChip offers substantial cost savings to its customers by
providing proven IP’ and design services on-site, or at its design centers located in
San Jose and India. For more information visit

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Description: USB OTG is the USB On-The-Go the acronym is the technology developed in recent years, December 18, 2001 published by the USB Implementers Forum, mainly used in a variety of devices or connection between mobile devices, for data exchange. In particular, PDA, mobile phones, consumer devices. Changes such as digital cameras, camcorders, printers and other equipment between the different standard connectors, up to 7 kinds of memory card formats for data exchange between inconvenience. USB technology, making the PC and peripherals through a simple way, manufacturing costs will be moderate with a variety of devices, applications we mentioned above, are available through USB bus, as a PC peripheral, under the control of the PC data exchange. However, this convenient exchange, once removed from the PC, the devices can not use USB port to operate, because there is no PC as a device to act as the Host. On-The-Go, the technology is realized in the absence of OTG Host circumstances, to achieve data transfer between devices. Such as digital cameras directly connected to the printer, through OTG technology, connect the two devices see the USB port, will immediately print out photo shoot; also the data in a digital camera through the USB OTG interface sent to the mobile hard disk , field operation there is no need to carry expensive memory card, or carry a portable computer.