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Whistler Heli-Skiing Reservation Form Date_______


Skiing is nowadays the latest wave of play, will meet your desire for the feeling of flying. Equipped with a super man, can maximize close to nature, there is not enough to see blue sky, white clouds, the fields are green, the sun, there are endless mountains afar.

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									Whistler Heli-Skiing                       Fit Reservation Form                     Date:_____________
To:                          Whistler Heli-Skiing                From:
Fax:                         604-905-2070                        Fax:
Telephone:                   604-905-DEEP (905-3337)             Telephone:
Toll Free:                   1-888-HELISKI (435-4754)            e-mail:
e-mail:                Pages sent:
Reservation Details:                            Group Name:_________________________________
Ski Date      Package               Last Name First Name        Birth                                                      Rental
                                                                          Ability level      Weight         Ski or
YY-MM-          Name                     Please Print            Date                                                    ($35/day)
                                                                         (int,adv/exp)    (lbs or Kgs)    Snowboard
  DD       (3, 4 or 6 Run)                                    YY-MM-DD                                                      Y/N

Credit Card #                                                                                            Expiry           /
                                      (Circle One)     VISA, MasterCard, Amex                                         ( MM/YY )
Billing Address

Phone # (____)______________ E-mail:                                                          ______
Cardholder                                                         Signature
                 (Please print name as appears on card)                         (Of cardholder)
Your signature gives Whistler Heli-Skiing Ltd. permission to charge this amount on your credit card.

Whistler Contact Information: (please complete or advise when known)
Arrival date: ___________________________Departure date: ___________________
Accommodation: _______________________Telephone: _______________
(Please confirm this is a DIRECT telephone number for your hotel room/private home/condominium )
Thank you for your reservation. Your reservation is confirmed when the funds are received and
processed by Whistler Heli-Skiing Ltd. You must check-in to our office by 4:00PM at the latest on
the day prior to your ski day. Your seat may be forfeited if you have not checked with us by
6:00PM. At this time you will be required to sign a release of liability waiver and provide us with
important information so that you are grouped correctly. Persons under the age of 19 years must
have their waiver witnessed in our office by a parent or guardian. You may cancel this reservation at
any time up until 10am the day in advance of your ski date at no charge. Failure to cancel will result in
a charge to you of $200.00 plus HST cancellation fee.

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