Serial ATA Technical Change Request and Submission (DOC)

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					                                            Serial ATA Technical Errata

                                                Errata ID                 060

                                                Affected Spec Ver.        Serial ATA 1.0a

                                                Corrected Spec Ver.

Submission info
Name                              Company                          Date
Brian Dees                        Intel Corporation                10/25/04

Description of the specification technical flaw (add space as needed)

In section within the Serial ATA 1.0a specification, which outlines a host initiated
request for entering a partial/slumber state, the sequence incorrectly specifies the number of
PMREQ primitives to be sent by the host to the device in step 3. The language outlined in this
sequence is inconsistent with the requirements in the link power mode state machine, states
L_TPMPartial and L_TPMSlumber. The state machine clearly outlines that for this specific
sequence, the PMREQ primitives shall be sent until PMACK is received back from the device in
step 13.

This errata removes the inconsistency in section, removing the detail that four
PMREQ primitives are all that are sent by the host.
Description of the correction

Make the following changes to section

3. Host link layer encodes request as PMREQ primitive and transmits it four times to the host
PHY layer.

Disposition log
10/25/04          Errata Captured

Technical input submitted to the Serial ATA International Organization is subject to the terms of
the SATA-IO contributor’s agreement.

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