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									   Make your first $100 Now!!!
Ok people, as my first give back to this forum, I
 am going to give away my tips and tricks that i
used to make my first $130 online within 40 days
  with only an $11 dollar investment (of WF of
                   course :P)

                   The method

   Ok, so after purchasing a list of backlinks of
warrior forum for $11 dollars. I thought, hell lets
  put some work in, and so I put my first gig on
 Fiverr. Now, it is very important that you make
  your profile look nice, something like: "I am an
   SEO expert with 5 years experience etc" Not
 something like: "whattup dude? Come and buy my
 stuf u faggot!!" No, first impressions are key on
 fiverr. If you can make people want to buy your
     stuff, don't ruin it with a shitty profile.
  Categorically, you[B] MUST[/B] look real! Get a
 photo of facebook or somewhere else (I am sure
        you can think of someplaces BHW)

 Anyway, I created a gig saying that “I will get
 you 10 profile backlinks for $5” I know, a total
rip, but the fact is that some people have totally
 no idea what it takes to rank on page one and so
don’t even bother to research better prices of the
internet (just go to Buy/sell/trade section and see
                the kind of prices).

By using the sites I use, I know that you should
and will get sales, and thus make your first buck

Profile backlinks package
Here you have with you a powerful list of high
authority sites with high pagerank, all of them are
dofollow, where you can create a profile and leave
you anchor text backlink. This will be potent for
your backlinking arsenal. You can see the list and
below you can see how to get your backlink on
each one of them. PR-7 PR-9 PR-7 PR-7 PR-7 PR-7 PR-7 PR-7 PR-7 PR-8 PR-7 PR-7 PR-6 PR-5 PR-5 PR-7 PR-6 PR-6 PR-6 PR-6

Set up more accounts, say on tenbux etc. Amazingly,
I actually got 3 orders for $10 of Tenbux (value
$24) for exactly the same deal, so $10 for 10
backlinks WTF!!!

To pull in more sales on your multiple accounts, offer
a bonus, such as a free Traffic Travis Professional
Report, available here:
Also, here is a .edu site that you can put a profile link
on. On your gig, put it as ***BONUS*** FREE .EDU

Here is a screenshot of my main account, as you can
see, I have basically made $70 dollars from this
account alone, and added up with all my others it is
now well over $130 bucks!
So that is it, apart from rinse and repeat! Now I am
going to have a break, and then go and sell this on the
  Warrior forum and Digital Point. Rep and Thanks
             would be much appreciated!



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