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Ten Reasons to Advertise With Magnets

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					?Some people think that refrigerators and file cabinets are made of metal for their
durability, stability and functionality. Any good marketer or small business looking to
"make a name for itself" knows that our fridges and file cabinets are metal so we can
use them to stick magnets on. Those magnets then turn that ordinary fridge or file
cabinet into a message center, photo collage, child's art gallery and best of all,
advertising space! Here's some reasons just WHY those little magnets are such a good
idea for your business.

1.) Exposure - Some conservative estimates say that the average person opens his
fridge 20 times a day. The average office worker spends 6 hours a day in his cubicle
or office space. That's an awful lot of exposure for your business! The marketing
gurus have proven that it takes 5 exposures to your name before it "clicks" in a
person's head so that they will associate your service with your business. Either way
you look at it, whether its 20 times a day on the fridge, or 6 hours a day at the office,
you can't get that kind of exposure for your business from almost any other form of
marketing. Small magnets make the perfect way to get your name out there!

2.) Inexpensive - All of that exposure is going to typically cost you big, big buckets of
money. Not magnets! Many times, small refrigerator/file cabinet style magnets can
cost less than your average business card. Larger magnets for your car or truck will
obviously cost you more, but they are still cheaper than most forms of outdoor
advertising. Overall, for the amount of exposure and advertising magnets offer, they
are a great bargain.

3.) Recognition - Now, all that exposure to your promotional magnets will naturally
lead to customer recognition of your name and logo when used in other ways or
places. The use of magnets has been shown to improve the overall effectiveness of
other forms of marketing because the customer is already familiar with the business's
name, nature and logo. In other words, they'll pay closer attention to a radio, print or
television ad because they already feel as if they "know" your business and have
developed an interest in learning more about it.

4.) Versatility - Small promotional magnets are a versatile way to market your
business. They aren't large and clumsy to carry around like coffee mugs or baseball
caps, making them ideal for handing out at trade fairs or shows, festivals, charity or
community events. They can be easily mailed to customers or prospective clients, as
they are lightweight and easily tucked into a letter or attached to a post card. Large
automobile sized magnets are versatile, too. You can use them both on and off the job,
if you choose. You can take them with you, should you decide to use a different
vehicle. Unlike a custom painted vehicle, your magnet won't permanently change the
look of your car or truck.

5.) Stylish - Promotional magnets can be every bit as colorful or shiny as you want
them to be. The latest trend in magnets is metallic finishes, much like a metal business
card. They are not limited to white backgrounds, nor are they relegated to simple
black print. Promotional magnets can offer you an eye catching, visually appealing
way to present your business to the customer or potential customer. And unlike other
forms of advertising, the cost of bright and colorful magnets is not always more than
that of plainer varieties. Some magnets have even become collectibles.
6.) Useful - Not only are your promotional magnets useful to you, the business
marketer, in getting the word out, you've also provided your client or customer with a
useful object. Direct mailers often hit the trash bin unopened. Gadgets and coffee
mugs are often passed off to children and spouses, or relegated to the charity shop or
bottom desk drawer. Your little magnet will more than likely become useful to your
customer. They can be found holding up grocery lists across the continent. They serve
to secure that photo of the family, brightening up an otherwise dull grey or tan block
of file cabinets near the desk. Magnets have become the child's best friend, proudly
displaying his latest artwork or report card in Grandma's kitchen. Your magnet,
therefore, already has a long and established history with your client through the
service of his forebears. His place in their home or office is almost assured.

7.) Convenient - Customers often find promotional magnets a convenient way of
locating your information. Unlike a phone directory, they don't have to remember
your business's name exactly to look it up. They can share the information with a
friend or neighbor quickly and easily. The boss can find your number even if the
assistant is out. Your promotional magnet is always there, right where they put it, so
using the information is easy and convenient.

8.) Durable - Business cards get crumpled, thrown away or forgotten to the tortures of
the laundry. Outdoor signs can fade from the sun and suffer damage from the wind
and weather. Notepads wear out eventually, becoming a blank cardboard back with a
little strip of adhesive along the top. Coffee mugs break. Magnets are durable, reliable,
long lasting advertising that customers can turn to for years.

9.) Unique - No other advertising is as easily customized as promotional magnets.
Manufacturers can offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Your logo can be
imprinted right on them. Your magnet can be made to take the shape of your logo, or a
any unique shape. Remember that tooth-shaped magnet from the dentist? Or how
about the water-droplet from the plumber? Magnets aren't restricted to geometric
blandness, like business cards. No one would call your dentist's tooth shaped number
unprofessional, either. Magnets allow for more creativity in your choice of
representation for your business.

10.) Passive - That little promotional magnet sticking to the side of the fridge or file
cabinet isn't really doing anything. After you've given him away, or mailed him out,
you don't have to do anything with him, either. He will stay there, quietly and
effectively advertising your business for years. A short term investment in
promotional magnet products can bring you years and years worth of repeat business
from satisfied customers. As to automobile magnet advertising, well, you have to
drive to the grocery store or the office or your kids' soccer games anyway, right?
Might as well do a little business promoting along the way.

All in all, magnets make the best choice for the money, for the customer, and for your is a leading supplier of magnets online. From refrigerator
magnets to business cards we can help you with virtual any promotional need you
may have.

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