Rosa Lee McCauley Parks

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					Rosa Lee McCauley

     By: Casey
Rosa Parks, or Rosa Lee McCauley
 Parks was born February 4th,1913.She
 was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, United
 States. She died October 24th,2005.She
 would’ve been 97 this year.
             Rosa’s Childhood
a)   Her parents are James McCauley and Leona Edwards
b)   At age eleven, she moved with her aunt to
c)   She was brave enough to stand up to us white people
d)   She started school on August 12th,1924.
               Family life
a) At 2 yrs old, she moved to Pine Level,
   Alabama with her grandparents
b) Her dad is a carpenter, her mother’s a
c) Her mother said to her one day “Take
   advantage of opportunities no matter
   how few they are”
      Education and Schools
a) She earned her diploma in 1934 (at the
   age 21)
b) She went to Alabama State Teachers
c) She also went to the Montgomery
   Industrial School for Girls. (an all black
• “Each person must live their life as a
  model for others”-Rosa Parks
• “It was not pre-arranged. It just happened
  that the driver made a demand and I just
  didn't feel like obeying his demand. I was
  quite tired after spending a full day
  working.”-Rosa Parks
• “Why do you all push us around?”-Rosa
          Other personal information
a) She was suffering from     a) She got arrested in 1955
   “Progressive dementia”        because she refused to
b) She wrote seven               give up her seat to a
   different books; Working      white person with a fine
   for Equality, Rosa Parks      of $15.
   My Story, Rosa Parks,      b) She married a barber
   Quiet Strength, Oh,           named Raymond Parks
   Freedom!, Murder on           in 1932.
   the Highway, the Bus       c) She died in her sleep
   Ride, I am Rosa parks &
   Dear Mrs. Parks.
a) She was a secretary at the National
   Association for the Advancement of Colored
   People (NAACP).
b) She worked for the NAACP from 1943-1956
   and worked long shifts
c) On march 1st she started working for
   receptionist & office assistant
d) She also worked as a field hand, babysitter,
   cleaned classrooms, seamstress, office clerk
   and domestic.
            Rosa Parks Timeline

                   Starts school at the
                                                            Stoped working for the
                 M ontgomery School for
                            She married Raymond
                                    Parks.                                                                     She died October 24th,
   Rosa Parks is born.
                               She got her diploma.                                                                     2005.

1913        1923          1933       1943         1953             1963       1973       1983    1993            2003
            Rosa started school.                            Started working as a
                                                             receptionist/ office
       Rosa's brother is born.                                    assistant.
                                                          She got arrested because              She retired.
                                                          she didn't give her seat up.

                                          Started to work at the
              Trivia Question
Q: When is her birthday and how old would
   she have been this year???

a)   May 16th,1910 and 100.
b)   April 20th ,1913 and 97.
c)   February 4th , 1913 and 97.
d)   March 28th ,1950 and 67.

                                      C) February 4th,1913 and
                      That’s my presentation!!!!!!!!!!