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					?There are so many methods to parenting these days. So many people feel that they
are unhappy with their home lives and feel they can better their parenting skills, but
just don’t know how or even where to start.

By putting in a little effort with your children you can become significantly closer to
your child, earn your child’s trust, and you will gain confidence in your
parenting decisions over time. Better parenting also means happier, healthier children
who have less behavioral problems, better emotional and intellectual health and more
easy-going personalities. So although it may not be easy at first, investing some time
to learn some new ways to deal with your kids can actually make parenting easier in
the long term - as kids can be less defiant and more cooperative with specific
parenting techniques.

Parenting is an incredibly difficult job that you seldom get credit for. You
won’t always know if you’re right or wrong, but at Parent Learning
Club, you can receive ongoing support from other parents struggling with the same

One of the main problems today is that more and more children are exhibiting
aggressive behavior. Biting, kicking, screaming, whining, clinginess, shouting, hitting,
scratching are all very common problems nowadays. Angry child syndrome is not all
the media’s fault, however. There are many different factors that can cause
children to become aggressive. Here are just a few of the reasons, as described by the
Happy Child Guide, published by Child Brain Health Research Institute.

4 Keys to Happy Child Parenting:

* 1) Diet – Our society is one that primarily eats processed foods, junk food,
etc. Even if you think you’re child is eating healthy, think again. Everything in
the supermarket is packed with preservatives, sugar, sodium, and other things that can
negatively affect your child. Several studies show that there is a link between children
who lack of certain vitamins and minerals to bad or aggressive behavior. It is
incredibly difficult to buy foods that are free of all harmful ingredients, and then
actually cook for most parents. It actually doesn’t take as much effort as
people think it does. Just putting in a few extra minutes a day can help your
child’s entire attitude, and even effect how they learn. Better parenting starts
with simply nourishing kids with proper food and nutrients.
* 2) Exercise – We all know our kids can be the very definition of the
energizer bunny sometimes. Kids are energetic because kids are meant to play outside.
However, instead of playing outside, most kids wind up spending all their time sitting
in school and sitting in front of the television. By taking children outside to play or
enrolling them in a sport, their behavior can be greatly improved. When children get
proper amounts of exercise, they sleep better, resulting in sweeter, less cranky
children. By exercising, children also build up self-esteem and self-confidence. When
children lack self-confidence, they feel the need to act out, which is a very common
parenting problem. Exercise also reduces stress, allows children to release aggressive
feelings in a productive way, and even reduces ADD and ADHD. It also keeps a
child’s brain healthy and working. The California Department of Education
found that students who do some kind of aerobic exercise also score twice as well in
school then those children who do not get exercise.

* 3) Sleep – Any parent knows what it is like dealing with children who
don’t get their nap, or don’t go to bed on time. Yet, there are still many
children who do not get enough sleep. The proper amount of sleep for a child under 7
is 12 hours a night. After that, 10 hours a night should be the minimum. Scientists at
Northwestern University have discovered that there is a direct link between
aggressive behaviors and lack of proper sleep. Getting children to sleep is one of the
toughest things about parenting, but by implementing a bedtime routine, and slowly
putting your child to bed earlier and earlier every night, bedtime stops becoming a

* 4) Television – It is impossible not to watch television at all, but most
parents do not realize when their children spend too much time in front of the TV set.
This is a time to exercise your parenting skills and pull your kids away from that
screen and engage them in more productive play. It is understandable that parents are
tired and just want to relax after work, and sitting down in front of the TV is the best
way to keep everyone distracted. However, this is just a common misconception. By
having a box of crafts set aside, parents can still relax, distract the children, and do
something productive.

These are just some of the factors that are negatively affecting children. They are
simple and obvious, yet most parents overlook them completely. Weaning your kids
off of all these things and changing their habits can be a definite strain on your
parenting skills, but at the end of the day, changing these few simple things can effect
your children’s entire lives and behavior – which means, less parenting
stress for you!
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