Telemedicine_ Positive and Negative Aspects by gjjur4356


									?Like any other form of science, telemedicine has its own advantages and
disadvantages. However, telemedicine is a wonderful tool that can help some millions
of people with varied health problems.
Some of the advantages of telemedicine are that it brings the worldwide expertise at
your door step. There are several able doctors who are located across the world and
most people do not get access to them because of the distance. Telemedicine can
easily solve this problem. Also we are not capable of knowing all the medical
problems and there are different kinds of diseases with different symptoms that can
occur in anyone across the world. Exposure to such symptoms and diseases can
become easy with the use of telemedicine and it allows the diagnosis period to be cut
short. Telemedicine is also very helpful for military personnel who are stationed at
remote areas.
The disadvantages of telemedicine are that it takes away the one on one interaction
which is very beneficial in psychiatric consultations. It also gives birth to legal
complications and the code of discretion with patient information may not be kept
recluse in the telemedicine environment. The dangers of leaking out personal
information are high and especially when it becomes available for everyone. Because
of the lack of proper security, doctors will only be inviting more malpractice and legal
law suits. Another risk is depending on the information provided by the telemedicine
channel. Some of the information may be dependable and others might not be.
Another negative aspect of telemedicine is the cost. Many industry experts believe
that it is more cost effective however the fact of the matter is that as of now it is very
expensive. The usage of telemedicine depends on several outside factors that are not
in the control of the medical industry nor the user itself. Limits on services that
qualify for insurance coverage, state licensure laws, potential malpractice liability,
and privacy and security concerns are just a few of the issues impacting telemedicine.
The federal laws related to insurance are much different and several of them do not
agree or sometimes come in the way of usage of telemedicine. Unless all such loop
holes are removed and an effective plan is put in place the effectiveness of
telemedicine cannot be seen. Any system that is meant for a patient should be easy to
use and it should not cause them trouble after having used it. Right now this is what is
happening to the telemedicine industry exactly.
Also, the costs of telemedicine vary from one end of the spectrum to another and it
makes it very unreliable as of now. Every single factor influencing the cost varies
which makes it a highly unsteady technology to use. There are several factors like
deductibles and co pays which have an overall impact on the total cost. If these vary
and add exponentially without the patient having a clue, it gives a bad impression on
the whole. Instead of starting to believe in it, people are actually losing faith. It also
becomes very confusing to deal with such a concept eventually for the patients.

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