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									?When it comes to Telecommunication Tower services, many companies seem to be
competing in order to be leaders of the industry. It can be hard to differentiate all of
those companies and find which one will meet your needs the best. Safe Towers Pvt.
Ltd, however, has always distinguished itself as being synonym of excellence and

Safe Towers Pvt. Ltd has been around for many years and has never disappointed in
the world of telecommunication tower, telecommunication tower manufacturers,
Installation Of Tv Tower, Mobile Tower Installation, Telecommunication Tower
Installation, Optical Cable Manufacturer & Supplier, Tower Erection Services etc.
Telecommunications and tower services are very important to ensure the smooth
running of cable companies or even manufacturing operations and Safe Towers surely
is the right choice for any telecommunication towers services needs.

Safe Towers were founded, by Mr. Satendra Shrama, and his partner Mr. Arvind
Kumar has since flourished into one of the most reliable and professional
telecommunication services. SAFE specializes in quality assurance in designing &
manufacturing of Telecommunication Tower, Power Transmission Line Towers, Radar
and navigation Towers, Guyed Towers and Monopoles Towers etc. All products are
marked by quality construction and superior strength, and are suitable for a wide
range of demanding applications in communication infrastructure. What clearly
makes the difference between Safe Towers and any other telecom company is the
expertise of its team.

Safe Towers employees are highly skilled and trained and are the most qualified
workers in the field of telecommunications. We are only uses cutting edge technology
and state-of-the-art materials and tools made available in this day and age. We prides
itself in evolving at the same rhythm as technology does, making this company one of
the most technologically advanced business in telecommunication services. The
combination between professional experts and up-to-date technology is perfect for
any telecommunication project that needs to be up and working in a matter of no time.

Safe Towers is the name to remember for high quality technical solution with high
quality products for Communication infrastructure.

We are provides customized support in every phase of project realization and ensures
that high quality work is carried out on schedule and at low cost. We offer
comprehensive solutions to match the special requirements of each organization,
aiming for absolute customer satisfaction.

Telecommunication services offered by the team at Safe Towers are wide and
complete; no matter what the needs of your business are, our' experts will surely have
the knowledge and patience to help you and assist you in every step of the way.
There are so many activities involved in designing of Telecommunication Towers,
Manufacturing of Telecommunication Tower, Installation of Telecommunication
Tower and those activities are called Services provided for Telecommunication Tower.
Following are the important services provided:-

?   LOS Survey
?   Soil Investigation & Foundation Design
?   RF Survey
?   Tower Erection
?   Tower & Foundation Design
?   Tower Maintenance & Upgradation

- LOS means Line Of sight and LOS Survey provide theoretical as well as practical
(field study) details in GSM link design from core to end. Engineers execute LOS
survey and calculate link budgets with the help of latest microwave planning tool.
- Soil Investigation and Foundation Design is done to determine the type of Tower
foundation. Soil Investigation is to find out the soil properties like, soil classification,
soil bearing capacity, bulk/dry density, angle of internal friction, moisture content,
water table etc.
- Experienced engineers will explore the most viable site suited for your planning and
they and RF survey team makes sure that you get the most optimal locations for your
GSM sites
- Manufacturing , Designing, Supporting of Power Transmission Tower of any height ,
any geometry, any loading or any other special facility required on tower or as
specified by customer that comes into Maintenance, Upgradation, Foundation &
Erection of Tower.

Safe Towers is proud to offer telecommunication services that ranges from
consultation to design and, of course, construction. We will be working with you from
start to finish, no matter what project is being done. An initial consultation will ensure
that both we and you are on the same page before starting the design and you are
assured that the technicians will help you up until the project is completed and tested,
if need be. The comprehensive services offered by us will ensure a tailored approach
to your needs and goals. The technicians at Safe Towers will be more than happy to
listen to you and work with you in order to achieve the best result possible, no matter
what kind of assistance you are looking for.

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