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					?If it was possible to go back in time and do everything over, as a child, but with the
wisdom that we have as adults, it would change, and quite possible ruin the whole
experience of growing up.

No experience is the same with the knowledge of the outcome. If we knew the exact
right thing to do, or direction to go, in any situation, we would always end up at the
same place. We would not grow and because of that, we would have no idea all that
we would be missing out on by not making mistakes and learning new ways to do

When teenagers fall in love, everybody calls it puppy love. One of the reasons it's
called puppy love is that the people feeling the intense emotion they call love, are not
yet fully grown; therefore it is assumed that this version of what they're feeling cannot
be anything but the crude immature version of the real thing.

Anybody who thinks that being in love as a teenager is crude or not really love must
have forgotten what it's like to be young, in love, or both; Being in love feels as
intensely and wildly good at sixty as it does at sixteen. The only real difference of
experiencing romantic love as a teenager is the likelihood of the teenage relationship
coming to end, and that when it does, the resulting pain felt by one or both people,
will be very confusing and scary.

Teenagers are physiologically prone to have strong feelings of attraction to the
opposite sex. Their attention is consumed by interacting and getting closer to the same
people that, only a couple of years prior, they were repulsed by. Nothing is ever going
to change that fact; but the way it's handled will determine if it ends up being a
positive or a negative experience.

Teenage love can be sweet, romantic, innocent, and beautiful. It can also be
destructive, dangerous, confusing, and heartbreaking. The way that young, never been
broken, hearts embrace love is an enviable notion. But also one that puts teenagers in
danger of risking themselves and their futures if they are not careful.

There is no way to say for sure how long a relationship will last, or if the person we
choose as the one to spend our lives with is the one we will spend our lives with, but
the odds are very much against relationships lasting between teenagers. This does not
mean that they shouldn't happen, or even be pursued. They should be taken on with
some boundaries that will help define how far they are willing to go before knowing
where they are going. Adding sex to young love will complicate it and could give the
illusion that now the relationship has to last, or all will be lost.

To prevent what should be a good and memorable experience, from turning into a
scarring sad memory, it's best to keep sex out of it, and keep it as innocent as possible.
If it is meant to last, it will whether sex is introduced now, or a few years from now. If
it feels like not having sex will make it go away, chances are good that it will go away
with or without sex. All love is meant to be, some just not meant to stay.

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