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               By: Monique Romero
  Similarity is an element
   used in design with the
purpose of visually linking
    similar or completely
 different objects together.
     In this case, we see
  similarity in form. With
  the dainty dress being in
focus, the similarly shaped
shadow strongly reinforces
           the form.
    Thoughtfully paying
 attention to proximity can
       turn a photo into
  something aesthetically
   This photo mildly has
emphasis by isolation, with
 the use of negative spaces
 to make the brushes stand
out. The careful placement
    of the objects shows
     stronger proximity.
 Continuation in design is
  used to visually lead the
   viewer’s eyes from one
      point to another.
  The bluish black road is
 dominant here because it
takes up the bottom weight
    of the photo. What is
  interesting is that as you
    follow it, it becomes
 smaller and smaller and it
 ultimately creates a path.
                                 ISOMORPHIC CORRESPONDENCE
  Correspondence triggers
 the audience to react with
tension by the way images
  portray frightful objects
        and accidental
It is not a surprise that this
   instance can happen to
anybody walking around a
disorderly room. The blade
    is so close to the toe,
which brings tension to the
                               INTELLECTUAL UNITY
Intellectual Unity involves
  the viewer to go back to
   former experiences and
    knowledge in order to
     regard a design with
understanding, pleasure, or
This is an individual photo
showing two very different
  people. The baby picture
   of the father being held
right next to his son shows
 the concept of intellectual
                              NEAR SYMMETRY
 Near Symmetry refers to
    designs that are not
  entirely symmetrical or
 There is a transition from
an organic to an industrial
feel. The strong masculine
      lines that lie near
symmetrical separates the
 two completely opposite
    Asymmetry is when
       layouts are not
symmetrical at all. Rather,
  they are often random or
     thoughtfully placed
 somewhere off-centered.
This image asymmetrically
shows movement of lights.
The chaotic view of lights
 conveys excitement, thrill
         and action.
                               EMPHASIS BY ISOLATION
When an a person or object
    stands out due to utter
      difference in shape,
   placement, scale or any
      other visually strong
 elements, this is Emphasis
          by Isolation.
The woman is shown to be
 admiring a large variety of
  paintings, some of which
  are respectively great in
   size and smaller in size.
 The fact that the paintings
        are uniformly in
rectangular frames, and she
     is positioned near the
    larger paintings shows
    emphasis by isolation.
                               EMPHASIS BY DIFFERENCE
 A difference in elements
 such as focus, texture, or
    shape illustrates an
  emphasis by difference.
While the blue car is static
and in sharp focus, the taxi
stands out because it is out
 of focus. This element of
    difference in focus,
 communicates a sense of
                              EMPHASIS BY COLOR
Emphasis by Color means
 that a differently colored
 object in a photo will be
 the first thing the viewer
  Each piece of clothing
 distinguishes themselves
 from each other because
they each boldly attribute
elements such as line and
   texture. However, the
 viewers eyes will tend to
look at the centered, most
      colorful jacket.
                               EMPHASIS BY LINEAR PLACEMENT
    Linear Placement is
     continuation with a
   purpose of leading the
 viewer to something else.
    The stairway is very
inviting in that you get the
 sense that each stair gets
smaller and smaller. While
    the stairway is more
monotone in color, it leads
   you to something very
  colorful and interesting.
                               EMPHASIS BY SCALE
 When an object or person
   lures the viewers eyes
 because of their small or
large size, this is Emphasis
          by Scale.
 The woman is seen to be
    similar in size as the
   display. The display is
  seen to be significantly
      smaller than the
                               S I M I L A R I T Y II
 In this case, Similarity is
   strong in shape, form,
   position of objects and
 what is happening in the
 The cat’s shape and form
    are similar to the two
     pillows above it. In
   addition, the lady who
  seems to be in a relaxed
   position is seems to be
almost as relaxed as the cat
 comfortably lying down.

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