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Memphis Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik, Helps Locals Involved With Slip And Fall Injuries by AndrwKar69


Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik, Memphis Chiropractor focuses his practice on preventing and caring for individuals in the Memphis community who have been involved with slip and fall injuries. The doctor develops individualized programs that relieve pressure and pain safely and naturally. The doctor also works with businesses that are searching for ways to improve the overall health and wellness of their employees and reduce the incidents of on the job injuries.

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									Memphis Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik, Helps Locals Involved With
Slip And Fall Injuries

Memphis, TN, 04-May-2011: New Life Family Wellness is please to announce
that Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik, Memphis Chiropractor has been recognized for
extending the focus of his practice to include providing education and
help to community members who have been involved in slip and fall
injuries. The doctor is very familiar with the debilitating pain that a
slip or fall can cause and addresses the pain holistically through
traditional chiropractic care, massage and other therapies.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Kowachik stated, "When a person is injured
in a fall or slip, they will often try to ignore the pain and carry on
with their daily activities. However, in many cases, the injury is more
serious than they may think and ignoring the pain will not help the body
to heal. I encourage members of the community to visit me immediately
when they have been involved in a slip or fall, even when they are not
feeling pain. In this way, I can often address the issue and help a
person avoid the excruciating pain that can limit the ability of a person
to function."

When a person visits the chiropractor after a fall, the doctor will
examine them thoroughly to determine where there may be tissue or muscle
damage. The doctor also takes x-rays to identify any bones, or discs that
have been impacted by the fall. Using low-force compression, the doctor
will realign the spine, neck, and any bones in the extremities that have
been injured.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr.
Jeffrey Kowachik, Memphis Chiropractor to relive the pain of locals
injured in a slip or fall and help them to return to their normal
activities quickly visit today.
Individual or members of the press interested in getting details about
this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik

New Life Family Wellness

1740 N. Germantown Pkwy., Suite 5

Cordova, TN 38016

Telephone: 901-752-4300

Fax: 901-752-4466


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