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									?Having perused some of the previous pages, you may feel tempted to venture into
the unfamiliar realm of tax lien investing but wary of navigating this promising new
territory alone and unguided. Fear not-if you've read these pages, you already know
all the basics as well as some of the most helpful, tried-and-true advice and strategies
in the tax lien investing world. However, if you'd like to further augment your
knowledge, there are educational courses in tax lien investing at your disposal.

Do I Need to Take a Tax Lien Course?
The typical tax lien certificate investing has at least several certificates in various
states of redemption in their possession. As a successful tax lien investor, you'll need
to keep tabs on all of these redemption periods as well as the back taxes owed on each
respective property. If the accrued taxes are not decreasing, you'll need to make the
necessary arrangements for a foreclosure. There are some legal processes involved
with this, which a tax lien course or an attorney can help to clarify. Remember, you
are dealing with money and the government here-you want to be sure everything is
legal, official, and squared away.

Research is key in tax lien investing-from researching properties to researching
available tax lien courses. Don't just sign up for the first class you see advertised.
Keep in mind, you likely know a lot more than you think-and few things are as
frustrating as sitting in a class going over and over information you already know,
especially when you've paid good money to sit there. There are always good
investments and bad investments-that goes for education as well as for tax lien

How do I Know If a Course is Worthwhile?
Any product, including educational programs, comes with some bells and whistles to
attract business. Make sure you're not paying for bells and whistles you don't need. Jot
down a list of any questions on tax lien certificate investing you might have, and
investigate whether or not the course you might enroll in will answer those questions.
You not only want answers, you want to see how those answers were obtained-just
think back to that high school trig class where the teacher scribbled inexplicable
answers ad nauseum for a reminder of this very crucial class selecting strategy. In the
immortal words of Lao Tzu-
"Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats forever."

Some classes will tell you what to invest in and what to do at an auction. Avoid those.
Enroll in a course that shows you the how of investing successfully-these will be well
worth your time and money.

Developing a successful tax lien investing portfolio sans an instructional course is of
course perfectly feasible. The internet abounds with free information on tax lien
investing, whether through web articles such as this one or on county website's. You
can also find very helpful books or DVDs on the subject. Tax lien investing courses
are not imperative but they can speed you along on your way to a rewarding and
lucrative career in tax lien investing.

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