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									?One of my friends and colleagues, Jasbindar Singh, the CEO of SQ Consulting in
Auckland, New Zealand, has just released her new book "Get Your Groove Back".
Here she is at the book launch:

It's an excellent book, but in this article I'd like to focus only on the title.

You see, Jasbindar is a Thought Leader who talks about SQ, or "spiritual

Huh? Spiritual intelligence? What's that? (I hear you cry!) And that's the problem. If
she had called her book "Spiritual Intelligence" or "SQ in the Workplace" or
something like that, most people wouldn't have given it a second glance.

But she was smart enough to choose a title that resonated with her readers. Nobody
goes around thinking that they should get more spiritual intelligence; but many do
think that they've "lost their groove". So the title Get Your Groove Back is perfect for

Here's the point ...

Talk their talk. Many experts make the mistake of describing what they do in terms
that they understand themselves. But that doesn't have anything to do with what their
clients are thinking. If instead you enter the conversation in their mind, you engage
them instantly, create rapport, and open the door to further conversation.

I call this Gravity Marketing.

In high-school physics, we were taught that the gravitational attraction between two
objects depends on three things:

 1. The size of the first object;
 2. The size of the second object; and
 3. How close they are to each other.

Apply this same principle to your business. The attraction between you and your
clients depends on:

 1. Your expertise;
 2. Their problems and desires; and
 3. How well you connect your expertise with their desires.

If you don't do the crucial third step, you'll never fall within the gravitational field of
your clients.
I'll give you more examples ...

My Web design company First Step builds Web sites for speakers. Easy to understand,
right? I could have said "First Step creates online strategies for infopreneurs". But
that's not anywhere near as clear as "We build Web sites for speakers".

One of my friends is a mortgage broker. In technical terms, his job is equity financing
for consumers. But does he say that to his clients??? No, he finds them the best home

Do you say that you're a Personal Peak Performance Catalyst? No, you're not - you're
a life coach!

Get the point?

OK, I know that this simplified version probably doesn't do you justice. First Step
does more than just "Web design"; Damian does more than "finding a home loan";
and spiritual intelligence is about more than just "finding your groove".

You know that, but your prospective clients don't. If you don't engage them first, they
will never get the chance to find out.

How do you enter the conversation in their mind?

 1. Listen to their language. What are the common words and phrases they use? Use
the same words and phrases in your marketing, even if they don't fully describe what
you do.
 2. Use, a no-cost tool to discover what words people use
when searching on the Internet.
 3. Survey your e-mail newsletter readers, asking them to tell you their biggest
challenges and problems. Look at the words they use in their responses.
 4. If you'd like to do this really well, learn how to buy Google advertising so you can
display two ads with different wording to find out which one is more popular.

Whatever you do - whether it's one of these methods or something else - it's crucial
that you learn to talk their talk. Only then will you start the conversation that leads
you to deeper engagement and on-going success.

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