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					                                                                          & Technology
                  IADD FSEA A Discovery in EducationDiecutting and Diemaking
                            Presented by the International Association of
                  ODYSSEY                                and the Foil Stamping and Embossing Association
                                                         May 2 - 4, 2007 — Midwest Airlines Center, Milwaukee, WI, USA

                                                 IMAGINE One Place ...
The Odyssey is the only event this year targeted specifically to diecutting, diemaking, foil stamping, embossing and bindery. As an
attendee of this year’s Odyssey, you will experience a world-class consortium in education and technology like none other.
                                 … Where Solutions Become Reality!
Improve Production and Reduce Costs
Looking for solutions that work in practice and not just in                  trade finishing, corrugated and alternate materials
theory? Then look no further. The combination of                             markets–solutions that will help your operations thrive. (See
Techshop training sessions and live demonstrations will                      inside for a complete list of Techshop™ workshops.)
provide attendees with real-time solutions in the folding carton,

Explore New Technologies
The Technology Hall is where you will find the widest range of products and services specific to diecutting, diemaking, foil
stamping and embossing processes. The Technology Hall will be open from 9:15a to 5:00p on Wednesday and Thursday
and from 9:15a to 2:30p on Friday. Looking for something specific? You’re sure to find it in the Technology Hall:
 Automated rule processing              Diecutting automation systems             Hot stamping foils
 & bending equipment                    Diecutting and diemaking                  Inspection systems
 Blanking systems                       Diemakers                                 Jig saws
 & accessories                          Digital diecutting systems                Laser cutting systems
 CAD/CAM software systems               Embossing equipment & supplies            Makeready systems
 Consultants                            Engravers - magnesium, copper, and        Plotters
 Counter cutter equipment & materials   brass                                     Presses
 Counterplates                          Estimating software                       Proofers
 Creasing matrix                        Financing                                 Rule processing equipment
 Cutting surfaces                       Foil stamping equipment & supplies        Samplemakers
 Cutting blankets/jackets               Gripper bars                              Steel rule
 Die ejection materials                 Hologram registration                     Unwind/rewind systems
 Die storage racks                      systems                                   Used equipment
 Dieboards                              Hologram suppliers                        Waterjet cutting & equipment

Improve Your Bottom Line                                                Give Us Your Best Shot
You can choose from 30 industry-specific educational                    Send your questions or problem materials/jobs prior to the show or
sessions on a variety of topics that will help improve your             better yet, bring your questions, problem foil stamping/embossing
bottom line. All classroom sessions are lead by industry                jobs or hard to diecut materials and parts to our interactive
professionals with real-world experience. (See inside for a             Techshop sessions and have one of our industry experts help you
complete list of educational sessions.)                                 find a solution.

                        Network, Network, Network…
                        Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your fellow converters, industry and association leaders and
                        suppliers at these three special events:
                        Opening Ceremonies Keynote Address: Harry Voss, Chairman, Diamond Packaging - “Selling the
                        SIZZLE With the Steak - The State of the Packaging Industry,” Wednesday, May 2, 8:30a, Room 201B.
                        FSEA and IADD Awards Banquets: Wednesday, May 2 (Hyatt Regency Hotel) and Thursday, May 3
                        (Midwest Airlines Center). Both events promise great food, good company and an unforgettable time.

                                                     HOTEL/TRAVEL INFORMATION
Three official hotels serve the IADD-FSEA Odyssey. The Hyatt                 A limited number of rooms have been reserved in each block. The
Regency Milwaukee (Phone: 1-414-276-1234) and the Hilton                     cut-off date is April 7, 2007 or until full. After this date, the rate is
Milwaukee City Center (Phone: 1-414-271-7250) are both adjacent to           not guaranteed and room reservations will be on an availability basis
the Midwest Airlines Center (Exhibit Hall). Mention “Odyssey” to             only.
receive a special room rate of $129 single/double.                           Visit the website for links to special rates for flights on Midwest
The Holiday Inn Milwaukee City Centre (Phone: 1-414-273-2950) is             Airlines, Airport Connection shuttle service from the airport and $15
nearby. Mention “Odyssey” for a room rate of $109 single/double.             self parking.

              For additional information on the Odyssey and other show-related events, visit
All exhibit booths and the Techshop™are located in the Technology Hall on                        Wednesday 2:00p-2:45p                        Location: Room 202A
the Upper Level. Education seminars are held in the session rooms on the                         Session 408: ECT Paper 101
Mezzanine Level. The Technology Hall will be open from 9:15a - 5:00p                             Instructor: Ralph Young, Alternative Paper Solutions
Wednesday and Thursday and 9:15a - 2:30p Friday. Choose from 30 classroom                        Containerboard and corrugated packaging is not just round and brown anymore! Hear
and Techshop sessions on a variety of topics focusing on corrugated, folding                     the significant changes over the last 20 years which are still not completely understood
carton, specialty diecutting, foil stamping, embossing and binding that are                      or implemented by converters. While there is still considerable variation between
designed to help you solve tough converting problems, improve productivity                       different containerboards and combining and converting processes, lean
                                                                                                 manufacturing and six sigma have reduced the degree of separation between the best
and improve your bottom line.                                                                    and worst. Learn how to recognize, adjust and embrace the differences.
Wednesday 9:30a-10:15a                      Location: Techshop                                   Wednesday 3:30p-4:15p                     Location: Techshop
Session 401: Foil Stamping and Diecutting Plastics                                               Session 409: Working with Foil on Tight Registration Jobs
Instructor: Jeff Peterson, FSEA; Machinery: Iijima Foil Stamping/Diecutting Press                Instructor: Jim Kingsby, ITW Foilmark; Machinery: Kluge EHG Series Press
Discuss and see the challenges of foil stamping and diecutting plastic sheets and                Registering foil to a printed image or registering foil to another foil pass can create
specific tips on eliminating those challenges. Hear about feeding plastic sheets                 many challenges on press. Learn how to run your press the most efficiently on tight
(eliminating scratching, stress marks and static), diecutting (bevel direction, specific         registration jobs. Hear about the right suckers for the right type of paper stock, band
types of nicks for plastic, scoring plastic), as well as foil stamping (dealing with silicone,   block considerations for registration control, the proper side guide placement and
different foils, and air entrapment).                                                            working with foil stamped registration marks for quick and accurate registration.
Wednesday 11:00a-11:45a               Location: Room 201A
Session 402: Working With Hard to Stamp Foil Surfaces                                            Thursday 8:30a-9:15a                      Location: Room 201A
Instructor: Jim Kingsby, ITW Foilmark                                                            Session 410: Designing for Folding and Gluing Success
Discuss solutions when foil stamping on difficult to stamp surfaces, including tips on           Instructor: Yvan Magni, Bobst Group North America
foil stamping plastics, coatings and laminates, recyclable stocks, as well as working with
overprinting foil. Learn how to determine if the surface is stampable, what types of             It makes a lot of sense to run a box or folder that has been designed further “up stream”
plastics are best to work with, options when working with UV coatings and foil and               to include watching out for and preventing problems on the diecutter. Its delivery to
specific tips when overprinting foil and working with UV inks and foil.                          the folder/gluer assures a smoother flow through the plant simply because you were
                                                                                                 able to design with success in mind. Listen and share ideas and problems with this
Wednesday 11:00a-11:45a                       Location: Room 201C                                industry expert. Bring samples to this program and receive solutions.
Session 403: Behavioral Based Safety Training                                                    Thursday 8:30a-9:15a                       Location: Room 201C
Instructor: Jim Lehrke, Safety Connections, Inc.                                                 Session 411: Getting the Best Impression on Your Creases
This interactive presentation will provide an understanding of communication                     Instructor: Joe McDowell, Channel Creasing Matrix, Inc./CCM Die Supply
elements and factors that influence our ability to convey safety messages more
effectively. It includes the function, scope and effective characteristics of safety             Learn about setting up your press and cleaning the jacket. Can I just do everything the
training. We’ll address adult learning, effective facilitating, evaluation, hands-on             same for all my paper stock? What formulas do I use? How does my press affect the type
experiences and delivery of safety training in a way that increases awareness, changes           of crease I get? What are the results I want and why? What types of cracking should I
behavior and allows people to be their very best at home and work.                               look for, and how do I test for the perfect crease? Learn how to communicate with your
                                                                                                 diemaker about the job and types of presses and how they affect your crease using
Wednesday 11:00a-11:45a               Location: Room 202A                                        different substrates. Discuss using various counter material, the formulations of
                                                                                                 widths, style and crease heights.
Session 404: Makeready Techniques and How They Affect Setup and
Diecutting                                                                                       Thursday 8:30a-9:15a                  Location: Room 202A
Instructor: Andy Dvorsky, Preco, Inc.                                                            Session 412: Bundle Breaker Rule and Removable Nicking Options
What constitutes a makeready, kiss cut or cut through? Learn how and where to apply              Instructor: Rick Putch, Dicar Inc.
makeready tape or steel shim and whether you should apply behind the cutting plate or
                                                                                                 Learn what is available and the different ways to hold multiple outs together for
on the cutting die. Learn valuable tricks of the trade, using different techniques to
                                                                                                 transport to the stacker or a bundle breaker. Find out how ejection rubber, the nick and
improve or shorten makeready. Learn when to use Liquid Paper or Mylar sheets or
                                                                                                 the steel rule all play an important part of your success. Also learn how the industry has
when to try sanding the plate. Discuss cutting plate options including brass, bar plate,
                                                                                                 transitioned to removable methods to easily replace short segments of nicked rule to
phenolic, spring steel, etc. Learn what type of makeready paper to use and why, as well
                                                                                                 install the best nicking scenario for the current conditions of the paper and machine.
as tips on using jute, Mylar, tag stock, pressboard, vulcanized fiber, urethane pad etc.
                                                                                                 (Examples will be demonstrated at Techshop™ session #417.)
Wednesday 12:30p-1:15p                      Location: Techshop                                   Thursday 9:30a-10:15a                       Location: Techshop
Session 405: Diecutting and Kiss Cutting Polycarbonates                                          Session 413: Embossing Makeready Techniques - Matching the Right
Instructors: Randy Norman, Preco, Inc.; Rob Weidhaas, Weidhaas LLC; Machinery:                   Makeready to the Right Job
Weidhaas Crest Clamshell Press                                                                   Instructor: Jim Hutchison, Universal Engraving, Inc.; Machinery: Brausse
Decrease your setup times and cut consistently throughout a job run. Learn the latest            PE202/50H Diecutter with Heat
tips for diecutting and kiss cutting polycarbonate and various plastic substrates. See
real-life examples and bring materials to discuss and test live at the session. There will       Learn the different types of embossing makereadies used on press from simple single-
be a variety of dies to use with your material. Additional topics to be discussed are types      level embossing to deep sculpture embossing. Discuss the advantages and
of rule to use (shaved rule vs. ground rule, bevel, point, etc.) in addition to die-ejection     disadvantages of different types of makereadies and the specific materials and set-up
rubber and optional cutting surfaces.                                                            recommended for each, and tips when conducting cold embossing. Many different
                                                                                                 types of makereadies will be covered and demonstrated.
Wednesday 2:00p-2:45p                 Location: Room 201A
                                                                                                 Thursday 11:00a-11:45a                 Location: Room 201A
Session 406: Common Press System Set-Up Problems
                                                                                                 Session 414: CNC Engraving Technology - Where is it Today?
Instructor: Randy Norman, Preco, Inc.
                                                                                                 Panel: Frank Block, MHO; David Bohne, h+m USA; Sean Plunkett, Delcam
Poor knowledge of the press system affects the efficiency of the press run. Learn how to
order the proper tooling and how to utilize proper storage systems for steel rule dies.          Discuss the latest innovations in CNC engraving technology including the advantages
Understand the condition of the tooling and how poor maintenance of the equipment                and disadvantages of CNC engravings, changes in CNC machinery for producing
devalues your success. You will leave with a “Set-Up List,” a list of parameters of the job.     better quality dies, as well as the newest developments in 3-D software to help
We also will discuss issues with automation, and open the floor to Q & A.                        streamline the production process of CNC engravings. The feasibility of producing
                                                                                                 CNC dies in-house also will be discussed.
Wednesday 2:00p-2:45p                   Location: Room 201C
                                                                                                 Thursday 11:00a-11:45a                       Location: Room 201C
Session 407: Common Myths with Static Electricity and Why It Is a
                                                                                                 Session 415: Bindery Automation in the 21st Century
Problem for Printing and Bindery Operations
                                                                                                 Instructor: Ralph Pasquariello, Heidelberg USA, Inc.
Instructor: Bill Larkin,
                                                                                                 Hear market trends and specific case studies on the benefits of automating your
Static electricity in the bindery and other finishing operations hampers production and
                                                                                                 bindery operation and equipment with or without prepress integration. Discuss
affects product quality. Discuss this often misunderstood behavior and information
                                                                                                 market trends that lead to more profits with folding technologies, the time savings that
about the common myths regarding static shocks to operators and static regeneration
                                                                                                 automated folders can bring to an operation, how automated cutting systems can save
on materials. Learn common methods of static elimination and why grounding and
                                                                                                 time versus stand alone cutters, and how automated stitching lines can provide cost and
humidity control do not work. Understand how to combat and control electricity in
                                                                                                 time savings for the commercial printer or trade bindery. Sponsored by the BIA.
your operations. Sponsored by BIA.
Thursday 11:00a-11:45a                          Location: Room 202A                           Friday 8:30a-9:15a                           Location: Room 202A
Session 416: Total Tool Maintenance                                                           Session 425: Micro and Jumbo Flutes 101 - Getting More with Less
Instructor: Bruce Byrne, Atlas Die, LLC                                                       Instructor: John Lingle, Innovative Packaging
Do your tools last? Too much tooling downtime on the press? Keep your tooling in top          Unique engineered substrates will continue to be created for specific end use needs.
notch condition to maximize profitability. Track performance and tool conditions,             Discuss reduced impact of grain versus cross grain strength, flute profiles, take-up
enabling shorter future setup times and better tool performance. Who monitors the             factors (amount of medium per lineal foot), bone or revised flank profiles and high
need to reknife? What determines the need to repair? Create a Pre-Press and Post-Press        pitch, low take-up factor trends. Learn about new flutes D, K, O, N, G, L, F, etc. Discuss
Checklist. Learn simple in-house and on-press repairs.                                        ECT performance, corrugating technology changes and their impact on substrates.
                                                                                              Learn how to print on both sides, no inside or outside of sheet. Know your options and
Thursday 11:00a-11:45a                      Location: Techshop                                their costs. Be aware of trim and volume needs for specialty substrates. Understand
Session 417: Engineering a 66" Rotary Segmented Die                                           your converting process. Know how your customer will use the substrate.
Instructor: Kevin Koelsch, Dynamic Dies, Inc.; Machinery: Corfine Proofer
                                                                                              Friday 9:30a-10:15a                         Location: Techshop
A 6-piece rotary cutting die will be engineered from scratch to accept multiple insert        Session 426: Blanking, Nicking and Rubbering
segments to produce different size boxes by simply sliding the left and right halves
apart. See the design, CAD, laser, ruling and rubbering processes. Learn the intricate        Instructor: John Norgard, Converting Technology, Inc.; John Dickison, Bobst North
details that ultimately make this process look simple, from planning the assembly to          America; Machinery: Bobst SPanthera 106-LER Diecutter
setting up the die sets on the rotary proofing machine.                                       Diecutting involves a good understanding of what to do and what NOT to do when
                                                                                              blanking, nicking and rubbering. Watch these experts work with the speed of a
Thursday 12:30p-1:15p                     Location: Techshop                                  NASCAR pit crew. This program will help you decide how to get product from one end
Session 418: Efficient Set-Up on Multi-Up Foil Stamping Jobs                                  of the machine to the other in the fastest time possible.
Instructor: Rob McCann, Bobst Group North America; Machinery: Bobst
SP102BMA Foilstamper®                                                                         Friday 11:00a-11:45a                         Location: Room 201A
                                                                                              Session 427: American DIEdol - Diemaker, Diecutter and Supplier
This visual program uses a chase changer and two honeycomb chases to demonstrate an
easy changeover including different ways to register the embossing dies for quicker and       Relationships
more accurate register. Learn the best ways to carry out a makeready, the procedure and       Panel: Rick "C. Crest" Clay, Reliable Steel Rule Die; Dick "Simon" Clements, Ken
the choice of makeready materials. Learning the proper procedure, choice of dies and          Die Cutting Supplies; Joe "Jackson" Adkison, Adko; Cindy "Abdul" Crouse, IADD
foils will give you a systematic approach to complete a quality job as quickly as possible.   Experience an exciting “reality” session on how people order their
                                                                                              diemaking/diecutting/supply. This spoof of the famous TV show which will take you
Thursday 2:00p-2:45p                       Location: Room 201A                                through a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” when customers order. Laughing out loud will be
Session 419: Emerging Foil Technologies and Brand Identity                                    allowed, but you’ll still come away with valuable insight on the ordering process.
Instructor: Myron Werner and Alex Lewis, Kurz Transfer Products
Learn about many changes in the foil industry, including growing markets for both             Friday 11:00a-11:45a                      Location: Room 201C
rotary hot stamping and rotary cold foil applications. Hear advantages and                    Session 428: Diecutting Processes and Solutions - Ask the Experts, Part 2
disadvantages of cold foil technology in terms of sheet-fed printing. Discuss the ever-       Panel: Mark Baril, Cut Smart Manufacturing, Inc.; Bob Larson, Larson WorldWide
growing brand protection sector of the market and how security holograms and other            Inc.; Walt Mengs, Precision Gasket Company; Randy Norman, Preco, Inc.
security devices are becoming increasingly necessary for all types of products.
                                                                                              This continuation of the “Ask the Experts” session will respond to attendees’ questions
                                                                                              of how best to cut or trim their problem materials or products.
Thursday 2:00p-2:45p                        Location: Room 201C
Session 420: Creating Value Through Rule Selection                                            Friday 11:00a-11:45a                           Location: Room 202A
Instructor: Simon Lile, Sandvik DieCutting Products                                           Session 429: Rotary Rule Processing
Improve current customer relationships, find new customers and increase each other’s          Instructors: Darrell Griffin, Stafford Cutting Dies, Inc.; Kevin Gordon, Jonco Die
profitability through understanding the customer value created by selecting the right         Co. Inc.; and Rex Williams, Adams Technologies, Inc.
rule in your dieboard. Increase the value your products and services bring to the
converter. Optimize cutting quality and performance for your customer. The success of         Join this open forum to discuss automated rotary rule bending. Discuss everything
the diemaking and diecutting process is predicated upon selecting a base rule which           from die engineering around the automation to rule options to maintenance, training
can be machined and shaped consistently, and a precise knife edge profile, which is           and file preparation. Each speaker will present a brief overview of their experiences,
ideally suited to the cutting application it is applied to.                                   followed by an open Q & A session on this interesting and “hot” topic.
                                                                                              Friday 12:30p-1:15p                        Location: Techshop
Thursday 2:00p-2:45p                   Location: Room 202A                                    Session 430: RSP Systems
Session 421: Traditional Rotary Rubbering v. Waterjet                                         Instructors: Mark Doxtader and Craig Evans, Carton Craft Supply Inc.; Machinery:
Instructor: Thomas Sporleder, Printron                                                        Printline RSP In-Line Finishing System
Study the benefits/drawbacks of these two ways of utilizing rubber to eject the part and      The utilization of printing presses in conjunction with inline finishing systems (RSP)
separate the waste in the rotary diecutting process, including die shop labor time            allows the printer or trade finisher to diecut, perforate, score and Braille emboss at up to
comparisons, performance evaluations at high speed and material costs. Make an                13,000 sheets per hour. What is RSP? What press will it work on? What speeds can you
educated decision on these two common methods of rotary die rubbering.                        achieve? Is the tooling expensive? Can you diecut and print on the same press? Once
                                                                                              you set up a station to diecut, can you go back and print on that station in the future?
Thursday 3:30p-4:15p                        Location: Techshop
Session 422: Laser 101 Cutting Problems and Solutions                                         VIEW ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT IN THE TECHSHOP:
Instructor: Jim La Point, Preco Laser; Machinery: FlexPro®
                                                                                              Adams Technologies - SDS EasyBender XR400 Rotary Bender and X2
Learn how a laser operates, the cost to operate and its life span, cut quality of lasers,
wattage, power and the type of laser for your converting business. Learn the                  Model 430 Flat Bender
characteristics of galvo, gantry, speed and accuracy and what to expect with dieboard         Bobst Group North America - SPanthera 106-LER Diecutter, SP102
and materials. Hear about types of material and their cutting characteristics, the power      BMA Foilmaster, Mistral Folder-Gluer
and/or gas requirements for a laser, and the cost of operating CO2 laser and peripherals.
                                                                                              Brandtjen & Kluge - EHG Series Foil Stamping/Embossing/Diecutting
                                                                                              Brausse - PE202/50 Diecutter with Heat
Friday 8:30a-9:15a                          Location: Room 201A                               Carton Craft Supply - Printline RSP Finishing System
Session 423: Diecutting, Nicking, Rubbering and Communication                                 Data Technology - 2500 Watt Combination Flat and Rotary Laser
Instructor: Nick Crabtree, Independent Consultant                                             Diversified Graphic Machinery - Iijima MJ 1040-ES Convertible Foil
Learn tricks of the trade for diecutting a wide variety of substrates, makeready a die        Stamping/Embossing/Diecutting Press, Die Co-Ordinator DC1060
and prepare the diecutting press. View the correct rubbering techniques and                   Dynamic Dies - Corfine Proofer
materials. Learn proper nicking of the die for maximum productivity. Learn how to
communicate to your die supplier the press and the materials being diecut.
                                                                                              Independent Machinery - Sanwa TRP1060SEII Diecutter, Fidia
                                                                                              Capacity/Specialty Folder Gluer
Friday 8:30a-9:15a                        Location: Room 201C                                 Karl Marbach GmbH - Marbajet
Session 424: Diecutting Processes and Solutions - Ask the Experts, Part 1                     Preco Inc. - FlexPro
Panel: Mark Baril, Cut Smart Manufacturing, Inc.; Bob Larson, Larson WorldWide                Therm-O-Type Corp. - NSF A3Pro Foil-Tech Foil Fuser
Inc.; Walt Mengs, Precision Gasket Company; Randy Norman, Preco, Inc.                         Weidhaas Group - Crest Clamshell
Interactive presentation covers all elements of diecutting tooling, diecutting press          Many other types and brands of equipment will be located in the
systems plus alternative cutting systems to provide solutions on how to best cut and
trim a wide array of soft to semi-rigid materials. Bring your problem materials or            Technology Hall. Check the website ( for the
products and discover “school solutions” on how to best cut or trim them.                     most current equipment lists.
                                                                               May 2, 3 & 4, 2007                                                     SHOW HOURS
                      IADD FSEA        ?
                                                                             Midwest Airlines Center                                             Wednesday: 9:15 am - 5:00 pm

                     ODYSSEY                                                Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
                                                                                                                                                 Thursday: 9:15 am - 5:00 pm
                                                                                                                                                 Friday:    9:15 am - 2:30 pm

                                                                     REGISTRATION FORM
ATTENDEE INFORMATION: (please print)                                             ODYSSEY ACTIVITIES & SEMINAR SESSIONS: (please check all
                                                                                 activities you plan to attend)
                                                                                 VIP Registrants may select one seminar session in each time period (up to 15 sessions)
                                                                                 at no additional cost. Choice of the Wednesday or Thursday Awards Banquet is also
                                                                                 included in VIP registration. (Additional tickets to either banquet may be purchased.)
                                                                                 Visitor Registrants who wish to attend individual seminar sessions ($50 US each) or
                                                                                 Wednesday ($85 US each) or Thursday banquet ($65 US each) should check each activity
COMPANY                                                                          they wish to attend and calculate total charges in Registration Options.
                                                                                 Everyone is invited to attend the keynote address and new product showcase (no charge).
                                                                                     WEDNESDAY MAY 2                  THURSDAY MAY 3                  FRIDAY MAY 4

CITY                                                STATE/PROVINCE                                                     8:00-8:30 AM
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Primary Business: q Commercial Printer          q Corrugated                       q Session 401                       q Session 413                   q Session 426
                  q Diemaker                    q Folding Cartons
                  q Label Manufacturer          q Print Finisher                   11:00-11:45 AM                      11:00-11:45 AM                  11:00-11:45 AM
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REGISTRATION OPTIONS: (Check boxes and fill in                                     q Session 404                       q Session 416                   q Session 429
quantities where appropriate; calculate total payment)                                                                 q Session 417
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Awards Dinner (choose Wednesday or Thursday).
Early-Bird VIP Registration (until 4/6/07)                                         2:00-2:45 PM                        2:00-2:45 PM
q VIP (IADD, FSEA, BIA Member) $365US $___________                                 q Session 406                       q Session 419
                                                                                   q Session 407                       q Session 420
q VIP (Non-Member)                                $425US $___________              q Session 408                       q Session 421
Standard VIP Registration (after 4/6/07)
q VIP (IADD, FSEA, BIA Member) $465US $___________                                 3:30-4:15 PM                        3:30-4:15 PM
                                                                                   q Session 409                       q Session 422
q VIP (Non-Member)                                $525US $___________
Awards Dinner: (choose one at right, buy additional tickets below)                 6:30-10:00 PM                       6:15-9:30 PM
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Please inform the management of Odyssey 2007 if you have any physical
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impairments or special requirements. We will make every effort to accommodate
your requests so that you can fully benefit from attending the program.                                      
                                 Looking for Industry Expertise?
   The industry’s elite companies are all exhibiting at the IADD•FSEA Odyssey 2007
Acu-Gage Systems                            Chiorino, Inc.                                    International Association of Diecutting and   Pioneer-Dietecs Corp.
Adams Technologies, Inc.                    Cimex Corp.                                        Diemaking                                    The Post Print Manufacturers Association
Advance Corporation                         Conway Machine Inc.                               JECO Plastic Pallets                          Preco, Inc.
Advanced Die Supplies, Inc.                 Crown Roll Leaf, Inc.                             Jonco Die Co. Inc.                            The Rayner Company
Allsons, Inc.                               Data Technology, Inc.                             Ko Tai Machines, Inc.                         RCA Capital Corp.
AMAGIC Foils                                Day International Inc.                            Kurz Transfer Products, L.P .                 Sandvik Materials Technology
American Hardwood                           Diansuply, Incorporated                           Larson WorldWide, Inc.                        Saroglia
American International Machinery            Die Supply Guys Inc.                              Lasercam LLC.                                 Schober USA, Inc.
AmeriKen Companies                          Die-X Limited                                     Lasercut, Inc.                                Sentry Insurance
Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.                   Dienamic MIS Software Inc.                        LasX Industries, Inc.                         Serviform SRL
Anderson International Trading              Diversified Graphic Machinery                     Letterhead Press, Inc.                        Shreiner Creasing Matrix
API Foils, Inc.                             Duff Die Cutting Solutions                        Magnesium Elektron                            SM Systems
Apple Die                                   Duliv Die Cutting Products Ltd.                   Karl Marbach GmbH & Co.                       Sohn Mfg., Inc.
Associated Pacific Machine Corp.            Dynamic Dies, Inc.                                Marco Die Supplies, Inc.                      Spartanics
Atlas Die, LLC                              Elcede GmbH                                       Firma Marylock SPb                            Splawn Belting, Inc.
Axis Grid Ltd.                              Foil Stamping and Embossing Association           Mathias Die Company, Inc.                     Stafford Corrugated Products, Inc.
Bar-Plate Manufacturing Co.                 Freeman Company                                   Matik North America                           Stafford Cutting Dies, Inc.
Binding Industries Association              Gerber Innovations                                Matrix Revolution USA                         Standard Paper Box Machine Co., Inc.
Black Rock Capital, LLC                     h + m USA                                         Metal Magic                                   Sterling Toggle, Inc.
Blanking Systems Inc.                       Heidelberg USA Inc.                               MHO Corporation                               Therm-O-Type Corp.
Bobst Group North America                   Helmold LLC.                                      B & R Moll                                    Thomson National Press Co.
Bohler                                      Hudson Industrial Cutting Solutions               Monroe Rubber & Plastic, Inc.                 Universal Engraving, Inc. - UEI Group
Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc.                     IBH Automation                                    Morisi Franco srl                              Company
Brausse Group (Brausse Diecutting &         ITW Foilmark                                      Nakai International                           Wagner Die Supply
 Converting Equip. Inc.)                    Iijima North America                              National Steel Rule/Seaboard Steel Rule       Weidhaas LLC
Burkel-Piette                               Independent Machinery Inc.                        North American Cerutti                        EHV-Weidmann Industries, Inc.
Carton Craft Supply Inc.                    Indusco                                           Owosso Graphic Arts, Inc.                     Western Printing Machinery Company
CCM Die Supply/Channel Creasing Matrix      Infinity Foils, Inc.                              Pace Punches, Incorporated                    Zimmer Industries Inc.
                                                                      Exhibitor list current as of March 1, 2007

                                                                         New For 2007
                             Join us in the Techshop™ for special diemaking activities and sessions, including

                        * Boot Camp Rotary Die - Laser Cutting                                             * CNC Rotary Bending Complex Pieces
                     * Boot Camp Rotary Die - Bending & Knifing                                          * Water Jet Cutting and Rubber Installation
                 * Incorporating an Embossing Tool into a Cutting Die                                                 ... and much more!

                                                           Gala Awards Banquets
                       All Odyssey exhibitors and visitors are cordially invited to attend two time-honored events
                                     Q Join us for dinner, festivities and an unforgettable evening Q
                                          Q Network with Odyssey technical program faculty Q
                                     Q Connect with industry experts, leading suppliers and peers Q
                                               Q Celebrate excellence within the industry Q

  FSEA Gold Leaf Awards Banquet                                                                IADD Gala Awards Banquet
  Wednesday, May 2, 2007                                                                       Thursday, May 3, 2007
  6:30p to 10:00p                                                                              6:15p to 9:30 p
  Hyatt Regency Hotel                                                                          Midwest Airlines Convention Center
                                         6:30p to 7:30p
                                         2006 Gold Leaf Award Winners                          Reception:
                                           Display                                             6:15p to 7:15p
                                         Awards Dinner:                                        Awards Dinner:
                                         7:30p to 9:30p                                        7:15p to 9:30p
                                         Presentation of the 2007 FSEA                         Presentation of the 2007 IADD
                                         Lifetime Achievement Award                            Lifetime Achievement Award
                                           honoring John Tinnon, Graphic                         honoring Ken Holliday,
                                           Converting, Inc.                                      Atlas Die, LLC.
                                         Gold Leaf Awards Presentation:                        Cost: $65 per ticket
                                         9:30p to 10:00p
                                         Cost: $85 per ticket

             John Tinnon                                                                                                                                  Ken Holliday

                       One banquet ticket to event of your choice included in all VIP registrations

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